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Lamar Odom, on contract negotiations with the Lakers

I caught up with Lamar Odom at a screening for the 2008-2009 NBA Champions: The Los Angeles Lakers DVD.  With talk swirling over Mitch Kupchak's comments to the O.C. Register about being "not as hopeful" as last week LO will be re-signed (pessimism similar to what was expressed to the L.A. Times' Broderick Turner), I wanted to get Lamar's perspective.  While more serious than usual, he gave me (and the Daily News' Ramona Shelburne) the impression that he's not ready to turn the page on his Laker story book.

During our conversation, it felt like Lamar was trying to remain as detached as possible from the process.  He continually reminded me that business isn't personal and often requires a lot of discussion before everyone is satisfied.  "No one says it's going to 100% your way... or their way," noted LO.  

I definitely sensed Odom's frustration that a deal hasn't been hammered out and he'd still be making a case for himself, but at the same time, he also didn't seem thrown for a complete loop.  After all, Odom runs businesses, so these aren't exactly uncharted waters.  Beyond that, this also isn't his experience working out a free agent deal.  His agent (Jeff Schwartz) may be growing emotional, but LO is at least attempting to keep his blood lower than a boil.  "It is what it is" was a continual refrain. 

"We try to do what's best for both sides," said Odom.  "What's fair.  That's what negotiating is about.  It doesn't happen all the time overnight."  Plus, no two ways around it: Money is just a touchy subject.  "You can have a brother, a sister, a great father, but then when you start talking about money, it gets a little, like.... ehhhhhh.  You know what I mean?"

Despite the obvious complications, I'm still reasonably "hopeful" (to use the official "Phrase of the Day") an agreement will be reached.  Beyond few options for comparable (much less better) money and/or situations than with the Lakers, they really can't afford to let Odom go. The veteran's minimum won't fetch anyone with even close to the same skill set.  And with all due respect to Josh Powell, the team's mojo decreases considerably with him taking LO's place either as the first big off the bench or- gulp!- the starting four if Andrew Bynum's bad luck with injuries continue.  Yes, trading is an option, but who's available that could make an impact and at what price?  Retaining LO is simpler and more sensible.  Not to mention what I think Lamar prefers, all things being equal.  (Plus, the interview room's lighting was purple. That's gotta mean something, right?)

I've also got some copy with Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar and Luke Walton, but I wanted to get LO's video up ASAP.


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Brandon Roy unhappy with contract extension.

mil per year isnt the sticking point. its the total years LO is concerned about. 4-5 per year (with team/player option on last year) @ 8-9 mil is what gets him to resign. dont think for a sec that he dont know that in 2 years pau will get a extention and LO is gone in 2 years. the man want to be a laker for life, not for 2 years. you cant be upset over LO for that. not sure how this works but the lakers could even throw in a signing bounus if they are so concerned with the lux tax.

But who do we want from Dallas? Howard? He smokes more weed than Lamar. (Not saying that's a bad thing, in the right circumstances), but, still.

I see no one from Dallas we want. Unless it's Marion.

Lamar, I think I want to sign and trade you. Sorry Lamar, I'm not buying your 'pity me' attitude. Just come out and say "I want top effen dollar!" Don’t lie and say you'll take a pay cut, get offered 8-9 million a year and then turn it down.

In 5 years is Lamar going to be worth 10 mil? No way. Maybe 3-4 million. In 4 years he may be worth 4-5 million.

We really can not afford to have another player at 10 million a year. We already have 3 near max players in Kobe, Gasol and Bynum. We can’t do Lamar, too.

He has to go. But do our Championship chances go with him? Well, we definitely won’t be the favorites any more. That’s hard to take. We’re all spoiled brats here and not being #1 after being #1 just last week is going to be hard to take.


" We've already lost Ariza. I still cry in my beer, but that's another story. *My* perspective is: P

You still have Sir Choke-A-lot XP.

And you have a right to your own perspective BUT:

Top 5 man Squad 2008-2009 Lakers:


You'll also be surprised by this:

Most interesting note is

Vujacic +57
Farmar +20

Really didn't lose anything if Odom doesn't resign? XD

"All those damn lies and statistics. *I"M" always right"

Simply put Hobbitmage=You got *owned*. Your attempt to lower down LO's value to the Lakers squad is utterly worthless on everyless except the fact he shouldn't be getting $10 million.

Just like you cried about how he couldn't accept his bench role. 1) Not only he did and 2) He did it much better without no complaints compared to Rip Hamilton and especially Allen Iverson.

Hobbitmage=owned by his dislike of LO.

There are a few things here that bother me....

1. Lamar seems to want more money than the market should allow.

2. If the Lakers sign Lamar, I am VERY confident they will win a Champsionship next year.

3. If the Lakers do not sign Lamar, I am still confident they will win a Championship next year, but less so.

4. If the Lakers sign Lamar to too long a contract (say five years), I fear that on the fifth year that contract will be an anchor around the neck of managements ability to be flexible.

5. If Lamar only signs to a three year contract, he will take a HUGE pay cut when he signs for his next contract thereafter.

So, there's a lot at stake here.

I say the Lakers offer Lamar a four year contract at 8.75-9 million per year (with a stipulation that the Lakers will not have to pay a portion of Lamar's salary if he gets diabetes from eating so much candy).

That's it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Brandon Roy isn't going anywhere. Period.

Andrew - Yes, we're basically on the same page. I may just have slightly higher threshold for insurance poverty.

Ex - Yes, you point out the main reason for my tolerance for i.p.

Kobe Hog - Thanks for the compliment. Can't wait to kick your ass in 2010.

" ...Curry was limited to fresh-squeezed juices and broths while he went through a cycle of a colon-cleansing product. He lost 15 pounds from that alone."


That's a bigger dump than the one I lived in in Sylmar.


To everyone dissing Lamar here on the Blog.

When you get your lakers 2009 Championship DVD you will see a man wearing number 7 on his jersey that helped us stay in contenetion through heart and finger-tips for the last 5 years.

This man helped the team bond on it's way to the NBA Finals in 2008 by springing for a personal chef for the ENTIRE TEAM through training camp, came off the bench (and spot started when asked) in a CONTRACT YEAR. Pays no heed to the your only the 3rd or 4th best player on your team. Tunes out every non-believers static and gets after it every game.

His name is Lamar Odom and he is surely a 10/mil a year player. Does he shoot the lights out? No. Is he a dominanat defensive player? No. Is he a true shot-blocker? No. Can he do all of those things and more better than the average NBA player?

Damn straight. This guy is the heart and soul of the team. The life he's lived, the things he's over come and his ability to play with Kobe before we got Gasol and Ariza. People made a big deal about Kobe playing with two hurt fingers, one on each hand.

Lamar played with a torn labrum in his shoulder.

What about this guy is there to hate? So what if he only scores 8 - 12 points for a week or so at a time? When Kobe Bryant is on your team, that just might happen every once in awhile.

Is Lamar some sort of God on the court? No, but without him we are not a fast break team. We will settle into the half-court almost every time down and that will kill Kobe. Because he will be forced into late-clock, off balance, over covered shots. Without him we are a mediocre rebounding team (say what you want about Bynum, I'll believe it when he does it...for a full season, until then he's as much about potential as Farmar).

Someone posted that this off-season is all about economics, I'll go one better and it's about getting what you pay for. the reason Ariza didn't get the same consideration from our Front OFiice as Artest is quite simple: Artest is a proven All-Star, All-Defense NBA player.

Ariza might, maybe, if he works on his game as diligently as he did when Kobe was his teammate and more than likely texting him every hour on the hour, be as good as Ron Artest.

Mitch has paid for potential a lot over the last 7 years, and all we ever do is lambast him. In this case, he might be guarding against paying for a proven commodity.

If you feel he's under-performing a year from now Mitch, I'll wager you'll be able to trade him. If anyone could you could, seeing as you were able to find a taker for Kwame.

Just sayin'.

Get 'er done, Mr. Kupchak.

It's clear I want LO back, but if we must lose him in a sign & trade, it would be a big consolation prize for me to be able to package Sasha with him in whatever trade scenario comes along. (Sorry Jon K)


Disagree with people if you want, but do it more respectfully and keep an eye on tone. That's something we all need to remember- it's not a contest. Disagree, but there's no need to try and pump up one's own "place" on the blog by cutting up others with maybe a little too much enthusiasm.

Like I said, it's not just you, but something for everyone to remember, esp. while people are still tense b/c of the FA situation.


If the Lakers wanted Brandon Roy, it would cost Kobe Bryant, and KB has the trade veto power - which of course, he would, and of course, No on at the Lakers would be stupid enough to actually think that's a good trade...

So, Roy is not leaving Portland even if he gives Pritchard the middle finger.

Now, I was hoping the Lakers were going to make a move to get the Roy pick in the draft... but back then we had no viable trading chips.

I like this Marc Gasol talk - would love to have him back.

I'm sure Mitch is at least kicking around a few sign and trades on paper... probably not out loud yet, because it could thwart negotiations when he has a live offer on the table

From Eric Pincus from Hoopsworld who has a more clearer mind:

On questions about Lamar Odom:

"This is obviously the big question. I've got it asked in many different ways. I've been told the Lakers have offered three years and about $27 million. Odom's agent is trying to get more years out of LA, specifically five.

My guess is that a compromise may be reached at about four years, for what it's worth.

General Manager Mitch Kupchak probably thought Odom's agent would "get" the market once Portland made their offer to Paul Millsap but Lamar's people appear to be waiting it out to make sure there's no money available from the Blazers. It may not even be a real offer - but the threat of one - that pushes LA to add a year.

If the Jazz don't match Millsap, I'm not sure where Odom goes for leverage. The Lakers don't have to participate in a sign and trade and then Lamar is looking at less money per year even if he gets five.

Give it another week - I still expect him to return to LA."

On the possibility with the Dallas Mavericks

The only player that jumps out as somewhat attractive to the Lakers would be Josh Howard. I'm not sure how that solves LA's need for a backup power forward. I'd think a deal between the Western Conference foes would be unlikely, but you never want say "impossible."

On other sign and trade possbilites of LO:

"I haven't put a lot of thought or research into sign and trades (yet). If I feel like it's going in that direction, I will. You can throw out names like Howard, Beasley - or Kirk Hinrich/Tyrus Thomas, etc. - but you need to find a team not only willing to give up those quality pieces but also pay Odom for 4-5 years at his asking price. I find that to be somewhat of a stretch - but certainly not prohibitive. I just don't think it's there yet. My sources say wait a week and things should start to progress."


On why Wilt is the GOAT:

- Highest single season scoring average: Wilt 50.4
- Most Total Points Season: Wilt 4029
Most consecutive seasons leading in scoring: MJ, Wilt tied at 7
- Most 60 point games: Wilt 32
- Most 50 point games: Wilt 118
- Most 40 point games: Wilt 271
- Most consecutive 60 point games: Wilt 4
- Most consecutive 50 point games: Wilt 7
- Most consecutive 45 point games: Wilt 7
- Most consecutive 40 point games: Wilt 14
- Most consecutive 35 point games: Wilt 33
- Most consecutive 30 point games: Wilt 65
- Most consecutive 20 point games: Wilt 126
- Highest scoring game: Wilt 100
- Highest scoring game rookie: Wilt 58
- Highest scoring all-star game: Wilt 42
- Most points in 3 quarters: Wilt 69
- Most points in one half: Wilt 59
- Highest scoring all-rookie game: KB 31

Wilt, 18 scoring records vs 1 by KB.

I'll put it together Yellofever since you desperately disrespect previous Laker legends:

Career wise:

(Wilt/Russell/MJ->Can't go wrong with either), Kareem, Magic, Bird, Olajuwon, Shaq, Tim> Kobe so far and me ranking KB as 10th of all time is generous considering he beat out Oscar Robertson and Dr. J and Karl Malone.

How about a sign and trade to the Rockets for Brian Cook and Trevor Ariza? Then waive Brian Cook.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!


If that was our line up, Mitch for Executive of the decade...

Great lighting, great mood. Why do I have a feeling Luca Brazzi is waiting somewhere in the wings to finalize negotiations?

seriously, I couldn't force myself to read through 200 posts of 'we don't need him, he's asking too much, etc'
'how dare he expect to make money he should sign for whatever we offer him and be happy to take it' "i bet we can do a sign and trade to get either lebron and dwade, or we can cut him and play powell, either way, we don't need him. etc etc.

phooey. somebody go through all those posts and tell me if there is anything interesting or funny in there. and then in the words of the bard 'wake me up when september ends'


Do these players realize how great it is to play for the Lakers? Charles Barkley once spoke about thrilled he was when he almost got traded to the Lakers. The Celtics and Knicks are great draws but nothing compares with being a Laker. Which other team has role players that appear on late night talk shows and are still popular years after retiring; Byron Scott, Rick Fox, hell Nick Van Exell got to date Tyra, Paris thinks Luke is hot and i think went out with @###$ Sasha. Kobe and Magic were the only 3 athletes to speak at the funeral of the greatest entertainer of all times. If Lamar wants to leave that then fine i'm sure we'll find someone to replace him, we always do; ask Shaq.

Well, one way or another, we're in the end game right now. I seriously doubt anything will go down with either Miami or Dallas. They're simply being used to stir the pot. The real competition will be the team we've been talking about for days, Portland.

I still think a deal will get done with the Lakers but the slope's getting pretty slippery. Right now, Schwartz is probably stalling to give Portland more time and telling the Lakers that he needs just one more thing to close with them, that they have to come back with something else to make the deal happen. I doubt it will be any increase in the guarantee - the Lakers have already made their last best offer in that regard. The only wiggle room that's left in my opinion would be in added incentives.

If Schwartz senses that it's slipping away, and that Portland's not yet ready to commit, then he'll probably try for something that's more symbolic and not apt to show up in a commission check. Large deals can often hinge on what would seem to be very small things.

>>>Lamar is a proven championship player. He has that
>>>experience. I say give him 10 mill, pay some taxes, and
>>>win some rings.

Easy to say when you're talking about someone else's money.

But let me ask you this. If you have a choice of paying an
additional player 10 million per for 5 years and probably
losing money for some of those years. LOSING millions
of dollars. Then are you still so heart set on giving Lamar

Bear in mind that adding Lamar doesn't guarantee you get
a championship and giving up Lamar doesn't guarantee that
you don't get a championship.

The choice is a gamble on chance of losing money on your
business vs increased chance of winning championships.

For all his inconsistencies, LO shined in the playoffs and was a key player in winning the championship. Lose him, and The Lakers become only a "contender." Keep LO and have everyone healthy, and The Lakers are now "The Team to Beat" for the next several years. Neither side wins if LO goes elsewhere. Pony-up Dr. Buss. You can afford it.

Hey Charles,

>>>Marc Gasol and magical number and contractual
>>>crunching = Odom

Memphis currently has cap space, so they could do that trade
straight up. They even drafted a Center at #2, Hasheem
who could take over the starting center role for them.

The problem is, I'm not sure Memphis is willing to pay
5 years at 10 million per year to ANYONE. Even the insane
Zach Randolph contract they're trading to take on is only for
2 more years.

Mitch stop screwing around and give this man the money 9.5 for 4yrs! If you had been this tough when negotiating Lukes outlandish life time contract we would be talking about a threepeat not a breakup! Damn that Luke Walton!

You got it BK. Thanks for the memo.


I'd love to do a sign and trade with Houston for TA and expiring Cookie. We'd get salary relief, and two guys that know the triangle, plus TA is arguably a more vital piece than LO...

The problem is, I don't think Houston does this deal because they take more in salary with LO, he's 29, RA is also 29 and a much better player than LO, and they didn't want to really go after him much... doubting they'd want LO that badly if they didn't want RA that badly

I think I have to agree with Pincus here...

Wait a week, LO still will not have any offers north of MLE and he'll be forced into a worse contract than the one on the table right now...

Wow, these agents sure are willing to play chicken, aren't they?

Thanks Blitz. I appreciate it.


Where's Lamar going to go for more than the MLE.... Europe?

Yeah, good luck with that.

He'd better sign, or else he might get burned here

Phred, your Lucca Brazzi line is the funniest so far on this thread.

most likely if he liked the lakers offer he would have signed. If they wanted him they would have already signed him. A few teams have signed offer sheets for restricted free agents, if the original teams match the offers then Lamar will be in demand and get his asking price. Typical lie an athlete tells" I love playing for this team so much I will take less money" So much for that nonsense. Good luck to you lamar whereever you play and thanks for helping bring a ring to the lakers.

>>>LTFF you made a lot of trade proposals but only a couple
>>> were worthwhile. I say to add to your list and mess in
>>>Portlands backyard as they are in ours is to offer this s&t.
>>>It is noted that Brandon Roy with contract extension

A couple of problems with that.

First, Portland won't trade any of Brandon Roy, LaMarcus
Aldridge, or Greg Oden, unless they're getting back an
All-Star. If you're offering Kobe or Gasol, then maybe you
could get them to trade one of those three, but not for Odom.

Second, Brandon Roy's extension will be a max contract,
and the only reason the deal isn't done yet is that they're
offering 4 years and he wants 5. If the Lakers are having
trouble stomaching the idea of 5 years of Lamar at 10 million
per, how would they handle 5 years of Roy at 15 million per?

Third, if the Lakers give up Lamar, their greatest need is
a quality backup big man. It could be a center or a tall SF
who could play some PF, but they've got to be better players
than Powell or MBenga.

If Portland tries to do a sign & trade to acquire Lamar, think
of this as your potential shopping list (and you'd only get
1 or 2 of them):

Joel Przybilla - 6.8 million+7.4 million quality backup center

Steve Blake - 4.9 million - decent starting PG

Martell Webster - 4.3 million+3 more years - decent SF

Travis Outlaw - 4 million - 6'9" SF who could probably play some PF

Jerryd Bayless - 2.1 million & up - very good scoring PG

Rudy Fernandez - 1.2 million & up - very good SG/SF

Nicholas Batum - 1.1 million & up - very athletic SF

If it was me, I'd try to get Outlaw & Fernandez.

Second choice would be Lamar + MBenga + Sasha for
Joel Przybilla + Rudy Fernandez (big upgrade from Sasha
to Rudy, Przybilla quality backup big man).


To summarize the collective posts:

"This situation is causing everyone to freak out in one direction or another."

Basically, that's it. No one really likes the situation for different reasons.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


If Lamar gets more money, he'll pay more taxes, it is good to the economy. If the money is not paid to the player, where is the money going? Buss' pocket! which one is better?

Please God - make LO go away. Please have him sign with the Mavs or any other team. Get him off the Lakers. We all know that it would be great to have him, but he is not that great. Let him rot on another team and get his 10 million - but please do not let it be with the Lakers. We already have bad contracts we're trying to dump....please do not let Mitch make any more of those.

Let him be greedy and go for the money if that is what he wants. Be careful what you ask for LO.

Remember - this is all a freaking game!!! We are struggling to keep our homes and feed our families. These greedy SOBs are playing a game for millions of dollars. Oh brother. And does it really affect your life when they win a championship or not? It's not like we get any paybacks!! Let LO walk and call it a day!!!! I'm sick of his attitude!!!

Lamar don’t believe the hype!!!

There was a time BJ Armstrong felt under paid and he was all that and it was not MJ. I wonder how that worked out once he left the Bulls.

Look Shannon wanted to be a Laker and tool less money, same with Artest!!!

If you think you are worth more than 10mill a year, prove it. Give us 3 yrs at 8 mill (i cannot live on 8mill a year)
and the next contract if you are as good as you think you are teams will be rushing to sign you up. Note to ones ego, Portland went for Hedo first, then Milsap, you were not even their 2nd choice, let alone 1st option.

So please have a word with wife do the following:

1. Turn of the lights at night
2. Eat in
3. Do not by a Buggatti (3/4 mill)
4. Do not by race horse
5. Do not by a helicopter
6. Cut down on the trips to Vegas

These cuts alone will save you a few mill.

Lamar man up, stop using you agent as an excuse, either you want to play for the Lakers or you want you pot a of gold!!!!




I don't think anyone is saying that Lamar should sign for whatever, and I don't think anyone faults him for wanting the most amount of money he can get.

Having said that, the long term viability of our team is at stake here - it's a pretty big deal.

If they overpay, it could erase a few championships off the team, and if he somehow walks, well... same problem.

KB Blitz,

you wrote: You still have Sir Choke-A-lot XP.

And you have a right to your own perspective BUT:

Top 5 man Squad 2008-2009 Lakers:


You'll also be surprised by this:

Most interesting note is

Vujacic +57
Farmar +20

Really didn't lose anything if Odom doesn't resign? XD

"All those damn lies and statistics. *I"M" always right"

Simply put Hobbitmage=You got *owned*. Your attempt to lower down LO's value to the Lakers squad is utterly worthless on everyless except the fact he shouldn't be getting $10 million.

Just like you cried about how he couldn't accept his bench role. 1) Not only he did and 2) He did it much better without no complaints compared to Rip Hamilton and especially Allen Iverson.

Hobbitmage=owned by his dislike of LO.

My response:

1st. Maybe you should get your wife to help you
re-read my post. You're missing points again
and tossing in a bunch of random stuff to sound
like you know what you're talking about. Sorta like
Lamar working on his lateral quickness.

2. you wrote: Top 5 man Squad 2008-2009 Lakers:

This is interesting. Ariza is already gone. I guess
that 5 man squad won't be 1st anymore will it?

Hey, I have a question for you. Before Pau played
with Kobe, did he make the all-star squad? yes.

Has Lamar ever been an NBA all-star? No. So you're
telling me that on a team with two all-stars, Lamar
played well and we won? Wow ... that's so ...

3. you wrote: Really didn't lose anything if Odom doesn't resign? XD

my response: I don't believe that I wrote that. I just went
back and checked my earlier post [today] and I didn't see that.
So this would be another case of you making things up
to prove your point. btw, what is XD?

you mentioned Farmar & Sasha. Is this your feeble
attempt to get some sort of acknowledgment from the
blog? I'm talking about Lamar and his not accepting a
contract. You bring up 2 young guards who have
*NOTHING* to do with this conversation in order to
pump up yourself and Lamar. Why? Maybe every
year you should take a reading or debating class. You
always drift off point to make yourself sound
superior. Stay on topic!

Your second link was rather interesting. Based upon
those interesting statistics, you'd think Lamar would
be an all-star like Pau. Oh, wait. That hasn't happened
yet. Maybe because your stats don't tell the *real*

re: not crying about his role off the bench. No
complaints? Excuse me?
Are you referring to Lamar's comment about Phil:

" He must have bumped his head or something. "

Neither Rip nor AI would have complained if the
Pistons won. They didn't. It's been said by others:
Winning covers a multitude of crap.

You're final comment is flat out wrong like so much
of what you've said in the past. You've been called
out for it and still you continue with baseless rants
to make yourself look better. There are 18 yr. old
high school dropouts who read better than you and
illiterate people who reason better than you.

But let's not make this about you and me. We went
through this last year. You were right on some things
and wrong on some things. I was right on some things
and wrong on some things. The Lakers won, which is
what *REALLY* matters.

I know you've got a *THING* for Lamar, but please keep
that crap in the closet. I know your dream is to be
praised, on the "Lakers Blog", as the fount of all
basketball knowledge, but it ain't going to happen.

My final word to you on this: Lamar *IS* a valuable
Laker and I would like him to sign the contract today.
Neither he nor Ariza are/were worth as much as they

KB Blitz,

Thanks for posting the Eric Pincus article.

I'm pretty much on the same page as him (but I did the "extreme
disgruntled look at what every team in the league could offer"

I listed every deal I could possibly imagine happening that
would at least give the Lakers SOME compensation for losing
Lamar. But in the long run, I agree with Pincus. I'm not sure
ANY team in the league would be willing to give up the sort
of players I suggested AND pay Lamar 10 million a year for
5 years. There might be a few teams willing to pay that much,
but I'm not sure any of them would want to give up a quality
player as well.

I could still envision the Lakers winning more titles if someone
like Michael Beasley or Tyrus Thomas took Lamar's backup
spot. But I don't think the Lakers would agree to a sign and
trade of Lamar for a guard.

And like Pincus, I think a week from now, Lamar will come
to his senses, recognize that the Lakers are putting the best
offer on the table, and will sign.

LO wearing a business suit
LO not going out to party
LO went out of the house only 2 times
LO working out or improving his hame

any more material for window dressing?

his lawyer, or his midget brain, created the NEW-LO, mature, professional, and

is he really that stupid that this fake "LO-WITH LESS CALORIES" image is not already perceived by the FO as fabricated before a contract. they've seen him for 5 years. what did he do during that time?

LO is a DESPICABLE hypocrite.

The only gun in the head trade i'll take from the mavs is Dirk for Sasha-Lo-Amo. (I know it won't work due to the amount of incoming players and the silliness of the proposal)

So Lamar better pucker up butter cup. Sign with the Lakers!

I think people are forgetting that Lamar was promised by the Lakers that his becoming a sixth man wouldn't diminish his value to the Lakers. That was obviously a lie. Lamar did what was asked of him, it worked and the Lakers won the championship. The Lakers knew that Lamar wanted a minimum of 10mil. and as a starting 4 is well worth it.
Lamar made the necessary sacrifices.
What surprises me is no other team is making a push for him.
He's in the prime of his career, can play multiple positions, has a very good offensive skill set, a great attitude, a great teammate, solid on defense and a good public reputation. What gives?
He's worth 10mil easy. Jerry Buss, you have the money, swallow your pride, live up to your promises and give the guy what he deserves!


great deconstruction of REAL-LO


keep it up


If Lamar gets paid more, he pays more money in taxes and it helps the economy. But if Buss makes that money, then he does not pay taxes? Maybe you're referring to luxury NBA taxes - but I'm not really sure what this has to do with the economy... if you're talking about income taxes, Buss will pay those too, so it's really a wash

Bill b,
"sixth man wouldn't diminish his value to the Lakers. That was obviously a lie."

Becoming a sixth man (which he had no choice about, BTW) did not diminish his value. What diminished his value was the fact that he isn't worth what he was being paid, whether or not he is starting.

"That was obviously a lie"

Not really. TA was offered MLE. Artest was signed for MLE. These guys were the STARTERS

LO, the bench guy, is getting offered 50% more and he still doesn't like it.


You're right, I do not care about whether Jerry Buss makes money or loses money. I care about the Lakers winning.

This Laker team without Lamar will have a chance to win the title. This Laker team with Lamar, in my opinion, will be the class of the NBA, and will benefit greatly from that.

The Buss's have plenty of money. Losing millions of dollars is not the end of the world for them. They still have millions more, and then some.

Let's win some championships while we have a great team of players, all in their primes. Dude, if we sign Lamar, this Laker team has a chance to go down as the best ever. The talent is there, the leadership is there, the chemistry is there.

Are you telling me that Buss shouldn't pay 10 extra million for that? That's a drop in the bucket for him.

Go Lakers!

Lamar was the 6th man for the Lakers but never entered any discussion in the 6TH MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD.


"He's worth 10mil easy"

If that's the case, show me the money.

Hedo didn't even get this

this is the new reality show/soap opera

How Lamar Turns.

"Lamar has grown up big time as a Laker under Phil Jackson"

You're putting too much weight on what he did the past few months, when he was trying out for his upcoming contract.

LO memories

mandatory OFFENSIVE foul
inbound pass-TO
MISSED layups
creating plays- CHAOS - TO
2 quick fouls - BACK TO THE BENCH

versatility as it BEST

Off topic, but here is what Ridiculous Upside said about Ammo's game yeasterday:

"Adam Morrison continues to pretend like he's an NBA player, with 20 points on 18 shots and six rebounds."

Nice to think maybe Adam may be able to contribute something off the bench next year, or be trade bait.

Edwin - LOL - I've heard bald is beautiful, and I'll take your word for it, but I prefer my thick tresses LOL!!! Hopefully I'll still have them when this is all said and done.

Hobbit - wow - no one has EVER replied back to me in such detail and length before. I would kindly like to draw you attention to Blitz and Jamie Sweet's responses above and just say that I'm with them, not you, on this issue.


We cannot come off a championship season, resign only 1 of our free agents, and add a looney tune like Thrillah without our ability to repeat seriously questioned if not undermined.

Please - LO - sign already. The Lakers need you.


Yeah, the overly polished and professional LO came off as fake to me too. Like I said in one of my earlier posts (I've been on the damn computer all day) I felt like he was "lawyered up".

Love Lamar. Want him back.

5 years at $10 million? No way. That is a poison contract, 33 year old LO ain't gonna be worth it.

It has to be a sliding scale, more years = less $$$$ per year.

Wish we knew what plan B is.

"Get ready for the Walton Bench Era;
Would be the worst bench in the NBA"

Here comes the Lakerbusters!!!!


"Offer 1 million for 1 year to Drew Gooden, Joe Smith, Chris Wilcox,
Rasho Nesterovic, Ike Diogu, and Leon Powe (since Powe is
injured right now, he'd have to accept 2 years at 1 million each
with a team option on the 2nd year). Sign the first 2 (or 3) who
accept the offer. It would be backup PF by committee. Maybe
if you're lucky, one of them goes from being below average
elsewhere to being solid for the Lakers (like Ariza & Shannon

you are catching on... keep it up. your extravanza not bad either. let Mitch do his thing in small trades and small signing. In MITCH WE TRUST !!! Say it Laker nation!!

Lamar is gone. This would be the first time Mitch did the right thing in free agency. NO WAY WE GIVE HIM 5 MORE YEARS! Mitch has learned his lessons... YES!

The issue why Lamar Odom's camp is still hesitant about even $9 million:

"The issue for Odom isn’t money, it’s years — he wants five, not three. Lamar Odom is 29 years old; he doesn’t want to have to scrape for a new contract when he is 32, because it is very hard to get a decent NBA contract at that age.

Odom’s problem is his other suitors do not fit his needs. Dallas (rumored to be entering the Odom sweepstakes) is pretty typical — they can offer no more than $5.8 million, but can do so for five years. With raises, over the course of that contract, he would make about $32 million. The most any non-Lakers team could offer per year Portland’s $7.7 million and they say are not interested. Odom doesn’t like his choices, so he’s being patient waiting for another one."

I am getting to the point where I was few weeks back, with TA...
At this point, I don't give a D____ about what he does....
LO - just go away... and get a life....
This is just a game.... and people out there are struggling to make ends meet...
Good luck to you... and go away!!!!

Brandon Roy isn't going anywhere. Period.

Posted by: puddle | July 14, 2009 at 02:14 PM

Only if he wants to! His call. But it will force Portland to spend more now to resign Roy and not have money to offer LO.

Either way make the call! Only speed up the process.

On why Wilt is the GOAT:

- Highest single season scoring average: Wilt 50.4
- Most Total Points Season: Wilt 4029
Most consecutive seasons leading in scoring: MJ, Wilt tied at 7
- Most 60 point games: Wilt 32
- Most 50 point games: Wilt 118
- Most 40 point games: Wilt 271
- Most consecutive 60 point games: Wilt 4
- Most consecutive 50 point games: Wilt 7
- Most consecutive 45 point games: Wilt 7
- Most consecutive 40 point games: Wilt 14
- Most consecutive 35 point games: Wilt 33
- Most consecutive 30 point games: Wilt 65
- Most consecutive 20 point games: Wilt 126
- Highest scoring game: Wilt 100
- Highest scoring game rookie: Wilt 58
- Highest scoring all-star game: Wilt 42
- Most points in 3 quarters: Wilt 69
- Most points in one half: Wilt 59
- Highest scoring all-rookie game: KB 31


to put things in perspective heres a picture of what the big wilt was up against. (see link below)

are you laughing yet?

how many seven footers did wilt play against? can you think of any?? bill russell was his greatest opponent but he wasnt even 7 foot... he was more like 6'10"

Tom Daniels-

I agree that 5/50 is a ton to pay for LO (and perhaps too much, depending on how things were structured), but the Plan B is the issue. If the Lakers lose LO they'll still be good (though not nearly as good) and they can still be outstanding (depending on how they replace him), but they'll more than likely have to make some changes in how they play, and won't be as unique a team, nor as versatile. LO gives them an ability to play a variety of styles on both sides of the ball, to have ball movers all over the floor, long defenders who can guard multiple positions, and so on.

It's not that Odom is the best player on the team or the league, or anything like that. he's not. But he is a huge component of what makes this Lakers team what they are. Figuring out the right price for that, though, is tricky, and I say that as (obviously) a big supporter of Odom. I really don't know what the number is.


Do you all know why Artest picked #37?
#3 for Ariza + #7 for Odom at 6mil/yr. What a deal!!

There comes a point you just have to say "ENOUGH".
Take the 9mil Lamar so we all can move on.

Jamie S - that was a great post.

Re: the Pincus article, the only thing I'd disagree with is the week window.... I think things have gotten to a tipping point. Schwartz would be happy to stall but I don't see Mitch leaving the current offer on the table that long.

clearly the concern in the Odom camp is that he is going to decline significantly in three years and not be able to command the type of money he is trying to lock up right now. Fair enough. It would seem some kind of compromise could be reached on years 4 and or 5, either front load the contract so this year is $10m, the next, $9.5m, the third year $9.0, and then stick in a player option for years 4 and 5 for whatever they are haggling over, ??? what is it? $5 or $6m/year when he's 33+ years old?

They've got a good 2 year window here to play in the finals both years, the 3rd year will take some luck here and there, then Kobe, Lamar, possibly even Gasol start to decline a little. Maybe at that point, Lamar would want to pull a Robert Horry and jump from contender to contender each year? This would free him up to either take the money and not opt out or be able to shop himself to teams on the cusp as a free agent in years 4 or 5 of the contract.

Just how good is LO's agent, Jeff Schwarz? He is ranked #3 in total guaranteed salaries negotiated:

His latest achievement: getting Charlie Villanueva a 5-year $35M contract with Detroit. That is basically DOUBLE what Charlie was previously making annually.

So don't blame it all on LO; he just happened to sign up with a good agent who has a reputation to uphold.

yo blitz

here take a moment to chew on this (typed in very easy to understand blitz format)

kobe81>>>> wilt100

now go pound sand!


i'm out of words for the detailed "all possible trade scenarios". your "relentless" research in futility never hit that high. jk. :)

on a serious note: without LO, the


Angry Laker

stay angry. :)

First time using tiny URL...may the Ks thank me at dinner tonight.

That's a link to the LAT ted Green article posted this morningish.

This is what is holding everything up, his agent is the second coming of Jerry Maguire.

This may also explain LOs subduedness as he may have been told by said agent, "You play basket ball, I handle the negotiations."

Well, if Die Hard taught me anything is you never negotiate with terrorists, they're really after the money, anyhow. If the Ariza negotiations taught me anything else, it's don't eff with the Buss family, they're only after rings.

I'm excited to see how things pan out.

dave m-

thanks man, 'preciate it.

Man. I can't wait to see Bynum fully healed with his timing back.

A good friend of mine who used to post here "JSNV" mentioned LO/Sasha for Elton Brand.

Would you guys do it? I think Philly laughs but hey.

Is "bill b" a pseudonym for Jeff Schwartz? Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is going to pay LO $10 million a year for 5 years. You don't pay that kind of salary to a guy who is your 3rd or 4th best player unless it is to lock up a young guy a la Bynum. If LO is anything but your 3rd best player, you will not be a contender and he will be a bust. If you disagree, then your memory apparently doesn't extend beyond this year's playoffs.

LO was #2 here for years and he didn't produce (before anyone freak out about that, ask yourself how many times the guy was the subject of trade rumors, or how many all star appearances he had, or how many playoff games he helped lead the Lakers to). He's a real good 3rd option and a great 4th option, but as a #2 he is terrible.

A $10 million a year guy at this age should have managed to find his way on to at least one all star team, don't you think?

When LO's "options" expire and he can only get $6 million per year for 5 years, I say offer him $6.5 per for five and tell Jeff (his agent) "hey, I tried to give you the early bird bonus, but you didn't want it"

>>>His latest achievement: getting Charlie Villanueva a
>>>5-year $35M contract with Detroit. That is basically
>>>DOUBLE what Charlie was previously making annually.

But that's going from a rookie contract to his first REAL contract.

Show me what Schwartz has gotten for a veteran free agent
who was the 4th best player on his team the previous season.

Oh Hobbit do you have to get so emotional?

"Neither Rip nor AI would have complained if the
Pistons won. They didn't."

Rip said himself that if it didn't work he didn't want to fill that role. AI?

“I’d rather retire before I do this again,” Iverson said. “I can’t be effective playing this way. I’m not used to it."

Hence why many teams who would like to have him are cautious because they know he doesn't want to be a reserve player.

"re: not crying about his role off the bench. No
complaints? Excuse me?"

And did we hear anything after that? No in fact LO was willing to head back to the bench when Bynum returned even though the Lakers has beaten BOTH Boston and Cleveland with him in the starting line up. Same thing can't be said about Iverson or even Bynum who complained about his PT in the middle of the Denver series!

"Based upon those interesting statistics, you'd think Lamar would be an all-star like Pau."

There's been a ton of players who produced very well AND was a critical part of the team yet never made the All-Star team:

Stephen Jackson, Mike Bibby (3pt contest don't count), Marcus Camby, Kevin Martin, Deron Williams (will be count on that), Andre Iggy, Hedo Torkulgu and I could also make a case for Tayshaun Prince.

"you mentioned Farmar & Sasha."

Only to call out on your suppose faith in Farmar and Sasha was LO as inconsistent as he is, is more consistent then EITHER of them.

"This is interesting. Ariza is already gone. I guess
that 5 man squad won't be 1st anymore will it?"

Top 5 5 man squad team LA Lakers 2008-2009 and their win %

Fisher-Bryant-Ariza-Odom-Gasol 61.5%
Fisher-Bryant-Walton-Odom-Gasol 77.1
Fisher-Bryant-Radmanovic-Odom-Gasol 66.6
Farmar-Bryant-Walton-Odom-Gasol 84.6
Farmar-Vujacic-Bryant-Odom-Gasol 75.0

Besides Bryant and Gasol who was the other consistent member? Oh that's right Lamar Odom. And Ariza is only in ONE of them. I won't say if Artest will be a fit but I'm very hopeful that Artest if playing with that first lineup will do even better.

Of course I don't want to debate with you. I sided with you when Laker Tom had his crazy idea of Kobe playing point guard.

"My final word to you on this: Lamar *IS* a valuable
Laker and I would like him to sign the contract today."

If he signed that contract 3 weeks would that suite you still? Keep in mind as greedy as an agent may be they are doing their jobs in getting their clients as much money as they can though not every agent is a crook like David Lee. They are still pondering their options and while it is frustrating for the Lakers that he didn't immediately sign the contract. And he can still sign it. Not everyone will be an Artest play for less. Those things are quite rare. The only other two players who ever did that were Gary Payton and Karl Malone who were that desperate enough to win a title to their legacy.

Patience is needed here. There isn't a big market for LO especially with the money/years he is asking unlike Ariza who were courted by Houston, Cleveland, and Toronto AND were very capable of paying him.


"versatility as it BEST"

LOL loved that post. Can you do the same for Bynum? He is the same in my opinion just as not as a good rebounder.

And LO did receive 6th man of the year votes but considering what Jason Terry (who only got it because Josh Howard was injured most times) had JT was a runaway winner. LO had to fight through Kobe and Gasol and even Bynum to get the ball more and hell no that he should get the ball over those guys.


I wouldn't mind losing LO for Michael Beasley though I doubt the Lakers would want to get back troublesome contracts in return though.

the Snake

just read the link. i tried to find out where David Lee is on the list and while perusing the list i realized that his name is outlined. and just realized that - serendipity - wrong word, the arrow of my mouse happened to be exactly on his name?!

is this a sign that Jeff Schwartz will get the Davis Lee treatment? let's wait and see.

good call. :)

Mr. Odom;

The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.


The same stuff I wrote to Blitz about being respectful of other posters applies to you as well. Please be conscious of tone.



>>>I wouldn't mind losing LO for Michael Beasley though I
>>>doubt the Lakers would want to get back troublesome
>>>contracts in return though.

KB Blitz,

with you on both counts. There won't be any Marko Jaric
or Jared Jeffries coming back to the Lakers in a S&T for Lamar.
It's either quality players or contracts that expire at the end of
2009-2010. AND the total amount taken back for this season
must be less than or equal to 8 million. Probably more like
6 million would be preferable.

"if Die Hard taught me anything is you never negotiate with terrorists, they're really after the money, anyhow. If the Ariza negotiations taught me anything else, it's don't eff with the Buss family"


If the Laker management/ownership fails to sign at least one of our significant free agent forwards after a successful championship season, this offseason is a colossal failure for them. They've rolled the dice on Artest over Ariza and stand to lose Lamar if they don't bend a bit more. Lose another important cog and you are messing with the proven chemistry a bit too much for my taste, and risking the opportunities to repeat in the coming years.

Odom's skill set is not replaceable on the open market. I'm thinking 4 years/34 million should get it done, and I think he's worth every penny.

""Get ready for the Walton Bench Era;
Would be the worst bench in the NBA""

Yeah, the Lakers did absolutely horribly this past season while Bynum was out, with that bench. 26-7 (including the game he got hurt, when he only played 5 min).

At this point we have to really consider doing a sign and trade with Lamar. We can't just let him walk, I don’t think, not after having come this far with this team after such a rocky end to the Shaq/Kobe era. We can't just have a sudden downgrade smack dab in the middle of Kobe's prime. Can we?

And as someone else pointed out, the bench without Lamar could possibly be the worst in the NBA.


We have to do a sign and trade. In fact, the more I think about it, if we can get two players like a Hinrich and Thomas (wish) or even a Gasol and change this would increase our flexibility tremendously in the next few years. With Lamar locked into a 5 year deal at 10 per we are welded to this roster. Even Noah and change or Chandler and change we'll have a better chance of interchanging pieces to keep up with the ebb and flow of the next few NBA seasons.

I'm so turned off by Lamar giving his agent complete unadulterated control of his entire future. seriously, is Lamar retarded? He can't take part in matters that only affect his children/wife/family/friends/work/home and future? This is why Bynum is sooooo smart. He jumped in and stopped his agent from diminishing the quality of his life over the next decade so he (the agent) could make an extra million.

We don't know all the facts, but I'm seriously turned off by Mr. Odom, and at this point I want players who want to be here for the right reasons. Lamar HAS NOT earned a 5 year 50 million dollar pay day. Not at this moment in time, not in this economy. I know he thinks he has, but he simply has not and he needs to stop implying that he has, and with great toil to himself.

What a wiener.


For me the LO situation is moving into the " I'm don't really care anymore territory." I'm going with the house(Lakers/Mitch)on this one because the gamble will be worth it in the long run if we don't resign LO. I would love for us to keep LO, but if he doesn't want to accept the offer, the Lakers should just move on and trade him for a younger talented player that could help us right now and in the future.

I wonder if Kobe is waiting to see what happens with LO before signing??? Go Lakers!!!

#1 task: Replace Lamar's rebounding. Maybe Tyrus Thomas... Maybe Noah...Maybe David Lee. Someone else mentioned Odom and Farmar for D Lee and N. Robinson.

Mmmmmm. That's smells good.

Lets dump Farmar with Lamar or art least Sasha with Lamar and move forward.

The only thing is this. If we do a sign and trade we'll probable be paying out the 10 mil Lamar wants, so why not just give it to him?

Maybe because we'll be getting 2 players for Lamar, I think, and maybe that 10 mill will be for only 2-3 years, not 5. Maybe.

Only the first year of salaries has to match, I think. So if we can find 2 players on 2 year deals, we might be in business.


IF indeed the problem is years and not dolloars per, what about 5 years 35-40 million?

35 is aactually more than almost any team can offer, so Lamar, take the foot from mouth and put money where the foot was.



noted.. my bad dude.


Yes, I agree with you completely. I think Odom is very important to this team, especially with Drew as a question mark.

I have no problem with a big number.

But 5 years at a big number seems to me to create problems down the road as Odom ages. If I were the Lakers I would rather overpay for 2-3 years than pay the current market for Lamar for 5.

yellowfever, i have to correct you. likely you're too young to ever have seen Wilt play, that's why you link to 50's players to compare his size to, when he played in the 60's and 70's.

in fact, there were a number of big guys in the league by the mid to late 60's, a perfect example is Wilt's own backup Mel(Chick called him "big Mel") Counts. he played against Bob Lanier and Kareem later in his career. there was the 6' 11" Nate Thurmond. Willis Reed wasn't huge, but he wasn't a pushover either(think a more skilled Ben wallace. how did Ben do against Shaq?). Walt Bellamy was 6' 11". actually, there were quite a few BIG men in the NBA by the mid 60's. there weren't as many as in the 70's and 80's, but there were big guys in the league.

Wilt was great. in his time, there was none better, the same for Magic, Bird, MJ, Dr. J(i'm guessing you never saw him play either) and even Kobe.

here;s some bla bla bla about Wilt:

and back on topic-
c'mon Lamar! sign ze papers...

if Lamar does not shape up, dump him with Sasha and Walton. get somebody who has heart to play for Lakers. What a whino LO is! Shape up or ship out!

Charles - interesting thought. I'd want to know what kind of shape he's in, that was a tough injury. And, would he buy into coming off the bench? Because otherwise you're looking at Pau starting at center and Bynum coming off the bench. Still, food for thought.

I'm still hopeful that it all works out with Lamar staying here.


Excellent stuff. You raised some very interesting points, especially the issue of Lamar preferring to stay in the background and not get involved in the day-to-day stress of negotiating his contract versus Bynum stepping in and ordering Lee to make a deal.

As much as I love Lamar and want him back, I admit I’ve experienced some of the same ambivalence that you’re going through right now. When you step back, however, this is just classic Lamar Odom. Lamar is simply not comfortable dealing with pressure. That’s why, despite his great talent and versatility, he has never become the All-Star player he could be, although his consistency on court improved greatly over last year.

Trevor Ariza shares some of the same reticence and passivity in his personal style, too. Even now, he doesn’t seem to want to question whether or not he and Lee screwed up. We all know that I think it was all out of their hands and that the Lakers wanted Artest from the beginning. But Trevor seems to just want it all to go away. He doesn’t want to deal with the stress that he screwed up somehow. Instead, he ostriches himself.

Bottom line, I don’t see Lamar leaving the Lakers for another team. What we are seeing, however, is a pretty blatant admission by Odom’s agent that as tough as the economic situation is right now, it may even be worse down the road in 3 years. I think that is powering the demand for a longer contract. That’s why 5 years is now so important.

What we have right now, however, is the perfect prelude to a compromise – two sides who both really want to agree entrenched over 3 years versus 5. You have to believe that a 4-year deal for $36M with an opt out after the third year might get both sides to sign on the dotted line. With Lamar, this team should win 2 or 3 more titles than it might without him. This not a one-season decision. We need to maximize Kobe’s prime.

Part of why we are all starting to become more ambivalent about Lamar, aside from boredom and frustration, is the realization that the signing of Lamar would put the Lakers some $20M higher than all the other elite teams contending for a title. I don’t know for sure where the line is where the costs overcome the revenues but I would guess we are getting pretty close to it with a $110M payroll counting luxury tax.

If it we only had to worry about our revenues, no problem. Championships will generate lots of Lakers revenue. The problem is those other 29 teams, whose plunging revenues will drive the salary cap and tax threshold lower and lower, which will result in more and more of the Lakers total payroll subject to luxury tax. Before you know it, we’ll be paying luxury taxes on even Luke Walton’s salary. That’s where the crunch will come.

There is also a point where Jerry Buss’ gambling style will win out over his patience and he will decide to keep that $36M and gamble instead that Drew will stay healthy and Artest’s ability to play power as well as small forward will let the Lakers keep on rolling. Not as sure a bet as with Lamar but imagine Drew playing the entire year and playoffs like he did last January and our defense getting even better. Would you spend $36M for 4 championships instead of 2 or 5 instead of 3? Or would you rather keep $36M?



I though no cheap political shots were allowed. I mention Barack's name and get deleted. Let's be fair, OK?



Not sure what you're referring to.


excellent post Laker Tom including personality and psychologocal analyses


interesting article on wilt... i dont doubt wilt wasnt the greatest of his time or that he didnt have some competition esp towards the end of his career. my biggest problem with considering him the greatest is that most of his accomplishments was due to his size and physical attributes. i guess we can go all day on who the greatest is and really just depends on your criteria. i know wilt was just a superb physical specimen like shaq who scored most of his points by towering over the opposition but how good were his skills?

if your judging on other aspects like all around game, athletic talent or basketball skills you could say jordan and even magic or oscar... personally i think its a bigger feat to dominate the competition on athleticism and skills. thats why kobes 81 on a wide array of outside jumpers and fadeaways is a lot more impressive than wilts 100 on layups and dunks.


Thanks... I appreciate it.


Lamar went from the second man to the third and now he is the sixth ,Even in the playoffs he was inconsistant and he just contributed to games that we were going to win anyway.If Ariza could upgrade himself so can Josh Powell,he started one time and made seventeen points, with more playing time he can be very valuable,otherwise lets go after big baby .

$9 million per is a great deal, but it's got to be the right amount of years, because LO isn't exactly going to be able to spotlight himself for the next contract as 6th man alongside Kobe, Gasol, Ron and emerging Drew, so he has to feel it's his last big contract if he stays with us.

Otherwise, dude could start for most teams in the league, and star in a place like Miami back with his boy D-Wade, and he could take a shorter deal there, with player options and what not, since he'll be able to showcase that he's still one of the best all-around players in this league.

It's a tough deal, I'm a die-hard Lakers fan, and have become a die-hard Lamar Odom fan too after witnessing his game and person up close with the purple and gold, so I definitely want LO back, and would lose some joy in the team if he were gone, but I understand it might be best for him business-wise to roll, and Miami would be my second favorite team in the league (I'm a D-Wade and Beasley fan too), but I'm always purple and gold first, and Drew is about to break out, and Ron is entering the scene, so the joy will return.

Don't know if this is true but someone on another blog said that on Twitter it was reported that Lakers took LO's offer, off the table. Tried researching but couldn't find anything. Sorry - not trying to spread rumors - just thought maybe someone that knows twitter could find the info.


I'm not sure where the comment is, though. There's almost 300 on the thread.


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