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Housekeeping, and Lamar Odom Poll Madness!

July 15, 2009 |  9:14 pm

Rock the Vote This week's guest for the PodKast is TrueHoop's Kevin Arnovitz, in Vegas observing all the action during this year's Summer Pro League (and perhaps catching a show).  He'll provide updates on the progress of Adam Morrison among others, and weigh in on other items of NBA import, including the whole Lamar Odom Contract Watch (which is very close to reaching acronym status- I'm partial to L.O.Co.W, as when said aloud with two long O's it describes not only the situation, but how Lakers fans are collectively being driven crazy). 

UPDATE (10:57 pm PT): Thanks to latopia, we have an improved, and completely official, acronym. L.O.C.O., for "Lamar Odom Contract Omni-watch."  Outstanding work, my friend.  BK

If you have questions for us or our guest, drop an email ( or hit up the Twitter (latimeslakers) and we'll try to work it into the show. 

Moving along...

We've talked about it, written about it, and debated it. Now it's time to vote on it.  Because until LOCoW reaches some sort of conclusion... well, we have to fill the time with something, right?  So click below for all of this evening's Poll Madness!

I admit, based on the comments from today's posts, I'm awfully curious to see which way the wind is blowing.