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Ron Artest to the Lakers, says Ron Artest

UPDATE (5:00 pm)-'s Chris Broussard reports the deal would be worth "an estimated $18 million" over three years, which is a perfect length from LA's standpoint. Artest will be 30 in November.  BK

UPDATE (4:37 pm)- The LAT's Mike Bresnahan is also reporting the Lakers are close to a deal to bring in Artest.  He writes that Artest would likely want a full midlevel deal (in the neighborhood of $32 mil over five years), but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the contract, once signed, was actually shorter than that. We'll have to wait and see. As Bres notes, Artest's arrival would almost certainly mean the end of Trevor Ariza's tenure in LA. BK

Ron Artest rubs Kobe's head CBS's Ken Berger reports Ron Artest is ready to sign with the Lakers.  (Note: Berger's original post has been updated with fresh information.  The Lakers are not commenting, but Berger writes he has additional corroboration.) No contract terms have been ironed out, Berger writes, but Artest told him he'll be playing in purple and next season:

"I'm definitely going to L.A. -- to sign, yeah," Artest said in a phone interview. "Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. I'm in L.A. right now."

Artest said he met with Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss Thursday and previously had spoken with Lakers coach Phil Jackson. He was en route to his financial manager's office, where he planned to huddle on the phone with his agent, David Bauman, to finalize details...

..."I don't really care about the money," Artest said. "I'll play there for nothing. ... L.A. was very interested in me, and they got me."

Until there's more concrete news, it's hard to say with certainty what's going on.  (If there's such a thing as a player being a bad source regarding his own negotiations, it would likely apply to Artest.)  If nothing else, Bauman can't like that whole "play there for nothing" part.  The man works on commission. As we talked about in this week's 710 ESPN Lakers PodKast (which also includes a nice interview with Shannon Brown- listen and you'll know that if Brown leaves for another city, it's not because Andy and I didn't try to keep him here), I have some concerns about how Artest fits with the Lakers. 

Still, he's an undeniable talent, no question, and in terms of raw ability would add a lot to the squad.  Plus, it's always more fun to rub a star player's head as a teammate rather than foe.    

More on this to come, I'm sure.  


(Photo: Stephen Dunn, Getty Images)

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LA Times:

Artest will likely want the full mid-level exception from the Lakers, which will work out to five years and about $32 million.

I hope we are signing him to a 3 year deal. NOT a 5 yeardeal. Seems way too long

Reports on ESPN say the the Green Slime met with Rasheed Wallace in an effort to get him to join their team. Supposedly, Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Doc Rivers, Ainge and the Celtics' owner all met in the room with Sheed trying to convince him.

Sounds like a room whose ambience could have been improved with a couple of hand grenades! LOL!

I dunno on this one,
Have to trust Kupchack, I guess.
Maybe Artest will change, doubt that.
Definitely, not good on letting Trevor go, but what a fool to want to leave LA.
Artest will bring the needed muscle, but also the worthless dead brain.
Ariza could become great, Artest will never be.
Artest could thrive under Phil, but Phil will only be here one more year.
Maybe getting Artest is so that Cleveland doesn't.
Who knows...

To all true Lakers fans (those who want to offer Trevor the max contract),

Thanks to the hysteria you have helped to generate, my strategy is working to perfection. Right now, I can feel Mitch beginning to panic and he's going to pick up the phone and call...Ron Ron??? No...that's Mitch just playing jokes. No jokes??? This was part of my strategery all along. Uh...I'll be back in minute.

Mitch...hey about my comments yesterday, those were just taken out of context. I'm new to this agent biz. Mitch?

real loser in this deal is trevor. la guy let his agent make decisions and start running his mouth and look what happened.

he was good friends with kobe it seemed and just coming into his own.

that said, i'd be pretty curious to hear what kobe thinks of this deal - a good friend leaving with a ton of potential and a crazed all-star caliber player coming on board instead.

Yes - let's hope we can somehow get Trevor back. I wonder what really went down. Did Lee fill TA's head with a bunch of crap? Did TA really think he was worth that much and was insulted? Did Lakers really want Artest from the beginning?

Great move by Mitch!! Don't f around with him - if you bluff you may end up off the team and in a city you never wanted to go to. I really thought from all the talk - that all the players were just ready to sign a deal that was going to be set in front of them.

Sign LO and Brown - and I'm on the bandwagon for Rudy!!! Actually, I didn't like him when he tried to dunk and TA went for the block - but hey - the guy is talented with a ton of potential.

Down By The favorite song.

everyone who is saying sign rudy, have they ever seen rudy play defense? he doesn't play defense. we don't need anymore offense; we have plenty.

Good Job Mitch. Obviously a dollar driven decision. Knowing what Artest would accept, Mitch gave Ariza the 1st opportunity for a similar amount. Bad read by the agent to think all along that Mitch would be forced into negotiations. Ariza thrived in the triangle offense. Not sure he will in the more traditional run & gun or half court pick and roll style of play. I can't help but wonder if Artest has the BB IQ for the triangle. "I remember Payton". If he does....More Rings!!!

Rasheed Wallace to the Celts? Good fit. He's old and fading fast. 2009-10 Celtics=Barkley/Pippen/Hakeem era Rockets. Lakers vs. Celtics is gonna be funny.

that Rasheed Wallace thing sounds like an intervention... or a cult kidnapping...

Wonder if they're riding on a green bus now, singing songs, holding hands...

We just won a championship.. I don't think there was a need for such a "high risk, high reward" type of move. Getting Artest is a high risk, high reward type of thing. Does this eliminate resigning Ariza?

Ariza chose a bad pesky agent. Now Ariza will probably go to a team for less money AND for a team that is (probably) not a championship contender. Dont bite the hand that feeds you David Lee

Great move for the Lakers.

Possibly devastating move for Ariza.
Yes, there may be other teams that were pursuing him for more than MLE dollars, but unless he and his agent have an offer in writing, I have to wonder if those dollars are still on the table. After all, what teams will now be in a bidding war for Trevor?

Lakers are now out. Houston can only offer MLE. Detroit is out. Toronto is still in, but why would they pay Ariza more than MLE if no one else is bidding? Portand is presumably in, until they sigh Turkaglu, then they are done. MLE to Cleveland? They already have a wing named LeBron. (They need a banger, or else Cleveland 2009 looks like Phoenix 2008 with the big Heraclitus in the middle.)

Leaving the World Champs to take the same dollars on a worse team. Wow.

Buss knows what he's doing. Don't go all in on a bluff.

To those who want Trevor back:

If we have RonRon, its not going to happen, unless Trevor is ok with coming off the bench and having possibly less minutes.

Can you say OVERLOAD at the SF position?

Although Trevor can back up Kobe at SG or Ron @ SF and be our 7th man (odom is 6th)....and if we can have that kind of talent at our 7th guy, that would be great....but that would mean no playing time for Luke, Sasha or Ammo....which he wasnt getting any anyways.

I think Trevor will go to Cleveland or Houston now, its now just a matter of who will pay him more. If its equal, i see him going to the Cavs to still be in contention for a title and because Cleveland wants that championship experience.


Some people here arguing for bringing Artest IN ADDITION to sighing LO and TA, probably never able to calculate correctly beyond 1st grade level. Just a couple of facts..
Do you know...
1. Even without LO and TA Lakers over the cap? Just to give you an idea, signing both LO and TA to combined 15M per year salary will cost an additional 15M per year as penalty. Which will basically bring payroll total with over 100M, are we trying to build replica of freaking NY Knicks from the era of Isia Thomas or what?
2. You can not get rid of Luke Walton and sign Ron or for this matter any other desirable free agent, like you can not get rid of your old Chevy and buy new Lexus for the same amount. There is a lot stupid decisions made in NBA every season, but not completely insane or idiotic. Not to mention, lack of any visible desire from GMs to help newly crowned champion to become even better.
Posted by: LAL_Fan | July 01, 2009 at 12:20 PM
Think again. We traded Kwame for Pau and that is like treading a Yugo for a Lexus. Same for Cook and Evans for TA. It can be done in the NBA where nonsense happens.

I have always been a anti-Artest guy. But now that he is one of us, I'm kinda digging it. You know he will give us 10000% and be all crazy having everyone's back. Can't wait to see us work the Celtics this year with Artest getting in everyone's head.

I'm just hoping Odom comes back. It's always been Odom for Artest, it would be unbelievable to have them both on the floor together. We would be unstoppable.

I really liked Ariza, too bad his agent sucks.

Lamar = Laker for Life


wonder if anybody even offers Ariza the full MLE now? Why would they? Ariza's agent has shown that he will shop offers until the last second and there's only a few teams that have the money. Who wants to bet Trevor gets lowballed now? He might even sign a one year contract with somebody. Why would a team make Trevor an offer if David Lee will turn around and take that offer to somebody else and stall and stall and stall? I wouldn't. I'd handle all my other priorities first and if Trevor is still around, great, make an offer then, take it or leave it.

Highly unreasonable post here.

Ok I just have 2 requests, ah make it 4.

1. Use Adam Morrison's contract to sign Trevor. (Unrealistic)

2. Use Sasha's contract to help pay for Lamar's contract. (I know unrealistic)

3. Pay Shannon his $800 k. (Maybe a chance)

4. Trade Farmar for Rudy Fernandez. (I know cloud 9)

Rotate the guys to 24 minutes per player.

We will be the bestest, un-defeatable rulers of the universe.


Nasty Dynasty...

I have a semi unrelated question.....

Why is Broussard the main NBA reporter for ESPN now?

What happened to Steven A. Smith?

and Critical Beatdown.........Night Flight and Custard Pie.....those are some great Zep tunes.

Hmmm, would TA sign the 3yr/18mil that Artest got if it was offered to him? If he wanted more than that, sadly, this is the right deal. We are talking millions of $$$ here, yeah Dr.B probably got boatloads of money by winning the Finals but business is still business. If the Lakers can get the same (or better) player for less money, why not do it?

Hate to see TA go though... Really hope LO stays.

>>>What play off games you watch. I saw Brooks eat up Farmar
There was only one game in the Houston series where Jordan
started and played the majority of his minutes against Brooks. That
was game 3. In that game, Brooks shot 3 for 8 for 7 points, had
only 1 assist and 3 turnovers.

[ he sucked the entire series regardless of your breakdown of 1 game]
Yes, Farmar did get beat by Brooks a few times - most notably
on the alley-oop play at the end of the 3rd quarter of game 4,
but Farmar did play consistently better defense than either Fisher
or Brown on Brooks.
[really an unfair comparison in Brown’s case as he can’t defend from the bench. He saw little minutes so can’t compare]
And that's why Farmar got big minutes in the finals and Brown
didn't - because the type of PG they were playing - Alston and
Nelson - are more small & quick than big & muscular. Brown
was much more used vs Utah, since he's much better than Jordan
at guarding guys like Deron Williams.

[No he was stopped from use when he cut to the basket and Kobe threw ball to space vacated by Brown. PJ and his tight leash and no more pt].
Don't get me wrong, I don't fully agree with the original poster,
and I certainly don't think Farmar is better than Rondo.
If he were given a starting job and the leeway to shoot at will
that Brooks is given (or Rafer Alston for that matter), I think
he'd be at least as good as Brooks or Alston.
[that is up to debate but fair topic as neither has dominated yet]
Posted by: Long Time Laker Fan | July 01, 2009 at 10:20 AM

Ron and LO have to be a package deal, or it doesn't make sense.

everyone who is saying sign rudy, have they ever seen rudy play defense? he doesn't play defense. we don't need anymore offense; we have plenty.

Posted by: laila | July 02, 2009 at 06:01 PM

Thank you.

greedy ta

hello ron ron!

Maybe everyone here shoulda been saying- if it aint broke dont fix it- to lee and ariza rather than Mitch.

This is a HUGE steal for the Lakers! Any talk of the Cavaliers or Celtics being the team(s) to beat this year are null and void! It's sad too see Ariza go, but Artest is an insanely huge upgrade. What a move for the Lakers!

Incidentally, as long as we sign LO, the eventual arguments about who was better, MJ or Kobe, is going to get a lot more interesting when Kobe cashes in several more championships, and who knows when he'll choose to hang it up?

I've always sided with MJ in these discussions, still do for the moment, but I'm also seeing the real possibility that Kobe could cement his case for the GOAT.

From the Times :

""I understand that they did sign Ron Artest," Ariza said. "They did what they had to do. I understand it's a business.""

They did what they did because you made them do so by saying no. They made you the first offer, you felt "insulted" and unwanted. Same offer to RonRon made him happy and wanted.

Ariza has had one solid year, not worth 7-8 million. There are plenty of 6-7 small forwards in the league. In fact we have one on the bench named Luke who has more BB IQ. We should worry more about Odom and pay him. It is hard to get a 6-10 forward who is a nightmare for the opposition. We can always go after Artest if Ariza walks. I say if Lee wants to play hard ball, then lets signed Odom first and then go for Artest. Let Ariza go to the Raptors, I'm sure they will be a contender for a championship next year, LOL!!!!
Posted by: USC LAKER | July 02, 2009 at 09:44 AM
Luke BB IQ better than TA pulease. You talking about guy who threw away so many passes, who refused to shoot on interior pass and threw Kobe the ball after getting it from Kobe as shot clock expired? The same guy who could not make an inbound pass and did not call time out and caused turnover.

I think you meant he had better BBQ IQ than TA.

I can only hope we sign TA too at original offer or very slightly above that. Dump Luke and Ammo.

the funniest comment I've seen so far - besides the David Lee Suicide Watch Thread is the post somebody made on that board:

Mitch texting David Lee: How does my a## taste?


Ron Ron in LA... this is going to be sheer entertainment... I don't even care if we make the finals it will still be SHEER ENTERTAINMENT!

Holy crud. Mitch did it.

Kupchak would be a very good chess player: this move is like a well set-up double-check that leads to a checkmate. At least we've got insurance in case Trevor does sign with someone else, plus the assurance that we're negotiating from a position of strength.

The article in the Times had a quote from Ariza implying that he's no longer with the Lakers, but I'm still hoping against hope that he'll turn around and accept the MLE offer from the Lakers. After all, if Crazy Ron is a more proven (good or bad) player accepting a paycut, Trevor should ideally have no problem signing for the same amount, considering that he really just had one good season. Hopefully.

If this scenario plays out, and Odom is resigned, I'm salivating at this rotation:

C-PF: Bynum-Gasol-Odom
SF-SG: Artest-Bryant-Ariza
PG: Fisher-Brown

... with Walton, Farmar, Vujacic, Powell, and MBenga making the rest of the team.

Get it done, Trevor!

If not Rudy - who should we go for? Don't think Farmar is our future.

"Ron and LO have to be a package deal, or it doesn't make sense."

Posted by: Critical Beatdown

I Agree!

Smalls, love those tunes, all of 'em, rock on!

i guess it is true. trevor is gone. maybe someday he will be a laker again. i really thought he was going to be a laker for life. i guess that "love he felt" during the exit interview wasn't real. best of luck trevor. i hope to see you in purple and gold.

i hope this trade works out for the lakers. i just don't have a good feeling about this. i hope i am wrong.

I want Ariza back though :(

I'm still stunned, two hours later. I'm hopeful this is a good thing. I'm thinking this means Lamar will be back, too. But I don't think Mitch is done dealing. The Bench Mob crumbled in the second half of the season. There's still another missing piece, so we all need to stay tuned. I just don't know what it's going to be.

For those of us with the LA Times as our hometown paper, there's another change. Randy Harvey, The Times' sports editor, was kicked upstairs, " to create a newsgathering operation that serves print, the Web, mobile devices, television, radio, Twitter and Facebook" -- whatever that is. Maybe now someone will actually force Plaschke, Heisler, and Simers to either contribute something worthwhile, or go quietly into the night. Notice that it wasn't any of the above, but Mike Bresnahan, who's been filing the breaking stories all day.

Excuse me, but I have to go to attend a meeting of my Lakersholics 12-step program. I've fallen hard off the wagon today, and must face up to my hopeless addiction to this madness. For about a week, I thought I might be en route to a cure. But the events of the last 24 hours have cost me my brief sobriety. I know I need a life, but dammit, Go Lakers!

I love Ariza and thank him for his contribution this year to our title, but anytime you can get a better player for the same price and if true at only 3 yrs a real bargain and financial flexibility. Lets be clear here people, TA wanted 7-8 million for being our 5th option. Even if he continues to develop his game, he is a spot up shooter who cant get his own shot and can slash but that its, does not have a post up game and is not a great one-on-one defender like Artest, especially against bigger stronger SF like Carmelo, Lebron, Pierce or do you all forget how Carmelo was killing the Lakers? I also dont care that he is only 24 because the truth is Kobe only has probably a 3 yrs left at his peak along with Odom & Gasol. Who cares if Ariza is around when those other guys are done. This will make our defense and toughness better especially if we have to play the Cavs or Celtics in the finals. I know we won it this year, but we still need someone to be an enforcer and protect Kobe. Something that people dont think about is that Artest will lay people out with actual screens for Kobe to get open, most of the other guys on the lakers give half ass screens that other teams use to punish opposing defenders. Now if Mitch can swing a trade for Kirk Hinrich by trading Morrison's expiring contract 5M, Farmar 1.9M and maybe some draft picks this team will win 70+ games gauranteed!!!!

David Lee really messed this up for TA and Trevor should've demanded that his agent accept what the Lakers were offering. We'll miss TA and I'm pissed at his agent for playing his cards wrong and had his bluff called by Mitch. There are pros and cons to both TA and Ron Artest, but Artest will definitely help us with his physicality and all around game. Now if somehow the Lakers can keep TA as well and resign LO, we'll be one of the deepest teams in the history of the league. Go Lakers!!!

I thought Ariza knew that

Sorry K bros, tiny wasn't working.

What if Ariza signs with Houston and the Lakers and Houston do a trade. :P Artest gets Houston back, and we get Ariza back

Trevor, thanks for everything you did this year.

I've read this blog for 5 years and this is my first post.

I feel real bad for Trevor because he really blossomed here and I have a ton of respect for him and his game. That said, he picked the wrong agent who over played his hand. Mitch wasn't going to be bullied by some rookie agent twice.

As for as Artest, I'm pumped! With all due respect to Ariza, this is definitely an upgrade to say the least. To lose Ariza, and still upgade that position is incredible. Good job Mitch!

I hope David Lee's career comes to an end because he blew it for a great person and player.

Much respect TA, I'll miss you....I hope you have a great career.

Welcome to LA Ron Ron!

No to Rudy F. He's not the answer to our PG problem. UPS has a much higher chance of filling that role.

TA can still fit into this team like a glove - him and Artest play different style of D. But, it does mean TA is off the bench, unless we do something crazy like KB at the PG (and that's not going to happen).

But this does put Luke way back in the rotation if TA somehow makes his way back home.

A couple of years back when Artest was still in Sacramento, there were speculations that he would go to the Lakers because of his two friends: Odom and Kobe. However, he backed out and he was hinting that he will never sign for less money playing for a championship caliber team. I think at that time, Artest does not believe that Lakers are not good enough to beat Boston and win the championship. i guess now he has a change of heart.

Coz of this, it would seem that the Lakers will be keeping Odom and might sign him for around 8 to 10 mil. When all is said and done, the Lakers started winning games when Odom is playing real well in the playoffs. I believe Artest is a better upgrade than Ariza and Ron is still an all-star caliber player. Now, potentially, we are looking at 4 former and current all-star in the Lakers starting line-up.

David Lee, Ariza's agent is trying to shop Ariza around to see if he could get more money. I t seems like he will be making almost the same money as the Lakers' offer. What a shame, making the same money without a ring!! What the hell is Ariza thinking. I know he's good but the reason why he was making those threes is because he is always wide open because of Kobe. I'm not sure if he'll be able to do the same thing in Houston. I think the things that happen to him in Orlando will also happen in Houston.

At first I hated this but now after reading a lot of the posts - I am totally for it!!! I'd now be pissed if they don't sign Artest. We love TA but if can get more talent for less money - why the hell not? And - he's grown up with LO - so he will keep his head on relatively straight. Great move Mitch!!!!!!!!

Rockets' beat writer J Feigen "on board" with Artest/LA news per Houston Chronicle site.

Let's hope Mr. Artest arrives wearing something other than pink.

How much will Artest play for the Lakers? Here are the number of games he's played each year since coming into the league in 1999:


Just curious......

Are the Lakers looking at Artest + Ariza instead of Odom + Ariza??

That way, it would save the money some bucks, but Ron Ron is not Odom!!

BK, what happened to my last post?

David Lee tried to bluff Kupchak. Too bad for Trevor that Mitchy had an ace in the hole. Now Trevor gets to make the same amount of money with a terrible team. I hope he took a lot of video of the championship celebration, because that's the last one he'll be in for a long, long time.

I can't understand this move i do think that ron would be a great addition but trevor is to good to let loose i would rather pay him than lamar who seeems to be lacking the energy that trevor has on defence. if the lakers don't keep trevor i will stop being a laker fan he is the real reason why they were able to win the title. Whenfarmer and jordon and shasha could do anything he was the the player who stepped up.. u and i know thats the truth he is better than any one on that bench put together....i don'y like the lakers any more

Posted by Gaijin:
"They gave Sasha and Andrew lucrative contracts and they were both non-factors for the Lakers while TA was instrumental in us winning the championship"
Gaijin I feel this is EXACTLY why they were hesitant to give Ariza the 8 mil he was apparently expecting. Both Walton and Sash were players who had ONE good year during a contract year and then recieved "good will" contracts, both have NEVER come anywhere CLOSE to those levels of production. Trevor Ariza has been a non-factor up until this year, his contract year...sound familiar? I'm not saying that Trevor would have pulled Walt-jacic, but I think the Lakers had been bitten by this particular bug one too many times and were reluctant to overpay again especially when a proven vet was more than willing to sign for the MLE.

waitin' for some real confIrmation before I figure out what the hell I think of all this....

and even after there is confIrmation, and this is a done deal Mitch still has more work to do...

what a summer what a ride indeed....



Ariza is full of himself. He would be nothing if he weren't on a championship team. He wouldn't have even been a starter if not for Luke Walton. He should make Luke his agent.

Nevermind BK I found it.

So far the only sources are alleged text messages and tweets from Ron. Both could be fraudulent and in the case of Twitter, Ron already has a history of his account being hacked.

But if this is the real deal, I'll hope for the best for the team but I don't like it so far. Our SF spot had been weak for years and it finally seemed that we found a solid starting SF in Trevor. We finally won a championship post-Shaq. Now we want to try something/someone different?

Yeah, maybe Trev and/or his agent got a little blown up with expectations, but perhaps he/they see the other contracts on this team and figure that a guy who help win a championship deserves a little more. I think 6 mil would've been reasonable. But paying him just above Luke's pay - an almost non-factor guy who hadn't been the strong SF we needed - does seem a little whack. Don't know how much arm-twisting it took to offer Luke's contract or if the Laker org was nonchalant about whether he stayed or left - mediocre play and all.

I'll see how all this plays out. Maybe Kupchak/Buss will perform magic and retain Odom, Ariza, and Brown, sign Artest low, and get rid of dead weight like Vujacic, Farmar, or Walton.

LOL Rick, I'm with you on that one. Sign me up for the 12-step program.

Like I said before, if the contract is 3 yrs. at the mid it's a steal but I'm devastated that TA will most likely not be back. He was key in getting us out of the Denver series and making key plays against Orlando too. I just hate to see him go and his agent is a moron for not taking the Lakers deal. If players like Rasheed Wallace and Ron Artest are getting offers of mid-level range, what would make him think he'd more like a $10mil guy??? He just doesn't seem like that type of guy. He's a humble guy.

Ugh I'm just going to have to sit back and trust on this one. Maybe I'll get more excited as the next couple of days go by and the Lakers start saying something about how they feel. I want to hear positive things from Kobe, LO, and Pau.

I'm just so confused right now folks...I'm so darn torn.

All you guys that are saying you wanted Ariza over Artest are missing the point, Ariza wanted 8 million, He's only worth the MLE because that's all any of the other teams can offer and thats a doubling of his salary from last year. Artest will play for the MLE, so Mitch called David Lee's bluff, that gives us three more million to throw at Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown. Good move Mitch, well done

also trevor will be a superstar like worthy and silk and larry bird and yes i say this because he is so much verticle than any one out there. lamar he is going down hill after this year and it would be stupid to let him go. Point balnk i feel like sreamming

RonRon has become the poor man's Trevor Ariza.

I love L.A.!

I hope Trevor gets all the money he thinks he is worth.

Why are people saying dump Luke and Ammo? How is that going to bring back TA? Money does not become available just because Lakers get rid of players they dont want. If thats possible, why would the Knicks suffer through years and years of having the biggest payroll in the NBA? If the Lakers trade Luke, Sasha or whoever for expiring contracts, the Lakers will have money available in the next offseason not this offseason. And what team would make a trade for Ammo now? He didnt even play. It is sad for me to say this but Ariza is not coming back, just hoping LO does.

>>>The big question now - did David Lee drive the Lakers to Artest or did the Lakers say no to Ariza?

However you look at it David Lee drove TA out of LA.

If he hadn't forced the issue with Bynum and gotten a gargantuan contract for him last
summer, then there would be more money on the table to pay Ariza.

David Lee goes into a banquet and insists that he must have every scrap of food for his
man Bynum. The restaurant owner eventually gives in and gives him most of the food,
leaving only a few scraps. Then he insists that he must now have a large banquet
worth of foot for his other man Ariza. And the owner boots him to the curb.

David Lee is a crumbsnatcher.

Ron Artest to the Lakers is a great deal especially if the Lakers are also able to sign Lamar Odom. I would also recommend that they sign Shannon Brown to another deal.

1 - Ron's behavior (for his teams) hasn't been a problem since he first arrived in Sacramento.
2 - Ron's defense has never been anything but great. Whereas Ariza had serious problems guarding Carmelo and Ron in the post season, Artest as a bigger and stronger defender will be able to guard any guard or small well as some power forwards.
3 - Ron's offensive tendencies that might normally be perceived as potential concerns shouldn't be a problem because of the Triangle Offense.

Number 3 is where I want to focus the remaining portion of my comment. Ron is a very good ball handler, post up player, perimeter shooter, rebounder and overall facilitator. All of those things are very useful in the triangle offense. I see him being able to fit in nicely playing with Kobe, Gasol and Odom. This will make it possible for the Lakers to sit two of those guys and still have 2 superstars on the floor at all time. That will be huge!

Trevor Ariza,

A week after you were traded to the Lakers we bumped fists and I told you "welcome home"

This is your home.

You belong here. Tell David Lee to accept whatever Mitch is offering.

Leave the game playing to the basketball court.

I was kinda mad at this in the beginning cuz i really wanted ariza back but really guys and gals this was all forced by arizas agent....if he had not run his mouth to the media TA would be a laker and taken the money he truly deserved....where are the cavs now and their MLE how come the rockets are the only team where hearing that actually offered a contract...

Trevor Ariza is nearing a decision, a source close to the talks tells Y! Sports. Three teams: Houston leads Cleve and a late Portland bid

Houston and Cleveland can only offer the MLE :( Dang it. Why did he have to get a stupid agent like David Lee? Why couldn't he get someone less demanding and less annoying. Bleh

I think with all the moves that have gone down this summer the lakers needed an upgrade in free agency and they got that with Ron now all we need is LO and we are will be missed Trevor but I dont feel bad cuz ur agent f&$%@d you over with his mouth

Hmmm - personality wise I don't think it's a smart move, I think we'll be shooting ourselves in the foot if it does happen. I'm in Puerto Vallarta now, I think I'll go have another beer.


The lakers where not gonna get punked into a big contract two summers in a row by david lee, they DREW the line in the sand and said this is where it stops its either take it or we go to ron artest

p ang,

>>>If this is all true, in the next 3 years TA's agent should, at the very least, buy Ariza
>>>ringside seats to the NBA Finals to watch Artest get his rings. He can sit right
>>>beside Radmanovic.

Hey, Rad had no choice, he was traded away.

But he can sit right next to Ronny Turiaf and Tyronn Lue.

Just had to stop by the LAT blog, Knew the K boys would be blowin' it up tonite.

Balls out wins. Hesitation loses. And Jerry Buss has a set of those rearview mirror dice for cahones.

Peace to all the freaks.



Luke's pay is irrelevant. Different times, different situation, and more importantly, different economy.

Houses went down in value and so did the contract dollars.

David Lee is the like the agent trying to get 2006 prices in 2009... yeah right, go read the paper and come back when you have a clue.




I really don't want to see Trevor leave. Signing Ron Artest is kind of like a bittersweet ordeal. What if we can't keep Lamar? Now that would stink. I don't know how to feel about all of this. It really stinks that we can't keep Trev and Lamar while signing Artest.

Only if we didn't have Sasha and Luke's contracts! >:[

But this doesn't shore up our bench? What about our bench? It is still very weak. We need to find some other guys. I dont know. I'm going to miss Trev.


Just heard on the news that Ariza gave a verbal commitment to the Rockets.. Cant say that I am all that dissapointed since the Rockets wont be a factor next year without Yao and/or T-Mac



I understand not liking this trade, but when you look at it objectively, it is a great deal (IF we still sign Odom). Ariza is replaceable.....I know that is hard to accept, but it is true. Odom is the player that can't be easily replaced. However, if the Lakers are able to sign Artest, they will have not only replaced Ariza, they would have upgraded. Were it not for the outbursts in Detroit and the other things that happened while he played in Indiana, everyone would be praising the player that Artest is. He is Rodman plus more hostility. However, he wants to win and brings everything to the court.

And now Ariza has agreed to a deal with the Rockets.

I wouldn't worry about the 2nd unit either. A lot of NBA scouts have their heads up their dungs, but Quinton Hosley would probably win a starting job on a handful of teams in the league, if given the opportunity, and we could add him on the cheap and significantly improve the play, toughness, athleticism, and flexibility of our 2nd unit.

Sometimes you take the culture and prejudices of NBA scouts and use it against them, because they love youth and whatever, but Q has everything you want, solid attitude, extreme length, great defense, solid form on his J, excellent rebounder, can create his own shot and get to the line, can sky and slam in transition better than most in the league, has a great attitude and is a team guy, what's the damn hold up?

Let's sign this guy cheap before he gets a legit Euroleague job and gets more expensive.

Ariza committing to Rockets?

My goodness! You've got to be kidding me!

You know, I have my reservations about Artest, but if this team is healthy it's going to be unfair.

Here I am thinking about Bruce Bowen being a good fit. I turn on the computer and bam, Ron Artest is a Laker.

Wow! Am I glad to be a Lakerfan? Yes.

Go Lakers!

There are some people on the espn blog about the Ron Artest deal who are blabbering
something about Rondo to the Lakers. I don't know if it's wishful thinking or what.
For example:

>>>Did anyone hear that RONDO (Celts) may be part of a trade that involves WALTON
>>> (Lakers) and players from two other teams?

That sounds absolutely insane, but it would put big smiles on all our faces.

Ron-Ron and Kobe? Wow! If this is indeed true, this is a huge upgrade from TA. A lot has been said about Artest dominating the ball but it was in a team where he was a #2 and when Yao went down, the #1 option on the Rockets. I would think that Artest will work out with the Lakers because they have a system (Triangle). I also believe that Artest will behave himself. I have heard nothing from other teams about him being a bad teammate. That's what they also said about Steven Jackson (crazy, uncontrollable) but all his previous and current teammates loved him (see Warriors, Duncan, BDavis). Artest may indeed be crazy but he's our crazy now. I like his toughness.

Wow, Trev, you let your scumbag agent lead you astray. I remember when he dragged the negotiations for Bynum until Drew finally put his foot down and told him to just get the deal done cuz he wanted to be a Laker. Good for you, Drew.

And if for some reason Mitch is able to trade other players and still re-sign Ariza, I will surely worship at his altar. lol

In Mitch and Dr. Buss I trust. Go Lakers!

Think again. We traded Kwame for Pau and that is like treading a Yugo for a Lexus. Same for Cook and Evans for TA. It can be done in the NBA where nonsense happens.
No we did not trade Pau for Kwame, we traded Pau for Kwame's EXPIRING CONTRACT. Wlaton and Vujacic are vastly overpayed and still have years left on those contracts, no way any team wants them, anybody who thinks different, please send me some of whatever you are on


Trevor made a verbal agreement with the Rockets for the freaking MLE

This is David Lee's all fault... no sense at all to ask more money from the champ team and sign with other team with MLE which Lakers is also offering... OMG! Stupid LEE!

Let's all welcome Ron Artest !
Atleast He knows that this is LAKERS!

wow wow wow ...

i. Bynum's contract and his agent played a factor here. The same dude pressured Mitch into a contract and in trying the same tactics again Trevor paid the price.

ii. There's absolutely no way we should be calling Trevor greedy. It is his right to try and get paid max dollars, he owes it to himself and his family to get paid. Yes we can argue endorsement via championships and hollywood proximity would even things out, but he did what he felt was best. Again I think the agent is more @ fault here and I really hope Trevor gets a good deal elsewhere. Just like we still got love for Ronny Turiaf we all know Trevor bleeds purple and gold. I'm gonna miss you boy, real talk ... I watched you all season long manup and take the challenge as teams left you open on the 3 point line, it allowed you to stay on the floor and make game changing defensive plays for us

iii. Absolutely no way this deal makes sense if Phil Jackson is not coming back ... so that's the next announcement I'm waiting to hear yo

iv. Lamar Odom yo ... take 8 mil now and lets just call it a day boy ... I know it sucks to earn less than baby Bynum or just take a paycut in general from ya old pay but we in a recession dawg ... we need you boy ... Mitch please please pay this man yo and bring him back yo ... somebody said earlier today that Odom is the Bynum insurance ... well he gonna have to spell crazy ron insurance too

v. Last bot not least .... woah ... welcome home Ron Ron ... I been a fan since day 1 when u was drafted in chicago and used 2 bounce d ball funny but ya was so determined u'd find a way 2 put da ball in d hole ... i was like dat boi would never be good offensively ... well ya offensive game has improved and u still a monster defensively ... woah u just turned us into one of the best defensive teams in d league yo ... I aint even gonna ask u not 2 b crazy ... we got ya yo ... ain't nothing but love here yo ... just unleash ya havoc and ya crazy on the opposition, keep it love with ya teammates like u did in houston and we gonna have one hell of a backcourt with u and kobe pouncing on deze wannabe ballers yo ... woah .... welcome yo ...welcome

And to the blog world ... don't be scared of ron ... he's a piece that keeps us @ d peak ... remember d equation only got kobe, pau, lamar and bynum ... the rest is just gravy and artest gonna make u lick ya lips y'all i gurantee y'all ... we now got a dude we can go shut dat man down ... there won't be no kobe going let me take carmelo from ya ... unhh unhhh ... this is our work horse on defense now ... brandon roy, lmfao ... I aint scared of u no more yo ... no more nightmares about how sweet ya game is and whether youth just might give u an edge on kobe ... ha ... ron ron seek em ... and oh bad boy celtics ... garnett you wanna pop off ... y'all wanna pick on Gasol ... go ahead if wanna do crazy, we got ya boi ... ron welcome yo ... i'm loving this ...

24 + 16 + [1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

I think LO is coming as will.....last night on twitter artest twitted that he was coming to LA and that he had fun in Houston....ALSO he was at LO's house last night....coming from artest dont know if it was true but he wasnt lying about LA so who knows....good move

David Lee really messed this up for TA and Trevor should've demanded that his agent accept what the Lakers were offering. We'll miss TA and I'm pissed at his agent for playing his cards wrong and had his bluff called by Mitch. There are pros and cons to both TA and Ron Artest, but Artest will definitely help us with his physicality and all around game. Now if somehow the Lakers can keep TA as well and resign LO, we'll be one of the deepest teams in the history of the league. Go Lakers!!!

Posted by: Nemaia Faletogo | July 02, 2009 at 06:34 PM

I agree and hope TA realizes he is a better fit in lA. RA will get older and TA will get better. Why not have TA ready to start again when RA leaves after contract expires? TA very young still. Come on TA don't let ego get in front of good business decision.

Remember Drew stopped D Lee from his bs antics and signed for less. Do the same and be in position for many ships and payday down the road. Mitch and TA get it done. TA you know there is love in LA for you. Don't listen to Lee.

When was the last time Roland posted here?

AWESOME, and YOU'RE right on... huge ones for Dr Buss

ESPN just posted that ariza has verbally commited to what a F-up by David Lee...good swap by the lakers and hello rebuilding situation for Trevor

I have liked Ariza from the day he arrived for the Lakers. However, there is no way to know if he will repeat his play next season with a new contract. Vujacic received a new contract and went out and had the worst season he has had with the Lakers since his rookie one. Those second contracts can turn out positive or negative. The Lakers have finally started learning that sometimes you have to not pay the big bucks to role players. They have learned from Vlade, Luke, Sasha and Brian Cook. As much as I like Ariza, he doesn't deserve $8 million. The team that signs him will see that really shortly.

By the way, the teams that would be the best fit for him now are actually the two teams targeting the Lakers.....Cleveland and Boston. Both teams are looking for a guy just like him.

I just said a lot ... but I gotta say this again ... Trevor Ariza you are gonna be missed yo ... thank you thank you thank you so so so much for just putting it on da line for us this year yo ... wow son, woah but u know what it's all good yo ... we'll see u in five years or sumthing yo ... Fisher came back, anything is possible yo ... best of luck yo ... i hope u get dat money yo ... i really hope u do ... love ya

I can only hope we sign TA too at original offer or very slightly above that. Dump Luke and Ammo.
This is not football, we cannot just "dump" those players. We gave them overinflated contracts and are now stuck with them, no team in the league will take them with those contracts

Too bad Trevor. Your agent blew it.

And for what... maybe 10% extra $$?

Equal pay in Texas is a pay raise because of state taxes. But other than this, good luck playing behind Battier.

TA, hope you have a video of that parade, because it's the last for you. Man... why.... why??? You had it all....

Highly unreasonable post here.

Ok I just have 2 requests, ah make it 4.

1. Use Adam Morrison's contract to sign Trevor. (Unrealistic)

2. Use Sasha's contract to help pay for Lamar's contract. (I know unrealistic)

3. Pay Shannon his $800 k. (Maybe a chance)

4. Trade Farmar for Rudy Fernandez. (I know cloud 9)

Rotate the guys to 24 minutes per player.

We will be the bestest, un-defeatable rulers of the universe.


Nasty Dynasty...

Posted by: Charles | July 02, 2009 at 06:12 PM

That's what I love about you, be a gambler and take risk like JBuss.

Right unrealistic but definitely NOT impossible.


And Elonu overseas a yr!

i just have a feeling that ron is going to try and be the man in LA. i don't think he can handle not being the center of attention. i hope we get the same lamar next year. i just don't think he is going to step up next year. i also have a feeling we will see a lot more of walton and lamar playing sf or kobe playing playing sf (with sasha as sg) b/c it will take a long time for ron to learn the triangle. i mean if a player like gary payton had trouble with the triangle i am not so sure about ron.

any thoughts about how ron will fit in the triangle? i was really young in '04 so i don't really remember about gary and karl. i just don't understand the signing.

Mitch is a BAAAAAAD man!

I just read Rondo was traded to Memphis

Rondo/Scalabrine/Giddens to Memphis For Rudy gay and Mike Conley

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