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Lamar Odom and Miami inching closer?

Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Lamar Odom could be close to signing the Miami Heat's long-standing full mid-level exception offer.  While it's important to note that no decision has been made, those in AW's ear hint that a return to South Beach could very well be in the cards.

      Odom has not reached a final decision, the sources said, but there is growing belief he will ultimately return to the Heat unless the Lakers improve their current offer.  “It’s close, but it’s not done,” said one source.

Without question, that language feels like it was floated by members of "Team LO" as a means of applying some (pun intended) heat on Lamar's most recent employers.  Not that Lamar can't possibly be mulling a return to South Beach, but the mere hint of an ultimatum does feel like a shot lobbed across the Lakers' bow.  But it doesn't feel like a direct hit sinking the ship, so for the time being, I'm not abandoning ship when it comes to hopes of Lamar remaining a Laker.

I was, however, a little concerned over the detail there Dr. Buss is lowering his offer (which gibes with LAT predictions upon the resumed talks).  As BK noted in the now iconic "Kitten" post, Doc B.'s pride needs to remain in check as well.  Getting upset that Team LO fielded offers from other teams while failing to return calls over his own is understandable, but there's a bigger picture involved.  Just as it would be silly for Lamar to sacrifice a better winning potential over money that- in the grand scheme of things- shouldn't make a dent in his long-time security, it would be equally silly for Dr. Buss to sacrifice championship potential to remind folks that nobody crosses him.  If it made sense and was fair to (reportedly) offer LO 3/30 or a partially guaranteed 4/36 a couple weeks ago, it makes sense and is fair now. 


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also wondering why lakers were never invited to the white house?? i thought it was tradition for all world champs to get invited? or is it a presidential thing and obama is not a laker fan??

Jay Jay,

>>> Given that, perhaps we should give him 12 mil on a 1 year deal and if it
>>> turns out Bynum is all that and a bag of chips we can let Odom go next year
>>> when lots of teams have big cap space. And if Bynum falters or proves to be
>>> a bust, we can then resign Lamar for even more dough.

>>> How 'bout that??

I actually think it makes a lot of sense. Don’t know whether Jerry or Lamar would go for it but I assume the idea has been tossed around and killed by somebody. Nobody likes to postpone big decisions, especially in a down market. But good idea none the less.



Far as I know, he's made the commitment for next summer. So keep those fingers crossed. As for the White House, it'll probably happen at some point during the season when the Lakers travel to the east coast. The team and the WH have been in contact since the title, but between the president's schedule and trying to coordinate a bunch of guys in the offseason, it's a logistical nightmare. Easier to pull off once the games begin again (and even then, kinda tough).

Jay Jay, LT, others-

I'd be floored if LO took a one year deal, even one at a big salary, over a the larger deal with the guaranteed money. I just don't see it happening. Obviously I could be wrong, but given how years and guaranteed cash seem to have been the hang ups, for LO to decide to just play for one season seems unlikely, especially with (in that scenario) about 22 mil more in money left on the table.



I agree with your post. I think from the beginning, the Lakers set a firm goal of how much over the luxury tax threshold they would go. From Mason and Ireland’s comments, Jerry overruled the rest of the front office to offer Lamar $9M per season, thinking Lamar would be grateful and the Lakers could close a quick deal. Per the insiders, Schwartz recommended that Lamar accept that deal but Lamar wanted more. Insulted, Jerry pulled the offer and when he put a new offer on the table, it was for sure for less, maybe $25 over 3-years.

The Lakers know that signing Lamar will likely just be insurance against Drew or Pau getting injured but they also know that spending $40M more than their nearest competitor could really handcuff the team down the road. With the declining cap, there are going to be deals coming up involving point guards who all of a sudden are confronted with the MLE being all they can get, just like Artest and Odom. If we commit to $54M to Lamar, we may not be able to even sign a needed player to the MLE. Instead, we will be forced to let guys go to cut salary and tax. Ammo and maybe Farmar at the end of next year and then maybe even Fish the year after.

Add in the worry that Lamar might be disgruntled and revert if he is forced to sign for less than he thinks is fair and you have chaos. This looks more and more to me like two people considering getting married who are both suddenly having cold feet.


This is just routine poker card game.As you all know, it doesnt matter how much is your money on the table, it depends on the player holding those cards, how efficient he plays. Lamar and company are average poker player and dr. buzz and company are more efficient and experienced. I am an efficient poker player and it is obvious to me dr. buzz is the better player and on this card deal he chose to cover his bluff meaning he will go all the way and stand on his bluff he is serious on his bet again meaning he is not really bluffing L.O. and company will lose if they call the bluff of dr. buzz..L.O. and company could not cover their bluff call meaning L.O. and company's bluff is not covered just routing poker play--they really are ONLY BLUFFING. no substance on their move..Dr. Buzz will win this deal whichever way it turns out simply because he do not care on his or Lamar cards.That's the mark of a real efficient poker player..Dr. Buzz is playing efficient good poker game on this Lamar situation.I use to play high stakes poker in a foregn country when I was young and sometimes money is not the bet it is more valuable than that and one got no choice but to learn fast and efficient poker game there just to survive that is why I know Lamar Odom should not play his card anymore surrender them to Dr. Buzz and he will only lose less bet instead of all in calling Dr. Buzz move

Laker Tom-

"The Lakers know that signing Lamar will likely just be insurance against Drew or Pau getting injured but they also know that spending $40M more than their nearest competitor could really handcuff the team down the road."

I agree with part of that, and the rest of your post, in that the Lakers understand that an out of control payroll can have a serious and harmful impact down the line, but the notion that LO is simply insurance for Pau and Bynum is way off base. He's far more important fundamentally to what made the Lakers good than that. It's not that they can't be good without Odom, but if he goes the Lakers will be very different, less versatile, and in my mind (and the GMs/coaches I spoke with in Vegas) measurably less good.

Odom does provide insurance in that without him the Lakers lose major depth in the frontcourt- something very important to consider esp. given AB's recent history- but his contributions go much deeper than that.


Where do you guys come up with these ideas? 12 for 1? In whose interest is THAT twisted deal?

No one's actually. Lakers -- why would they pay $24 large (LARGE) for one year? Just as insurance in case Andrew or Pau go down? That is lunacy.

And where is the big benefit for Lamar? He is looking for insurance on his own rather short window. But he is thinking 5 years. There is no common ground with one.

Does he want all the onus on him to produce for one year -- sitting, again, on the bench where he can't prove his worth to other teams who have money to spend the following year?

Come on, guys. You all have been reading this stuff too long for one day. Soon you will start to convince yourselves that we can colonize Venus and pull the oil off that planet to solve our energy problem.

"It goes on and on. The selfishness of today's atheletes. So why doesn't Kobe step up and cut his salary by $2m per year so that Odom can be resigned. It just doesn't happen. Kobe wouldn't miss the money. As Artest said "If you can't live on $30m, you can't live." These guys are all selfish.

Posted by: Paul of Del Mar | July 26, 2009 at 07:34 PM

Paul of Del Mar, did you not read my patience running thin earlier about suggestions such as yours...Once more, Kobe picked up his option to continue at the preset terms of the his last contract. He could have opted out and perhaps forced or "had" the Lakers structure his next contract and that would have probably been bigger....Kobe isn't the highest paid in the league, he's aroud 4th to you think he's paid appropriately. Now tell me, why you chose Kobe to do it, cuz he's got the fattest Italian wallet of anybody on the team???? Why not ask Gasol, or Bynum, or Walton, or Sasha, or Fisher to give up a few dollars. As i see it, everyone should go for the highest they can get wherever they want to be....for instance would you take 7 million to play for the Clippers if the Lakers were offering you 6.5 million??? Or worse yet, although their weather is pleasant the Sacramento Kings who fell from contenders to chum as fast as the Trailblazers but the Blazers rebuilt fast, and even without Benjamin Button/ Greg Oden....Kobe is a smart businessman, and I think he will follow the path of Magic Johnson, but perhaps his will be more basketball oriented, dealing with international basketball.....and I think he deserves an opportunity to purchase some of the Lakers if not given to him, can't remember if Magic paid for his 5%.....Anyway it comes down to Kobe is not a candidate to be the martyr to take less, because he is already under contract, and you can not change the contract or make under the table deals, unless you are Kevin McHale, who should have been banned from the NBA for life for his under the table deal with Joe Smith, lookitup.....doings something like that affects not just his team, and Joe Smith, but all the other teams out there who would have wanted him at that time. Basically the NBA's determination of penalty is not fair. I say it's so unfair it's to the point of discrimination...why does one player, coach or team get a penalty that doesn't equate to the penalty another gets.....cuz he makes more??? That's discrimination or harassment....Compare the Tim Duncan vs Joey Crawford incident to the Artest vs Kobe (elbow to the throat incident)....does chuckling on the bench warrant a similar fine to running up to the refs and the other player and practically knocking them over.....the league needs to have an outsider determine the penalties...someone who doesn't have a day to day job dealing with NBA duties but enough background to understand what's going on.

So your plea to Kobe to forego 2 million or so is not possible at this time. What's going to happen is that the Lakers will not win the 4 or so championships in the next few years and that will really cost Buss some money, besides the fact that if he doesn't give Kobe the max, but Kobe will probably take a tad less, which will be an option at that time, the Lakers will lose millions in dollars from playoff games, merchandising, the city will hurt from the lack of the activities involving Laker games....restaurants, bars, parking, hookers, scalpers, just kidding.....I heard, read somewhere it gets as high as 2 million per game, maybe that's just for a finals game, but you have to figure the games to get there generate quite a sum as well. Let Lamar go and play with Duane Wade, his best buddy, wonder how many times they talked over the last 4-5 years, since Lamar was traded....I bet less than 15 he's on his knees, and who knows what he's going to do in the summer of 2010....may be less money available, Kobe may be available.....


Everything from you that we have has been posted.


You know, it makes us all antsy, but really the FO has their Plan B in the works. It is this:

1) Lamar will do as he wishes -- take the longer, but annually lesser Miami deal or come back to Mitch and JB and ask what they are now offering; they will say: fewer years at fewer dollars (phred probably has it about right 8 for 3 and I would add someone's [probably FO's] option for the 4th).

2) semi-independent of that, look at the vet's minimum options. Slim pickings now (but even with Gooden and Smith, they were never greast). Warrick would be a great get, but he's worth more than that -- probably 3 (he'd want 3.5 to 4). So, it looks like Sheldon Williams, which, actually, is not so bad alongside Pau and Ron, or Andrew and Pau. You don't need offense, you gain some defense -- shot blocking and boards -- and muscle. Which is really what you need versus SA and the Cs/Cavs/Magic.

3) Medium-term, they have the 2 expiring deals. If Farmar and Ammo do as most players do in a contract year -- that is perform better than in the previous year -- great, more power to them; the Lakers are better for it and may not have to trade at mid-season. If they don't, excellent bargaining chips for a trade to a team not going anywhere that year. An Oklahoma City or Timberwolves or Knicks or Sacramento. I still like Fernandez (but the Blazers won't deal with the Lakers).

Anyway, we fans may not like all the silence, but that is what Plan B is. It may appear like the FO is sitting on their hands, but they really aren't. Their plan just has months to go before it is fully realized.

It should work out in the end. And in the meantime we get to ream them for doing nothing, which should make for entertaining blog reading for the next 1/2 year.

Again to be fair, it is no longer saving face or egos involved here, it is either LO is a Laker or go elsewhere. If JB offered 30M before and 36M, just change a little ramification from team option to player optiion, I think that is fair enough to all. If it was offered before, then Lakers have considered the costings involved. For the sake Lakers conscience, give LO a little consideration for bringing the team to championship in '08. It doesn't to put all our bets on him.

If lakers tried to sign him by tomorrow and do not succeed, it is nobody's fault, JB and Mitch have cleared their conscience that everything has been tried but LO is just looking for a foolish 5 years even if it is lower in value per year.

Now with regards to his contributions in the past, that's a human urge to always dwell with the present. It is hard to accept change but we are not aware what change could bring, it might be better. During the course of the years, I thought Norm Nixon trade was a big error and for so many months, I just could not accept Byron Scott as a replacement, I considered him a Clipper who got our Norm, even Chickie baby tried to sway opinions that the natve Inglewood Scott would be a keeper. Indeed, he filled up that void, he and Magic became the Celtic tormentors. Then it happened again in late 90's when Jerry West dealt Van Exel, I thought he was irreplaceable Laker PG, Kobe and Derek are rookies, years later it was followed by trading Eddie Jones. After a while these two stalwarts became forgettable. Derek Fisher gradually took the job as the PG of the future. It may take sometime, but always there is a player who will fill up the void of a role player. What is hard to replace are the marquee players like Kobe or Shaq during his prime, maybe Pau Gasol but for LO who shares the time with Drew, I think he is replaceable.

It is best to sign him but it doesn't go through, it is not the end of the world with the Lakers. Let's clear our conscience on Monday and make the final offer to LO and move on. We had the Lakers traditions of winning in the past, we are the Champions in the present and Lakers will continue that legacy in the future and not one or two players can halt that winning tradition.

I simply cannot believe the number of people who continue to advocate a 4 year $36 million offer to LO. The notion that the Lakers, the hometown team with whom LO promised to stay for less money, should offer $2 million MORE MONEY for one year LESS TIME is just absurd.

The market has spoken: LO is worth about $7 million a year. Now, considering that he said he'd take less money to stay "home" in LA and play for championships, it seems to me that we work backwards from $7 million a year. Anyone advocating more than that is asking Jerry Buss to overpay for a guy to come off the bench.

This is the start of the Domino Effect.
Lamar bolts to the heat to play on a team that will never never be better than a 4th seed in the east,

The Lakers are exposed again for a poor bench, nad lack of talented depth. The get knocked out of the semis.

Phil retires knowing the door of opportunity closed.

Kobe opts out and joins the free agent classon 2010.

Lakers are left with a fragile Bynum, and a sweaty Gasol.

And since the Lakers dumped there 09 draft, they have no young talent, and no trade value.

The only thing I can see is Kobe, Phil uses this as a rally cry for motivation.

But reality, without Lamar, they loose to the Rockets this year..

Bynum, cannot stay on the floor who comes in at PF when Gasol slides to C?

Powell? Mbenga? I can play better than that.

TO sum this up, if they sign Lamar then they will be a force for 3 yrs. with out then are done.

If they loose Lamar, sign Big Baby, not sheldon willaims

Actually, BK you are right.

I used the word "insurance" with regard to LO, but I don't believe that he is that. I shouldn't have couched (even that small part of) my argument in those terms.

As a coach of college and pro ball in Japan, I know that I would salivate having a player like LO on my team. The ability to mix and match players -- and the styles of play that he brings to a squad (defensively, a little less offensively) -- makes game planning a pleasure. LO is not simply insurance.

But, looking at the business side of it, I would not try to purchase a little added game planning flexibility for 12 or even 10 million a year. At that price, I would have to tell my coach to go earn his money by planning without the full complement of tools.

I hope you've been doing some running and building up your wind. As our only viable Plan B in case LO bolts, you need to be up to speed when camp begins. Drop us a postcard from Hawaii (is that where it is this year?)


not less than 8.5 for 3- miami can do more. all we are doing is beating miami for 3 with a 4 year deal. we talk a lot, it doesn't change.

The Glazecraze:

No money to sign Big Baby. Remember folks: we keep saying, LA can't offer what they don't have to offer. We can only sign LO because he was on the payroll this past year; we also have that vet's minimum.

There is trade exception money I believe but it is paltry.

The Cs have already indicated that they will match most reasonable offers for Big Baby. And a vet's minimum they would have no trouble matching.

Andrew Bernard- you seem to want to be the serious, logical, business like guy, unless i'm wrong, in which case, forgiveness sir. but you seem to be in the category of people who dislike odom. and you seem to be in the category of people who think that odom should be seeking your approval by taking less money to play for the lakers. I suggest that a realistic proposal is for LO to take a slightly larger salary to play for us, which is still more than miami is offering. do you disagree? I have proposed a wager that he will be a laker next season. Do you quarrel, sir?

phred -- good to talk with you. How's Angela's Ashes going?

Sorry if I misquoted you.

As for me, I am not sure I'd pay LO 8.5.

If he wants to go to Miami he will go. (I honestly think he wants to start and wants more minutes -- legitimate interests on his part -- so I see him leaving anyway). I don't think the FO should overpay, given their external considerations (payroll, long term planning with Pau's reneg, and of course, Kobe's K). So, there should be a line in the sand and I think that is 8.

But, if I knew what I was talking about, I'd be working in El Segundo.

LTLF- I knew you were talking about shelden williams. In fact, I even think that he's one of those guys who have not been given a chance to show their potential.

But I didn't exactly jump on the idea. I mean, he's taken a lot of chances with nba teams and not exactly excelled. More than Kwame, in fact.

I will also point out that as a pretty good colllege player, in a pretty good college program, he stayed for a while and piled up some good stats. I have been a fan of Luke Jackson for a while, as fellow duck, and I think he also was a pretty good college player. I would like to see him get a chance. Do you think he is worth it? He has had some injury issues, less than Drew, I think, but he has been with fewer NBA teams than Shelden.


I'm getting sick and tire for LO to take that long to make a decision. If LO said is always business, then Lakers is already over offer him because LO should only offer at 6 to 7 millions because he is a very very inconsistent player. Lakers never past the 1st round when LO trade from Miami until P Gasol arrive.

According to the market now, there is no reason offer LO more than 6 to 7 millions. That's what exactly LO said it's business. So if that's business, Lakers shouldn't offer him more than 7 millions a year. If that's business, Lakers should avoid to pay more and more the L tax.

LO is just look for money so there is no reason for the Lakers to keep him anymore. Just let him to join the Miami or any team he like to play for. That's it.

Again, I'm getting sick and tired for LO not making the decision fast. If he reject Lakers offer, just go ahead to accept Miami offer. No one will stop him.

Buss do the right thing to lower the offer because LO keep on to play game.

For those ppls keep on to ask Buss to keep LO make no sense and ridiculous because you are not the one to pay the L tax but Buss.

LO make up your mind to go to Miami if you reject Lakers offer. That's it.

C. Wong
Lakers fan forever


All this yelping about LO being either an awful human being or just plain stupid based on his refusal to sign a contract he finds insulting got me to wondering about LO's impact on the Lakers in the locker room and otherwise off the floor.

The two of you seem to be fair judges of these sorts of things. What kind of impact do you think LO has in the locker room? Is he a popular player? Is he a positive influence on the other guys?

I think Fish hinted at it. Losing LO might well have a negative impact on team chemistry. What do you think?

Otis - this is your post:

When our center gets hurt, we win the title. When your center gets hurt, now that's when one and done happens.

Posted by: Otis | July 26, 2009 at 08:16 AM
My response was:
1 KG is a power forward, not a center
2. Your center, Bynum, was NOT hurt, he played
3. Shows how important LO is to the lakers

If you want to talk apples and apples - take Gasol out of your lineup for the entire playoffs and see how far you make it. Injuries are part of the game, and the lakers were far and away the best team this year, but your "facts" are inaccurate. You better hope for no injuries this year, because (and I have read on this site where lakers fans have said the same thing!) without LO, you are a 3 seed in the West, tops. No, you didn't get under my skin, that would only happen if you invaded and made outrageous claims. I came to your forum, so I get what I get - nice try, though!!

Bye Lamar. Enjoy the Laker Parade next year from Florida.


give him the extra cash and get this BS over. seriously.
lock him up for 4 years so we can get to winning more championships. not sexy at all.

Just thought I'd add to all this LO controversy...

From DWade's Twitter:
"I'm in LA to bring odom bac to miami with me lol lol lol. LA fans dnt get mad at me.."

This is getting to be pretty ridiculous. Go away Dwyane! Go to Utah or something, please!


I'm just amazed at some of the stuff I'm hearing from Laker fans.

As far as comparing Ron Artest's taking less money to Odom having to allegedly do the same...the difference is that Artest took LESS THAN HIS MARKET VALUE, because somebody else surely could have and would have paid him more than the MLE. That's fact. Odom isn't taking less money than what he's worth if he re-signs with the Lakers because our offer is the best offer out there!

As far as criticizing Jerry Buss...are you people really serious? Are you that ungrateful? Nine championships in the last 30 years aren't enough for you? Good grief. So what if he wasn't in Orlando for Game 5? The man is almost 80 years old and I think he's earned the right to not want to travel. No owner in professional sports has been as good as Jerry Buss over the last 30 years, and honestly it's not even close. Even in the years where we didn't win titles, we almost always had a strong, competitive team, and there have been maybe one or two down periods, and they were over quite quickly.

No team is better at consistently winning. Lamar apologists, stop all this badgering of Laker management. We all know Lamar is important to us and that we're better with him. But let me repeat this, one final time...WE HAVE THE BEST OFFER ON THE TABLE TO THIS MAN! There is no rational argument to pay Lamar more money if we have the best offer. None. If he leaves, he will do so because he just wants to play for Miami. There's no way he can argue that it's about money.

Dwades an idiot....Take Lamar & get the hell out of LA....I am so sick of this nonsense...We can save money for the future, make a couple of moves & still win at least 3 more titles in the next 5 years...Including defending our crown this year!

If we lose Lamar, maybe we can convince Hakim Warrick To sign for the vets min. promising him contention for a champion ship and a new deal if he plays well! He was Absolutely sick at syracuse and his offensive game is solid enough for the backup spot. His defense needs some work, but then again lamar's defensive lapses at times wont be to hard to overcome

Wade is an idiot....and this is their team leader (for at least one more year) tell you the truth, I don't know another player on that team....

Here's the solution....tell LO we give in, we concede we will raise our offer to 30 for 5 with your option to out after 4 with 4 million buyout which you pay us...he's odumb, he'll go for it. Remind him that they have crocodiles or alligators in Florida. Geez, I'm getting sick of this, I hope Wade has a contract tucked in his spiderman (google wade and spiderman in his house he sold, it'll keep you up at night) underwear, and Lamar signs it while it's still warm. Lamar...please go, sign it tonight....get on the plane tomorrow....we need to move on...we may not win next year....but then again....once kobe knows it wasn't buss, he's gonna be peeved at all free agents....

to Tony....for once a rational man,,,,

LO - does he realize how hard it is to make the finals let alone win?
This guy is so talented and yet so stupid, play for the winner LO you are already used to getting your dumbness exposed everyday by Phil and Kobe just roll with it and get some rings.
If he leaves we better hope the injuries don't start to pile up with Andrew Baby Bones Bynum, Gasol can get gimpy too - and Kobe has never healed from a few different injuries. AB has to grow up and take a real good look at his performance in the past finals -he was not much to talk about at all and that will not cut it again. Cleveland and Celtics look better, and maybe Carter helps Orlando too.
Losing a winner who will dive for balls and hustle like Ariza is a huge morale loss in terms of team defense. Ron Artest will have his best year as a pro and ALL DEFENSIVE TEAM Should mean more than anything else to him.

What is this crap with Bynum and injury history... R u Guys Kidding me. He had two freak accidents. It wasnt like KG coming down from trying to block a shot and injurying himself. The first happened when He fell on LO's foot. The second happened when kobe ran into his knee. At both those times, Bynum started playing Like a Beast. U guys are Crazy with this injury prone cr@p!

If people want to come and hate, let them hate. We know everyone in the NBA is hoping Lamar would leave. Hell, other team's championship dreams depend on Lamar bolting. Like I've said before, we only have to worry about ourselves.

Just walk already.

Im losing love for Lamar by the day now.

Its clear he is all about the $$$ at this point. Either that and/or an ego stroke. Thought he was about more.

Theres a reason teams dont win back to back championships anymore. Its crap like this. Key players (Ariza, Odom) but you can fill in the blanks, take a walk into the light after getting some glory.

Its going to be a new team anyway without Ariza. I dont care how great Artest plays, Ariza was more than stats. Just like Lamar is more than stats. These are guys who went to war together, failed, and came back to learn from there mistakes. This team should have went on to multiple championships, building on the character they had built as a team.

With Ariza gone, losing Lamar means almost nothing. The Lakers are starting over from scratch next year, might as well come full circle with it. We shall see if Phil has primed his young guys for bigger roles (Bynum, Jordan, Shannon).

drew gooden just signed with the mavs. One more Lo replacement no longer available.

Posted by: woolridge | July 26, 2009 at 12:04 AM

No more options available after training camp cuts begin. More names will be out there and suprisingly good names will appear as tams may want to go younger.

I like Wade. He is just trying to get a real teammate since he has none so I can respect the effort. He might never get back to the Finals except in TMobile commercials if he doesn't get help soon. Look at his career, with the injuries and stuff he probably only has 4 years tops as a top 5 player despite being so young. But even with Odom, his situation will only be slightly better than Kobe's in 2004-2007 unless they add Boozer and 2 other good roleplayers (a shooter and defensive center)

Too bad Wade is mistaking that teammate for Lamar. In 1-2 years, Odom will be all fat and needing a real South Beach diet while Wade fumes over his lack of effort and inconsistent play.

Also Buss has hung up more banners than Odom has showed up for playoff games so let's not act like Odom brought rings to the Lakers. He helped win one ring and barely helped giving half effort half the time. Kobe and Pau had killed themselves to get this title. Bynum got rushed back because Odom can't step up. So don't blame Buss for refusing to be held hostage by this pansy.

L.O. can be replaced-
Lakers have guards to bring the ball up
bigs to rebound
shooters to shoot
if L.O. never wants to get another sniff of a ring, then go to Miami... where Dwade could bail after another year. If Dwade was intent on staying, he would have resigned, but he hasn't. Lakers would be fine w/ another big who can do some of the same things. And L.O. isn't showing any loyalty either. He has very fair and generous offers from the Lakers. Whateva bra, Lakers will be deep into the playoffs w/ or w/o you. If you go to the heat, you'll proabably be bounced in the first round by an Atlanta or Boston.

Posted by: John | July 26, 2009 at 12:21 AM

Well said. LO must know what goes around comes around. Baron Davis joined the Clips to play with Brand but Bran bolted leaving BD holding the bag. Now the situation exists that RA came to lakers to get ring and play with LO (childhood buddy) and Kobe. Now LO ready to bolt to Miami leaving RA holding the bag. Well LO remember this because if you come because Wade calls he may bolt and leave you holding the bag. Poetic justice I say.

there's NO replacement for him. I'm very sad, angry, concerned ...please lamar stay in L.A

Posted by: ariel | July 26, 2009 at 12:50 AM

Oh my when did LO become the franchise player? We had him for years and never won a ship and he helps us win one this year and now he is irreplaceable? Get real. He is replaceable but maybe not the same skill set. It may not be this year as we may have to get servicable replacement this year. But with new midlevel exception next year and expiring contract (AMMO) and draft picks saved and Sasha and Luke as trade bait e can unload a lot gain money and get right back into being favorites to win all with a new PF we can afford to pay.

Anyone who thinks the Lakers are cooked without Odom, look at our big 3: Gasol, Kobe, Artest and give me a better defensive/offensive combo of 3 players in the league. It was gasol's defense that turned the tide in the playoffs and finals, so don't say he can't play D. The NBA is stars outplaying stars with occasional help from roleplayers. Shaq and Kobe, Jordan/Pippen/Rodman, could take apart a lot of so-called "deeper" teams because their better was simply better. Let our rivals have the Vince's, Richard Jeffs, Sheeds, and Andre Millers and see how far that takes them.

Plus you know Cupcake has to have something in his back pocket for the trade deadline.

Does anyone know what's going on?

I thought the media was filled with experts with inside connections.

Instead all we get is hysteria-building rumors.

Drives me nuts.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Bynum has had THREE major knee injuries. The first was a torn ACL during his senior year in high school.

I'm waiting for Kobe to step up his leadership and absorb some of LO's salary. Kobe is a vertean now in the league. Been with the Lakers around a long time and needs to show he is really a captain rather than some high priced prima donna. Magic and Jordon accomodated payroll demands to keep their teams intact and to continue winning champtionships.

If Lamar wants to go that badly let him go. I'm tired of his sugary wishy washy decision processs. He's not in the elite class of NBA players just someone that fits in. If the rest of the Lakers can step up a little, Lamar means not much to the team prospectively. Lamar, don't let your Skittles and M&Ms and Twiz melt on the plane to Miami. See your ass later.

I hate this.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


A case for Lamar Odom to continue to be a Laker

It is amazing that this situation really exists. Players with lesser skills and talents being paid more to contribute with a championship team and then offer an under rated all-star professional who played a key role to bringing a championship to take a reduction in his salary. I'm sure the loss of Ariza will be felt during the course of next season. Of course there is a penalty for being over budget but who is responsible for those decisions? There are less than a handful of N. B. A. players that have the talent to play all five positions and very well at that. I have not seen that brought up to the public. Also when the reserves come in to replace the starting five along with Lamar Odom it has the ability to match any starting five opposing team. While other teams play is diminished when reserves replace their starters and with the advantage of L. O. in the lineup the L. A. Lakers do not miss a beat. The Lakers do not have any other player with that ability. Lamar Odom is a perfect fit with the Los Angeles Lakers.
Label from Westlake Village. A Laker fan since 1948

Let that greedy idiot go. I used to like Lamar Odom a lot but this is stupid. We'll be fine without him his inconsistancy isnt worth the problem. He plays 3 decent playoff games and he thinks he is the man. Let that idiot go. With Artest picking up the load of Ariza and Odom combined all we need is a good bench player. Lamar can go to the Heat for less money, never win another championship and probably be traded in a couple of years again because of his inconstant play.

We dont need this in the city of Champions.


What is your record for most comments on a post? How long did you leave that post up? Should we all start commenting manically to break the AK/BK world record?


This will not end well.

So much now depends on Bynum. Our season is in his hands.

And Sasha's and Farmar's and Morrison's and Powell's.

Now THAT is that humiliating kick in the crotch Sting was singing about.

I'll forgo the link.

OK Buss.


This is the mornings of mornings. Time for Buss to wake up, eat the breakfast of champions (I find that funny for some reason), clear his head from the drinking and dancers the night before, pick up the phone and say--5 years, 40 million.

That's it. Then Kobe's prime years won't be compromised. Can you imagine Worthy or Scott or Cooper leaving the Lakers after a ring? That's what we're witnessing here. Make no mistake, our rivals are hunched up over the dale, right above the water hole, just waiting for our bench to get in the game, salivating, hungry, unafraid of our scrawny pups, legs quivering as they stoop to drink a little water.

This is it. I can feel it feel it in the air, I can smell it in the water. Or whatever that line from LOTR is.

I have to think that despite all the signs pointing to the contrary, Buss will make the death-kneel offer that will bring Lamar back to LA.

Maybe not, but have we ever seen otherwise from Dr Buss?


But is there still cause to believe?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Ariza and Odom?


kobe & pau nuff said,LO and his agent are both inconsistant,i'll take artest over odum and shannon brown over ariza leave if u want 2, bynum just needs 2 stay in the paint just ask dwight howard

"Many miles away, there's a shadow at the door of a cottage on the shore...of a dark... Scottish laaaaaaaaaaaaaaake. Many miles awaaaaaaaaay....."


"If Dwade was intent on staying, he would have resigned, but he hasn't. "

It's a business decision, he could make much more signing in 2010. I think you all underestimate Pat Riley. He's got a top 3 player in the league in Dwyane Wade, a potential monster in Michael Beasley (look at his numbers before you judge) on the rookie scale, and he's about to sign Lamar Odom to an MLE contract. Factor in the fact that the Heat will be the biggest players in free agency in 2010 [Jermaine O'Neal, Mark Blount, and Udonis Haslem are all expiring], and he's about to build a dynasty. And, if Mario Chalmers or Daequan Cook progress to the next level... you might be looking at the next Jerry West.

The Lakers options are limited because they are already over the cap and don't have a lot of tradeable assets. I had mentioned Hakim Warrick earlier but I wonder if he really would consider the vet minimum. So here is my suggestion for a final, final LO offer. 5 years at 8 mil a year with the first 4 years guaranteed and a team option for the fifth year with a 3 mil buyout. It beats the Miami offer but is only 2 mil more than the last Laker offer. It also provides Buss with some face saving because the per year rate is less than the offer that was pulled.

So wait a minute... you mean to tell me that when Lamar said he'd stay in LA for less, he was all talk?

Oh, you're right, it wasn't even talk, it was pure lies... it turns out he'll LEAVE LA for less money and will refuse to stay for more money.

Andrew Bernard,

"The market has spoken: LO is worth about $7 million a year. Now, considering that he said he'd take less money to stay "home" in LA and play for championships, it seems to me that we work backwards from $7 million a year. Anyone advocating more than that is asking Jerry Buss to overpay for a guy to come off the bench."

Yup ... u're right, Buss said go test the market and there aren't any other offers out there for Odom besides Miami's MLE deal ...what u miss though is folks aren't asking for Odom to be overpaid so we can watch a guy come off the bench, rather we're asking him to think of it as insurance that further secures our title hopes ... where do the minutes go if Bynum goes down again? ... if Artest gets suspended? etc etc

Will history judge our dynasty any differently if Buss ends up paying through the nose for it?

Obviously, Lamar has a simple mind when it comes to numbers.

So, we have to present the offer to him in a way that he can understand.

Match the Miami offer with a slight raise like many have said here and he will probably sign.

Why it will work? Knowing Miami's offer, Lamar could clearly see the difference.
My worries? If he feels he's been slighted and still signs. Will he put in less of an effort in the coming years. You would hope not, but that is just human nature.

I recently hired a full-time handyman to assist for our house remodel. Even though this person came to us for the agreed upon price of $20/hr and seemed very thankful for the job. After three days, he asked for a substantial raise. Followed by a "you get what you pay for effort" if you don't pay accordingly speech.

We noticed he went to work slow down mode after that, requiring us to let him go. He was accustomed to getting more, but was having a hard time adjusting to this pay scale for a lesser job.

Hopefully we sign Odom and he produces nicely.


>>I would rather have hakim warrick than shelden williams...

Me too, but I don't think Warrick will settle for the veterans minimum,
and I think Williams would (especially since his wife, Candace
Parker, plays for the Sparks)


Your posts are becoming more and more maddening.

It's not just Jerry Buss' fault. Let it go.

BK -

Back to what you said last night. I DO think Lamar would take a fat (11-12K) one year deal and here's why:

1) By next year we'll know if Bynum is a true All-Star or an injury prone underachiever. If the former we can let Lamar go and pick up someone for the MLE, if the latter we'll really need him and be willing to pony up 4 or 5 more years at 10K.
2) If we do let him go, it'll be a huge year for free agents. When teams who have been clearing cap space don't get LeBron or Wade or Bosh, they'll be looking for a player like Lamar and have plenty to spend.

So either way he wins.

Sasha signed last year on july 28th......let's hope history repeats itself.

Good morning CRUE. (Well - sort of a good morning.)

Is this the day that LOCO ends? Or is this the day that it goes MUY LOCO?? Jeez I hope it's the former. This is verging on historical insanity levels.

LO - sign the freaking contract already. I really wonder exactly what this is all about. I don't think we'll ever know. I just hope Buss gets it done.

To all the people out there who think we're better off without LO, I suggest rewatching the playoffs and especially the finals. The man is a beast too (no offense Laker Tom). He is so incredibly talented and versatile that we most definitely become a lesser team if we lose him.

Think about it. Who'll be afraid of our bench? Who'll produce on our bench - consistently? Who'll back up Pau and Drew when and if foul trouble or injury happens? Do you REALLY believe that we're a better team by losing our 2 most important free agents and signing back Artest? Really? If you truly believe we are, then whatever you're drinking, smoking or otherwise imbibing needs to come with a serious warning lable on it. It's not just making you happy - it's making you delusional.

We need LO. LO needs us.

Nothing like the Police to get your morning going, eh, BK?

Maybe Stewart Copeland could 'drum' up some support for our beleagured front office, I'm sure they'd like to see this resolved as much as anyone.

Somewhere in the bowels of Staples Center there is a white board in an office that says 'LO?'.

I wish my boss would let me rock out to tunes at work.


Blog Sync Think. Just saying hello.

Dr. Buss...lets move on and upgrade our bench. Shasha and Walton need to produce and play like 5 Million dollar players. Look what San Antonio has done quietly now we have the 2nd. or 3rd. best bench in the Western Conference.

Jay Jay-

I just don't agree. The Lakers will be in the same payroll position next year, and even if Odom plays well, I don't necessarily think they'll decide to open up the coffers for four or five years. The context remains basically the same. The Lakers know they need him now. That's not really the issue.

As to the second point, I don't think the '10 FA bonanza is going to play out as people thought a year ago. The economy has really screwed with it. The salary and luxury tax lines are going down, there will be less money to spend, and teams won't be as liberal tossing money around as they might have been before. A guy like Odom could easily get squeezed. Lesser teams aren't going to make him their big free agent prize, because of his age and history. At 31, he'd really only be valuable to contending teams, and they aren't the ones with scads of money to burn.

A one year deal like that is a good offer for the Lakers, I think, because they get to keep LO w/o long term commitment, but it's not solid for Odom. Not with 20 mil more in guaranteed money available. That's a huge factor.


>>>But I didn't exactly jump on the idea. I mean, he's taken
>>> a lot of chances with nba teams and not exactly
>>>excelled. More than Kwame, in fact.

Well, let's consider that from all angles.

In his first 3 years in the league, Kwame was definitely given
a chance to succeed - he got 14, then 22, then 30 minutes per

Shelden Williams got 18.7his first year, but then he got buried
behind Al Horford, so he averaged 11.5 minutes until he
was traded to Sacramento. And just as Orlando underused
Ariza (they never would have needed Pietrus if they'd have
just used Ariza) and Charlotte underused Shannon Brown,
Sacramento barely used Williams before trading him to
Minnesota where he was an expiring contract buried on
the bench behind Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, and Craig Smith.

Kwame was given MUCH more of a chance to prove himself
than Williams, and other than one promising sophomore season,
Kwame has always sucked.

But even bearing that in mind, some of Kwame's most successful
team play came with the Lakers. Kwame was expected to be
the starter, so he didn't fully live up to expectations with his
hands of stone and no offensive game. But his defense was
solid at least.

Williams wouldn't be expected to be a starter. All he'd have to
to is come in to relieve Bynum/Gasol, play hard on defense,
get rebounds, block a shot or two, and score if he's given an
absolute layup.

Consider this: The Lakers best rebounder per minute played
last season was Chris Mihm. Bynum and Odom were the
next best and they were equally effective. Each of them averaged
0.275 rebounds per minute they were on the court. Gasol
averaged 0.26 rebounds per minute he was on the court.

Shelden Williams averaged .298 rebounds per minute he
was on the court. So let's say you played Williams the number
of minutes you played Lamar last season - then he would
average just under 9 rebounds a game, just a hair above
Lamar's average.

Williams isn't the passer or shooter that Lamar is, but if he
was, then there'd be no way you could get him for a minimum
contract. When you only have the vet's minimum to spend,
getting someone who's a very good defender and rebounder
and who always plays hard is about as good as you're going
to get.

Laker fan ~ through thick and thin ~ for nearly 50 years here. If you want to understand the mindset of Lakers Management and Ownership, here are the issues of importance when considering contract offer to Lamar Odom.

1. Financial investment in Bynum was not in the belief that he would be a "second tier" center in the league. Lakers believe he is something special. They BELIEVE,,, not HOPE,,, that he is something special. He deserves room. They also believe he has survived the fluke injuries that many stars experience early in careers(Jordan foot, Magic finger, Kareem wrist - thankyou Kent Benson!, etc.). He needs floor space and playing time.

2. The Laker's cupboard is not exactly thin at the forward positions. Pau & Artest are a solid duo (can you name two better in the league at the moment?). Walton is a proven commodity as a solid bench player. And the secret few are paying attention to ~ Adam Morrison ~ is someone the Lakers believe is about to fill Vlade Radmanovich role, without the space cadet baggage. And we all know about a certain two-guard who can easily slide into the 3-spot with ease when needed.

3. HERE is the key to Laker's thinking: The guard position is VERY thin, requiring investment in the near future. Fisher is a warrior, but near the end of his journey. Valuable, loyal, clutch, , , BUT, sunset is on the horizon. Farmar's play had always been confusing to comprehend. Sasha's play has been exposed to "specialist" at best ~ liability at worst. Brown is Bynumesque regarding intriguing potential ~ but more likely he just gave us an "Austin Croshere" moment in playoffs. (And, we won't talk about Mr. Sun Yue.)

It's clear to me. The Lakers are positioning themselves to make a move for a much needed upgrade to small guard position. It is MORE important than adding yet another quality forward (LO) to the stable. IF LO cannot rejoin the fold at a price that fits the Lakers view for future upgrades to backcourt, Lakers will not give in.

IT is NOT about Buss's pride. IT is what is has always been. Smart ownership & management with a plan that requires shrewd moves and vision. The reality is this: To Dr. Buss, this is NOT a poker game, this is a chess match. Not so much gambling, but much more strategy.

Conclusion: Just like Dr. Buss & Kupchak told Kobe during his "Trade Me" rants a couple of summers ago, they now are signaling the same message to all Laker's fans ~~ "Give us a little more time, and THEN judge our moves."

Hoopsworld confirmed that Lakers latest offer was lowered to 27M 3yrs. w/c prompted Team LO to leak of possible move to the Heat 34M 5yrs MLE plus state taxes privileges.

Today will be a day of reckoning whether Lakers will retain or lose LO, my guess 36M 4yrs will come back as the last straw on LO's back. If he doesn't respond, bye-bye.

BTW, Hakim Warrick is restricted, chances are Memphis will still retain him.

Some good news to start the Monday.

John Ireland was on Colin Cowherd's show this morning in the spanning the globe segment.

He said he has been talking to sources all weekend and is "very confident" that Lamar will re-sign with the Lakers. He cited the fact that the Lakers offer is more money than the Heat's offer, and that he really doesn't want to pack up and move to Miami.

Ireland expects the deal to be completed within two days.


What happened to our Summer League phenom like Monds, McCauley and Chimelu, are they proceeding to preseason?

speaking of little time, whether Lakers and LO like it or not, this prolonged negotiation will end by Friday, July 31st.

i do agree of Wasco Mike was saying except on Luke as a solid bench PF for LO. At best, he is an inconsistent SF that needs another player in case he doesn't pan out. He can be solid with some teams like against Magic but at times atrocious with other team. Three Laker players are questionable during crunch time, they often give back the leads namely: Farmar, Vujacic and Walton. They were the bench mob at the beginning of the year, turned into inconsistent dudes towards the end. It was LO, Shannon Brown that gave a little hope to the bench, of course with the help of Gasol and Kobe too, but if you leave the three guys and include Mbenga and Josh, we're toasted. Hopefully, that will change this season with the inclusion of Artest.

That's it. I'm going into a induced deep-sleep, like-coma, until this is all resolved. Similar to what Lamar is in half the time he is awake.

All has been said. (see last 2,000 comments)

Edwin, trigger my "In-like-Flint" wake up device, when this is all over. (Does anyone remember that?)

Until then, I will program myself to be playing game 5, series Finals, over and over again in my dreams.

Please try and think happy thoughts in the mean time.

Charles - A "Hi" back to you.

WesJoeNixon - Man, you got some serious melancholy going on. Please try and cut back on the Starbucks Latte.

This has been Fatty, "over"

My response to this comment

>>>>> "If we commit to $54M to Lamar, we may not be able to even sign a needed player to the MLE. Instead, we will be forced to let guys go to cut salary and tax. Ammo and maybe Farmar at the end of next year and then maybe even Fish the year after.

Once again, it's easier to find point guards and small people than big people like Odom. Odom is more than just an insurance policy. He's a player that stays healthy also.
Who cares about having money for a point guard next yr, with the triangle and the talen the Lakers will have when signing Odom, the point guard slot can be filled cheaply.


You get it man.
We don't want to waste Kobe's prime yrs.
We also want to keep our championship edge.
It baffles me how we can't make enough money with a great franchise that's champions of the world at this time.
Looks like plenty opportunities to me.

Not to add fuel to the fire but if the 3 year 27 mil offer is the current offer (as stated in several places) on the table LO would be stupid to take it IMO. Based on taxes and such he would have to get a two year deal with both years being 4.6 mil (if in a tax free state, in LA it would need to be closer to 5 mil) after this contract.

If the MLE keeps going down (which is what is expected because of salaries going down the average would have to come down as well) it's possible he would have to take the full MLE from someone just to break even between the two jobs. Not sure LO at 33 is going to warrant a full MLE offer, you?

That being said I'm not quite sure that wrapping up the kind of money it would take to match Miami's offer is worth it for LO (5 years 38-39 mil). Yeah the Lakers need him now but in 3 years we will all be crying like we do about Sasha's contract.

I say if Miami wants to pay him almost 8 mil at the end of the contract let them. Even if the Lakers make it a front loaded contract (which they shouldn't seeing as they are paying double right now and might not at the end) this deal doesn't make sense to me. Kind of like the Hedo contract that Toronto offered.

Just to make sure my last post is clear. If LO took the 27 mill offer, he would need to secure a 2 year 10 mil offer from the Lakers just to match the Miami offer right now. If he went to a tax free state (after the 3 year deal) it would need to be a 2 year 9.2 mil offer.

If the Lakers want to keep him (if it is all about the money for LO) they would need to offer a 5 year 38 mil deal. That means they could offer a 3 year deal for 27 mil but add on a 2 year player option at 5.5 mil per after the first 3 years.

Again if it were my money I wouldn't do that but seeing as it isn't my money I'm down for that deal. I would much rather have LO than not have him.

Give LO the 4 years x 36 guaranteed. Not this option for a 3 million buy-out. Dr. B received 6 million by selling two draft picks. There it is. Give the man his money. Remain a championship team. Without LO, The Lakers are nothing more than contenders. With LO, they are again the team to beat. Not that anyone cares, but if Buss is stupid enough to let LO go, then I'm just stupid enough to skip next season. After all, this is Southern California. There's alot to do. I don't need to watch good. I can get that on the NBA channel. I want to watch GREAT.

Posted by: Rick L | July 25, 2009 at 10:35 PM

Well if LO leaves then don't let the door hit you on your arse on the way out too. bu-bye

Despite the tax, Lamar IS worth the mid-level.



Posted by: wesjoenixon | July 26, 2009 at 10:55 AM

Wes I agree LO is worth the mid level exception but that amount is $5.5 to 6 million per year. LO wants ten milllion which is way above MLE and Lakers offered 8. 5 to 9 milion and that was not good enoug.Lo nees totake reasonable contact or walk for less money.

Despite the tax, Lamar IS worth the mid-level.



Posted by: wesjoenixon | July 26, 2009 at 10:55 AM

Wes I agree LO is worth the mid level exception but that amount is $5.5 to 6 million per year. LO wants ten milllion which is way above MLE and Lakers offered 8. 5 to 9 milion and that was not good enoug.Lo nees totake reasonable contact or walk for less money.

Posted by: JustaLakerFan | July 27, 2009 at 12:37 PM


I guess you missed the part where over 5 years the MLE keeps going up. The MLE is worth very close to 7 mil over the length of the contract.

In addition as I stated above at 5 years and state tax difference anything less than a 5 year 39 mil deal is a pay cut to stay.

If the Lakers would just do the 4 year 36 mil deal LO could try and sign for the vet min at the age of 34 and would still take a paycut to stay.

Not sure about you but if I were all about the money I would take the most in hand cash not the best per year deal.

Seeing as there aren't any assurances that LO can get $5.5 mil per year at the age of 33 I would expect him to want more than a 3 year 27 mil offer. I know I would. Buss hasn't even offered a better contract, merely more money per year doesn't unseat the extra years.

Despite the tax, Lamar IS worth the mid-level.



Posted by: wesjoenixon | July 26, 2009 at 10:55 AM

Wes I agree LO is worth the mid level exception but that amount is $5.5 to 6 million per year. LO wants ten milllion which is way above MLE and Lakers offered 8. 5 to 9 milion and that was not good enoug.Lo nees totake reasonable contact or walk for less money.

Posted by: JustaLakerFan | July 27, 2009 at 12:37 PM


I guess you missed the part where over 5 years the MLE keeps going up. The MLE is worth very close to 7 mil over the length of the contract.

In addition as I stated above at 5 years and state tax difference anything less than a 5 year 39 mil deal is a pay cut to stay.

If the Lakers would just do the 4 year 36 mil deal LO could try and sign for the vet min at the age of 34 and would still take a paycut to stay.

Not sure about you but if I were all about the money I would take the most in hand cash not the best per year deal.

Seeing as there aren't any assurances that LO can get $5.5 mil per year at the age of 33 I would expect him to want more than a 3 year 27 mil offer. I know I would. Buss hasn't even offered a better contract, merely more money per year doesn't unseat the extra years.

Posted by: LAfan93 | July 27, 2009 at 01:07 PM

I must have missed your post as my reply was to Wesjoenixon.I did not even see your post. But if you insist I will not haggle over your $ amounts but just point out that your version has the MLE valued at 7 million yearly spread out over 5 years. So what? The Lakers offered 9 million over 4 year cntract and ten million over 3 year contract length. LO still way overpaid. Thanks for your interest.

I'm now more optimistic about LO coming back than I was a couple of days ago. John Ireland knows his Laker business and if he is that confident of it getting done within the next 2 days, that gives me reason for hope. My guess is that it will be something like 4 years, 32 million.

I also agree with the post about Shelden Williams being a solid addition, because the guy rebounds well. That's really all we need in a backup big. We don't need scoring on this team; we need toughness, rebounding, and defense up front. Even if LO comes back, we should sign Williams for 1 million if he will take it. Then you say bye-bye to Sun Yue (they have to decide whether or not to give him a 750K contract), and in essence you are replacing Sun on the roster with Williams.

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