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Lamar Odom news, via Twitter

I mentioned the other night when Hedo Turkoglu reneged on the Blazers that it could be bad news for LA, since Portland might take their $9 mil in cap space and turn their attention to Lamar Odom Well, via his Twitter page,'s Ric Bucher says the Blazers are looking elsewhere:

Latest on LO and Portland: Blazers not interested, according to a source.

Hard to get all flowery with the language when limited to 140 characters.  Obviously at this time of year information changes rapidly, but if Bucher is correct (I'm anticipating what a few of the comments below will look like) it only helps the Lakers. 


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did Bucher predict Artest coming to the Lakers or Turkeygule spurning the Blazers and jumping ship to Jurassic Park Canada? cuz you can't count on any 'sources' till the deal is done...

As a Laker fan living in Portland, I know that Kevin Pritchard (Blazer's GM) is scared off by LO's past weed habit. They're still scarred by the JailBlazer era. Things change, but I only see them feigning interest to drive up LO's price and deprive us the money to re-sign Brown.

I hope lamar gets a good deal. He is one of the NBA's best players according to several metrics

At least it's something. This waiting game stinks.


the Blog icon is missing on the sports page. someone mentioned that yesterday

the blog CAN'T be accessed if it's not already bookmarked. i'm sure u get it. thanks

If you were the GM of another team, would you be willing to offer $9M per year to a guy who sometimes plays and sometimes does not? Who (except for his stint in Miami under Pat Riley) has shown that he can't be relied on as an every day contributor? Who eats way too much candy?

You certainly wouldn't pay him that much to come off the bench, and in this economy you would hesitate to make him a starter.

For the Lakers, it's not a problem, because for them LO is a luxury: He only needs to be the third, or fourth or fifth best player on the team.

But his presence ensures that the Lakers have BY FAR the most talent of any team in the league. So, even when they underperform compared to their talent (as they usually do), it's still usually good enough to win.

LAKER TOM writes at 12:55PM :

Age--Ron 29, Paul 27

Why are you providing us with Paul Pierce`s 2004??

Anyways, you deserve praise for pointing out all 10 Laker titles.

Finally, an intelligent Laker fan who wisely chooses NOT to "piggy-back" the 5 Minneapolis titles...which, as we all know, had nothing to do with Los Angeles, California...and took place in a prehistoric age where no 24 second shot clock existed!

Everyone please stop panicking!!!!!!!!! The Lakers just won the championship and everyone should be happy to have things back in universal order in the basketball world. They got Artest (so long Trevor, we'll never hear from you again), and they should get Odom back in due time. So everyone chill out and enjoy your summer. And if they don't sign Odom, I'm sure they'll get someone to come and handle the job. Enjoy the the championship people. Remember how it felt the past seven yrs?????

Since Ric B reported that, then it must mean tha LO is in conversation with Portland.

Why would the Blazers be interested in Lamar? They have better 4 spot players than him, and their 3 spot guys play the 3 better than Lamar plays the 3.

And at $9 million, it would be a RIP off.

Frankly, anything he gets over say $6 million is Dr Buss' way of saying "thank you"

Red coached for 20 years (against as little as 7 other teams in the league) and won 9 rings in the minors.
Jackson has coached 18 years (never less then 27 teams) and has won 10 rings in the grown-up league.

No comparison.

2008-2009 Funs = 2009-2010 Greenies
Look good on paper,
Old, slow and declining on the court.

Wallace will be for the Celtics what Shaq is for the Cavs – an aging star who contributes in ways that don't help his team.

The Celtics are older than dirt in basketball terms.
The Cavs are still going to be LeBron and a bunch of non-difference makers.

The only team so far that may have made a significant upgrade in the east is Orlando.

Didn't Ric Bucher report that Kobe would never again wear a Laker Jersey?

I suppose this means Lamar has already verbally commited to Portland.

BK/AK and others,

If the Lakers are over the Luxury Tax for their current team, then how are the Celtics able to keep picking up players like Rasheed? How are they able to do this when they have KG, PP , Ray Allen and others on their payroll? One would think that most of their money is tied up with the their trio, yet they're able to pick up Rasheed and even last year were able to add Marbury. The Lakers meanwhile have Kobe, Pau and LO, but left a roster spot open last season and now are able to pick up Artest. Are the Lakers able to pick up someone else even after they sign both LO and Shannon Brown?

my Celtic hatred so strong had to repost:

Good Afternoon Charles..Good afternoon Everyone..

I am really glad the Celtics got Rasheed...

gives me yet another reason to hate their pundgent reeking guts...(not that I really needed another reason but thanks anyway Ainge, you total little shniv boy)

I have always hated that idiot Wallace (complete with that insidious white spot on his ugly head--WTF is that anyway?)...

I hope they can land Alllen Iverson too...

I don't think I have ever liked any player who has worn that crappy uniform and played for those overly lucky jerks---I have respected a few (and i do mean a few), but never liked any....

Rick Fox was the exception, and he gets a pass because he hated the Celtics before he was drafted, and hated being a frickin' Celtic the whole time he played there in that stinkhole of a town (he actually played with nose plugs the entire time he was in Beantown--check out the footage of him if you can find any, Rick has tried to errase all existing evidence of his sentence there)...

and then of course Rick proved his true colors turning down 20 plus million dollars and taking a 1 million dollar salary for two years in a row...and then of course he couldn't stand the idea (made him physically sick) of having to go back there and wear that ugly uniform again so he retired instead..

and I hope the Celtic bandwagon fan base grows and grows...the more Laker hatred (and Celtic pig lovin') sent our way the just makes it that much sweeter...

and the next 10 years are going to be sweet indeed---I'll say it again: 4 of the next 6 rings are ours, 6 of the next 10....carve it in stone Celtic wipers of other people's bottoms...

I also don't care who or what any team gets except the Lakers...they can have anybody they want...bring 'em on and we'll take 'em on while their delusioned pathetic fans chant the highly original "Beat LA" until blood runs out of their lower orifices...

have a nice day



BK/AK and others,

I also forgot to mention Grant Hill in my last question regarding the Celtics. How are the Celtics able to add both Rasheed and Hill if and when it happens?

Damn that means that LO is having heated talks with the Blazers

BK, I would hesitate to post something like this on as good and professional blog as yours. Quoting ESPN.Com's usage of Rich Bucher's Twitter which invokes "according to a source" is hardly anything that can be promised accurate or newsworthy.

Dont you remember Bobby Knight's rant years ago, when he said "according to an unnamed source? what is an unnamed source? the neighbor the doorman, a little old lady, the dog?" okay well that wasnt word for word but you get the idea, a "source" could be me writing on my Blog that Lamar is not talking to Portland, or it could be me because I follow Lamar's Twitter and he doesnt seem suspicially invovled.

Plus, its Ric Bucher...and didnt he promise us Kobe was "categorically never going to be in a Lakers jersey again, you can count on it"

My new nickname for the Celtics? I love the 90s! like the VH1 show. Yeah you hear those names and think "wow" remember how popular they were? Then you realize is 200-freaking-9!!!

By the way there is only 5 teams going to compete for the title next year:

1. Lakers
2. Celtics
3. Magic
4. Spurs
5. Cavs

in that order

What's up Lakerville?
Like most of you, I'm also on pins and needels aching to hear any news about LO and SB. I, too, think that LO is a very important piece on the team. He's our built-in mismatch with opponents. While most think that he's only worth around $6m, I think that he should be getting something in the $8-10m range. If I'm not wrong, big men PF/C (especially one with multiple skills) are generally paid more than SF. I hope that they give LO a fair contract. His playing with various injuries has particularly impressed me. That should amount for something.

Ooops, hit Post too soon... that should be "on pins and needles"...


I had the birthdates wrong. Paul will be 32 when the season starts while Ron will only be 29. Youth would be another reason to favor Ron over Paul. Salaries would be another reason since Ron only makes $5.5M while Paul costs $21M. So when you consider their ages and salaries, I would bet that 29 out of 30 general managers would choose Ron (I am giving you Danny Ainge, your dork GM, as the only one dumb enough to pick Paula.



The Celtics signed Rasheed using the mid-level exception, a certain amount of cash allotted to each team lets you sign free agents without it counting against the cap. That's how the Lakers, also over the cap, signed Ron Artest. I believe if Boston signs Grant Hill, it would be using the bi-annual exception, which is about 1.8 mil (I think) and can be used every other year.


Lamar is a bad fit for Portland. I am worried that Cleveland might still go after him, I'm surprised they haven't already.

I'm not going to hold my breath over this. However, the people who are saying that LO is a luxury are out of thier minds. Without LO there is no title next year.

Celtics got Rasheed for 5.6 m, Lamar is not worth 9 mil not when nobody is making offers. How about get LO for 7 M and be done with it. LO do not be another Ariza.

9 MIl can get you Ariza and Brown back. I would prefer to spend it on two than one.

One interesting note is Odom just happens to be 1 of 17 total followers on Ric Bucher's twitter! A long with Shaq and Derik Fisher

Lake Show-

I tend to agree about unnamed sources, which is why I had the caveat at the bottom. I certainly wouldn't read it as gospel. Even if Bucher's source is correct today, he may not be tomorrow. (Though it must be said that Bucher is certainly a very credible reporter.)


Red coached for 20 years (against as little as 7 other teams in the league) and won 9 rings in the minors.
Jackson has coached 18 years (never less then 27 teams) and has won 10 rings in the grown-up league.

No comparison.

Posted by: HBMatt | July 06, 2009 at 02:09 PM
MBMatt - great information! I had never thought about Red's and Phil's championships in those terms.

Since you are always right ... can you explain why wasnt Kobe called for a flagrant foul when he elbowed Nelson in the jaw?

Posted by: 131-92 | July 06, 2009 at 12:57 PM

because ja-smear nelson was chewing on his mouth piece on national TV and he asked for it.


>>> Not bad, Red left behind an estate that included 17 rings....
>>> 9 as a coach, plus 8 as a full-time GM!

he is the Love Child between Red and Danny Ainge

Hey there's word that Kobe's participating in Michael Jacksons service tomorrow. What could he possibly be doing??? Singing?? Dancing?? LOL

Magic Johnson is on the schedule too. Hmmm

Posted by: EastCoastJessie | July 06, 2009 at 12:56 PM

kobe is recruiting the international MJ fans for the Lakers

So if Fat Baby Davis signs up with the spurs that would leave an otherwise fat bench a little skinny.Dont you think?..

I think the thing that pushes Boston over the edge is Bill Walker because last season before getting knocked out of the playoffs Reds Idiot said ''LOOK OUT FOR BILL WALKER"
Yeah right....

Staples 24...You should go buy a Celtics membership the way your going at the moment...Get over it already....

Pretty brave Red to rock up after the season ends...Real manly of you....

Please K bros stop using twitter as a source. Twitter is garbage that needs to be taken and buried in the landfill.

KB BLITZ writes at 1:39 PM :

"101-82 Choke job..."
Apparently, KB BLITZ defines a "choke" team as one that has been crippled by injuries to key players, including at least one future Hall of Famer, and finally runs out of gas after putting up a gallant fight.

Much like how the 1989 Lakers "choked" in the Finals vs. Detroit! Oh wait, those "chokers" could not win even one game!

If this is true it may be because Portlanders are thinking "Odom? B-but he talks trash to us!!" They're a bunch of Sensitive Sallys up there. Remember the bruhaha they kicked up when Ariza "intentionally" fouled Fernandez? They were talking about it for weeks as if it was the OJ murder case.

Red’s Love Child,

>>> the 5 Minneapolis titles...which, as we all know, had nothing to do with
>>> Los Angeles, California...and took place in a prehistoric age where no 24
>>> second shot clock existed!

Sort of like when the Celtics won their first 8 titles and there were only 8 to 10 teams at the start and only 15 at the end. This was not the REAL NBA. Titles won then should not count in comparing modern day franchises. I mean those titles were like minor league titles and you were not even alive when they were won. The league had less then half the teams it has now.

The real comparison should start in the 1980’s when the real NBA had 27 teams, when Larry and Magic revitalized the league. That is the real beginning of the modern NBA. And since then, the Lakers have won 9 titles and the Celtics 4. That’s a more realistic basis for judging the success or relevance of the two franchises. Of course, by the end of the next decade, the score will probably be something like 15 to 4. Your next title is not scheduled until 2028, after your traditional 20 years of sucking and passing wind.


this is a comment from Joaqu from SS&R

Question About Artest Lakers Jersey
Does anyone know if they will be selling Artest jerseys with a hood? (Cant wait to see the Hoodalized Lakers in action)

Red's Love Child -

Using the excuse that 5 of the Lakers championships were won before some of the modernizations of today's game is pretty rich coming from a Celtic fan.

As far as the "piggypacking" of titles is concerned, would you suggest that the Minnesota Timberwolves hang those banners in their rafters since they were won in Minnesota? Should the Hornets get credit for anything done by the New Orleans Jazz and the Bobcats credit for anything done by the Charlotte Hornets? That logic is inane.

No, the early titles were not won in Los Angeles, but they were won by the Lakers. The franchise didn't cease to exist just because it moved. Minneapolis is a part of the Laker francise history, and therefore anything accomplished in Minneapolis is also a part of Laker lore.

You know, I am thinking that Lamar and Artest are good buddies. They grew up together and I think Artest was at Lamar's house when he announced he was coming to the Lakers.

So here are the questions that keep rolling around in my head:

1) From the Lakers end, If Lamar and Artest are buddies, why would the Lakers not see this as a huge plus and keep Lamar? Wouldn't the Lakers WANT Lamar around to help influence Artest?

2) From Lamar's end, wouldn't Lamar WANT to play with Artest? They are childhood friends and Lamar seems to LOVE being a Laker. Lamar is also one of Kobe's guys.

Something is fishy here. Something fishy in a good way I am thinking. Nothing else really is making sense to me. My guess is that the Lakers are up to something and cannot offer Lamar a good package yet. I say YET because I have the sense they will make some additional moves. Salary dumping moves, packaging contracts moves, etc.

When the dust settles, I believe the Lakers will pay Lamar in the best way that makes sense. I just have a hard time believing that any else is at work here. I also believe that Lamar trusts the Lakers to do what they can to upgrade the team and to clear some room. Thereby being in a better position to pay Lamar with what is available.

It seems to me that the Lakers need as much flexibility as possible to make a deal (or deals). Then, when the options are clear, the Lakers can sign Lamar to something that serves the Lakers as well as Lamar.

repost, cause it hasn't changed all that much

holy crap, i thought there were a lot of stupid posts yesterday.

Ok guys, lets stay classy and not speak ill of the dead. Thats right, lets not hate on the Celtics chances at the championship next year.

i got tickets to the MJ memorial tomorrow in Staples!! Wearing the wristband now! Actually I had no choice, they put it on me when i got the tickets at Dodger Stadium today. Gonna be a zoo.

Thanks Chris.

red started coaching when he was 29. He stopped when he was 50.
Phil played until he was 34. He's still going strong at 63.

I guess red was a quitter.....

I agree that Lamar is probably getting screwed because of both the bad economy (or league gms excuse of the bad economy, whichever) and for coming off the bench last year. He will not get paid what he deserves, definitely. But unless we pull off some bizarro sign and trade deal for David Lee and nate robinson, he will be back, and probably for 8 mil ish, and I hope for three years, but who knows.

as for predictions, I think i'm about four of six or so as of now, as I got gordon and villanueva to detroit, kidd to dallas, and sheed to portland. Looks like I was wrong on Gortat to houston and glu to portland, although I was certainly not alone on that one.

Leon Powe and Glen Davis are both going to be good deals for somebody, possibly san antonio, maybe houston, maybe cleveland.

I think David Lee to blazers is most likely, if not, they have to be interested in Andre Miller or possiblty mike bibby for a lot less. Henry Abbott wants them to keep the 9 mil and wait for the trade deadline, and he's probably right, but I don't know if pritchard thinks so.

I still think Linas Kleiza or however you spell it to Cleveland.

A lot of miscellaneous guys are going to go for chump change to smaller market teams after the big dogs finish their lunch.

anybody have thoughts?


The Lakers salary before adding Ron, Lamar, and Shannon is $76M for ten players, excluding Sun Yue. Assuming $5.5M for Ron, $8M for Lamar, and $2M for Shannon,
the Lakers would end up at $91.5M for 13 players, $20M over the luxury tax threshold, meaning we would pay another $20M in taxes for a total payroll of around $111.5M.

The Celtics salary before adding Rasheed is $73.4M for 11 players. Assuming $5.5M for Rasheed, $1.9M for Grant “Over the” Hill, that would bring the Celtics up to a payroll of $80.8M for 13 players, or around $10M less than the Lakers. That would mean a luxury tax of $10M bringing the Celtics total payroll to $91.8M – still $20M less than Lakers.

In other words, Jerry Buss is willing to spend $20M more than Boston is to bring back another championship. I think that says a lot about Jerry Buss and family. Hard to complain that our owner is not willing to pay the price to win. That is also why there is no way that the team could keep Trevor Ariza even if he was willing to come off the bench since Artest would be the starter. Not enough money or minutes.


[looks disdainfully at Bostonian trolls, points to scoreboard]

Laker Tom,

I think a more logical choice would be the NBA/ABA merger. That would start with the 1976-77 season. So many great players were in the ABA before that time.

Doesn't change the 9 LA titles to 4 for the seltix.


I think the delay is Lamar’s agent just wanting to make sure that there are no other offers out there for Lamar from the Blazers, who appear to be the only team that could still offer Lamar more than the MLE. If they can get an offer from the Blazers, the Lakers would be more likely to pay a little more. If not, then Lamar will settle for the $7M the Lakers are offering. Both sides are just waiting for all the ducks to get in a row and then they will work out the best compromise and Lamar will be back in purple and gold.


What's funny is that CBSsports is reporting the exact opposite:

Dear RED'S BASTARD (I believe that is the word's definition),
Why don't you go focus on how you are going to replace Powe, Davis and possibly the headhunter PG?
While a Laker fan for life, I actually had some respect for the 80's version... The current team put together is a patch work of bunch of cast-off thugs!!!
I suppose if you can't win by the rules, you try to cheat playing basketball... (such as KG's illegal screens that never get called).
get a life... and worry about how long your senile team will last until it becomes a lottery team burdened by the hefty salaries?!!!


>>>If the Lakers are over the Luxury Tax for their current
>>>team, then how are the Celtics able to keep picking up
>>>players like Rasheed?

They didn't sign an offer sheet to Leon Powe. And if Big Baby
Davis gets a big offer (even as big as MLE), they're not expected
to match. They also let James Posey walk last summer, in
case you forgot.

The Celtics are not the same team they were when they
played the second best defense in league history and beat
the Lakers in the 2008 finals. Whether they can be anywhere
near that level doesn't depend on Sheed or Big Baby or
House or any of their other role players. It rests squarely on
whether KG can get fully healthy and whether he and Pierce
and Allen can all be at peak form for the playoffs again.

Lakertom, LTLF

"That being said - there is NO way Artest is Pierce's equal. Period. "Pierce MAY be better offensively"??? He's absolutely better in virtually every category PLUS he doesn't take half the ill-advised shots that Ron Ron does. Defense? Who did a better job on Kobe in the playoffs - Artest this year or Pierce last year?

Look I hate everyone in Green as much as anybody does, and I'm gonna welcome Artest with open arms (and pray he doesn't implode himself or explode us). But dude there's a reason why he makes less than 6 mil and Pierce makes more than THREE TIMES as much.

Take off those purple rose colored sungalsses boy and get real!"

Being a Lakerfan does not mean you can not look at things the way they are. It is ok to say the Paul Pierce is a better player than Ron Artest or KG than Pau Gasol. You two (Lakertom and LTLF) have to learn how to accept what's real and what's not.

Lakers forever!

I love my LA LAKERS!

Lose Powe and Big Baby. Add Sheed and Hill. Whatever.

The Celtics are just rearranging the deck chairs on their own
personal Titanic.


>>> I think a more logical choice would be the NBA/ABA merger.
>>> That would start with the 1976-77 season. So many great players
>>> were in the ABA before that time.

>>> Doesn't change the 9 LA titles to 4 for the seltix

Good suggestion, Matt. Makes complete sense to me. The game was completely different during the Wilt and Russell eras. No way that game compares or competes with today’s NBA. Hell, they still had guys taking two handed set shots then because they had not yet learned to shoot a jump shot. LOL.


"anybody have thoughts?"

Von Wafer is probably available...

Don't know if we can get Slava back...

Odom and Artest might be a bad influence on each other, they both like to party.

Can we start a group prayer chain for a possible Adam Morrison trade around mid-January? We'll take anything for him, ANYTHING.


"Leon Powe and Glen Davis are both going to be good deals for somebody, possibly san antonio, maybe houston, maybe cleveland."

Excellent point! These guys have shown they can play and they are both fairly young with experience already in their belts.

Mitch's Lakers should look itno it. Especially if we loose Odom. These two must be a bargain. Rick Fox was a Celtic bfore he bacame a die hard Laker. So why not?

for Red's Bastard and 131 blah blah blah...
since we are talking about modern era, the numbers that you should be happy about is 9-4 (championships won by the LAL vs. greenies).
if you want something even more modern, i would suggest 7-2, since 1985...
or 4-1 since 2000...

Have fun with your modern era argument...
You can't win, dude!!!


>>>Ok guys, lets stay classy and not speak ill of the dead.
>>>Thats right, lets not hate on the Celtics chances at the
>>>championship next year.



1. Twitter is the Devil.

2. I will gladly accept any information via Twitter which seems to support that Lamar Odom is returning to the Los Angeles Lakers.

3. Lamar Odom = Laker for Life

4. I suggest that we ignore the Celtics Trolls. First, there's no reasoning with them. Second, the Celtics are done. You know it. I know it. And, most importantly, deep down inside, THEY know it.

5. There are reasonable potentials for concern with Ron Artest, but the upside is potentially phenomenal. Unlike these desperation trades from the Cavs, Magic, and Celtics, Ron "True Warrior" Artest (I will not use the hoodalized spelling) fits in perfectly with our needs.

6. Regarding #5, Kobe, Lamar, Magic and Phil are EXACTLY on the same wavelength as me with this. This bodes well for Ron "True Warrior" Artest's potential, as does Ron's pre-established relationship with Kobe and Lamar.

7. The perfect Laker tsunami would be re-signing Odom and Brown and somehow unloading Yue, Morrison, and Vujacic in return for one or two players who could actually upgrade the team, perhaps a player incredibly hungry for a Championship and willing to take a major pay-cut for that opportunity. The scary thing is that all of this COULD possibly happen, but I'd be happy enough with just re-signing Odom and Brown.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Deep calming breaths everyone. Channel your inner Phil. The Lakers love Odom and he loves the Lakers. He wants another ring. Both sides will meet in the middle, it will all work out.

"Much like how the 1989 Lakers "choked" in the Finals vs. Detroit! Oh wait, those "chokers" could not win even one game!"

Yeah having both Magic Johnson, Bryon Scott out and having a great supporting player like James Worthy to be the go to guy. Kareem was 42 years old and was way out of his athletic prime compared to Ray Ray and Starlet Pierce.

You precious Celtics still had a talented team in Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. That team wasn't as nearly devastated as those Lakers.

And choking at Home on a GAME 7 where the Home team is supposed to win. They choked just like the Spurs in 2006 against Dallas.

LTLF - do you know what they are doing by losing Powe and Davis and adding Sheed and Hill?
They are trying to be the model franchise to address our social securities problems with the elders... replace the remaining youth with more senior citizens at the end of their careers...
Good for you, Celtics...

Here's what I think is going on with Odom's contract.

Oh, wait, just like everyone else I have no idea. None at all. Imagine negotiating with your employees confidentially.

Wake me when he signs.

As a tribute to Michael Jackson, Ron Artest will wear #37 this season as a Laker. Artest said that the album, "Thriller" was number 1 on the charts for 37 weeks.

Adrian Woj. is reporting on his Twitter that the Lakers will sign Shannon Brown to a 2-year 4.2 million dollar deal.


"1) From the Lakers end, If Lamar and Artest are buddies, why would the Lakers not see this as a huge plus and keep Lamar? Wouldn't the Lakers WANT Lamar around to help influence Artest?

2) From Lamar's end, wouldn't Lamar WANT to play with Artest? They are childhood friends and Lamar seems to LOVE being a Laker. Lamar is also one of Kobe's guys."

The Lakers and Lamar obviously see exactly what you are talking about.

My gut tells me that right now, Jerry Buss is playing poker to see how LITTLE he has to pay for Lamar Odom. I think he will pay what he has to for Lamar Odom, but only if other teams are truly raising the ante. If they're not, he'll keep his offer down to whatever minimum he can for Lamar for two reasons:

1. {The obvious one} To keep down the luxury tax on the payroll.

2. Mitch and the Lakers have their eye on a second player we're not aware of (yet) who they might be able to afford IF they can keep down how much they'll have to pay Lamar Odom.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Also from Broderick Turner, on twitter....Lakers reach contract terms with backup point guard Shannon Brown for a two-year deal.

>>>I think the delay is Lamar’s agent just wanting to make
>>>sure that there are no other offers out there for Lamar
>>>from the Blazers, who appear to be the only team that
>>>could still offer Lamar more than the MLE.

Actually, Oklahoma City could still offer more than the MLE,
or maybe Atlanta if they waived all their FAs.

But in essence, I think Laker Tom has it right. The Lakers
made an offer to Lamar and told him if he wanted more, he
should go play the market for offers and then come back and
talk to them.

The difference is that Lamar's agent isn't a hot-headed,
impatient rookie in heat like Trevor's agent, so he isn't spewing
vitriol about the Lakers to any member of the press who
will listen. And also, Lamar has earned a LOT of money
already, so he'd be a little more inclined to let a couple of
million slide to stay in LA and with the Lakers.

If Portland makes an offer, the Lakers will raise their offer
to at least be close. If Portland decides that they're not
going to lure Lamar away from the Lakers, they may try
for David Lee or someone else.

Once Portland's cap space is gone, and no other teams that
have space make offers, Lamar will come back and sign
for the 8 million the Lakers are offering and I'm sure he'll
be fine with it.

I love my LA LAKERS! "

Yeah right Staples 24 some point last season you wanted to trade Kobe then you wanted to trade Lamar.

Inconsitant fan

I hate Boston.
I hate the Celtics.

They were irrelevant in these past playoffs, but now, with a fresh season approaching they are an affront to all that is good in basketball. Not to mention, they're green. Barf.


Granted, injuries are part of the game. However, if you read my post further with more patience without a hint of denial, the loss of Garnett late in the year wasn't the problem on a Celtics team with "3" future hall of fame players.

The problem was that the self-proclaimed "best player" in the world in Paul Pierce did not "step" up when it mattered most in a Game 7 at Boston vs the Orlando Magic. After all, he had Ray Allen as a sidekick as well as much improved role players to get past KG's injury. Come on now! Let's be intelligent about your claim.

If you think about it carefully, Kobe Bryant is the "only" future hall of famer on the Lakers roster as of present that won it all this year. You see, your claim is as weak as a decaying leaf floating on a pond sir.

The bottom line is that the Celtics did not finish their mission of defending the title this past season. More importantly, the TRUTH found out that winning a title has it consequences. He was not ready to push through the "adversity" that faced his team, as they looked to his leadership. His underlying "overconfidence" hurt his team in the end. It is what it is.

Let's look at a perfect example...In Kobe's case, he turned the disappointment in the hands of the Celtics into something that drove his Lakers team to the title. Let's see if PP can get through his disappointment mentally this upcoming season. It will be "interesting" to say the least.

The Celtics had more than enough players and experience to defend their title to the end. No question about it!

The only thing "tainted" about your claim is the fact that you even made one to begin with.

"Championships" are won fair and square with no excuses. As fans, we accepted the Lakers beating in the hands of your Celtics in 2007-2008. Accept this one sir!!

With this in mind, read this carefully: The Los Angeles Lakers are the 2008-2009 NBA Champions!

I expect a great NBA season ahead. May the best team win it all.

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

B Turner is confirming Brown signing

UPS, he Delivers!

I am feeling a sign and trade -- Nat Robinson is coming to town -- Mitch coveted him in the draft a few years back and these rumors don't come from nowhere, I am thinking he is gonna be a Laker and Jordie if Sha Sha is outta here -- just a hunch or perhaps you will all say I am clairvoyant (sp?) when it comes to fruition....

Jordie or ShaSha I mean...(excuse the typo!!!


You are like hoopshype, quote any Laker headline and you will attract all ants interested of the sugar. Then like this CNN people, Wolf F, discredit your own headline but before going further, you got all the hits and ads working on your favor. Good learner of the trade.

Here is the priority of of the Blazers in this order:

1. Hedo Turkey (scratch)
2. David Lee
3. Odom or Andre Miller

If you want to know what GM Pritchard, go on Oregonian and read NBA related subjects there. Why not Odom? Because they are aware Odom is just using the Blazer to increase the ante. He is using them as bait and then go back to Mitch, see what I have, match it. What proof do we have that Odom wants to be a Laker? Because of Artest and to get some candy promotions. LA is a center in the ad business, not rainy Portland. Will Odom go through the trouble of helping the Lakers convince Artest to come to LA , if his heart is not with the Lakers. However, if the gap on offer is huge like Lakers offering 8 and Blazer or another team giving him 12M then, he would go for the highest bidder.

Therefore message to Jerrry Buss and Mitch, to relieve you from the pressure of luxury taxes, dump those high non performing contracts and signed those abled players that will bring back the trophy permanently in LA. Release the pressure and let's move on.

If that 4.2 for two years is correct then SB got himself a nice payday

Lakers must really value him

Good for Brown

In the words of the immortal, Jeff Probst, "I've got nothing for you"



Now, I have to take back all those kind words I previously wrote about you!

The NBA`s "modern age" clearly began when the first significant African-American player burst upon the scene and completely revolutionized the sport.

Of course, that could only be the great William Felton Russell, in 1956.

Much like Jackie Robinson led the way in MLB, by ushering in an era where all racial barriers crumbled, Russell really did much the same with the NBA.

Soon after Russell, there was...Baylor, Wilt, Oscar, etc.

That`s when the game became great and modern...and it has never looked back!


>>> You two (Lakertom and LTLF) have to learn how to accept what's real
>>> and what's not.

LMFAO, Staples. I will admit to being over the top a good deal of the time but LTLF is always well grounded and backed up by good facts. You don’t want to debate him.

But come on, man. You know YOU are the one who needs to wake up. You are likely the ONLY Lakers fan on the blog who thinks the Celtics have a better team. Didn’t we beat that better team two times during the regular season, once even without Drew? And didn’t we beat the team that beat them in Game 7 at home in 5-games in the Finals?

As for Ron vs. Paula and KG vs. Pau, I would NOT trade Ron and Pau for Paula and KG. Look at the age difference as well as the versatility of playing multiple positions that Ron and Pau bring to the table. We have the best defender in the league at small forward and the top power forward in the NBA who is also a top-5 center. If you want KG and Paula, you’re going to have to give back your KB24 jersey and cover yourself in green slime.



All we need is Lamar and we are set. Shannon Brown is in the house!

There must be something in the works.

Shannon signing for that much. Very interesting.


"LTLF - do you know what they are doing by losing Powe and Davis and adding Sheed and Hill?"

As I said in the previous thread, Celtics are bargain hunters in the garage sale during Saturdays looking for old items and recycle them. They used to have PJ Brown, Starbury, Moore, Sheed and Grant Hill. Do you think any of these antigues could handle Kobe or Brown in an open fast breaks. Why them? Cheap but with good brand names.

Staples 24,

>>>Being a Lakerfan does not mean you can not look at
>>>things the way they are. It is ok to say the Paul Pierce is
>>> a better player than Ron Artest or KG than Pau Gasol.

First of all, I never said Ron Artest was better than Pierce. He's not.

What I said was that Artest will defend Pierce better than Rad
did. Do you disagree? Do you think Pierce will go off more on
Ron-Ron than on the Space Cadet? Just that change alone
will be a difference of 4 to 8 points per game.

As for Pau vs KG, it's closer than you think. Compare
their stats in the last two Laker-Celtic games:

December 25:
KG - 22 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, 1 block
Pau - 20 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal, 3 blocks
pretty close.

February 5:
KG - 16 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 streal, 3 blocks
Pau - 24 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, 1 block

Pau maybe edging a little ahead there, but still pretty close.

Full season average stats:
KG - 15.8 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 1.1 steals, 1.2 blocks
Pau - 18.9 points, 9.6 rebounds, 3.5 assists, .64 steals, 1 block

If you look at their whole body of work, then clearly KG is
far superior to Pau. Right now KG is clear cut HOF, while
Pau would have to get 2 or 3 more rings with the Lakers to
get there.

But if you look at who played better last season, even if you
ignore KG's injury, Pau did.

Let me put it this way. If you offered each of the GM's in
the league either Pau or KG at their current ages and with
their current bodies of work, who do you think they'd take?

My guess is that it would be pretty evenly split, with a few
more taking Pau than KG because he's 4 years younger,
so not only is he producing more now (and staying healthy),
but he'll last longer than KG.

The only area that KG has a big edge over Pau is in intensity.
KG has Kobe/Artest level intensity. Pau is usually more laid

Correction: Grant Hill is not going to the Celtics but to the Knicks. Celtics are over the luxury threshold after signing Rasheed on MLE so they just have Bi-annual remaining, they have to trade players. That's the reason why they let Davis or Baby Shaq go. I don't think they will go for Powe if he is not so healthy his salary becomes double.

Anna in Bondi, it must be 5AM there in Bondi, are you twitting this early?

I enjoyed that Floyd

I heard Rick Fox signed a deal to endorse nose plugs in California but the celtics got wind of it and pulled the plug...

Wallace has always been overated.This guys been constantly celebrated despite his poor discipline and waste of his talent.They've even gone so far as to argue he's one of the 'smartest players around'...I'm sure he's a good enough guy off the court but he's been an undeserved media darling for years.The celtics will be tough but this is moderately risky - thats a fairly volatile team.Can't you just see them going 2-1 down in the finals and unravelling completely?

Pig I disagree.I think theres a good chance the magic were better with Hedo.He made it go.Carter isn't so much better as a player that he will make up for that.I don't think they make it to the finals.San Antonio will be better if they can stay half healthy.

To be honest with the blog, I think Ron Artest is a better player than Paul Pierce.

Sanity issues aside (both are nutcases), though Pierce is clearly a better shooter and better scorer, considering Ron Artest's defense, I'd label him a better all-around player. Not by a lot, but by enough to matter.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


My quick take on the LO thing is that there have been conversations between the parties but Lamar is asking for 4-5 million a year more than the Lakers are offering to be lured away. This means the Lakers probably offered Lamar 6 million a year starting off and he's asking Portland for 10.

If this is the case, I believe, he'll sign in a day or two for a bit more than Artest, but no where near 10 million.

Be smart Lamar.


"And choking at Home on a GAME 7 where the Home team is supposed to win. They choked just like the Spurs in 2006 against Dallas."

Okay even though I was never really a Spurs fan, I gotta stick up for them since I was in SA during their glory years and respect them. The Spurs lost in overtime to a Dallas team that made it to 2-0 in the Finals before choking. They did not get a BEAT DOWN on their own home court in the 4th quarter.

Aw the poor Cs got all tired out in the end. That's because:

1) They haven't yet learned to win a playoff series in less than 6 games. (make that 7 games if it's a .500 or less team)

2) They're old

Hm, wonder why we don't see any Spurs trolls here, even during the 08 WCF? Probably because even though Spurs fans hate the Lakers as much as anyone (see: 04 playoffs), they still manage to stay classy and don't have an inferiority complex since their franchise also won 4 championships this past decade or so.

And according to official NBA records, the Lakers have 15 championships. If you can't deal with reality, I hear North Korea is looking for citizens just like you.


No more Michael Jackson, please. I asked before, if you missed it.




It's not censorship. We asked for the conversation to stop, but there are a lot of comments to go through. I went back and deleted a couple of the ones that hadn't already been posted (when I had asked everyone to change the subject). So we should be good to go, or at least I hope. I can't guarantee something else didn't sneak through. Esp. with the SB news, there are a lot of comments.

Thanks for the note.


Just think Lukes stinking contract has set a new standard for too much and too long! Mitch and Phil screwed us with the life long contract of one Luke Walton and now we are playing poker with players that should be paid.

The Lakers signed Luke 2hrs after he became a free agent,no other teams expressed interest in Luke yet we gave him 30 million for be cerebral! WTF!


I hate the Spurs, though I respect them.

And I respect their fans. They know what it takes to win and that includes not acting like a complete idiot.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I'm with you 100%

We pro'lly need to have a Completely Loathes Everything Celtic bandwagon, and ride that thing 'till the wheels come off!

I'll be the driver.

F the Celtics!



Thanks for the very succint breakdown of the Celtics' and Lakers' salary cap situations. 'Splains everything a Laker fan needs to know.


I can't believe all these so-called laker fans. Most of them, OF COURSE, are morons. OF COURSE the lakers should re-sign LO for (about) 9 million a year. Buss either wants to win or he doesn't really care. What does the money matter to him at this point? So, get a clue folks, it's the owners choice at this point - about committment to winning or about how much money he wants to keep in his wallet - NOTHING ELSE!!

well maybe the reason he eats lots of candy is because he's not doing drugs anymore my step dad did that every time he got off drugs

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