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Lamar Odom calls Jerry Buss

So sayeth our man Jim Hill, a cool cat with the best hair in the biz. 

The purpose of said phone call?  Repairing any bridges in need of fixing after Doc B. didn't take kindly to un-returned calls from LO's agent Jeff Schwartz.   Does that mean LO is definitely favoring the Lakers over, say, the Miami Heat, who have reportedly offered him five years/35 mil (or haven't, according to the Tweets of Ric Bucher)?  No, but it does stand to reason that Lamar hasn't decided to close his purple and gold chapter.  Otherwise, unless Odom wants an invite to Jerry Buss' poker game whenever he's in L.A., I don't know why he'd bother placing the call.

A promising development for those hoping LO will stick around.  We'll have more details as they emerge.


NOTE: Click below the jump for LO related comments from Portland GM Kevin Pritchard...

With my weekend having opened up unexpectedly, I decided to make the drive to Vegas for the last few days of summer league action.  Friday night I spoke briefly with Portland GM Kevin Pritchard.  With Utah having officially matched the Blazers' offer sheet to Paul Millsap earlier in the day, Portland is back to having money to burn.  One theoretical target:  Lamar Odom. 

Q: With the news on Millsap, does that change the way you look at Odom?

A: Right now, we're going to regroup, we're going to look at the landscape.  We're still going to be aggressive in the marketplace, but we don't know who that is yet.  We want to, I guess, reassess the landscape.  That would be the best way to put it.

Q: Is Odom on it?

A: Yeah, but I want to sit down with (coach) Nate (McMillan).  We haven't really gone through our process again, and we'll have to do that. 

Q: With the economics of the game changing, the cap going down, and so on, has that changed how you feel like you have to use the space you have?  Does it put more pressure on you to spend this summer, or risk your cap room disappearing?  (Note- the Blazers also have to factor in extensions on guys like Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge.)

A: Not so much. We'll look at using the space with the right free agents, but it's important for us that we look at all the options. You've got trades, we can do uneven trades in terms of salaries (because the Blazers are below the salary cap, rules allow them to make trades in which the salaries don't match), straight signings as free agents.  We're going to look at the landscape and see what's out there now.   

Pritchard certainly didn't take the opportunity to send signals that Odom was a target.  As I mentioned earlier in the day, just because something isn't said publicly doesn't mean there isn't a plan behind the scenes, but if there is serious interest up north Pritchard didn't drop any hints.  Hopefully the news AK mentioned above is a step to making all of this moot, anyway.   


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I have no idea who Lamar Odom is as a person, but he lost a son who was the same age as mine and from that point forward I have been in awe of what he has been able to do as a professional basketball player.

He helped my favorite sports team win a championship which I was able to watch and celebrate with my living son and for that I will always think highly of the man.

I hope he finds a deal that is best for him and his family. I hope it's with the Los Angeles Lakers because I would hate to have to root against the man.

Lamar, good luck, and may the best contract you get offered come from us.

Thank you.

your dissing of Schwartz is commical and uninformed. It's sort of like when Scott Boras was mocked after A-Rod called the Yankees for forgiveness, after which he signed, what, a $300 million dollar contract. Lamar will get paid as much as he could by the Lakers, more than any other team would have paid him, in an obviously ideal situation. That seems like smart agenting to me.


Are you referring to me? If so, how did I "diss" Schwartz?


I'm still enjoying the championship. Next year will be just as exciting.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Cue comments with absurd sign and trade ideas, ridiculous "sign X at veteran minimum" statements, and nutty comments about how Lamar should take his basketball laundry more seriously. WHY DOESN"T HE HAVE MORE PRIDE IN THE COLOR OF HIS BASKETBALL PENNY?

What do we play for? (We don't. We watch the game on TV)

errr rings!

Go Lakers!

This is good, but perplexing news. It sounds like Lamar may be going rogue...

On a different note, AK/BK (why is it always in that order???) I was just catching up on the posts on an earlier thread and ran across Tom Daniels' hilarious "split city contract" post. That took ingenuity and was written with true verve.

You guys should give some thought to a year-end (or whenever) compilation of, say, the best 10/25/50 posts for that year (or maybe the best ever -- whatever). Tom's definitely qualifies.

Someone might even pay good money for a book of the same -- although who knows how you work out the royalties.

wow, a nice good positive reinforcement to my compulsive page refreshing. Also, a classy remark from andrew z.

and rick friedman, i've had a lot of respect for you and your contributions to this blog, but you're coming dangerously close to being one of the people i'm going to mock relentessly for getting upset of information which may or may not be true, or problematical blogbindian disseminations, or what have you.

It's Schwartz who might not have a job after this failed leverage attempt. The Lakers hold all the 'cards'.

I will go as far as saying... Had Ariza not signed with the Rockets... The Lakers would have Artest at PF and Ariza at SF... and Lamar would be... well who knows.

In the end. Hopefully L.O. will come to his senses and tell his agent what HE wants (like Bynum did last year with his agent). He has a chance to be part of a mini-dynasty. The Celtics/Spurs/Orlando/Cavs all have issues regarding age or the possibility of losing their star

and agents always get mocked. it's their lot in life. but they will not be as mocked as the people who have gotten too emotional over blobingdian disseminations of misinformation! sorry, i'm having way too much fun with this. LakerKev, please see Charles about billing me for ripping off patented terms.



Secretly recorded transcript of Odom/Buss phone call:

JB: Hello?
LO: Dave?
JB: This isn't Dave.
LO: Is this Dave?
JB: Dave's not here.
LO: Hello?

I'm sure it will all work out for the best.

Hard for me to imagine how a basketball player wouldn't want to be a Laker. Apparently there are all kinds of reasons why there's a basketball life beyond LA and most of them start to the left of the decimal point.

The Celtics don't seem to do this. They win a ring, they all come back. Not so for the Buss boys. LO is hurt by the bad Vlad, Luke and Sasha contracts. Would a 5 year LO contract become a similar 2 year dead weight? Probably.

Classy indeed.

Kudos to you Andrew Z. Well put.


HINT: It won’t be about the money.

1. Doesn’t want to come off the bench.
2. Doesn’t want to play less than starter minutes.
3. Doesn’t want to be the 5th option.
4. Doesn’t want to sit in 4th quarter.
5, Doesn’t want to reduce his stats and legacy.
6. Doesn’t want the pressure of being a Laker.

It just could be that the best thing for the Lakers AND Lamar Odom
would be him to go to a team that needed him more.

If you could be a starter and #2 guy on another contender,
be guaranteed that you would play 30 MPG, know that your
stats and profile would be higher and thus your legacy, too?
What’s a championship worth? Playing 20 MPG vs. 32 MPG?
Starting vs. Being a 6th man? LA and NY are pressure cookers.
Lamar is more laid back Miami in many respects.

At any rate, no need to dump on the guy. He has some serious
decisions to make and some valid concerns to consider.

As for the Lakers, hell, it’s a WIN-WIN situation. If we lose Lamar,
we give Drew a chance to be player we all believe he can be.
If he answers the bell, we come out way ahead. If we sign Lamar,
then we can bring Drew along more slowly and have the benefit
of insurance against foul or injury problems.

As phred says, WE WON. And the Lamar situation, it’s WIN-WIN!


Letting Ariza go was risky, losing Odom would be suicide.

Please get Lamar signed. Everybody knows that Odom is the X factor that gives us our edge. Our rivals are improving. We need Odom back. Period.

Dr. Buss, don't make me beg.

wow - this really is going to drag out. i am disappointed in the players and the agents in this scenario. david lee, kobe, odom, and schwartz. obviously the agents' goal is to make the client money so they make money. but at some point it seems like the real agents are the guys who are looking out for what's best overall for a player and not just the money. la is the best place for lamar to finish his career. the coach, the playing situation, the opportunity for championships, etc. it's all really the best for him, and obviously is the best for the team. i wish kobe had manned up and taken a pay cut himself, then none of this would have occurred. also, david lee mishandled the bynum situation and got ariza tossed because of that bad blood. sure, he got bynum a good nut of money, but he was short-sighted in many regards. as for bynum, one of the things that people seem to forget is that he has been injured. prior to injury this past season, he was making the kind of progress that everyone expected and was demanding considering his salary. if he can grow as he should, and stay healthy which is a big if, his paycheck will not be an issue. if that occurs, i will predict right now that people will start to whine about odom's deal, if there is one, and how it's holding the team back from making other moves as odom's career starts on the down. i really would like to see odom back, just for insurance if for nothing else. he is a great talent but lacks the mental make-up to be the number 2 on a team, but his contribution as that sixth man is invaluable to the lakers.

If Lamar comes back, the Lakers can realistically field an All-star Caliber 5 on the court:


That's a half court team that NO ONE wants to face.

That's a Phil Jackson team.

Ric Bucher never...ever knows what he is talking about, remember he said that Kobe would never wear a Laker uniform every again.

I agree

Kudos to you Andrew Z. Well put great e-mail

I don't think Lamar wants the pressure of being the #1 or 2 guy on a team. He doesn't like pressure. When he is on the floor, he will be the #2 or 3 go to guy, as he was last year. I think he is happy with that. He likes LA and wants to stay. He is not a greedy guy. He was rumored to say a few times last year that he really wants to come back and would take pay cut to do it. Of course his agent was saying no way to any of that. His agent's job is to get the best deal possible for the sake of self interest and that of his client. But, it is up to LO to not blindly follow that but to instead use his agent as a tool to get what he wants. He has to consider quality of life. That may sound strange for a guy that makes millions. But, does he want to play for a mediocre team that may or may not even make the playoffs? Or would he like to play for another ring? As Ron Artest said how much money do I need? If I can't live off 11 million a year, then somethings wrong.

I now live in Oregon and still love the Lakers after many years. Lamar Odom is my favorite and I think if he is not resigned I will lose a little pride in the team. I was shocked when they let Trevor Ariza go and will be devastated if Odom goes too. I understand money issues, but please...Ron Artest...what do you want...more technical fouls?

I have it from really reliable sourcez that Lamar called Dr. Buss
to inform him that he's signing with Minnesota for the MLE.

The tipping point was when David Kahn pointed out to him that
lakes have beaches as well.

Here's another gem from good ol' Ric:

Last LAL source said they've moved on from LO. LO source suspects same, hopes otherwise. Me? Can't fathom LAL letting Ariza and LO go.

PLZ Lamar!!! come back to LA where you are loved and needed! odom needs to retire as a laker!!!

This could be good news, but there are a few "if's"...
~ If this rumor of LO calling Buss is the truth.
~ If they actually spoke, and not it just being LO leaving a message, and Buss being already too disgruntled to return the call.

Andrew Z - that was actually a bit touching, for real, well said.

I just heard a podcast that said that the Lakers have worked out
a sign and trade with Dallas - Lamar and Luke for Dirk Nowitzki.

It must be true, because I heard it on the web.

odom is a man- i don't see jr or josh smith doing that.

he knows there is an entire life beyond basketball and his story is achingly sober and redeeming.

i suppose if odom wants to go to the heat he told jerry buss man to man to thank him

I just heard that a friend of Odom's gardener said that Lamar
was talking with Mike Dunleavy. The gardener overheard them
talking about salary, so Lamar MUST be planning on signing with
the Clippers.

I just read a twitter from Ron Bueker (Rick's cousin) that Lamar
has signed a contract with Portland for 5 years for 75 million.

I just had a peyote induced vision and Vishnu told me that
Lamar Odom will be signing with the Nets within a week.

Man... when I read the RSS headline, I thought "Lamar called Dr. Buss" was a poker analogy, meaning he called Jerry's bluff or something like that... good to know it means the good ol' telephone call.

I think this is going to be one more night when i reluctantly switch off my computer later than i should, endlessly rechecking to see some meaningless snippet of something that isn't even true. but what the hell, it's summer.

oh, and the next person that says we don't need Lamar because 'we already have our top three players, Kobe, Pau and Drew' is going to get such a schnock in their tuchas. with apologies to LakerTom(not really, he knows he's got a huge blind spot) Drew is not part of the big three. He was out injured most of the last two years. He played like twelve minutes a game in the playoffs. Pau was basically our center, and Lamar was our starting forward. I love Drew as a player, he seems to have a great work ethic and a lot of potential, but saying things like 'we can rebuild with our big three of X, Y and drew' are relentessly stupid and delusional. no, LT, don't go nuts and fire off a post telling me how great drew will be, he very well might. But in terms of how much he contributed to our championship this year, I would put him somewhere in the mix of trevor ariza, luke walton and sightly ahead of the guy with the mop.

I’m just going to restate ‘I love drew as a player, he seems to have a great work ethic and a lot of potential’ to further try to save you energy, Tom. I’m not arguing with that.


>>>I understand money issues, but please...Ron
>>>Artest...what do you want...more technical fouls?

In the 2008-09 season, Ron Artest got 4 technical fouls.
Lamar also got 4.
and Pau got 4
and Josh Powell got 4
and Bynum got 4
Kobe got 11
Derek Fisher got 7
heck, even Trevor Ariza got 3.

RonRon won't be a problem. He'll be a model citizen.

LTLF- good, but not as good as the supposedly actual one from 'fido.'

I'm going to bring that up years from now, probably to random relatives who come to visit me in the nursing home and don't know what i'm talking about, but still, years from now.

Schwartz is an idiot because he's unprofessional and disrespectful for not responding to Buss's offer. It would have been easy for him to contact Kupchak and say they were still thinking about it and ask for some more time to respond. The fact that he didn't even bother to do that is a poor display of buisness tact and ultimately could have cost Odom more money which he can only earn with the Lakers, more rings, and his teammates. Do you really think Odom wants to leave Kobe, Gasol, Artest, and the greatest coach of all time to go to Miami? The agents job is too represent their client's best interest and he definitely didn't do that for LO, luckily Odom is smart enough to realize that and he made the call to Buss. The Lakers will be very good without Odom but great with him and as a long time Laker fan I am looking forward to reading this headline soon "Odom re-signs with the Lakers".

with all of this money committed to other players, how on earth are we going to be able to re-sign pau after this next season???????

Bucher has zero credibility. He's a hack.

Seriously, he couldn't work local TV because they actually TRY to report facts. Whatever he calls his "sources" are probably actually OTHER PEOPLE LIVING IN HIS HEAD!

That guy should have the words YELLOW JOURNALIST tattooed across his belly like Tupac and Thug Life.

He's my least favorite reporter just a hair ahead of Steven A Smith, who at least works for a newspaper.

I just heard from a friend of a friend that knows the girlfriend of the equipment manager for the lakers that Lamar has had enough of the pressures of the NBA and is going to play in Europe where he can get more money with less hassle.

I like Lamar but I am at the point where I don't care if he signs with the Lakers again..or not. Not that I don't recognize his value to the team. I do.

But I don't want to pay him the 8 or 9 Milliona year he will cost. He doesnt work hard enough on his game..he doesn't max out his effort a lot of the times in key games (although he did in this years playoffs..granted..but he was brutal against the Celtics last year) and I think he is already past his zenith as a player. I believe we will regrett giving him anything longer than 3 years. Its a bitter pill to lose him but we already have contracts on this team like Sasha and Jordan that don't look so great.

LTLF, Nice posts.

The best was "Lamar and Luke for Dirk Nowitzki".....

WOW, What a trade would that be. Dirk is a SUPERB PF...

The line up of Kobe, Artest, Pau, Dirk and Bynum.... Two ex-MVPs, a former ROY(Pau), former DPOY(Ron) and a young center....

Makes me drool... But I know I am drunk LOL

Celts sign Marquis Daniels!

Not quite a "Kobe-stopper" like Ruben P. Mre like a "Kobe container".

Like McHale two years ago, Bird is helping out Ainge!

Steven A. Smith - my favorite? Pig, please - a little respect.

I think SAS is a stone soul groove.

Steven a smith doesn't work for a newspaper. He had no job. Just has a website.

has not had

I hope this isn't true, but this radio guy in SA is tweeting that LO signed w/ Miami:

Wow. Just wow.
Luke and Lamar for Dirk.
It seems unlikely, but I keep reading about it!

The salaries don't quite match.
Will another team need to get involved? Maybe that's the hold up.


>>>I understand money issues, but please...Ron
>>>Artest...what do you want...more technical fouls?

In the 2008-09 season, Ron Artest got 4 technical fouls.
Lamar also got 4.
and Pau got 4
and Josh Powell got 4
and Bynum got 4
Kobe got 11
Derek Fisher got 7
heck, even Trevor Ariza got 3.

RonRon won't be a problem. He'll be a model citizen.

Posted by: Long Time Laker Fan | July 17, 2009 at 09:32 PM

But he is a Laker now and the ref bias that the Lakers get will increase his foul counts.

I see that a lot on the blog about LO but I don't see his minutes go down as AB's go up.
That is PJ's fault. Remember last year and the triple towers we should have used? PJ refused to use it. But now with Artest here LO can back up both foward spots. Who would you rather see LO or Luke at the 3.

"In 1993, Smith was a sportswriter for the Daily News in New York City.[1]

Since 1994, Smith has had a position as a writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer. He was initially a general sportswriter for the Inquirer before he gained positions as their reporter for the Philadelphia 76ers as their NBA columnist, and eventually, as a general sports columnist. On August 23, 2007, the Inquirer announced that Smith would no longer be writing columns and would instead be demoted back to the position of general assignment reporter. Prior to his job with the Inquirer, Smith has had positions with the Winston-Salem Journal, the Greensboro News and Record and the New York Daily News. In 2008, the Inquirer ended its relation with Smith, which coincided with Smith having to start his own blog."

He's worked at a few papers, and was with the Inquirer until last year. He has my respect for not being a gossip columnist. He reports real news, although he's probably the most annoying person in the history of the planet.

You can't tell me you like TJ Simers more than SAS do you?
That Simers is a sick man...needs to be fired from the Times and put on medication...


How can Wade call Miami "home" for Lamar with him only playing one season for them?

Another body blow to the mind. Ask me how I feel in 4-5 rounds.


$9 million/ year for a 6th man?

before the playoffs most of the calls coming into radio shows were of laker fans wanting the team to trade the inconsistent odom. yeah, he played a roll in the championship run, but the messages here seem to think that LO won the whole thing by himself.

i think the lakers will do fine without LO. i think someone will step up from the bench to fill the void. and i think the lakers will continue to tweek the team like last year and get stronger.

honestly i'd like to see walton get more playing time too. i can't beleive '06-'07 was a fluke. given more minutes i think he can produce.


there r 2 bad influences on Bynum: LO and Jordie.

as soon as the 2 are not in the locker room anymore, Bynum will start playing BB.

I predict Lamar Odom will not be in a Laker uniform next season.

To whoever mentioned the Wade calling Miami "home" for Lamar I feel the same. How the hell is that home for Lamar? We all know that this is home for Lamar, right here in LA. SO why doesn't Wade shut his mouth and stop getting excited over a deal that's not going to occur. You're not exactly on a championship team that is guaranteed the ring for the next year. So shut up and let LA, Lamar's real home, get him back. You have no idea what Lamar means to LA and you will never be able to understand it because you will never understand the love LA has for its players.

I'm sick of all this free agent crap. It's in the middle of July and we still don't know who is fully on our roster. This has been going on for way too long, and it's at a point where fans will lose interest and look elsewhere for entertainment. We just won a championship, but for some reason it feels like we lost with the off season. (Ariza and Odom taking too long) I think Odom needs to man up, so does Jerry Buss, and they both need to accept a deal and move on DAMNIT.

It's going to be a looooong weekend.

From Marc Stein,

LAS VEGAS -- Amid a growing sense around the league that the Miami Heat have a real shot at stealing Lamar Odom away from the Los Angeles Lakers, Odom is expected to take the weekend to ponder his next move.

Sources with knowledge of Odom's thinking told that he has not abandoned hope of resuscitating serious negotiations with L.A. after Lakers owner Jerry Buss angrily pulled a three-year, $27 million offer off the table earlier this week.

Laker's didn't let Ariza go, he dumped on the Lakers....Hope he enjoys watching the Lakers because even if Lamar does the wierd thing and not resign, Houston will be a mess for years...the only thing you have going for you is Adelman, nice guy, good coach.

I hope Kupcrack has something stewing regarding Morrison, because he will never be the "man"....he won't even be as good as VansRad was.... He needs time to rehab and adjust his game to his injury.....scoring in summer league means nothing....look, even Smush looked good, should we go after him, but then we'd have to pay him more than the player they are probably not going to pick up his contract on 8/1....big mistake....not this year, but develop him for 3-4 years from now and you will have a player who will present matchup problems against every team...

Wow, Josh Powell got 4 technicals last year...he probably never said more than 3 words to earn those one was based probably on a "stare", or the stupid "double technical"....If they are going to continue the absurdity of the double-T, make the guys involved shoot the free throw.....will keep them more involved in the game.....think about it, you get mixed up with an opponent, and then you have to write a check....where does all that money go....and why does PJ and subsequently the Lakers always get hit the hardest.....if it's because he can afford it, that's discrimination....ask a lawyer, ask Stern......

....and rookie fouls do nothing but slow their development, should let them get away with more...but lecture the......slows the game down....

....and Sasha, stop fussing with your hair all the time, or people will continue to think you have more on your mind than the game...

wow, tired, I a not illiterate.......

First of all, Thank God.

I might be able to exhale soon.

Lamar is an X factor on this team. He does take this team to another level, especially with the inclusion of Thriller.

Still, he needs to learn to respect the best owner in sports.

This isn't like negotiating with say... Donald Sterling. It's different.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I'll diss Jeff Schwartz straight to his face and watch him slink away like the snake he is.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Long Time Laker Fan,

You are awesome.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever


Steven A. Smith is a loud talker.

There are loud talkers and quiet talkers. Both are equally annoying.

There should be a class in elementary school on speaking volume manipulation.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Steven A. Smith is better than T. J. Simers, but that's because Steven A. Smith doesn't worship Satan and eat children... like some people we know of.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Lamar Odom is not a sixth man.

He's a starter who plays off the bench. It doesn't make sense, but it is a key element in what makes the Lakers so awesome.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The significance of the 5/35 deal is not only with respect to state taxes (about 2 mil over the term of the contract), but also that it provides certainty on the back end of the contract.

Let's get clear about the state taxes. Playing for the Lakers, Lamar would be subject to a 10.3% tax rate for a bit more than half his salary, plus a blended rate for the others states in which he plays. (Note that Lamar plays not only his 41 Lakers home games in California, but also two road games per year against the Clippers, the Kings and the Warriors, which makes that 47/82 (57%) of his salary being subject to that 10.3% rate.) Let's say the blended rate for all the other states is 3%. That gives him an overall tax rate of about 7.2%.

Now, playing in Miami, his 41 home games plus two road games against Orlando would make 43/82 of his salary taxable at 0%. His blended rate for games in other states would be a bit higher than Lamar's, since it takes into account 4 road games in California taxable at 10.3%. Let's call this 3.5% overall. This means that his overall tax rate playing for Miami would be about 1.6%.

So, the difference would be about 5.6% per year. What does this do to the economics of his deal? (Let's round down the difference to 5% to make the math easier, and assume that Lamar pays 5% state taxes overall playing for the Lakers, and 0% playing for Miami. The overall results stay basically the same if we were actually to use 7.2% playing for the Lakers and 1.6% playing for Miami.)

3/30 is reduced by California taxes to 3/28.5. Now, what does Lamar get for the next two years after his contract with the Lakers ends? He needs 6.5 after taxes to match 5/35, which is 7 from the Lakers. How certain is he that he gets a 3.5 mil per year offer at that point (age 34)? And, more importantly, to EXCEED 5/35, he has to get MORE than 3.5 mil per year for those two years. So, the point is that 5/35 provides more certainty than 3/27, and, from an economic perspective, it is very competitive.

Similarly, as Jayson pointed out, with 4/36. After California taxes, that's 4/34.2. To get to 5/35, he would need only about 1 million in the fifth year to equal 5/35. The point, though, is that to EXCEED the 5/35 offer, he has to get MORE than 1 million when he renegotiates at the end of the four year deal. What is he likely to command at age 35? There's uncertainty there, and perhaps he doesn't get so much of an offer at that point. ---Again, though, the main point is not that 5/35 is necessarily better, but that it's not materially inferior to the 4/36 offer.

The mistake most posters have made is to look at per-YEAR earnings, as to which the Lakers' purported offers seem clearly superior. Ie, the thought is that anyone would prefer making 9 mil or 10 mil per year than 7 mil per year.

But that's a short-sighted way of looking at it. The far more important number is the total value of his earnings over the full five year period. The more he makes during the 3 or 4 years, the more the drop off in the final year or two.

Given the possibility of injury, the potential drop-off in his skills, the potential unwillingness of teams to pay for older players, and uncertainty in the economy, the certainty of 5/35 has some clear economic advantages over 3/30 and 4/36.

But, most importantly, when viewed overall, what's clear is that 5/35 is NOT in any way materially INFERIOR to the Lakers' offers. Jayson concluded that up to now the Lakers have offered contracts that are only basically EQUIVALENT to the Miami offer, and do not provide any material economic advantage. This seems correct.

I love Lamar Odom and hope he remains a Laker. I can't imagine why he would want to leave LA. It doesn't sound like anyone can match our offer as a free agent which would only leave a sign and trade option. Has anyone heard if a sign and trade for Boozer is possible since Utah is looking to trade him if LO really wants to go?

Odom probably remembers that Kwame Brown made 8+ million his last year as a Laker, and he couldn't even catch a basketball....

That reminds me, why are the Lakers (and some fans) so lothe to offer a 5 year deal. An expiring contract is a team building token too, it can be a valuable asset. The Lakers would not necessarily be stuck with an aged hyperglycemic Odom in 5 years. However, if I were GM I would rather have Odom's contract expiring in four (figuring 3 prime yrs left) with the anticiaption of trading in that fourth year.

Oh yeah, one more thing.

Remember when Sprewell balked at a 17 million/2 year deal from the T-wolves (I think he was maybe 31 at the time), stating indignantly "I have to feed my family"? The guy never played again and went bankrupt.

Now, absolutely no part of me is wishing this same fate on Odom. By all accounts he is a good person. That is why I find his comment on 'taking care of my family' (which was essentially the same as Sprewell's) so intriguing. Isn't part of taking care of your family making sure you have a secure income. I was recently deciding between a very stable/secure job and a less secure job that a paid 15% more than the "secure job". I took the job with greater long term security (if there is such a thing) because there is real value to security when you are supporting a family. Sans family I would take the job offering more $$$.

Perhaps Lamar figures that worst case scenerio he can get a midlevel from someone. However, nothing is guaranteed in life. Just ask Sprewell...

Just a couple of thoughts on some comments made...

One, regarding the comment basically saying that "when the Celtics win rings, nobody leaves", James Posey won a ring there and immediately signed a contract with the Hornets.

And two, regarding the comments about "how can we re-sign Pau if we give all this money to the other guys?", re-signing Pau will not increase our cap figure. Pau is already on the books at about 16 million per year with his current contract--of course signed when he was with the Grizzlies--and there's no way he will get more than that with his extension. He'll probably be making about the same. So the cap figure won't change, for all intents and purposes.

I believe that we need to re-sign Odom, even if we have to overpay a little bit. And my rationale is the following. I think that this team has about a three-year window to win more championships. Kobe, Pau, and LO are basically 30 years old. Players generally start to decline as they get out of their early 30's. Once Kobe and Pau start to slow down, we aren't going to be as good. That's logical. Therefore, we need to maximize our title chances NOW. Signing Odom does that, for the next 3 years.

So to me, even if you have to give him 4 years, do it if that's a deal-breaker for him. Even if it's a bad contract 3 or 4 years from now, the fact is that it GIVES US OUR BEST CHANCE TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS! Why should Laker fans be worried about a potentially bad contract 4 years from now when we're trying to win rings?

Who's with me?

will go as far as saying... Had Ariza not signed with the Rockets... The Lakers would have Artest at PF and Ariza at SF... and Lamar would be... well who knows.

In the end. Hopefully L.O. will come to his senses and tell his agent what HE wants (like Bynum did last year with his agent). He has a chance to be part of a mini-dynasty. The Celtics/Spurs/Orlando/Cavs all have issues regarding age or the possibility of losing their star

Posted by: stucktrader | July 17, 2009 at 08:17 PM

I respectfully disagree with the idea that Ron Ron could be a PF. He's not big enough and to my knowledge has never played the position in the NBA. I think he would get pushed around by big PFs around the say, Lamar Odom.

Speaking of our favorite obsession, it's very good to hear that LO spoke to Dr. Buss - a great sign! I will continue to keep my fingers crossed.

"The purpose of said phone call? Repairing any bridges in need of fixing after Doc B. didn't take kindly to un-returned calls from LO's agent Jeff Schwartz. "

LO and his agent did not treat Dr Buss and Lakers with professionalism. They should have called back, thanked for the offer and tell them that thye are evaluating it and will make a decision or give response or bounteroffer in a week etc. This is business and peope have to act profesionally not emotionally, Maybe LO is realizing the impacts of his optiosn after he cooled off a little. MAybe Magic told him hwo to act profesioonally. Anyway I hope they work this out soon. Because another week of dragging it will definietely hurt LO's perception by everyone.

I really like Lamar, but cut it like you will, he is not star power! Are we all forgetting how disappointed we have been in the past with his listlessness, lack of motivation, horrible plays, and his casual approach to the sweet game of basketball. We have all known how athletically gifted he is, but I, for one have always questioned his motivation, or lack thereof. We finally got to experience LO in a contract year in which he turned it on, looking for that big contract. Sorry Odom, there aren't that many fool owners that are going to give you a lucrative long term contract that takes you beyond your mid-thirties!
If you and your mentally lame agent want to take your game elsewhere, as a devoted and loyal Laker's fan, be our guest, but don't play games with the best franchise in the NBA! Jerry B was winning championships long before you got here, and I'll wager the Lakers will more championships without you, long after you are gone!!!
I am going to go out on a limb and predict a coming out year for Adam Morrison! A crucial piece of the puzzle for 2010. The man can still shoot lights out!! And thanks to Phil, Adam is soooo hungry and humble after sitting out the whole year. And lest we forget this man was drafted third in the first round!! I have been to Miami, they have great candy stores there, and your old team-mate wants you back. Lamar, thank you for a thrilling performance in 2009, even though you disappointed in other seasons! We in Purple and Gold wish you a a fond farewell and hope you are a good fit where ever you end up!

This "Emperor's New Clothes "charade has gone on long enough. Assume the call between Odom and Dr. Buss will get this focused soon, Sunday.

Just wasting print and TV. time ....only question who's going to break it?? Will it happen on the early or late news. Is Jim Hill secret agent man?

Great posts here. I come here for my news. I figure if there is ANYTHING going on with the Lakers, it will be posted here quickly. Therefore, I have no need to scour the internet for Laker news. It simply serves my purpose to come here.

Here are my thoughts on The Lakers and Lamar. I will do it in 2 parts for the A.D.D. Challenged (most of us...LOL).

In a nutshell, Jerry Buss said that it made no sense to sign Lamar and go so far into the Luxury tax. His sense was that we have a very fine team as is. HOWEVER, he went on to say that he is "So Competitive".

I take this as why not take a shot at something fantastic and sign Lamar. That gives us insurance for one of the bigs having an injury, it ensures matchup problems, and our fans get to see us dominate the entire year.

Further applying this logic, here is what I see. If things don't go gracefully with Lamar, then move on. We have a serious hole to fill at Point Guard we could use a legit backup to Bynum (MBenga is ok, but come on, he is no Gortat!). Lamar gave us the ability to slide Gasol into the 5 spot when needed. Without Lamar, maybe Artest moves to the 4 and Gasol can still play the 5 spot when needed. But without Lamar, we could use some depth in our bigs.

Marquis Daniels to the Celtics. Deepens them up a little bit.

Bottom line, we need Lamar. Make it happen Jerry Buss, please.

Go Lakers!

I can't beleive how close we are to being a dynesty. Last year fans wanted us to rade Lamar for Artest. Now we have a chance to have both. Talk about a recking crew. No one would beat us next year. Now all this Miami Ink Stuff. I'm very confused to why LO has done this. If he turned down 9 Mill for 4 years, he must of had this Miami thing in the back of his mind. Now radio stations are picking the spurs to be favorites out of the west. I wish we would of new LO's intentions so we could have gone after one of the good free agents. He's really screwed the Lakers. He has to sign with them or his bridge is burned for everver.



Anybody else get the feeling that the second post on this thread, by 10milliondollarzen, was posted by an interested party?

It reeks of lawyer/agent/biz lingo, not to mention an emphatic defensiveness and sensitivity to Schwartz's position that just seems like it must be personal. Then, to top it all off, Schwartz . . . err, I mean, 10milliondollarzen went and called AK/BK "uninformed," suggesting that he has some insider or privileged information about the negotiations.

I don't know. Seems like AK/BK tried to get him to bite again, too, but he swam away.

The Lakers Strategy Part 2 (my two cents)
I am a businessman (small business owner) and I tend see things from that perspective. Therefore, when I look at the Lamar signing, I wouldn't do it and here's why:

1) He is insurance against injury

2) He takes games off. Not on purpose, he just seems to lack the mental discipline, toughness and vision for greatness. I think his mentality is that he is an easy going guy and contributes when he is able

3) Jerry Buss wants to be good for years. With a high salary for Lamar, it ties our hands for years giving us alot less flexibility.

4) Our bigger need will be for a good replacement for Fisher. If we got one now (or in the near future), Fish could come off the bench next year and even prolong his career.

5) I always take an action that serves more than one purpose. Translation, Signing Lamar addresses this years need but puts us in a bind to make some moves. Long term, we need a Point Guard and we will want an upgrade over Fish and Farmar. Signing Lamar hurts our ability/flexibility to sign a good point guard.

6) Lamar was in a contract year. Meaning I don't trust that long term he will be worth this much money. If we tried to trade him, could we get fair value for him? If the economy stays weak, we may not be able to get fair value for Lamar in a trade. More likely it would take a salary dump if we wanted him gone.

In closing, it makes no business sense to sign Lamar. Can the Lakers make a fair return on their investment? Maybe. Would Jerry Buss take that chance? YES he would. However, only for a guy he can trust (wants to be a Laker, will bring his best, will do what he has to in order for us to win, sign a contract that serves our purpose etc).

Simply, coming from my businessman perspective, no way I sign Lamar. I simply don't trust the guy enough to take that kind of risk. This feels like Deavan George (Lamar is much better) to me. He was valuable, but not a go to guy. Not someone I could count on as a serious building block.

I am NOT dumping on Lamar. I like the guy, ALOT. It's just business (I'm Italian and my inner "Don" is showing LOL). It was ok when it appeared he would work with us to get back here, but now that he wants big money and a long term contract, it doesn't make sense for the lakers to do it.

Let him go and wish him the best. It just doesn't match up well to move forward with him.

On average, this year the Lakers scored 7.7 more pts. per game than did their opponents.

LO's on court/off court net was +17.8. He played 58% of the total minutes available this year.

So how did the Lakers do when LO was not on the court? The math is simple.

(17.8 x 0.58) + (Y x 0.42) = 7.7

where Y was the Laker pt spread when LO was not on the court.

10.3 + 0.42Y = 7.7 or

Y = -2.6/0.42 = -6.2 (per 48 minutes - roughly)

Without LO, the Lakers scored approximately 6.2 pts less per 48 minutes than their opposition did. That would put them right there with Oklahoma City. Can the Lakers repeat with LO? Yeah, right.

Forgot the URL for LO's on court/off court net

>>>with all of this money committed to other players, how on
>>>earth are we going to be able to re-sign pau after this
>>>next season???????

Here's how.

There are currently 14 teams over the luxury tax.

According to ESPN (didn't run the numbers myself), if the salary
cap goes down next season as much as David Stern expected
it to, then 24 of the 30 teams will be over the luxury tax when
we get to the sumer of re-signing Pau.

For the 6 teams under, it will be a jackpot scenario. How the
Luxury Tax works is they take all that tax money from teams
who overspent and divide it up between the teams that are
under the tax. None of those 6 teams will be wanting to add
15 million plus in salary and ruin getting their big slice of the
money pie.

Hopefully, Pau can see the writing on the wall that ALL salaries
for NBA players are going down. Basically, some of the teams
are close to spending themselves into bankruptcy.

With less and less teams able to spend more than the MLE,
there will be less competition for players, and with no threat
that other teams will overpay their own free agents if they dont,
teams will offer their players more moderate salaries. Only
guys like Kobe and LeBron & DWade will get maxed out deals.
You won't see maxed out deals for players at the level of
Rashard Lewis any more. At least not until most of the teams
get their spending down a lot.

Time is a crucial factor in negotiations. As we can see on our blog, the uncertainty created by dragging out negotiations creates emotional responses - fear, anger, self doubt, hatred, panic.

In negotiation, how long you take to respond with a counter offer is sometimes nearly as important as the actual offer. You say how badly you want the deal done if you move to fast. The right amount of waiting maybe makes the other side more anxious to do a deal, but taking too long just pisses them off.

This is why the Lakers had to pull their offer rather than letting Lamar just let it sit there while he pursued other deals.

So, other than torturing us here on the blog, who is winning by dragging out this negotiation? I'm not sure. It seems to be LO's side that is dragging things out, presumably hoping to see other offers that have not yet materialized.

How are the Lakers responding to this? Are they becoming increasingly worried about losing Lamar and preparing to up their offer? Or has the time made them resigned to possibility of losing him and happy with plan B? Have they been angered by the (supposed) unreturned calls and begun questioning paying $9-10 million for a sixth man, or have they become truly scared of losing a versatile and important cog?

Lamar seems to want to keep the Lakers warm while he fields other offers. It is smart up to a point. At some point the Lakers may feel compelled to go another direction because they don't want to be caught with no solution if he leaves. Also, Lamar is taking risk in a fragile economy that a new round of bad news and the inevitable 10% + unemployment shakes markets and starts to scare teams off big dollar long term deals.

I'm not sure how this is playing out. But we can be sure that time has become a major factor in this negotiation.

Like I said before, it's all down to whether Portland wants to
offer him more than the Lakers have offered him. If they do,
then I think Lamar will give Buss a chance to match. If they
don't, I think Lamar will come in and re-sign with the Lakers.

Though Riley said that the Heat could sign Odom to comparable
to what the Lakers have offered him, I can't see it. At least not
as a straight signing. They just don't have the cash. And they're
over the Luxury tax, and they don't take in as much money
as the Lakers. If they add 9 million salary (and another 9 million
luxury tax) to their books, they may be losing money this season.
I'm not sure I can see Mickey Arison doing that when their current
roster + Odom isn't really any closer to getting past Boston
and Cleveland and Orlando.

What they need most is a point guard and a center. If Miami
tries to acquire Lamar, I think the only way they'd do it is as a
sign and trade - and the most likely trade pieces would be Haslem
or Beasley, since they play the same position as Lamar.

Thus, if Miami is to acquire Lamar, it probably means that the
Lakers will get either Michael Beasley or Udonis Haslem to fill
his role next season.

Lamar Odom calls Jerry Buss

and the line is still busy.

after a few more hours

Lamar Odom calls Jerry Buss

Jerry Buss does not call back Lamar Odom

I just ran into Ferris Bueller on the north side of Chicawga and he said an Odom deal with the Pacers is imminent.

Wake up gentlemen. I need to tune into the latest episode of As Lamar Turns.

Will he, won't he?

Today is the big day (how many times have I said this?). Portland will have made an offer to Lamar (in fact, the lack of an offer might have been what prompted Lamar to call Buss), and we may finally have some closure after the phone meeting between Buss and Odom.

If Buss wants Lamar (which I'm doubting more and amore with each passing moment) then he will have matched the mid-level deal Miami is rumored to have offered Lamar. If Buss doesn't want Lamar, he'll not increase his offer at all to Lamar or even change it to get the dollar total and year total to match Miami's phantom offer.

But I fear Buss has turned the page. Will we find out today?


I just decoded a satellite message that said that Lamar has agreed
to work for Mark Cuban... as his golf caddy.

Stay tuned for more details.

"i hope he returns to miami so i can resurrect my jersey. only problem is jermaine o'neal wears seven now."

Pig Miller,

you wrote:

If Lamar comes back, the Lakers can realistically field an All-star Caliber 5 on the court:


That's a half court team that NO ONE wants to face.

That's a Phil Jackson team.

my response: This will *NEVER* happen. D-Fish is a
better PG than Lamar is a PF. The PG's that Lamar
would have to face are:


etc etc

Lamar has good/great ball-handling for a PF. Is anyone
going to compare his ball-handling and court vision to
C-Paul? Can we *PLEASE* stop trying to put Lamar
on the court in positions that he's not best suited for?

pig miller,

the comparison of D-Fish to Lamar, PF = Point-forward

ESPN says that while a 5-year deal in Miami could be on the table (for the same $ in the Lakers 3-year deal), Miami has not actually made Odom an offer. Portland is playing hard-to-get with Lamar.

At the end of the day, Lamar's best contract is likely the one the Lakers offered him. So, simply put, Odom and his agent are simply trying to extort the last possible penny out of Dr. Buss.

The Lakers obviously think they can get this deal done, or they would have moved on and signed someone else. Both sides are playing high stakes poker. Who will hold 'em and who will fold 'em? I think we all know.

Lakers can win 2010 championship without LO. There are enough pieces there to make it happen, Kobe-Pau-Artest-Bynum as the big 4. Role players coalesce around the big 4. This squad must put in a lot of HARD WORK and make it happen, dig deep and find their soul. It can be done if they can out of it the right way.

This LO stuff is bad karma and bad mojo. He's got an offer from Miami? This Shwartz guy pulling the same move as he pulled with Knicks/Kidd? Fine. Call it. JB - that is how this franchise maintains it's edge, by sending a message to the league (remember that from Ariza days?) and taking a stand. I am not a LO hater, I love LO and am grateful for his contribution to the 09 championship and wish him the best. The posts on here denigrating LO sadden me. No one is in his shoes. Leave it at that. But at this point, as in any bad relationship, perhaps a clean break and fresh start is called for.

Of course, LO and JB work it out - I am on board for that too. But if there is a break, it needs to embraced and the most positive stance by fans and Lakers taken.


Lamar should stay with the Lakers. A legacy winning a championship then going to a losing team and averaging 25-15 (he won't be that good) is nothing compared to a legacy of winning multiple championships with the Lakers. Ask Robert Horry. Does anyone know or even care what Horry did with the Spurs. NOPE. He's a Laker and will always be remembered as a Laker and what he did with the Lakers. So hopefully Lamar gets it in his foggy head that LA is the place to be and win championships is the thing to do.

Lamar = Laker for Life


Again Hobbit you channel your Mark Jackson (and so close to channeling your Skip Bayless which is just as bad but thankfully haven't yet) because you can't read:

That lineup of Pig Miller was Kobe at PG and Ron at SG so you should be arguing against why Kobe shouldn't be a PG. I can understand if you say LO at SF since you have been a fierce critic of that.

Snap out of it man. I'm beginning to think Mark Jackson is smarter than you.

Long Time Laker Fan

Keep 'em coming.

i don't care about the bench. i don't care about LO.

there r a few things i care:

kobe and Pau will raise their play at a total different level that will be better than kobe and Snak

kobe and iRon will create an impenetrable wall that will make the big's defense easier. many teams will be intimidated on offense.

bynum, i hope, will raise his play and understand more about BB.

shannWoW will learn more. same with JP and DJ

artest will have the opportunity of his life

all the members will be less timid and will have more swagger because they r the Champs. they learned that they can be invincible if they work hard and bring it on every night. this has nothing to do with money, contracts and off court issues. on the court, they r the CHAMPS

and all of the above will happen regardless if LO will be here or not. better chance if he is NOT.

here is a video of Kobe saying that Pau is his favorite player. from the summer camp. did he ever say anything special about LO except the PC lines?!

"Does anyone know or even care what Horry did with the Spurs."

Maybe not care but I sure know. Horry living up to his Big Shot Rob in Game 5 by not only being clutch but also hitting the game winning 3 in the 2005 NBA Finals. Also hitting another big shot against Denver in the 2007 series and knocking Nash into the table during the waning minutes of game 4.

Robert Horry was my 3rd favorite Laker duing the three-peat and he not only played great defense but also helped work the refs in a way to help his teammates out compared to Kobe and Shaq who only complained if it affected themselves. Not to mention his big shots especially Game 4 2002 WCF.

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