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Lakers pull offer to Lamar Odom

Writes the LAT's Broderick Turner: Lamar Odom in game

The Lakers have pulled their offer off the table to free-agent forward Lamar Odom, sources close to the negotiations said Tuesday.

Lakers owner Jerry Buss is upset that Odom and his representative, agent Jeff Schwartz, haven't made contact with the organization regarding its $9-million per season offer for three years, according to one source...

...Odom and his agent have been seeking $10 million for five years.

Neither Schwartz nor Odom could be reached for comment. Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said, "I wouldn't comment on negotiations."

The source also said Buss was not happy that Odom and Schwartz have been having talks with the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat about a deal, but have refused to talk to the Lakers..."

Obviously this isn't the news fans want to hear, but it also doesn't mean the negotiations are over. Not by a long shot.

Because there's so little chatter coming out of each camp, the true depth of tension is tough to read.  For me, at least. I believe, though- and this is important- that neither side will get so emotional as to scuttle the process unnecessarily (i.e. there's unlikely to be what Lakers fans now call "A David Lee Moment").  Certainly Odom wasn't throwing bombs when Andy spoke to him Monday night, and for the most part both the Lakers and Schwartz have wisely kept the negotiations out of the media. 

Most people seem to believe the sticking point has less to do with yearly salary, and is more about the length of the deal.  The Lakers are (understandably) concerned about committing big money to Odom as he gets deeper into his 30s, while Odom is (understandably) looking to get the most out of what will likely be his last big NBA deal.  

It's an interesting negotiation, since neither party appears to have a viable Plan B at hand.  There isn't a big money suitor readily available for Odom via free agency, and sign-and-trades are always a tricky prospect.  The Lakers, meanwhile, will be hard pressed to use the open market to fill his spot should Odom leave.  I can say this with some confidence, though: LO isn't going to get 5 years and $50 mil, but I can't believe that's their line in the sand.

Nobody wins if this goes totally off the rails.  Odom will be away from the city he loves, and less likely to win more rings.  The Lakers, meanwhile, will lose a vital cog in the championship machine. Free agency is a strange game, and like Global Thermonuclear War, the winning move may be simply not to play.

Learn, people!  Learn!  

As a side note, computers have really come a long way, you know?  Today, you could fit most of the stuff in that war room on my cell phone. 


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Say it ain't so. Arrrgh!

9M per year in 3 years is not that bad. is this what happen after a great playoff play? dammit LO, please come back

Buss folds....whatcha gonna do now LO???....I sure hope that mitch has a plan B....

Umm this is bad news ... taking the offer away seems to me to mean we're done negotiating ...

Otherwise how is it different from we're negotiating but far apart ...

Bye-Bye Odom

man...the blog have become like regular news on tv the past 2 days....only have depressing news to report.. :*)

I guess at the end of the day, owners/GM determine the value of a 30-yr old veteran based on his career and not just the performance in a single year or one playoff series notwithstanding it was the most important one. anyone knows any NBA history where key players were dropped from a championship team and went on to win the following year? i need some inspiring stories.

Good for you, J Buss...
I don't blame the LAL organization for this move...
I understand that this is business and negotiation.... but, the way it has gone is pretty ugly... and it turns the public against the Odom camp...
Odom could have pulled Bynum and said "enough is enough" and "get the deal done" to his agent.
He didn't and is not doing that.
I see Odom's value to the team, and have been an ardent supporter of his... but,not like this...
This smells an awful lot like TA situation...
Who needs an unhappy player in the locker room for several years anyway, while you are spending upwards of $16 milllion to $20 million per year depending on where it settles (incl. luxury tax).

Good bye, Lamar. You are being absolutely STUPID on this one... and the Busses made a big good will gesture, which was thrown in the mud.... too bad...

Lamar Odom can be such a space cadet.

What? He can't feed his children on $27 million and the $63 million he was previously overpaid? That's $90 million total. And he can make more after that contract.

If he leaves such a good situation as what he has with the Lakers, I would only think about him as an Air-Hole, Air-head.

Championships just don't mean much to him, I would guess.

$9 million a year for three years is a very generous offer. Afterwards, he can get the mid-level exemption for another $35 million. That would make it $125 million for his career.

If he leave, I guess he just doesn't know how to live on $125 million. And he can't feed his children on it as well.

Is a sign and trade for Carlos Boozer a possibility?
I've ALWAYS been a huge supporter of Lamar, but
that trade would make me feel better right away.

I dunno - Buss didn't like it when Shaq screamed about a contract extension and let him go. LO isn't screaming, that's for sure, but I mean, c'mon - LO needs to bend a little. Buss did, now LO should.

I hope they do. I really want LO back.

5 yrs @ 40mm or 4yrs @36mm should at least be offered ... cuz rite now 3 yr @ 9 gives a guranteed contract less than the MLE ... lakers can make a better offer

C'mon people. We can figure this out. Collectively, we can find the compromise between money and years that will satisfy both sides.
My first thought is 5 years at 34 mil. First 3 years at 28 mil last 2 years at 3 mil each LO's option on last 2 years.
Ok, improve on this. Tell me why this can't work.

Incredibly greed by ownership and bus.

DO you really think the Lakers come out better if they don't sign him than if they sign him to 10mil for 4+ years? They are goign to look like idiots giving up the draft picks, getting Kobe to wait on an extension, getting the extra playoff money and retaining neither free agent.

Do you really think the Lakers don't have the money to pay Odom?

Also, the whole salary cap "zomg it's 2x because of the cap" argument is for total idiots. The salary cap penalty should be looked at proportional to all the salaries on the team not just Odoms.

If Odom goes somewhere for mid-level Buss and the GM will look like idiots. They do not win in this case.

This is BS..The Lakers obviously had no intention of signing him. Money is more important.

Well done Dr. Buss. This dude had been all year long saying that he loved to stay a laker, be a laker for life, that he would take a pay cut etc etc etc....all so that lakers didn't get his back rear end traded to another team.

Now what the hell, he doesn't think he's worth $27 million 3 years in this economy?.

Odom may have been really good in some games, but I would see myself most of the time hitting my head against the wall for his idiotic decisions, lack of fire and underachieving play.

He was told many times by PJ to go use the summer to improve his play but he never did anything outside the scope of the regular season to become a better player and contribute to his team in a more extended role.

Can't believe the guy who wants the Lakers to pull an eye out of their own face for his service is the guy who couldn't sacrifice a month of vacation in 5 seasons to get better.

Selfish, dumb, heartless, underachieving.....

I can't wait to see this guy come in another's team uniform for the Staple's crowd to destroy him

Plan B is a sign and trade, talk to the bulls about a heinrich, thomas deal, and ship LO,s inconsistant gehind out of here. I truly believe tyrus thomas will improve well enough to help this team and defensively getting both players is an upgrade form what LO provides on defense.

look at the potential starting five Heinrich,Bryant,Artest,Gasol & Bynum, with a bench of Fisher,Thomas Walton farmer the machine & Brown. That is stil a championship team to me and it would be much better defensively.

Wow. Odom might be the most foolish man in America if he signs with Dallas or Miami for 10 mill, just to get booted out of the playoffs in the first round. while he could get 9 mill to sing in LA and compete for a title. Nothing LA can do about it if Odom wants to be foolish.

Nooooooo!!! Kupchack u need to sign Odom!!! Odom wise up and take 9 mil over three years!!!

First Ariza's agent drops the ball and now Odom. 9 mill a year when you have been overpaid. That is gift, they should jump on it.

woah that post was pretty angry.. I guess I should probably relax a little on the situation huh

If what we are reading is true, it was disrespectful for Lamar's camp not to respond to what is a very respectable offer.

Buss didn't fold. Buss called Lamar's bluff. Is Lamar going
to just take a deal for MLE cash & walk away?

Well, that's not good news.

I think I will go to bed and sleep on this.

"I can say this with some confidence, though: LO isn't going to get 5 years and $50 mil, but I can't believe that's their line in the sand."

U so sure abt that? a 5 year CTT starting at 9 mio rounds out to 54 w/10% annual raises - which the lakers can offer him.

do u even follow the nba?

In this game of chicken, I wonder -- are both sides at their decision point, or have the cars crashed?

So this is where deals get saved, apologies and conversations. Diplomacy instead of demands. All too often, negotiations become about personalities instead of numbers. This should have been a simple deal. Now it's going to take some extra work.

Maybe the Candy Man wants to go play baseball instead? Offending Buss is a huge mistake.

Along with age-of-the-team issues, I can't see the Lakers signing LO to a 5-year deal given that the last deal he had (5 or 6, right?) he didn't play well until the final year and a half of the contract ... and even then only for 20-30% of the games ... (but I do very much want to see LO back on the team as those games he does play well are quite important to overall success).

LO and the Lakers, star-crossed lovers ....

LO was successful as a Laker because he got less attention than Kobe and Pau from opposing defenses. I only wonder if he be as effective with other teams as he has been as #3 option with the Lakers?

Are you guys sure it's 3yrs/27 million? Ramona Shelburne of the LA Daily News said LA offered either 4 yrs/36 milllion or 3 yrs/30 million. LO rejected both deals.

If that's accurate, wow. LO must be on a bender or something.

There has to have been a Plan B -- since Mitch went public with this yesterday. They began putting the screws on yesterday, then they didn't get a response (apparently) from LO's camp and so now they have gone into more of an "All In" posture.

No (wise) gambler does that unless he sees a window of opportunity. And it is not simply that "we are bluffing to make Lamar put his chips in the pot" (i.e. come back to us with a compromise to get a deal done).

The FO has to have some idea of how they are going to make life work w/o Lamar, or else this is the dumbest move they've made in quite a while.

They have proven over the last 3-4 years that they really don't act impetuously, without some plan in mind. so, I would imagine we will see the other shoe drop in the next 24 hours.

But . . . whatever that might be, we fans may not like it and/or it may take some time to wrap our heads around it.

Next year could be more challenging than we thought, trying to integrate 2 (or 3) new pieces into the triangle.

Lamar is a fool.

Lakers offer to Odom was either three years and $30 million or four years and $36 million. Odom rejected both.

He rejected both those offers?!? How much does he want?!

This is the right move by the Lakers organization. Three years and $28 million for a guy who averaged a hair over 9 points a game when coming off the bench (a role he will be back to next season with a healthy Andrew Bynum) is actually an absurdly generous offer. As proof, consider:

1. Nobody else in the league has offered LO this kind of money; and

2. The seasoned Jerry Buss is pissed that Team Odom hasn't recognized the generosity and pulled the offer.

Buss was ready to overpay for this BENCH PLAYER, but he isn't willing to overpay to the tune of 5 years. LO is not a starter on this team, and his value to the team will decline as the starters improve over last season. In fact, LO wasn't all that valuable last year when coming off the bench. His value was in stepping in when Drew went down. You can't justify $20 million (with taxes) to buy more insurance against Bynum going down again.

Kobe could have opted out and gotten more money; Artest could have signed elsewhere for more money; and Shannon Brown could have gotten more money with another team. Each of those players will make less money next year than they could have, but they understood the value of winning and playing in LA.

For all his talk of wanting to "be a champion" and taking less money to stay home, LO has proven himself to be as inconsistent in the offseason as he is in the regular season. I'm sure Ron Ron will be happy to autograph next year's championship season DVD for LO in 12 months....

What about a S&T with the Bulls? Lamar for Hinrich

so let me get this straight?!?!

LO just passed up 9MIL at 3 years for 4-5 years at midlevel???

am i missing something here?? at the end of 3 years lamar will be 33 and probably still be good for another midlevel deal.

i dont blame buss. eventually you gotta stand your ground and not let him suck you for every penny.

now the balls back in lamars court... give up the ring and get less elsewhere or come begging buss back and pray the 9MIL will still be on the table.


At these numbers, popular opinion is swinging against LO. Time isn't on his side. Especially as attitudes harden. When it all falls apart, the Lakers's options are better than Lamar's. He should have gone to Vegas and the WSOP instead of Farmar. Is it guts or stupidity? It is starting to tilt to the latter.

Interesting times.

What is going on here?

Come on people, get this done, throw in a few crates of Hubba Bubba and get on with it. Do you think Kobe's going to last forever? Get it done.

hard to believe that Buss turned to be so emotional. He should be a very successful businessman. Usually should be cool, right?

Man lamar is dumb, he stated time and time again that he would take a paycut in order to be a laker and look at him, money talks. So many athletes are so greeedy like if 3 years 27 million dollars isnt enough for him! This is exactly like the trevor ariza situatiion. Lamar is gonna regret leaving the lakers! The best city, and the best team in the leage, with the greatest basketball player in the world. I dont know what else he wants. Maybe he doesnt like winning champiobships thats probably why he's so inconsistent! Hopefully the lakers can pick up another quality big man that can play behind gasol and bynum because i dont trust bynums weak knees to last a whole season!

The LO "negotiations" have been like auto-erotic asphyxiation...Lamar and his people are feeling the thrill of the haggle and edginess of how far this can go but in the end, they run the risk of choking to death...Odom can't possibly be serious about playing for the Heat again and his hometown Knicks aren't coming through that could get ugly for both sides a la David Carradine...

so greedy u cant live off 9 mill a yr when we have people with no jobs fighting to pay their bills with this bad economy. sign and trade sounds good...he isn't gonna sign for the mid level so we at least get something back.

I just assume that one of the assumptions underlying the discussion here is incorrect: management has a second option to pursue other than Lamar Odom. They wouldn't pull a David Lee on Odom like this if they weren't prepared with a decent fall-back position.

lamar i hope the lakers give you a good deal that benefit both partys. what ever you do i wish you the best,i just got your jersey lucky#7

"Buss didn't fold. Buss called Lamar's bluff. Is Lamar going
to just take a deal for MLE cash & walk away?"

If that's what happens, then he's deserves what he gets for being so stupid.

Greed is not good...

Odumb was overpaid for 5 straight seasons and can't get now a deal that pays him probably more than what he's really worth it.


don't let the door hit you on the way out

Why do so many fans think only players can be greedy?

this is WAY WAY WAY more a case of Buss being greedy. He made 15-25 million off of the playoffs this year(2 million just per home game) along with the 4.5 million from draft picks. He lost Ariza and picked up Artest (net loss of 2 million from last season on that).

You guys are getting played thinking Odom is being greedy. Also, you guy are being ridiculous thinking Odom isn't holding the cards. There is no way the lakers would have won this year without Odom and the second Bynum has troubles (if) this year they'll be in bad shape. Whose going to match up vs Richard Jefferson? there are ton of these questions to be asked.

I just wish the media did a better job finding out how easy it would be for the Lakers to give Odom 10 per

According to the LA Daily News:

"After raising their offer to Odom to either $30 million for three seasons or $36 million for four years - his choice - the Lakers have pulled their offer from the table after the versatile forward declined each."

Odom is a moron. If he was so concerned about not getting 5 years he should have negotiated for 8 mil for 5 years of 40 mil. Lakers might have given that to him. but noooo.... he is talking to Dallas or Miami for a 34 mil 5 year contract? I always knew he was dumb when he made all those bad decisions on the court but I didnt know he was so dumb that he couldnt recognize whats good for him. Lakers will still be the team to beat with Artest. If Lakers offer 8 mil to David Lee who averages 15 and 10, that would more then suppliment Odom. Mitch, move on and go for Lee. He is younger, more consistent and more important of all smarter.

Also, 9 mil/year for the 6th man is a ton of do-re-mi. He'd be highest paid bench player. I'm fine w/ letting him go as long as there's someone else coming back to replace him.

lamar, you're a f'ing greedy b**ch. u are not worth $10M per yr for 5 yrs u dumbass! dr. buss good for you, u gave lamar legit generous offers. lakers repeat in 2010 with or without you lamar. 'nuff said.


"this is WAY WAY WAY more a case of Buss being greedy. He made 15-25 million off of the playoffs this year(2 million just per home game)"

Which one is it? $15 million or $25 million. That's a pretty big gap there.
Also there's the rent money with AEG/Staples Center.
Plus where did you get the $2 million dollar figure? Is this net?

"You guys are getting played thinking Odom is being greedy."
3 year $30 million? 4 Years $36 million? So what is unfair about that to you?

"Also, you guy are being ridiculous thinking Odom isn't holding the cards."
So if he is holding the cards, what is stopping him?

"I just wish the media did a better job finding out how easy it would be for the Lakers to give Odom 10 per"

maybe now is an appropriate time to rephrase this question:

does anybody still think kobe should've opted out for the "good of the team" or in hopes his selfless teammates would do the same?

Wonderful news!

I'm getting soooo sick and tired of this greedy, underachieving (except for his contract year)player

People are losing their jobs, losing their homes, taking half dosages of their drugs to save money and this pig is not happy with $9 million!!!

Good for you Dr Buss. You're my hero!!

I hope he signs somewhere else for a lot less!!!

BobbieT, surely you jest. "Who is going to match up vs Richard Jefferson"? Are you serious? How about Ron Artest, your starting small forward? If you don't like that one, how about Kobe Bryant? Hell, I'd sooner play Luke Walton against RJ than pay $20 million for a backup power forward. If you think LO can guard RJ then you clearly don't watch much basketball. That would make LO a small forward, and if LO could be a SF he'd be a starter and we wouldn't be having this discussion.

I recommend people twitting their discontent directly into Odom's profile, I already twitted him a very agressive message which he will probably not read, but if all us unite it'll be impossible for him to ignore us.

I don't care that Buss is rich and lakers make a lot of money, I'm really pissed that this guy who made us believe he loved the lakers and the city regardless of his more than often subpar play, wants OUR team to break the bank and overpay him in such dire financial times.

You know the Laker's are one of the few teams in the League w/Two 7-Footers. Lamar could be making a TERRIBLE mistake if the differnce between both parties is only $1 Million. Lamar's talents are best show-cased when he DEFERS to the best player on the planet (Kobe). Lets go ahead and get this Deal done so we can prepare better for the next parade...

Lakers has met LO more than half way.

If they are drawing the line at 10 mil a year then LO better start selling more ugly Rich Soil t-shirts because he ain't getting it.

What he will get is the mid-level for 5 years and a one way ticket to obscurity.

Like with Ariza, after a certain point, I don't care. I'm pretty confident in this team. I want to see Bynum become a monster. I want to see Shannon become this year's Ariza. I want Morrison to be an automatic 8-10 points off the bench. I want to see 4 guys in the all star team not named Lamar Odom (Kobe, Pau, Ron, Andrew). Whatever!

If Shaq wasn't bigger than this franchise, why would Odom think HE is?! I think Buss knows all too well what he has in the Lakers. He's no dummy.

LO, prove that you are not a dummy either. Sign on the line fool.

Why is the Laker front office going public when Lamar's side has been silent throughout the entire negotiations? Their PR department is having a busy summer, almost as busy as the summer of InsiderGate.

Here are the three possible scenarios why the front office went public:

1. This is nothing but a negotiation ploy to force Odom to lower his offer - 60% likelihood.

2. Buss is really pissed and has completely given up on signing Lamar - 20% likelihood.

3. Buss is a little pissed but sees a perfect opportunity to save $20 million a year without taking a PR hit. - 20% likelihood.

F^%$#@! *&^%$ING @$%%#!

^^()&*^%! M*%$%& *&%&^$

YOU *(&&%ING *&%%!

drat. I still stand by my predictions. LO will be a laker again. 4 years, 36 mil is better than I predicted, so that will probably be close enough. unless their is some serious bad jojo going around, that is.

Charles- how can you question the love? the love wants its dynasty, gi or not, but the love is still there.

LO, you can't spell LOVE without you. Come on man, I love you. Don't make me beg. Ok, maybe not. But I we go into next season with josh (*^*(&^ing powell as our backup PF-C, we're going to be in trouble.

How is Kobe not freaking out and sticking his foot up either LO's or mitch's keister? Hey, mitch says he knows stuff we don't. Phil and Kobe have been silent and cool on the subject. we'll be allright.

LO is still one of my guys, though.





yeah, i have mentioned that we might pull off a sign and trade for David Lee and Nate Robinson. that would fall under 'one of phred's wackier predictions,' but it would work. If that's what people want, cool. But 36 mil is 36 mil. If that is the offer, I will be very surprised if it doesn't happen. If that isn't the offer, I won't be very surprised. Lots of numbers get thrown around.

Mario with the metaphor!

Splendid work . . .

although the Carradine mention was gratuitous -- one might even venture "overkill Bill"

no plan B is a good point though a very disconcerting one.

i guess we'll see what mitch is really made of now... he better have an ace in the hole or at least high pocketpairs or big slick preflop... anything less than a sign and trade for another PF would be very disappointing.

and how do I end up pathologically refreshing three or four seperate sports sits on my browser at 11:05 on a tues in july anyway?

sits* sites. sorry

I don't agree with people saying the Lakers and Buss are greedy.
I love Odom too. But it is more than clear that he can only be the 3rd team option at best. 9 million should be more than a fair price for a 3rd option, right? Even Manu Ginobili (who is for sure an all star coming off the bench) is making less than him.
Don't forget that Lakers has to pay salary tax too! So, it is more than 9 million a year.
Lakers can go for David Lee or Glen Davis. They are not as good as Odom. But they are good enough as a backup front court.

jeez. now i'm even questioning the bynum deal. LO was a starter for most of our championship season, not drew. Drew is 7 whatever, but LO is not a sixth man. crap. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING!

nah, i'm good.


no, i'm good.

be smart LO... you are saying goodbye to MANY more rings to come... if you leave kiss them rings good bye... the Lakers will always win CHAMPIONSHIPS... the question is... with which players?

I do understand LAL from financial stand point but this one is going to come back and bite them...
Did LA offered him longer contract for less than 9 mil ?

So the next parlor room topic is "moving on: what do we do, who do we get?"

Whether it is feasible or not, so far, there has been talk about:
1. Heinrich/Thomas
2. Boozer
3. David Lee

So, let's put on our thinking caps, people. Even get outside the box. Who will best mesh with kobe, pau, ron, andrew, and who will also help stop the Spurs and either Orlando or the Cs?

The FO has some options -- which direction do you think they'll go?

FUUUUUUUU*********!!!! Come on Lamar 9 Million 3 years is a great deal. Your our missing piece of the puzzle, no Lamar championship will be difficult. If you don't sign with the Lakers, Dallas and Miami will not see semi finals or the finals.
Lamar do it for all of in LA who love you big guy!

$9 million per is a great deal, but it's got to be the right amount of years, because LO isn't exactly going to be able to spotlight himself for the next contract as 6th man alongside Kobe, Gasol, Ron and emerging Drew, so he has to feel it's his last big contract if he stays with us.

Otherwise, dude could start for most teams in the league, and star in a place like Miami back with his boy D-Wade, and he could take a shorter deal there, with player options and what not, since he'll be able to showcase that he's still one of the best all-around players in this league.

It's a tough deal, I'm a die-hard Lakers fan, and have become a die-hard Lamar Odom fan too after witnessing his game and person up close with the purple and gold, so I definitely want LO back, and would lose some joy in the team if he were gone, but I understand it might be best for him business-wise to roll, and Miami would be my second favorite team in the league (I'm a D-Wade and Beasley fan too), but I'm always purple and gold first, and Drew is about to break out, and Ron is entering the scene, so the joy will return.

All that said, $9 million over 3 years is $27 million guaranteed, and he could collect average $6+ million easy after that for another 3-5 seasons, so LO has to consider that. Sure, he could run the East with Wade and earn himself another big contract in 2010, but he could get hurt too, it's a risk, but I wouldn't blame him for going for it, since he's good for MLE for next 7-8 years.

Ultimately, I can't see the Lakers actually pulling an offer they gave LO though, after all he's done for us, what he means to us, unless we've already moved on and signed somebody else in the meantime. Hell, if it really is Miami, S&T for Udonis Haslem would give us an excellent backup power forward, and give Lamar a $9 million deal in the first year, not to mention give us bragging rights next year when we meet Miami in the Finals.

Bye LO you greedy little chump. Now you only get $6mil/yr good job. The Lake Show is gonna own the hell out of whatever loser team you sign with for the MLE. And if you go to the East have fun getting slaughtered by Boston, Cleveland, and Orlando about 12 times a season (While we sweep all three of those season series 6-0). Lol I gave our two key FA's this year way too much credit...couple of morons.

If it's true LO turned down $30 million over 3 years, that's strange, unless we weren't giving up player option for years 2 and/or 3. In my mind, $30 million over 3 with player options is exactly what LO would want, while chasing a threepeat.

Lakers can't offer $8 million to David Lee, it's not possible, but there could be a S&T to send LO back to New York, that would be within the realm of possibility, I guess, but I don't know why David Lee would agree to being a sub.

O well this was expected with all the silence and the Lakers approach in the Ariza negotiations. I was never sold on Odum during the regular seasons and just because we won it all doesn't mean I would cave to this dude. Buss's offer appears to be fair and if LO desires more years from a lame team then bye bye. To me, he has been an inconsistent overpaid player who only plays hard when he wants to. In watching the replays of the playoffs, he seems uninterested at times, and doesn't have the fire that the others have. I may regret this move if we lose him, but in the long run, I feel that Buss has this one right.

All I know is that this team was losing per 100 possessions this past season, and in the postseason, when LO wasn't on the floor, and when he was on the floor, we were winning by almost 20 points.

Good on you, Jerry Buss!
You can get a lot better player than Lamar for that $9M you've offered. A lot of players will be lining up the lakers FO for this amount certainly!!

Lama, You are one of my favorite players and as a Laker Fan for many many years, it really hurts to know you'll be making over $125 Million lifetime and your having these discussions about leaving our Lakers. I am recently unemployed and my family , my wife and two kids manage okay on $48K a year. Your forgetting it is us the fans that pay your salary, we buy your jerseys, get overpriced tickets to the game, buy the Laker memorbalia with your name on it, etc. You need to step up take the offer Mr. Buss has offered you and represent our Lakers once again in the finals.

Is David Lee a free or restricited agent?

Do we need to actually do a sign and trade or can we sign him straight up?

People all over the country are losing their jobs, their businesses, their homes, and this guy scoffs at $9 million a year? What an @$#%& !!!

So long, Greedy Man.

Buss made the right move.

Players forget that they are never bigger than the Laker organization. I love Lamar as a player, and loved Trevor too, but both at this point obviously think they as individuals are the Lakers. They are not, just like Shaq wasnt, just like Kobe isnt. As much as we love them as individuals we root for the Lakers first, and the players second.

If you cant realize this then dont let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

We will never be short on being able to pick up the most talented players in the NBA. Cant wait to see what Mitch has in his back pocket. You notice the trend with Mitch? He is as tough as they come and always has a something in the works. The Shaq trade, the Gasol steal, the Artest for Ariza "trade", and I would put money that Lamar just shot himself in his own foot, and that we will be hearing about the Lakers aquiring a big that will make us forget all about LO and choking on my nachos everytime he drove to the basket or put up one of his bricks.

lamar, you're a f'ing greedy b**ch. u are not worth $10M per yr for 5 yrs u dumbass! dr. buss good for you, u gave lamar legit generous offers. lakers repeat in 2010 with or without you lamar. 'nuff said.

Apparently some NBA agents still haven't gotten the memo, so let's reiterate:


Buss has been pretty consistent over the course of his Laker era about this sort of thing - unless you're a super-uper-looper-duper star like Kobe, Magic or Shaq, Buss and the gang are not going to stand for any Sport Agent Jerry Maguire grandstanding in the media and the like. Know what your client is worth, and accept the right offer when it's there, otherwise you end up with unhappy clients. TA has to be hunting for new representation right about now, my guess is Schwartz probably isn't very high on his call list if he's watching the LO situation go down.

The Lakers have won 9 titles and made 15 finals appearances in 30 years of Jerry Buss team ownership. That can't just be luck over such a long period. I'm willing to trust that he knows what he's doing here.

If LO wants to take less money so that he can leave a championship team (and the franchise that's the gold standard in modern NBA history), he's just being a hard-headed idiot.

I feel someting strange...

something I haven't felt since 2004...

Oh wait...
I know what it's the feeling of a Championship slipping through our collective fingers.

Does anyone here really think that a David Lee or any other available FA out there will play with heart like Lamar does.

I don't.

Of course Dr. Buss has to be greedy. He's shelling out the dough. Luxury tax and all he's putting his money on the line for this team. You can't look at only the monies paid so far. These are long term contracts. An injury and the team flames out of the playoffs early or misses the playoffs and Dr. Buss can't count on the extra money from the playoffs. BUT the players are still guaranteed their money. If the economy continues to decline profits could drop and luxury tax threshold could drop and Buss would be paying even more than what was anticipated.

I want everyone back but we need to be smart and be prepared to continue to compete. Keep locking up aging players for hefty prices and selling off every draft pick can put us in a Knick-like future.

Shall we play a game?

Ok. Howzabout tic tac toe?

This is a shame. Aren't these players still human? Who can't live off of 36 million? "I wanna retire a laker,ill even take a paycut" I guess you will take a cut now!

David Lee and Jeff Schwartz should join forces and form an agency called Idiots-R-Us.

"Come see us. Our motto is 'Less is More.' We fight hard to get you less money and less chance for future success. And since your contract will be so small, you send up paying us less in commissions. Everybody wins!!!"

lifan23 -

The Lakers can't offer David Lee 8 million or any other number. The only reason they can offer Lamar this kind of money is because the Lakers would be retaining his services as opposed to signing him as a free agent.

BobbyT - you can't be serious. Of course Dr. Buss can afford 10 million but he's not stupid. Why would you pay a loser, inconsistent player like LO 10 million for 5 years? Don't you remember our contracts with Walton and Sasha that everyone is complaining about?

It's not that he can't afford it - he's not worth it! If he played hard and brought it every game - every team would be making huge offers to him....but no team wants to pay a loser like LO that much money.

So he has a few good games - I'd say there are way more games in the season where this blog is full of LO sucks comments - make your free throws you turd, jump for the ball you lame-o, etc... Yes, I admit we are better with him and have a good chance of repeating - and it will be very hard to repeat without him - but F him if he thinks he is Kobe and can call all the shots with the FO.

I'm soooooooo glad that they pulled the offer. I hope that it is a done deal already and that they move on with plan B. Even if it's not a great plan - it's better than paying that fool what he's demanding to be paid. I would love to see him in Miami and then he can eat all the candy, smoke pot all day, party all night - and then lose a ton of games for the Heat. Ha ha ha!!! That is who he is and all Laker fans know it.

Go for it Mitch - do your magic!! We believe in you and you will get us the missing pieces for a dynasty. Too bad the greed got a hold of these 2 players/agents.

LO is not a Laker for life but will always be a loser!!!!

I read on cbs sports that Odom was offered 3 years at 30 mil and 4 years at 36 mil. If this is true Odom needs to do better and be smart.

We got Morrison!

ODDM !!!! Don't you relize it's the FAN'S that pay the bills.
you are losing YOUR fans..even if you come back now.
your just hurting yourself..I really feel bad about this..
Well good luck.

If he wants to go let him go we dont need a player that is not happy with what he is getting. LO is a guy who likes playing basketball does not care about anything but living life getting paid, getting laid and life he does not love the game like kobe so you cant blame him he just wants to do what he wants. So if he chooses to,m it is what it is. I hope we have plan b. It will be hard next year without LO.

Havent posted in a while, but I dont understand this from the Brenshan article:

"Many in the Lakers' organization believe that Odom wants to accept Buss' offer -- and so do those close to Odom -- but he has failed to convince his agent."

What the heck does that mean? How can you not convince your AGENT? Is your agent the professional basketball player or are YOU? Is your agent letting down millions of Lakers fans or are YOU?

nuff said?

Agents ruin the world. True story.

Maybe that's the real reason free agency ruined sports, not because of the freedom to choose or make more money for the athlete -- its the damn agents.


A somewhat respectable offer, but not the best. I'm sure LO is concerned about 'the last deal' and maybe someone out there is willing to pay it in a sign and trade?

Forget the Heinrich talk man. Package LO up for a banger and a couple draft picks on the condition that they *have* to take Sasha "0-for-The-Finals" Vujacic.

i applaud the lakers. lamar, get ur greedy, dumb butt out of here. like ariza, u will regret it. money talks. geez, i always knew you were dumb, but to be this dumb?

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