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Lamar Odom and Miami inching closer?

Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Lamar Odom could be close to signing the Miami Heat's long-standing full mid-level exception offer.  While it's important to note that no decision has been made, those in AW's ear hint that a return to South Beach could very well be in the cards.

      Odom has not reached a final decision, the sources said, but there is growing belief he will ultimately return to the Heat unless the Lakers improve their current offer.  “It’s close, but it’s not done,” said one source.

Without question, that language feels like it was floated by members of "Team LO" as a means of applying some (pun intended) heat on Lamar's most recent employers.  Not that Lamar can't possibly be mulling a return to South Beach, but the mere hint of an ultimatum does feel like a shot lobbed across the Lakers' bow.  But it doesn't feel like a direct hit sinking the ship, so for the time being, I'm not abandoning ship when it comes to hopes of Lamar remaining a Laker.

I was, however, a little concerned over the detail there Dr. Buss is lowering his offer (which gibes with LAT predictions upon the resumed talks).  As BK noted in the now iconic "Kitten" post, Doc B.'s pride needs to remain in check as well.  Getting upset that Team LO fielded offers from other teams while failing to return calls over his own is understandable, but there's a bigger picture involved.  Just as it would be silly for Lamar to sacrifice a better winning potential over money that- in the grand scheme of things- shouldn't make a dent in his long-time security, it would be equally silly for Dr. Buss to sacrifice championship potential to remind folks that nobody crosses him.  If it made sense and was fair to (reportedly) offer LO 3/30 or a partially guaranteed 4/36 a couple weeks ago, it makes sense and is fair now. 


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the report sounds like it was "leaked" by lamar and his agent.

especially this part of the yahoo article

Odom has not reached a final decision, the sources said, but there is growing belief he will ultimately return to the Heat unless the Lakers improve their current offer.

During the season, I wondered if the Lakers were going to offer LO a contract. They did, he balked, and now I am starting to think that the FO and ownership may rather save the money. It will be left up to LO to take it or not. No more negotiations at this point. The Lakers are done.


hey, here's a fire? Hey I've got some gasoline! Cool!

nah, I'm still betting (non monetary, taking all comers, come on, guys) that LO will be back, for roughly 8-9M/3-5 yrs.

and drat, it happened again. Everybody who really wants to get their full measure of phred for today, scroll down to the bottom of the last thread, especially AK, BK, and Jon K.

It's not pride so much, IMO, as it is the fact that the market has changed significantly. LO is not worth as much as he was, relative to the market, three weeks ago. But the Lakers will still have to pay the luxury tax for him.

How about the K Bros start a fund. If 1 million Laker fans send in $5 each Odem should stay. I'll be first

This is frustrating. It is frustrating to be a Flakers fan right now. We should be enjoying a nice return to glory but instead are nervous that we will be losing another important component for our team. Ariza's agent was grenade one. And the consolation prize of Artest...please. I'm not a fan of this guy. Being a Laker requires a degree of comportment and pride of which I have yet to see from Ron-I-Detest. Get it done, Jerry Buss!

In other news:
-San Antonio just signed Theo Ratliff.

The Spurs are leading the Arms Race so far this summer. IMO
-Richard Jefferson
- Antonio McDyess
-DeJuan Blair



""If the reports are true and the Lakers DID offer 3yrs/30 million, with a team option to make it 4yrs/36 million and LO turned it down…
Posted by: LG | July 25, 2009 at 04:41 PM

They aren’t. Your post, like two or three million posts over the last couple of weeks, that are almost identical, have no point. But, whaddya gonna do."

Yikes, some one needs to calm down a little bit. Chill...
You know for a fact that those reports aren't true? Wow you must be really close to the situation. Jeez, I said 'if' I don't know if that really happened and neither do you. Try calming down a little bit, it'll do wonders for your health.

Unless the Lakers are now offering less than their original offer (which is a possibility) LO taking MLE money doesn't make sense to me.

Who knows.


don't do it, Lamar. unless you're fine with getting your ass kicked by the Cavs/Greens/Magic.

Darn, well everyone has been worried about how much money Odom gets and how much luxury tax Buss pays.
The Laker Nation loses out if we don't pay what's necessary to keep Odom because we lose our edge and advantage over the league. You can't expect Kobe to turn the clock back and who the heck knows when Bynum is going to play a consistent 100 games which is what it takes to be a CHAMPION.

We need to quit fooling around.
We have 4 more yrs of Bynum and we might as well get 4 more of ODOM at the same time.

Bynum's agent is crazy so he will leave in 4 yrs because we're not paying him the max unless he shows health stability and all star play.

A dynasty lost in a SUMMER.


I (wishfully) think that this is all just a strategic leak by Odom's camp to get the deal he wants from Buss.


He's going, going, gone! unless Kobe turns the heat up on Mitch and the Doc.

i could understand a player leave for more money.

but for less? to a weaker team? lamar and trevor are making me sick, just go and close the door in the way out.

The celtics just added Wallace. Cavaliers added Shaq! We lost Trevor, now Lamar? Doctor something?

Just too bad. The goal in the off-season was to sign either Ariza or Odom. With the Artest signing, who is slightly more skilled than Ariza, the Lakers accomplished their goal. However, with the Spurs, Blazers, and Mavs strengthening their respective benches, the Lakers have fallen short this off-season.

Losing our starting SF and top bench player after wining a ring would be like losing Worthy and Cooper after the 1988 championship.

I love this move. Good move Lear.



Lamar’s unwillingness to agree to 3-years and $54 and the Lakers’ reluctance to offer more are primarily a reflection of the concerns on both sides about the amount and quality of playing time that Lamar Odom would get if he returns to the Lakers.

- - - - -

From Lamar’s side, he may prefer to go to Miami where he would be able to start and probably be the Heat’s #2 option after Dwayne Wade than to return to the Lakers bench where he might end up getting low 20’s in playing time and sitting at game’s end. Be a starter and #2 option and play 40 MPG in Miami or come off the bench as the 5th wheel to play 25 MPG in Los Angeles. If you were a real player, which would you chose?

While Lamar was willing to go to the bench to help the team, he is now facing a decision as to whether he wants to spend the rest of his career as a substitute, a tough decision for a proud and talented player like Lamar. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that with Drew, Pau, and Ron, Lamar’s potential minutes, touches, and importance to the team are going to diminish. I would think the haters would see this.

- - - - -

From the Lakers’ side, the team may prefer to gamble that Andrew Bynum will remain healthy and take advantage of the additional minutes and touches afforded by Odom’s departure to become a real Beast and make the Lakers an even more formidable team. If Drew can stay healthy and return to his pre-injury form, then chances are that it will be him playing 35 to 40 MPG and Lamar playing 17 to 20 MPG.

Will Lamar be happy with such a reduced role? Yes, he won a championship but he was also a key player who had a major contribution to winning that championship. Odds are that future Laker championships would more likely feature starters Bynum or Artest as major contributors rather than Lamar, who would really be slotted to a supporting rather than starring role on the team. And $54M is an awful lot to pay for that.

- - - - -

So before you condemn Lamar Odom for being a selfish, ungrateful, greedy player, put yourselves in his shoes. This move is more about Lamar coming to terms with his legacy and how he wants to be remembered when his career is over. And before you chastise Jerry Buss for being too stubborn or cheap, put yourselves in his shoes. $54M for player who may only play 20 minutes per game would push your payroll to $40M greater than the next closest team due to the luxury taxes. Do you want to hamper the team financially for the next 3 years knowing you need to get help at point guard and knowing the team should be still be strong enough to win it all if Bynum stays healthy?

No slam dunks here for either side. Just tough decisions.



I am someone who likes to think of the the backup plan?? What is it?

Carlos Boozer (dream, not enough money)
David Lee (we would have to extremely overpay)
Josh Powell (yikes)

Guaranteed by Thursday we will know I'm sick of odoms need for attention when he signs with whoever he knows he will be left alone for the most part so he's just soaking it all up w alollipop

I do not see J Buss giving in to Odom.

Fine. Lakers and Jerry Buss will celebrate it's 16th NBA Championship come June 2010 and LO will be in vacation somehere.

It sums things up LO has always been known for laid back and Lakers are aggresively chasing the best in the league.

They are not a match made in heaven.

Buss, don't be so hard headed. Why would you want to break up a championship team out of stubborn pride!

I'm not worried as a laker fan. Why would odom call buss himself if he already had in mind to go to the heat?? Exactly

Nooo, LO7 should come back with the lakeShow come October. Oh man!

You mean "shot lobbed across the Lakers' bow," not bough. Your copydesk editors should have caught this. It's a maritime expression referring to the practice of shooting a harmless cannonball over a ship's bow as a warning to desist whatever the ship is doing.

WOOO LO COME BACK HOME TO THE MIA! WE NEED YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!

Going to Miami vs having 3 rings under your belt. Unbelievable!!! Not very Lakermanship?

Oh come on. Both LO and Buss overpriced LO's worth in TODAY's market. LO because he sacrificed (6th man status), Buss because he's rewarding loyalty. Buss realized it first. By not accepting the offer LO gave Buss an out. Best LO can get is the MLE, so he pulls out the offer and makes a new one just higher than the MLE. Makes a lot of business sense. LO still believing he's worth more pouts and just for spite considers the Heat offer. If he accepts the Miami offer that goes beyond pouting and reaches idiocy level.

Love to have LO back but he ain't gonna win playing Poker with the old Doc. By saying no, Buss already saved 20M a year for the next 3 years. Since the most he can pay for a replacement is 1M that's a next profit of 19M. Even without LO Lakers stand a good chance ot repeating especially if LakerTom's Bynum ever shows up. Works at well for Doc B.

LO sign already! Don't do an Ariza.

Totally agree AK;

Though I just wish I could be as assured of L.O.'s return with Buss now spiteful lowering of his offer this way to try and punish Lamar for his prior perceived snub.

For heavens sake!! Why can't Buss just shelve the "you diss'ed me" crap attitude and simply put the original offer back up on the table or maybe sweeten it slightly with more guaranteed money on the fourth year, like maybe ~$5 million instead of three, or some other and get Odom signed and go about business of winning more titles.

Sheessh, hate when adults behave like children this way

Remember Buss as the scriptures say "Pride is before a crash and a haughty spirit before a stumbling"--Proverbs 16:18


You have it right. If Buss makes the same offer or offers as before one would hope that Lamar would be wise not foolish.


I wore my odom jersey today with the flags still waving proudly....I got a lot of concerned fans asking me the latest and all I could inform them on was the contract issue. More years over more money,that's what it comes down to. An elder was furious at luke's contract as well as sasha's long term relationship with the lake show. Although I'm not upset at the signing of these two future all stars (I say that with sarcasm) I'm a bit frustrated at the offer made to Lo.

I don't reply as much as I did during the houston and magic series but I frequent this site at least 5 times a day,this has put a pause on laker fans scoping out next season match ups. This has been drawed out like a five show season finale......what excites me is the regular season starts in less than 4 months,what saddens me is odom. Sign or leave,we need to look into the future,not wait around while you contemplate on where will you play,better yet if you would be playing in five years.

Hello there, Lakers family,

I've just returned from a tropical trip to the great land of Hinano beer. What a glorious adventure.

I was hopeful that the Lakers would've signed LO by the time I got back, but it hasn't happened. A return to Miami? To wallow in 4th/5th place for the next three years? Come on, LO.

Go Lake Show!

Jerry Buss is about to look like if not already the DUMBEST OWNER IN ALL OF SPORTS!!!

How in the world are you expecting to win a championship when you continue to do the stupid things you do. You can't be too much of a GENIUS when it comes to playing cards. And who cares about him winning a poker tourney DECADES's all in the way the cards fall.

And in this case HE HAS ALL THE CARDS and is about to blow it big time. I can't understand why you can't just PAY Lamar 5/42. If anything YOU CAN ALWAYS TRADE IF HE DOESN'T PERFORM!!!

What is so hard about that? EVERY TEAM CONTENDING IS LOADING UP, yet Jerry Buss IS UNLOADING and thinking "SCRAPS" are gonna get him another trophy.

You really have to ask yourself as an owner....Do you really want to go through a season after winning a championship just to see someone else hoist the trophy because your own EGO was too dumb to PAY A QUALITY PLAYER in hopes of more repeats?

IF you don't wanna pay Lamar OR LISTEN TO Kobe when he CLEARLY is asking you to do the same, I hope he doesn't sign an extension until he knows what 'SCRAP' backup you sign.

STOP BEING STUPID, you ain't gonna find a free-agent in the next 3 years WORTH that kind of money....STOP FOOLING YOURSELF.

Jerry Buss should pull out his offer again. Lo looks at Miami and calls J Buss again. Jerry says 1 yr 9 mil.. that's it buddy.

Is LO so Odumb he is negotiating back and forth to give the Lakers a chance to see how much worth LO is out there which is 6 mil.

I would think his agent already told him to take the original offer of 30/3 or 36/4 in this current market in the first offer.. This is all on Odom! Jeff's advice is not likey what happened.

Even if Odom signs now, how bad do you think he will play if he is so disappointed the way this deal went thru. Wosrt than we've seen him play in the last five years. Yikes!!!

When he was making all the money, he can't be consistent, now he thinks he is underpaid, what kind of Odom will show up?

This is over. Let LO walk.

If LO does not resign with the Lakers then I think DR. Buss needs to stop being involved with contracts. How many championships with he throw away because of his ego. First Shaq now LO. Dr. Buss please stop talking to the players and just keep banging your 20 year olds. It time for you to step down no matter what Lamar does now.

Tell Buss and Odom they can both go shove it up their rears. For Odom it's because he's a fool if he leaves, and for Buss because it's not about's about the fans, and he's blowing it.


If Lamar Odom bolts for the tax-free beaches and starting role offered by the Miami Heat, it will in put the onus and responsibility directly on Andrew Bynum to stay healthy and take advantage of the minutes and touches afforded by Lamar’s departure to become the dominating All-Star center to whom the Lakers agreed to pay $12.5M. By letting Lamar walk, the Lakers would be going all in on Andrew Bynum. With a healthy Bynum and the addition of Ron Artest, I think the Lakers will be a better team than last year and win it all again. And if Bynum becomes a beast, Odom won’t be missed.

But the Lakers are taking a big gamble by letting Lamar walk that neither Drew nor Pau are going to suffer an extended injury over the next three years. And all you have to do is look at the last two years to see how important Lamar Odom has been to this team and what a big risk Jerry Buss and the Lakers are accepting by hoping that Bynum as well as Gasol can remain injury free. Though Bynum’s injuries were freak accidents, it is doubtful that the Lakers without Odom could survive a major frontcourt injury and still win the NBA championship as they did last year. Without Lamar, Drew or Pau getting injured for an extended time during the next 3 years could likely cost us a championship.

That’s the real $54M gamble. Will Bynum and Gasol stay healthy. If they do, Jerry wins $54M. If they don’t, he loses a championship or two. That is still a winning hand.


I am a big time fan of ..Mr,Odom..I would love to see him back with the Lakers. Dose anybody relize how much
36 million IS ? I big is his family? It's very hard for the reg worker to even think about 1 million in a life time. I just can't feel real bad for him..I think if I was Dr.Buss. I would say. ODOM! this is the deal. take it..or don't let the door hit you on the way out. I mean Please!
I'm sure everybody is sick of this Crap...get it on...I would
really think that almost a million per Month. Could get you by.?

LO has been overpaid last few years, he has been taking alot, now it is time to give by accepting the Lakers fair offer(s). In the event he leaves, whoever replaces him and Artest scoring averages should be more than make up for his absence. It is not the end of the world, the way some of these posts read last couple weeks, they made it like w/o LO the Lakers had little chance of winning another championship; if that was the case why only one championship since LO been here?

Hope you enjoy yourself in Miami Lamar. I will shed a tear for you when the Heat get booted out of the first round of the playoffs. You shoulda stayed with us.

It reminds me of 2008 when Rob Pelinka (Sasha's agent) rejected the Lakers offer of 3yr/$12M offer and threatened that Sasha was ready to sign a contract to play in Europe. Kupchak blinked and Sasha got his nice 3yr/$15M contract.

Thank you for the good times and the many bad.....

Lets move forward please...Thank you once again...

enjoy getting crushed by the beasts out east.....

i have two very convincing words for lamar odom:


Where are we now?

Lakers off the table but offering less than MLE @ what numbers?

Heat giving LO 34M for 5 years with player option on 3rd yr. If you average w/o taxes in consideration, it will be 6.8M per annum.

Previous offers Lakers at 30M for 3yrs and/or 36M for 4 yrs team option on 4th year w/ guarantee of $3M only. If LO turns out good and better he pockets 36M with possible extension, if he does not pan out, then he cut off by 4th year or traded on the 3rd year presumably.

Dr. Buss, now we are talking of peanuts to beat the Miami deal. The show cards are open, the Heat could not add more except the state taxes privileges, why not forgive and forget what has been said, done by our young impulsive agents and player full of chocolate in his head. GIVE HIM $36M 4 YRS. AND CHANGE THE TEAM OPTION INTO A PLAYER OPTION ON THE 3RD YEAR. In this deal, Lamar averages a annual pay of 9M with the option of getting more on the 3rd year with the other team if he's really that good. If not, he receives 9M yearly substituting Drew and consuming more chocolates till 2013.

That's checkmate move and guaranteed withdrawal by Riley.


This is like a long, drawn-out breakup. Just when it seems there's reconciliation, the worst happens.

For me, after all this, if Lamar ends up leaving I'm not going to feel like I did when we lost Trevor. (That was a shock.) I like LO as a person, I have deep respect for all he's gone through in his life, I think he's incredibly talented...and I won't care much for him anymore. I know it's not fair to say this, but it would feel like betrayal to me.

From now on, the players I will respect the most are the ones that admit the bottom line is about the money.

"if it made sense and was fair". It didn't and it wasn't. 11 points and 8 boards is simply not worth 18 miliion dollars a year including taxes. Have fun losing in the first round LO.

Intellectually, the whole free agent question is ridiculous. Why should any normal person be taking sides between one millionaire over another? None of these numbers mean anything. The only issue is ego:

LO knows he's a more versatile player than Bynum, and has consistently made a bigger contribution to the team, so all he can see is Bynum's outrageously inflated contract and thinks he should be valued more.

Buss made a good offer and is upset that Odom keeps playing games long after the free agent market has dried up, so now he has to put LO in his place.

Kobe makes no effort to reduce his insane contract to make sure that his teammate stays in L.A. (unlike Garnett, and other superstars that have made a gesture to show that team comes first).

The Lakers could have a run that rivals the 80's, and yet we are looking at the possibility of losing an important piece of the championship puzzle.

Regardless of what the other powers in the league do, the old Pogo saying still applies: "we have met the enemy and he is us."

I don't see it happening. Very few other services are picking this up. I agree it is the L.O. camp applying pressure.

Meh. I don't disagree with what Buss did in lowering the offer. IMO, Odom and Buss is back at square one. Odom and his team did a great job to have the initial offer of allegedly $7 million upped to $9 million or $10 million. That is a win in itself, yet he doesn't sign. There is no market except for the MLE. I think Odom and his team overplayed their hand when they didn't sign when they Lakers upped their offer. That's an error on their part.

Buss not putting the same offer back on the table is the right thing to do. Odom and his team have much work to do to get that offer back on the table. They screwed the negotiations; not Buss.

Sounds like a silly game of chicken between LO and D-Buss. Get over your own hurt feelings guys, you are both cutting off your noses to spite your faces. come to your senses and do the right thing and compete for NBA championship next year - BOTH OF YOU

i guess that's some news.....

Dr Buss will be making a HUGE mistake if he does not up his offer a little and get Odom to re-sign. Losing Odom will kill any chance the Lakers have of repeating. C'mon Jerry - stop quibbling over what for you is pocket change and GET ODOM SIGNED.

bummerr :(

This could just be a tactic to get Buss to improve his offer,
but there is virtually ZERO chance of that happening in my eyes...It would be a blow to Buss' massive ego to go back and put one of the original offers back on the table.
It's sounds to me like Lamar really doesn't mind just signing with Miami. Sure he would like to be a Laker but he ain't going to lose too much sleep over it, you know?

If it could get any worse, most of the FA veteran Forwards/Centers have been scooped up by the rest of the field and there's next to nothing left to grab to fill Lamar's void.

It would be cool (fantasy) if the Lakez could steal David Lee away from the Knicks.
He plays PF and C, bout 6'10", great rebounder/hustle guy, good finisher round the rim, etc. He would be a nice bench piece to bring in. But he's probably asking too much money.


Lamar Odom would be very stupid to go back to Miami. Dude, you just won a championship with the Lakers. Plus, you will make more money here in Los Angeles than in Miami. Most importantly, you have a chance to be part of a dynasty here in LA than a team like the Heat that will not make it out of the first round. If this is true, LO would be known liar because he said that he would play for less money. I just hope that he would make the decision of winning and his legacy instead of being stupid.

GK Hoppe,

Thanks for the pick up. Appreciate it.



It is pride.
This is summer of 2007 hogwash. We won it all. Pay Odom and let's keep winning.
We have a chance for a dynasty.
This isn't a card game Jerry Buss. It's time to push your chips across the table and go for the win.

No NBA player of Lamar Odom's stature will re-sign somewhere he is not feeling wanted. Odom will feel slighted and go to Miami.
We need to put the offer back on the table or increase it slightly more.
We will get the money back later plus Luke Walton can be traded when he gets down to 2 yrs left on the horrible deal we gave him. Sasha can be moved or come off the books also.

How could Buss let a potential dyansty and a chance to beat up the Boston Celtics go by without putting your best foot forward.

If Odom doesn;t return to LA it means one thing to me: Odom doens;t have the energy or will to play for a championship contending team. he is content to play on a team with a few good pieces that ultimately has no shot to go deep. That way he can; spend more time being "well received" at the clubs.

The Lakers should have kept both Odom and Ariza AND signed Artest or another top free agent. The Lakers competitors are adding pieces, not subtracting them. As long as the Lakers can make a profit, we should be looking to add, not subtract.

Like many of the fans here, this is just getting ridiculous. If it doesn't happen in the next couple of days, move on to Plan B. Hopefully Mitch has got us covered already with some backups. Although, not much is left.

The avarage american family income is $63,000.00 a year
It cost a family of 4 about a $1000.00 to see a laker game at staple center. Of all of the people who posted comments to this article how many of you go to live games?What is my point? While I enjoy watching the lakers on cable(pay) Tv. life goes on and if lamar goes, or does not go to Miami or if the lakers repeat or do not repeat life goes on. Athletes have priced the average fan out of the game.

Unless the Lakers have a plan for a decent replacement, I think Buss is crazy to let Lamar walk. I think Andrew Bynum needs two years to be able to be a stud in the playoffs, two prime years of Kobe down the drain.
I believe w/o Lamar or a decent replacement (I have no idea who it could be) I don't think they will win the west (San Antonio will be favored).

Kobe, we need you to step in and be the GM for a day once again.
BLOW UP KOBE, it's time. Fly in from China and set the record straight or send a quote to El Segundo via ESPN. Where's BUCHER??

It's time to get ODOM and get him back RIGHT NOW.
This is foolishness. Heck, we wasted money on Sasha and Luke so that's where the luxury tax waste is at. You pay your WEAPONS.
ODOM is a weapon. He smooths out the lockerroom karma.
He can fill in for Bynum if he goes down.
News flash Laker fans, Gasol always had knick knack injuries in Memphis which caused him to miss games.
Gasol also has played as much basketball as Kobe over the last 2 yrs plus he is doing more Spain ball this summer.
Odom is the ultimate utility infielder and insurance policy.
What else are we going to need over the next 4 yrs. Let's spend the money now or it makes letting Ariza go look silly because we taking a big risk.

C'mon, Kobe save the day one more time!

The goal was to sign them both not one of them, that's why we're in trouble now.
The Spurs, Celtics and others are not fooling around.
We're fooling around.
Kobe, blow up and save the day again like summer 2007. It's time to light a fire under the organization once again!!!

Let's see, he's totally inconsistent, he comes off the bench, he averages fewer than 12 points a game even though he started half of the year and he turned down a deal to stay with the Lakers that would have guaranteed him $10 million more than what Miami was offering over the next 3 years. This, after apparently lying to the team, his teammates and the fans by saying all year long that he'd take less money to play in LA.

The loss of his talent will hurt (a little) but will certainly not be fatal. All the examples of other teams "reloading" involve the addition of bench players (aside from Cleveland adding an over the hill Shaq). The Lakers, by contrast, will have a starting lineup next year that is radically better than last year's. This, more than anything else, explains why Buss is not going to pay LO what LO thinks he deserves. And I completely agree with the front office on this one.

At this point this thing is over... Even if he comes back I would have buyers remorse..

I think you would seriously have to wonder which LO would be showing up for the next 3 years...

We'll re-load at the trading deadline, or next summer.

Have to say I'll even be rooting for the Celtics over the Heat, and whoever else the Heat play... Thanks for the memories

LTLF- in response to your response from the last thread, go back and read my post again, and try to actually respond to it. Then I'll discuss, and maybe we can get some other people to chime in, as it's actually a relatively fresh topic. Of course, compared to LOCO, what isn't?

Buss won't budge from his current offer...too much arrogance & pride. Too bad...Lakers need an insurance policy for Bynum.

I think LO will go to the Heat for the chance to make more money towards the end of his career and the fact he will start and have a lot more playing time in Miami .

You all know Boston's starting 5 and with Rasheed, Eddie House, Big Baby and Marquis Daniels they go nine deep.

San Antonio will be reinvigorated and probably healthy and will be a major threat.

Now look at the Lakers. Kobe, Artest, Pau and Bynum - assuming he realizes 80+% of his potential. 1-4 the Lakers look great. But from Fish on down (remember how he struggled for months before the finals) the talent level falls off a cliff. The last 8 players the team would all be competing for roster spots 10-12 on the Celtics. Not one of them would crack their 9 man rotation.

Dr. Buss is playing poker alright, only its not with Lamar, its with Boston & San Antonio. And it appears he is ready to fold, walk away with his money and concede the 2010 season to them.

Lincoln Laker,

>>> Sounds like a silly game of chicken between LO and D-Buss

Or like a couple ready to get married who suddenly realize that maybe this isn’t the best arrangement for either. Lamar thinking he is going to be tied down to being the 5th wheel off the bench. Jerry worrying that $54M might be too much to pay for an Andrew Bynum extended warranty. Otherwise, why not split the difference and settle right now?



You're wrong man. If you right, I say you right.
But you wrong, we don't have CAP ROOM anyway for going to get a point guard.

We could wait till next summer and use the MLE on a guard to add but we waste a PRIME KOBE BRYANT yr and a chance to win another Championship now.

Gambling on Bynum is truly gambling with his injury history. Sure if he's right he can do it but that IF is nothing to bank on.

Also, as I've said, Gasol was not as healthy a player as Lamar Odom always is before he came to Los Angeles.
Gasol is playing lots of international ball and many minutes in Los Angeles.
Odom could cover any big man injuries that occur.

You can find point guards all across the nation every single yr.
You can not find 6 foot 10 ALBETROS armed smooth dribbling athletic basketball players when you want to.
We need to keep this weapon named Lamar Odom at all costs.
Buss is not in the poor house. He can basically do any marketing thing he wants to make more money. Heck I bought 350 dollars worth of t-shirts and bull crap after we won. The lakers are hot and money making is an after thought economy or not.

This is America's team!

Thanks for lying to us Jerry Buss, you sold two high draft picks for millions to keep Lamar here and hes gone, Bet Ron Artest starts acting stupid after this..Lkaers will be also rans now.

suppose Wade gets hurt? nothing quite like being the star on a last place team


Garnett never took less money.
That's not true.
He has taken all that his market value warrants.
See his extension once he signed with Boston.

Time for this team to stop celebrating and see what the opposition did to get better while we sit and look stupid..Suggestions, Zach Randolph is in Memphis now, our bench losing Ariza and now Lamar is weak.

I'd love to see a LO for David Lee sign and trade but I doubt Buss wants to tie up any more money.

I am depressed that Odom would leave. Sucky business.
But the lakers could sign Stromile Swift for pennies and likely get half of Lamars numbers...a good year by Artest and a better year by Bynum and another title. Odom is an awesome player but not worth this BS....only Kobe is.


You got it right man.
ANTE up Dr. Buss. This is what it costs to own the Lakers.
C'mon, it's not unwisely spent money like something foolish that Steinbrenner or Daniel Snyder of the Redskins might do.

This equals a championship!

The Lakers need a marketing upgrade, there is more money to be made on the Lakers brand which would make nonsense like this nothing to worry about.

This is crazy. The Lakers need Odom more than he needs the Lakers.
The guy could be happy in Miami. This isn't about winning. This is about what these tall basketball players are, they are sensitive cats that feel slighted if they don't feel the love.
Odom is already humbled that NO TEAM WITH CAP SPACE reached out to him.
So now he is ready to sign the Lakers offer.
What's the big deal?

All I can say is you're not going to find another 6 foot 10 giraffe lengthed played that can dribble, run, play smoothly with athleticism, not a stiff , no where when you want to. It's hard to find LAMAR ODOM's.
He is a weapon that Kobe and Phil know how to use most importantly. He fits here.

Kobe Bryant calls Buss: "I'll not sign an extension and will opt out at the end of the year to explore free agency if we do not sign Lamar Odom"

How hard it that.

It's strictly business, nothing personal. Dr. Buss is Micheal Corleone and LO is Fredo, so take him out on the lake and put him out of our misery. Tell him we'll match any offer the Heat makes, and leak this to the press and see how much more time Miami wants to spend being played by Odom.

He can have the MLE, or more for a one-year deal, but if he demands more than that then swing a sign-and-trade with the Knicks for David Lee. If he'd seriously consider Miami then why wouldn't he agree to go back home to a team dedicated to rebuilding itself into a contender for more money?

If the Lakers offer the same deal as Miami then LO would make more staying here with a championship team and the associated endorsement potential. The same contract in LA and Miami provides a better value in LA. Odom never had a high basketball IQ but surely his agent can do the math for him.

He's bluffing and the Lakers hold all the cards. We don't need Odom to repeat. It would be nice but it's not necessary. If he wants another ring and all that goes with it then the door's still open. Otherwise he's just going to break our hearts again, like every time he dogged it and lost his focus on the court. "I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart, you broke my heart!"

Let's cut through all of this emotional claptrap and get something done, one way or the other.

We are sick of this Odumb thing, " we cannot win without him " ? There is no such thing in this world that we cannot achieve someting without someone . Last year without Bynum as a factor, we still won. Let this dumb head go, even he stays and resigns, will he play wholeheartedly and 100% dedicatedly ? I don't think so. And it's not fair to Ron Artest too , he comes to LA assuming LO stays , should the Lakers allow RA to think again and let him choose whether to stay or go somewhere else. If I were JB , Iwould not even pay Odumb a penny to stay in LA. Stop the negotiation and let's move on. I will still enjoy watching the Lakers games without Odumb, if he stays he will be a cancer to this team , I'll boo him in every game he plays wearing a Lakers jersey.

Zack Randolph or David Lee off our bench would be nice, unless Dr Buss is trying to save money again..Then we Boycott.

I've seen a number of folks here "jump ship" on LO for weeks, and I've always thought to myself, "Damn, those people are all going to look real stupid when this gets settled and LO is back in the fold," but right now I'm about one more proverbial shot over the bough from rounding up the kids for evacuation detail.

LO has been my favorite player for years, and I happen to think that he deserves better than the $30M deal that was revoked and later reduced, but the AW article is only going to push Dr. Buss even further to the brink of wishing LO well.

Schwartz is to blame for this one, but Dr. Buss hasn't exactly been playing nice either by reducing the offer. Ultimately, LO may walk out the same way Ariza left, and I'm going to have to blame Dr. Buss as the common denominator.

on the other thread i just throw in Archie Shepp as a power forward. i wanted to see if it resonates on this blog.

and now i just found one of his compositions from the 60?! called Money Blues and it fits the LO case

Dr Buss makes huge mistakes? I think not.

I just got home, opened a frosty cold beer and caught up on some posts. I love it, reading contrary opinions about this and that from bloggers that I respect so much. it's like hanging out at a favorite neighborhood bar with friends.

I think somebody should do a book about Lamar Odom, using the the perspective of this year's free agency negotiations as a unifying thread and tying it in to his career and life on whole, from prep school to candygate and all stops in between.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that this guy and his agent WON'T fully understand the financial ramifications of any deal that he ultimately signs. We may agree or not agree with his decisions, but rest assured that he's giving it lots of thought.

Also, I find it curious that so many media types believe that the Lakers don't have a viable Plan B. This mindset is predicated purely on economic factorss (bi-annual minimum exception, etc.). It doesn't take into account any possible trades, the reality that there ARE players out there who accept whatever we have to offer or my own favorite scenario, streching Luke Walton on a rack and injecting him with steroids.

Whatever happens, it will be alright. We got a guy named Kobe Bryant playing for us. His hunger grows every year, no matter what.

The problem with a game of chicken is that if it is all bluff and you lose, then you are left with nothing.

The FO has been semi-publicly auditioning back-up 4s (Sean May, Sheldon Williams), but their hearts are not really in it. Everyone can see that, so this comes across as half-hearted attempts to bluff the opponent. If they are truly interested in ratcheting up the pressure on LO's camp -- so that they will returbn to the table at the lower offer -- they have to engage in a better ploy; they have to come up with a feasible trade (at least on the surface) that involves Ammo's expiring contract. I understand that you all continually state that this is not attractive to most teams, but there ARE teams where bottom line matters (reference the Griz on the Pau deal). That contract is about all that the team has, unless it is willing to part with an actual attractive part.

The main point is that the FO is bluffing but everyone knows they have nothing else in hand. That gambit simply won't work.

Without a Plan B -- if they lose the LO "sweepstakes" (such as they aren't), they are in dire risk of coming close to the brass ring, but falling short. And that will certainly leave an empty taste in the mouths of fans, and real pain to the owner who will have spent so much yet not gotten the return he desires.

The more you guys say how valuable Odumb is in order to win a Championship , the more money and years Odumb will ask for. Stop all these , let him go, I said it a lot of times before , even he stays he'll show up in every game like a crap, he'll be a cancer to this team, WE CAN'T WIN WITH ODUMB IN OUR TEAM , get rid of him is our very 1st priority, JB please don't sign Odumb.

LG- who was talking to you? Nah, i'm kidding. Ask anybody, I mock those I respect. Sorry for picking out your comment. And now, I'm going to do what you recommended, and relax. I shall think more, and talk less, which might please some and disapoint others, but let all follow who will.



Wasnt that money we got selling our first and second round pick supposed to be for Lamar, how does a loser like Bynum get so much money. Kupchack is celebrating too much this off season, while other teams stock up. Suggestion, tell the team how we feel, cheated. Lakers are history unless we make a big pick up.

>>>Losing our starting SF and top bench player after wining
>>> a ring would be like losing Worthy and Cooper after the
>>> 1988 championship.

Except for 3 things.

1. Ariza isn't half as good a player as Worthy was.

2. Lamar isn't as good as Cooper was.

3. Ariza got replaced by a better player.

So to edit your analogy, it would be like losing Worthy but
signing Larry Bird for the MLE and losing Cooper.

Jerry Buss - shooting himself in the face to spite his face since the summer of '05

>>>I am someone who likes to think of the the backup plan??
>>>What is it?

Some possibilities:

Hakim Warrick
Drew Gooden
Joe Smith

I tell you, if I was Jerry Buss right now, I'd make offers to
Drew Gooden and Hakim Warrick and tell Lamar to stuff it.

Here's the offer that might work:

5 years at the minimum, with player options each year.

That way Gooden &/or Warrick could opt out again next summer
to play the market when there's a lot more money flowing. But
if they happen to get injured, they still have something like
6 to 8 million guaranteed. And SOME players might value the
chance to contribute to a championship team. Lamar clearly
doesn't care about championships.

LO is better than Lee -- proven, knows the system, has multiple skills. And Lee can only be had in a sign and trade for Odom -- unless it was a sign and trade the other way and the Knicks liked what the Lakers offered (which is hard to fathom).

But I actually could see a scenario where Buss cuts off the nose to spite the face -- just b/c things have grown so acrimonious (at least in his mind). He might simply say: "%#@& Lamar. Let's roll the dice without him, with a new guy."

Because I think that JB likes to THINK that he is looking down the road and he THINKS this sends the "don't &$#@ w/ me!" message to the players and agents.

On a parallel track: I think that the Spurs have a very bruising line-up at this point (but with the requisite speed and shooting to do real damage). The Lakers might just need a muscular presence (as opposed to pure length). So, if they could work the magic and get all the ducks lined up, then they might go for Lee. That makes a certain sense.

Still, that is a real long-shot. (Not to mention that Lee's money demands are even more over-the-top, delusionally unrealistic than Lamar's). But why not substitute one delusional guy for another? That would make it an equivalent trade -- fair and square.

Let him go already. He is not worth the money. He has been inconsistant his many years with the Lakers. He only had two good series this year in the Finals and his head all of a sudden got really big. yes, this guy has a lot of talent but his inconsistancy is enough for me to let him go. We don't need him. Mark my words when he plays with D-Wade he will struggle because he will have to creat plays for himself. The triangle is a perfect fit for him but he will fail in another system.

LO will lose the poker game with DR Buss. Buss is the boss and LO did not show the required respect to his initial offer. LO should accept that he screwed up and the new offer. Buss is testing how much LO wants to play for the Lakers vs money. If the offer is equivalent to Heat's 5 year for $35M [like 4 years for 32 to 34] LO should take it. That is how I would have tested LO loyalty to LAkers vs loyalty to money. The rest is BS folks. Buss is smart. LO could be all about money. Buss can find somebody else to replace LO with Artest in place easy.


Jerry Buzz is hording the money he made from our championship and draft picks, which Odom deserves. Kobe has a few good years left, Odom was important ti us. Ron Ron signed here to be with Lamar, how unhappy will he be now. Lakers fans should boycott if we dont sign Lamar, or at least replace him, as we have to many bench hanger on players here.

Lamar. Stop hiding behind the media and make up your mind. I won't be surprised if Dr. Buss puts a final offer on the table. Take it or leave it.

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