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Let Chick Hearn's description of a classic victory over the Celtics take the edge off your Monday

UPDATE: A few people have asked us about viewing summer league games (because for some, merely reading about Tony Gaffney isn't enough).  Click here for the link to the NBA's webcasting portal.  It's not free anymore, but what is these days?  BK

These vids were sent along to us at blog HQ over the weekend and Lakers fans will undoubtedly enjoy watching, particularly early on a Monday afternoon when there's far too much time to kill before the end of the work week.  It's Chick Hearn's call of Game 4 of the 1987 NBA Finals against the Celtics (i.e. Magic's hook to win) dropped in over the TV broadcast.  Very cool, and filled with calls uniquely Chick you may not have heard before. 

Part I here, Part II below the jump.  I also tossed in a link to a long interview Kareem Abdul-Jabbar conducted recently with Fox Sports Radio that's worth a listen.

Obviously Lakers fans loved the outcome, but putting that aside it was an amazing game.  Basketball at an incredibly high level.  (As an aside, I wish the audio had been preserved in that old Bruce Willis, Seagram's Wine Cooler ad. Just sayin'.)

Part II, which includes Chick's call of Magic's iconic shot:

And here's the link to the Fox Sports Radio chat with The Cap.

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Chills. Gracias BK.

Ariza to wear #1 in Rockets:

"Newly acquired Trevor Ariza will wear No. 1 once the switch of numbers becomes official this week for McGrady."

Poor guy, hope he does not get the ill-fate which was bestowed upon T-Mac wearing that #1.

amazing game. is there any championship team in the last 10 years that could hang with either of these clubs? do you think the jordan bulls had a chance?

That was awesome. Thanks, K Bros. And for the record, on YouTube you can get all the Bruce Willis Seagrams commercials you'd ever want.

Great videos, I miss Chickie so much. I had the privledge of listening to him for 40 years. There will never ever be another Chick Hearn.

A few additional thoughts:

1) Holy crap was the game fast back then. Both teams make the 2005 Suns look like the 1998 Miami Heat.
2) Players generally seemed more skilled back then, but it also seems that defenses were pretty rudimentary. I mean, every player, regardless of their strengths/weaknesses, seemed to be defended pretty much the same way. Post players were almost never fronted. You think teams today would have let Kareem catch the ball in the post and have room to get off a righty hook 18 times a game? No way!
3) 2nd video, 3:35. I laughed at McHale's expense.
4) That crowd had the racial diversity of a KKK book burning. Wow.
5) There was none of this posturing, look at me, humiliate the opposition garbage back then. I wish it was like that today.
6) Chick is the greatest. Ever. I miss him.

Seeee-gram's Golden Wine Coo-lah! It's wet & it's dry! My! My! My! My! Me & my boys.Love Love Love it all the tiiiiiime!

Aaaah, the 80's!

damn, that was awesome. gotta love throwing a punch, connecting, making some guy's nose bleed, and not getting an ejection! I guess a lot can change in 20 years.

Worst Laker ever?

Chuck Nevitt without a doubt. He is the least coordinated NBA player ever. He makes Jack Haley look like Hakeem.

That got me thinking, who is the worst Laker STARTER ever (at least since the late 1970's)? The candidates are Kwame, Smush, Cook, Luke and Terry Teagle. Teagle was probably the best out of the bunch, but the worst is too close to call.

I admit, Sun Yue played awful last season, but it's unfair to rate any rookie who got almost zero minutes as the worst Laker ever, especially one that had to adjust to an entirely different culture and language. He always looked scared out on the court. I want to see if he gains some confidence and improves this season before giving up on him. There should be plenty of blowouts, so he should get some opportunities (if the Lakers keep him).

Yeah, I didn't see McHale get on all fours and bark like a dog when Magic dribbled down the court.

Thanks a lot, BK.

Now I'm not only losing my mind because LAMAR WATCH 2009 is never-ending, but now I have to deal with the depression of (again) coming to terms with never hearing Chick again.

Just when you thought Monday couldn't suck any worse.

Hey utz - any way you could find out from the Big Guy what the heck is going on with LO and get it done already? I mean, you're the guy with the inside scoop, right?

Wow. Just amazing. I found myself screaming at my computer in excitement, dork that I am.

Puddle's comments were right on target, but I thought I'd throw a few more out there.

1. I know the video is edited and all, but it just seemed liked the officiating was a lot better. There wasn't a single time I thought, "Oh that's a foul!" when it wasn't called, or vice versa.
2. Wow. Showtime was really filled with a group of amazing players. Seeing Mychal Thompson and Michael Cooper play again. I was amazed at how skilled they, and the entire team was.
3. The style of play for both teams was a lot more enjoyable to watch than modern NBA.
4. Larry Bird (and the Celtics) were fricken good.
5. Anyone notice the little fight that broke out? The refs just handled it. No big deal. How often does that happen now?
6. Chick Hearn was just electric. Electric. I mean, he SO incredibly improved the experience of the game. He crackles with energy.
7. Listening to Chick Hearn makes me sad and angry. Sad, because I miss him. Angry, because I compare him to those idiots from ESPN or TNT who would instead be talking about their golf game yesterday or their previous careers as players instead of truly calling the game. Chick really called the game. These modern sportscasters just talk about themselves in a boring, narcissistic way. How did the TV executives let it get so bad?
8. An absolutely amazing game and an amazing team. Maybe it IS time to retire Michael Cooper's jersey.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Sorry if it has already been answered but does anyone know how long a deal Lamar is seeking or the Lakers are offering?

And thanks for the vids.

Go World Champion Lakers!!!

That is basketball.

That is sports announcing at it's best. Chick you are missed.

Magic threading the needle to Worthy(he missed) is vintage and is the kind of passing you never see anymore. Same with Bird's outlet passes.

This reminds people how great Worthy was. He was not just a guy who finished off Magic's assist.

Neither Kite or Worthy was ejected. Real balling there. Miss those times.

That allyoop to Kareem is a forgotten gem of a play just before Magic's hook.

You can see the value of those great role players for both teams.

Whenever people say now, when they talk of the greatest player of all time, it may start with Jordan, but they you will inevitably have to say, "but Magic though...".

Even Jordan, was there ever a player who had the complete presence in a game? Jordan made it about dunks and spectacular plays, but Magic (and Bird) was about playing a level of basketball that was about skills and creativity.

A game that should be framed and hung on the wall of a museum.

The Boston Garden sure chose the ugliest shade of green possible for their court.

Just dreadful.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


- Great video BK.

-It's amazing how much space Worthy is given. McHale gives him about 5 feet of space, but Worthy still finds ways to drive by him.

-When Magic shot the game winner, Kareem was wide open for the alley oop. Even if Magic had missed, Kareem most likely would've been there for the rebound and put back.

- When Rambis was clotheslined in '85, Worthy ran in between to break up the fight, going as far as pushing Rambis to the ground. In this video, it was hilarious watching Worthy get hit and coming out swinging. He seemed to connect on a couple punches, but only got a technical. I love 80's basketball.

- Puddle, both of these teams had great defenses for their era. It just shows how much defenses have evolved since than, even with the no-hand-checking rule.

- The mid 80's had Magic, Worthy, Scott, Cooper and Chick in their absolute prime. Green was still developing and Kareem was slowing down.

"1) Holy crap was the game fast back then. Both teams make the 2005 Suns look like the 1998 Miami Heat."

The Lakers were a super high octane team. The pace was also faster. Plus when you have more fundamental play like that era was it is exciting to watch rather than the passing and then shoot of today.

"You think teams today would have let Kareem catch the ball in the post and have room to get off a righty hook 18 times a game? No way!"

Not so fast. There are many times that Pau/Bynum/Dwight gets the ball in the post without having someone to front them. You can still front them but most teams wouldn't dare because unless you were taller fronting a player runs the risk of alley oops or receiving the pass for an easy dunk since there was always the risk of blowing illegal defense because you couldn't be doubled off the ball (double teams on the ball is perfectly legal). That's why teams don't front as much today still against big men unless they are off the paint since doubling off the ball IN the paint would blow defensive 3 seconds whistle. The game was more physical then too.

"6) Chick is the greatest. Ever. I miss him."

I miss him too Puddle. He wouldn't be a big homer to any Lakers and will gladly criticize them for bad play instead of trying to cover it up. He loved the Lakers more than he did the players.

I wonder if a lot of sportscasters today say, "They'll never be another Chick Hearn!" so they don't even try.

Because it sure feels that way.

I mean, if Chick was a 10 on a 10 point scale, it seems like the BEST of modern sportscasters are a 4 on the same scale.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Even Jordan, was there ever a player who had the complete presence in a game? Jordan made it about dunks and spectacular plays, but Magic (and Bird) was about playing a level of basketball that was about skills and creativity."

I agree with you.

I think it could be argued that Michael Jordan ruined basketball.

It became so much about the one star player making incredible plays.

The amazing team ball amid EXTREMELY highly skilled players as displayed by the Celtics and Lakers was just a much higher level of basketball.

I hope Kobe, Pau, Thriller, Lamar, Derek, and Andrew all sit down once a week and watch tapes of the old Showtime Era together. I know the Triangle is different, but it's supposed to flow too.

Make it flow, guys.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So I guessed, the 2008 Lakers blowing a 24 point lead at home in losing to the Celtics in game 4 of the Finals is just a payback by the Celtics. The Lakers did it first in game 4 of this Finals trailing by as much as 18 points and then beating the Celts at the Boston Garden.

I am the creator of these vids (and more Laker vids at YT, mostly Chick by design). Thanks K Broz for postin these. Appreciate it.

The Bruce Seagram's commercial had other ambient sound going thru it, so I turned the volume off. That commercial apparently didn't hurt his chances at landing Die Hard.

nonplayerzealot4 @ youtube

I have probably over 200 important games on Lakers (vs Boston, Pistons, etc) on VHS in my deepest part of closet, including the one where they ran up Sacramento something like 26-4 in the 1st quarter, but wait, it goes back even deeper....I have back to 84-85 on Betamax, and for nostalgia, I do still have a Betamax that works (better than regular vhs, about the same as super-vhs).....never got around to moving them over to a hard drive....better, before quality fades over 25 years old....and you guys are right, watching the commercials is the fun part.

Magic was so siick.

Chick Hearn: Greatest announcer of all time.

Great video.


You two have a duty to Laker Nation!

You guys are our official historians! Please put down these videos for posterity!

Wow. Do you know what would be awesome? If once a week, the Kamenetzky Brothers put up a historical tribute to a Great historic Lakers game, just like BK did today.

I, for one, would LOVE that.

It would be so cool to chat up an example of Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson... heck, even Vlade Divac's game and did a compare and contrast with the present generation of Champions.

I'd love that.

And we'd get to listen to Chick once a week. That in itself would make the week worthwhile.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,
I think it was more free agency and the increasing availability of SportaCenter-type shows than Jordan. Certainly the fact that the (by far) most talented individual was on the (by far) best team added to that.

"Last touched by a crying Kevin McHale."

Who said it better than Chick? NO ONE!!!!!

Man, that was some great basketball!!!!

Thanks for the great stroll down memory lane!

Lamar Odom signing imminent.


I like the sound of that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I'm not sure I entirely agree with you, but I do see your point, particularly in regards to Sports Center-type shows built around highlights and arguments between shouting talking heads.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



The worst Laker starter ever has got to be Samaki Walker! Period.

Just to reiterate:

As far as the discussion of "best basketball player of all time" goes, I don't think you have to automatically give it to Jordan. Remember, he was in his prime in the 90s, when the talent pool had begun to shallow out. Magic was in his prime in the 80s, and played against the best in their primes. Magic could also DOMINATE a game from all 5 positions on the floor.

The next time someone tells you that Jordan was the best of all time, ask them if he ever started at center in game 6 of the NBA Finals as a rookie, played all 5 positions in the game, and came up with 42/15/7 - ON THE ROAD. He won the NBA Finals MVP - AS A ROOKIE. In a season when his teammate, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, won the league MVP.

Magic Johnson is, and will always be, the greatest of all time.

"That shot was straight as a mackerel swimming upstream" Now there is a Chick'ism I had not remembered hearing. Does it get any better then that?
You know Joel does not use Chick'isms on purpose, out of reverence, but I think in honor of Chick he/they should throw some out there once in a while.
"In and out heartbreak"
"mustards off the hotdog"
"In the popcorn popper"
We all know where they came from, It never gets old.

Jon (and others)-

That link from Yahoo just passes along the link from the OC Register and Janis Carr from the weekend (the one AK put up). There's nothing new in there. Someone put up a Tweet from Lakers Nation that characterized it as Yahoo "confirming" the Register report, but that's not really what it is.

So there's nothing new on Odom, but at the same time there's nothing to cause any concern, either. Everyone seems to think it'll get done.



Some of the comments about Sun Yue being the worst player ever to wear purple and gold unfortunately reminded me of the veiled racist comments from Charles Barkley and certain other NBA analysts when Yao Ming first entered the NBA draft back in 2002, when many black players and commentators actually scoffed and ridiculed the idea of a Chinese basketball player being selected #1 in the NBA draft.

While I don’t think that any of the comments on the blog were racially motivated, I can easily understand, being half Chinese myself, how other Chinese fans like humanomaly might easily be offended by some of the shallow and spiteful comments about Sun Yue, who basically has NO choice when it comes to deciding whether to play in the summer league or not. Like all Chinese athletes, the Chinese government makes those decisions.

As for Sun Yue’s performance, there is no doubt that at this time he is not close to being ready to compete in the NBA. To say he has no talent and was a poor decision to be added to the team, however, totally disregards some impressive play by Sun Yue in the summer league two years ago and in the Olympics playing for his home country. At a genuine 6-9 with true point guard ball handling and playmaking skills, Yue was really a sound pick for the second round as a low risk, high reward type of player.

In this case, he just did not get the chance to play and now the Lakers need to cut him to save the $1.5M in salary and taxes that he would cost the team next year. Bottom line, the decision is more of a financial decision than a statement that Sun Yue does not have the talent or ability to play in the NBA. Unfortunately, the Chinese government has put the NBA in a position of second fiddle when it comes to their basketball athletes. You even have to wonder if their pushing may have cost Yao Ming the rest of his career. I sure hope not but I would be dishonest if I said that the Chinese government should NOT be a consideration in the future to drafting a player from China.


---You cannot deny the obvious---

It doesn`t matter what sport you`re talking about...Chick Hearn is the greatest play-by-play announcer that will EVER be born!

{Vin Scully, you`re not even in the running!}

John K.... i have a buddy that's a true jordan nuthugger and HE even says that jordan ruined the NBA game.... him and the expansion teams of the 90s.... pre-jordan, it was about the team game and how all positions (and fundamental play) are vital to the team winning.... by the time the 90s rolled around and every 80s great (magic, bird, zeke, dr. j, moses) had retired and the expansion teams diluted the league.... the jordan era was more about dunking and posturing... mj was so dominant (vs. malone, clyde, barkley) that the league rightfully put the spotlight on one individual.... not knowing that the next generation of players (AI, tmac, vince carter, marbury) would take note and totally disregard team play and focus on their individual highlights.... the rebound, the outlet pass, the screen, the assist will not get you in the sportcenter top 10, but a mean dunk over mutombo or zo would certainly be included.... then we see that it's not about winning games anymore, and more about getting glory and the big contract.... even though they have nothing to show for it (rings).......

just piggy-backing on your comment brotha... hope you don't mind....

Look at how packed in the floor is. No one hanging out at the three point line. Magics ability to rip passes through these incredibly small passing lanes is remarkable. Anyone who says Magic was not the best point guard ever should watch these games. What he did was nearly impossible. Majic and Bird are absolutely the best players ever. Period.
The game is played completely different these days. Remember MJ didn't become the best player in the NBA until Majic and Bird were done. When they all three played MJ was the third fiddle to Bird and Majic.


I wonder if anybody else noticed that when Magic drove across the lane, all three Celtic defenders followed him leaving Kareem all by himself under the basket. In retrospect, Magic probably should have passed the ball to Kareem for an easy uncontested dunk. LOL. Not that any Lakers player would complain. I remember watching the commercial where the players appeared on the screen one at a time and actually wondered if Kareem was really THAT wide open. BK’s YouTube clearly showed that nobody was covering the Captain. How ironic that the greatest shot in Magic’s career actually was the result of a failure to spot Kareem all alone under the basket.

But thanks, BK, for the diversion. That was a beautiful basketball game. And like many commented, both teams ran like the Suns. Nothing like beating the Celtics in the Garden.


"and Kite gets popped in the face, he DESERVES to get hit in the face"
Say it like it is Chick!
Basketball was soooooooooo much better back then.
I miss Chick.


>>> Magic Johnson is, and will always be, the greatest of all time.

You got a great point there. Soon, there will be fewer fans who remember MJ and Kobe will take over as the greatest. Then maybe LeBron comes on and does to Kobe what Kobe did to MJ what MJ did to Magic. Best matchup ever has be Magic vs. Bird, even though they played different positions, they were still the marquee matchup because of how they dominated the game. Magic is the G.O.A.T.



That’s how next year’s Lakers team will have improved over this year’s team. A healthy Andrew Bynum and a strongly motivated Ron Artest for the entire season will make the Lakers are vastly improved team at both ends of the court. Most importantly, however, Bynum and Artest will dramatically improve the Lakers toughness and defense.



"Magic Johnson is, and will always be, the greatest of all time."


I could see the case of why Magic could be the greatest of all time so I won't dismiss your argument.

I just disagree since my choice is always Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt put up dominating numbers in rebounding/scoring and unlike most big men was a great playmaker and had one season of 8.6 assists!

True he only won two rings but consider that he played during the Celtics dynasty where he faced the greatest defender of all time in Bill Russell. Plus Chamberlain has the distinction of being the ONLY one to truly defeat Russell's Celtics as he handed Russell his only true loss as the only other time Russell didn't win a title was because he was injured. Where Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, and Oscar Robertson failed, Wilt succeeded. The closest to really come to Wilt is Kareem and Wilt's numbers triumph over Kareem.

That is why I consider the Big Dipper the greatest of all time and I'm glad that he had the distinction of being a Laker AND leading the Lakers to the championship.

3 things on this film:

1) It ain't a "baby hook," it's a "junior junior sky hook."

2) Yes, Kareem was wide open, hands ready on that play. Surprised Magic shot, but maybe he never had the angle with 2 Celtic bigs in his face.

3) This team was the real deal, the greatest team (5 titles) in an era of great teams (Sixers and Celts). They play AS A UNIT so well. I think the best team ever, not real deep, but the main 7-8 guys were so good.



Okay. Thanks for the clarification.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LOL! Kobe telling a kid at his camp how it is:


I don't mind at all. Thanks for the philosophical support.

I'm HOPING that with Lamar back and such a strong lineup featuring Thriller that next year's Lakers will be better than last year's Lakers and that we'll see more of that Showtime Era team ball featuring highly skilled players at all positions.

Sure, the media machine will continue to support Queen James, but as his team falters under the weight of The Big Mistake and the Lakers cut through opposing teams like a giant buzzsaw, that maybe the "value" of playing highly skilled team ball will be re-accepted not only by the media, but by a new generation of young players.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Some of the comments about Sun Yue being the worst player ever to wear purple and gold unfortunately reminded me of the veiled racist comments from Charles Barkley and certain other NBA analysts when Yao Ming first entered the NBA draft back in 2002"

I apologize if any of my comments made you feel that way. That was not my intent. Sun Yue's ethnicity has NOTHING to do with my comments. My comments are based around my perception of seeing him look totally lost everytime he stepped on the court.

I'd say Sun Yue reminds me of Yaroslav Korolev on the court. Just awkward. Unskilled. But by comparison, Yaroslav Korolev is much worse than Sun Yue because Sun Yue is just a minimum contract and Yaroslav Korolev was multi-million dollar lottery pick who was worse than any second rounder chosen in that draft.

Clippers really shot themselves in the foot with that pick.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




Yes, he should have, but if Magic missed the shot, Kareem would have been right there for the rebound and would have even taken more time off the clock.

A Great Lakers moment all the same.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"A healthy Andrew Bynum and a strongly motivated Ron Artest for the entire season will make the Lakers are vastly improved team at both ends of the court."

Good 2 see u're done with ariza-gate

"Kite deserves to be hit on the nose. that's a dirty rotten play!"

And no one got suspended!

Great to hear announcers call the game. I get tired of ex-players and coaches who criticize what happens on every play of the game.

Some Artest news ... ...

Good Afternoon Charles...Good Afternoon Everybody....

i remember that game like it was firstborn was less than a week old and I was on a natural high that just wouldn't quit...then this game and this the late great Mr. Gleason used to say..."oh how sweet it is"...

Magic would be my first all time playground pick (even though Worthy is my favorite Laker all time), as he is going to make all your next picks that much better not to mention just by himself he was arguably the best ...unfortunately there will never be another Magic, fortunately there are all these videos and history for all generations to enjoy...

as for Chick, as everybody else has said (even Red's love spawn) he is and was simple the one even in the same galaxy... I truely miss Chick every Laker game...

speaking of Red's love did you stand Johnny Most all those years...used your volume control a lot did you?

we had Old Golden Throat, the Celtics had Old Gravel Throat,,,just another (in a long line of many) aspect of the Lakers timeless superiority...





Thank you, for you are the voice of "more reason" than I. I tried to explain the physical maturity part, how Asians do not physically mature as young as African Americans or Caucasians...hell, I didn't have to shave till I was 23!!! My nephew the same!!! I'm hoping that Sun can stave off all the ridicule and have a Laker career that will put all these obvious racists to shame. People talk about his play as though he played all year long!!!! He played less than 30 minutes all year. Sasha stunk up the place for 3 years before it clicked and now he's back to stinking. I know what it all comes down to and it's sad. I can remember walking down the street and being called derogatory names in reference to my race. That was in the 60's.....but things don't change, ignorance is bliss.

Jon K. If someone wants those tapes, let me know where to send them.


I guess we'll never see the day when Magic takes Sun under his wing, because he's too busy pimping wings for his KFC's and the caffeine laden liquid that gets people all in a frenzy all over nothing (Starbucks).....Sun won't have a mentor as Bynum has Kareem.

Much love to His CHICKNESS!

Sir Chick are ALWAYS missed!


>>> That is why I consider the Big Dipper the greatest of all time and I'm glad that he
>>> had the distinction of being a Laker AND leading the Lakers to the championship.

Excellent comments, blitz. My first basketball hero was Wilt, whom I followed in college. A world class sprinter and great athlete, Wilt was the reason I became a Lakers fan. I had rooted for him as a Warrior and then as a 76er. While Magic is still my G.O.A.T., Wilt is right there next to him in my book. Good to see us agree for a change.


more thoughts seemingly,

does anyone remember the "F Kite" (unabridged and graphically complete verbage) sign at the parade that combined the two K's so it looked a little disquised, apparently disquised enough for Channel 9 to leave it on for a good three minutes or more...classic !


chick hearn was the master! i would watch wnba games if he called them.

Laker Tom,

Language. Can't print that. C'mon, man.


Geez, both teams played hard for 48 minutes.

They would never make it in today's NBA.

Jon -

Agreed on all accounts about the refereeing. I forgot to put that in my points, but like you, the marked difference in quality between then and now was glaring. The handling of the fights, the quality of the calls (and non calls!), and the ENTHUSIASM with which they refereed is rather shocking after watching the debacle that was the majority of the 2009 Playoffs.

KB Blitz -

I didn't mean just fronting. Today, defenses mix it up CONSTANTLY on the opposing team's best players, especially in the playoffs and Finals when there's more time to scout and practice defensive schemes. Against a dominant post player, teams will mix up playing a guy straight up, 3/4 front, full front, a strong double team from the baseline, a weak (show) double from the top of the key, immediate doubles vs. doubling on the bounce, shading him middle and forcing him into baseline help, guarding him with a bigger player, guarding him with a smaller player... I mean, the Lakers did ALL these things on Dwight Howard in the Finals and he just looked plain confused. Not that Kareem wouldn't have been more adept at picking them up, but jeez, the guy shot nothing but righty hooks the entire game against straight up defense and the occasional weak and delayed double team. Part of that is because the shot is near indefensible, so why NOT go to it every time? But I feel like today's defensive schemes would be far more concentrated on taking away The Cap's favorite shot, forcing him into spots where he's not as successful, and generally, taking him out of any kind of comfort zone.

Oh, and, one other point I forgot to put in my original list...

How many of those shots that were taken (by both sides) would players get KILLED for by the coaching staff for taking today? Now, rather than just taking the immediate open jumper, guys are instructed to pull it back and wait for the offense to set up. It seems counterintuitive... if it's a high percentage open look, take it! That's what I love about D'Antoni's offense. Guys are free to take the best look as soon as possible, even if there are 20 seconds left on the shot clock. People are free to disagree, but I feel like waiting for the offense to set up also allows the defense to set up and you're keeping yourself from getting easy, open looks. I don't mind Sasha taking that wing 3 with 21 seconds left on the shot clock as long as he's wide open for it. That's a good look that he'd be lucky to get from the set offense.


Sorry about that. I removed the wrong word. You can delete this intro comment. My apologies.



Thanks for your comment. I did not take anybody’s comments as racist. I just wanted to point out that it is reasonable to expect some sensitivity when you rip a player on the blog, especially when the player is not an African-American. I felt sorry for Sun not getting a chance to play in the summer league but he also failed to adjust and looked like a deer in the headlights the few chances he got. My main point is that he had talent but could not overcome his mental anxieties. As a half Chinese, I understand the cultural differences very well and can see how foreign players are often easily intimidated by the dominance, aggressiveness, and athleticism of the great African-American players in the NBA.

I remember distinctly two episodes where Charles Barkley basically came across to me as an unabashed racist. One was his crude laughing and outright dismissal of Yao Ming, whom he said would never be a good player in the NBA. The second was a similar incident where he basically did the same thing about Manu Ginobli when Kenny Smith claimed Manu was going to be a star in the league. Those incidents left me convinced that Barkley, like many African-American players and even white players like Larry Bird commonly dismiss players who are not black as naturally inferior and unable to compete in the NBA. You can have a never-ending discussion about whether African-Americans are better basketball players because of race or societal factors but like all generalizations, it is grossly unfair to apply such discussions to individual players or countries.


to blh,

any team in the last 10 years would beat either of these teams by 20+ points almost every game. Usually by 30-40

so take your pick

the official Los Angeles Lakers Championship DVD, which gets released Tuesday

see a clip at

If you want you copy of the DVD signed by a Laker, you have a couple of chances Tuesday:

Jordan Farmar and Luke Walton, Wal-Mart, 7250 Carson Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90808 (Signing will take place from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm)

Derek Fisher, Best Buy, 740 S. Sepulveda Blvd El Segundo, CA 90245 (Signing will take place from 6:00-7:30 PM)

In that entire clip, not once did I hear Keith Erickson's voice.
Oh I forgot, I didn't hear him throughout the entire 80's either.

Jon K,

Excellent point regarding Jordan. I have had that argument many times with friends (although one could also argue that the Bad Boys started a trend that hurt the NBA almost as much). Until Jordan, I had never heard of a "supporting cast" -- Magic would never have referred to his teammates that way, nor, in fairness, would Bird. That really seemed to me to be a turning point.

BK -- thanks for this post. Brings back great memories of being at UCLA at this time listening to Chick on the radio. He could create such a picture with his words, truly remarkable guy.

tried to watch the kareem interviews, but got tired of the crap advertising real fast. only made it through one.

Not sure yet but the Raptors may have signed Smush..Still trying to find out for sure though....He may just be training camp fodder.....The grim reaper...returns.............


Johnny never had the same meaning to Celtic fans, that Chick had to Laker fans. If you`ve heard otherwise, it`s simply not true.

We liked him only because he loved the Celtics. Period.

But, we never "loved" the guy. We all knew he was a "homer"...but he was "our homer", so it was all good.

Take away the "Havlicek stole the ball" call, and Johnny is very much forgotten around here.

Also, I know a few people who had unpleasant experiences with him, as well.

Chick would be proud...

first championship since his passing. I'm sure he was with us cheering from up above.

We miss you Chick.

Jon K. If someone wants those tapes, let me know where to send them.



I'll convert those tapes to dvd for you. I've done it before w/ a previous batch of unearthed Chick tapes from 81-83.

Feel free to PM me at youtube (nonplayerzealot4). Hope you're interested. Thx, npz

magic match offer to resign gortat. looks like utah will keep millsap, cause frankly p town's offer was a little weak. Too bad you guys got screwed on the D Miles thing, huh? Looks like LO will come back for 8 mil, which is more than P Town can offer to him. ty thomas, boozer and hinrich still might get shuffled around, but the big game of musical chairs is winding down, and who is standing, his little bag of skittles in his hand. I'm happy, cause we get to keep him, and ex won't have to prematurely sour grapes sour gummi bears? Even on LO's most 'inconsistent' days he still defends and rebounds like a mo fo.

J Pargo to Bulls, Anthony Parker to Cleveland, Drew Gooden or Glen Davis to detroit? does anyone have their scoresheet?
How'd I do?

We need a new reality show 'the announcer'

twenty five people in a house in LA, taking turns calling nba games. Every week, one guy gets voted off, and at the end of the season, the winner gets to have an actual announcing job. I'd watch.

Phred...I dont think Dallas are done just yet..ARE you ready for this..yesterday while strolling through the www i came across a little crust...Dampier to the Bucks for Michael Redd and pieces ...Its out there ...I got it from a story on the bleacher report...It could be hot air but it was posted yesterday afternoon...If this deal did go down it would spell the end of Josh Howard in Dallas as well...

Just sayin.............

Thanks for that. I had tears in my eyes, mostly listening to the greatness of Chickie. Damn I miss him. The case was way better with him at the mike....

"But I feel like today's defensive schemes would be far more concentrated on taking away The Cap's favorite shot, forcing him into spots where he's not as successful, and generally, taking him out of any kind of comfort zone."

The Defensive schemes today favor more the perimeter players and in fact lower the dominance of a big man. Less hand checking on the perimeter but practically the same physicality on the post AND can be defended a variety of ways. Hence why I remember when the NBA legalized zone defenses Shaq hated it because he could be doubled without the ball and it practically limited his touches on the post.

On the post I agree with you and the rules today helps limit the dominance of the big man. Very few big men today are good at all and no disrespect to Dwight because he is the best today but compared to David Robinson, The Dream, Prime Shaq, Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Dwight is a baby and part of the reason is because of the rules today (some theorize because it was an attempt to limit Shaq's dominance).

On the perimeter is a different story though and like you said to Jon the referees in the 80's were NOWHERE as whistle happy as today's and the rules today regarding perimeter play are a BIG reason why.

You know Laker's Fans,

This TV broadcast of the 1987 finals remains me that I been an Lakers Fan for over 42 years. I remenber watching that game. Thanks

Red's Love Child,

>>>---You cannot deny the obvious---
>>>It doesn`t matter what sport you`re talking about...Chick
>>>Hearn is the greatest play-by-play announcer that will
>>>EVER be born!

Even Laker haters know a good thing when they hear one. I
think we can all agree that those Lakers-Celtics series in the
80's was some of the best basketball played in the history of
the league.

Bobbie T.:

"any team in the last 10 years would beat either of these teams by 20+ points almost every game. Usually by 30-40

so take your pick"

if you are talking about the 80's Lakers and Celtics that must be some chronic chronic yer long have you been watching basketball through that diving bell helmet?

Red's Love Rugrat,

very interesting indeed, I really didn't realize that at all, surprising as well....

how is the local attitude toward Tommy Heinsen? he seems to be even more of homer and more annoying than Johnny (at least Johnny had Chick's respect, outwardly at least)...


Tom Daniels,

>>>1) It ain't a "baby hook," it's a "junior junior sky hook."

I remembered it as the "real real junior sky hook". But I
remember what you're talking about.

I heard a report today that the Blazers, should Millsap be retained by the Jazz, would have $10 million in cap space to offer Lamar Odom a contract.

Is this correct? My understanding was that it was $7.7 million (or just shy). If the salary cap is $57.7 million, and they're at $50 million, $7.7 would make sense. Aren't teams only allowed to go over the cap in order to retain their own players (like the Lakers with Lamar)? Can you sign another team's player and go over the cap?

To further confuse the issue, some sites (ESPN) show that their payroll is $50 million. Some (Hoopshype, Hoopsworld) show that it's $48.6 million. Someone please educate me.

I can't believe anyone thinks Sun Yue comments are racist. Have you seen him play? YUCK!
He has no apparent talent or knowledge of the game. He is slow afoot, a poor shooter and can't pass nearly as well as advertised. Yeah, he's 6'9", but Chuck Nevitt was 7'6" and no one called me a racist because I insulted his play.
Oh yeah, Nevittt was white, oh well, you get the point. Laker fans don't care what color a player is all they care about is "will he help us win a title?" Obviously not in Sun Yue's case. Besides, I love Chinese women!

Jon K.;

That's Kelly Green - there is no other choice for the green, and it's beautiful.


Tellin' it like it is.

>>>Not sure yet but the Raptors may have signed
>>>Smush..Still trying to find out for sure though....He may
>>>just be training camp fodder.....The grim

The Smushcalade... rollin' in the C-to-the-AN-A-DA.


Below the jump? What - where? What does below the jump mean?

thirty 2 - That rumor would be a new one on me, but I don't think the trading is so much over, just the unrestricted FA's getting the decent contracts. There could be lots of trades left, and probably a few lopsided ones as teams try to cut salary.

I'm pretty sure that the blazer's could get cute and try some tricks on with LO that they tried with Millsap, and try to pull shenanigans with signing contracts and bonuses and what not, but there's a difference. LO is an unrestricted agent, and there isn't a deadline for us to sign him. we can out wait portland if we want to. Or we could just offer him a little over 8 mil. and call it a day.

and to top it all off the Clippers are talking to Iverson...As if Baron Davis wasnt bad enough...

The most famous phrase coined by Chick is probably the 'slam dunk'. But there is a long list of Chick-ism's:

To Floyd,

It doesn't really matter how much more young and alive you felt 20 years ago. Teams from back then would be annihilated by the '09 Clippers. The league is so much bigger and faster now.

God I miss Chick! He was, by far, the greatest play-by-play man in the history of broadcast sports. As a kid growing up in LA I probably listened to more games on the radio than I watched on TV. Chick painted such a vivid picture you didn't even need to watch the game.

It was a very different game back then. The ticky-tac foul (Chic) was rare. You had to work really hard to get ejected, and fundementals were not the exception.

The difference between the Bulls era and the 80's was that there was more than one dominant team. The level of competition is what made it so awesome.

Nothing better than pulling the couches out on the front yard at the frat, BBQ and Lakers v Celtics.

I still hear this everyday in my warped mind:

"The eggs are cool. The butter's getting hard,...and the jello's jigglin!"


>>>To further confuse the issue, some sites (ESPN) show
>>>that their payroll is $50 million. Some (Hoopshype,
>>>Hoopsworld) show that it's $48.6 million. Someone please
>>> educate me.

I'll start with this one.

You'd probably be even more confused if you added up the
actual salaries of the players listed at ESPN, since it's way
short of the 50 million they report! (their 50 million total
includes the 9 million in cap space Darius Miles still occupies).

That 48.6 million listed at Hoopshype doesn't include their cap
holds. If you have a first round draftee and you haven't signed
them yet, there is a cap hold that cuts into your cap space for the
minimum amount that you need to pay them (first round picks
have pre-calculated first year salaries).

You might remember that Portland has bought several first
round picks and parked them overseas: Joel Freeland,
Petteri Koponen, and Victor Claver are the difference
between the two sets of numbers.

So if they want to keep all of the rights to those players,
then they actually have over 51 million in cap used. (I
think ESPN is accounting for this year's draft pick, Victor
Claver, but not including Freeland or Koponen).

So basically, Portland's actual cap space as it stands today
is about 6.7 million. But they could waive the rights to any
or all of Claver, Koponen, or Freeland and raise their cap space
up to about 9.1 million max.

I'm a little curious how they can make the offer they did
to Millsap.
If I'm not mistaken, the total value of the first year is for more
than the amount of their cap space. The reported deal was
that Millsap's salary would be right around the MLE level,
or just a bit above, but with a huge signing bonus (5.6 million).

Supposedly, they'd have to pay 10.3 million within one
week of agreeing to the contract.

The way I understood things, to make an offer, you must
actually have the cap space to make that offer. So maybe
signing bonuses don't count against the cap space, only
the actual salary does. I'm sure both would count against
the luxury tax. Or maybe Portland waived those three draftees
already, I'm not sure.

>>>I heard a report today that the Blazers, should Millsap be
>>> retained by the Jazz, would have $10 million in cap
>>>space to offer Lamar Odom a contract.
>>>Is this correct? My understanding was that it was $7.7
>>>million (or just shy).

So the short answer is they have between 6.7 million and 9.1
million in cap space, depending on whether they want to keep
the rights to all their unsigned first round draft picks or not.

I just can't wait until the day that I come on here and see the thread about Lamar re-signing. I come on here every day after work with my fingers crossed.

So get this: according to one of Ric Bucher's newest tweets, his source tells him the 8 mil per year deal we read about yesterday was bogus! The talks are still not going smooth.

I am one of the fans who agree that the Lakers will not repeat without LO! Artest can take up the slack of trevor, but he can never make up for the Lamar Factor. Nuff said.

Those were cool posts about Chick and Johnny Most.

I used to belong to a USC Football blog and we actually had a few of the Notre Dame guys that posted there regularly. There was alot of nasty exchanges going on when the Notre Dame guys showed up but there were also alot of them that brought some great input.

I invite you to contribute (not that you need my and to exchange good basketball talk with us. If you chose to do that, you would also have to wade through an eternity of BS by fans that are haters and that sucks (I admit to my small moments as well).

HOWEVER, I hold that something good may be possible if you choose to give it a try. Our two franchises are the cream of the crop and no other NBA rivalries have come close.

What say?


The NBA D-League Select team beat the Minnesota Timberwolves
in summer league today. That's right, Minnseota is worse than

As many have drooled, those 1980's teams were special, as were the Bird-McHale-Parrish-DJ Celtics. Folks, either team would match up well, very well, against MJ's Bulls, and they would beat the crud out of recent NBA champions of the past decade. The athleticism of Showtime was good as any team the past 25 years. The prime of NBA basketball.

But I can't figure out what's more heartwarming. Showtime or Chicky Baby. Whenever I heard Chick's voice, I am well up in tears. His voice (and Vinny's) filled my childhood/teenage evenings in the 1960's. Many of a night I snuck the old transistor under the covers after 10 pm (as if my parents didn't know) to catch the end of games in the early 60's.

We Lakers' fans that date back to then and (in my case much) earlier are a lucky bunch.

The Clippers' team of Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan,
and others should totally bury the Lakers team of Adam Morrison
and his supporting cast.

Oh...I forgot. Thanks BK. This takes the edge off of 110F!


Wow. You guys really brought the crown pleasers with those Laker clips. I think we're all addicted and want more. I can't believe how nimble Worthy was. He did this spinning 180 behind the back, finger roll lay up that was sick. Then when he got floored by Kike or whoever, he leapt off the ground, did this great spin move before landing a left jab that bloodied that Celtic guy's nose.



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