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This Week's 710 Lakers PodKast: The Ron Artest Edition

He's officially in purple and gold, likely for five years, and it's a sure thing to say all of them will be interesting.  He's Ron Artest, and the subject of this week's 710 Lakers PodKast.  We talk to Sam Amick of the Sacramento Bee, who covered Artest in his two-plus seasons with the Kings.  Amick thinks the Lakers made a good move, but delivers an honest assessment of the player they're getting, his strengths and weaknesses, and his thoughts on from where any trouble might spring. 

It's well worth a listen.

All that, plus a wee bit of Lamar Odom talk, plus an exclusive look at all the other stuff from his camp LeBron James and Nike don't want you to know or see.  What, you thought it was just a pickup game dunk?



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I swear to god...if I do another google search for the words "Lamar Odom Lakers" I'm going to lose my mind. Why is this taking so long? There are no free agent slots left!
LO: Take the 3 yr/$25M offer, go back to your beach house and smoke a bowl. $3M cannot possibly mean that much to Lamar OR the Busses.

In the beginning of the podcast you said that "artest could decide 4 is enough and opt out" (something along those lines)

actually I think ron has the option to opt out after 3 years, but if he chooses not to use it then the last 2 years of the 5 year contract would be guaranteed. so it should be if "artest decides 3 is enough"

LeBron is cementing his status as a grade-A selfish prima donna. Let's review his last 2 months...

1) Goes down rather meekly to Orlando in the Conference Semis. Walks off court without shaking opponents' hands. Refuses to speak to media in post-game media session. Later defends his actions because he doesn't like losing and shaking hands after losing is hard... whatever.

2) Goes to the White House to meet Barack Obama, apparently forgetting that it's the team that wins the ring that gets that right.

3) Shows up to an event in NYC with Rihanna wearing a vomit inducing shirt that says "LBJ - MVP".

4) In a desperate attempt to get Trevor Ariza, tells him that he will be staying in Cleveland past 2010, then denies the story when it's leaked.

5) Gets dunked on by a college sophomore at his own camp and, apparently still insecure about his image, asks Nike to confiscate the tapes which ironically only damages him image.

Anyone see the new Le Bron/Nike tagline;

"We won't allow witnesses"

LOL, I love it.


Talking to his agent Wednesday, my understanding is the contract is guaranteed for five, with Artest holding a player option for the fifth.


There's where you went wrong about LOTR, AK. Number three is by far the best of the trilogy. And who is Kevin Jackson? I could have sworn Peter Jackson was the director.

Rob -

Kevin Jackson is actually an editor of mine with I didn't even realize I said his name until after listening at home. Whether as a "AK the radio professional" or a "AK the film geek," I was quite embarrassed by that gaffe. haha

I've heard the third movie is very good. As I said during the poddy, I think they're all well made movies. I just don't have a ton of inherent interest.


We are going crazy here. Now that a guy like Varajao gets $50mil./6yrs...... Any LO rumors??
How do you compare the two?

Varajoa vs Odom? How in the world Varajoa is worth so much more?


That little punk-ass Princess Jimmy isn't fit to wash Kobe's jock.

What a pitiful example of how a person turns out who doesn't have anyone to tell him what reality is actually like.

Idiot belives his own hype.....

Just heard a rumor about a big 3 way involving Boozer...he goes to Chicage, Heinrich to Portland, Tyrus Thomas to Utah, not sure what Portland gives up. Details very sketchy.

Varajoa vs Odom? How in the world Varajoa is worth so much more?

He's not to anyone else. But the Cavs don't have any other choice; w/o Varajoa they will fail big time. (And Mr. Dunkedonstein bolts for NY for sure.)
But he is worth it to them, and so that's what he gets.

LO is worth more than the MLE to LA, but not much more. Still that is more than he is worth to anyone else.

The market: where fairness doesn't apply.

Puddle...I think that about sums it up....Lebron is a child who has got what he wanted for to long...

Skip Bayliss tore him to shreds on ESPN chat...I just laughed..

He called him well....


Good stuff. At first, I thought you maybe got the names mixed up as Peter Jackson was the director and Kevin Wallace was the producer. Now I understand, you just wanted to give a little mic time for one of your editors. haha jk. Not sure which part of the Ven Diagram I'd fall into as I'm a decent fan of LOTR and don't have much interest in Star Wars nor comics and I can also happily say I've never been to a renaissance fair.

That little punk-ass Princess Jimmy isn't fit to wash Kobe's jock.

Posted by: justanothermambafa

r u referring to Le Blonde James?

new: LeBron James, Dunking and Authenticity

maybe GM's did not involve any LO trades because they were guessing that the Lakers will make him a priority to re-sign him.

maybe NOT. we all know his low points and as i mentioned, he shot himself in the foot with his exit interview by saying that as a Candyman he is also a socialite. not the best PR facing a new contract.

will LO feel OFFENDED by the Lakers offer, or will he also fell UN_WANTED by the rest of the NBA

or both. he dug himself 6'(-10) under


You forgot the most important thing about the Artest acquisition. He has an incredibly high "star quality to podkast guestibility" ratio. For those of you fools that don't know the term guestibility it is the ability to book a guest for your podcast, duh.

What do you think?

No offense to Shannon Brown of course.....


>>> I swear to god...if I do another google search for the words
>>> "Lamar Odom Lakers" I'm going to lose my mind.

No kidding. What is amazing is that there aren’t even any new stories. You keep refreshing and the same stale stories you read hours ago are still there. I thought my browser had lost its connection and I was just looking at a cached page for a while.

Come on, Lamar. Come on, Mitch. There is nowhere else to go. Just split whatever the difference is and let’s play ball. This is more stressful that the Finals.


Shawn Marion signs a 5 year deal worth $39m (which is about $7.8m per on average).
He earnt $17.8m last year.

I think this situation mirrors LO.
A large expiring contract. A down economy. A limited market.

Their games are similar (LO better of course).

LO should get it done.
Sign. Seal. Deliver.

I agree with the D Jones post. LO just take that nicey nice deal and roll a fat one and kick it for the summer. Man with you we will be scary. Please I also am so so tired of the googling and lack of sleep.

40 year Laker fan

AK..Luke Shensher(wrong spelling) played for my local team this season..Adelaide 36ers...He played very well...I dont expect him to make it but the guy can seal the paint.....He had a good college stint at GT...Then onto the Bulls and Blazers and then back home here....Dude is 7,2....and solid.

Fatty...Let me know what you think of him if you go to Vegas....

At the end of my post, there is news that each team gets a 9% refund from the players they paid for this year.

If this plays out as I understand it, then here are my thoughts:

This (the refund) would result in $7.1 Million for the Lakers

We also sold 2 draft picks for $4.5 Million

We saved at least $1.7 Million by not signing a first round pick where we would have to guarantee the pay for 2 years.

The cash received from the drafts picks and the refund total comes to $11.6 Million.

If by signing Lamar for say $7 Million, then that puts team payroll at $92 Mill. We would be over the cap by $23 Mil. Therefore Luxury tax is another $23 Mil. Total payroll cost is $115 Mil.

We can now subtract the $11.6 Mil and we have total net payroll $103 Mil. That's STILL alot of MONEY, but it helps SOME.

"A little-discussed clause of the NBA's collective bargaining agreement resulted in every player giving 9 percent of his salary back to his team last season.

The NBA's agreement with the union includes a league-wide cap on salaries and benefits paid to players. Only 57 percent of the league's "basketball-related income" (BRI) can be paid in player salary and benefits each season. Instead of the league billing players for any overages at the end of the season, an escrow system is in place to collect 9 percent of every player's salary right off the top."
I got this article from Hoops Hype.


You know his name.

He’s the guy who never travels
but names his illegal moves.

He’ll shake your hand if he wins
but walk away if he loses.

He was heralded as the king
but never won the crown.

He proclaim he was a winner
but his fingers are ringless.

He is worshipped by zebras
but susceptible to magic.

He’ll show you the bright lights
unless you posterize him.

You know his name.

- - - - -


Just finished up taunting Cavs fans in their forum (which, by the way, is always fun). Thought I'd come here and get some more objective thougths from fellow Laker fans:

Where does Anderson Varejao's newly minted deal rank as far as the NBA's worst contracts? To get you started, here are some busts for you to weigh in on:
Darius Miles (still residing on Portland's cap), Samuel Dalambert, Marko Jaric, Kenny Thomas, Brian Cardinal, Eddy Curry, Mark Blount, and (of course) the great Erick Dampier.

Let's also not forget Andrea Bargnani's freshly inked $50M for 5 years.

Another interesting angle: Would you rather be paying Sasha $10M over the next 2 years (with the threat of his shot returning) or Sideshow Bob $50M over the next 6 years?

I'm sure AK will probably respond with a mature "it's not nice to taunt" but I just can't help myself. ANDERSON VAREJAO got a bigger contract than Ron Artest, Trevor Ariza, Shawn Marion, Charlie Villenueva, Jason Kidd, and Rasheed Wallace. And David Lee and Paul Millsap can't get anyone to even make them an offer.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one checking obsessively for any (good) news about LO. Who would have thought that LO could be even more frustrating/irritating/maddening as a free agent than he is as a player....and I like the guy. But remember all those times during the season he doesn't "show up", well, maybe he's in one of those times now.

LO, please sign so I can get back my life (what there is of it while I wait for the season to start)! Who wouldn't want to play on a team that has the potential to be considered one of the greatest of all time?

I have a question though: isn't it worse for LO the longer he waits? I got the sense that early on (was it really only a week or so ago), there was more uncertainty as who was going where and rumours that other teams were looking at LO. Now that almost everyone else of significance has signed, LA is the only player that can give him any kind of $.... and the price might be going down as the "chairs get fewer and fewer and the music's about ready to stop"


When two of your favorite things in life are candy and NBA Championships, who needs ridiculous sums of money?

Tell your agent that if he wants more money to go sign more players and that you are not his meal ticket. We love you Lamar and need you back. With your presence, the Dynasty is complete. We need your skills.

Please please sign. We LA Lakers fans will promise to buy whatever sponsorships you hawk. No problem. Mo money in LA. Sign and you shall be rewarded with more than just cash. Sign pleeeeaasse. LA is counting on you.

"Shawn Marion signs a 5 year deal worth $39m"

"Varajao gets $50mil./6yrs"

Wow. That just goes to show that despite a weak economy, there is still a lot of 'silly money' out there. Which tells me that this economic downturn has a lot further to go on the downside. Those are ridiculous bubble figures. Not real. Unbelievably bad decisions.


oliver miller/diet how obese can america get?!

i want to be like oliver miller!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this dunk is getting a huge SPLASHHHHHHHHHHHH

Two things:

1) Did the Lakers ever visit the White House? I don't recall seeing articles that they did. And considering that Barack is a huge basketball fan, I would have thought tht they dropped by.

2) Just remembered that Allen Iverson is a free agent. Thoughts of Kobe playing facilitator to Iverson (who wants to start) danced in my head. Then I realized I needed my morning coffee to make me rethink my delusion. Sorry for the brainfart.

Man, the suspense of this Lamar situation is killing me.


there is a joke on blogs that JCrawford did not need 3 STEPS to dunk

i am very hopeful that artest will be at his best behavior being on a team that will bring him to the apex.

ANDERSON VAREJAO got a bigger contract than Ron Artest, Trevor Ariza, Shawn Marion, Charlie Villenueva, Jason Kidd, and Rasheed Wallace. And David Lee and Paul Millsap can't get anyone to even make them an offer.

Posted by: Dahngay Jones

but, but, Andy is Le Blonde's favorite because he just whispers his name and andy will miss the re-bound so Le10 x Le10 x Le10 can get his triple-double.

the don miguel,

Yeah... you're right. The only way AI works is if 1. he signs for vet minimum and 2. plays SG off the BENCH

Neither of those are happening, but it does go to show that even though Side Show Bob can get grossly overpaid, the majority of the players, including hall of famer AI are looking at MLE type money


LOTR is good stuff. Wait until you're on a 30 day suspension for tackling a drug-crazed hell-bent student then spend 20 hours a day watching the films repeatedly to ease the pain of the endless hours of nothingness. That's what I did, and I seriously love the films now.

It's all about action. And I don't mean silver screen action like car chases, I mean action vs apathy. What do you do when all the good you've known in your life is threatened? That's the question LOTR raises, and it's answer is simple--you get together with like minds, and fight back to the death.

But you don't let the good die.

That's what I love about those films. Great message with sterling filmmaking. Yeah, there are wizards and hobbits and lots of goofy kids stuff like that, but the message is no joke.

The message is you fight back when threatened and you use the tools that make you different from your foes--your faith, honor, friendship, belief in good, a willingness to die for a cause or another person.

Give it a spin, but take it seriously. LOTR is not a cartoon, it's violent, rough and really a milestone in 20th century art. Both the novel and the films.


Some interesting trades talking place and there are some in the works. Milsap signing money may be the last Lamar needs to see to help him realize he oughta take the Lakers deal.

So AK, at what point do Mitch and team Buss need to consider a trade to replace LO If he keeps flaking.? The idea does bring interesting possibilities with it. The team would look different, but it has already changed with Ron Ron aboard. Not ideal, but this may become real.

from a different blog

"I heard that Nike officials have also confiscated Michael Phelps' bong so that they can smoke out while they watch the video of LeBron being dunked on by Jordan Crawford over and over."

a fun summer. NBA where amazing happens

or, never a dull moment


on a different note

can we just pay a little LO to become iRon's chaperon ?

Another theme with LOTR as with any war film (and that's what LOTR is, a war film) is small people involved in big events. I love this stuff. Ordinary people doing little things that turn the tide of war.

Look AK, much of this story comes from the author's first hand experiences in WWl and WWll so there's a lot of authenticity in this tale. The wizards and Hobbits and Trolls and Dwarves and stuff like that are really a response from a fairly bright linguist and historian to the Norman conquests of Brittan. He's giving his countrymen back the history and some of the mythologies they lost at the hands of invading armies.

I'd say that along with Band of Brothers and Bridge on the River Kwai and maybe Apocalypse Now, Lord of the Rings is one of the best war films ever made.



Dayum, man! I'm not sure I've ever seen you this fired up, including when the Lakers raised the O'Brien. Haha

Like I said in the poddy, I completely agree that the LOTR films are extremely well made and deserve the accolades. They're just not my personal cup of tea. It's kind of like Bruce Springsteen's music for me. He's obviously very talented, but save a handful of scattered songs (in particular, "Hungry Heart"), his music just doesn't do it for me. Even while acknowledging the artistry.



The Varegao signing came from China money, Cavs it seems is not in the mix of econmic slowdown.

The Chinese investors will do anything to keep Lebron. They can get all their investments back as they figure Lebron can be super huge in Super Super big China.

Huge endorsements in China will make you the surpassed Michael Jordan. Right now Kobe is ahead of that game. But as Lebron is the future and the chinese investors sees it that way too.

You bet on the future not on the present.


Is LO Still socializing some where? Can somebody twitter him and let him know he has a contract he needs to sign.

Typical LO, so laid back, even in contract negotiation.

Do we really really need this player for 10 MIL? Given his history the last five years with the Lakers, is there any guarantee he will be the same LO that played the last 3 months for the next four years?

Is there another Ariza out there the Lakers can snatch because nobody thinks he is any good? Somehow the Lakers effective role players were never good in their previous teams. Is Phil Jackson really this good. IMagine how mcuh patience he had with, Kwame, Smush and Cook and still with Luke and Sasha.

JOhn Paxson, Steve Kerr, BJ Amstrong, Luke Longley. A lot of scrubbs in Jackson's roster he turned into effective role players.

If you have a liitle bit of capability he will turn you into gold.

IMagine if you excel and are really good, he will turn you into??? Air Jordan and Black Mamba!!!

"I hope this means nothing, but if u add Ariza's #3 and Odom's #7 u get Artest's #37"

oh oh ... looks like Artest might have been lieing about the inspiration of his jersey # ... looks like lakertom is right ... looks like lakers management told Artest we sign you and we're ditching ariza/odom ... syke nah ... Odom's coming back ... I can feel it in my bones

The Grizz cut Stackhouse ... tell me he couldn't add something to our bench???



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