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Ron Artest to the Lakers, says Ron Artest

UPDATE (5:00 pm)-'s Chris Broussard reports the deal would be worth "an estimated $18 million" over three years, which is a perfect length from LA's standpoint. Artest will be 30 in November.  BK

UPDATE (4:37 pm)- The LAT's Mike Bresnahan is also reporting the Lakers are close to a deal to bring in Artest.  He writes that Artest would likely want a full midlevel deal (in the neighborhood of $32 mil over five years), but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the contract, once signed, was actually shorter than that. We'll have to wait and see. As Bres notes, Artest's arrival would almost certainly mean the end of Trevor Ariza's tenure in LA. BK

Ron Artest rubs Kobe's head CBS's Ken Berger reports Ron Artest is ready to sign with the Lakers.  (Note: Berger's original post has been updated with fresh information.  The Lakers are not commenting, but Berger writes he has additional corroboration.) No contract terms have been ironed out, Berger writes, but Artest told him he'll be playing in purple and next season:

"I'm definitely going to L.A. -- to sign, yeah," Artest said in a phone interview. "Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. I'm in L.A. right now."

Artest said he met with Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss Thursday and previously had spoken with Lakers coach Phil Jackson. He was en route to his financial manager's office, where he planned to huddle on the phone with his agent, David Bauman, to finalize details...

..."I don't really care about the money," Artest said. "I'll play there for nothing. ... L.A. was very interested in me, and they got me."

Until there's more concrete news, it's hard to say with certainty what's going on.  (If there's such a thing as a player being a bad source regarding his own negotiations, it would likely apply to Artest.)  If nothing else, Bauman can't like that whole "play there for nothing" part.  The man works on commission. As we talked about in this week's 710 ESPN Lakers PodKast (which also includes a nice interview with Shannon Brown- listen and you'll know that if Brown leaves for another city, it's not because Andy and I didn't try to keep him here), I have some concerns about how Artest fits with the Lakers. 

Still, he's an undeniable talent, no question, and in terms of raw ability would add a lot to the squad.  Plus, it's always more fun to rub a star player's head as a teammate rather than foe.    

More on this to come, I'm sure.  


(Photo: Stephen Dunn, Getty Images)

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Ron is still nearly an All-Star caliber player, well worth more than the MLE, this is a coup for us, as it is for him, since he will now be living in LA, surrounded by guys he respects and trusts, and he will now be able to realize his full potential as a player, personality and person.

Along with that, this almost seals to me that we will resign LO, which is absolutely crucial for our dynasty hopes, not to mention just the right thing to do as far as team success, chemistry and interest.

This is amazing, I'm going to party, though I would like to extend a shout out to Trevor Ariza, dude came through huge for us in the clutch, best of wishes for him in the future, as I expect he will be a star.

Go Lakers!

Well, I was pretty hesitant on this one... But I have to say:

Ron Ron will get Kobe open a lot. That's the plain truth. And he's been behaving himself, too. That's worth something. The man can play some D, which is what this team needs to keep improving.

Go Lake Show!

If this is true I guess so long Ariza and thanks for your effort this year.

Artest has "sticky hands" and he can shoot teams out of a game. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I want to know how much he's getting paid, and how long his contract is...

Is re-signing Ariza now out of the question? How much does Artest really mean "money doesn't mean much, i'll play for nothing"

I'm not sure about this trade. It's a high risk, but I heard Phil is a big fan of Artest and vise-versa.

Damn if this is true the league will be pissed again!!! Maybe not as big as the Gasol trade but another nice one by Mitch if it's true. What would be more awesome if TA decides to stay with the Lakers!!!!! Somehow get rid of Morrison and Sasha, Luke, Farmar - trade at some point for a real pg and 3pt shooter - oh my freaking god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought the Lakers would just stand pat during the off-season, but I admit THIS is a surprise. He does add a new dimension.

Trevor will rue the day David Lee led him away from the perfect fit, but that's now water over the dam.

Well, it sure has been an eventful day. Go Lakers!

Ron-Ron to replace Ariza? Not a bad move if he behaves. In fact, this could be a major upgrade...exciting news, though I hate to see Ariza leave.

If that doesn't add toughness and a little instability, I don't know what does. As good and skilled as are squad can be described, a little nastiness and unpredictability can go far too.

Is anyone gonna really punk our guys with Bill on the team? Is KG really come off as a crazy smack-talking lunatic when we have an crazier lunatic on our side? Sure it can work against us. But I'm gonna rely on Phil to sort it all out.

I'm much more amenable to Ron-Ron playing for us than I was a day ago. I question the pecking order of where Ron thinks he is (seems he might think he's Kobe's #2). Pau and Fish are #2s in the hierarchy of leadership and skill, IMO. Ron's a hired mercenary IMO.

What?! WHAT???!!! Well, he's a nutcase but he's our lovable nutcase now. Welcome to your 2009-2010 World Champion Lakers, Ron. Do us proud.

I don't believe it. Its got to be a rumor...


What a shame to see Artest so ready to leave the Rockets. Everyone bailing now that Yao is hurt? He wants to play for the Lakers for free? What a brown-noser. You want a ring and sit on the bench? Or would you rather work hard and earn it? Now that I see your true colors, looks like we're better off without you!!! LAME!!!!!

If this is true, great pick up for the Lakers. One thing that people keep bringing up is Artest as a "bad teammate" and "chemistry killer". By all accounts he has been a great teammate everywhere he's gone. He's a tad nuts in other regards but I rather have the nuts guy on my team. And this is a great squad to have him on in that regard. With Kobe, Phil, LO (hopefully), Ron Ron won't be in a leadership role and can go out and just play.

Also, if this is true, what a big F-U to David Lee (the agent). Looks like Trevor will have to take the MLE somewhere else and you have to think that Dr. Buss didn't like his antics (again).

You can't help but get pumped up about how excited Ron is to join us, that's what we want! The Lakers aren't just a team, we're a way of life, champions. Ron Artest just found his Sparta, where he belongs.

Well d. lee guess the Lakers didn't fall for the- Banana in the tailpipe trick uh (in a scrawny (soft power) voice.

We got a real Army of the pharaohs now.

Is it true Rockets have signed Ariza?

Ron Artest is better offensively and defensively than Trevor Ariza. What a steal for the Lakers... back to back baby!

If this were true, then its Pau Gasol -version 2 level coup pulled off by Mitch and Lakers!!

So, RA comes instead of TA?? :=)

I think this is merely a ploy by the lakers- they'd rather have Ariza and now he sees that he is can be easily replaced.

i just wonder how many games artest will cost them with techs or jacking up bad shots. they want him more for his D then anything else.

the good thing is that Kobe and LO, assuming he's back, have known Ron Ron for like 15 years or more so if anyone can keep him mildly sane its these two.

but remember how the rodman experiment went in 99 and the jr rider one went in 00- needless to say they didn't end well

Is Artest's head big enough to have L.A Lakers shaved on it? Oh I think so.

"ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard reports that Artest and the Lakers have reached a verbal agreement on what is believed to be a three-year contract worth an estimated $18 million. Wednesday is the first day free agents are permitted to sign new deals."

That's a lot. I would rather sign Ariza to that contract... Ugh

"ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard reports that Artest and the Lakers have reached a verbal agreement on what is believed to be a three-year contract worth an estimated $18 million. Wednesday is the first day free agents are permitted to sign new deals."

That's a lot. I would rather sign Ariza to that contract... Ugh

Not too sure about this - how many games has Artest missed over the last couple of years?
I believe Ariza is a better defender at this point. I'm holding out hope that we do bring Ariza back as well - and use AmMo, Sasha et al to get Rudy as well.

Another thought - could this be a sign-and-trade with the Rockets? That way both teams still have access, if needed to their MLE?

I liked Ariza....

I like the move, but I can't for the life of me comprehend what Ariza is thinking. If other reports I hear are true he's very close to a deal with Houston which would be the MLE. THE SAME MONEY THE LAKERS OFFERED HIM. So he's gonna take the same amount of money to go to a team where for the most part, with McGrady and Yao already due to miss part if not all of the season, he'll have to be their best player. Makes no sense to me? if he's doing it to spite the lakers someone should remind him that cutting off your nose is never a good way to get back at your face.

Dare I even wish for it...

Can you imagine the potential matchup on Valentines day
next year:

Kobe + Pau + Drew + Ron


Dwight + Rashard + Jameer + Vince

There could be four all-stars each for the Lakers & Orlando
in the All-Star game. That would be flat-out insane.

ESPN has caught up with the news. They're now reporting
it as well. I'm starting to believe it's true.

Or should I say Tru

Holy guacamole. I just hope we haven't just sold our collective team soul. Ariza may have been limited but he was the devil we knew. This could get ugly or it could mean dynasty. Ronnie, behave!

ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard reports that Artest and the Lakers have reached a verbal agreement on what is believed to be a three-year contract worth an estimated $18 million. Wednesday is the first day free agents are permitted to sign new deals.

And with a 3 year 18 million contract for Artest, can we keep Lamar? If we're letting Ariza go, it's essential to bring back Lamar

I just hope he learns the triangle and doesn't feel the need to dominate the ball. Man, this should be exciting as all hell but I'm filled with trepidation.

Don't rejoyce so quickly for Ron Artest. Trevor Ariza is just coming into his career, and losing him will be very disappointing.


I said it before and I'll say it again:

Ron Artest 2009 = Dennis Rodman 1996

72 wins, here we come!

ESPN's Chris Broussard is on ESPNEWS now confirming... says the deal is probably somewher ein the neighborhood of 3 years, $18MM.

let me steady myself... AHAHAHAHAHAAHAA!

Oh... my... god... you know what this means? David Lee drove Trevor Ariza out of town! LOL! Clearly, after Mitch spent all that time talking to Lee and Lee went to the press the Lakers knew David Lee was going to drag this out as long as possible and probably cost the Lakers a shot at Artest.

Love it! Take the decision away from them! I'd rather have Artest than nobody at all, which is the choice the Lakers were looking at if they waited on Ariza.

Wow... this is going to be... really entertaining... Ron Ron and Kobe on the same team... wow...

Bresnahan of the Times was reporting full length MLE, but
Chris Broussard of ESPN says it's 3 years of MLE (total 18 million).

The latter would actually make a lot more sense. If he stayed
with the Lakers for three years, then they'd have Bird rights and
could re-sign him for more.

He may be one of two figures in the league more polarizing than
Kobe. But he's capable of playing at an All-Star level when his
head is on straight. I think Phil & Kobe & Lamar can keep him
playing mostly in the atmosphere.

Welcome to LA, Ron-Ron

I'm going to be pissed if this isn't true!!!! But remember it's coming from RonRon so be prepared for it being a hoax. Oh well - we can keep our fingers crossed. I love it - this will be rue entertainment if this is true. I can't wait to meet the friggin green weenies with our "lovable" nut. Even though we won the ring I think many of us still wanted some physical toughness - Ron Ron will bring that. I also love what the other post said about he is excited about being a Laker. Freak - any player should be!!!! TA will be sorry if he actually goes for the money. He will be pissed at DL and himself when he gets to Houston and watches that Lakers go for more rings!!!!

If this is true - Welcome RonRon!!!!!!!!!!!

No only did we get Artest at a great bargain, this will definitely drive down the price to resign Ariza and Odom. Both have mentioned that they want to be back. Both can earn more money with LA than virtually anywhere else. But now, the leverage in negotiations is with Mitch, not the agents. Great job Mitch!

Maybe Ariza caught a bad case of the Turiaf syndrome...

why for the love of god would you go to Houston?....
How long before we see "Ariza to fire his agent"...
What on earth was he thinking?....

I predict that Mike Brown will have problems with Shaq...

ESPN is reporting the Artest deal now. 7:55 EST.
Wow. Didn't see this coming. Hope he doesn't disrupt team chemistry. Hate to see Trevor go.

Once upon a time, the Lakers traded away my favorite player on the team, Norm Nixon, for somebody named Byron Scott. I hated that deal initially, but it worked out splendidly for the Lakers. Hope history repeats itself.

The Magic rued the day they let Ariza go, and now the Lakers are probably going to rue the same day...When the going gets tough, Ariza makes a steal. When the going gets tough, Artest bricks a thirty footer.

If Ariza's agent was just playing around releasing information and told Ariza "don't worry I've got the Lakers under my grips"

I'm going to be Ariza is steaming right now at his agent.

Artest will not be a suited fit into the lakers tight-knit group!
His temper will flair and undoubtedly result in huge amounts of guilt and shame if Ariza is replaced by Artest.
I've been on edge all day about the chance of Ariza coming back and now i feel sick.
i'm truly dissapointed in the entire lakers franchise if this is actually happening...

ESPN reports that the tentative deal is 3 years for $18 million dollars, just over what they offered Ariza, I think it's a pretty dam good deal.

I have my reservations about Ron Artest. But, in the IF, IF , IF realm:

IF Bynum is healthy, and
IF Pau continues to grow as an NBA BIG MAN and I
F Artest behaves and accepts a role and
IF Kobe has more juice after a summer off....

Well, PG will not be a real worry. Fish. Shannon. Hell, Mbenga.

IF IF IF it all comes together (Please, Phil, come back) this will be a scary team.

If the Lakers keep LO, I think this works out well. I've been on the fence about Artest on the Lakers-I know the pros(awesome D, decent scoring) and cons(psycho, occasionally trigger happy). But he will be able to frustrate the Lebrons, Vince Carters, and Paul Pierces of the world in the Finals, something he could do much better than Trevor. He went through one year in Houston disaster-free(I thought he got kicked out of those Playoffs games on reputation alone), and his wild days are most likely behind him. His biggest vice would be shooting too much, so Phil has to get him to let the finger off the trigger a bit, but if this goes through the upgrade on defense will be considerable.

Kupcake did it again. Instead of sitting back and doing nothing while watching EVERY other contending team improve their roster, he came out with guns blazing. What a bold move.

Ariza'a agent stated that the Lakers do not want Ariza, and most of us assumed that this was nothing but a negotiation tactic. Maybe David Lee was telling the truth after all, maybe the front office wanted Artest all along? Hmmmmm.

Lebron, Poppovich, Pierce, Danny Ainge, Carmelo and Stan Van Gundy are screaming "NOOOOOO" right about now.

Friggin David Lee totally sucks and all NBA players should take a look at what he did to TA. i really can't believe this is taking place....but if it's true then when TA is playing in Houston, with all his family in LA, and Yao out for the season - TMac will get hurt again....ughhh!!! I feel for him. He was vital to our team this year - I can't believe he is taking DLee's advice. Man, he should have just taken the MLE and call it a done deal. Will he really feel the love from Houston that he gets in LA? Not saying Houston fans won't like him - just that he is an LA boy. And David Lee - where the hell does he live? He gets to stay in his cush place wherever that is - he doesn't have to move to Houston.

BUT- we totally welcome you RonRon!! Play your heart out - keep your head on straight and we have a monster team!!!!

Ron can't get out on the fast break and in transition though. He's not as good on defense anymore and he loooves his shot. He doesn't really like playing the role of "role player" he likes to do a little too much. His attention span is so short.

I don't know if Artest would replace Ariza that's for sure. If these reports are true its going to be interesting to see how Artest will fit in, or if he will even fit in. :/

I don't know what to say. I love TA, specially what he did for Lakers this season. But Ron is capable of doing everything that we got from TA and plus more. I'm little worry about Ron's attitude but feeling better than Phil and Kobe can control it. Welcome Ron. Sorry but wish you all the best TA.

So basically we just traded Ariza for Artest.

I know i didnt really want to swallow this down, but i think it will work out in the end because:

(cue the Letterman top 10 music)

10. He is tough, we need toughness. Pretty Simple.

9. Him and Odom (assuming he comes back) have known each other since they were like 10. so i do not believe (dear god help us) that his behavior would be an issue because LO, Kobe and PJ will keep him in check. Besides, i didnt really see any problems with him while he was in Houston.....oh except the table leg incident.

8. Seriously, his antics are hollywood-esque. So what better place to be hollywood then in hollywood.

7. Ariza got his ring and will get his money, so there might be a chance he slacks off ala the Broken Machine. On the other side, Artest is taking less to play with a winner because he wants a title.

6. He is a good shooter, him and ariza are about the same on that, but i think that RonRon goes to the hole a bit more.

5. Defense, i love his defense, i loved in in everyplace he has been. This will take care of guarding Melo, Roy, Lebron, Pierce, Tayshaun, VC, and any other SG/SF that the other team has.

4. I really want to know if he will put the Lakers "L" logo on the side of his head.

3. I am interested to see what crazy number he will wear this time around

2.We paid less for him than we would have paid for Ariza. And we got (when behaved) a better and more experienced player anyways

and #1.......

Finally some tough guy who doesn't take crap from nobody to rough up Andrew Bynot and turn him into Andrew Bynastay!

and 1a. it will put to truth that the toughest person he has to guard will be B. Roy.....since now Kobe is his teammate.

Does anyone have any solid information about whether we can afford Artest AND Ariza?

Love the length and price of the contract, Kupchak did a great job.

And I'll say it again, David Lee "screwed" this one up for Trevor in the worst way. He better hope that Toronto or Portland ponies up more than the MLE for Trevor because if that's all Trevor gets somewhere else, that sucks for him.

He'll have to leave his hometown, the best team in the NBA and the best possible situation available for the same amount of money somewhere else. Bummer.


The one big advantage that Artest brings is giving the Lakers a better defensive match up against the bigger, more physical small forwards such as LeBron, Melo, and Pierce, who have been difficult covers for Ariza due to their size and physicality. And he is a stronger rebounder than Ariza, which should help us dominate the boards even more.

Every so often in negotiations there come that rare moment when the future world is up in the air and a player and agent have to decide whether to fish or cut bait. This time, David Lee blinked and Mitch, obviously secretly having Artest in his back pocket already, said OK and moved on. No last chance to pitch or reconsider. That should cause agents in the future to be very careful when dealing with Mitch and trying to pressure him.

Now let’s sign Lamar and Shannon. Good job, Mitch.


Well, we all now will have someone crazier than yellowfever to talk about.

future = ariza. present = ron.. can't think of a better pickup if we were gonna losa trevor anyways. damn... i'm gonna miss the guy though. what a stud. that said, can't say i'm not stoked for ronron.



how old is ronald, btw ?

NOW, Bring back LO!

>>>That's a lot. I would rather sign Ariza to that contract... Ugh

That's the same per year as they offered Ariza, but Ariza's
agent said he was insulted by that offer.

Wasn't it just a few years ago when the Lakers had a championship team and decided to supplement with Big Names--and blew it? Ariza is key to their chemistry. My gut tells me Artest instead of Ariza is a bad move--more Hollywood than basketball. I hope I'm proven wrong.

Also.....I am suprised that no one saw this coming too....

He was in LA yesterday "having lunch with Lebron"....which btw, was confirmed that they merely exchanged text messages.....way to blow that out of proportion ESPN and your eastcoast bias.

So what was he REALLY doing in LA yesterday?

and in addition, i am sad we lost Ariza but i am glad that Mgmt stepped up and got a comprable (sp?) and at times, if not, better player.....FOR LESS THAN WE WOULD HAVE SIGNED ARIZA FOR!

That part is the key for me, so it means more $ for Odom and ShanWow.

Or hopefully a backup bigman, which we desperately need. That or play Mbenga more please! I really would like to go Mbangin with Mbenga. Section 104, here i come!

Just busted out Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti, and I'm about to get happy drunk.

Good times.

Artest to KL



I think this makes the Shannon Brown signing A MUST.

Artest brings more size and muscle to that 3 spot. But Trevor was quick and anticipated the defense like pretty much no one else in the L except maybe CP3... Shannon has the potential to fill that void somewhat.

David Lee is now a BAD NAME in Laker Nation. DL - you're a jerk and we'll boo you from here on out!

Ahhhhhhh...I'm just in shock right now. I still don't know how I feel about Ron Ron. The deal at 3 years mid-level is a definite steal but I wanted Ariza to stay.

These are such hard decisions man. As much as I criticize Mitch, I couldn't be a GM. This is too much pressure.

Can't we somehow keep Ariza too...pleeeeease?

David Lee ran Ariza out of LA

I take this move to mean that Phil is coming back. He is the right guy to manage this now potentially combustible squad.

I take it to mean Lamar Odom is coming back.

Phil now has the vets he likes to make a playoff run. Pau, Kobe, Fish, Artest, Odom, Walton.

I see him hanging for a couple more titles before going hanging up the funny high coaching seat,

The big question now - did David Lee drive the Lakers to Artest or did the Lakers say no to Ariza?

Wake me up when the deal has been signed in ink... Until then I will be dreaming of different hair designs artest will be rocking with his flat top in L.A!

If I remember correctly wasn't there an individual here who has been mentioning Artest as a laker since last years free agency?

Artest + LO = Queens city rockers

If the money is true, then David Lee should be insulted by his own talk.

Artest requires a defender, sometimes a double team - the guy is worth $10 million in a good economy, easy. TA is maybe worth $6 in a good economy... for the Lakers to sign a higher caliber player for the same price they offered Ariza should have made Ariza smile, but no, he's "insulted"??

Hey Trevor, Hey David... the Lakers MADE Trevor. That guy was close to being out of the league when we brought him in. Sure, he worked hard and we wanted to reward him for it, but let's not think we're more than we are...

Could this be the reason why the Lakers did not offer TA more because they know they have Artest as the back up plan? I don't like it a bit, Artest is already 30 and can blow up anytime while TA is only 24 and can still improve.Lakers need to give TA more love . They gave Sasha and Andrew lucrative contracts and they were both non-factors for the Lakers while TA was instrumental in us winning the championshio. All he is asking for is 7-8 mil and they are already offering hime 5.6 mil. What's a couple of more millions for TA as a show of gratitude for what he did?

Sign Rudy Fernandez Bandwagon starts here!!!

#1: Alec


You broke my heart. My man, you played your hand so wrong you must have been playing with cards from another universe.

The Lakers loved you, offered a big raise and you acted like the Tartars are invading Russia again.

Bad, bad, bad move you'll regret the rest of your life.

Goodbye, my man.


Mitch is a freaking genius!!!!! Man West trained him well!!!! I think West is smiling big time right now!!!!

I agree with all of you - RonRon belongs in LA - he is true Hollywood material. I really hope he keeps his head on straight and we dominate!!! Next season is going to be frigging classic!!! I really want the Lakers to repeat - but say RonRon turns out to be the nutcase and his crazy antics - won't that be worth watching?!! That is entertainment!!!!

And nothing like having someone you hated on your team. I used to hate Kareem because he was a Milwaukee Buck...but when he eventually became a Laker that was a great day!!!!

I just really feel for TA. He was one of my favorite players this year. Good hustle and energy...played his heart out for us. I just think his agent screwed him BIG time!!! TA is young and his stupid agent probably filled his head with all kinds of crap - like he is indisposable and stuff like that. Now he's going to Houston?! WTF!!! I'd be so pissed if I was him - and now they don't even have a chance to say - oh wait - we'll take it. Trevor - we'll still root for you except when you play us!!!!

I really feel bad for Trevor... He should have scolded his agent for talking to the press the other day...

Shame LA is going to play for championship while his team is gone fishing in the Dessert.

I wonder how Trevor is feeling right about now.

Lets all hope crazy pills leaves his ego at the door and is prepared to play 3rd fiddle to gasol and kobe. Perhaps even lamar aswell.

PJ better start handing out some zen meditation books soon.

If this is all true, in the next 3 years TA's agent should, at the very least, buy Ariza ringside seats to the NBA Finals to watch Artest get his rings. He can sit right beside Radmanovic.


Can we give away Farmar and Sasha and a #1 draft pick for a trade exception so we can keep Ariza?

I don't pray a lot, but I'd pray a whole lot if God would somehow let us keep Ariza.



wow. what a day.

totally overshadows shaq's press debut in cleveland. "i'm sorry - who?"

i cannot recall since the late 80's when there were so many talented teams in the league.

to the pompous nba haters out there, you are missing the best league in the states.

the east has 3 great teams: orlando, boston and cleveland.

west with the lakers and whoever else is interested in coming in second...the spurs and blazers, i guess.

david lee is a jackass...didn't do his homework...and burned his client in the process.

he tried using the same bynum approach with ariza...but forgot that ariza is not a young center with huge potential.

and he seemed to forget that ron artest was an unrestricted free agent.

no hard feelings with ariza, wish him the best.

glad he helped us win a title. peace trevor.

c'mon lake show...get odom on the squad too and we are straight.

don't mess with kupchak...

I'm hoping we can use some combo of Farmar, Vujacic and Walton to get back Rudy F and either Ariza or Marvin Williams.

While Artest is good as a man-to-man defender, we need Ariza's length, speed on PGs and in transition

Is it too early to request a "We want Ariza Back" bandwagon?

I like this because Artest is more in line with Kobe's prime. However, I don't know why Ariza wouldn't take the same deal and then get a bigger payday when the economy is better, he has more quality time under his belt, AND WOULD ONLY BE 26!!!! David Lee choked big time here.

Way to go Mitch!!

Not sure about this one, Ron over Ariza.
Ron has a better post game, while Ariza is younger and could play D on younger faster guys, Ron could possible do better against LBJ and PP.

Ariza we will miss you much love.

David Lee is an idiot!

The best part is the hunger Artest will bring to next year's squad. He's never won a ring and this is his last, best chance.

Hungry like Duran Duran.







i just hope artest doesn't hurt kobe in practice. he injured mj pretty bad and he's nuts.

his field goal percentage concerns me, but three point shooting's pretty good and defense is good.

he can probably defend closer to the paint better than ariza and if we resign lamar, if artest goes cold, we can still insert lamar.

i'd love to see a lineup of lamar, kobe, artest, bynum, pau out there.

i think that mitch was in a tough spot. with ron, he has a sure thing if trevor leaves. if we don't sign ron and trevor goes elsewhere, not sure who else we'd be able to target with the mid-level.

all in all, will be tough to see trevor go as he seemed to be the consummate professional and stepped up huge when it counted. ron ron bill is a totally unknown entity that would have been scary on a team like the cavs or the magic - kupchak may have done this as a defensive maneuver - just to avoid seeing artest somewhere else in the finals.

It's NOT Too late Trevor...

If Artest is signed using the MLE (which is probably what's happening), and LO & TA agree to MLE type money, that might mean all three can be had.

For those of you wondering "if" the Lakers can do it, sure, if they want to pay the taxes. A $4 million contract to Trevor means Buss pays out $8 million... so these guys (TA & LO) would have to sign on the cheap.

RonRon is more than likely burning our MLE -and if so, he's certainly worth $10 or $11 million...

Tell David Lee to shut up, and get on the phone Trevor.

How can you turn your back on your home city just days after that parade????

Dude. Seriously.

Bad move.

Artest is a selfish idiot who takes two many bad 3s and gets ejected.

Ariza is a selfless hardworker who wins game with amazing hussle players and intelligent clutch decisions

I'm cool with this if it's true. This is a risk & I preferred Ariza (known quality) but looks like Cavs won't get Artest OR Ariza.

Artest is here because he wants a Ring. He'll behave himself I'm sure.

Clearly for the MLE Artest is undervalued. If he helps the Lakers win one or more championships the next 3 years, his stock will go up & he may look for big money elsewhere.

Maybe by that time Ariza will get tired of playing of wherever basketball-forsaken team he's on & comes back with his game fully developed. I think Ariza will be a great player. I have a feeling he'll come back in the future... With a new agent, haha.

Ron's Twitter : " Yo, I'm out to celebrate. Going to Jack Nicholson's house. Gonna bust his door down with an axe and say 'HERE'S RONNIEEEEE!!"

THe Lakers now have 1 superstar(Kobe) and 2 legitimate all-stars on their team.

1.Kobe Bryant -superstar

2.Pau Gasol-all-star

3.Ron Artest-all-star

Plus one B player and possible all-star one day

1.Lamar Odom

and one emerging and ascending all-star

1.Andrew Bynum

The window is now wide open for another 3 to 4 NBA titles

At best Trevor Ariza was a role player and graded as a c+ player at best.Lakers get a steal and David lee is a dork.

artest will be our RODMAN!!!!!!!!

My preference would have been to keep Ariza, but there is no denying that this is a significant improvement, at least for the next couple of years, if Artest stays within the system. It certainly makes the Lakers the team to watch, even more so than they already were.

but i am sad to see TA go... TA u screwed up royally.. shouldve had another agent or taken the original offer. i know TA would be crazy to go to the cavs with bron brons and shaqs expiring contracts. but thx for the memories and good luck

i always had a feeling about artest... my big gut always told me he wanted to be here and thats why he only took that one year deal.

i guess no way phil aint resigning either.

So, the real question is, what book does PJ give Artest to read?

Does Kobe get a commission for brokering this deal?

Mitch may get the credit, but we know who made this deal happen, and who had veto rights if he did not want it.

This has PJ's hands all over it...

He LOVES a hungry vet that can play D. He likes to bring in a hungry vet like this after winning the title... keeps the team focused on the prize

IF this Artest deal gets done...

First, big ups to Mr. Mitch Kupchak...again !!

Second, the Lakes just ruined the 4th of July holidays of:
LeBron James & his new "bodyguard", 'Melo & GKarl, Duncan & 'Pop' (again !), the VanGundy family(again !), Ainge, Garnett & Pierce, and, likely, the bleeping ghost of Mr. Arnold Auerbach !

wow, this totally sucks for trevor. i am going to miss him so much. i loved seeing his energy and passion for the game. i also loved seeing him improve and build confidence. i just don't understand why he did this. the lakers did everything for ariza. i truly believe his agent drove him away. listening to all his interviews, he wanted to stay in LA; he said he loved being a laker. man, david lee screwed him. who knows maybe he will end up a clipper.

this just really sucks. i hope i am wrong about ron artest. i hope he makes the team even better, but it is still sad for me to have my fav laker (again after kobe) leave. i am really bummed.

ummmm....Responding to Rockets Go Hard: Artest won't be "sitting on the bench and not earing a ring" he'll be our starting SF if this deal does in fact pan out. And as someone else said, the thought did cross my mind that we could just be calling Ariza's (or Lee's to be more specific) bluff. I could totally see Ariza accepting our original offer now that he knows we have other prom dates. And if Ariza does end up playing on the Trainwreckets for the same amount of money I feel it won't be long before Lee gets his walking papers handed to him. Lee strikes me as very dumb, you just don't call out Jerry Buss like he's been doing. Shaq tried and got shipped out of town, did he really think Ariza would fair any better?

No, no, no, no, no!

Am I the only one who thinks this is a disaster?!

Championship-caliber chemistry is a hard thing to come by. Lakers should know better than to mess with it with Rodman Artest. Ariza, you won the championship for us with your defense and heart, now get the h*ll out of town??!? Where's the loyalty? This is what's wrong with free agency.

All you fans rooting for this - don't come crying to me when RA goes blows a fuse, rushes into the stands, and beats the s**t out of you. I can't believe you want this thug.

>>>That's a lot. I would rather sign Ariza to that contract... Ugh

That's the same per year as they offered Ariza, but Ariza's
agent said he was insulted by that offer.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | July 02, 2009 at 05:16 PM

OK I am totatly against RA over TA but for now that is the situation....or is it?

As an optomist RA wanted full MLE and we had that. We can still offer mle money or 6 million insteand of 5.5 to TA and keep both. God I hope so.

The way to do that would be sign RA first because if we lost TA RA would have drove up his asking price. And now that at best TA and get is MLE money why not with the Lakers?

Get rid of Luke and Ammo and there is money there for this move.

Luke for draft picks and Ammo expiring contract. Think now how Lakers would be. Artest starter and defender and then opponent would have to deal with TA as backup at SF and guard position. WOW make this happen Pulease Mitch. AQnd get LO and Shannon back so we can move JF and picks for Navarro.

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