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Lamar Odom, Atari, and you

More details on the L.O.C.O, (that's Lamar Odom Contract Omniwatch) via the LAT's Broderick Turner.Lamar Odom  One important detail concerns the terms of LA's offer to their free agent forward:

Essentially, the Lakers offered Odom a guaranteed contract worth $30 million, depending on the length of the deal. Odom prefers a five-year deal but appeared willing to accept the Lakers' offer if they had guaranteed all four years. The Lakers' offer before it was removed was for four years at $9 million a season. But only three years of the deal were guaranteed. The Lakers held the option for the fourth season and had guaranteed Odom $3 million if they decided to buy him out. The Lakers also offered Odom a three-year deal that would have paid him $10 million a season. Either way, at least in the Lakers' eyes, Odom would have been paid at least $30 million with the opportunity to earn more.
The wrinkle, relative to previous reports, is that non-guaranteed fourth year. Turner also reports a lack of interest from the Blazers in Odom, something that jibes with what I sensed Friday night in a very brief conversation with Portland GM Kevin Pritchard, and from LO for moving north.  That leaves LA and Miami as the two main players in this free agency drama, with the number of acts still to be determined.    
Given that the Heat can only guarantee just under five mil more than the Lakers offered (requiring two more years of work), the financial sweetener from Pat Riley and Co. isn't overwhelming, or even regular whelming.  In my mind, that favors a return to LA for LO, even if the terms aren't reflective of his hopes when the process started. 
I can't imagine any of this will make anxious fans feel any better about the situation, so as a distraction I'm providing this old-school-by-definition Atari commercial featuring the completely logical combination of Carol Channing and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  I live to give.  Click below for a trip down memory lane, assuming you're of the applicable generation.


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Both sides need each other too much. Something will get done.

I'm going to power up theAtari now, maybe LO can be promised an Atari commercial if he resigns w/ LA?

ummm, didn't b turner report that the lakers had offered a four year deal for 36 mil?

and man, i just posted like 150 comments on the last thread. why are y'all posting new threads at 1:30 am?

kidding. most of my last comments weren't that interesting, except i was trying to get in on the HORSE game.

hmmm. i think i'm just short of the applicable age. but in retrospect, if i was going to make a commercial that combined atari, carol channing, and kareem, well, i think that's a challenge to all of us in the youtube generation. let see what y'all can do.

Just sign it LO, let me enjoy the championship without fear of losing another member of the team.

Ron Artest has been reaching out to LO according to the NY Daly News:

Lamar PLEASE stay in L.A.

So what is the wait? C'mon LO. Stop pretending like you hate LA and don't want to be here. Sign up!!


Holy cow.

I remember those old Atari games. Dude, if you put the current best NBA game next to the one from Atari, it's amazing to see how far we've come.

C'mon LO - don't be such an idiot. Take the good deal the Lakers offered. It's not really gonna get better than that, and it's a good deal. TAKE IT!

That is all.

More LO. On previous threads I said I am a LO Laker for life but not at the price he is demanding now.

Much has been said about how he will take minutes away from AB. I don't think that would be the case adding value to LO's contributions. I said he could back up both forward spots and most likely should take minutes from Pau unless PJ over plays Pau again this year. Like Kobe Pau played the heaviest minutes while also having played in Olympics. No summer off.

Unlike Kobe Pau is playing this summer for the Spanish team and is not getting rest for this season. So LO should help there unless PJ overplays Fish, Kobe and Pau like he did last year. Pau will run out of gas.

So I hope we sign LO to one of the Buss offers and move on the fine tuning team.

As for s&t with Miami, i would only do that for Beasly. At this point we have to many players in the same age range and will be hard to replace all in one time. We need to develop some young ones of our own to stay in contention. I would not rent Udonis for 1 year. Then Miami would be doing what we should. Using LO now and grooming Beasley to take over.

We would have Pau for now and groom Beasley as our future PF. Otherwise no s&t.

Miami will be well over the cap for next years big FA market and the only reason they are pursuing LO now @ MLE is to keep Wade from leaving.

I had to take 2 days off from Odom-gate to set up for my daughters first Birthday and then spend the following day really drunk...Really drunk,along with 80 people,a jumping castle,2 cases of wine (gone) and 12 cartons of beer(gone)..6 Carona 6 Carlsberg.....

Back to Odom....Looking back over the time Odom has spent as a Laker,how many times do you think other teams approached the Lakers about a trade involving Odom and declined?...

I like a lot of you fans have seen almost every game,and at 1 time thought to myself "we might need to look at trading this guy"..But the Lakers stood by and stayed true to Odom and did not trade him..Instead they traded for other players to help share the load..Does that not count for anything?...And yes i have taken into account that a 1 point they tried to trade Odom and Bynum..

For health reasons, i need to be able to log on and have this saga decided...He has signed or he has decided to bolt....Please settle this issue so we can rest...thankyou.

Due to the following reasons, it would be a grave mistake for Lamar to go to Miami:

1. There are no guarantees Wayne will remain in Miami
2. There will be tremendous pressure on Lamar to deliver every night
3. Even with Boozer (by the way it is outright absurd that Miami would want to pay over $15 million per year for 2 power forwards!), Miami would be overachieving to finish anything higher than 4th in the East and will definitely not make it past the second round.
4. Lamar's home is LA not Miami. How can one live in a place for 1 year, get kicked out and then be asked to come back HOME!!. This is all games Riley is playing to appease Wayne!
5. There is no chance for Lamar to win a championship in Miami. Wayne knows that and Lamar knows that.

If I were Lamar, I would call Kobe, Pau and Ron and ask them to go to Mitch's office with me and beg him to give me a contract for $40 mil for 5 years. The Lakers would and then Lamar would be the happiest man.

Lamar, do it before it is too late. Otherwise, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

LO needs to retire as a Laker

You tested the market and lost. Its time to come back and get back to the business of back-to-back.

I feel old. I remember that commercial and I remember playing both of those games for hours. I loved the basketball game. Boxing was another favorite, but not in the commercial. My generation had better imaginations!

Watching the Atari commercial was like looking back in time with the benefit of how things are today, and realizing just how bad Smush, Kwame, and Cook really were

I think it finally hit me how upset Buss is and who to place the 'blame' on this whole mess, 'team Larmar, 'camp Lamar', basically Lamar.

He and his agent got 'upset' the Lakers were not offering 5 years at 50 million. It actually with the luxary tax would have been for Buss 5 years at 100 milllion dolllars. Think about that. Are you kidding me? Is there any Laker fan out there that would want the Laker organization to spend 100 million on a Lamar in his 30s?

For someone as people have rightfully pointed out will probably get around 20 minutes a game. Plus add to that the Lakers were bidding against themselves and it clearly a) would have been insane for the Lakers to make the offer and b) it is equally if not more insane for team Lamar to get upset one iota that the 5 year 50 million offer was never made.

Even though I have clearly been on Buss side throught all this I never really thought how insane thinking they would be offered 50 million for 5 years was. And Lamar's agent clearly knows that no NBA owner on the planet was/is going to esentially spend 100 million on Lamar the next 5 years. Or even frankly anywhere near the Lakers actual offers. Miami can offer what? 34 or maybe 4 million more for an extra 2 years of work? So why all the ugly negoitating tactics by team Lamar?

This from NY:

Newest Laker Ron Artest tells Lamar Odom to meet him in Los Angeles
BY Mark Lelinwalla

Sunday, July 19th 2009, 4:00 AM

Pace for News

Ron Artest made a stop at the Hoops In The Sun tournament at Orchard Beach.

Pace for News

Ron Artest
Related News
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Raissman: Sorry act shows up in Vegas
Portland's Blazing a trail for Lee
Now that he's a Laker, Queensbridge product Ron Artest is lobbying for the defending NBA champs.

The former St. John's star says he has reached out to fellow Queens star Lamar Odom, who has yet to re-sign with L.A. and turned down a four-year, $36 million offer. And Artest thinks their home-borough connection will do the trick.

"I hope that helps," said Artest, who drew a crowd as he made an impromptu appearance with the Queensbridge team in the Hoops in the Sun tournament at Orchard Beach in the Bronx Saturday. "I hope he comes back to play with us. I already reached out to him and will (again)."

Artest's remarks came on the heels of Heat superstar Dwyane Wade telling The Associated Press earlier in the week that he wants Odom "back home (in Miami)." Odom and Wade were Heat teammates in 2003-04.

Artest also told the Daily News that before he inked his five-year, $33 million deal with the Lakers earlier this month, he gave heavy consideration to signing with LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"It was close (to happening), but the Lakers showed more interest," Artest said. "They're my boys (James and O'Neal), though. Shaq is still my boy. I'm looking forward to playing with Kobe and going after a championship."

Saturday, Artest continued his tear on New York City's streetball circuit, playing the second half with the Queensbridge team. It's fitting since he has a "Q" tattooed on his right leg and a "B" on his left, never forgetting where he came from. Artest scored 12 points, although Hoop Street beat Queensbridge, 68-63.

And Artest wasn't worried about playing in a pickup game despite having recently signed a new contract.

"I've been playing for years ... I just like to stay in shape," he said. "I love the game."

Artest appeared in many of the city's streetball hotbeds earlier in the week and told Hoops in the Sun organizers that he'll return for their all-star game at Orchard Beach today."

--New York Post

Well, Artest is quickly becoming my favorite Laker. He, at least, puts his money where his mouth is.


"Spending the last few days in Las Vegas and talking to player personnel people from around the league, there's one notion that has become virtually universal: When Odom is playing well the Los Angeles Lakers
are essentially unbeatable.... One Western Conference GM speaking on the condition of anonymity this week told me: "I hope Portland or Miami gets Odom. Anything to get him out of LA." Other NBA people around Las Vegas this week expressed similar sentiments. That should be all the Lakers need to hear."

I am definitely of the applicable generation, but I didn't remember this commericial at all. It was a lot of fun to watch, though. Thanks K Bros!

I'm just tired.

I see this process as an embarrassingly handled greed grab by Odom's agent, which has left Lamar Odom looking like a HUGE JERK.

NINE MILLION DOLLARS FOR FOUR YEARS or TEN MILLION FOR THREE YEARS is a huge concession and generous offer from the Lakers.

Even if the fourth year is not guaranteed, with Lamar Odom's skills, no doubt it would be paid for by the Lakers. Further, with his height and skills, no doubt Lamar would get paid to play for more years after the contract ends.

Thus, all I see now is how much of a UNBELIEVABLY HUGE JERK Lamar Odom has been.

If this is how his agent wants him portrayed, then his AGENT SHOULD BE FIRED.

Ron Artest reaching out LO. I'm liking Thrilla more and more.

I was looking at the Knicks salaries to see whether there is a chance that they might be persuaded to take Farmar, Morrison and Powell for David Lee in a sign and trade (with the tacit understanding that Powell would be released and resigned by the Lakers). That would open up more cap space for them next year, which seems like what their most interested in right now.

What I found was quite interesting. Depending on what they do with Lee and Robinson, the Knicks have up to $54 million dollars in cap space opening up next year and $18 million the year after. That's incredible. (really, it's more a salary dump; I'm not sure how much they'd be below the cap).

Given these numbers, I think the ultimate destinations for Bosh and LeBron are already set.

LO must comes to sense and re-open the negotiation with the Lakers' management. As noted in the article in the LAT today, Dr. Buss is pretty upset learning that LO and.or his agent had somehow discussed a deal with the Heat. Portland express very little interest in LO and that should prompt LO to realize that there is no offers out there that would come close to his lofty expectation.

I am very surprise that they is little or no news from the Lakers' management on LO. Are they working on the potential mega sign and trade deals with other teams?

So according to the Times, the sticking point is 6 million dollars.

The Lakers offer guaranteed 3 of the 9 million in the 4th year, Lamar wants or wanted all 9 million guaranteed.

Are we going to break up a championship team over 6 million? Six million in the 4th year when we're trying to repeat, trying to defend our title?

We'll probably have traded Lamar by that time anyways, so why the hesitation?

IF it's not too late, sign the guy.


Get this deal done Dr. Buss. Stop the hard ball and just get it done. And Lamar, sign the darn paper.


Is this correct:

Lakers: $30M Guaranteed for 3 Years and then he can sit home and eat candy.

Heat: LO earns $21M at the end of 3 Years (max $34M for 5 years)

That's a lot of 'break-a-leg' insurance' and candy.


Can you in any way clarify if Buss would still make this offer? That's the deal breaker.

Florida has no state income tax.
Lamar has already been paying the high property taxes on his home there.
The amount of money he saves by not paying california income tax could swing the deal for Miami,
Lamar please stay in LA.

Let LO find out how much Miami is going to increase they offer. His call to Buss shows that it is not better than LA's offer. LO is playing Miami against Lakers. Is he worth 50$ M for 5 years as a 6th man off the bench? If Artest is getting $6M per year for 3 years as one of the first 5, is LO woth the $50M? He is not a key player like Artest IMHO. Whatever. It is up to Dr Buss to do math or let him go.

I don't know if this is good or bad:

Now that he's a Laker, Queensbridge product Ron Artest is lobbying for the defending NBA champs.

The former St. John's star says he has reached out to fellow Queens star Lamar Odom, who has yet to re-sign with L.A. and turned down a four-year, $36 million offer. And Artest thinks their home-borough connection will do the trick.

"I hope that helps," said Artest, who drew a crowd as he made an impromptu appearance with the Queensbridge team in the Hoops in the Sun tournament at Orchard Beach in the Bronx Saturday. "I hope he comes back to play with us. I already reached out to him and will (again)."

I really like Lamar and think we need him to repeat as champions. All around the league, the teams that are likely to compete for the title are reloading and getting stronger. With that said, Lamar and his agent must be out of their minds!! Guaranteed $30M from Lakers after 3 yrs and they're thinking of taking the Heat offer for 5 yrs with an out clause after 3 yrs ~ $22M. So less money after 3 yrs and an out option for both deals. Sounds ridiculous

>>>1. There are no guarantees Wayne will remain in Miami

Waynne? Wayne who?

Bruce Wayne? Batman lives in Miami?

Kobe's twitter: KobeBBryant: We have came a long ways, its amazing to see the team come together to help keep a member of the fam part of the fam.

I wonder if we will soon see the day that NBA stars negotiate salaries on their own. I remember someone using an assigned NBA employee (I think it was Marbury) to negotiate a contract for him.

For those of you in the know, how much do the agents take from their clients? I think I have seen that it's 8%. If that's true, then that would amount to $800,000 on a $10 million contract. Netting the player $9,200,000 (if I understand this correctly).

Moving forward, if Lamar had used an assigned NBA employee to negotiate his deal, he could net out over 3 years an additional $2.4 million. Where currently his $30 million contract would be a net of $27,600,000.

Lamar knew where he wanted to be and just may end up (our Lakers!). Why couldn't he have done this himself and saved the money?

I bought a house in 1991. I bought my house from some friends of mine. All we needed was for someone to do the paperwork for us. At the time, I saved the $16,000 I would have paid an agent. Instead, I paid a guy $1,000 to coach us through the deal.

My house numbers in NO WAY compare to the Lamar/Lakers numbers. I guess I am saying that with a much diminished economy, it's important to focus on the end dollars. IF Lamar had negotiated directly with the Lakers, he could have netted more and the Lakers would have paid a more digestable number. BOTH would have been well served and they may have been able to add a fourth year as a result with both parties getting what they want!

I wonder if more Players and Teams can see the logic in this in the near future. I expect that the NBA will make less money in the next few years. There will be less money trickling down to the players as a result.

Why couldn't this work?

LO's coming back. I seriously think he's just sitting at home eating up all this attention.

So you will make $30 million in 3 years for sure, which is $27 million and a 3 million dollar buyout.

But if you perform really well they keep you at $36 million per year.

Either way, if you make $30 million in three years, who's to say you can't make up the 5-6 million that Miami is offering in 2 years if you sign with someone else?

I hope we sign LO so I can take a vacation.

go ahead lamar, shag-a$$ back down to miami. even though there's no titles down're asking the lakers to pay more than you're worth. heck, they may not even want you back at this point.

LO is supposedly taking this weekend to make his decision...

Wonder what's echoing through his mind?

Wonder no more...

The Clash

Darling you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?
If you say that you are mine
I’ll be here ’til the end of time
So you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

Always tease tease tease
You’re happy when I’m on my knees
One day is fine, next day is black
So if you want me off your back
Well come on and let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go now?
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
An’ if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know!

The thing about the 3 year deal is it forces Lamar to stay in top condition and work on his game to ensure that he gets that next contract.

The other option might be bad from Lamar's perspective too, because the 4th year has a 3 million dollar buyout which kind of pushes for Lamar to be traded and cut during that final year.

Just take the 3 year deal Lamar, and keep your craft sharp.


This is about Pau and Kobe's contract. Too many years at too much money for LO makes it difficult to impossible to put on the Lake show the way LA fans demand. It's not an infinity pool of money. We've all gotten a good look at companies operating at uncontrollable deficits this year. Jerry won't add the Lakers to that list.

As soon as the decision is made, either way, the show must go on. Kobe and Pau are the show.

If this deal goes through, the Cavs will have Lebron, Anthony Parker, and Jamario Moon to play defense on the perimeter. That's not too bad.

It's going to be an interesting season.

Go Lakers!
Sign Lamar!


It can and has worked. John Stockton and Ray Allen did it.

LOL, Laker Kev, that was awesome! I was expecting to read some article and the music starts. Very Cool and right on the money.

Johnny V,

Part of manipulators MO is to make themselves indispensible in the eyes of their manipulees. In the K Bros interview, LO made reference to agents being part of the process to keep negotiations from getting personal. This was the line that Schwartz sold him, and we can see how truthful that was!

Though they deny it, sports agents are inherently hostile to fans since their goal is to squeeze owners for as much as possible, and, of course, the owners then pass the cost down to the fans.

I have a sports agent joke I'm going to share on my next post. It has no curse words, but it may nevertheless get the "steel curtain of censorship". I'll be interested to see. K Bros, if it's out of line, I apologize in advance.

Q: What do a sports agent and a sperm cell have in common?

A: They both have about a 1 in 9 billion chance of becoming a human being one day.

Thanks Johnny V.

This is probably what's going through LO's mind, or close to it? How many years do I have left? After three seasons, how valuable and what kind of salary can I command?

Let's review...with LA, LO can get $30 million over 3, while basically being a bench player playing less and less minutes each season. Sure, there will be the benefits of dynasty, should we carry it out, but most of the accolades or responsibility won't be assigned to the 6th man, not with Kobe, Pau, Drew, and Ron Artest starting.

With Miami, factoring in tax, LO probably comes in at $24 million over 3, and becomes a starter and franchise star again. In the East, he has a legit shot to be an all-star, especially with his vast improvement in defense over the past several seasons, and Miami would definitely at least be a tough 2nd round team in the postseason, and with Boozer or another star added, a legit Finals contender.

So, LO loses about $6 million over the 3 years from being in Miami, but whether or not they can make it to the Finals, going into that 4th season his negotiating profile for another contract are much better.

If he stays with the Lakers, he at that point may only be playing 24 minutes and might have trouble getting the full MLE money, whereas if he's a star starter in Miami and possibly even an all-star, he can still bump his next 2-3 year contract up another $2-3 million minimum from the MLE to start, which would then add up to well more than the $6 million he sacrificed earlier.

Should he get hurt, he's safe with both deals, though obviously would have more guaranteed money with Miami.

There is one other benefit to staying with LA for the three year deal, aside from chasing dynasty and staying with the fam we've built, and that would be possibly extending his career by his day-to-day job being less physically demanding since he's 6th man and playing less and less minutes as Drew progresses, so that he may actually earn another year or two play by having less wear and tear.

Then, in that 4th season, LO would have the option, if he decided to see personal achievement and riches again, at age 33, of showing he can still be a full-time starter in this league, smarter, savvier, and still able to be a huge impact, by taking a one-year deal with somebody to show his stuff, then taking a 2-3 year extension to possibly finish his career.

The key with LO is that his game could extend a long time, since he's so long and a very solid rebounder and smart defensive rotator/challenger. He doesn't do a lot of fancy stuff he would lose as he gets older, and even in his late 30's he'd have a speed advantage against many bigs, just the advantage would be a little less, while his jump shot could conceivably keep improving.

LO has a lot to think about, and as a Lakers fan I want him here first, but he's not going to be swayed by people arguing that Miami wouldn't be a contender in the East, because it ain't true.

Wade would be a lot more effective with a guy like LO, who himself would be an all-star caliber PF in the East, and you still have JO at center and super young rising star Beasley at 6th man. It's not like Orlando, Boston, and Cleveland are THAT good, and then if you add Boozer or one other star the Heat could add with their cap space, the team could be a legit contender.

Hell, a starting lineup of Chalmers, Wade, Odom, Boozer and JO rivals what the Lakers would be throwing out there, and Miami has Beasley and some other effective players to come off the bench too.

Still, if LO stays with us, he may not get much credit (look at how little credit he's gotten already), but he'd still be a key part of a dynasty, with his band of brothers, so maybe he should take that 3 year $30 million deal, and get the 3rd year to be a player option, possibly even the 2nd year too, so he can review his free agency prospects in the near future again when the market is better, while still going for a back-to-back, then possibly a threepeat, and if we get that far, contemplating a glorious four peat.

L.O.C.O. - where nothing happens!

I thought I'd pass this along. The world's worst comedian:

Go Lakers.


Actually, reviewing Coon's salary FAQ, LO can't get two player options unless he gets ETO options with a 5-year contract, so if I were him, if he did take the 3 years $30 million with us, make the 3rd year a player option, and forget about that phantom 4th year business of the current offer.

Meanwhile, as I reviewed above, Miami's deal isn't out of the ballpark in terms of value over the next 5 seasons, as well as avenues for greater personal achievement for LO, so we gotta keep our fingers crossed and hope this goes our way towards the Lakers.

Of course, the Lakers could probably end this by offering a legit 4 or 5 year contract, which is what we should do, if we honestly assessed LO's impact to our club this past season, as well as the reality that Kobe easily has 5 years left himself, as does Pau, as does Drew, and as does Ron probably too, so what the hell is this 3-year window all about in the first place?

If we're thinking dynasty, we should be thinking 5+ years, maintaining dominance, and in a down market, now is a perfect time to lock up LO cheap.

I took a look at the 2010-2011 season Salaries. My projections show us at $86 mil if we sign Lamar at $9 mil. I projected Powel and MBenga at $1 mil each because we do have to give us some depth at the 4 and 5.

This is with only SBrown and Sasha at the point guard (No DFish and no Farmar in this projection) and yet we are still at $86.5 Million!! This would necessitate Luke as the only backup to Artest (other than Kobe).

Maybe we could package Sasha (expiring contract in 2010-2011) together with Farmar (expiring contract in 2009-2010) to sign a top notch point guard. That would keep us under $90 Million. We would only have 10 signed players and would likely have to use the other $3.5 Million to stay under or at $90 Million for 2010-2011.

1. I loved Atari as a kid. Thanks, BK, for the distraction.

2. I imagine that Lamar/Jeff "How Can I Ruin Things?" Schwartz's behavior HAS to be turning off other teams. In all seriousness, how could it be attractive to an another team?

3. The fact that Lamar and the Lakers obviously need each other and fit so well and this process has become so difficult is beyond frustrating. If I was the Good Doctor Buss, I'd be incredibly pissed off too.

4. It seems things are boxing Lamar into a corner to return to the Lakers. Very odd.

5. I, too, am feeling fatigue from this whole nonsense. I'd rather be discussing Summer League.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Kev,

Great song. I love how they translate the backup vocals to spanish, it works great!

Ahhh those were the days. They don't write music like that anymore.

Thriller is so far proving to be a fine Laker.

His reaching out to Lamar is just what I would hope of him.

Lamar should follow his example.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I don't think Miami is really going after LO...they're over the cap..all they have is MLE. Will Odom be stupid enough to go for that instead of $9-10 mil from the Lakers?...

Besides...WILL DWAYNE WADE STAY IN MIAMI AFTER THIS SEASON?...Odom will be stuck there if ever..

Laker Kev,

"Though they deny it, sports agents are inherently hostile to fans since their goal is to squeeze owners for as much as possible, and, of course, the owners then pass the cost down to the fans."

Even worse, sports agents are against WINNING because they put the financial interests of themselves and their athlete above the financial limitations of the team.

Nothing hurts long-term winning more than a few bad contracts.

Look at Shaq's incredibly bloated contract. It literally destroyed the Suns for years.

It's a bit sad if I didn't hate the Suns so much.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Critical Beatdown,

"There is one other benefit to staying with LA for the three year deal, aside from chasing dynasty and staying with the fam we've built, and that would be possibly extending his career by his day-to-day job being less physically demanding since he's 6th man and playing less and less minutes as Drew progresses, so that he may actually earn another year or two play by having less wear and tear."

I think this advantage is a huge one for LO; I hope he's considered it.

BK - "I can't imagine any of this will make anxious fans feel any better about the situation ..."


Actually it does. Clarity or any attempt to clarify is *always* appreciated.

CA's tax rate on income over $1,000,001 is 10.3%. At $9m per, LO's CA tax bite would be $927k, leaving approx $8.1 *before* federal taxes.

According to Turner, the Lakers are unwilling to guarantee any deal over 3 yrs.

But the Lakers were willing to go as high as $9m-$10m per guaranteed over 3 or -- with CA taxes applied, $24m-$27m total at approx $8.1m-$8.97m per *before* fed taxes.

Miami, according to Turner, can only offer their mid-level at $5.8m per. However, the Heat are willing to *guarantee* 5 yrs for $34m at approx $6.8m per *before* fed taxes.

Since FL has no state income tax, 5/$34m @ $6.8m per *is* LO's pre-fed income as a Heat.

So the pre-fed spread btw LAL and MIA is seemingly thus: A "guarantee" of $8.1m-$8.98m per for a total of $24m-$27m over 3 (LAL) vs. $6.8m per for a total of $34m over 5 (MIA).

MIA is willing to "guarantee" $7m more over 2 more years --- which does *not* mean LAL wouldn't or couldn't pay as much (or more) over the same. What Odom would be betting *against* is LA's and/or "the market's" unwillingness to "guarantee" a then-34yr old Odom 2 more years at a prorated min. of $3.5m per.

This isn't much different than the Lakers vs Shaq or any other perennial contender (think Pittsburgh Steelers) who maintains a certain discipline regarding depreciaton/compensation formulae to maintain perennial competitiveness/solvency.

There are *no* bad guys here. It really *is* just business.

The problem with signing LO to a 3, 4, or 5 year deal, is it locks the Lakers into salary cap hell. What happens if Kobe goes down for any length of time? Where's our backup 2? And please don't tell me we're going to count on Sasha. What about PG? Fish is older, I don't think Jordan is the long term answer and we've yet to see exactly how Shannon Brown will fit in. If we're buried in luxury cap hell, we'll have no hope of being able to pick up a replacement. It seems as though we'll be locked into this team for several years regardless of our needs.

I think I see why the front office is being a bit cautious in negotiating this contract. We certainly don't want to be the Clippers of 2012. We can win without LO, not as easily, but we can win never the less.

i'm sorry, but I keep stumbling over my numbers. If the team offers 3 years at 9 mil, guarenteed, and guarentees 3 mil if they don't take the fourth year, that seems to be a 30 mil offer, not a 36 mil offer. And yet, everybody seems to keep treating the 36 mil number as if it was gospel.

If I go to the grocery store, and I buy a banana, and it costs 75 cents, and I offer to pay them 60 cents and come back and give them 15 cents if I like the banana, and another guy comes up and offers 75 cents for the banana, why would a bunch of people get mad at the store for selling the banana to the guy that offered 75 cents?

sorry if my analogy is a bit off. I'm probably misunderstanding something, but I would appreciate some clarification.

also, apparently i don't know how to spell guarantee

Cheers, latopia.

Been waiting for someone with the proper background to break it down. Much appreciated.

I cacn"t believe so many people think that Lamar is key to us winning a championship.Trevor did more than he did , Lamar was part of the reson Kobe wanted to leave town .If Lamar was a guy that helps you win championships then more teams would want him like they did Ariza.Lamar is arrogant he knows that he can play when he decides to show up and he wants to be paid for what he can do (not what he will do) when he feels like showing up.Derick Fisher had helped the Lakers get three rings and they wouldn't give him five million a year and thats why he left,when he came back he helped lead them to a finals and a championship and he gets paid very little.Pau Gasol does what Lamar was suppose to do and get steady double digit pts every game and that helped , Andrew Bynum although not so healthy helped against Howard ,and trevor Ariza made some amazing plays and Kobes on the floor choaching was great. We dont need Lamar but we do need another vet to come off the bench for leadership.


>>> LakerTom- I’m cutting off your Kool-Aid. I have one question; If money
>>> is not a factor, does Lamar make the Lakers a better team? If your answer
>>> is no, I will give you a debate to make you wish I was ten KB Blintzes.
>>> Sorry, Blitzes. I’m hungry.

You read like you write. And I don’t need to drink Kool-Aid to get high. Thinking about my Lakers as the champs is fix enough. If you really read my posts, you would see that there are 2 reasons why I think the Lakers should let Lamar walk.

My first reason is money: I think it would be foolish in this economy to pay $54M for a player who may only play around 20 MPG. Not only would this make our payroll $20M greater than every other team ($40M counting the tax), but it would also paralyze us and possibly prevent us from being able to address future issues such as a new point guard. With big declines in the salary cap and luxury tax threshold being predicted, it’s time to realize, even though the Lakers themselves won’t see a decline in revenue, the rest of the NBA will and the smart move at this point in time is to pass and take full advantage of Lamar Odom’s $14M expiring contract. The Lakers will still be paying the top payroll.

>>> If your answer is yes, then your argument that we don’t need him is sophistry.
>>> It might be an economic decision, but it’s not a basketball decision, and you
>>> can’t support it with arguments about the quality of the team, you have to
>>> support it with arguments about the profitability of the team. It’s an argument
>>> you can make, but it’s not an argument you are making.

My second is basketball: I think it’s time to take the training wheels off of Andrew Bynum and play him 35 to 40 MPG so that he can earn he $12.5M his rich new contract will pay. As long as we keep Lamar, there will always be a battle for minutes between the two. This will be Drew’s 5th year as a pro. He will turn 22 years of age as the season starts. We need to unleash Drew to become the Beast in which we have invested $58M. Not having Lamar looking over his shoulder will give Drew the opportunity and confidence to reach his potential. With Drew averaging 35 to 40 minutes and posting 20/10/3 stats, Lamar would be an overly expensive and under utilized luxury. Unleash the Beast.

As to whether the team will be better, I think it is foolish to think that there is any team in the league who can handle a Lakers team with Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, and Ron Artest. Artest not only will be able to help out backing up Pau but will also make the Lakers a stronger offensive and defensive team. With four All-Stars, we need to make sure that there are enough minutes and touches to go around. Bottom line, without Lamar, there will be more minutes and touches for Kobe, Drew, Pau, and Ron, which in the end will be important in keeping everybody happy. More is sometimes less.

What if Drew gets injured again? My answer is that both of Drew’s injuries were freak events that do not indicate that he is injury prone. And even if he was, the long term answer is not to move Pau to center permanently so Lamar can play power forward. The Lakers will still need a true center with the size and bulk that Pau cannot provide. If we really want insurance, we should spend that money on another center because that is what we would need if Drew proved be a bust, which is unimaginable. Regardless, $54M is what I would consider a ridiculous price for insurance.

Here’s the thing, phred. I love Lamar. I have fought the good fight to get bloggers to realize how valuable he is to the team for the last three years. Ask any blog long timer. So this is no slam dunk contest where the right answer is obvious. I have my opinion just like you do and just like Jerry Buss and Kobe Bryant and AK and BK do. In the end, Jerry Buss will decide because it is his $54M. I have just personally and truthfully come to the sad conclusion that, despite how valuable Lamar has been in the past, it is now time to part ways and that doing so will benefit Lamar just as much as the Lakers.

It’s just my opinion, phred. No need to get so excited.


As we discussed in the last thread, the tax situation is only that simple if you're Pat Riley or Jeff Schwartz trying to convince Odom to go to Miami by not telling him the whole story.

First of all, Odom has a highly paid accountant that will invest, hide, and otherwise manage his money so that he's not simply dumping his entire paycheck in the bank and paying full tax on all of it. So the total tax payments go down no matter where he lives.

Also, even if Odom signs in Miami he would pay state taxes for every day of service on the road (not just the day of a game) in virtually every state that has a state tax.

Plus the lack of state taxes in Florida means they meet their revenue needs in other ways, such as higher property and sales taxes, taxes on utilities, city, state and county services, etc. Many states target taxes on luxury living which a guy like Odom is likely going to incur.

A better benchmark is likely a comparison of the total tax cost of living in that area. Several days ago someone posted that and the difference between L.A. and Miami was only a couple of percentage points. Not the stark difference of simply applying the state tax for CA and nothing for FL.

Jon K.

"Even worse, sports agents are against WINNING because they put the financial interests of themselves and their athlete above the financial limitations of the team."

Great point, they only exist to profit from whatever scenario, fans be damned. Sort of like divorce attorneys who like to keep the proceedings as acrimonious as possible to draw out their billable hours. Screw the kids involved and whatever emotional price they have to pay later on.


>>> But, If Bynum gets that good, that he is playing at the end of the game,
>>> LO has severely reduced role, and not sure if he is happy sitting on the bench
>>> at the end of games. I wonder if LO is considering that possibility.

I think this is one of the key issues that Lamar is struggling with. He knows that the only reason he got to start last year and post 32 MPG was Andrew getting injured. If Drew becomes the Beast and demands 35 to 40 MPG and to be on the floor at end of games, I think Lamar would not only be under utilized but might even feel like he wasn’t a main factor. It’s one thing for a player at the end of his career to bandwagon a ring but Lamar is a proud man at the peak of his career who has to decide what he wants in terms of the rest of his career. I think there is a chance that the better option for Lamar might now be to leave the Lakers rather than become their fifth wheel along for the ride. JMO.

Good post, Doug. Thanks.


This is too stressful. I can't even enjoy our championship because of all of this that's going on with my boy L.O., man. I'm not sure how Miami's taxes work compared to what we are offering him, but I want him back. I know that it's his decision and, of course, want him to do what is best for his family but I want to be selfish at the same time. I WANT LAMAR TO RE-SIGN. I WANT LAMAR TO RETIRE A LAKER. He's one of my "all-time" Lakers (with Kobe, Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, Mark Madsen, Eddie Jones, Pau Gasol, Trevor Ariza, Nick Van Exel & Robert Horry). I don't want a sign and trade deal for Michael Beasley or David Lee or whoever. I want MY player back. I want to believe that he's coming back but I'm just not sure. Please re-sign Lamar. No other team's fans will love you like we do. PLEASE RE-SIGN.

If Miami is the only competition here, why don't the lakers offer LO a 5 year deal for around $37 mm that's back end
loaded a bit - like $7/$7/$7/$8/$8 or something like that ? It would be a little more than what Miami can offer, give LO his 5 years and reduce the luxury tax in the short term ?


I'll tell you what the deal is with the 3 year window...

Kobe's window is actually more around 7 years IF Bynum fulfills some of that potential.

Artest's window is around 5 years, Gasol is about the same.

By keeping flexibility past that 3 year window, Buss is setting himself up for a potential 7 year run verses say just a 3 or 4 year run.

One factor that I've heard very little about is the time value of money.

With a potential of hyper-inflation and a dollar crisis hanging out somewhere in the next 3-10 years, it's important to think MONEY NOW instead of money over the long haul.

What good is it if Lamar's taxes go UP in the later years AND the value of his paycheck goes DOWN.

That 3 year deal is his best option.

And might I add, Buss/Mitch are genius in the way they structured these contracts. I'm VERY impressed and wished they had done something like this with Luke, Sasha, and Bynum

From another Laker forum but very good advice ESPECIALLY for those clamoring for sign and trades:

The Lakers are either going to re-sign Odom or let him walk. A sign-and-trade would be too hard to complete between the Lakers, another team, and Odom. Would you rather have Odom or someone for the veteran min?

Riley is not giving up Beasley for Boozer or Odom.

Riley is probably going to trade Haslem, filler, and pick for Boozer.

Stop comparing the Miami offer to LO as a 34 million vs the Lakers 30 million offer. It's not that hard to figure out. In LA Lamar earns 30 mil in 3 years, in Miami he earns about 17.5 mil during the same span..... hello! No one needs to be a rocket scientist to do the math on this one.

"Even worse, sports agents are against WINNING because they put the financial interests of themselves and their athlete above the financial limitations of the team."

You know, this does not bother me. They are only playing by the rules of the game. The league has set up salary cap rules and luxury taxes in order to provide teams a certain ability to maintain their players, but not to the degree that they can create a dynasty of the best players at every position.

If the agents try to get the most money they can for their client, and the client goes for the place with the most money, or the same annual salary but for longer and it's not my team, so be it.

What drives me nuts is when agents take the suicidal negotiating tactic of "we are going somewhere else for less if you don't respect us enough to give us what we want." That right there is detrimental to the sport, and I want my team to always say no to that kind of tactic.

That's why I was happy when the Lakers got Artest and sent Ariza's poor excuse for an agent crying to Houston (although I believe from Trevor's comments that he was sold a load of goods by his agent and still doesn't know what really happened).

And that's why, if Lamar takes 5 years and pretty much the same amount of money in Miami over 3 or 4 years with the Lakers, I'll say so long, good luck, and I hope the door hits your agent in the back of the head and gives him a migraine.

"Also, even if Odom signs in Miami he would pay state taxes for every day of service on the road (not just the day of a game) in virtually every state that has a state tax."


Duh .... HUH?

When I travel for business, am I paying "state taxes for every day of service on the road in virtually every state that has a state tax."???????

I think ... NOT.

Odom would be an employee of the Heat. The Heat is domiciled in Florida. Odom would claim residence in Florida. Odom's state income tax exposure would be as a Floridian [ ].


"It's not that hard to figure out. In LA Lamar earns 30 mil in 3 years, in Miami he earns about 17.5 mil during the same span..... hello! No one needs to be a rocket scientist to do the math on this one."



In LA. Odom would be "guaranteed" x over 3.

In Miami, Odom would be "guaranteed" y over 5.

x/yr is GT y/yr.

However, x LT y.

Yup. Not. Rocket. Science.

Pretty good summation of the effective equivalencies in the two contract offers latopia;

But I feel you are creating somewhat of a misimpression by your use of the "$6.8 million/per" average for the MLE. For while this is maybe the true mathematical average for the mid-level, in actual experience the MLE starts out at ~$5.8 million with a maximum of 8% pay raises per year after that. Therefore Odum will have to play the first three years in Miami with a ~$2-3 million pay cut from what he would have received under the Lakers offer even with the no state income tax levies.

And would have to play two additional years after that to roughly make up the difference in the money he would have earned in the first three years of the Lakers contract if he stays in the mid-level contract for the full duration.

Take just the first year for instance, would Odum really be happy to start out with a $3 million dollar pay cut this coming season comforted by the good news that he will be able to recoup this starting some four years later?

Add to this that he is on a team that stands no chance of contending for a title where he will be asked to play more minutes and consistently produce higher numbers while under the spotlight ?

I hope I'm reading the signals right. From Kobe's twitter, following the one Charles posted earlier:

Quoting KobeBBryant "You'll find out tomorrow about lamar decision..."

At least, the wait will be over. At best, the "fam" stays together for some more blingage....

Lamar Odom the man with the 2 cent brain and 10 million dollar athletic prowess. Dump the mental midget who only competes when Lamar feels like it.

"The Lakers will still need a true center with the size and bulk that Pau cannot provide."

Laker Tom another blatant disrespect of Pau Gasol. Gasol PROVED already many times that he banged with the best centers this league has to offer and WON. People said he couldn't handle Perkins and he didn't get pushed by Perkins or Garnett AT Boston. He went about against very PHYSICAL post up players from Carlos Boozer, Yao Ming, Nene Hilario, and ESPECIALLY the best current center in the NBA in Dwight Howard and not only LIMITED Howard from going off but also averaging 18ppg on an outstanding 60% from the field on offense!

You can accuse of my support of Pau when almost EVERYBODY save for extreme Bynum fans will say Pau Gasol is simply BETTER than Andrew Bynum in almost every category!

Better at Points and efficiency-Pau Gasol (20ppg and 59% from the field as center)
Better mid-range/long range Shooter-Gasol
Better FT% shooter-Gasol
Better at Rebounding-Equal (yes Equal!)
Better Assists/Playmaking-Gasol
Better at Steals-Equal
Better at Blocks-Bynum
Ability to stay out of foul trouble-Gasol
Better big against screen and roll-Gasol
Better as a screen and roll/pick and pop-Gasol
And finally:
Better at making his teammates better-Pau Gasol! Not as good as Kobe but very good.

What else can you say for your little support of Bynum? DUNK LAYUP excuse? That didn't happen that much against Orlando did it? Besides while Bynum is a tad better than Gasol at shot blocking he is easily neutralized when screens and rolls are sent his way and his terrible and yes terrible defense against the screen and roll which results in DUNK LAYUP DUNK or even worst 3 point shot made!

Disagree with me if you want Laker Tom but face it Pau Gasol is simply the better player AND has had more impact on the LA Lakers than Bynum has done so far.

"I hope I'm reading the signals right. From Kobe's twitter, following the one Charles posted earlier:"

"Quoting KobeBBryant "You'll find out tomorrow about lamar decision..."

"At least, the wait will be over. At best, the "fam" stays together for some more blingage...."


Excuse me folks for being a bit confused here, but what exactly are the choices comprising Lamar's decision since the Lakers no longer have an outstanding offer? (that we know about anyway).

Either accept Miami's full MLE (or with an opt out after three years) or to try and re-establish negotiations with the Lakers?

So... does anyone know why Adam Morrison didn't play in the last Summer League game?

A game was played, but Adam Morrison didn't play in it.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I've been reading this LOCO blog too long.
Dawns on me that I need a life.
Although there are plenty of comments that are creative or intelligent or funny enough to keep me reading, I finally realized that we are just addicts who are jonesing because it's the offseason. In the Lamar situation, we are completely blind and uninformed, and we have zero power to make any difference, so I for one am checking out, and look forward to October, when I can just be a happy fan enjoying the game I love played by the team I love.

"But I feel you are creating somewhat of a misimpression by your use of the "$6.8 million/per" average for the MLE."


I'm not creating "misimpressions". I've simply cited and recited what was already reported.

The Heat number of $34m/5yrs (for an avg of $6.8m per) came from LAT's Broderick Turner:


"The Heat would have given Odom a five-year deal for $34 million". [ ]

[end quote]

I also don't dispute 2009's MLE would start at $5.8m; or that annual bumps, compounded, could/would push a 5yr total to $34m.

As to LO, I have no idea "what" Odom thinks. I'm assuming he thought the LA's best offer wasn't good enough in toto or length.

I love LO. But if you're the Lakers, how can you draw the line at Shaq but make an exception for Odom?

There's a reason "down" seasons under Buss haven't been nearly as precipitous, prolonged or as frequent as other franchises, including Miami recently (even *if* the Heat survive 2010).

Riley is all about winning now. Buss believes in winning now *and* forever, if possible.

Tom- I think I’m just going to apologize. I was getting excited about having a big drag out argument, but I just don’t think it’s me. And frankly, when it got right down to it, I think we would end up agreeing that we’re arguing a hypothetical. There just isn’t a way to test our theories properly, as that would require two Laker teams playing next year, one with Odom and one without. I believe we will resign Odom, and we won’t find out what will happen otherwise. If we don’t, it’s still a big question mark. We both know that. Sorry for getting earnest for a minute there.

I usually try to keep my posts light, and emphasize our agreements as Laker fans instead of fomenting discord. I do not take my ‘persona’ on this blog very seriously, and the only real position I feel comfortable asserting is that, in fact, it is all about the love. And yes, I do read like I post. Without getting upset or emotional. The beautiful thing about sports is that it’s a game, and we can argue about it without having much at stake. I enjoy this blog, I enjoy reading your posts, as I have for several years now. Maybe you haven’t noticed the nice things I’ve said about your defense of Lamar, and well as my compliments to your positive attitude and optimism. I’m sorry you missed out.

That said, I want to make myself clear. I believe we are a better team with Lamar. I think you do too, based on most of your posts previous. You hope that we can be as good without him, if necessary, as do I, but you know how good he is.

And we just won a title with Pau as our center, playing against a player who is generally regarded as the most dominant center in the game, and frankly completely shutting him down. Drew helped, as did the Lakers team defense, but I will defend Pau. [Oh, sorry, Blitz already did.] [Yeah, I’m going back to my traditional claim here- WE WON]

And about the profit. You argue that it is expensive to keep Lamar. I don’t disagree. I think that the Lakers can afford to pay Lamar a reasonable salary and still make money. They might only break even next year, it’s possible, but over the long term I think Dr. Buss realizes that fielding the best possible team is a worthwhile investment in the long term financial outlook of the team, as he has proved time and time again.

I guess my apology is pretty qualified. I didn’t mean for you to feel slighted. I thought we had established a somewhat lighter, less serious dialogue. And I’m going to forgive what you might have intended to be a slight of my writing. I like to think the quality of my writing generally exceeds my judgment in what I write, but if you don’t agree, I can live with it. (nah, i'm hurt) (kidding)



LakerTom- also, as two staunch defenders of Lamar, perhaps we should take a united front, so as not to give comfort to all his detractors who have been going nuts here lately.

LTLF- You were being ironic, but some comments don't sound good even if you are being ironic. Mostly they have to do with race, gender, and disabilities.

that said, I wasn't mad, I was just enjoying telling you off, with a lot of love, as usual.

Dear Charles on:

Posted by: Charles | July 19, 2009 at 09:25 AM

Please add an initial or your last name your post to avoid confusion as to which Charles is posting.


Charles since Fall 2006...

Jon -

It's not uncommon, especially for more established players, for guys not to play in every game. Particularly near the end, b/c you don't want some freak injury screwing things up.



1. Jim Hill reports Lamar calls Buss to fix bridges
2. Article from NY paper says RonRon is recruiting LO via repeated phone calls
3. Kobe tweets that the fam has come together to keep the fam together
4. Kobe tweets lamar decision will come out tomorrow

1+2+3+4= My good feeling

You know Buss' "pulled" offer is just a negotiating tactic, right? Like when you walk out of the car dealership to get that last 1K knocked off the price or a better interest rate.

I think the problem started when Hedo got 50 million for 5 years. IMHO Lamar is a better player than Hedo and Lamar and his agent may be of the same opinion. Unfortunately there are a lot of overpaid players in the league every year (Marbury for example). The Miami deal is not that much better even though there is more guaranteed money. The question to Lamar should be - are you hungry for another ring? - or two? A Lamar Odom with 3 or 4 rings three years from now should be able to get a decent two year contract that would end up surpassing the Miami 5 year deal. I am just not that sure how hungry he is.

When I travel for business, am I paying "state taxes for every day of service on the road in virtually every state that has a state tax."???????

I think ... NOT.

Odom would be an employee of the Heat. The Heat is domiciled in Florida. Odom would claim residence in Florida. Odom's state income tax exposure would be as a Floridian

Sorry to have to disagree with you, but you are flat out WRONG. I wish I could sugar coat it, but it's a fact.

If Lamar goes to play for Miami and then the comes to play vs. the Lakers in December, he'll have to pay taxes in California. California has been tracking down athletes/performers/entertainers for many years.

Great article explaining this phenomenon (which started in Cali)

So in summary, the millions that Lamar supposes he'll be pocketing in a no-tax state like Florida, will be significantly reduced since he'll be playing and on the road at least half of the year (& perhaps more if they make the playoffs).

In addition, Florida has significantly higher property taxes than in California . . .

As far as rings go, Lamar is well fed.

Get a life people, make some friends. Enjoy the summer days. The team will be here when the season starts. Seven days a week, RIDICULOUS. Go mow your lawns, play with your kids, talk with your significant others. Lord knows you people certainly needed it.


You're a damn good writer.

Lamar Odom Contract Omniwatch - with lap counter and alarm.

Sometimes it runs great, sometimes the display fades in and out and you have no idea what time it is.


"Disagree with me if you want Laker Tom but face it Pau Gasol is simply the better player AND has had more impact on the LA Lakers than Bynum has done so far."

I don't think LT would disagree. At the same time, given Bynum's physical attributes and age, you can't ignore the factor of potential. The Laker FO isn't ignoring it.

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