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Lamar Odom update and some other quick hits

July 11, 2009 | 11:03 pm

The O.C. Register's Janis Carr recently yapped with Lakers Assistant General Manager Ronnie Lester about the team's ongoing talks with Lamar Odom.  Carr says Lester informed her that LO's offer has been bumped "a little north of $8 million.”  More or less what people have bandied about as the "magic number," so to speak.  Lester also expressed confidence a deal could go down next week.  Promising news, for sure.  B. Shaw will certainly be happy. 

Lester also indicated to Carr that Sun Yue, whose option needs to be picked up by August 1st, could find himself ex-Laker soon.   His case apparently isn't being helped by an absence from the Summer Pro League.  The same SPL, by the way, where Adam Morrison has recorded 22 and 24-point tallies.  Granted, these results should obviously be taken with a grain of salt, considering Ammo is lighting up competition that's hardly NBA "elite."   Many of these cats are barely NBA "ready."   But still, as Morrison is working to get his legs back under him (literally and figuratively), I'm sure the brass is pleased with the early returns.

And around the league...