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Andre Miller to the Blazers

July 24, 2009 |  3:41 pm

Andre Miller and the Portland Trail Blazers haven't formally inked a rumored 3 year/21 million dollar deal Newandre608 (the third year being a team option), but Miller's agent told the Oregonian's Jason Quick that everything should become official "shortly."  

Between that public confirmation and Miller sharing no familial blood (to the best of my knowledge) with Hedo Turkoglu, seems like just a matter of time before the veteran point guard is posing for Portland media guide photos.  (And... done... The Oregonian is reporting this is now signed, sealed and delivered).

The news strikes as both kinda bad/potentially good for the Lakers. 

The obvious negative is that the Blazers, already one of the west's top squads, have strengthened themselves with a move that makes a lot of sense.  Frankly, I've never understood why Portland was more hellbent on making Paul Millsap or David Lee a seriously expensive backup to LaMarcus Aldridge than addressing a position of more pressing need. 

Steve Blake's
solid, but Miller is not only better, he's more experienced.  Dre's career postseason contests (27) nearly double Blake's (15) and pretty much dwarf what his core teammates have been through, making him ideal for a rapidly-but-nonetheless-still-maturing crew of youngsters.  A pure point guard, the durable and perennially underrated Miller's presence takes a lot of responsibilities out of Brandon Roy's hands, literally and figuratively.  And with Blake now coming off the bench, Portland's deeper than Albert Camus listening to Bob Dylan while gazing at The Thinker.  I'd bank on them advancing at least one round in the 2010 playoffs. 

On the flip side, however, the Blazers have officially dropped out of the "Lamar Odom Sweepstakes."  Granted, aint much evidence of a raffle ticket even purchased (another head-scratcher in light of who they have pursued), but assuming Team Odom was either using Portland's cap space as a threat against the Lakers- or actually trying to convince Kevin Pritchard to spend it on LO- that approach now carries zero juice.  Thus, Lamar's options may now officially be the Lakers or the Heat, as opposed to seemingly.  At the very least, this development could expedite Lamar signing a contract with somebody (and at the end of the day, I still think he's staying in L.A.)


Photo: Andre Miller dribbling against the Lakers  Credit: Andrew D. Bernstein, NBAE via Getty Images