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This Week's 710 Lakers PodKast: The Ron Artest Edition

July 9, 2009 |  3:50 pm

He's officially in purple and gold, likely for five years, and it's a sure thing to say all of them will be interesting.  He's Ron Artest, and the subject of this week's 710 Lakers PodKast.  We talk to Sam Amick of the Sacramento Bee, who covered Artest in his two-plus seasons with the Kings.  Amick thinks the Lakers made a good move, but delivers an honest assessment of the player they're getting, his strengths and weaknesses, and his thoughts on from where any trouble might spring. 

It's well worth a listen.

All that, plus a wee bit of Lamar Odom talk, plus an exclusive look at all the other stuff from his camp LeBron James and Nike don't want you to know or see.  What, you thought it was just a pickup game dunk?