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Lamar Odom update and some other quick hits

The O.C. Register's Janis Carr recently yapped with Lakers Assistant General Manager Ronnie Lester about the team's ongoing talks with Lamar Odom.  Carr says Lester informed her that LO's offer has been bumped "a little north of $8 million.”  More or less what people have bandied about as the "magic number," so to speak.  Lester also expressed confidence a deal could go down next week.  Promising news, for sure.  B. Shaw will certainly be happy. 

Lester also indicated to Carr that Sun Yue, whose option needs to be picked up by August 1st, could find himself ex-Laker soon.   His case apparently isn't being helped by an absence from the Summer Pro League.  The same SPL, by the way, where Adam Morrison has recorded 22 and 24-point tallies.  Granted, these results should obviously be taken with a grain of salt, considering Ammo is lighting up competition that's hardly NBA "elite."   Many of these cats are barely NBA "ready."   But still, as Morrison is working to get his legs back under him (literally and figuratively), I'm sure the brass is pleased with the early returns.

And around the league...


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nice to hear about $8+M for lamar and Lamar should take it
Good move also on Sun Yue. I thinki it was a marketing move for NBA/Lakers in China for getting him on Lakers roster. they can save some money there.
Now we got to get Sasha to perform. He was overpaid for $5M a year.

Just goes to show you - have faith in our front office. I think somewhere just north of 8 million is exactly what L.O. should expect in this economic climate, and he already acknowledged that he'd be willing to take a pay cut to stay in L.A. Let's sign him up and strap it on for next year's repeat.

It's totally early to read anything into Ammo's SPL production, but personally I would be extremely happy to see him crack the rotation as a productive three-point threat off the bench, sort of a less spacy version of Vlad Rad. The redemption story continues next year, with Ammo and Artest striving to get their careers back on track bringing more glory to the Purple and Gold.

Good to hear that AMMO is doing well - that would be great if he could become our 3pt specialist. Wouldn't have to carry the full load - just hit a few big ones here and there. Isn't expected to carry the team like in CHA.

What up with Sun? Is he making the choices or the Chinese govt telling him what to do. Would hate to see him go but it's not like he's had a chance to do anything productive yet.

I 'm glad to hear that we're close with Lamar, as a harcore Laker fan, we need you Lamar come on back so we can get another are the critical piece...

I understand the concept of "priorities" put the reason for a possible non-pickup of the 2nd year of Sun Yue's contract/career on his absence from the summer league just as the reason why they won't pick up the 2nd year is lame. Granted he is a non-proven player in the NBA, but he is basically doing what his country is asking him to do. Do you recall when Yao balked, how great the backlash became? China and the United States are not the same.That's just a convenient excuse on why they won't pick it up. Geez, the guy is young, we don't know how good he will be when he gets acclimated to the NBA, but now we won't know. It's just not fair. Kobe and Pau and other NBA players spent last summer playing for their countries, granted they are proven players, and that Sun could have used the time and experience to grow, but no, they'll just use it as a reason, when the real reason is to save money. What did they do to Lamar when he spent last summer on the beach instead of working on his shot?The classy thing to do is let him go off and play for his country and keep him under the radar, and develop him for "down the road"...I would much rather have him feeding the post than a guy who tries to hard but has no talent, such as Wil Conroy....the Lakers are the ones to blame since they did not lay down the rules about what he is supposed to do during the offseason. I assume they did not. But looks like they are going to imply he did the "wrong" thing.

..................W A N T E D.............


Name: Lamar Odom
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Occupation: Forward

LAST SEEN: JUNE 17, 2009




saw this on yahoo sports tonight:
Lamar Odom

His agent has been desperately trying to find a sign-and-trade around the league, but there’s little there but the Lakers’ offer of $7 million per season. Odom had a terrific playoffs and Finals on L.A’s championship run, but he has few options to make the Lakers raise their offer. Why has Portland so far sat it out with him? It still makes no sense.

I still can't believe Lamar wouldn't immediately accept an 8M+ offer at this time.

Good news about Lamar.

Also good news about Adam Morrison.

If we get Lamar back AND Ammo can actually contribute AND we have Thriller on the team (which we do) AND we get someone of promise to replace Sun Yue (who can't play), then, well....



What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


huh. go figure. exactly as I called it.

yeah, i know, I called a lot of alternatives. But I think I had the best 'toronto signed jarret jack' headline.


"The redemption story continues next year, with Ammo and Artest striving to get their careers back on track bringing more glory to the Purple and Gold."

Wouldn't that be something special?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So once again we see another toxic offer...A front loaded contract offer to Milsap...Same as Ronny had last season...

Lets hope Odom signs ....And good on Adam Morrison ....

Praise Jesus, Buddah, Confusicous, Jahova, Allah, and Dr. Buss....we might finally have a resolution.

If the Lamar negotiations drag on any longer, my wife might divorce me. There are only so many times you can leave the breakfast table to click "refresh" on

Personally, I think Sun is the worst player I've ever seen in a Laker uniform. Can someone name a worse player? I can't. And I've seen them all from about 1982 on.

Give me the worst Laker player from the 50's, 60's 70's, 80's or 90's over this stiff. I don't think I've seen a single decent / memorable play in the year he's been here.

Not even one. His entire Laker career was like Sasha's 2009 postseason. Terrible.

Bye bye.


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Kevin Garnett tem relações impróprias com rebanhos animais

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Posted by: phred | July 11, 2009 at 06:51 PM

from espn- a lekars fan

"i went to a rocket game here in houston against the lakers 3 years ago and set behind the laker bench. kobe was almost crying on the bench with his teeth clenched lakers down by 18 at the half smush and brian cook talking to some girls right next to me smush lamar odom telling walton jokes...
andrew bynum plying mini myney mo with jordan farmer
i felt the man he was getting killed playing with dudes who did not care at all if they won or lost"

Lamar had a 4 year contract @ $11.4 total
Signed with Miami for 6 years @ $64 Mill

Averaged $10.5 per year over the last 6 years

If you can get $8+ mill for 3-4 years...sign it now before they change their minds.

As Artest says...if you can't live on $33 mill you can't live.

Hinrich is available via trade....

We send Chicago Morrison, Farmar and 2 # 2 picks for 2010 for Hinrich.

Chicago dumps a $9 mill contract for 3 years and both Morrison & Farmar have Team Options on their contracts

Chicago gets backup PG at more favorable dollars and a potential in Morrison

PG - Hinrich.......Fisher....Brown
SG - Kobe.........Sasha
C - Bynum.......MBenga
PF - Pau............Powell
SF - Artest........Odom....Walton

We gat 3-4 more championships

I honestly think Lamar Odom should not be re-signed. Odom, for the past 5 years did not play to commensurate with the money he was paid. He was, on many occasions a no-show. His performance was lackluster and underachieved for a player with the kind of salary he was drawing.
Odom played well in the playoffs. The notion that the Lakers could not have won without him is absurd. For the kind of money he was paid (compared to Ariza and his performance), Odom was NOT extraordinary.
The 2009/2010 competition is going to be fierce. The qualification to make the playoff and the seeding will be unlike the past season or seasons long gone. Our competitors are getting ready and shoring up their weaknesses. The Lakers have some glaring weaknesses that have to be mitigated. These include a bench that gives away leads, the point guard position that at several times in the past appeared to be outmatched, and a lack of a three-point threat that has become a must in the NBA.
My preference will be for the Lakers to let Lamar go or use him to get two quality players who could be counted on to consistently rebound and score or be a threat to score.
The team has the talent to win, but I do not think Odom’s talent can improve the team.


You get no challenge from me. Even Travis Knight was better.


I'm starting to get really bummed about LO. A REPORTER NEEDS TO ASK HIM IF WINNING AND BEING A LAKER DON'T MEAN ANYTHING TO HIM. That may make him recognize the perception and sign.

His shopping around makes me appreciate folks like Artest and Kobe. They are in it for the sport and the team.

The fact that LO is shopping around hurts. I take it as proof that he really doesn't care about being a Laker, hanging with his teammates or a championship. Perhaps they should pull an Ariza and give him his wish of leaving.




that "thought" of yours about made a feelings based on never seeing him play. We saw sasha brick for 3 years. Tell me, why no equal patience?

bad Lakers.....bad nba players

kwame, madsen, adrian branch, coop as a rookie, brad holland, ...but I'll stop here, because these guys actually got a chance to play, wereas sun was on a talent loaded team, came to camp with mono, had to adjust to the "bright lights", then injury.....if given the equal chance to learn . adjust and develop, I would listen to your opinion, but until then you are stating an unfortunate fact, and you are willing to abandon a player who coud have been a very unique player. Your opinion, differs vastly from mine. People a few weeks ago were talking about nate know, Farmar has enough issues getting the ball into our big men....just as when Magic had to step down because of his medical condition, the offense struggled feeding the post with the smaller Sedale Threatt, trying to run the same plays and feed the post players. Me I'd take a bigger player at any position and try to utilize the size advantage. You can't say anything about his skills, because we were never able to watch him develop or adjust his skills, adjusting to the NBA style, and physically maturing. WESJOENIXON, congrats, the first blogger to state "the obvious" Sun Yue was a wasted 2nd round Laker draft pick. Which is like saying....if the Lakers woundn't have drafted him, they could have had him anyway......and he would have been a wasted invite to training camp. Basically why you bothering, wasn't the championship enough to keep you happy for a few weeks? Look, you have to fill out your roster, and he's paid minimum and in LA, for an NBA player, that is probably even hard to get by on. Take the blue pill, it's a 10 mg. valium.

Good to hear about Odom. Best offer L.O is gonna get (8mil/year) Glad to hear the Lakers bumped up the offer a little bit as well. Hopefully he signs this week, Im dying here!

Auntie Crust,

Why see this as the Lakers doing the "wrong thing"? I see it this way. Sun Yue struggled last year. The Lakers need to decide whether to sign him for next year.

If he plays summer league they take a look at him there, maybe he can show something that convinces LAto sign him.

If he doesn't play in summer league they go by what he did last year, and they don't sign him.

Pretty simple, and no villians neccessary.


This deal is taking too long for a player that will take less plus wants to be a laker for the rest of his career. Also I was wondering also why sun isn't playing ball now,even if its the summer league 24 ppg is good for an existing nba player. Wonder if this means he will be in uniform instead of those uptown new york blazers.

Odom should be paid at least 10M. Lakers are over the salary cap because they overpay a number of players such as Bynum, Shasa, Luke. That is the front office’s fault. Don’t claim on the economy.

If Lakers want LO back and productive they should make the guy happy to offer him at least 9M. If not let LO go and pray for Bynum, Shasa, and Luke to be better next year so that Lakers still win without having Kobe playing 40min per game.

We should look at Stackhouse to come in and provide some needed productivity and vet leadership at the two...I think he is worth looking into..

"we don't know how good he will be when he gets acclimated to the NBA, but now we won't know."

You could say the same thing about hundreds of other players. Sun Yue got more of chance than many do, and in his limited time on the court last season, showed nothing that indicated that he will turn into a halfway decent NBA player. Based on that, there are likely plenty of others out there who are better choices for the Lakers.

Lamar is going to be disappointed in his offers for a few reasons:

1) He is coming out in the worst free agent market in years

2) He isn't getting any younger

3) At this point in his career, it is clear he will not be a #1 or #2 player on a title contender, he just doesn't have that kind of mind set

4) His utility role here has affected the perception of him

5) His skill set, while real (long, good rebounder, good handle for his size, good passer) is not neccesarily a good fit for a full time role at any NBA position. Not beefy and tough enough to be a pure PF, not laterally quick enough to guard SFs , and not a good enough perimeter shooter for the SF spot. He is ideally suited to the utility role he plays in LA.

Lamar is a great guy and a great basketball player, but he is a 30 year old tweener, and the number of teams who can dole out $10 million for what is essentially a super role player is very small.

Coming off the bench, Lamar is incredibly skilled, creates matchup issues for other teams, can do stuff like grab a defensive rebound and take the ball end to end. He is a huge piece for the Lakers and I want to see him back. But the market, this year, at his price, will be limited.

Jon Barry is the worst Laker player ever.

Followed closely by Spencer Haywood.

Well, any delays and procrastination will soon end. On the Laker side, they have to make a decision on the roster before August 1st with few quality F/A still in the market. On Odom side, he is running out of options of teams offering 10M and above. Blazers will use their cap on Milsap, others opted for inexpensive routes or limited their choices only to MLE. I think anything north of 8M maybe bump it to 8.5M may seal the deal to save face to an indefatigable agent of LO.

I gotta go with Aaron McKie.

At least Haywood had the excuse of being high.

Luke's contract is finally coming back to haunt us.
The guy is seriously overpaid.
Today, he would be lucky to sign a 3 year deal at 12 mil.
He has got to be the luckiest NBA player.
He plays for the Lakers.
He has a 6 year 30 mil contract.
He lives by the beach.
Man, life is good for that dude.

I have been wondering why the Lakers are even messing with Yue. He doesn't want to be here, he has NO GAME, why waste the money? Smush Parker did more for the Lakers than Sun Yue ever will. (JOKE).
The Lamar situation is baffling to me. He clearly has the most talent of all the forwards available but no one wants him. He has more offensive game than Boozer or Milsap, can rebound and defend,what gives? Hustle. Lamar simply hasn't shown the burning desire to play hard day in and day out like Boozer and Milsap.
The Lakers can win without Lamar but who do you replace him with? At this point Lamar needs the Lakers and the Lakers need Lamar.
Sign the damn contract already!

Memo to Luke and Sasha.
Improve your 3 point shooting (ala Trevor).
If you don't:
Look to be moved.
Don't allow the ring to make you lazy.


Great name by the way.

I've left the freakout-zone and I'm well into my recovery now.

Lamar not signing was too much for my neanderthal brain to handle. Luckily someone put something fluffy in front of me and the beast was soothed.

That fluffy thing is a Lamar contract.

Sign it Lamar.


On Sun Yue, China and the Lakers are not on the same page. Lakers treat Sun Yue is treating this player as a developing player applying for a position in the roster. He needs a lot of exposure to NBA life, more weight on his lean posture of strength, more abilities needed to compete with experienced college hoopster, more internment with his teammates defending the NBA title. Well, with China, they have only one position that he is a national player and NBA ready. Being a member of the national team, he will learn more in China than settling or adjusting in the D League. For avid fans like us, we want integration of global players but Lakers is not a place to get interned on learning the basics of NBA. As i said before, Lakers adhered to the philosophy of competing as a perennial contender for Championship, not a developing team for young players. Once developed, Lakers acquire these players through trade or free agency. This has been the trend of this organization over the years.

In the case of the Celtics, they forced the issue of competition by craving for old players who are past due their prime and recycling them. They did great job in 2008 with P J Brown, Sam Iam, Posey and some of their superstars. The year later, the old recyclers became ambitious and moved to other team in lure for bigger bucks. In their desire to compete, Celtics tried again in the 2009 playoffs with Marbury and Moore. It didn't help them this time. This year, they placed their bets on Rasheed Wallace. From the Pistons's GM Dumars views, he has seen the best years of 'Sheed, he opted for younger players in Villanueva and Gordon. Let's see how it will work out this season. Well, Celtic has to pare up with the changes in competition, Magic and Cavaliers improvement. I think it will be a stiff competition in the East. In the West, Lakers may experience difficulty in defending the title, if Odom does not come back. On the other hand, they equally have difficulty in paying him at his desired price in a plaguing economy and double effect in luxury taxes.

Tom Daniels - good memory.


As much as I would love to see Hinrich in a Laker uni i just dont see Chicago accepting that deal. They might be more inclined to do it if Boozer wasnt available right now, but Boozer is exactly the piece they've needed for years and I don't think they move Hinrich any place else until they know they don't have a shot at Boozer or another quality big man.

Ship Sasha Shoot-A-Brick to another team for a player with an expiring 5M contract (there's gotta be at least one GM out there crazy enough to want Sasha - he'd be a great fit in NY), and then pick up Sun's option, knowing that it will be expensive next year, but that relief will come the following year when the player-traded-for-Shoot-A-Brick's contract expires. Sun has the tools, he just needs to acclimate and get some time. The last time the Lakes (or any team) had a guy his size who could play the point was ... well, I won't make that comparison, but you get the idea.

>>>I understand the concept of "priorities" put the reason
>>>for a possible non-pickup of the 2nd year of Sun Yue's
>>>contract/career on his absence from the summer league
>>>just as the reason why they won't pick up the 2nd year is

I disagree. Last summer, Sun Yue skipped the summer league
to practice with the Chinese team for the Olympics. That's at
least understandable. Then he came into training camp with
mono and missed all of training camp. Now he's missing summer
league again to play with the Chinese team.

This year there are no Olympics. But there is a great need
for the Lakers to see Sun Yue playing real minutes with other
players at the NBA to nearly NBA level. They need to evaluate
whether he is someone worth paying a million and a half to keep,
regardless of the fact that they have 3 competent point guards
on their roster.

Sun's choice to skip the Summer League to practice with
the Chinese team says to me that he doesn't really want to
be in the NBA that badly.

For comparison, look at Adam Morrison. This is a fourth year
player. Most guys don't play in the Summer League past their
second year. Stars (e.g. Derrick Rose) play 1 year and are out.

But due to injury and such, Morrison is an unknown commodity.
But he really wants to play in the NBA. Wants it so much, that
he's dropping any foolish sense of pride, setting aside other
priorities and playing in the summer league to show people
that he not only can play, but that he's a better player than most
of these heralded rookies.

The NBA is not just some club that you can join or unjoin any
time you want to. It takes not only talent, but hard work and
dedication to want to make the NBA and stay in the NBA.
Morrison is showing that dedication right now, Sun Yue is not.

Before the draft, there were rumors that the Lakers were
shopping Farmar (remember the rumor of a trade offer to
Houston?). If Farmar gets traded off as a salary dump or
maybe as part of a package to bring in a better starting PG,
then maybe I could see them keeping Sun Yue around. But
if the Lakers start the season with Fisher, Brown, and Farmar
on the roster, then I think Sun Yue's time as a Laker is finished.

>>>Personally, I think Sun is the worst player I've ever seen
>>>in a Laker uniform. Can someone name a worse player? I
>>>can't. And I've seen them all from about 1982 on.

Mike Smrek.

The Lakers would only put him in when the game was so decided
that there was no way anybody could screw it up. The guy
made MBenga look like an All-Star and Sun Yue look like a

My sister and brother in law used to have season tickets,
and they had a rule-of-thumb: Smrek in, Bosticks out.

Q : What do you get when you rearrange the 9 letters in the name of LAMAR ODOM?


Panic stricken Laker fans {and the front office} are hearing it ring loud and clear right now!!!

LO’s agent, Jeff Schwarz, is one of the top 5 NBA agents. His client list includes Paul Pierce, Jason Kidd, Al Jefferson, Tyson Chandler, Charlie Villanueva, among others. Unlike Ariza’s agent, David Lee, Mitch is dealing with a tough cookie. These agents live and die by their reputation. If he is somehow perceived as not having worked hard enough to get the best possible deal for LO, he will lose his reputation and eventually his clientele.
We can't blame him for stretching this as far as possible; he is just doing his job.

I am of a mind to cut Sun Yue some slack (Mono, injuries, impossible lineup to crack, Jackson's avoidance of playing rookies, living in a new country, etc.) We are speaking of a Laker team that put up with Slava Mendvendenko and Sasha first 3 years.

Think about something you are good at and think about trying to prove to people in 1 to 2 minute spurts about a dozen times in one year and see how much you accomplish

He would get cut from the team because he is just not better than all the other 13 guys. Note that the other 13 guys on this Laker team are pretty good.

I wish he gets more of a chance. If people just look at his talent, he's a pretty unique player that just isn't ready yet, but may be if given the chance. If he has the resolve, he may make it in the league, but who knows.

Jerry Buss is a winner. Lamar Odom is and will be a Laker.

>>>Hinrich is available via trade....
>>>We send Chicago Morrison, Farmar and 2 # 2 picks for
>>>2010 for Hinrich

The only problem is, what Chicago wants most is a scoring
power forward. Here's the deal I suggested yesterday (inspired
by the Portland-Utah-Chicago rumor).

Consider what each team wants here:

Utah wants to dump off Boozer and free up some cap
space so they can match the Millsap offer without going
into luxury tax.

Chicago wants a power forward who can score in the post.

Lakers want an upgrade at the point guard position.

Lakers send Farmar and Sun Yue to Chicago
Lakers send Adam Morrison to Utah

Utah sends Carlos Boozer to Chicago

Chicago sends Tyrus Thomas to Utah

Chicago sends Kirk Hinrich to the Lakers.

Everybody gets something of what they want. With Utah,
they get 2.6 million in cap savings, and they get Tyrus Thomas
and Adam (leading summer league in scoring) Morrison.

Chicago gets Boozer, and they get Farmar to backfill Hinrich's

Lakers get Hinrich, and give up 4 things to get him:
1. the previous backup PG
2. the previous 4th string PG
3. Adam Morrison's expiring contract
4. their salaries increase by 1.7 million (3.4 million with tax)

The one mitigating factor is that Hinrich's salary goes down
each year instead of up, so he'll balance out some of the
increasing contracts of the other Lakers - they'd have had
to pay more to keep Farmar and Morrison than Hinrich's
second year with the team.


And if that doesn't give Utah enough cap relief, then how
about this:

Chicago sends Tyrus Thomas & either Roberson or Taj Gibson to Utah
Chicago sends Hinrich to the Lakers

Utah sends Boozer and CJ Miles to the Bulls

Lakers send Jordan Farmar to the Bulls
Lakers send Utah their choice of one of Sun Yue, Powell, or MBenga

That gets Utah between 2 & 3 million more in cap space,
and gives them another low-salaried backup player.

Looks like LO will be signed within the next few days at a correct salary of $8 mill.

I didn't like his agent shopping around, but I think it was really just posturing to get him the best deal with LA. Also, he was low-key about it and I can't fault him for that. I don't think he ever seriously considered leaving LA.

And I don't take it as a sign that LO doesn't really care about the team. He was just playing the negotiating game the right way, to win. He and his agent didn't try to humiliate us like the other guy.

This is a win-win. MAMBA24, put me on the Lamar Odom 6th man of the year 2009 - 2010 bandwagon.

Wes...I'd say William "Smush" Parker wins that one. I at least like Sun Yue as a guy.

And just to play the "Keep it simple stupid" card, a direct trade
with Chicago might also be possible if Lamar is adamant about
the 10 million -

Lakers sign & trade Lamar at 10 million + Farmar
Chicago sends Hinrich & Tyrus Thomas to the Lakers

Though not as good a post scorer as Boozer, Lamar's not
bad. And he's a lot better than any other player they have
at scoring in the post. And he has championship experience.

This would be a much bigger gamble for the Lakers though.
They'd definitely improve at PG, but I'm not sure if Thomas
would make up for the loss of Lamar in the front court.

Yahoo Sports reported this morning that Odom's agent is seeking a sign and trade, but has found no suitors. Does anyone have this info from another source? Why would he want a sign and trade if the Lakers have upped their offer to more than $8 million per season. I think that is more than fair for Lamar, given the current economic climate and reduce salary cap number.

"4) His utility role here has affected the perception of him"

good point. perhaps that has something to do with his salary demand. ie: if LO had not been coming off the bench and had been a starter, his value on the FA market this year would have been higher as a result. So in that sense, perhaps LO has an argument that the Lakers owe him something. So an offer constructed or made along strict financial lines would not be well received by LO.


>>>Odom should be paid at least 10M. Lakers are over the
>>>salary cap because they overpay a number of players
>>>such as Bynum, Shasa, Luke. That is the front office’s
>>>fault. Don’t claim on the economy.

Bynum was paid 2.1 million for last season. Do you feel
he performed less than 2.1 million worth? Can you name
another center who made 2.1 million or less and played as
well as Bynum?

Bynum's salary goes up to 12.5 million THIS season. You don't
know how he's going to play this season. If he's an All-Star
and helps lead the Lakers to another championship, then he's
certainly not overpaid. If he's injured and out half the year
including the playoffs again, then you can talk about Bynum
being overpaid.

Luke was appropriately compensated. He's a role player,
and he made what a role player in the NBA makes.

Sasha was overpaid. He had a good season the year before
where he looked like he was going to be a solid defender and
designated shooter, but he couldn't play up to that standard last season. But once again, as with Bynum, Sasha
could play back up to his level of two years ago this season
and then he would be worth what they're paying him. If he's
shooting 45+% on 3-pointers and irritating opponents on defense,
then he's worth every penny of 5 million.

>>>If Lakers want LO back and productive they should
>>>make the guy happy to offer him at least 9M.

I think you're overvaluing Lamar. His play has always been
inconsistent, even in the years where he was paid 10 million
and more. If Lamar played hard every game (instead of vanishing
for a lot of games), then he would be in the discussion for
All-Stars every year and he would be worth 10 million.

And what's more, Lamar is now 30. That means, by the
3rd or 4th year of this contract, he's likely to start losing
some of that youthful speed & energy. If the contract is
more than 3 years, by the last year of the contract, he likely
won't be worth 8 million, let alone 10 million.

>>>If not let LO go and pray for Bynum, Shasa, and Luke
>>>to be better next year so that Lakers still win without
>>>having Kobe playing 40min per game

Well, as it happens, all three of those players have played
much better for the Lakers when they got more minutes.
In all of their cases, the Lakers increased depth has meant
that they don't get as many minutes. With Lamar gone, Bynum
and Luke would probably get more minutes per game, and
would likely improve. Doesn't mean they'd completely replace
what Lamar brings to the table, but more minutes generally
improves the quality of most NBA players.


>>>We should look at Stackhouse to come in and provide
>>>some needed productivity and vet leadership at the two...
>>>I think he is worth looking into.


You do realize that Stackhouse shot worse than Sasha last
season. WAY worse (26% and 16% on 3's compared to
Sasha's 39% and 36% on 3's).

If you're a Laker fan, you have seen Sun Yue play. He's come in at the end of games the last couple of years. So why do I say he sucks?

Because he hasn't shown diddly. In the six or so times I've seen him play in a game, I can sum him up in one sentence: unathletic stick who can't defend, has weak ball-handling skills, and who can't get his own shot.

So the only thing he can do is inbound the ball and make an uncontested jumper. Gee whiz, I think I can find a kid out of any So Cal high school that can do that and I won't have to even pay him.

If he doesn't want to play in the Lakers' summer league (or isn't allowed to by his country), then why should the Lakers pay money and hold a spot for a practice dummy?

I'll just echo the words of Kobe. "Ship his assets out!"

Good to see Morrison scoring, but I'm disappointed in his mobility.

I was encouraged by the truehoop scouting report that said he was moving well. That must have been a relative measure. He is running fast going forward, but his lateral movement and first step is still slow.

And he still likes to defend his man like three feet away from him, which is puzzling because I can't believe the coaching staff would let him get away with that in practice.

I had hopes he could be a Rick Fox for the Lakers, but he needs to step up the defense first.

Tom Daniels,

I think your analysis of Lamar Odom was spot on.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"Personally, I think Sun is the worst player I've ever seen in a Laker uniform. Can someone name a worse player? I can't. And I've seen them all from about 1982 on."

To be honest with you, I have to agree. I, in my memory, cannot remember a player worse than Sun Yue playing for the Lakers. I assume there is someone worse than Sun Yue, but I cannot remember a player worse than Sun Yue... at least a player who I have witnessed playing.

What shocks me is that people rip on other players (Luke) incessantly, but somehow Sun Yue is (kind of) off limits. It makes no sense to me.

When Sun Yue came up I had hopes for him. When I read that he had a quadruple double playing in the ABA, I thought that this guy might bring something special... and then I saw him play. It was scarily bad. Like, made me freakout nervous, just watching him on the court. Terrible.

I don't hate the guy. Everything I've seen about his personality seems to reflect that he's a good guy and his girlfriend ain't too shabby too, but the guy can't play.

Throw away that contract and either lower our luxury tax or pick up some crazily hungry undrafted kid out of college and see if he can somehow work a miracle. That's what I say.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Let's just say this (as blasphemous as it sounds), thank God we didn't sign BOTH Sasha Vujacic AND Ronny Turiaf for above-market value last year. If we had, we'd be screwed.

I love Ronny Turiaf, but I honestly feel that Josh Powell is a better on-court player and we got him for a steal.

Regarding Sasha, I'm as disappointed as anyone that he disappeared in the late playoffs. Unacceptable. However, according to his Bio-Chrono (really), I blame his girlfriend. He needs to dump her. She's a distraction.

Anyhow, Sasha's a competitor and competitors always have a chance to come back.

I don't expect next season to be like last year's Finals for Sasha. He'll be fine.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


great news about AMMO! first game and making an immediate impact shows he's focused and i can see him working his butt of this summer.

LUKE LOVERS BEWARE! ammos gonna be your biggest nightmare.. hopefully its only a matter of time until the luke bandwagon start defecting to the ammo bandwagon..

whats this silly talk about his mobility? hes never been very mobile. his biggest asset will be his jumper and if he starts getting his stroke back then it may truly mark the end of the luke era. may god be with us all

Reason for cautious optimism, methinks.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Lamar, we can't win with out you!

Red's Love Child,

Thanks so much for showing us the truth of anagrams! Do you know what RED'S LOVE CHILD anargams out to?

DIVORCED SHELL - Is he a bitter divorced old man?

DISC DROVE HELL - is he a frustrated Disc Golfer?

DOC LED SHRIVEL - suggesting how good a coach Doc Rivers really is?

As far as who is the worst player on the Lakers, I don't know how anyone compares with Travis Knight. That dude was freaking terrible. Remember J. R. Reid? Dude looked more like the Geico Caveman than Gasol does, and had the skills of one.

Lakersrydeordie, I didn't realize that we needed Jerry Stackhouse's "production and leadership? at the 2. Remind me, what stiff plays that position for us now???

The biggest difference in the last two years was Derek Fisher. We got a leader who not only could teach Kobe how to communicate with his teammates, but taught his teammates to listen to Kobe.

Derek Fisher is a truly Great Laker.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Give Lamar what he wants--Buss can afford it, or he could simply rasie ticket prices, and get more $ from merchandise, advertisers, TV, etc.

LO is an integral piece for the Lakers. Phil Jackson calls him the "X-Factor.". Kuochak and Buss-don't try and play silly negotiating games that come right out of a Donald Trump book. Even if Lamar takes lower than what he wants, do you think he'll feel appreciated and play up to hhis potential? Lamar is a very sensitive athlete, and will remember how he's being treated. So will Kobe, who daid "he better be" when asked whether LO will be back this year. That was Kobe's not-so-subtle message to Kupchak and Buss.

Lamar, the economy is BRUTAL right now and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Dude, we are in a Depression right now. Not recession, Depression.


You have no idea how many people I know are underemployed right now (including myself). The unemployment is terrible, but the underemployment is mind-boggling. Maybe 25-30% of the country is underemployed/losing their retirement right now (on top of 15-20% of the country unemployed in real terms--not government statistics, which are inherently too low).

That means roughly 50% of the country is suffering right now. 50%. One in two. Maybe even more.

Guess what, Lamar? You've suffered a lot in your life. This is just another case of bad luck. Sure, you're worth more, but aren't we all? I sure am and I'm working for WELL below my worth right now, but my past record around 1/15 of what I deserve.

It's time you be a man and accept a bad situation, you're being offered 25% less than you deserve. Deal with it. In this economy, you're being blessed.

As Thriller said, "If you can't live off [of millions], you can't live."

And that is the truth. Stop dragging your feet. Sign the damned contract. Be a man.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Anyone remember that illusory boom economy under our last administration?

Remember all the crazy bling-bling mentality? Remember that foolishness?

Well, it was a dream and now we're waking up. No sense in trying to go back to sleep. You're awake now.

Remember the talk of LeBron James wanting to be a fricken billionaire? Another example of the childish greedy foolishness that bred the present Depression. That's over. Everyone's going to have to deal with it.

That includes you, Lamar, and your agent.

You have the chance to make millions playing for a historically dominant program on a Championship Dynasty and live in Los Angeles while doing that... essentially not feeling an ounce of the suffering that engrips the lives of AT LEAST 100 million Americans (more like 150-200 million Americans).

Time to realize how good you've got it.

Sign the contract and show Laker Nation you've got the mettle that comes with being a Laker.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Sun Yue is never gonna be a starting NBA point guard. If he ever does make it back to the NBA as a regular, it will likely be in a Lamar Odom type of role, point-forward or whatever you want to call it. He's simply to big to guard smaller and quicker NBA PGs. You think we have problems now stopping penetration from the likes of CP3 and Deron Williams then just imagine some lanky tall guy like Sun trying to keep up with them. It would be equivalent to playing LO at the point, it might look good on offense but it would be a disaster on defense.

Brian Cook is one of the worst lakers ever. For a guy who is suppose to shoot well, he could build my mansion with all his bricks. Nate Robinson could even out rebound this 6-10" tall for nothing.

Wes...Please allow me to add to the worst player debate..

Samaki Walker,Tracy Murry,Brian Cook,Kwame Brown,

If Sun Yue had half the minutes these stone handed rocks had he would have at least improved to there junk standard.

Kwame brown was the only Laker to give me high blood pressure at the age of 29...He also made me want to throw things at my TV on a game day basis...Did we already forget how bad he was?....Any one of the smurfs you could think of had a better game than him...Please dont ever forget that......EVER...

Yo Laker fans,

Remember this LakeShow lineup in the early 90's

PG: Nick "the quick" Van Excel
SG: Eddie "elevation" Jones
SF: Cedric "the garbage man" Ceballos
PF: Elen Campbell
C: Valde Divac

Coach: Del Harris

They were young and would never win a title but teams were scared to face this young crew. Van Excel was unstoppable in the sonic series and if divac's makes his free throws, we could of given the spurs a 7 game series. Instead we lose 4-2. Just a thought of memory lane....

Stackhouse sucks and is about as intelligent as a cardboard box.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hello, Long time reader, first time Commenter. The worst Laker of all time has to be Smush Parker. Seriously, how can you play the way he did as the starting Point Guard of the Los Angeles Lakers. I mean, seriously, i wouldn't blame Kobe for saying he wanted to leave when he did with a point guard like that, hell, he gave me fits every time i watched him play, and not in a good way. i equate the Smush Years (2005 -2007) as the Dark Ages after the Fall of the Roman Empire (1996 - 2004) and before the Renaissance (2008 - Present). in retrospect, How the hell was Smush Parker a Laker to begin with!!!!

"Q : What do you get when you rearrange the 9 letters in the name of LAMAR ODOM?


Panic stricken Laker fans {and the front office} are hearing it ring loud and clear right now!!!"

Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | July 12, 2009 at 09:39 AM

Pretty funny, Red...... What do you get when we re-arrange the letters in your name??
Here's a hint; ............. Check your shorts!!!

I truely believe having Artest on the team will be great for motivating LO. If LO goes MIA, I can see Artest getting in his face and punching his head so he can wake up.

P.S. laker fans,

I want to see Bynum improve on a few things

1.) stay healthy

2.) stop commiting stupid fouls (especially early in the game)

3.) keep getting better with your footwork

4.) stop shooting mid range jumpers (what was he thinking in the finals) you are not ewing or hakeem

5.) keep working on the sky hook

6.) stop arguing to the media about phil jackson and your playing time (it shows weakness)

7.) keep working hard in the offseason and get stronger and your explosion back

One good thing about having Ron Artest on our team is that he has a hate for the celtics. I remember Paul pierce and him had legitimate beef, so this will be so much fun to watch. Now, Ron and Kobe can go up against Paul Pierce and that lil greeny will be all alone.

I still hate the Celtics and always will, I hope we go against them in the finals it would be simply amazing and a finals for the ages.

"worst Laker ever"...

For your consideration, Jack Haley. Both as a player and a commentator.

dave m

If Lamar doesn't want to show that he wants to be laker then the lakers can make an offer to david lee. He's more consistent and is a better mid range shooter and rebounder. He just doesn't have the ball handling ability or the range (that lamar rarely uses) has. But it'll be a nice replacement.

Hey Laker Nation,

I have been sick for a few weeks and ended up in hospital and got out this last week.

I was trying to catch up to blog but has been taing time. I copy and pasted posts but some are too old to respond to and I will respond to some later.

But at any rate I see the LO drama to continue a bit more. With Portland signing Milsap to contract every thing comes to a standstill until Utah matches or passes.

If you see Utah match Portland to try for LO. If not Utah may try sign and trade for Boozer to Lakers or some one else to dump salary. So it is a wait and see.

Next on TA vs Artest my opinion the Lakers made a bad move. You get and older stronger vet with issues but lose a young growing star.

I think this situation is a wait and see how it turns out. The Team definitely lost future for the now which is usually a franchise killer. You play for the now but prepare for the future and a lot was lost there.

I also see the TA vs Artest situation affect LO. If you noticed after winning ship you would always see LO and TA hanging together away from teammates. They were in the same boat and my guess very good friends.

Much has been said about LO and RA friendship but I think LO had a bond with TA. So friend getting dumped (agents fault mostly) probably affected negotiating stance.

Glad to see so many bloggers stil here. Keep up the Laker pride.



LongtimeLakerFan -- No I didnt realize that about Stackhouse..I depend on you all to look up stats -- I wouldnt dare go there.

It was just a suggestion..Sorry I said anything...Though I still believe he is better than what we have on our bench despite your well researched stats.

Jon K:

Re: Stackhouse..Ok, shoot me in my EFFN head..Last time I make a suggestion on here...sheesh!!


Re: Stackhouse:

I was tawking about as a EFFN backup on the bench..Gottdayum....

Not that serious..

Arrogant mofos on here..

>>>Memo to Luke and Sasha.
>>>Improve your 3 point shooting (ala Trevor).

memo to passionate laker fan:

Trevor 3 point shooting for 2008-09: 32%
Sasha 3 point shooting for 2008-09: 36%

It's funny how everyone thinks Trevor is this amazing 3 point
shooter, and that Sasha now completely sucks with his 3 point

The truth of the matter is that Sasha did slip a lot and Trevor
did improve a lot, but Sasha is still a better 3-point shooter than


in this blog LUKELOVERS are an overwhelming majority. among the regulars its probably a good 75%... it seems only a few bloggers here like u, oucchhhh, lakertruth and taliq and maybe a few others have not drank that luke koolaid...

luke is a media darling and has always been... through the years mainstream bspn commentators like vangundy huby and barry have always embraced him.

what gets me most is during the futile laker era when luke was a starter the media still embraced him and hardly criticized him. smush cook kwame were always thrown under a bus but never luke. now that lakers are champs with luke its no surprise he gets way more credit than he deserves and its like the second coming of christ.


Edwin Gueco,

I would partially agree. The Lakers is not the best place for
a rookie to break into the league. They have such depth, that
you really have to shine to get even a few minutes of play for

The problem is, Sun Yue didn't take advantage of the few times
of year when he COULD have shown the Lakers that he is capable
of playing at the NBA level. 2008 Summer League, 2008 training
camp, 2009 Summer League. That's three opportunities offered
to show what you can do, and three opportunities passed on.

I'm sure there were at least 50 or 60 undrafted players last
summer who would gladly have played for less than 100K
(if that were possible in the NBA), just to be given the chance
to play in 2 summer leagues and a pre-season. A few of them
might actually have had enough talent to stick.

Sun Yue's best chance would be to go to some team at
the bottom of the league, preferably one who only has
1 legitimate PG on their roster, so they HAVE to play him.
Other than that, if he plays for China instead of Summer
League every year, he will likely never make an NBA roster.

"good point. perhaps that has something to do with his salary demand. ie: if LO had not been coming off the bench and had been a starter, his value on the FA market this year would have been higher as a result. So in that sense, perhaps LO has an argument that the Lakers owe him something. So an offer constructed or made along strict financial lines would not be well received by LO."

Good post. I was thinking back to the beginning of training camp last season when Lamar was asked to come of the bench and his initial reaction was not good, then he acquiesced. He knew his numbers would be down in a contract year, so perhaps he was told that wouldn't be counted against him when it came time to renew. Now he finds out the economy and salary cap issues are convenient excuses for him taking a big pay cut. If I was in a situation like that, I'd feel taken advantage of. Perhaps he does too.

is LO showcasing his versatility in the summer league in Las Vegas?

or just the intangibles


Every single game Kwame Brown played in Purple and Gold, I whinced at least once a game when he'd make some stupid mistake.

I'll never forget him slapping those tiny stone hands together after he brick a layup, drop a pass or get out rebounded.

Those moments will haunt my dreams forever.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I hope Odom signs this week, this update sounds promising


Hope you feel better, brother.

Good to have you out of the hospital.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



stackhouse sucks that bad that our weak guy last year(sasha) is way better than stack...

we dont need another scrub on our bench....

Stackhouse has a toughness that would be nice coming off the bench. Remember how he wanted to kick Byron Scott's ass? Impressive. And he has skills that I am sure PJ could make use of coming off the bench, as a role player, in certain situations. I think he would be a welcome addition to the BENCH. Again, really like his toughness, and could be the "hungry vet" type PJ wants. Right now his salary is 2 million (he is repped by LO's agent Schwarz).


I was so tired of Kwame fumbling the ball, missing chippies, or just plain having butterfingers that i didnt feel at all bad when the staples crowd booed him right b4 he got traded...

pissed me off how many easy shots he missed or potential shots he lost due to his bad hands

Dont remember the the opponent but i do remember he fumbled some easy passes and the crowd just turned on the guy...

Hey AK & BK,

Obviously there won't be much details available about rumors but do you have any sense about the length of contract they're offering? Is it a 1-2 yr deal or closer to a 5 yr deal?

And any sense of which side wants a long or short deal?

Thanks as always for keeping us up to date!

Go World Champion Lakers!!!
(Wow, that still sounds good.)


You lost.

"It's funny how everyone thinks Trevor is this amazing 3 point shooter, and that Sasha now completely sucks with his 3 point shooting."


I agree with you about Sasha actually being a better pure shooter than Trevor but also look at the facts:

31.4% from 3 point land Sasha Playoffs 2009
47.6% from 3 point land Trevor Playoffs 2009

Any more statistics you want to bring up LTLF?

Oh wait I have one more:

39.2% from 3 point land Sasha Playoffs 2009

Sure Sasha is a better pure shooter than Trevor but guess who stepped up in the playoffs?

Sorry dude but you LOSE.

"If Lamar doesn't want to show that he wants to be laker then the lakers can make an offer to david lee. He's more consistent and is a better mid range shooter and rebounder. He just doesn't have the ball handling ability or the range (that lamar rarely uses) has. But it'll be a nice replacement. "

Joel get your FACTS straight. The Lakers already used their entire mid-level exception on Artest and their Bi-annual salary on Shannon Brown. There is NO WAY they can successfully sign David Lee because he is a restricted free agent and is 1) Looking for a big pay raise and 2) The Knicks can match up any offer and would if David Lee has this weird sense of signing for very few money.

just peaking at some summer no-BB

there is a clip on u tube with kobe in summer league. even at 17?, skinny, out oh HS he was way beyond these scrubs

only an idiot Dell Harris, will keep him on the bench

some player on the bench work hard on their iPods. really looks like they want to play in the NBA. twitting away.

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