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Lamar Odom and Miami inching closer?

Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Lamar Odom could be close to signing the Miami Heat's long-standing full mid-level exception offer.  While it's important to note that no decision has been made, those in AW's ear hint that a return to South Beach could very well be in the cards.

      Odom has not reached a final decision, the sources said, but there is growing belief he will ultimately return to the Heat unless the Lakers improve their current offer.  “It’s close, but it’s not done,” said one source.

Without question, that language feels like it was floated by members of "Team LO" as a means of applying some (pun intended) heat on Lamar's most recent employers.  Not that Lamar can't possibly be mulling a return to South Beach, but the mere hint of an ultimatum does feel like a shot lobbed across the Lakers' bow.  But it doesn't feel like a direct hit sinking the ship, so for the time being, I'm not abandoning ship when it comes to hopes of Lamar remaining a Laker.

I was, however, a little concerned over the detail there Dr. Buss is lowering his offer (which gibes with LAT predictions upon the resumed talks).  As BK noted in the now iconic "Kitten" post, Doc B.'s pride needs to remain in check as well.  Getting upset that Team LO fielded offers from other teams while failing to return calls over his own is understandable, but there's a bigger picture involved.  Just as it would be silly for Lamar to sacrifice a better winning potential over money that- in the grand scheme of things- shouldn't make a dent in his long-time security, it would be equally silly for Dr. Buss to sacrifice championship potential to remind folks that nobody crosses him.  If it made sense and was fair to (reportedly) offer LO 3/30 or a partially guaranteed 4/36 a couple weeks ago, it makes sense and is fair now. 


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I'm cool with it.

Take off Lamar. I love your game, but your disappearing act has grown weary.

I'd be fine with a Shelden Williams or Hakim Warrick as backup PF. Pau has the familiarity with Warrick, so I think that would lend to some good chemistry.

otis - KG is a power forward
Bynum didn't play in the Finals?
Looked an awful lot like Bynum !
Was he hurt during the playoffs??

apples and oranges

shows you how important LO is to your team
WITH LO, you are feared and respected, without him, you are one and done. Hope you understand the difference.


I agree with that type of find and player that the Lakers can go and get.
It's just a VERY VERY high risk considering
the Spurs have become much stronger, the Celtics have become much stronger, the Orlando Magic are still strong, the Cleveland Cavs are stronger.

The Lakers are taking the route of becoming less strong.
Who cares if Andrew Bynum can't handle Odom taking his minutes.
Earn your playing time!
Bynum is going to make everyone eat their words in 4 yrs.
We will let him walk and if we win no more titles between then and now it will be a crying shame.

"If it made sense and was fair to (reportedly) offer LO 3/30 or a partially guaranteed 4/36 a couple weeks ago, it makes sense and is fair now."

That's a great point AK.

Jerry Buss should put the original offer back on the table. He made his point. He's the owner, nobody messes with him, he has all the power. Now, lighten up and put the original offers back on the table and let Lamar sign it if he wants to.

LakerTom makes a great point as well in saying that Lamar probably doesn't want to play out the rest of his career as a substitute. That's got to be a serious consideration for him.

Can we beat the Celtics without Lamar Odom in a 7 game series? I'm sad to say this, but without Lamar, we are outmatched by the Celtics frontline. We'll have Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol trying to outmatch Perkins, Garnett, and now Rasheed, not even mentioning Big Baby or Leon Powe. On paper, it looks like we would get KILLED in the paint. Shelden Williams will not change that.

Who was the guy that got into Garnett's face last year when he was trying to punk us? Lamar Odom.

We need to be able to matchup with the Celtics frontline. Without Lamar, we will be outmatched. With Lamar, we can equalize their frontcourt toughness, leaving Kobe and Artest to be the difference makers against Allen and Pierce.

If Lamar leaves, the Celtics become the best team on paper, and the team to beat. While the Lakers will have many questions to answer for.

Jerry Buss has the power to change that scenario.

Go Lakers! Sign Lamar!

Sorry Otis, I'd love to respond, but my completely accurate and inoffensive comments were deleted.

If JB can give SV 15 million over his worth it make since to pay LO 10 million what he worth, come on pay the man what u offer the 3year 10 million or the 4 year 36 million.

Shelden Williams? He ugly...besides, Lakers don't DO dookies. UNC allaway bebee!

Lost post...darn.

I was saying that Lamar wants to go. He really wants to leave LA, but why?

Less money, no real shot at a ring. I don't care what Lamar says or how he spins it, he knows 3 years 30 million is more than 5 / 34.


I fell like I'm looking at a UFO fly off with Aunt Patty. I can see the circle where it landed, the hole is still in the cloud where it flew off in hyper speed, but I can't believe it.

I guess it's Bynum/Farmar/Sasha/Morrison time. Those four better step up or were doooooooomed.

And Morrison won't be back unless it's at 1 million per, because if we're not paying Lamar 6 million we're definitely not paying AM anything over the vets min.

I want to see a few things. I want to hear--clearly--from Lamar what the heck he was thinking, and then I want to see close ups of Lamar's and Buss' face when both sides are eliminated from the postseason next year. I want to see those sourpussed, puckered up smiles when they realize what they’ve thrown away.

Sign Warrick and Powe for the vets min each and dump Sun pronto.


This is B! S! If anyone knows anything about BB they know how character makes a team successful. And part of that character is unselfishness... LO realize your immortality as a champion with the Lakers has more future value than following an agent who will vanish, never to be heard of again, after this contract.

wanna bet?

Funny is in it... Everyone is blaming DR. B or LO and even Kobe and MK but how is it this Jeff Schwartz gets off the hook? When it's all said and done this guy is the one who is messing things up. He only cares about himself! He's the one that's @%$#*! it all up for us Lakers.
Who is this guy anyway? He's the on that should be getting all the Heat!

irony?. the 3 marquee FA left r:

odom 10+
boozer 11
lee 10-12

all PF and all want a lot of money in a market where only Turk got 10+ after a good finals run and Miller 7. dallas payed both kidd and marion 8. ,i don't remember any other player getting "lots" of money.

odom and boozer r overrated because they never show up all the time and lee is just good but younger.

there is no market in this economy and future cap predictions

I'd offer Lamar Odom $32 million for four years, all guaranteed.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


These players always say it's never about the money or I wanna be a ________ (team) forever. Truth is, it's always about the money and not for the team nor for the fans. With these guys it's all business... and not personal to the team nor the owner. Who suffers.....the fans.

Jamie Sweet,

>>>Are you talking about Craig Hodges?

Hodges is 49.

More hints.

Played for Duke (most career rebounds and blocks of any
player in Duke history).

Drafted ahead of Brandon Roy and Rudy Gay (among others).


"Odom sacrificed without any issues for the team this yr."

And he was overpaid over $4 million last year.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


make trade sun for lo for amare

I have to go to work soon and I'm freaking out.

This totally sucks.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I agree that 1) it sounds leaked by Lamar's people, and 2) It's a negotiating ploy. When one thinks however that Lamar will cost in the neighborhood of $20-million/yr (appx $10-mill plus matched by luxury tax dollar-for-dollar since the Lakers are over the cap) it is easy to see why the Lakers and Buss are reluctant to pay a 6th man that much.

LO hope you come back, but understand the Lakers thinking if you don't. It would hurt though because if anything it might make a trade amongst some other players more doable...

Plain and Simple...EFF LAMAR ODOM....

The are two things I never want on my team...
a disgrunted player...
a player who doesnt bring it every nite...


Dude, we should just give David Lee a similar contract to what Odom is being offered, the KNICKS wont match and we'll have a reloaded Laker team.

No it wont be the same team, but we'll be good, damn good. We'll play differently.

But maybe more importantly, we'll play MORE CONSISTENTLY since Odom is a guy who inherently forces inconsistency on your team with his up/down play.

Give me David Lee....Eff Lamar Odom. I'm tired of all this.


JB made Lamar an initial offer he knew the market would beat. He doesn't want to spend the money and now he can make L.O look like the bad guy. Sorry. Not buying it. Giving Bynum 12.5 mill mid season killed any chance of keeping the team intact. Now were stuck with another albatross in the middle and no bench. Get ready for Udonis Haslim.

you guys are a joke, you wont even post my comments, pathetic

If this is a game of chicken, it is getting serious. I'm giving the guy the benefit of the doubt. All we here from athletes is "it's not about the money", when we know it is. Maybe LO wants to start, and maybe he wants 5 years, for peace of mind, The lakers can guarantee him neither, so he is thinking of leaving. Don't blame Buss, and I don't blame LO. However, we cannot sign ANY FA's - too far over the cap, and there are no "spare parts" left. Hate to say it, but the only bargaining chip Kupchak has left is Bynum. If LO walks, trade him. And can we please stop on this blog with delusions of trading Farmar, Sasha and Powell for Lee and Robinson?? Gasol deals come along once in a lifetime. If I was a GM in the NBA and Kupchak called me, here's what I would say
"Mitch, if the next words out of your mouth aren't 'Andrew Bynum' I'm hanging up."

Seems pretty clear that staying with the Lakers isn't a priority with Odom. He will if the money is enough better than he can stay elsewhere, but otherwise he is going to leave. Nothing wrong with that, let's just be honest about his motivations. His primary goals are not winning more titles and staying in L.A.

Mike Veshecco -

I think you need a little perspective here. The Lakers JUST won the championship and you're ready to bail because they're unwilling to tie up all their cap space for the next 5 years on a player that, for all the positives he contributes, is a luxury - and an expensive one at that?

If anything, we should be grateful that the Lakers have an owner that is willing to go DEEP into the luxury tax to continuously field a competitive team. Most teams in the league cannot say the same.

Players come and go, but it's the fans that still remain. As a fan for multiple decades, you should know this better than most.

Mike Veshecco, was your post intended as a joke? Who said Artest was (or needed to be) Kobe's equal? Is Lamar? Was Ariza? Do you even watch the Lakers? If so, you might have noticed 5 years totally inconsistent play out of Odom that should temper your belief that he is indispensable.

Of course, if you think a starting lineup of Fisher, Kobe, Artest, Gasol and Bynum is no better than fourth in the western conference, then I think we can all just dismiss your statements as outlandish.


hey Jamie Sweet's answer was kinda funny and we all need answer was Matt Barnes, but he's already taken....I dig a guy who is willing to do whatever he's told to do, play physical, hit the midrange shot, and I don't think he makes many mental mistakes....but he's to who is left and who you are alluding to, I have no clue....
more clues or let us know....time is short...and according to Buss, so is money...according to LO, who knows, I can't recall a head injury to him that has caused him to think like he does....maybe he doesn't like working under pressure....working under the pressure of Kobe's presence...if so sign of insecurity, because you are your own man, and you play for your team, not against your insecurities, he played pretty well, yes he was well paid (not our fault that he got a fat contract)...but what he's been offered in my opinion is more than fair, and what he's heading to is a 5 year vacation.


"It makes sense to pay 10 million a year for something you can get for 6 million? You do realize the most any team is willing to pay the inconsistent, unfocused, bench player lamar odom is the MLE right? That's why the teams with cap space passed on him. So how does it make sense to pay millions over market value? Dumb. I guess that's why you guys are running a blog full of fanatics and wrote a book on fishing."

You completely missed my point. I'm not saying that 10 mil is the "correct price" for Lamar. I'm saying that if Dr. Buss was willing to pay it before, he shouldn't lower the price simply because he's mad at Odom over unreturned phone calls or a perceived "lack of respect." That would be very short sighted on Buss' part, because if Lamar walks, there's virtually nobody out there to replace him that's even remotely comparable AND within their price range. Remember, the Lakers used up the MLE on Artest and the BAE on Shannon Brown. Thus, they have about 1.2 mil left with the veteran's minimum. Save MAYBE Joe Smith (and it's not even certain he'd be affordable), who is out there close to on par with Lamar's skill set for that little money? Nobody, in estimation.

Also, until Bynum shows he can play an entire season without getting hurt, Lamar would actually be the team's starting PF. He's also high quality insurance in case Pau gets hurt. For this team, he's much more than simply a bench player. Does that mean he's truly "worth" ten mil? Not necessarily, but something close to that amount, without question, especially given the Lakers' specific situation and lack of options beyond him.


Lets just say LO does leave and go to MIA I must say this off season is a mixed bag for me and has to be looked upon as a failure for the Lakers front office. The Lakers have made some good decisions in the past but also some really bad ones. I dont care that we added Artest. If we come into next season without Odom (Ariza to Houston) and Sheld Williams as backup we are in trouble the spurs got real deep real quick.


Why do you continue to lay all of this at Buss' feet?

Aren't negotiations a two way street?

Your posts are borderline frantic.


The Lakers can't make an offer on David Lee. No cap space.


From Owen:;

"otis - KG is a power forward
Bynum didn't play in the Finals?
Looked an awful lot like Bynum !
Was he hurt during the playoffs??"

To Owen;

Where in my post were any of these quotes?

Got under your skin, did I?

Go to Kellys, have yourself a lobster roll, and do try to regain consciousness.

Why does everyone expect Kobe to pay the bill for Lamar? He already carries the team in every way and sells more tickets than anyone else? Just because he's been smarter with his investments and played his heart out (unlike L.O.) doesn't mean he has to pay the salaries as well.

One thing I don't quite understand is this, "Lamar come back home" rant. Lamar has a house out there yes, but he live's in LA. He's lived in LA for 9 out of the past 10 years. His businesses and home are in LA. He'll be back. If not then oh well. Go take less money, on a mediocre team, without a chance of winning a championship within the next 3 or 4 years. All that over a potential dynasty with the possibility to win 3 or 4 more championships not to mention more money.

Like I said, let's start a new blog....

AK you are right, there is no one out there with LO's skillset for that little money, and I'll add to that, signed or unsigned, LO's skillset at times is very unique and valuble, his lack of mental focus was overlooked by the increasing success of the team. LO is one of those rare players that can play 4 positions (for the LA Triangle)...there probably are not more than 5 players even signed that could come close....when he goes to miami to play with spiderman wade (google it) for 1 year and future psycho Beasly....LO will just be sipping Mojitos as he enjoys the lack of having to excel. Let him go. Let's start new blogs on players who want to play for this team. LO is history. The End.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....huh? Oh, sorry, drifted off there.

...and anyone who thinks that he was not a starter and that was a big deal and is a big deal in terms of value, you're an idiot....LO played multiple positions and usually was in the game at the end which happens to be when the game matters. Too many uninformed people chirping in. Do your research before you blurg......

"Also, until Bynum shows he can play an entire season without getting hurt, Lamar would actually be the team's starting PF."

AK, are you serious? Bynum was the team's starting center for every game that we was healthy (less a couple of games right after he was activated post-injury). In each game that Bynum starts (e.g., all of them, when healthy) Pau is the starting PF and Lamar comes off the bench.

Lamar is a reserve power forward for the Lakers unless Bynum is hurt. Andrew need not prove that he can play a whole season before LO gets relegated to the bench.

I agree with you that the front office should not refrain from making an offer today out of emotion; but they should refrain from making the same ridiculously overpriced offer that LO was foolish enough to walk away from.

A player's value is set by the market and the ONLY OFFER that Odom has gotten is for $34 million over 5 years. $30 over 3 years was a ridiculous bid that should never be made again. Quite frankly, LO said he'd stay in Los Angeles for less. The absolute most the Lakers should offer is the same deal the Heat offered.

Andrew Bernard,

We're actually saying the same thing, just phrasing it differently. Obviously, as long as Bynum is healthy, he and Pau start every game, with Lamar coming off the bench. But unfortunately, since Andrew has yet to go an entire season of extensive minutes without getting hurt, you can't simply bank on 75-82 game season. That was my point.

Plus, I just think when you factor in the players from this team carrying the importance of a starter, Lamar is firmly in that equation. He was clearly a bigger factor in getting a championship last season than Bynum (or really, anybody other than Kobe or Pau). Does that mean he'll maintain that importance in the future? Not necessarily, but again, Bynum remains such a wild card, even if you believe in him as a player (as I do) that for the time being, I think LO has to be treated with the importance he currently holds.


Unfortunately I think even though it might be best for both sides (Lakers ownership and player) to have LO return, it might not happen. Why? Trust and mental state. Not sure Buss can truly trust and count on Lamar playing hard for the rest of his contract every night.

I am not saying that is necessarily right to think that way and maybe Lamar would bring it playing for $50 bucks each night. However when you are spending what Buss is going to be spending...doubt is a hard thing to be paying for as well. And yeah of course there are no sure things...except effort should be a sure thing if not performance. I just think the doubt is a part of what has happened because of the way this played out. Pretty sad all around.

>>>So it looks like Shelden Williams is our backup plan


Shelden Williams - 6'9" PF - 25 years old

All time career leader in rebounds and blocks for Duke.

Two time NCAA defensive player of the year.

Associated Press First Team All American: 2006

John R. Wooden First Team All American: 2006

Third player in NCAA history to score 1500 points, grab
1000 rebounds, block 350 shots, and pick up 150 steals.

Underutilized and underperformed in the NBA with Atlanta,
Sacramento, and Minnesota (much like Ariza with New York
and Orlando and Shannon Brown with Cleveland, Chicago,
and Charlotte).

And very importantly: Probably would LOVE to take the
veteran's minimum for a season to play with the champs
and boost his mojo for next year's free agent season.

I forgot to mention that Williams isn't quite as good as Lamar,
but he is much better than Josh Powell.

And as a secondary backup plan (assuming Lamar turns traitor),
I'd consider making an offer to Leon Powe.

He just had [shoulder?] surgery so he'll be out for most of the
year, so Boston hasn't bothered to make an offer to him, assuming
that if he recovers, they can pick him up mid season. Give him
guaranteed money now. I bet he'd take it. And wouldn't it be
sweet irony to bring him in as a backup PF in our crushing victories
over the Celtics in the finals?


Well then...


Sign and trades are available right?

The Lakers should then sign and trade Odom to the Knicks.

he's from New York.

He'll get paid.

He'll get to start.

And the lakers will have a young big to grow in the system.

Float that to Odom's agent! Send Odom home!



>>> If Lamar leaves, the Celtics become the best team on paper, and the
>>> team to beat. While the Lakers will have many questions to answer for.

Good post, Rocky. You made some excellent points. I have 2 comments:

First, I would actually be happy to see the Lakers NOT be the heavy favorite. It might be better motivationally for them to have a little chip on their shoulder and play with attitude. I would like to see Drew pissed that teams don’t see how much better we will be if he is healthy. And I would like to see Ron, whom I would prefer in any kind of real battle over Lamar, also eager to show opponents how tough the Lakers will be with him over Trevor.

I am convinced that we will still be the team to beat without Lamar and much better than last year. That’s not where we will really miss Lamar. The problem is if Drew or Pau get injured for an extended period of time. That is the $54M question. And even though my mind tells me the Lakers would be better off not overpaying for Lamar as insurance, my heart keeps looking for the news that the Lakers have re-signed Lamar. Tough call.



It is time for the Lakers to move on and add a solid addition to the bench that is no LO. Ron Artest is a HUGE upgrade from Ariza, and with a consistent backup we will be just fine. LO is obviously content with 1 ring and is looking for a long term contract, because he knows he will be worthless at 33. Lakers are smart enough to know it is too risky to tie up money on LO who has been declining ever since he last left Miami. LO is a slacker who is in consistent, and did not begin to shine until he was a 4th option on offense. He has declined from a productive started to a great utility man. Remember LO is still in consistent and that will never change about him, and there are plenty of back ups that can and will fill his void. Lakers ultimately will do just fine without LO to the shock of a lot of people, and will still content for another ring next year.


I have a proposal:

If LO is willing to take the Heat's offer just because it is for 5 years, the Lakers should match Heat's offer plus about 5% to make up the difference in tax benefits
for FLorida.
The Heat's offer is for the Full MLE which is as follows:

2009-10 $5,854,000
2010-11 $6,322,320
2011-12 $6,790,640
2012-13 $7,258,960
2013-14 $7,727,280

Total: $33,953,200

An equivalent offer from the Lakers means multiply everything by about 1.05 since the home games in Florida will not be taxed at the california rate of about 10%. So about half the games will not be taxed so it averages out to about a 5% overall difference per year:

2009-10 $6,146,700
2010-11 $6,638,436
2011-12 $7,130,172
2012-13 $7,621,908
2013-14 $8,113,644

Total: $35,650,860

Now, you can offer this in reverse also, so that the amount of money LO makes in the future goes down so his trade value stays high:

2009-10 $8,113,644
2010-11 $7,621,908
2011-12 $7,130,172
2012-13 $6,638,436*
2013-14 $6,146,700*

Total: $35,650,860
*Player option
To really make it look good, make the last two years a player option, so if LO think he can make more, he can opt out.

This way everybody wins! Lakers were already willing to give L0 30 mil over 3 years. The above contract means you basically get LO for 2 extra years at about 2.6 mil per year.
Isn't LO worth 35.6 mill for five years which means an average of about 7.1 miilion per year?

If Buss matches miami's offer, it will be less thn his previous offer. 5 years for $35M. $7M per year. What is LO waiting for? That is what is worth in today marketplace. LO did not take $30 for 3 and $36 for 4 years. His price just came down. Next subject :>))

Well, we've learned a couple of things about LO during the past couple of weeks.

First, he is a flat-out liar. What happened to "taking less money" to stay on the team? Seems like a distant memory now. His true colors have shown - winning championships and staying in LA mean very little to him.

Second, he is insecure about his skills. If he were confident about where his abilities are gonna be in a couple of years, what difference does 1 guaranteed year make in a contract? Wouldn't you want the chance to make more money down the road?

Even if LO were to return to the Lakers, I expect him to be roundly booed in his first game, just as Kobe was booed after the summer of '07. Except Kobe's tirade against our front office was all about winning. LO's complaints against our front office are about...wait, what are they about?

I would not blame Dr. Buss one bit if LO walks away to Miami. He offered LO a more than generous offer under the circumstances, only to have LO talk to other teams about playing for their mid-level.

I can't believe Doc is lowering our offer to LO, wow.

It's been explained already how Miami has a lot to offer Lamar that we can't, aside from the money, and LO starring in the East could earn him one more contract down the road, especially if he takes a player option for the last two seasons, whereas he'll be a bench player for us playing less and less minutes, and earning less and less credit.

Just see how little credit he gets for this past season, when we were actually losing per 100 possessions without him on the floor, in the regular season AND in the playoffs, but were winning by 16-18 points with LO on the floor. That's impact, and the team apparently doesn't want to recognize it, or feels that Artest can have a similar impact, even though he's not a power forward.

We're going to be an excellent team no matter what, and if Drew stays healthy, definitely contenders, but with LO we're on the cusp of dynasty. How many times can you chase that?

LO sacrificed in his contract year for us, and now we're playing games with him. As a Lakers fan, it's pissing me off, because if I were evaluate it neutrally, I'd tell LO to go to Miami, where they really, really want him, where he'd start, where he's star, and where he's have a decent chance of fulfilling a goal he's missed to date - being an all-star.

Ultimately, would LO be happy being 5th banana on our team, receiving little credit, but continuing to likely earn rings? That's the question we need to answer, and some of that answer is going to be finding more creative ways to get LO on the floor at a position other than the 4, where his minutes are going to steadily decrease over time, if we can convince him to return.

Negotiating is all about understanding the other party, their goals — stated and unstated — and their options.

All we can hope for is that Buss' tactics are based on information that the likes of us don't have — not just his love of playing the game and grinding his opponent.

If Odom walks, Buss loses. Everybody loses.

We're just a very good team without Odom, not championship material. Our bench will destroy our chances for repeating.


I don't actually think LO would want to play for the Knicks, and the sign and trade can't happen without his consent. Plus, if the Knicks aren't willing to give Lee a 9-10 mil contract, I doubt they'd be willing to it to Odom.


Miami will be getting one heck of a deal in signing LO to the mid-level. It would be as good of a bargain as us signing Ron for the mid-level.

Granted, signing LO won't make Miami a serious contender in the East, but it would be a huge step in the right direction for them. If Miami can add a star free agent next summer, I see them joining the ranks of Boston, Cleveland, and Orlando as the top contenders in the East.

I also see LO flourishing in Miami's more open-court style, which is well-suited to his strengths. He had good chemistry with D-Wade the last time they played together, and I don't see that changing this time around.

Critical Beatdown,

>>> Ultimately, would LO be happy being 5th banana on our team, receiving little credit,
>>> but continuing to likely earn rings? That's the question we need to answer, and
>>> some of that answer is going to be finding more creative ways to get LO on the
>>> floor at a position other than the 4, where his minutes are going to steadily decrease
>>> over time, if we can convince him to return.

Excellent point. Part of why I felt Lamar’s minutes were going to be a big problem is that Phil never gives him time at any spot other than 4. If Lamar would play another 10 MPG backing up Ron at small forward, he would probably justify the $54M and play enough minutes to be happy. But is Phil going to ever do that? Even after Lamar showed he could shoot a high percentage from beyond the arc, he never got minutes at small forward or point guard, spots that he “supposedly” can play. Just not with Phil. There obviously are matchups that don’t favor Lamar but also many that do. Phil could really make better use of Lamar and if he signs, your point that he needs to is dead on.


LTLF - Shelden's a good defensive presence - do you think he has the tools to be an offensive force in the league? Has he just not fit into previous systems? And does it really even matter if he doesn't score a lot? I know the Lakers worked him out recently.... any word on the reaction? Can out K-Bros dig a little?

If I am correct.....isnt Shelden Williams the husband of Candace Parker, who happens to play for the LA Sparks, and which means that they ALREADY live in LA? Seems like a good fit too me. Its not LO, but i will take it. It would be good for Candace's daughter to have both mommy and daddy working in LA.

Will someone get LO's agent out of the way..., seriously.

If LO does not see the light with the Lakers, I don't care if he doesn't come back, let him go.

He's got everything in L.A., everything! His agent ( and others) always trying to make their commissions off of the artists, performers, athletes.

Like so many Laker players of the past, and those coming up from the draft., the Lakers are the Dream Dynasty. Lamar Odom is proven himself worthy to stay, but not to command!..

That being said, there is no better overall offer.., what is he thinking? or not!

Question: why is every LO advocate so much more supportive of giving LO a big contract this year than they were last year? Seems to me that winning a championship has caused folks to view LO differently than had the Lakers suffered an injury to Kobe in game 7 of the 2nd round and lost. That outcome was not too far fetched, and had it occurred, there is simply no way that people would be clamoring for Jerry Buss to tie his hands financially for the next four (or more!) years by greatly overpaying LO. You don't change your whole financial decision making merely because you won a title.

LO was never worth the kind of money he now seeks. His last contract was a joke and he got the benefit of it. If LO is worth more than the mid-level, why didn't Portland step up with a bigger offer? Why didn't Toronto? Why doesn't some team offer a sign and trade? Nobody in the league thinks that LO is worth more than the mid-level. Why do so many Lakersblog people seem to think so?

If Oberto hasn't already signed with Washington, I'd put the full-court press on to try to sign him. He has the big body and the decent skills to be a really good fit for our team as the backup PF/C.

Leon Powe would also be an interesting option if he shows that he's fully recovered from his injury. He has the kind of toughness and grit that would be a valuable asset off the bench. Like Josh Powell, he's an undersized 4, but he can make up for it with his hustle. Above all, he'll be on a mission to prove that Boston made a huge mistake in letting him go.

Otherwise, there aren't many good options to replace LO. But you know, having a Big Four isn't all that bad - two guaranteed All-Stars, one borderline All-Star, and one center who by all means should be an All-Star this year. You don't think that's good enough to win a championship?

EJK, if by "flourishing" you mean playing with inconsistency and averaging about 15 points a game as a totally inadequate #2 option for D. Wade, then I certainly agree with you.

THE CANDYMAN SONG (extended version)

WARNING: do not stare in a mirror and sing this song 3 times

Who can look so super
And then look so dumb
Who can smoke an eighth
before he's half awake?

The candyman, the candyman can

Who can brick a lay-up
2 feet from the goal
Pass it out of bounds
with only seconds to go

The candyman, the candyman can
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To make his world feel good

The Candyman makes all of those mistakes
So laughable and ridiclous
Talk about you B-ball basics
And don’t forget the free-throw misses

Who can take less money
And go to a losing team
Who can balk at playing
For a Championship team

The Candyman, The Candyman can
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In a LO to the Knicks scenario I think it might pique his interest.

(Note, I dont think that has ever been brought up to him).

Why would the Knicks want Odom over David Lee? The Knicks have salivating over old guys in Grant Hill and Kidd already.

Conceivably, if they get LO that is a interesting pitch to get LeBron.

Also, LO (as every player is) would be "god-send" to DAntoni's system and LO's #s would spike up, thus allowing him to get that final big contract.

He'd be in a perfect free-wheely system in New York.

I dont think its that Odom wouldnt go to New York, I just think that possibility has never been broached here (that the right word?)...

Anyway, that would mean LA and ODOM agreeing on something which as we've seen is not the easiest thing...

BUT AT LEAST THAT CAN BE BLOG FODDER FOR YOU?: If you had to sign/trade LO, where would be the best locations and for what player?


I believe its time to turn the page on the LO saga. let him walk and good riddens. I suggest we make another move that will put us back in the drivers seat as the #1 contender in the NBA. I suggest we go ahead and move Bynum while his value is high. We package him with Farmar and the expiring contract of Ammo and in return we get Josh Smith & Al Horford this deal works on the trade machine and it would provide us with a great back up at center/PF with Horford. this would also be one of the best defensive lineups in the game with a starting five of Gasol,Smith,Artest,Kobe,Fisher. with a bench of Horford, Powell, Walton, Sasha, Brown & Mbenga. The Hawks would probably consider it because they would get a potential star in Bynum with a decent back up point gaurd in Farmar and an expiring contract in Ammo. if we needed to throw in a 1st round pick so be it.

JB actually offering less than the offer he pulled? Totally surprised as it seems obvious that it wouldn't stand a chance. I must really be missing something in all this... like JB has decided he doesn't want LO back... I don't buy that offering less is JB doing something 'emotional', that isn't wat the big boys wit da huge stacks of skril do, yo.

I blamed Jerry Buss for letting Trevor Ariza leave, and now he is letting LO leave as well. Jerry Buss is an alcoholic owner, getting DUI's, gambling, and womanizing.... He doesn't have the passion for basketball he once had during the 80's, 90's, and the Kobe/Shack era. He didn't show up for Game 5 in Orlando when the Lakers clinched, didn't show up for the parade, and now he's not showing up to support a team that has won a World Championship, and keep the chemistry in tact. Without LO, the Lakers are not going to win the West, let alone another Championship and there are going to be a lot of hearts broken... I have been a Laker fan since the 70's, and it is sad that we are actually witnessing the demise of a senile Jerry Buss, right before our eyes folks. Dr. Jerry Buss, you need a Doctor... Pay that man his money!

All this love for LO has pushed me over the top. No question LO's a versatile player, capable of just about anything on the court, but please, give me a break. After saying "he'd play for less in LA," but then turning down a ridiculously high offer of 3yr/30M, time to shut the door on LO. Even more significant, if LO does come back, he'll be bitter. Thanks for the ring LO, but time for you to get on a plane to South Beach, and it's time for management to go get Oberto or Powe (someone posted those names earlier ... good idea). People seem to be putting too much stock in LO, and not enough in Kobe or Pau, where the credit is due; I really do like LO, but at the end of the day, he's simply another role player.... Yes, Bynum is way too injury prone to count on -- and I don't -- but that's why the Lakers now need to go and sign someone else. (And just because that "someone else" is difficult to identify, doesn't mean you strap yourself into another long-term liability aka Sasha V. - what a joke/mistake that was.)

I dont think its that Odom wouldnt go to New York, I just think that possibility has never been broached here (that the right word?)...

Korey: If "here" means in the press or to Odom himself, I kind of agree but if by "here" you mean the blog , you must have taken a few days off. I brought it up as have many others.

I don't think it would happen ( a sign and trade for
David Lee) but I think it would be great for us if the Knicks are that stupid. On the other hand I haven't seen Lee play all that much, so maybe he has more flaws in his game than I have seen. I just like his hustle, rebounding and toughness.

If LO goes, Kobe is not far behind

New York has no interest in Odom. Donnie Walsh is running the team now, not Isiah. Knicks want Lee back anyway. He's younger, cheaper, and a harder worker.

This has gone on way toooo long.

Dr Buss is playing his cards like a game of poker. He put a nice pot out in front of Lamar and got nothing, nada, not a flinch, not even a phone call.

Lamar and his agent haven't got a clue. Instead of joining Dr Buss in a game of poker, they have rolled the dice on a game of craps. They truly are beginners in a game of high stakes. Maybe JS told Lamar the "Less is More" and he believed it. I don't understand this game that is being played, it makes no sense.

Lamar talk to that snake-eyed agent of yours. Ask him where the smart money lies. Its not in Mia., it's here in L.A. where you are loved by many fans. Don't be fooled by someone that should be looking out for you best interest instead of his own. I can't believe L.O. is gonna make the wrong decision.

I would rather have hakim warrick than shelden williams...warrick is alot closer to being LO than shelden and filling that versatility role....of course hes not LO but as close as it gets at this poing in FA.

Am i crazy for wanting to booooo LO if he signs with the heat the day he returns to staples and gets his ring....

i want to boo him for lying and being plain stupid...

again thats if he sign with the Heat

If someone in 2006 before Game 6 of first round playoffs, Lakers vs Suns (game where if Kwame got a rebound, they'd go on against clippers and most likely WCF) came up to Kobe Bryant and told him:

Your sidekick is Pau Gasol and your 3rd wheel is Ron Artest. You know what he'd say? LET'S GET IT ON.

Pau Gasol alone with Kobe Bryant is a force to be reckoned with. All you ppl complaining and begging Buss to bring back Odom for ridiculous money are SPOILED AND GREEDY. The team as it is, has more than enough to be a contender. Everyone on here is so set on having a monopoly on talent like the Yankees, it's sickening. You have the best player and closer in Kobe, a 7 foot second option that needs double teams, and a elite small forward who weighs 260 can shut down ppl, score 20 ppg, and is unstoppable when posting up...what exactly is the point wanting back a player who has never lived up to his potential in 10 years and takes numerous games off? If you shipped off Bynum for a Kirk Hinrich and a 10 rpg forward, thatd be downright scary.

Posted by: Critical Beatdown | July 26, 2009 at 03:28 PM


Great post.

Let's go LO, take the 3 years, and go win 3 rings. The playoff money and endorsement-boost you'll get in LA will more than make up the $4mm gap (not to mention a 4th year you can sign for later)

let's wrap this up this week

To "LA Championships 09" -- II respectfully disagree. I do not think it is appropriate to link Kobe staying to the signing of LO.

Kobe's not going anywhere -- this is his team, his town, and he needs two more rings to pass Magic -- that will be very hard to do. The fact LO doesn't want to be a (big) part of this -- so he can make less somewhere else -- underscores why it's not that big a deal if he leaves.

Reading: "Odom to Miami? Don’t bet on it - Lakers blog -" (

Excellent point. Part of why I felt Lamar’s minutes were going to be a big problem is that Phil never gives him time at any spot other than 4. If Lamar would play another 10 MPG backing up Ron at small forward, he would probably justify the $54M and play enough minutes to be happy. But is Phil going to ever do that? Even after Lamar showed he could shoot a high percentage from beyond the arc, he never got minutes at small forward or point guard, spots that he “supposedly” can play. Just not with Phil. There obviously are matchups that don’t favor Lamar but also many that do. Phil could really make better use of Lamar and if he signs, your point that he needs to is dead on.


Posted by: LakerTom | July 26, 2009 at 03:55 PM

I disagree. Phil has put Lamar where he has to be. Not strong enough mentally to be a leader or ever a 2nd option, he's devastating off the bench. He always ends matches on the floor (unlike Bynum). He's the Lakers' X factor, and was critical defensively and crashing the boards, not to mention the mismatch chaos he creates offensively. His improvements in his outside game were just the icing on the cake, I'll buy him credit but I'd rather count on other dudes' perimeter shot (not that his wouldn't be appreciated, I repeat. but I mean, you know Sasha shot 45% 2 seasons ago and look at him now..).
And I really wouldn't feel comfortable with him playing PG or SF. not at all.
The point remains the same: if he leaves, with a team like that, he's just plain dumb. And he probably doesn't even figure out that in a situation like this, about 27 out of 30 teams wouldn't even CONSIDER offering him all that money, or money AT ALL. dammit, it's altready 10-something million dollars over the lux tax. but doc Buss is about winning, and this team is a contender, and he wants to keep him. so, if Lamar chooses money over glory, thanks but no thanks, he can go get his ass kicked by the Cavs in six.


I guess you don't mind taking a year off from winning championships and letting our Championship meal ticket get 1 yr older (KOBE BRYANT) and then try to win one again.
Makes no sense whatsoever.

Sign Odom and let's ball.


YOu're right man,
Why go get Warrick and then get his bird rights to pay him next summer when we can get ODOM and a championship now.

If we felt like he was worth the 4 for 36 last wk, give it to him this wk.

This is silly.

ODOM... Oooo...... Dooon't... Ooooooo2.... Miami...

I love the NBA. Only in the NBA can you hold your boss ransom for more money than you're worth (and still possibly gete it) and make the CEO, VP and chairmen of the board (Buss, Mitch, Kobe and Fish) practically beg you to come back to work for them. If any of us pulled this mess at our jobs, we'd have got the boot right from the start. $10 mil a season to do something you genuinely love to do and would probably do even if it wasn't your job. Geez. Where amazing happens indeed.

it ain't a great feeling when u overpay for anything ... but if you must then better to overpay for the bmw than the volkswagen ... with the former u still end up with a great product albeit an overpriced one

next question is would u rather overpay for a bmw or get a volkswagen at fair market value ... again if u trying to get the prettiest girl on the block then better to get a lil screwed and cop the bmw

With Odom, we're a much better team ... the initial offer might have been above market value but that's the price we pay for trying to solidify our dynasty hopes even more

I've said it over and over again that we can win a championship without Odom and I most certainly do believe that. But if Buss can afford Odom @ 3/30mil as reportedly offered initially, then he should please do the deal. I'm hearing that SA signed unto Ratliff, Mc Dyce ... etc ... not saying that makes them better than us but it definately makes them stronger ... let's load of now ... if we can't afford the talent we stockpile, then it will be up to the GM to come up with creative ways to unload the contracts we have

I'd like to have Odom back ... he's got this fan's support



for all of you JB haters remember we just one a championship and he was willing to pay an underacheiving LO good $$$ in fact more than his market value. It is LO and his camp that are playing a very risky game. LO is going to end up in Miami with less talent and probably less $$$. Dont blame Buss for LO and his ingratefull ways. The Lakers will come out the better for this I truthully believe that.

When I heard we were talking to Sheldon Williams, I honestly thought it was a feel good story that the Lakers were trying to get Shelden Williams near his wife Candace Parker of the Sparks.


Hakim Warrick would be a much better idea but neither comes close to Odom.
Shelden Williams is not as good as Josh Powell.

Mitch, Dr. Buss, I think 4 yrs 36M with player option on3rd will be a better offer. OR 3yrs 30M which has been offered before. That is take it or leave it deal.

If LO wants an MLE 34M w/Heat that's his loss not the Lakers.

Guys, don't make a big deal about LO after a long wait. He is using you, guys and gals to negotiate with his contract. As I have told before all your perceptions and imagination that LO holds the key similar to Trevor for Championship. NOPE. It is still a team game and the team with the best defense wins the game. I think we have the personnel of 8 deep to do the job, Kobe, Pau. Bynum, Artest, Fisher, Shannon, Walton, Farmar. Sasha and Morrison will be gravies and if their shots go in we will really be deep. Josh & Mbenga and Sheldon could do some defense and rebounds, perhaps Lakers will miss LO for the first 3 months but in succeeding months, someone will fill up that void. Again, we have a good team already, Lamar's contract will just add more burden to the luxury taxes, I can't believe JB is willing to pay LO 10M for '09 which means 20M when luxury taxes get into play. Nobody is indispensable, Lakers should learn how to play without LO, without Ariza, don't live in the past, appreciate the present and if each player work as a team, the future will be in good hands.

Whatever happens happen. don't allow LO use you all as part of negotiation to pressure the front office.

Lamar doesn't use common sense.....and I think that Bynum's trade value would not net us what we could eventually (and I am going to die in the realm of "eventually") develop him into....Let's get off the topic of LO forever....if he returns just announce when he enters the game...Bynum went to the Ferrari factory...hmmmm..maybe he has a little Italian Stallion influence from Kobe (who I don't believe owns a Ferrari, but sticks to Lambo's, hey, if you can afford the maintenance buy it....I think Bynum would look really cool in an Aston Martin DB-S (the Bond car/$300K), he talks more like a Brit as, you really know these guys are making so much money if none of them consider Porsche. Afterall everyone in west LA and areas such as South Pasadena and San Marino has one...hell, their kids have them....I wonder how the Smushcalade is rolling nowadays...
....Wonder if Kobe still rides his motorcycle anymore, which was probably a Ducati anymore....probably not, those were the days of defiance....If he doesn't I'll buy it and pay premium to have him sign it.....Then I'd mount it on my wall as "art", which is relatively cheap considering, the price of lithographs and paintings......look I'm trying to stay off the LO subject, and I don't think David Lee is all that, can he play 4 positions?????....

It goes on and on. The selfishness of today's atheletes. So why doesn't Kobe step up and cut his salary by $2m per year so that Odom can be resigned. It just doesn't happen. Kobe wouldn't miss the money. As Artest said "If you can't live on $30m, you can't live." These guys are all selfish.

This blog debate has been going on for a solid month now... with countless pages of commentary. The root cause of course is Lamar himelf, not his agent, not Jerry Buss, not his teammates who have encouraged him to get it done and certainly not Lakers fans.

When you scroll through past posts, something becomes very evident. The early part of July brought almost unanimous support and love for L.O.. As time dragged on, there began to be a shift, as more and more bloggers grew weary. Still, through all of it, there has been a noticable lack of malice and in fact, a fair amount of respect and understanding. And, even now, there are still staunch supporters who would pay any price to keep this guy in a Laker uniform.

Over the years, many of us have worried about Lamar's inconsistency and have praised his successes. We've been patient with his slow progress in the triangle. We've felt empathy for his personal losses. We've acknowledged how far he's come and his importance to the team.

So yes, he's a guy we would want... if he wants us. But, there's a point at which we have to look at some really obvious signs. Indecision means something. This isn't about the contract at this point. Seriously. I spent a lot of years as a negotiator, sports contracts aren't all that complicated. They really aren't.

If Lamar wants to be a Lakers, all he has to do is say so. It's far past the point where one can credibly say that the numbers are hard to understand or accept. The argument that it's about comparitive roles on two teams is easier to understand but that's STILL a decision that should have been made by now.

Players love to have the ball in their hands for the final shot. We all know that a game can be won in .04. Lamar has been standing on the perimeter, dribbling the ball now for a month. As all his teammates stand and watch. Draw whatever conclusions you want.

dave m

We lost our SPEED in ARIZA and now we lose our LENGTH in ODOM.


The negatives of not re-signing Lamar Odom

1. Our bench will be much weaker and an area for the contending teams to attack easily, plus it will force heavy minutes onto Pau, Drew, Kobe, and Artest (who has his share of injuries).

2. Boston’s frontline would boast KG, Wallace, Perkins, Big Baby vs Drew, Pau, Powell, MBenga.

3. The Lakers would have less LENGTH overall to attack the Cleveland’s and Orlando’s whom we clearly we better than this yr because of Lamar Odom. Neither team could attack us with matchup issues that we could not handle.

4. It is harder to find a 6 foot 10 skilled Lamar Odom than it is to find guards and swing men. There would be no replacement of similar skill on the horizon at all. The Lakers do not have the resources to put their hands on another Odom.

5. The Lakers are not in position or setup to be players in the 2010 or 2011 free agent classes. The Lakers also will have trouble finding trade partners after the Pau Gasol heist.

6. The 54 million that has been publicized as Odom’s cost will not give the Lakers and us the fans ONE iota of salary cap space to make any moves. It gives us no more flexibility or nothing. It just saves the Buss family money.

7. The Lakers current model is not setup for the Lakers to do any impact roster additions over the next couple of years other than add a mid level exception player from time to time.

8.It appears that the Lakers will not win the 2010 Championship but will sign a mid level helper in summer 2010 and win the 2011 Championship hopefully.

9. The worse part of this is that we had Ariza and Odom and now we just have Artest. We had a full house and now we have a core 2 (Kobe and Pau) and 2 wildcards (Artest and Bynum). We were almost 80s Lakers type deep at the end of the playoffs, not that good by no stretch of the imagination but almost that deep with producers.

10. Why didn’t the Lakers have a plan to move Odom this summer or just sign Ariza for 5 yrs – 38 million and sign Artest. I’d have taken that. Ron-Ron can play some 4. We lost our speed in Ariza and now we lose length in Lamar.

Positives for letting Lamar Odom go

1. Odom does not seem to be fired up about being a Laker.

2. Odom clearly might not be any better than what we have seen from him considering his questionable motivation/focus at times without a Kobe/Phil presence leaning on him and he could decline.

3. The Lakers have the best basketball organization in sports, great scouts, a great experienced GM, and the premier place to play basketball in the world which is with the Lakers at Staples Center.

4. Jerry Buss’s ownership resume overall is great and an A. He's not perfect but who is. We got out of the summer 2007 hole so I gotta be thankful.

5. Mitch Kupchak will work his tail off along with the scouts to find the next Trevor Ariza/Shannon Brown type of find.

6. I’m a Laker lifer so I’m going to root my tail off regardless of who we have. Plus I said I would not be greedy if granted the 2009 Championship but it’s hard to see a great team dismantled a little bit.

I haven't seen anyone talking about the REAL issue here.

Plain and Simple - its Andrew Bynum.

Odom is really just a very expensive insurance policy - and one we may or may not need. IF Bynum turns out to be as good as Laker Tom thinks and IF he stays healthy and can give us 35-40 solid minutes a game we can probably do this without Lamar. Assuming Pau stays healthy as well, we still have arguably the best 4-5 combination in the league.

But those are BIG IFs. If Bynum isn't all that some think he can be (and the jury is still out) or if he can't sustain it more than 25-30 minutes a game or if he goes down with yet another injury, we are SOL. Lamar is needed now so that just in case one of the above happens we are still contenders for a ring.

Given that, perhaps we should give him 12 mil on a 1 year deal and if it turns out Bynum is all that and a bag of chips we can let Odom go next year when lots of teams have big cap space. And if Bynum falters or proves to be a bust, we can then resign Lamar for even more dough.

How 'bout that??

Is Shelden Williams willing to play for the minimum? Is that all he can get? Hopefully so, because he is the only hope to replace L.O. at this point. Warrick doesn't need to sign for the minimum. While I hate to see L.O. go, I actually think Williams could do quite well as a Laker. And I don't think the Lakers (or Buss) can be criticized for this. 3 years - $30M or 4 years - $36M (with $33M guaranteed) is more than reasonable. If he wants to take the Miami MLE, so be it. Obviously, he has other reasons to go back to Miami. He has a home there. He likes it there. They want him more (that's what he would say). He will play more minutes and put up bigger numbers. In any case, I think we have to get used to life without him. It's time for Williams, or more likely, Josh Powell to step up; along with bigger roles for (and better play from) Morrison and Vujcacic, Walton, and Farmar. They managed to win a championship with that entire bench squad underachieving this year. I think the Lakers will be right there again with our without L.O. Plus, they will have the benefit of not being the favorites.


that was the offer BEFORE LAMAR SHOPPED THE MARKET if anything buss probably overpriced him earlier and he knows it too.. lamar agent thought lamar was more than that original offer and that was the risk he took. he played the market and lost... it would make no business sense to put the same offer and overpay above his true worth... THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF TESTING THE would foolish for buss to overpay above market... he's also risking his reputation and owuld lose some face.... what kind of message would that send to all agents if buss puts the same offer on the table?

my guess is he offered maybe 1-2 MIL less than the original.. maybe 3 years guaranteed between 25-28MIL and probably withdrew the 4th year guaranteed...odom is probably having a hard time deciding between lakers and miami offer but in the end in all likelyhood should still take the lakers offer cause its still for more.

Get rid of this guy or should I say bum. Let him go to MIA., where he can go back to being Missing In Action, like he was for us for years. He is NOT a starter and MIA will find that out soon enough.

i heard kobe already committed to the 2010 international games? is that true AK? please tell me it aint so... dont understand why he would... he got nothing else to prove and that would mean no rest and more mleage for kobe next summer.

Hey DaTruth, make sure that you go to work tomorrow and save your employeer some money by working for less while your co workers make more, okay. You sound like an idiot.

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