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Lamar Odom calls Jerry Buss

So sayeth our man Jim Hill, a cool cat with the best hair in the biz. 

The purpose of said phone call?  Repairing any bridges in need of fixing after Doc B. didn't take kindly to un-returned calls from LO's agent Jeff Schwartz.   Does that mean LO is definitely favoring the Lakers over, say, the Miami Heat, who have reportedly offered him five years/35 mil (or haven't, according to the Tweets of Ric Bucher)?  No, but it does stand to reason that Lamar hasn't decided to close his purple and gold chapter.  Otherwise, unless Odom wants an invite to Jerry Buss' poker game whenever he's in L.A., I don't know why he'd bother placing the call.

A promising development for those hoping LO will stick around.  We'll have more details as they emerge.


NOTE: Click below the jump for LO related comments from Portland GM Kevin Pritchard...

With my weekend having opened up unexpectedly, I decided to make the drive to Vegas for the last few days of summer league action.  Friday night I spoke briefly with Portland GM Kevin Pritchard.  With Utah having officially matched the Blazers' offer sheet to Paul Millsap earlier in the day, Portland is back to having money to burn.  One theoretical target:  Lamar Odom. 

Q: With the news on Millsap, does that change the way you look at Odom?

A: Right now, we're going to regroup, we're going to look at the landscape.  We're still going to be aggressive in the marketplace, but we don't know who that is yet.  We want to, I guess, reassess the landscape.  That would be the best way to put it.

Q: Is Odom on it?

A: Yeah, but I want to sit down with (coach) Nate (McMillan).  We haven't really gone through our process again, and we'll have to do that. 

Q: With the economics of the game changing, the cap going down, and so on, has that changed how you feel like you have to use the space you have?  Does it put more pressure on you to spend this summer, or risk your cap room disappearing?  (Note- the Blazers also have to factor in extensions on guys like Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge.)

A: Not so much. We'll look at using the space with the right free agents, but it's important for us that we look at all the options. You've got trades, we can do uneven trades in terms of salaries (because the Blazers are below the salary cap, rules allow them to make trades in which the salaries don't match), straight signings as free agents.  We're going to look at the landscape and see what's out there now.   

Pritchard certainly didn't take the opportunity to send signals that Odom was a target.  As I mentioned earlier in the day, just because something isn't said publicly doesn't mean there isn't a plan behind the scenes, but if there is serious interest up north Pritchard didn't drop any hints.  Hopefully the news AK mentioned above is a step to making all of this moot, anyway.   


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The Celtics signing of Marquis Daniels along with Sheed and the return of KG means that the Celts may not just win 70 they could go 82-0.


>>>With LO, the Lakers were +17.8 per 48 min this season,
>>>without him they were -6.1.

Yet the Lakers won all three of the games that Lamar didn't
play in. Somehow they managed to win games without Lamar,
miraculous as that may seem.


>>>LTLF can get you exact number.

The Veteran's minimum starts at a sliding scale depending on
how many years the player has been in the league. For 2009-10,
for a rookie it's $457,558, and for a player who has been in the
league 10 years or more, it's $1,306,455

>>>>But this post is for LTLF. Dude, you da man, but DANG,
>>>>are you you drinking today? LOL! If so, that's cool! Enjoy!
>>>>But come on, these posts today are WAAAY below
>>>>your very high and second to none standards!

I'm just basking in la fromage de l'off season. C'est bon.

I was just reading my braille newspaper and it said that Lamar
will be quitting basketball and becoming a lumberjack.

But what do freakin' blind people know?

I just did a tarot reading about Lamar's future and the Magician
came up. Clearly, he'll be signing with the Magic.

>>>I was dropping acid in my hot-air ballon over the coast of
>>>Florianopolis with my 19 year old supermodel siamese
>>>twin girl friend and had a surreal vision that Dr. B and LO
>>>are the same person and will be with the Lakers for
>>>years to come...




I have now come over to the dark side and believe there are two compelling reasons why the Lakers should just let Lamar Odom walk away:

1. $54M in salary and taxes is too much to pay for a player who will only play 21 PPG. With Bynum and Artest needing minutes and touches, there will not enough left to justify paying Lamar Odom $54M, especially in a receding economy where the contract might constrain the team financially so that they would be not be able in a position to take advantage of better, less expensive options down the road. We may see opportunities to solve our point guard situation that we may have to pass if we sign Lamar.

2. The development of Andrew Bynum would speed up by not re-signing Lamar Odom. Drew needs to know that he is going to start and finish games and play 35 to 40 MPG. While Lamar Odom has been the team’s savior the last two seasons filling in for the injured Drew, the time has come to take off the training wheels. Next year needs to be Drew’s time. He needs the minutes and touches necessary to earn the $12.5M first year salary in his contract extension. Time to unleash Drew and let him grow into the Beast.

I also think psychologically, the Lakers will fare better with Kobe, Drew, Pau, and Ron all getting a few more minutes and touches with Lamar gone. It’s hard to get into a groove unless you get the time and opportunities on the court, especially running the Triangle Offense where the ball is constantly distributed. Sometimes less is actually better. The Lakers have four guys who should be All-Stars and deserve to be featured. The result will be a better team because the best players will play more minutes. Let Lamar walk.



LO was waiting for this:

National Ice Cream Day (Sunday, July 19)

People who are minimizing Lamar's value either have a very optomistic view of Bynum or forget how much LO carried us late in the season & playoffs. Even with a healthy Bynum, we need LO to repeat!! Get R Done !

Lamar WAS crucial for the Lakers last year. that may or may not change, it can't be said yet. new year, new team, same core regardless.

i would like to see a motivated Lamar back next year. if he doesn't want to be here in LA as part of the Lakers, then it's best he goes.

i expect to see him back, but if he doesn't came back, the Lakers should be able to find a way to beat up the rest of the league anyway. the starting unit is stacked, still.

looks like today we started a trend on the Lakers blog while "Waiting for LO"

from Silver Screen and Roll, new blog thread:

Lamar Calls Dr. Buss, Presses One to Continue in English

Thank you for calling the Los Angeles Lakers. Please listen carefully to the following options, as they have recently changed.

Press '1' to order tickets for the upcoming season.

Press '2' to be connected to the team store.

Press '3' to re-sign as a free agent.

Press '4' if you are Smush Parker.

You may press '0' at any time to return to the main menu.


If the Lakers do end up deciding that re-signing Lamar Odom is not worth $54M, then the result will be that the Lakers lost the top two free agents they had targeted to re-sign. The result will trigger many NBA prognosticators to downgrade the Lakers prospects to below those of the Cavs, Celts or Spurs. Ironically, the Lakers may very well end up being a better team as a result of losing Trevor Ariza and Lamar Odom.

Because sometimes Plan B is better, the Lakers now have a better small forward in Ron Artest than they had in Trevor Ariza. And if they let Lamar walk, the additional minutes and touches for Andrew Bynum will likely compensate for losing Lamar Odom. Finally, our starting lineup will still be the best in the NBA and the team will be $54M richer.

Had the Lakers come out and said they were NOT going to re-sign either and then signed Ron, the rebellion from Lakers fans would have been a public relations nightmare. Fortuitously, the terrible jobs done by David Lee and Jeff Schwartz as agents for Trevor Ariza and Lamar Odom turned Lakers fans off and gave the team the leeway to carve an unexpected path by “trading” Ariza for Artest and possible letting Odom go to open the door for Bynum to take over critical minutes and touches.


It's plain and simple if the Lakers let Lamar Odom get away they know nothing about basketball. I have always had respect for the Lakers organization, every since Jerry West played. It's call reconize your blessing, the Lakers have tried constantly to get back where they are now, so why allow your ego to destroy something great. Don't let Lamar go if you do the lakers will be through, remember when Andrew Bynum went down, how the Lakers was the first team to go to Cleveland and defeat the Cavaliers on their home court. Understand Lamar was the main man 27 points, 17 rebounds incredible. that showed how big time a baller he truly is. The only team to do that this year, think about it . I 'm talking to the owner and the front office. Peace.

we need LO, he's proven himself as a Laker no doubt, I hate to see the Lakers go from contenders to just a team, much respect to Artest but if he doesnt work out then what???? back to the drawing board for ole Mitch, he's been on a role but I hope he don't get beside himself and feel like the return of LO isn't as important because it is! not only for the sake of the Lakers but for sake of basketball too. let's not take on the Maverick effect hire fire fire hire, they'll never win a championship cuz Mark dont understand it's a business but it's also a game, dynasties are built not bought,

if the heat want to add LO and Bozo next to JO and Beasley, their front court will have a nice sound to it


kinda be-bop and jazzy, but outdated

actually no. my previous post is not even close to claiming that paul pierce and rondo "suck". actually they are two of the better players in the league, at their respective positions. but seriously, do you actually think any other team is going to be worried about this celtic free agent pick-up? not hardly.

that was my one and only point.

You know I hate to say this but Andrew Z has a good point. What's best for LO and his family is really all that matters at this point. Utah has matched the Milsap deal that Portland put out there. That means that the 50 mil that they coulda spilled on Turkulou or Milsap's plate is still out there for LO. The Miami or Dallas thing is nothing, the money just doesn't make sense. It's less money, I don't care if you want to talk no taxes in florida, his house waiting for him there- all of that is bs. He played like 1 year in miami, THAT IS NOT HIS HOME. His home is here and even 3 years at 27 mil is a better deal. He could sign a mid level deal or better following that contract worst case scenario to end his career. Why lock yourself up now at 5.7 when you could make 8 or 9? That's crazy, especially when you made 14 MIL the year before!

Its posturing, its bluffing, it business- thats all it is. The people saying Lakers are in win win situation, I disagree. Laker Tom is right on one hand, if LO goes it does give Bynum more of an opportunity to develop. And really at 10 mil or whatever Bynum gets paid, thats really whats supposed to happen. Bynum should be an allstar in the not so distant future and that probably cant happen if LO is getting 30 plus minutes a game. But if Bynum gets hurt AGAIN (which is really 50/50), we don't get another ring and we waste the best opportunity we have to secure the Laker franchise as officially the winningest franchise ever. Also to secure Kobe as the best player ever (if he gets 6 rings). We already got the best coach and we are soooo close why not put the pedal to the medal and go all the way.

Buss is doing the right thing, throw a fair offer out there and ultimately its up to LO. The truth is if we sign LO, either Sasha, Luke, or Ammo will be traded soon, if not all 3 and Farmar isnt a done deal either. That money will be recouped for the salary cap decrease in the future and then some of this madness will make more sense. Ultimately I am REALLY IMPRESSED with what I am seeing from management. We do have to resign Paul Gasol when the time comes and he is going to get a max deal so we can't just pay whatever people want, especially when its really an INSURANCE contract for Bynum. But we can work something out if LO really wants to be a Laker and thats what everybody has their fingers crossed for.

Let me leave with a plea to LO. LO, my 4 month old son's name is Jayden and Im proud to say I named him after your son. I am a diehard laker fan and you are one of my favorite players. I think you are the key to the lakers championship because you are the glue to the team. I saw the Melo interview the other day (my sons middle name is carmelo) at some awards ceremony and he said they lost to the lakers because of LAMAR ODOM. When you have to focus on Kobe and Pau and all of a sudden Lamar Odom decides to be aggressive ITS OVER. There is nothing, NOTHING any team could do about it. This team full strengh could beat any team HANDS DOWN. And now we adding Ron Ron, OMG. YOU ARE A LAKER FOR LIFE LO, sign that contract and stay where you are loved and appreciated. Don't listen to these crazy writers out there about inconsistency or any of that nonsense. Your are a beast and we love you. God bless you and your family. When its all said and done you'll have 3 or four ring LO and that will put you in the conversation with the greats. We all know you are not a starter and dfish will need your help so don't even worry about your role on the team. I like the talks of this lineup:


Thats crazy! That has the potential to be the best starting 5 of ALL TIME. I love D fish so don't let me diminish his role in saying this. I LUV DFISH. But this lineup right here is potentially 5 allstars, cuz LO or Bynum on sorry teams are all star players easy. That doesnt mean they are weak, that means the opportunity is not the same on the lakers. And while other players like AI are overly concerned about such things as minutes and money, others are focussd on rings and winning. If you can win rings in your prime, really thats the best case scenario. LO you know whats the right thing to do, so its good to hear you made that call to Buss to keep the relationship good. Ultimately I am 99% confident that a deal will get done and my gut tells me LO feels the same way. Dont panic people, have a brew sit back and enjoy the show. Cuz next year, its going to possibly be the BEST LAKER SEASON OF ALL TIME. I know thats blasphemy when we've seen Magic Kareem Chick and the whole nine. But DEFENSIVELY, this is the best team the Laker organization has ever, EVER, put on the court, PERIOD.

... Assuming we get LO back

Adam Morrison will be just like last year...he's got that 6 second delay, high five him, and your hand's comin down as his is about to go up....he' not the "one".....that caucausian player, David Lee of the Knicks...I;m glad that the "Kryptonian player, Nate Robinson is apparently headed somewhere, Having to watch him would detract from the flow that the Lakers finally figured out..The lane is crowded enough as it is, so no Lee....The Lakers need to instil fear in their opponents with their four headed monster, I'm not talking about KB, Pau, AB and Thriller....I'm talking about the man who plays 4 positions, not great at any, but pretty good. That would be Lamar. (By the way, I'm sure you have already, but consider therapy, and buy inot Phil's games) If the Lakers pay him 10 million per year (more likely 8-8.5) for 4, I predict...your actually only paying him 2.5 million (well 5 because David Stern has to feed his family) because he gives you the most versatility of any Laker player and maybe up there with any player alltime, not the greatest I said, but does his 4 jobs, then he sees Sasha upchuck and thinks, hey, why am I getting smashed under the boards going after rebounds and he's out there trying to look good, and Walton, enough has been said, just do more rights than wrongs, ok?....and whenever Stern needs a vacation, just fine Phil and the Lakers, for "implying", Phil's not dumb, but Stern has an issue with him, probably afraid to confront a man who is smarter than him....Lamar, you started in LA, not so great, tell you what, finish in LA, really great. Dare you to compete with Kobe....Dare you to shove Artest, Dare you to outrun Pau....Spend less on agents and more on publicity people. Do the post game interviews that Fish has been doing for so long....even when he wasn't much of a player, when he was the "blocking foul on #2 !!!).

Remember people, you have to precede Cheinemelou Elonu's name with "The Nigerian player....".....after all, that's the way it works around here.

Here's a trade for the Blog...
Luke, Ammo + CASH for Boozer.

So Broderick Turner just announced the details of the contracts
offered by the Lakers and more info comes to light.

They offered two contracts each with a guaranteed 30 million.

3 years at 10 million per year


4 years at 9 million per year, but only 3 million of the fourth
year was guaranteed.

So, although the Lakers were offering more per season overall
than any other team has offered Lamar, a full MLE is more
guaranteed money than what they were offering.

Totally agree with your post JohnnyBoy, with respect to Lamar's importance and I have to respectfully disagree with LakerTom on this one.

But I do disagree one with your glowing assessment of how Laker management has handled this so far. I mean unless it is indeed about the negotiating tactic of posturing as you say, I see no reason for Jerry Buss to be so sensitive by overreacting this way in becoming quickly offended simply because camp Odum did not immediately respond to his offer within a week's time and/or exploring other options by speaking with different teams as most FAs do.

As I said before, if it had dragged into August or something I can understand it. Heck even Sasha's deal last year wasn't inked until then.

Why are the Lakers so impatient after only a week? Just leave to offer out there for a while and see what happens...

The latest LAT article says Buss is still upset. My only concern is that he's so put off by LO he won't even try to match Miami. That would be a mistake in my opinion.

I don't agree with the argument that the Lakers are better without LO. LO's greatest value is his versatility. If Bynum stays healthy, LO wouldn't take away minutes from him but rather Pau. Unlike Bynum, Pau does NOT need more minutes, he needs LESS. The Lakers depended on Pau too much this year and he seemed a bit fatigued in the playoffs.

With LO, Pau, and Bynum, Professor X could rotate the 4 and 5 as needed without putting too many minutes on any individual player. And yes, injury insurance is always a good thing. Ask the Cs or Spurs this year (or the Rockets any year).

If LO will sign with a guaranteed 4th year as the LAT article hinted, the Lakers should do it. His last year then could become potential trade bait, as Phred first pointed out. Or if the Lakers are working on their fifth consecutive Championship by then, maybe not.

I guess LO figured out he screwed up bigtime with Buss' offer and with encouragement from Kobe and Fisher he got the courage to ask for forgiveness? or for candy money? Anyway that is the only smart move he did so far. Lets see what Buss counter offers? 30 for 3 and 36 for 4 and 40 for 5? Dr Buss has class!

The truth is no one knows what is really going on behind the scene. A deal might be in place or lamar might have burned his bridge. I enjoy watching the lakers but life goes on. When shaq left, when Piazza left the dodgers. What does not make any sense if the rumors are true, Why would he turn down a better deal (more money) with the lakers, when he will earn less elsewhere?

I'm posting late on the thread here. If anyone really wants to see me say mean things about them, let me know and I'll repost.

“Dropping acid in my hot-air ballon over the coast of Florianopolis with my 19 year old supermodel siamese twin girl friend. “ I think I had to start with H-O, but that’s my shot. From the hot air balloon, off the second parking meter north of the gym door, off the janitor’s mop bucket, into the hoop, no net. Let’s get HORSE going here, this is just pathetic, y’all.

Well, taliq made me think of it, but I keep being surprised at some of the positions that people take. We have 1)people that are mad at Lamar for leaving, but think we can win without him 2)people that are cool with lamar leaving and think that we can win without him 3)people that are mad at lamar leaving and think we can’t win without him, 4) people that….um, sorry, I lost track. This is bizarre. Let me just figure out what I think. I think that in order to get no net on that last shot, I need to hit it off the janitors mop bucket, off the little class window that is in the double doors to the gym, which is open, off the guy wiping off the scorers table, then off the scoreboard itself, into the hoop, a little net. I’m new at this game, does that work?

Ok, sorry, my position. 1)I don’t think Lamar is going to leave, I think a lot of this ‘237 million offered, he turned it down to go to the heat cause his dog likes the atlantic ocean better’ is crap. I don’t know what the Lakers offered him. I don’t know what the Heat offered him. NOBODY DOES, apparently, except maybe the people actually involved, and they’re not talking. 2) I think if Lamar does choose to leave, it will be a rational decision, based on his own motivations. It might not be the same choice some of y’all make, but if you want to make it, go be a better than average NBA player who helped the Lakers to a championship and you can make your own decisions. 3) If Lamar does leave, I’m not happy about the Lakers chances. It will, no argument, hurt them. If Bynum is going to develop, if Adam Morrison is really the second coming of whatever (no), they will be even if Lamar sticks around. Cream rises, and there are lots of minutes to go around. If Lamar leaves, it’s a big subtraction. D) If Lamar leaves, it will because Jerry Buss made a financial decision. I think, and I will argue this with anybody who wants, if Jerry Buss offers Lamar enough money, he will stay. Might be less than somebody else, might be the same as somebody else, might take 20 mil a year, but it’s still the man’s decision. So, that’s a decision he has to make. If he asks me, I’ll tell him what I think. In the meantime…

"The Celtics signing of Marquis Daniels along with Sheed and the return of KG means that the Celts may not just win 70 they could go 82-0.
Posted by: KobeHog | July 18, 2009 at 07:39 PM

Get off this blog, and never come back. Seriously, I bite my tongue a lot and don’t call people (*^(&ing idiots even if they are, but you’re a (*^*^%ing idiot. Nah, I’m kidding, it’s all about the love. [no I’m not. THE LOVE might put up with you, but phred thinks…um, sorry, where did my thorazine go?

But what do freakin' blind people know?
Posted by: Long Time Laker Fan | July 18, 2009 at 08:04 PM

Read Sophocles’ ‘oedipus rex’ It features a blind person who is the only person who sees the truth. That’s not why you should read it though. You should read it because if I hear you dissing blind people again, it will give you a rough idea of what I’m going to call you without me actually being censored.

"People who are minimizing Lamar's value either have a very optomistic view of Bynum or forget how much LO carried us late in the season & playoffs. Even with a healthy Bynum, we need LO to repeat!! Get R Done !
Posted by: rdlee | July 18, 2009 at 08:21 PM


LakerTom- I’m cutting off your Kool-Aid. I have one question; If money is not a factor, does Lamar make the Lakers a better team? If your answer is no, I will give you a debate to make you wish I was ten KB Blintzes. Sorry, Blitzes. I’m hungry. If your answer is yes, then your argument that we don’t need him is sophistry. It might be an economic decision, but it’s not a basketball decision, and you can’t support it with arguments about the quality of the team, you have to support it with arguments about the profitability of the team. It’s an argument you can make, but it’s not an argument you are making.

"if the heat want to add LO and Bozo next to JO and Beasley, their front court will have a nice sound to it
kinda be-bop and jazzy, but outdated
Posted by: ouchhhhhhhhh | July 18, 2009 at 09:13 PM

Ouchhhhhh. I’m usually going out of my way to be a nice guy, so I’m going to say I liked this post. Probably the first one of yours I liked, but hey, I like that you have a soul. I wasn’t so sure after you (*^*(& on Andrew Z and Lamar and said you didn’t care about the fact that his baby died. Try to stick to the love, man.

Johnnyboy. Wow. A pretty compelling argument. Not sure what I think about that, but I’m glad you posted.

To those clamoring for the Lakers to re-sign LO at any cost: would your position be different if you knew that by meeting LO's salary demands you are making less likely that the Lakers will be able to re-sign Gasol?

Management appears to be prioritizing and viewing LO as less critical to the Lakers future success than Kobe, Pau and Drew. Seems quite reasonable to me. Four years at $9 mil per is simply too high a price for a bench player, no matter how talented or beloved.

scott- couple of things 1) it's phred, not Phred. 2) i don't know what i'm talking about, so don't quote me too emphatically. 3) it's FEWER, not LESS 4) professor X?

nah, i'm kidding. great post. I don't think Buss is that upset. He put up with a lot of crap from Kobe, and a lot of crap from Shaq before he ditched him. He's cool. I think.

"Bynum stays healthy, LO wouldn't take away minutes from him but rather Pau."

Didn't happen last season. With Gasol-Odom the best combination of offense/defense was on the court. Screens were hedged and defended more plus the offense was WAY more fluid than with Bynum. The ball was shared more not to mention fast breaks were run much better.

Bryant-Gasol-Odom trio were the best because 1) Gasol and Odom knew their roles and didn't challenge Bryant for go to guy and did better without the need to get ball away from Kobe and 2) All 3 were very good passers from inside and out and 3) They were the best at defending teamwise which triumphs individual ability.

"Yet the Lakers won all three of the games that Lamar didn't play in. Somehow they managed to win games without Lamar, miraculous as that may seem."

Lets see those games more in perspective:
@ Golden State without Stephen Jackson, Monte Ellis yet only won by 8 and needed a rally in the 4th quarter.
Indiana. A game that required a game winner by Kobe Bryant and had a distinct size advantage with Pau and Bynum.
Miami: A game against a heavily undersized Miaimi Heat team before getting JO and winning only by 3 despite Kobe's tenacious defense against D-Wade that limited him to 10-22 shooting.

Interesting enough LTLF, all three games the opponent scored +100 points despite the shot blocking ability of Bynum.

The only game that the Lakers really did well without Odom was the 3rd Houston game the game where he was suspended. However this can be questioned as well because that was the regular season and as the playoffs proved that it is different without a doubt.

"Pig Miller's lineup did not include
D-Fish. Therefore, I put LO in at the
point-forward, because ... Where else
would you put him?"

Jeez you cannot see can you??


That is a dream lineup of course it won't happen except in NBA Live. That is still just a dream lineup but that was HOW it was meant to interpreted. If Kobe was PG then for sure he would be better PG than Derek Fisher even that won't most likely happen save for injuries.

And you're welcome Hobbit. Putting yourself with someone who said Dirk Nowitizki is better than Larry Bird, Allen Iverson is the best pound for pound player ever (when there are much better players than him his size), Manu Ginobili runs like Elden Cambell and Kobe is already better than Michael Jordan is where you truly belong.

Lamar can take his azz back to Queens and eat Skittles, Twix, and M&M's while he sits out the season without a team. Or he can stay in LA and play his basketball on the courts in Venice.

"Bynum stays healthy, LO wouldn't take away minutes from him but rather Pau."

Didn't happen last season. With Gasol-Odom the best combination of offense/defense was on the court. Screens were hedged and defended more plus the offense was WAY more fluid than with Bynum. The ball was shared more not to mention fast breaks were run much better.

Bryant-Gasol-Odom trio were the best because 1) Gasol and Odom knew their roles and didn't challenge Bryant for go to guy and did better without the need to get ball away from Kobe and 2) All 3 were very good passers from inside and out and 3) They were the best at defending teamwise which triumphs individual ability.

so is this an argument for or against resigning odom? I think the ideal is that LO would take minutes away from Pau, last season it was not the case. either way, we need him back.

'old' fong

you have a lot of 'wisdom'


sorry, that's

"mmmmmm, skittlebrau"

1. I assume we want to win a Championship next year, right?

2. All our enemies have improved their teams (at least on paper).

3. With Artest AND Odom, we retain our advantage in terms of talent against the opposition.

4. With Artest, but without Odom (and Ariza) we are a slightly worse team than last year. Still good enough to win a Championship, but do we really want to risk it?

Let's just get this thing with Lamar straightened out.

It's starting to drive me nuts.

Time for Lamar and Dr. Buss to spend a little time fishing together--mano y mano--off the coast of Fiji for a day or so.

If Jeff Schwartz tries to stick his reptillian head in the mix, someone (I VOLUNTEER!) will wrap an anchor around his neck and throw him to the sharks.

Enough of this nonsense. We've got Championshps to prepare for.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I doubt anyone is reading these posts anymore -- since after the entire weekend of this we are all LO fatigued ...

but reading that previous post about LO sitting out (though in jest) hit me -- since I have started thinking that this actually IS a slight possibility.

LO is far from Sprewell, or AI, who folks decided they could afford to live without . . . but for the time being -- with the economy as it is and all the clubs having their money now tied up elsewhere -- there is that slight (SLIGHT) possibility that LO might have been too clever by half and JB, who might be his only viable offer at this point, might just say "eff 'im" and not pony up anything.

LO will surely find work at some point. But not at the beginning of this year and maybe then for even half of what JB offered him originally.

Sound crazy? Well, anything is possible -- which is something LO and Schwartz needed to keep in mind at the outset.

And one more thing: I think back in the Shaq / Kwame days, there was a perception that the Lakers' FO were pushovers. The Walton / Bynum contracts didn't help dispel that impression. And I think they kind of enjoy this "new sheriff in town" persona that the Ariza/Artest turnaround gave them. They might just pull it on LO to reinforce the impression "under new management" so all you agents out there would have to get with the program in this new age of fiscal restraint.

I wouldn't be surprised if LO is ultimately signed, that it wouldn't be for less than the original offer (either the shorter term K or else less dollars overall) -- just JB telling Lamar, "you messed with me after I had treated you well, gave you a fair offer, and here is what I think about folks who mess with me."

Long post. Sorry.


‘oedipus rex’ is a twisted story with a twised ending. Everything so twisted in this darn twisted world.

LTLF, Nice posts.

The best was "Lamar and Luke for Dirk Nowitzki".....

WOW, What a trade would that be. Dirk is a SUPERB PF...

The line up of Kobe, Artest, Pau, Dirk and Bynum.... Two ex-MVPs, a former ROY(Pau), former DPOY(Ron) and a young center....

Makes me drool... But I know I am drunk LOL

Posted by: Kobefan in Cupertino | July 17, 2009 at 09:53 PM

Highly desirable trade but doubt it will ever happen.

When Kobe demanded to be traded Buss siad fine we will try to accomodate you but we will ask for fair value in return.

Kobe was offered to Dallas for Dirk but Cuban refused the trade. So why would he take LO and Luke for Dirk when he would not take Kobe?


OK, I hear you. I just think it's dangerous to discount talented players just because they join a team we don't like--and I do think we should be worried about the Celtics.

Right now, they're the better team. Danials and Wallace do make a difference for them. It gives them more youth and athleticism (relatively speaking) and this is all without Baby back in the mix.

Baby back, mmmm. Ribs.

But we'd better get Lamar, or we'd better get two vets like Al Harrington and Gooden.

The reason we took those finals was our length and defense by Ariza and Odom on Turk and Lewis. Now both of our long, quick defensive stalwarts will be gone?

Frightening. There goes our length advantage unless Bynum can play 35+ min a game.

Even with Odom we're elite average. One of the best. One of the many elite teams.

Sign Odom.


Marquis Daniels, career 23.7% 3-point shooter, may lead the C's to an 82-0 season, but I wouldn't bet on it. With a deteriorating Ray Allen and a point guard who can't shoot, the Celtics will have to depend on their defense and effort all year, and wear down their big 4. Unfortunately, you can't play the single wing in basketball, putting all three power forwards on the court at the same time along with Perkins.

While the C's will still win a lot of games on guts and intimidation, their time is past. We can only enjoy repeating at the expense of the Cavs. Enjoy next season 101-82, because your team is one season away from the precipice of irrelevance.

2009, 15, 2010, 16, 2011, 17, 2012, 18 (the "Phil" binocci sequence for all you math lovers!)

jacqueline posted..
"To whoever mentioned the Wade calling Miami "home" for Lamar I feel the same. How the hell is that home for Lamar? We all know that this is home for Lamar, right here in LA. SO why doesn't Wade shut his mouth and stop getting excited over a deal that's not going to occur. You're not exactly on a championship team that is guaranteed the ring for the next year. So shut up and let LA, Lamar's real home, get him back. You have no idea what Lamar means to LA and you will never be able to understand it because you will never understand the love LA has for its players"

Wade ahould suggst hat KG needs to go home, and play for the Clippers....did anyone else see that picture of his house he was selling which had video cameras all over the place, including toilet area of bathroom, and a mural on a bedroom wall, not sure if it was his master, a master, or a regular bedroom,, but it was spiderman with Wade's pretty face/fat head on it....dude is out of touch with reaiity....

hobbiimage in response to Pig Miller...

my response: This will *NEVER* happen. D-Fish is a
better PG than Lamar is a PF. The PG's that Lamar
would have to face are:


etc etc

Lamar has good/great ball-handling for a PF. Is anyone
going to compare his ball-handling and court vision to
C-Paul? Can we *PLEASE* stop trying to put Lamar
on the court in positions that he's not best suited for?

Posted by: hobbitmage | July 18, 2009 at 09:22 AM....this iwas in response to pig suggesting lineup of


it's all about matchups....Kobe could take the quicker guards at times, but we don't want to burn him out,,,,and Artest can take the bgger guards ....if the odd guard isn't that quick LO could take him ad Kobe could play a small forward....and we all know it's about who finishes....I say we can dictate the personal, and let the opponents worry about the matchups....and now that we have both M'benga and Artest, we have 2 guys who are not hesitatnt to give hard fouls, which must be given.....
I lived that "NO DUNKS" approach for Gasol on guarding showed Pau is willing to play physical, and it took away the highlights which start Orlando on runs....absolutely masterful.....

Matt Barnes is still out there and if you ask me he's much better than AMMO....maybe AMMO should go tp Europe for this yearl or just get traded....his expiring body and contract for a not so meshing Trevor Ariza.....

Lamar should take that Kobe statement about favorite player (Pau) and use it as incentive to be better...Maybe LO and Bynum can develop that same kind of chemistry......

LoveTheLakeShow says .... Lamar is a versatile 6'10" big man off the bench averaging double-doubles of around 16-17/10, who can handle the ball, play all five positions, is a good defender and is right or left handed making for a very valuable cog in the machine.

You simply do not let that kind of talent escape without a considerable fight. >>

Bingo!! Perfectly said LTLS. Yes LO may be inconsistent at times, but he is an absolute PERFECT fit on our system, and he is the absolute best player available this summer.

KB Blitz,

I already answered about why LO is *NOT* SF. Let's
not go back to 2008 ok?

and re: And you're welcome Hobbit. Putting yourself with someone who said Dirk Nowitizki is better than Larry Bird, Allen Iverson is the best pound for pound player ever (when there are much better players than him his size), Manu Ginobili runs like Elden Cambell and Kobe is already better than Michael Jordan is where you truly belong.

my response: Have you *NEVER* said anything foolish
regarding basketball? Like someone doing lateral
quickness drills to start playing SF? I think every
sportscaster and blogger has said or written
something stupid. Including me. Including *YOU*..
To toss a HOFer into the wastebasket because he
made a few sensational & erroneous statements
does not negate the fact that the gentleman
understands basketball. Perhaps if you weren't so
quick to toss people under the bus, because they
disagree with you, you'd understand that.

To put this a different way, with all of the truly stupid
things you've said to your wife ... She's still married to
you isn't she? Perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to
dismiss Mark Jackson. On the other hand, perhaps this
helps you sleep at night....

The Lakers would almost certainly be better with Lamar. But if Bynum stays healthy, and Lamar leaves, they will almost certainly be better than the team that won the title in June.

uh phred & jlf,

Take all of my posts of yesterday in context.

phred - if you had caught the gist of my series of posts, then
you would have picked up that something similar to an Oedipal
reference was what I was making - that all the "in the know"
pundits who can see that Lamar is going to to this or that are
really blind.

jlf - do you seriously think I was suggesting that Dallas would
trade Nowitzki for Lamar and Luke? Did you also think I was
serious when I suggested that Lamar would be going to play
for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants?

> But if Bynum stays healthy, and Lamar leaves, they will
> almost certainly be better than the team that won the title in
> June.

It's a new team, new era. How many minutes does LO play in the new Bynum era? It does not seem to many, unless the "Laker Tom line-up" gets used in which Kobe plays PG. However, it is perhaps not probable Bynum is an "end of the game 4th quarter guy" - that would likely be LO. I don't seem to recall that even when Bynum was healthy and had that great run before 2nd injury, that Bynum was playing the end of the 4th quarter. In fact, I recall Bynum complaining about _not_ being played at the end of games.

But, If Bynum gets that good, that he is playing at the end of the game, LO has severely reduced role, and not sure if he is happy sitting on the bench _at the end of games_. I wonder if LO is considering that possibility.

jacqueline that was beautiful, baby

Buss screwed over Ariza because he knew Artest was coming. It seems to me he's also screwing over Lamar. And screwing over your third best player is not smart.

The thing with Lamar is he can do it all: take the ball across the timeline, set up the offense, drive to the hoop, shoot the 3, defend the 4 and 5 positions, block shots, etc....

That's why Lamar always played at the end of games during the playoffs, even if Bynum wasn't in foul trouble. The Lakers cannot repeat without him, and if Buss screws it up all you Lakers fans should be in mourning because the champs will be RIP.

Also remember that Lamar plays a bit like Turkoglu in that he doesn't rely much on his athleticism. Because of that I expect Lamar to be effective for quite a few seasons.

I agree with you Mike G Man. I think that Odom needed to have called Jerry Buss himself and not play chess or Russian Roulette with his career. He is thinking he is all that after a championship but if he wants more championships than he better sign with the Lakers, the winners. I also think the other points of him being a number 2 man in Miami are valid but Miami is not going to win a championship again the Lakers are. Odom is good. Odom contributed so much to the team with Drew injured most of the season again. Ego and greed need to be put aside and a decison needs to be made whether LO wants another ring before he retires or not. That is a legacy to leave to his kids more than his minutes on or off the bench. I have been frustrated that it is taking so long for him to wise up and hope that it is not just a rumor that he called Buss. I am hoping he begged Buss to put the 10 mil for three years on the table again. You realize with us being over the salry cap that means Buss is paying 20 million, 10 to Odom and 10 in luxury tax but heck Caliornia needs the money from those that can afford to pay it.
Pig Miller you obviously do not know what positions people play because the starting team you came up with has only one shooting guard Kobe and yoou but in three power forward or two power forward with one center and there needs to be a second guard eitehr Fisher or Shannon Brown to cover the back court especially in the triangel defense. LO is a bench leader. He is back up for Drew which moves Pau to center when he is in. All of them cant be in at the same time unless LO is a small forward but than Ron would have to be coming off the bench. I am praying that we get LO back but I also think that they better have plan b if he is not going to . I like Josh Powell but he is not in LO league and i dont think can get the points LO can if Andrew is in foul trouble or injured.

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