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Ron Artest to the Lakers, says Ron Artest

UPDATE (5:00 pm)-'s Chris Broussard reports the deal would be worth "an estimated $18 million" over three years, which is a perfect length from LA's standpoint. Artest will be 30 in November.  BK

UPDATE (4:37 pm)- The LAT's Mike Bresnahan is also reporting the Lakers are close to a deal to bring in Artest.  He writes that Artest would likely want a full midlevel deal (in the neighborhood of $32 mil over five years), but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the contract, once signed, was actually shorter than that. We'll have to wait and see. As Bres notes, Artest's arrival would almost certainly mean the end of Trevor Ariza's tenure in LA. BK

Ron Artest rubs Kobe's head CBS's Ken Berger reports Ron Artest is ready to sign with the Lakers.  (Note: Berger's original post has been updated with fresh information.  The Lakers are not commenting, but Berger writes he has additional corroboration.) No contract terms have been ironed out, Berger writes, but Artest told him he'll be playing in purple and next season:

"I'm definitely going to L.A. -- to sign, yeah," Artest said in a phone interview. "Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. I'm in L.A. right now."

Artest said he met with Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss Thursday and previously had spoken with Lakers coach Phil Jackson. He was en route to his financial manager's office, where he planned to huddle on the phone with his agent, David Bauman, to finalize details...

..."I don't really care about the money," Artest said. "I'll play there for nothing. ... L.A. was very interested in me, and they got me."

Until there's more concrete news, it's hard to say with certainty what's going on.  (If there's such a thing as a player being a bad source regarding his own negotiations, it would likely apply to Artest.)  If nothing else, Bauman can't like that whole "play there for nothing" part.  The man works on commission. As we talked about in this week's 710 ESPN Lakers PodKast (which also includes a nice interview with Shannon Brown- listen and you'll know that if Brown leaves for another city, it's not because Andy and I didn't try to keep him here), I have some concerns about how Artest fits with the Lakers. 

Still, he's an undeniable talent, no question, and in terms of raw ability would add a lot to the squad.  Plus, it's always more fun to rub a star player's head as a teammate rather than foe.    

More on this to come, I'm sure.  


(Photo: Stephen Dunn, Getty Images)

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This is classic LA stuff! No matter if you love or hate the deal - what Laker fan is not excited about next season? It's going to be a thriller no matter what happens!! Going to be fun to be a part of!!!! If RonRon turns out to be a basket case - can you imagine what this blog will be like????? However, I really feel that he is going to be fine - maybe lose his head once in a while - but on the whole - it's going to be a fun ride!!!!! Just the fact that when we play the teams like the celts - we now have a true enforcer to put a holes like pierce, kg, rondo on their azz is worth every dollar spent!

don miguel,

"Trevor should ideally have no problem signing for the same amount, considering that he really just had one good season. Hopefully"

Umm dude stop and think for a second ... the offer ain't on the table no more ... we could barely afford LO + Ariza ... ain't know way we can still sign both after the artest addition ... right now all eyes on Odom yo ... we gotta get him signed yo

David Lee wanted more money based on Ariza's potential, and the Lakers have had enough paying for potential the last couple of years(Luke and Sasha are overpaid, and Bynum has yet to play a full year). Thinking about it now, I'm not sure Ariza could get any better than he was this year. To improve his scoring he would have to be able to create his own shot, and his handles and shot off the dribble have to improve significantly for him to be able to do that. Those things usually can't be learned once a player is in the NBA, they have to come in with those skills. He is only worth the MLE at this point and if a team pays him more it would be too much.

Also, I'm noticing that the Lakers tend to get the maximum production out of role players, and they don't do nearly as well when they leave(Cook, Devean, and they miraculously got production out of Kwame and Smush). The exception was Caron Butler, but he didn't play under Phil and said he learned a lot from Kobe anyway. Trevor I see improving a little offensively and staying the same defensively, but isn't going to be a borderline allstar or anything. In the end, his agent did him no good with his 'take it to the press' negotiating tactics, and he isn't going to get too much more money anywhere else.

I did like how he fit in with the Lakers and am sad to see him go, though. blame his agent, not him.


"Reports on ESPN say the the Green Slime met with Rasheed Wallace in an effort to get him to join their team. Supposedly, Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Doc Rivers, Ainge and the Celtics' owner all met in the room with Sheed trying to convince him.

Sounds like a room whose ambience could have been improved with a couple of hand grenades! LOL! "

I will second that to the tenth power....brilliant thing I have read all day or so, laughed my Purple and Gold ass off, as it were...


LTLF says, "David Lee is a crumbsnatcher." Classic.

Like most of you, I'm happy about this. I'm not gonna lie, I loved Trevor. But Artest is a different kind of ball player. This guy brings something we've lacked for too long - real intensity and toughness. I think it will be the kind of coaching challenge that will invigorate P.J... it's a sign that the Lakers aren't going to coast through the season. They're going to be on a mission.

Artest and Jack going crazy together on the sideline will be a classic. Artest is a better player so we just upgraded. He's the kind of guy you want on your side not as a nutjob opponent. He will strike fear into the opposition and is the enforcer we need. Smart move cuz now we can get LO in the fold and still be in the ballpark salary wise to get Shannon. Come on these guys have to see a dynasty in the making. Take a small home town ring discount and become legends. Now if we can get A Miller from Philly for Ammo, Powell, Jordan, and Sasha we have a lineup with Miller, Kobe, Ron, Bynum and Pau...bench is LO, Luke, Shannon, Fish, Mbenga. Me likey!

Ariza verbal commitment to Rockets!!

So, looks like this is an exchange of Artest for Ariza!!

As I keep thinking about this signing, I am liking it more and more. Take a look at the potential lineup that the Lakers could boast at some point. I know it looks crazy, but given the fact that the Triangle Offense uses a facilitator and not a traditional point guard AND given the fact that Artest, Bryant and Odom can each guard the point guard position, look at what they could do......

Artest, Bryant, Odom, Gasol and Bynum.............

Now tell me that this lineup would not strike fear into everyone. With Odom running the point, and Bryant and Artest on the wings......this lineup would kill teams.......

Terrible move.

Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

No repeat.

No threepeat.

Artest was the *WORST* Rocket starter in win-share contributions (0.3) during the playoffs.

Unlike Trevor, who made his impact FELT with a postseason win-share of 2.2

Win-shares account for offensive *and* defensive production oncourt.

How OVERHYPED was the now-250lb 30-yr old Ron-Ron's vaunted defense? Artest's postseason DRtg (defensive rating) was a Nash-like -- or should we say Oliver Miller sluggo-like --- 108.

Trevor's? 102.

Ron-Ron's PER (offensive efficiency) was -- here again -- the *WORST* of any Rocket starter at 12.5

Trevor? 14.7.

The ONLY way this makes sense is if Artest was willing to take FAR LESS than the Lakers were willing to pay Ariza.

And even then, IND, SAC, HOU all eventually learned how dumping Artest was essentially addition by subtraction.

Because Artest is ESSENTIALLY and now, especially, a legend in his own mind.

Yao, Battier, Scola and Brooks were the BEST Rockets in the playoffs.

Houston -- need we say it? --- a Western conference rival, let Artest walk for nothing, and are about to sign a role player who meant MUCHO to our championship run.

Good grief.

Kobe is the best player in the game. But he's reprising MJ the GM if he had anything to do with this debacle.

*** all statistical references sourced from

..."I don't really care about the money," Artest said. "I'll play there for nothing. ... L.A. was very interested in me, and they got me."

WOW WOW WOW .... I ain't even read that part yo ... All the take a paycut folks ... give this man his due yo ... he say he'd take zero dollars ... wow ... what's not to like ... now get off kobe's back, his boy gonna take the cut ... lol

I'm so happy ... a lilttle anxious about which Artest we got but I also realize that basketball wise we just got so much better ... woah ... kobe + artest starting ... lmfao ... umm Gasol u better start demanding the ball yo ... a closed mouth don't get fed ya dig

Im very pleased the lakers decided to steal artest, this is a steal. Artest has been saying for years that he would love to play for phil and he is gonna be motivated to do so. 3 years 18 mil is a bargain for a top 15 talent in the league. Back to back baby

Ariza was my favorite player from the lakers but i cant believe he would say that if the lakers wanted him they had to pay more than everyone. I know its a business but the lakers gave him the chance to succeed, remember he was deep in the bench with orlando.

ariza u blew it dude, artest welcome to where championships happen! lakers repeat in 2010 baby!

Great day to be a Laker fan!!! Even celtic fans are now worried!!

Good job Mitch!!! This will keep next season very interesting!!!!! Can't stick with the status quo - have to keep improving!!!!

Trevor and/or his agent rolled the dice. I don't like the way his agent went about it and perhaps he overplayed his hand, but I can't fault Trevor for trying. If some team wanted to offer him $8mil per year, he'd be crazy not to take it. Just like Ronny wasn't crazy to take the Warriors $4 mil per year offer.

However, let's say you're Mitch and you could get Trevor or Ron Ron for the SAME price and you're looking at a 3 or 4 year window of opportunity and you're looking at the Spurs signing RJ, the Cavs signing Shaq, the Magic signing VC and the C's going after Sheed, what would you do? Other teams are upgrading their talent.

This trade enables you to upgrade your 3. If Mitch re-signed Trevor, there would be some people still screaming for more, because of the moves by the other teams. This move is an upgrade while giving the Lakers the flexibility to re-sign LO, compete for the title and giving us flexibility 3 years down the road, when some tough decisions are going to have to be made about Kobe and picking up some young talent.

The Lakers figure for the next 3 years Ariza & Artest are essentially equal. They're probably correct although there are a number of scenarios that flip in Lakers favor, including the chance of Ariza suffering the 1st year of their 1st big contract flopperoo...ala Sascha, while Artest, hungry for a real chance at a ring, bears down and really brings all that he has and he has considerable skills. Still, I have a real dis-tatse for the whole deal. Trevor's agent obnoxiously whining about not getting enough love while deftly crafting a "who the hell needs this" atmosphere which combined with Artest's sudden availability made this decision a lot easier than it should have been.

Sigh the sheriff is still catching up on da blog yo ... but ron ron haters need to chill out ... detroit saga was a while back yo ... and yeah i love ariza too ... but if kobe won a championship with ariza, wait till you see what he does with ron ron ... do not forget who the captain of this team is ... the better the talent around him, the better he becomes ... y'all in for a treat ...

And oh this is america ... innocent until proven guilty ... at the very least wait till he gets his first technical before you start crucifying him ... and yeah yeah artest doesn't fit our teddy bear image but that's not a bad thing ... we most certainly can't be mistaken for soft no more, not saying that we ever where but now the opposition won't even think they can mess with us ... and oh lmao @ d thought of what laker practiices will be like ... think famar/sasha gonna act d fool with crazy ron around ... they'll be listening closely to PJ like don't let him bite me, imma do anything you want PJ ... syke nah yo, ron ron i know u a changed man but idk yo ... just glad we gotcha ... just glad ... woah mitch go sign lamar yo go sing that boy 2nite

Great. Let's lose Ariza and sign Artest for a lot more money. Let's watch Artest get shredded by every fast point guard in the league. Oh wait a minute, Artest is a shooting guard, meaning we don't have a point guard, we don't have a great young small forward with a great attitude and none of Artest's baggage. Maybe we can still sign Rodman to pick up the slack when we lose Odom.

From John Ireland:

"Ron Artest to the Lakers?

After Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest got into that "war of words" in March back in Houston, I asked Kobe what he really thought of Artest.

"We're friends," Kobe said, "I like him a lot--like his game--always have."

Then he told me a story that makes today's news--Artest is supposedly on his way to LA for three years, $18 million--very likely to happen.

Kobe said that after the Lakers lost game six of the '08 NBA Finals in Boston by 39 points, he was alone in the shower, just fuming. He heard somebody walk in and assumed it was one of his teammates, or maybe a staff member. Instead, he looked up, and it was Ron Artest (to this day, Kobe has no idea how Artest got into the locker room).

"I want to come help you," Artest said. "If I can, I'm going to find a way to come to LA and give you the help you need to win a title."

Kobe didn't think much of it, especially since Artest still had a year left on his deal with the Rockets, and that the Lakers were returning an entire team that had just won the Western Conference. Plus, players talk like that a lot, and it's just talk. But it struck Kobe as a nice gesture, especially since he had just been hammered by the Celtics and nobody was saying much of anything. Kobe told me that the perception a lot of people have of Artest is wrong.

"He competes....every night, every play," Kobe said. "I've known him since high school and he's always been like that."

Kobe found it strange that some people in the media were portraying he and Artest as enemies.

"He wants to win as much as I do...and I respect him--a lot."

When you consider that Artest and Lamar Odom grew up playing together in New York, this move makes a ton of sense. Artest gets to play with two good friends, for a coach that has always spoken highly of him.

Over the years, I've often asked Phil Jackson specifically about Artest's "colorful" nature. Phil never takes the bait, always shifting the conversation to something about how competitive Artest always is. He speaks of Artest the same way he speaks of Dennis Rodman. You'll rarely hear Phil comment on how weird Rodman was, just that he adjusted to the team culture once he came to town. I imagine that if the Artest deal goes through, he'll treat Ron much the same way.

By the way, if the rumored deal was to go through, it leaves the Lakers with even more money to keep Odom. Think about this: they would be getting Artest for less money than Charlie Villanueva just signed for in Detroit. Trust me, there isn't anybody who knows basketball who would rather have Villanueva than Artest. The only downside to this deal is that the it leaves no room on the roster for Trevor Ariza, who was been fantastic in his time with the Lakers. But truth be told, Ariza and Artest play the same position, and Ariza didn't want to play for that money. ESPN is already reporting that Ariza has agreed to sign in Houston to replace Artest."

it's irrelevant if Mitch or Dr. Buss played this hand.

first Brilliant move in 4 years (as i said, gasol had an *)

Artest in LA. beyond entertainment, finally someone who will make order in the locker room, spanking JF and sasha or any other malcontent in the house.

finally we have a real 3. a MAN and not a BOY

did i mentioned: a MERCENARY

Ron's Twitter : " Yo, I'm out to celebrate. Going to Jack Nicholson's house. Gonna bust his door down with an axe and say 'HERE'S RONNIEEEEE!!"
Posted by: Miroslava | July 02, 2009 at 05:41 PM

PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (even if it is a fake one)

So all hope of TA signing with Lakers dashed as it is reported he hasagreed to the same contract offered by Lakers with the Rockets.

His agent said it was not about money but being felt appreciated. BS. The first thing out of Lee's mouth was no home town discount and that to me is money. You never start off negotiations for potential employer by staing no discount for you. Should have said we will consider it (regardless of he meant it or not).

TA would have been better served staying in LA and Lee is an idiot who cost his client a lot of rings and playoff money and future replacement for RA.

What a jerk.

Go after Marvin Williams I say and replace Luke. God RA leaves game and Luke enters, what a nightmare.

I do not get what Ariza was thinking. I think his agent Lee is a grade A goofball. Quote it isn't about money its about appreciation'. Yeah uh-huh. It was as if Lee was brain-washing Ariza the Lakers don't like you, the Lakers blah blah blah.

Aren't you suppose to do what is best for your client? Shouldn't he had been, Trevor, LA gets 10 times the media attention the Rockets do. Know what that means? Over the next 5 years you will probably have the opportunity if you contiue to play well to make millions maybe tens of millions of dollars more in LA.

Also you are from L.A. which should mean something. Rockets are going to be bad before they get better the next few years. Really sad that Trevor had Lee. Oh well wish him the best, but silly personal, professional, and work decision. Have fun playing for a nothing team not going anywhere. Sad.

At Least the Lakers got something back for losing Ariza, hopefully they are able to resign Lamar and Shannon, waiting to see if the this all translate to a better defensive Laker team

Go Lakers, Lakers Forever


the difference between Artest and Trevor is that trevor was playing off the double teams that kobe got so he was open for a lot of his shots, yes he had some great steals but his one on one defense was ok at best. Artest was one of the focal points of houstons offense, so we was never shooting open jumpers.


Ron Artest 69 55 35.5 .401 .399 .748 .90 4.30 5.20 3.3 1.52 .35 2.03 2.20 17.1
Trevor Ariza 82 20 24.4 .460 .319 .710 1.40 2.90 4.30 1.8 1.67 .29 1.06 2.00 8.9

I also feel so bad for Ariza. He gave us his heart and soul and now he's gone. This is a tragic thing, I think. Yes, I want Ron Ron more, but I like Ariza better. When Ron's deal is up, we'll have to find another SF, but until then, this is a championship move by the Lakers.

But Ariza needs to fire his agent right now. His response to the Lakers offer was bad from the start and now he has to go to effen TEXAS to play.

This sucks so bad, I don't know what to say.

I loved the guy (as much as a man can love another man) and I feel like he may be pretty upset by these events.


there is only one reason why artest is in... guard lebron james...

We just got worse. We exchanged a winning, improving player for a nut case, sometimey player. A guy who knew his role for a guy who wants to shoot. A lot.

Bad chemistry move, bad production move, bad everything.

We couldn't keep this thing together for a month.

For those seeking confirmation, I believe we can't finalize any deals until July 7th, but maybe that's just trades (see Zach Randolp having to wait for his deal to be finalized in the Memphis/Clippers deal).

For those of you hollering to dump Luke and Sashas contracts, before you go sounding off, perhaps it would benfit yourselves (and us who have to read your inane postings) to read the NBAs Collective Bargaining Agreement. In it, you would learn (although it would take some time) that you can't just trade a player for nothing. The money has to work out (within a certain percentage) under the CBA. So if we traded Luke and Sasha, we'd have to take on contracts of basically equal, if not greater, value.

This is why we included Aaron McKie in the Gasol deal, and why Dallas paid a broken Keith Van Horn for a couple of years because when those big contract hit their final year, GMs around the league start doing math late into the night to make numbers go cost numbers go down so that revenue numbers can go up.

It still cracks me up when I here people go off about the Gasol trade as if we really didn't give Memphis anything. We gave them the economic flexibility the owner desired. End of story. No, it wasn't a player that could hit the 3, defend Kobe's fade-away or run an offence, but it did allow that team to operate within it's profitability margin. Besides, was Memphis going anywhere with a team built solely around Gasol? No. So fans weren't watching that product, stopped coming to games and stopped buying merch. Franchises have to make a tough decisions in those moments. Why it was LA that swept in and made it happen we may never know. But's it pretty funny when my Laker Hater freinds get all bent out of shape when Gasol takes the floor.

i was the first one who wrote on this blog that i feel that TA is step slow (mentally). maybe he is not, but he is really DUMB.

David Lee had his way with Mitch/Buss because he knew that Bynum is their favorite protegee. he got courage because they Blinked, but TA is just DISPOSABLE. not a "potential" future franchise player to built on. David Lee is:

Bye, Bye Ariza don’t forget to turn out the lights!!

This has got to be on the most stupid Agent/Player mess ups I have seen in my lifetime of watching basketball

I would take a motivated Ron without a ring any day of the week. The guy wants a ring TA just wants his money.

Look TA we are not in Jerry Maguire 2, this is a Jerry Buss movie. Do you think Jerry is going to be punked by some low draft pick, while he sent Shaq Daddy, No 1 Draft pick and all time great packing after an outburst.

To make matters worse, you are taking MLE at Houston, do you not read the papers, Yao is out & TMAC is out.

What, you think you can create you own 3pt and 2pt shots like a superstar now!!!!

Reality check, teams are wise to you and they will not leave you open. You will not be able to feast on Kobe's hand outs anymore.

Yea you made a couple of defensive plays and shot some wide open 3's but you got habitually abused by Melo and Hedo. That’s why Mitch did not hesitate to get a hungrier, bigger and more experienced version of your self.

You averaged 8 pg, while Ronny boy averaged 17.1pg, go figure. You have no post up game, while Ronny can set up base camps in the post!!!

If I had your talent, I would want more rings and I would make more money down the road. Lakers are extremely loyal, look at Rick Fox he signed for less money and the paid him is dues when he re-signed his contract. If a guy like Rick knows the rings bring more money, then Trevor your ego has inflated into a blimp!!!

Go luck in Houston. lets se how you go against Kobe!!!



Ariza was inconsistent, and didn't always play with passion. He was also injury prone; taking into consideration his entire career.

This is a great deal, no doubt about it. We just need to resolve the PG, and get Lamar signed.


Rad asked to be traded. FYI. His choice.

Posted by: DaTruthSetsUFree | July 02, 2009 at 07:42 PM

Umm, Ron Artest is a SF, just like Ariza, and signed for the same amount of money that Ariza was apparently offered. I wonder whether you just misrepresented the facts to make a point or what?

Reportedly, Ariza will sign with the Rockets for 5 years 33 million. Just a little above the MLE I guess. Turns out o about 6.6 million a year

By the way signing Artest is a very high risk, high reward type of thing... but if the risk doesn't pan out its going to stink.

This is soooo sad it's almost funny. Almost --but hardly.

Artest has *NEVER* cracked 20 in PER for an entire season at ANY time in his career while his TOUCH rate was never less than 20.

Shorter: Ron-Ron has ALWAYS been a BLACK HOLE for touches that could, should go to more productive teammates.

Meanwhile Ron-Ron's "defense" has been anything BUT lockdown since 2003-04 -- when his bootie was still smaller than Oprah's.

So LAL - Ariza but LAL + Artest = upgrade?


I was sure the Lakers could win it all *last* year even when they didn't.

I'm ABSOLUTELY sure the Lakers will not repeat or even reach the Conference Finals with Artest replacing Trevor.

I am SO not down with this signing.

Losing Odom would simply be blighting on the cake.

TA only got the MLE from Houston.... so how come David Lee wasn't insulted by that contract?


Well, I for one think this is a pretty good move. I hate to see Ariza go, but Ron-Ron is a tough player, great defender, and a better offensive presence than Trevor. I'm not sure any of this will be true in three or four years, but for now, I think this is a net positive for the Lakers.

Now, and (in my opinion), far more important: WHAT ABOUT ODOM????? We haven't heard any news on him at all. The Laker's simply can't afford to let him go.


I’m starting to like Mitch’s signing of Ron Artest more and more. For sure, it has the blog hopping like we haven’t seen in a while. While I still love Trevor and mourn his possible departure, here’s what’s to like about the Artest signing:

1. IT MAKES US TOUGHER. Even as we won the championship, there were times when we played like a finesse team, launching quick shots and outside jumpers rather than pounding the ball inside to Drew, Pau, and Lamar. Ron is a stronger and more physical player at both ends of the court than Trevor. He is muscles to Trevor’s wiry and power to Trevor’s slash. He makes the Lakers a tougher, more physical team.

2. IT GIVES US A STOPPER. One big advantage of Artest over Ariza is Ron’s ability to handle bigger, more physical small forwards like LeBron, Melo, and Paul Pierce who have traditionally given Trevor problems. I personally think that this was the primary reason why the Lakers went after Artest. Artest will brought in to be our LeBron stopper. Trevor’s ultimate position will be at shooting guard where he matches up better.

3. IT MAKES US BIGGER. As they say, size matters. Switching Trevor for Ron will make the Lakers a bigger team. Artest at 260# is a better rebounder than Ariza at 200#. He also has as much stronger inside power game than Ariza. The big body and low post moves will also allow Artest to also play power forward against certain teams and in certain situations, which strengthens our front court depth and versatility.

4. IT ADDS PLAYMAKING. One of Trevor’s primary weaknesses was his passing as he only averaged 1.8 assists per game compared to Artest’s 3.3 assists per game. If the Lakers can get Ron out of the habit of holding onto the ball, his passing skills will be a valuable addition to the team’s triangle offense, especially feeding the ball to the post.

5. IT ADDS EXPERIENCE. One of the Lakers’ disadvantages at times last year was having two very young players in the starting lineup with Drew and Trevor. And the loss in the Finals last year to the Celtics definitely showed the value of veteran leadership and play. With Ron, the Lakers will put a more experienced team on the floor.

6. IT ADDS SWAGGER. This is probably the second biggest reason for signing Ron. Adding him to the roster definitely gives the Lakers starting lineup a championship boost in swagger. Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, Ron Artest, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum with Lamar Odom as sixth man? This team could be one of the greatest ever.

7. IT HURTS CLEVELAND. I think every Laker fan was a little worried hearing that LeBron had met with Ron to recruit him to come to Cleveland. The thought of LeBron, Shaq, and Ron could be a huge success or a big crash and burn. One thing for sure, it would be an unbelievable physical basketball team, which is the only type that has a chance to beat the Lakers for the next decade. Now we don’t have to worry.

8. IT SAVES US MONEY. Finally, the Lakers played this perfectly. Setup your budget. Lineup your backup. Then go for the jugular. I still harbor a small sliver of hope that David Lee and Trevor will come crawling back ready to take our original offer to return as Kobe and Ron’s backup and the Lakers eventual shooting guard when Kobe moves to point guard. Kobe, Trevor, Ron, Pau, and Drew with Lamar off the bench. WOW!

Of course, I have ignored what’s NOT to like about the deal but I’m sure there will be enough panicked fans who will be glad to point those things out. To them, all I have to say is if Mitch and the Lakers front office think this is the way to go, then I support them 100%. This move is going to solidify Mitch as next year’s NBA EOY. Bravo, Mitch.

- - - - -


I am glad that you guys got Ron Ron. Can you imagine Kobe japping and sneering at him like he does with all his team mates? or better yet when Ron Ron decides to take over the game with one of his many awful shooting nights? Ron did a good job for us but then again did he have a choice? I'll give credit where credit is due.. The Lakers are the champs but this team has always suffered (during Kobe's tenure) as a emotional team that if they aren't beating people will turn on it self. Not to mention Phil's awesome ability to coach. Oh, yeah and now you've given Ron Ron one of the biggest stages ever. My Rocket's plan and next season are shot. Will live and move on and thank God Ron Ron won't be here. I give the Lakers a mini loosing streak and watch the fireworks!

What can we give odom now and i really want shannon back...

Guys, there is a better chance of Pauly Shore and Tom Green being nominated for Oscars next year that Artest freaking out. Why do I have to explain this to you? Can I at least use a few words instead of complete sentences for the Neanderthals who don't have full evolved brains and can't understand what this chance means to Artest?

Artest + last chance + LA + championship + Kobe and Phil + Laker history and legacy and coachs = good behavior.

That's it. End of story. I’m not saying another word about Artest’s stellar behavior, which is coming.

Has Ariza signed yet? I am so angry at Ariza, because I know he's hurting right now. But HE blew it. He was one of my favorite Lakers of all time, because he was such a quiet, but deadly assassin.

I'm with East Coast Jessie here...Can we still sign Ariza?


Who asked you?


Ariza should run back to LA and sign whatever contract thrown at him by Mitch. Unbelievable!

Pierce, Lebron, Anthony, Jefferson all the SF of the elite teams must be scratching their heads. They all do not want to deal with Artest in a Finals game. A lockdown defender!

Ariza can now sign with the Lakers for 3 mil as a bench player. If he still wants another NBA ring.

anyone have a link to this supposed celtics trade....sounds like alot of BS but who knows the way things have been going lately

I am very aware of how the financial aspects in the NBA work.....but someone answer me this:

If Ron went to the Lakers and Ariza went to the Rockets, why not just a Sign and Trade for either player?

That way, each team would be able to keep their MLE to sign another potential Free agent that the team might need.

I believe this is possible, please correct me if i am wrong.

Reason being is this: We still need a Big man to backup Bynum, and as much as i love DJ, i dont think that Mgmt sees him as a viable backup.

Artest isn't like Rodman, he's like Pippen. A mean tough Pippen to Kobe's MJ. LO can play low post all the time now.

David Lee gets paid to screw his client. For Ariza to get basically same money, being away from his family, and have alot less chance for another championship, is very hard to understand. Ariza gets screwed BIG time.

Looney joins LA. YEAAAAAAH! (As always I'm late to know)

I say this is FULL HOUSE, we have two aces and three (NY) Queens. That puts LA to Western Finals w/o preseason yet. All we need is chemistry from Professor PJ. Next move, go for Rudy, paisano de Pau combination of any of the four subs. Of course, it is assumed that LO is back to LA. That's for sure he wants to play with RonRon back to their Queens days.

Now, it's just a matter of fraternizing and Looney get it straight. I bow to Mitch K. the second best move but I think it's the Hollywood glamour that did it.

Why can't Kobe, Gasol and Lamar each give one million of their saleries to the "bring back Ariza" fund. I'm serious. He was such a good teammate, why can't his brothers in arms do something to help bring him back?

I'd do it for a good friend.


so we don't have a chance any more to use trevor in a sign and trade for a pg? drat.

oh well.

Wasnt it just two summers ago we all wanted to trade Lamar Odom for Ron Artest (actually I believe the Lakers tried but we wanted the Sacramento Kings to have Luke walton and they wanted us to have Kenny Thomas so it fell through)?

Look I love Ariza, especially since he is a hometown kid all the way, and has obviously worked hard and put in for the team....but to each his own beacuse obviously it was more important for him to get the best out of his opportunity.

Cant get mad at Ariza because this is probably his last chance at a long big contract. Remember, Fisher left at the time to get a nice contract, and Ariza is young, BUT he is 24 so if he goes 5 years he'll be 29 not old but no longer with a tons of "potential". Thats fine if he wants to leave than you have to let him go. Unfortunately, Luke walton, Sasha, Bynum are overpaid by at last $1million each which would have covered Trevor's deal


You said: Let's lose Ariza and sign Artest for a lot more money.

- NO, We are getting Artest for the MLE, and Ariza was NOT ready to commit to Lakers for MLE. (If you know what that means) So we get Artest at same price, if not lower than for Ariza.

You said: Let's watch Artest get shredded by every fast point guard in the league

- When was the last time you saw Artest defending a PG, I'd like to know.

You said: Oh wait a minute, Artest is a shooting guard

- Artest is a SF, NOT a SG!!

I think you are a MORON who knows nothing of the game and just throwing up crap. And yes, you are one of the worst pessimists I have ever seen.

Do away from this blog!!

With so much star power Bynum, Gasol, Artest, Kobe!!

Lakers can choose not to sign Odom. A PG would be more important right now.

Sign and trade Lamar Odom and Farmar for Monte Ellis and Turiaf. Warriors drafted Stephen Curry.

"Artest was one of the focal points of houstons offense..." -
Posted by: ose | July 02, 2009 at 07:49 PM


That's what I love about the web.

Nothing worth saying is always worth posting and "the truth" is anything we want it 2b.

2009 postseason

Yao, USG (touches) 20.6, PER 21.5 = "focal point"
Scola, USG 22.6, PER 16.7 = cog
Battier, USG 10.3, PER 11.1 = cog

Artest, USG 24.3, PER 12.5 = BLACK HOLE.

Besides, this year, instead of Fisher getting ejected and suspended, we have Artest to do that instead and itll be more meaningful.

And I want to point something out here. It is a myth that Phil Jackson "controlled" Dennis Rodman. Phil Jackson didnt want Dennis to be other than Dennis. And he'll let Ron do what he needs to do.

Remember Dennis still kicked a cameraman in the balls in Minnesota and was suspended for many games, Dennis used to wrestle with Karl Malone in the Finals and then LITERALLY did a WWF thing while in the playoffs, Dennis got in a WEDDING DRESS, Dennis used to walk off the court tossing his jersey and after getting kicked out. He did this ALL as a member of the Bulls. Why? Because when game time came, Phil could count on Rodman to do the things that MJ or Scottie were too pretty to do.

PJ will basically have Ron play a role an turn him loose.

Some comments comparing Ariza to Turiaf, and I gotta stick up for Ronny here:

1) Lakers were paying Turiaf peanuts. The $4 mil he got with the Warriors is a substantial raise. Ariza was making $3 mil, so the equivalent raise would have been $13+ mil.

2) Ronny would have been in the bench most of this year, basically like Powell. At least for the Warriors he gets to play more. These are professional players--they need to PLAY. By contrast, Ariza was a STARTER on a championship team.

3) Unlike Ronny, Ariza grew up in LA.

Bottom line Ronny did the right thing signing with the Warriors. Contrary to some opinions playing for the Lakers is not the end-all for basketball players, especially if you're being paid peanuts & don't actually PLAY.

Trevor, on the other hand, had his dream job and he (or his agent) blew it, though I think what really happened was that they were blindsighted by Artest (I admit I was).

If someone had asked me who the sacrificial lamb was of the big three Lakers free agents, no way would I have thought it was Ariza. The Lakers lose a real classy guy, but bring in someone that will play something the Lakers were spotty on all season: defense.

Phil will sick Artest on all the guys that Kobe usually has to guard, which will be a huge relief. Furthermore, Artest is hungry for a championship. HUNGRY.

Ariza, or more rightly, Ariza's agent, was hungry for a big paycheck. He'll get his paycheck. It'll just be the same paycheck he would have received from the Lakers. I would be surprised if Ariza didn't fire his agent after this.

Then again, today has been full of surprises.

"Unfortunately, Luke walton, Sasha, Bynum are overpaid by at last $1million each which would have covered Trevor's deal"- Posted by: The Lake Show | July 02, 2009 at 08:12 PM


Tru dat.

Haven't posted in awhile, but I think LA is comparing Ariza to Devean George. D George had an outstanding 02Finals vs. NJ and LA rewarded him w/ a long term contract and got burned. I get the feeling that LA believed Ariza reached his ceiling. We will see how this pans out. Excited and ready for the 09-10 season already. Just hope Odom signs. He makes LA special to have a starter come off the bench who is so versatile.

Critical...great album. So much great musicianship on that baby. Really, unworldly.


Hi guys! I'm here! Time to party! I mean, get down to business! Yes, I talk with lots of exclamations! Get ready! This is gonna' be a fun year! Gonna bring it each and every night for y'all, leavin' it all out on the floor! Everybody look out! Uncle Ronnie is a bad man!

Man - sad to see TA go. I wonder what he is thinking of this big mess he's in? Hopefully, someone smart will eventually show him that his agent screwed him over big time. Did Lee use jedi mind tricks on him? Trevor - "The FO is disrespecting are worth at least 8 million/year....f the lakers - we'll take your talent somewhere else and get you a ton of money".....and then when they get to Houston he's all "This offer is awesome - they must really respect you". It's getting the 2 nickels instead of the dime a hole!!

I do like one blogger posted - we have to also worry about what TA's attitude might have been for getting "lowballed" (at least perceived by him) by the Lakers and the constant reminder of Luke and Sasha getting big deals and they are crap. RonRon WANTS to play for the Lakers!!!! It's a no brainer!!!!

Wait, so Rockets offered the same sum of money as the Lakers and Ariza chose Rockets? This does not make any sense...

We've been clamoring Artest for Odom not too long ago. Now we don't have to give up Lamar for Ron-Ron. An even awesome line-up if Bynum will be the Bynum before the injury. Another parade in Staples in June 2010!!!

Tom - good points all. This is going to be a very tough, very savvy team.

p ang - I totally agree about the Pippen analogy. P.J.'s gonna whistle and point and Ron will go take care of business.

Mitch just keeps getting better as a GM. Doesn't negotiate through the press, just gets it done.

I think Ron would be a great addition! I never really was a Lakers fan until I watched Jerry, I wish he still played. I heard he will be at the legends sports challenge this year. I can't wait to see how the Lakers turn out next year! Could they get any better??

Now defenses will need to double team everybody but Fisher.

Wow, 5 pages...not a dull summer in Lakerland,

I like this but will miss Ariza as i think he is destined for big things, his playoff performance was beyond his years, he is a quality guy.

The defensive help should make for a more rested Kobe in the 4th quarter, and maybe add some time to his career.

The 2009-2010 Lakers brought to you with an element of danger.


>>> Artest to KL

>>> FU

Perfect pitch. Thanks.


Ariza is getting paid 5 years 33 million. That's 6.6 an year, which is probably a million more than we would offer. Meh, doesn't seem worth it, but whatever

hey rockets fan,

we love Trevor here for his contributions and think he's going to be a good player, but we'll see what happens when teams no longer have to sag off him because they don't have to worry about doubling teaming someone else or when he has to carry more of the offensive load and create his own shot.

BTW for as much as we love Trevor's defense, Hedo still shot above and scored above his season averages in the finals and Melo scored above his season average in the WCFs.

Good luck, Trevor. Your contributions will not be forgotten here.

We're a PG away from being one of the greatest teams in the modern era. No joke.

If I know this, Mitch has to know this. We're not done dealing. Losing Ariza really said something to me. It said these next 3 years are absolutely prime time ion LA. This it. This is what we've trying to build toward since before Shaq left.

Artest is a big, big, big missing piece for this team. Finally--the defensive player to put beside Kobe. Finally the tough guy who can knock you on your @## with a screen then get the rock back for a three ala Rick Fox. Other than Shaq and Maybe Gasol, Artest may prove to be Kobe's best teammate. I have a feeling Artest has something to prove. Something mean is about to materialize at staples whether we're ready for it or not.


@kobe24 remember Ron is getting a 3 yr contract while Trevor is getting a 5 yr contract that's another $12mil guaranteed.

Exhelo - Recomended books?

The obvious, "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest"

But how about, "12 Monkeys" or "Silence of the Lambs"

Or perhaps a soothing read like, "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back"

i blame sahasa and luke for TA leaving fro huston. if not for the bad contract that they got the lakers would not have ahve this problem.what was TA thinking you leave for the same aoument of money lakers to go huston.

I love this - even though hate to lose TA. Mitch is setting precedence so that other agents won't screw around. This is awesome chess game!! We are tired of punk ass contracts and then the player tanking after getting their money.

TA - we love ya but your agent screwed you big time. When you're sitting at home in Houston on a mediocre team - you'll be wondering why the hell am I not the starting SF for a championship team? Man, you would have been a superstar (or at least truly loved by miillions of fans) if you stuck it out in LA. The dollars don't work out - now you make the same as if you stayed in LA? WTF dude? You should kill (not literally - I don't need police at my door) your agent!!


>>>Great. Let's lose Ariza and sign Artest for a lot more money.

You've got it backwards. The Lakers offered Ariza MORE money,
and his agent called it an insult. The Lakers offered LESS money
to Artest and he said he was HAPPY to come to the Lakers.

Better player (in the short term anyway).
Less money.
More hungry for a ring.

well, taliq, that point is moot. ariza's gonna be a rocket. greedy ol' me (ariza + odom + artest???) ran into a brick wall called luxury tax. the ride with ariza was good while it lasted.


will lamar please re-sign with the good guys???

Tom Daniels,

>>> Phil now has the vets he likes to make a playoff run. Pau, Kobe,
>>> Fish, Artest, Odom, Walton.

I would even hazard to guess that Phil was the catalyst for the move for the exact reason you so aptly pointed out: He loves veteran teams. That’s what’s won the last 2 Finals. And he has not been shy about pimping the fact that one of the factors he demanded to come back was to be formal part of the entire front office process. That is why I am hoping he might take over as general manager of the basketball side when he retires.

>>> I see him hanging for a couple more titles before going hanging
>>> up the funny high coaching seat,

I agree. There is almost something perfect and beautiful about Phil staying two more years and retiring with four three-peats, 2 with MJ and 2 with Kobe. Then a jump to the front office as franchise general manager. You have to think Phil would not have lobbied for or approved bringing in Ron for 3 years unless he was going to be here for most of it.

Kurt Rambis is the obvious hear apparent but looking at this lineup you have to wonder if the front office is willing to risk it. More and more, I am doubting it. The Lakers need a coach who commands respect and excites the team and fans. More and more I am liking the idea of Derek Fisher taking over as head coach but keeping the rest of the staff intact. That would make it an easy transition for Fish and provide continuity for the team. More importantly, the Lakers would have a smart and charismatic coach who Kobe and the team totally respects. It’s either that or politics for Fish, the current president of the NBA players association and a Laker legend in his own time. LOL!


With the money that we are saving by not giving in to Trevor's 8-9 mil per year demands means that we should have enough dough to re-sign Lamar! woo hoo

did anyone read the ariza article on espn. it says ariza had a verbal agreement on tuesday night with houston and after that the lakers began talks with artest. how is that possible? i don't get it?

anyways i truly believe ariza's agent is at fault. all through trevor's interviews he said it was like a dream playing for the lakers and he didn't want to wake up. he loved being close to his family. also in his exit interview he truly believed he was going to be a laker. he also mentioned he wanted to be in a place he felt loved. my cousin met him a couple of months ago at the mall and talked to him. he said ariza was the nicest guy. trevor told him he couldn't believe he was back home and he was happy his son could be with his grandma (trevor's mom) and uncle. he also mentions in autograph signings how grateful he is to kobe. he once mentioned he went to the forum parking lot when he was young to catch a glimpse of kobe and get an autograph.

if you read post game interviews or watch them he always credits kobe, pau, and lamar for giving him open looks. he actually is very humble and hard working. he doesn't like the spotlight, that is why he hardly does interviews.

i'm telling you after the exit interview, his agent brainwashed him. probably told him i can get you an even better contract than andrew. dude, totally got screwed by his agent. it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. i remember meeting him in ucla, one of the nicest people i have ever met.

i will miss you trevor and thank you for everything.

btw, all those that say luke gave trevor the starting sf, pj originally wanted trevor to start but trevor didn't want to start b/c he knew it was a big deal to lamar and vlade. it's in one of kevin ding's articles earlier in the year. so in reality, luke started b/c trevor didn't want to start.

Now defenses will need to double team everybody but Fisher.

Posted by: exhelodrvr | July 02, 2009 at 08:33 PM

good one. i hope your sense of humor was part of the line. maybe they should watch ja-smear nelson how that worked out

Would have loved for Lakes to keep Trevor, but will settle for the Artest formerly known as Ron...nice consolation prize...Go Bruins!

another pick/butt by artest and kobe waltzing for another easy layup in just 4 -5 seconds; while bodies flying everywhere on the court.

Ariza's agent is still talking.

I told Mitch (Kupchak, the Lakers’ general manager) that it was never about the money; it was about respect.

The more I think about it, the more I like this. Don't get me wrong: I'm really, really bummed to see Trevor go. I think we'll miss his slashing, his attacking the offensive glass.

But everything Laker Tom said is right: This team needs to continue to get tougher, because defending the title is HARD.

Wow. What an off-season all ready. I gotta say, I'm pretty happy to have Ron Ron on our side now.

Go Lake Show!

I hope you all saw in Trevor what I saw.

A little bit of Horry, Fox and Coop inside, but making his own Lakers legacy. I liked the kid alot, but when he became miffed, felt insulted, and boasted he would rather play abroad, he showed he was to selfish and disloyal to be a Lakers.

Sure his agent pushed him some, but Ariza has to answer for his own actions.

He let pride make his decision for him to play elseware. He shattered his own dreams by refusing to work with the Lakers in these hard economic times.

I'm not depressed over losing him now, not mad at him either, just dissapointed in his lack of maturity. It cost him, and us several years of great plays and great possible memories.

I wish him the best, sorry to see him go.

The Lake Show:

This is hilarious!!

Because when game time came, Phil could count on Rodman to do the things that MJ or Scottie were too pretty to do.

Wow. Just got home from work. Sad to see Ariza go--a quiet low-key, hard-working kid from LA. Good luck, Trevor!

Oh well, the Lakers can never have a boring summer can they? :)


>>> Yes - let's hope we can somehow get Trevor back. I wonder what really went down.
>>> Did Lee fill TA's head with a bunch of crap? Did TA really think he was worth that
>>> much and was insulted? Did Lakers really want Artest from the beginning?

It’s very possible that the Lakers just decided, once they learned that Artest would sign for the MLE, that they needed his physical toughness and defense against LeBron and the other bigger small forwards that Trevor struggled to defend at times. If I remember correctly, the Lakers never made an offer. They simply told Trevor that that was all they were willing to pay. In a way, it’s like telling the girl you want to break up with that you don’t love her anymore, hoping she’ll get angry and just walk away. Which is what it looks like to me happened.

If so, then you can’t fault David Lee. Blame just goes to the current economic situation in the NBA and the specific problem of the luxury tax. I think when the Lakers heard that Artest was finally willing to take the MLE, they decided to kill two birds with one stone: Improve a major defensive weakness and prevent Artest from going to the Cavs. Think about this: would you rather have Ariza back but Artest join LeBron and Shaq in Cleveland? Add in who do you think can guard LeBron, Melo, and Pierce better between Ariza and Artest? I don’t think David Lee had a clue. He just walked into it and unfortunately will probably be blamed for it for years when he really never had a chance. The Lakers had already decided to go with Artest. That’s why there was no formal offer.

You have to feel for Trevor in any event although he did take the bait and get disrespected, which never leads you to good decision making. What would have happened had he said that the MLE was no problem and that he just wanted to be a Laker? His attitude sort of undermined my good feelings for him, especially when Ron piped in that he didn’t care about the money and backed it up. I am psyched that Ron will be very motivated, which will make this team even more of a juggernaut.

How sweet to have fear replaced by wonder. Just like Drew’s injury fixed by Pau. Trevor, good luck. It’s not that we didn’t love you but just that business said the smart move was to switch horses to Artest. You are just a victim of the times. Do well in Houston. They lost a great player but also gained one. Who knows, maybe you can pull a Derek and return for an encore. If not, thanks for some great moments.


No the lakers lowballed Ariza...

They would never have offered him so little if their wasn't something in the works....making the minimum offer was sending a message.

This isn't the agents fault...Ariza never stood a chance...the other thing is if Ariza takes the same money he probably believes he can be a bigger contributor and is quite happy to be with a bad team where he can get some opportunities.

Artest, as has been clear for several years now, wants to win.If he's playing for 6 mil a year you have to hand it to him

It's really sad to see Trevor go (as UCLA and Laker fan). At the same time is there any question Lakers repeat? Now Artest can shut down (or limit as to Lebron) Pierce, Lebron or Vinsanity in the Finals.

Good luck Trevor. I hope to see you back after 3 years when the Rockets trade you back to the Lakers.

Gotta say, Ariza should have hired a different agent. What a crazy scheme, putting a gun to the Lakers head and basically demanding the exact deal they wanted at 12:01 on Wednesday, or they were going to take the same mid-level +a little somewhere else.

I think Ariza was used by his agent to make his bones. I don't think he did a lot of good for Trevor though, he's got maybe a slightly better deal than the Lakers were going to give him, only he now uproots himself and plays for a worse team.

We will miss Trevor a lot. I think he will miss the Lakers a lot, too.

"I'm now in the security business," he added. "My job is to protect the King. And that's what I'm here to do."

Looks like Shaq started licking Queen James' behind already...

So, you have tasted both Kobe and Lebron's *** tell us which is better ;-)

If Phil can handle Rodman then he can handle Artest. I must admit, I'm sorry to see Ariza go but I don't think he'll have as big of an impact with the Rockets as he would have with the Lakers. Maybe when he experiences life as a big fish in a small pond, without McGrady and Yao the Rockets are gonna suck, he'll come to his senses and fire his agent, who really did him a disservice by disparaging the Lakers motivation to resign him. Ariza could have had the same deal with the Lakers that the Rockets gave him if he would have signed before today. It is a business and Ariza has proven himself a poor businessman.

All that being said, I think we can be a better team next year with Artest than we could have been with Ariza. I also expect that this is not a good sign for resigning Odom, unless he's willing to take the same type of money as Artest agreed to. He's not gonna get $10M/yr from the Lakers anytime soon.

Artest should shore up the defense and interior toughness, not that Ariza wasn't a good defender but Artest is more versatile and a former NBA defensive player of the year. I like our small forwards, with Walton and Morrison as backups, and I expect Josh Powell to be the primary backup at PF next season.

Now, go sign Shannon Brown and let's get on with the repeat, threepeat, fourpeat, etc...

I think there are a lot of Laker fans here trying to put the best spin possible on this turn of events. Sure, Artest has positives, but man, why would you want to screw with GREAT team chemistry, youth, and a championship team that would just get better and better? So, no, there is NO way that Mitch planned this and engineered this exact deal.

What must have happened is that David Lee, Ariza's airhead agent thought he could play Texas Hold 'em against Dr. Buss. Bad, bad, seriously BAD move. Dr. Buss did a few quick calculations, called Lee's bluff, and quickly picked up the pot, saying, "See ya, wouldn't want to be ya."

So now we've got Artest, and the whole formula changes. My guess is that they may very well try to package another blockbuster deal using Odom plus one of our surplus guards (probably Farmar) as the bait to get a top PG. THEN, this move would really make sense, and we'd be loaded, with no weaknesses anuwhere.

We'll see.

Hi Trevor,

Why did you listen to your agent, agreeing to terms with Houston???? Are you kidding me!!! Lakers offers you almost the considerate the Lakers have given you opportunity...why so selfish??? You will not earn a ring with Houston...this is a silly mistake!!!!

Umm I'm a bit confused y'all ... like real talk why do you think Ariza took the same deal to play else where?

Just wondering ... who's got d scoop?

LO is asking 10mil, am i right? Lakers can not afford that much.. sorry to say bye to LO...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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