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Ariza visits the Rockets

In Vegas, no less, reports Mike Bresnahan of the LAT.  Call it neutral territory. 

Like the Cavs, with whom Ariza was connected in yesterday's dispatch from Chris Broussard, the Rockets would only have mid-level money available to woo TA away from southern California. 

In other news, the Celtics are doing some serious recruiting of Rasheed Wallace, bringing all the big guns to Detroit- poor choice of words, I realize- in an effort to lure 'Sheed to Boston.  Meanwhile, in addition to Ariza, the Cavs also have Ron Artest on their radar.


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wait to go bk, you started a new thread. i don't even know if i want to say anything more on this subject.

what i don't get is why the only free agent news we are hearing is trevors. do the other free agents not care? or is this one of lee's tactics to put the pressure on the lakers? all i know is i want trevor and lamar wearing purple and gold next year (and many years after that).

5 Years $40 million for TA in Toronto?

Why would Ariza go to the Rockets for the SAME money that the Laker's offered ? This is just his agent beating the bushes to get Ariza the best deal he can, in the end we will sign him for around 6.5 million, 1 million more than the MLE. Odom will be harder to sign if he holds out for 10 million. I'm not worried about Brown.

in addition to the Rockets, i understand that he spoke with LBJ about joining him...
While at it, why don't you go ahead and talk to the Celtics, Trevor?!!!
We are in the enemy territory!!!
I am really ticked about this and his Agent's antics - although I understand that this is business and no one blames them for doing it...

At this point, keep walking Trev if you think you can get a better situation elsewhere...

With LO and SB back, we will have most of our core back... and will compete for the championships for the years to come...
I actually like the Artest idea, even though he is a nut-job... in addition to loving the LAL and wanting to play to LO and KB under PJ, he also HATES the current Celtics from couple of years back - when they were taunting them at Arco... I like that...
Also, with Artest's physical nature, we probably don't need D Fish to pop Scola next year...
Frankly, it always bothered me that KB's teammates didn't come to his / PG's defense when they get whacked.... this team needs some physical presence...

If Trev wants more than we are willing to pay, and he moves on, Artest is an intriguing possibility, especially with his long-time friend LO on the team, along with being tight with Kobe, and Phil knowing how to handle guys too.

I don't have any unique insight or perspective on the Ariza negotiations, other than it would be great to get him back at a realistic price, but the bottom line for me is that Lamar Odom needs to be our top priority.

Trev made some huge plays for us, especially down the stretch, often in tandem with Odom on the defensive end, while making big shots too, but overall it's not hard to find evidence that LO is a main key to our success overall, not just a role player, while Trevor is a role player.

Again though, my preference would be to bring Trev back at a reasonable price, as long as it doesn't impact returning LO, being loyal and rewarding clutch play on the highest stage is still my top priority, Trev deserves that much, but if his price is too high, we'll survive, whereas we would becomes a much less dynamic and effective team without LO, unless Drew rises back to his top edge and stays healthy.

If you look at the OFF/ON stats for this season, as well as the postseason, you see that we were outscored when LO was on the bench, but that we didn't suffer at all when Trevor was on the bench.

Playoffs (per 100 possessions)

Lamar Odom
ON: 116-103 (winning)
OFF: 105-109 (losing)

Trevor Ariza
ON: 112-105 (winning)
OFF: 113-105 (winning)

Regular Season (per 100 possessions)

Lamar Odom
ON: 118-102 (winning)
OFF: 108-110 (losing)

Trevor Ariza
ON: 113-105 (winning)
OFF: 114-106 (winning)

Basically, I don't want to hear about Lamar's consistency anymore, because it's obvious that the TEAM was kicking butt (dominating) when LO was on the floor, and LOSING when he was off the floor, whereas we were still kicking butt to a lesser extent whether OR NOT Trevor was playing.

Personally, I only think Trev will get better, and I favor keeping him, over Artest even, for youth and longetivity reasons, but not if it means losing LO, and not if it means we're overpaying.

In the end, we could easily bring on Artest, more than any team, because he goes way back with LO, is tight with Kobe, and we we have Phil coaching, so we wouldn't have to worry about him going off the deep end, which means when it comes to the SF position we have options, and Ron is the one guy you can put on Bron and have a chance one-on-one, plus he can always backup the 2 as well as play the 4 in small ball.

In the end, LO may go at some point in the future to open things up for Drew, is this the right season to do it? Resigning LO doesn't hinder that, because we can always trade him to the team of his liking down the road should minutes become harder to find, depending on LO's satisfaction with his role (which also must be taken into consideration in determining how to handle Trevor, since we could keep him long-term with the right deal).

We can't lose Ariza for one reason: Next to Kobe, he is the toughest guy on this team. Evidenced by game five when he got in Hedo's face and went on to hit critical shots in that second quarter.

I don't know where Ariza got his toughness from, but dude is tough. He is just as tough as Artest, only that Ariza is not as crazy as Artest.

We need Ariza...can't afford to lose him. He brings alot of toughness to this team, without not being too vocal or too crazy. But I'm confident Mitch will bring him back, Cavs and Rockets can try their best to lure him, but if they are only offering the mid level he'll be back.

In the event the Lakers do indeed lose Trevor, can they really afford to resign Odom along with signing Artest?

More importantly, is the fashion that Ariza has carried himself during this free agent off season really that surprising? I suppose in some senses no however in the typical way that Los Angeles has come to know their starting small forward, yes.

Also, do people really think Artest is willing to sign a MLE with the Lakers?

As lucrative as Artest sounds, the guy will need a serious attitude change... I just don't see him signing for an MLE when he's always tooted his horn about getting more money.

Although, if he's committed, his defense is second to none, he can most definitely shoot the three (albeit, at times during unwise situations), and can post up his defender. He's also most definitely an enforcer, something I don't think is necessarily bad thing for the Lakers.

With that said, Ariza is in fact my favorite player on the Lakers, I love him, but bottom line: I'm an L.A. sports fan for life. If he leaves this franchise, I'll consider him another enemy that the Kobe & Co. will have to mow down to get to a repeat championship.

Don't do it TA! Look at Ronny!! We love him but he could have won a ring with us! We had team chemistry then too. So, if you walk, we can still bring in others who will take your place - maybe even better. We want players who WANT to play for this awesome franchise - and always (well many years) in contention for the playoffs and the ring. You get to play beside KOBE!

Money is not everything. Lakers heped to build you. Kobe shared his damn shooting manual with you. You became a starter on one of the greatest teams - and you want to leave that for a few million and play in a crappy environment? Oh well - best wishes to you but you'll be sorry. It's a one way ticket out of here...they will fill your slot with someone that actually bleeds purple and gold.

That's why you gotta love DJ and JP. Obviously not on the same talent level - but they are so thankful to be on this team and count their lucky stars every day that they get to play in the NBA and for the greatest franchise in the world!!!

Actually I really admire that one Piston who turned down more money and stayed with Dumars because he gave him the chance? (something like that) Now that's loyalty. guy could have made more money and played for a better team but he stuck it out with the team who got him there. Freaking amazing in these days!!!

Also, offering LO anything less than $8 million is an insult, so that needs to be the starting number or he can go to another team and really build up his value for 2010 and beyond. Some average of $10 million would be about right, over the course of the contract.

Oh, and one other thought if we do lose Trevor...Quinton HOSLEY would be a great replacement, probably only cost us a million or two, be able to play the 2 and 3, excellent defender, cutter and rebounder, able to score off the dribble and finish with authority in transition, underrated passer and handler, and with his body and wingspan actually a legit guy to throw against Bron.

Yes, if Trevor moves on, Quinton Hosley (T2) would be the ideal and affordable addition to the team, as he's actually a more athletic version of the older Ron Harper who ran lead guard for the Bulls (aside from Ron obviously being more experienced and wiser at that time), and Q would be good insurance policy if Sasha doesn't come through next season and we need a bigger wing 2 out there than Shannon Brown.

If Trevor does walk, I think that 2 players that could be potential replacements are Linas Klieza and Josh Childress. I thought that the major reason that Atlanta took a step back this past season was the loss of Childress. He's a very versatile player who does a lot of the intangible things essential to team success. Klieza can shoot the three, is physical, and would probably thrive in the triangle. Just some thoughts about Plan B.

It's may even be easier to resign LO to a lower than average $10 million salary if we did pick up Ron (maybe $8-9 million average), since LO goes way back with Ron (respect), probably would love to play with him, and if Ron has to take a little less than he's worth, why not LO too, as a gesture of good will?

We are talking history and dynasty here, with this team, so there's plenty of attraction there alone to take a little less.

I really don't understand all this...

Like almost all other NBA clubs, all Houston has is the MLE of which Gortat, which they are pursuing, would take up pretty much all of that if can land him away from Orlando.

So what is there left for Houston to really offer Trevor?

I mean, what do they plan on signing him with...Monopoly money or something?

My prayer goes:

Please let Portland sign Hedo.
Please let Rudy Fernandez want to be traded to the Lakers.
Please sign Shannon Brown and Lamar.
Then Trade Jordan Farmar to Portland.
Then let Trevor realize that Houston and Toronto aren't his teams.

Please let us be this deep:

We signed Ron Artest!! It's on cbsssportsline

Of course I was referring to LO taking $8-9 million average, not Ron, who due to reality of the salary cap pretty much has to accept the $5 1/2 million per right now, whoever he plays for, and which isn't chump change, and he can completely redo his image and blow himself pop culture and entertainment world wise by joining us.

"Its close to official, Toronto is about to offer 5 years 40mil for TA."

See ya Trev, because you ain't worth that much. Have fun languishing in Toronto after Bosh ditches town for NYC or San Antone.

So much potential . . . wasted.

In other News . . . Get Ron Artest!

Ron Artest 2009 = Dennis Rodman 1996

Can the lakers and rockets to a sign and trade involving ariza and artest? Is that even possible?

I would think the priority would be LO. Anybody hear anything?

Sweet. I'm stoked about this.

SPortsline reporting Artest signing with the Lakers.

I'm guessing that means LO will be back.


Artest to Lakers?

Here's the tweet

I am disturbed by these talks the last couple of days. TA won't get 8-10 million a year,so stop it with the poker face and sign a contract already.

I hear Ariza met with the coach of the Slovenian National Team as well.

This is just a theatrical public negotiation. Call me when he signs somewhere.

NBA "cap" not likely going up any time soon.

NBA mandates 13 player minimum roster.

Lakes have $50M committed to Bryant, Bunum, and Gasol.

Get used to this annual kabuki dance, my brothers.

ah, you guys are overreacting, we'll just insert Luke Walton back in the starting lineup.

The unkempt HAIR of Dallas Raines has spoken... spoken... spoken...

and watch out for flying snakes coming out of that nest/hive... DUCK! That rattler almost got a piece of me... wonder what else is in there... oh look! A DVD of Entrapment... and... and... a mop! and... here, hold the mop, I'm reaching... what? what is this? a hammock! Wow! wait, there's something else... a ham sandwich! Amazing!

bronx, Josh Childress has definitely crossed my mind too, he would be a great pickup if we lose Trev. Basically, we have options if we lost Ariza - Artest, Childress, even a relatively unknown guy like Quinton Hosley brings a lot to the table that Trevor does, only more rugged and nearly the same wingspan, and Q is a better scorer and finisher off the dribble (though like Trev coming into this season, inconsistent from distance).

If we get Artest with LO and Kobe I dont' care what the other teams do. If Gasol stays consistent at he always has been, AB actually shows up - this team will be unstoppable!!! Just have to keep RonRon in line and this is a true dynasty!!! Even if he is a head case - it will be true entertainment!!!!! When we play the celts? Bring them on - let's kick their azz on their home court!! Give them a 40 point lashing? I hope this is true!!!

The Lakers are going to get Artest and let Ariza go. That's my prediction. If this doesn't work out, then the fallback position will be to re-sign Ariza.

It's almost impossible not to notice that this is a very unique market - Ron Artest is not an MLE talent, he's well above that, but easily had for the MLE this season - while Trevor after one glowing season will possibly get above MLE money due to his age and upside, even though Artest is clearly the better player right now on both ends.

I can't see us getting worse if we sign Ron, only getting better over the next season or two, and especially against the likes of Bron and Paul Pierce.

Still, for the same cash, I'd favor bringing Ariza in long-term over Ron, but if we've already agreed with Ron, I'm down with it and will celebrate tonight, because my focus is another three-peat (at least) and dynasty.


>>>I thought that the major reason that Atlanta took a step
>>>back this past season was the loss of Childress.

I'm not sure I follow how going from losing in the first round to
losing in the second round is a step back, but I agree Childress
would be a good option.

The key to making a Childress offer is to wait until Atlanta re-signs
Marvin Williams and Mike Bibby. Then if you offer Childress
full MLE level money, that would push Atlanta near the luxury
cap if they matched, so I think they'd let him go.

Q: Also, do people really think Artest is willing to sign a MLE with the Lakers?



Artest just told CBS Sports senior writer Ken Berger that he’ll be signing with the Lakers.


Artest pretty much has no other option than the MLE, so why wouldn't he pick the team that would likely bring him the most glory, including endorsements and rep in entertainment-ville, and where he has a couple friends, including one guy (LO) who goes all the way back to his youth?

This is simply fantastic news. I like Trevor, but at this stage of his career he is not the player that Artest is. Last year I argued for trading LO for Artest, so this would be the dream situation if they are able to retain LO.

Without exaggeration, this team will field potentially 4 allstars in the starting lineup (anybody realize that with Shaq and Yao out of the picture, Drew is likely an all star next season), plus what is likely to be the 6th man of the year in LO.

1, 2, 3 Ring!

Artest as a Laker...

Hmmmmmm. It seems like it's gonna happen. What does this mean for our repeat chances?

Can Phil get Artest to buy into the team philosophy?

Will having a fellow New York baller help our chances of re-signing Lamar?

Will Trevor Ariza develop a case of frost bite in Toronto?

These questions and more if all goes as it looks like it's going.

3 years 18 millions.

I couldn't be happier. Trevor wasn't scoring in double digits, couldn't hit free throws and wasn't a good outside shooter, although he was getting better. He has athletic and long, but not the defender Artest is. We just got better and Ariza gets to play for a Houston team that won't have McGrady until Feb. or later ,may not have Yao and lost Artest. Prediction Houston doesn't even make the playoffs and Ariza's numbers go down. That's pretty bad when you were only averaging just under 9 ppg. You get offered the MLE and you turned it down when you could stay in your home town on a championship team. Now your getting the MLE for a team that is in dissarray. Dude your agent is an idiot and I hope you fire him. Time players realize they have to take a more active role in thier future instead of letting idiots ruin their future. If we resign Odom can someone say Dynasty. And before Artest's contract expires we'll find a good atheltic young guy to fill those replace what Ariza could have been. And a year from now we'll be saying what ever happened to that Ariza kid.

I dunno. Trevor gave us a lot of clutch basketball this year, including some three pointers in Boston. That is pure gold in my opinion, to have a guy with no fear. Artest was throwing up bricks at the end of the last few playoff games.
But if we have to, I'll welcome Artest to L.A. for what he can do. Just don't let him have any dogs.

Two Words:


Let´s Go Lakers!!!

Don't the Lakers remember the important shots and steals Trevor Ariza made during the playoffs?



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