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DJ Mbenga mback (and MJosh MPowell, Mtoo)

July 1, 2009 | 12:58 pm

DJ Mbenga stretches his arms The headline's second half is admittedly a stretch, but silent M opportunities just too much fun to let pass.'s Mike Trudell is reporting that the team opted not to terminate the contracts of DJ Mbenga and Josh Powell by today's deadline, which guarantees both some cash for the upcoming season.  No real surprise.  For starters, GM Mitch Kupchak previously stated that "something unusual" would have needed to go down for either not to be retained.  (Last time I checked, the world felt pretty normal.)  Also, if DJ and Josh are cut loose, they'd need to be replaced.  While neither is threatening to make an All-Star appearance anytime soon, who's a better option, particularly for less than a mil?  Factor in how both are hardworking, solid teammates familiar with the system and unlikely to complain over sporadic PT, and we're now flirting with "no-brainer."

As BK and I mentioned during Josh and DJ's exit interview posts, it's easy to feel especially happy when the grinders of the NBA world find whatever stability and moments in the sun possible.  Neither is the type to take it granted, so good for both fellas.  Plus, "Hoover," the cat behind the "Banging with Mbenga" T-shirts campaign, gets the most out of his investment, which is always nice.