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Correction about Kobe's Twitter account

I was informed by someone from Team Kobe that the Twitter account I had cited in the previous post (KobeBBryant) is in fact NOT Kobe's, but an impostor. does have a Twitter feed, so when I saw the Twitter account listed on Kobe's official site and the Tweets didn't seem outrageous or strange, I figured they were legit.  That is not the case. 

I apologize for the misinformation and any confusion.  If you're following that account, please don't take it as "Kobe's words."


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Yeah, I think that celebrity twitter accounts should have a "verified" logo on em. Like this:

It's ok buddy, don't beat yourself up over it. We love you

The Cavs signed Jamario Moon to an offer sheet today. Uh oh .... we are in serious trouble now. With this move ~ Cavs 2010 Champs.

I hate twitter!!! Its so stupid...I really don't want to know what the hell is going on with ordinary folks or celebrities every time. I don't care.

The Cavs signed Jamario Moon to an offer sheet today. Uh oh .... we are in serious trouble now. With this move ~ Cavs 2010 Champs."

Honestly, without Odom the lakers don't have much of a chance so jokes aside there season is on the line in the next few weeks.

Seriously, if it takes you this long to sign up for a 30 million dollar contract with a team that has a real chance at winning a championship and the cali sun you shouldn't be here. I love lamar but this has really made me loose respect for him. I don't care about him doing the best for his family that doesn't fly. If they were offering nine bucks an hour i'll understand, but dude its 30 mil?

He isn't worth the money to begin with.


New to pro basketball?

According to a reliable source.. L.O agreed to Lakers and is about to sign a 4 year deal contract by tomorrow .. but the problem is ... Im the reliable source..


Jabbar perceived as lazy? In which alternative universe?

Otis - hahahaha!

K bros - The twitter thing made me think, how about a thread devoted to nothing but misinformation? Maybe we could confuse the carpetbaggers.

The word from insiders according to the ESPN guys is that the Lakers have moved on from L.O. This is confirmed from the Odom camp. It's time we do the same.

AK, can you please link us to Kobe's real Twitted account?

Actually, Kobe would be eligible for a Verified Twitter account, now that they are available.

LOL. In the immortal words of Chick Hearn, "Me dumb dumb."


Kobe DOES NOT have a Twitter account. Makes sense to me. His website DOES. It's:

Most real accounts have "Verified Account" on the sidebar of their profile page.

Here's a list of players who are actually on Twitter (and yes. Chris Paul's there too):

Extremely reliable.


Hope you don't fall for the "fake account" trick again!

There are, however, several fake accounts that we follow anyway because they're hilarious. (@mikedunleavy, @Studio_Gangsta, @Real_Ron_Artest, etc.).

Once again, it's such a great thing you're on Twitter now! You should def. tweet more often, and give us some insight on the manic lives of the Kamenetzky Brothers.

Oh, and Benicio should definitely get one as well. :)

Betcha it was caused by the bald guy/

dave m,
"how about a thread devoted to nothing but misinformation? "

You mean like a thread where a bunch of posters are insanely, idiotically critical of a player for no valid reason? Yeah, I'm sure that would work to keep the carpetbaggers out.

dave m,
"how about a thread devoted to nothing but misinformation? "

You're two days late. I did that on Saturday.

Oh, by the way... I have no freakin' idea where Lamar will
be playing next year and neither do you.

And probably neither does Lamar at this point.

Hey guys the @kbtwofour is the real account as verified by Jeanie Buss on twitter:

"@JeanieBuss Official Kobe twitter is @KBTWOFOUR"

Another offical twitter account for the upcoming Fantasy Camp in Spain with Kobe Bryant is @kobecamp09 They are running a campaign where people can win an autographed basketball by Kobe by twittering #KobeCamp09". There is 5 to be won and winners will be selected randomly each week.

reply to Kobebbryant, who cares if its not kobe this person keep me up to date on a lot of things that are TRUE I confirmed them and the stuff they say on @Kobebbryant isn't outrageous, and could fool alot of people i thought it was him, but who really knows...........

this person isn't trying to pose as kobe it does even say "the official tweeter of kobe" so people have to use there brains, but people are getting a way out to express themselves since kobe doesn't have a real twitter.



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