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Trevor Ariza: Exit Interview

With the 2009 NBA title signed, sealed, and delivered, Lakers fans are looking ahead to next season.  Parades, after all, are fun.  To repeat, will likely require the return of their big free agents, starting with Trevor Ariza.  Any questions as to Ariza's value were certainly answered in the playoffs (the Nuggets and Magic will certainly vouch for him), and while it's far too early to guess how the market will play out, if he isn't in purple and gold next October, it won't be for lack of interest from the home team. 

Asked Tuesday at his exit interview in El Segundo if Phil Jackson and Mitch Kupchak expressed interest in bringing him back, Ariza smiled.  "I definitely felt loved in there," he said.  "I felt a lot of love."

One of the more entertaining parts of Ariza's presser came when he spoke about his work in the playoffs. I asked him what it was like to consistently be dared by teams to beat them... and to come through more often than not. It took Ariza a while to come up with a tactful way to express himself.   He finally settled on a boilerplate.  "It feels good. They left me open, we got the trophy. We're all getting rings.  That's pretty much it." Was there ever a point where he ever grew a little offended at the lack of defensive attention?

"Nope," he said, again with a smile.  "They left me open to help my team out.

Here, Ariza talks about what he'd like to improve this summer ("my guard skills"), and how his injury last year taught him patience. More on what's important to him as a free agent, as well. "The most important thing for me is to feel like I'm part of something. That's all I've thought about throughout the year, and throughout this process I'm going to take into consideration other things, but that's probably the most important thing."

Finally, a little talk of Derek Fisher and Westchester High.


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yUM the cutest man aliiiiive

I'm hoping Kobe will show leadership by opting out, resign for less money so that we can re-sign both Odom & Ariza.

After all, Kobe doesn't need another dime for the rest of his life.

Anyway, it's easier for me to say since it is not my money. :-)

Trevor, if you are reading this, PLEASE re-sign with the Lakers! PLEASE! we need you!


Lakers fans

Didn't Magic opt out and re-signed for less back in the 80's so the Lakers can sign Bob McAdoo?

Am I remembering correctly or is that some fantasy I've perpetuated in my head to further idolize Magic?

Anyone remember this?

Couldn't Kobe do this too? But like Lakers4Life said, it ain't my money.

they have to sign LO and Ariza. May consider unloading Sasha, Jordan or Luke, but who would take them? I think Sasha still has something to prove and Luke is at times really important. I question Jordan as I hope they sign Shannon. Is anyone optimistic in Morrison's comeback?

For all their accomplishments, this team still has room for growth.

Next year, potential 3 guys in the all star game (Kobe, Pau, Bynum). I see it.

i'm definitely feeiin the love from trevor but i dont know about lamar.

lamar recent quote:

"It's always difficult, especially the economic times we're in now...I got to make a decision that is best for my family. At this point in my career, I owned a home, I owned a car, done pretty well. Everything I do now is for them and their kids. It's my time to pay that back to my family."

why do athletes always have to use the family card when it comes to contract negotiations?? i think i'm gonna puke. exactly how many millions do u really need to raise a family anyways??

i really am dying to see how much lamar is gonna ask for and how much free agency will offer. any inside info? hopefully no one will offer more than 8-10 MIL and we have a chance.

I've got the answer for the Lakers and Kobe and Odom/Ariza: a win-win-win situation.

Kobe would look like a very unselfish player if he opts out and takes less than the max of $135M, enabling Odom and Ariza to be signed. Would be great for his image, which is still on the mend.

That would help the chances of Odom and Ariza being signed, and we all know they would be happier and more successful staying here.

Finally, the Lakers could then be a mini-dynasty, winning 3 out of the next 5 Championships, if not 4.

C'mon, Kobe, be a true team guy like Duncan did not long ago, and take a little less...

Go Lakers!!!!!!!


What needs to happen is that Kobe, Trevor, Lamar, and Shannon all need to sit down and have lunch together and say, "Okay... how are we going to work this out?"

No Jerry Buss.

No Mitch Kupchak.

No scumbag dirt-eating agents.

No family members.

Just Kobe, Trevor, Lamar, and Shannon. That's it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



You misread the quote. Lamar is saying that he has all the things money can buy, now he's thinking about things like family stability, instead of a big pay day.


I would think they probably keep Lamar over Ariza. Much as Ariza played unbelievable, Lamar as a back-up to Bynum was indispensable - letting Lamar go would be banking on Bynum playing with a lot more maturity - Bynum seemed to get frustrated too easily, and a lot of his fouls on Howard were these 'slap downs' where he sort of gave up on the play.

So while Ariza is a rising phenom, having a 'big' back-up to Bynum seems like a must... letting Lamar go is going 'all-in' on Bynum. I mean say Lamar goes, then who backs up Bynum? Adam Morrison? DJ?

Do you guys really think they will be able to keep both? I don't see Kobe taking a pay cut - he probably does not think that both Ariza and Odom MUST come back for them to have a chance to repeat.


Off Topic....I got some news yesterday that Patty Mills worked out really well for the Hornets..Byron Scott loves him..They pick at 21..If he is still on the board i think they take him..Paul needs a back up..

Off Topic again...A mate of mine from the states sends me an email..Bosh sign and trade to the Lakers for Bynum..At the end of the email it had joke...Imagine that line up..Pau and Bosh in the front court...I still think Bynum needs a chance to play a complete season with out injury before i judge him..

Wow! That is the longest Ariza interview I've ever seen. His refrain about wanting to belong and feel cared about was endearing. I am more into Ariza than ever now. What a nice guy!

If the Lakers lose TA, Kobe will have a lot harder time dragging Luke to the top again. It isn't an illusion TA, we need you!

PS I agree about Fisher and Scola. I wonder if that was called by PJ or if it was instinctive or Fish thought it a good idea. I wonder if he thought it a good idea, why and based upon what calculations? It was NO ACCIDENT.


AK/BK, Lakers Bloggers,

How about starting a $5 for Ariza Fund? I would definitely throw down for that! If we can get it to spread around LA, we can collectively raise tons. That way TA will feel the love, get some extra change and STAY !!!


Message to Trevor Ariza: If you think it's only about the money, I have two words to help you reconsider: Ronny Turiaf.

Kobe will not opt out to sign for less. He has already said he wouldn't. He feels it is Buss' responsibility to bite the bullet and pay the players. He said "Buss has more money than me." I hope Buss comes through because we don't repeat w/o Lamar and Ariza.

Regarding Luke, I think he gets a bad rap from some of the bloggers because he is not athletic. He is actually a pretty decent defender if you really watch him. He was a much better defender than VladRad and BCook.

If it was between Farmar and Brown, I'd pick Brown. But since Farmar already is signed and Brown is a UFA I think we won't see Brown in an LA uniform next year unless we trade someone.

the lakers need both players to make another run for the championship next season. it's up to the lakers tto try and keep both. now kobe should opt out on his contract so that lakers can afford both role players.

More mock draft madness. Most drafts have us taking Collison from UCLA or Marcus Thorton from LSU. Here’s some other views:


29. SF Jonas Jerebko Angelico Biella (Italy) 6-9 220
The champs face the luxury tax while trying to re-sign key free agents. They'll draft an international player and keep him off the payroll for now.

Coming off an impressive showing in the Italian league semi-finals, Jerebko played only one game here on the camp’s final day. Regardless, he was able to make his presence felt immediately, looking impressive in both the morning drills and the actual game--giving the NBA people a very good feel for what he brings to the table. Jerebko shot the ball well throughout the day, only missing one of his seven shots in the game, while picking up 5 steals, 4 rebounds and 2 assists in 28 minutes. He also showed something of a back to the basket game, using his superior size to get off a pretty and very old-school sky-hook shot in the lane.

He played very physical man to man defense on the perimeter, while always looking to make the proper rotation on team defense. He also showed plenty of hustle, going the length of the floor with reckless abandon at one point to come up with a loose ball, and using his length to alter plenty of shots around the paint as well, not giving his matchup anything easy.

29. LA Lakers Josh Heytvelt
6-11 / 246 PF Gonzaga Sr.

- Excellent Touch
- Ability to finish around basket
- Mobility
- Solid frame
- Defensive rebounding
- 3-point range
- Ability to catch and shoot
- Likes to mix it up inside
- Settles for bad shots
- Ability to establish position in post
- Back to basket scoring
- Ability to defend position at next level?
- Commitment to playing defense
- Gets backed down in post
- Lateral quickness
- Focus

42. *LA Lakers Marcus Thornton
6-4 / 194 SG LSU
59. LA Lakers Chris Johnson
6-11 / 205 PF/C LSU
Teammates in college and on the Lakers? I think I wrote about these guys in another post.

From DIME:
29. L.A. Lakers — Taj Gibson, PF, USC
Despite winning the NBA Championship on Kobe’s shoulders, the Lakers need depth and athleticism in the frontcourt. And this late in the first round, they’d love to see 6-10, 214-pound Gibson still on the board from the local USC.

29. L.A. Lakers Sergio Llull
or Nick Calathes
or Patrick Mills
or Darren Collison

This from a Boston blog, thebiggreenmachine:
29. Los Angeles Lakers – Dionte Christmas, G, Temple

The Lakers bench could use a spark in the worst way and Christmas has the sweetest stroke in the draft. He’s got legitimate three point range in the NBA and playing with Kobe in LA would get him plenty of open looks. The Lakers could look at a point guard here as Derek Fisher is clearly on his last leg and a backup behind Jordan Farmar would be a necessity. Curtis Jerrells from Baylor or AJ Price from UConn could be possibilities.

Draftparty says:
59. Milenko Tepic, G, Serbia

The biggest reason for that has clearly been the play of Milenko Tepic. The 6-8 versatile swingman spends heavy minutes as his team's defacto point guard, and has been stuffing the stat-sheet in virtually every game he's played thus far. Tepic's team fell behind by 22 points this week in the Euroleague at home against Milan, but managed to rally to victory in large part thanks to his 11 point, 8 assist, 6 rebound performance. Tepic currently ranks sixth in the Euroleague in assists with 4.7 per game, and sports a sparkling 7 to 1 assist to turnover ratio.
- Decision making
- Executes offensively
- Point Forward
- Relatively mistake-free
- Shot-selection
- Versatility
- Defensive fundamentals
- Experience
- Focus
- Patient
- Unselfishness
- Basketball instincts
- Passing skills
- Size for position
- Improved perimeter shot
- Not a true point guard
- Lateral quickness
- Man to man defense
- Limited upside?
- Can NBA rookie scale compete financially w/other options?
- Style may be better suited for Europe
- Lacks explosiveness

Atssportsblog says:
29. L.A. Lakers SG Toney Douglas, Florida State 6-2, 184
Comment: Solid player and decent but not great athlete. Can really stroke the ball and looks like a good fit in the Triangle (assuming Phil Jackson stays). He’s more of a dynamic scorer off the bench on most teams than a true starter. But here he could be a nice fit.

The hoopsreport says:
59. LA Lakers Joe Ingles 6-8 209 SG/SF Happy Valley, Australia 10-2-1987

Ingles is intriguing from a standpoint that he’s a true wing player with excellent size for his position at around 6-8. His frame looks noticeably better than it did in the past, and he appears to be a fairly agile prospect with nice fluidity. Ingles can put the ball on the floor going either direction and has a really nice mid-range game, looking very smooth pulling up off the dribble. His perimeter jumper looks a bit on the funky side and isn’t all that quick, but he does appear to be capable of making shots from beyond the arc, even if he was a bit streaky in this setting. He has a reputation for being a great passer, but that was impossible to see here.

That’s it for now.



Magic did take a cut in pay, but sadly it was to sign Terry Teagle, not McAdoo.

The generosity and team spirit is the same, but the result leaves a bit to be desired.

Tom D.

The more I think about it, the more i think Kobe still needs scoring help. Lamar will probably never take over a game offensively, so he's not going to help lesson the load Kobe has to carry in the playoffs.

Kobe was really laboring this postseason, and we better take seriously what we saw. He needs help. That help used to be Sasha with a promise of Farmar but now there doesn't seem to be any guard other than Fisher late in games who can score regularly.

We better look into this.

We need a shooter and we need a playmaker and there there are tons of each out there. I think we can find a player with that late 1st pick who can contribute as much as Vlad did, but at 1/6th the cost. I really, really like Omri Casspi from Barcelona as a scoring SF off the bench. He may very well be there when we draft. I like Mills from Australia as a scoring guard to play beside Kobe.

I believe in these 3 picks.


It's too early to think about roster changes. The free agent market has not yet developed and it is hard to say now how hard it will be to sign Ariza, Odom and Brown. Odom will be the toughest because he could start and be a centerpiece somewhere, which would be attractive to him and make him more valuable (more dollars) to someone else.

So for now, with the theme of exit interviews, thinking as if the whole roster coming back (unlikely), here is what I’d like to see from everyone in the offseason:

Andrew Bynum. First get healthy and get that leg strong. Then work on playing defense with your feet and your size instead of your hands. Beat guys to spots. Change shots instead of blocking them. Play hard. Watch film of Dwight Howard. Come back looking to dominate the paint on D and rebound everything in sight.

Pau Gasol. Continue to work in the weight room, building that lower body strength. Drill on the 15 foot jumper, a killer weapon when Drew is operating in the post. Buy a beard trimmer.

Trevor Ariza. Hit the weight room and bulk up. When defending Ron Artest, Carmelo Anthony or even Hedo Turkoglu, Trevor’s light frame was an issue. With his skills defensively and some bulk, he could really be incredible. Continue working on that shot. A bigger, even better shooting Ariza starts to look a lot like Scottie Pippen (just not as rat faced).

Derek Fisher. Just stay in shape, and work on shooting. His role will probably start to get smaller, but a leader and competitor like Fish is huge. He has never been the best athlete or best shooter, but he just keeps earning his minutes and helping his team win. Just a stud.

Kobe Bryant. First off, get some rest. Kobe needs down time more than anything else this season. Second, when you do get back to work, work on your off-ball offensive skills. With the Lakers’ strong low post game, Kobe could be very dangerous as a spot up shooter and as a cutter, which oddly are not real big parts of his skill set. He tends to operate from ball possession, making his own plays, but he could be dangerous and save some wear and tear by making plays off the post play of the Lakers’ bigs.

Lamar Odom. Lamar’s outside shooting was a pleasant surprise in these playoffs. Keep working on that, with the Lakers’ bigs anyone who can shoot on the perimeter will get opportunities. Work on the free throws too. Develop a couple alternative moves to the hole so teams can’t just set up on your left side and draw a charge. And work on lateral mobility for defense. And come back, man.

Luke Walton. Much maligned, signed for too long for too much cash. But still a valuable cog, doing things that mostly go unnoticed. Almost always in the right spot on the floor. Luke, you need to shoot, shoot, shoot over the summer. If you can shoot, you keep defenses honest and you become a more dangerous passer.

Jordan Farmar. Most issues are mental. Jordan is hung up on Jordan. His minutes. His role. Jordan needs to accept that, on this team, even if he someday starts, he is a role player. With the bigs plus Kobe there are only so many shots, and only room for one guy who dribbles for 10 seconds to make a play. So get in the gym and play a facilitating role on offense, work on post entry passes and play tough D. Watch Fish and do what he does, with more athleticism.

Sasha Vujacic. Sasha’s strength is that he come in and plays at a different speed than everyone else, he brings energy, disrupts the flow (sometimes on both ends). And he CAN be a knock down shooter. So it is hard to tell Sasha to change. But in the long run he needs to harness his energy, play a beat slower but with the same energy, and become a more effective defender. And take better shots, his poor shooting in the playoffs was at least 50% shot selection – falling away, drifting, hand in his face. Sasha has great skills and needs to harness them.

Shannon Brown. Looked great at times in playoffs, but we really don’t know what he can do, especially after teams have studied him and know how to slow him down. Defense comes naturally, needs to play a lot and develop ball handling and playmaking, and also take a lot of shots in the gym to develop as a perimeter shooter. Every Laker needs to work on post entry passing, it will be a key.

Josh Powell. Josh plays hard, and has a pretty decent jump shot. His minutes will come from defense, rebounding, and functioning well in the triangle. And maybe someone getting hurt. Hit the gym , and play a lot of ball, Josh, you’ll be sitting a lot when the season starts.

DJ Mbenga. Gotta love DJ. Energy, defense, and wild offense. Needs to work on low post skills at both ends. Three words. Big Man’s Camp.

Adam Morrison. Who knows. Came into league. Struggled. Got hurt. Hopefully it helped him to watch the playoff run. He should be humbled now. Expectations are low, he can look to fill a role. Needs to get into shape and play defense and learn the offense and see where this all leads. Not as hopeless as it looks.

Sun Yue. D League superstar. Probably not destined for a large role as a Laker, but who knows, we didn’t see him much. His tendency to get whistled for fouls made Andrew Bynum look like Wilt. Needs a lot of work on defensive footwork.

That quote from yellofever post from lamar is more alarming than anything. But all the good stuff he said about "destiny signiing with the lakers" and "this is where I belong" kinda bring calm to the storm,he's just letting the lakers know he isn't cheap. WHOA,I just remembered that dude said he'll take a paycut to stay with the lakers,when was that interview?

Tom DAniels,
Odom has very clearly shown that he is NOT centerpiece material. He's not even second fiddle material, although I wouldn't be surprised if there were a team that thought he might be.


It is really a must to bring back the core group if lakers want a repeat. There should be a combination of experience and further youth movement. When I say youth movement, I meant a new concept of athleticism in the second unit. It may appear very unfair to our contracted players but Lakers have to continue improving by seeding the second unit with agile, athletic and three point threats. Mitch should be daring in venturing with the unknowns rather continue the known scrubby players and poor decision-makers. it was reported that Mitch K. might send the three draft picks abroad. Why not pick the best shooters, tall forwards with defensive mindset? In fact, we might prepare a Center in case the Bynum project does not work on its 5th year and Mbenga is just a feeler. Lakers should avoid the past bad decisions in hibernating cobwebs players, occupying cap space like the Chris Mihm type. We all feel edgy when our 2nd unit gave up leads, it is really a waste of playing time, waste of money and waste of player space. it also add more aggravation and depreciation on the elder players like Kobe and Fisher to be always on the floor just to save the game. There are so many good NCAA players, Euros, athletic free agents who may want to be identified with the Laker brand whose motives would be getting a ring at a price not more than 2M each. I know it might be impossible to trade our weak breeds if there are no takers but create opportunities of moving them out, that's still 16M savings or 32M if translated in luxury taxes.

For those who asked, Magic actually consistently took less money that why he's now 5% owner now. I have no inside info but the probability of kb taking less money is good. That would be the last nail inthe coffin of his prior "immage".

I don't know if this was mentioned before but are the Lakers the championship team whose starters have the fewest years of college ball experience? Three of their starters didn't play college ball while FIsher and Ariza have a combined 5 years between them.

I"ll repost to get a confirmation

Good Morning Charles....Good Morning Everyone....

the Lakers on Jimmy Kimmel was extremely cool, with a lot of questions that you don't hear getting asked, made extra cool due to being a group of players being asked collectively and seeing the interactions of the answers etc....

too bad there are not more things like that to really get a feel of this team and it's inter dynamics or whatever...

I think Mitch really has a lot of bargining power, both to re-sign our free agents, make some key trades perhaps or make a steal on the free agent market, primarily due to winning the Championship, but also because of the relationship of this team and the coaching staff...

success, coupled with the ever increasing attractiveness of playing along side of Kobe, and the desire by everyone involved to build a true Dynasty will insure we do just that...

I think we may even see some action on draft day...

seems to me that trading Morrison and his expiring contract is more or less inevitable, especially as it is a key in helping re-sign the three free agents...I see even trading him for a distant 2nd round pick, ala Anthony Peeler..

but the possibilities of moving Morrison, Sasha, Sun, Farmar,and even Mr. Walton may also give Mitch some elbow room, (especially if any are moved for nothing but picks in return etc)....another factor being the economy (in regards to teams needing salary dumping, which of course could work against us as well) and the free agent frenzy that will occur this summer seemingly...

will Kobe take less, that seems to be a critical point in ensuring the return of Lamar, Ariza, and even Brown ...or will BUss just simply pony up ? (real easy to spend Kobe and Buss's money for us armchair general managers ain't it?)

as I posted before, every team in the league will be trying to structure their teams for one thing, to beat the Lakers..Mitch's job is to not let that happen so easily by continuing to strive to improve our team...

I do have faith in Mitch, seems as if he is on a roll...a couple of (even minor) key moves (re-signing free agents being one of them Captain Obvious, not so minor Sherlock old boy) can indeed insure this building Dynasty juggernaut..

great post by Tom Daniels, very good (and funny)analysis...

anything is possible this summer, should be extememly interesting to say the least, as it were, can't wait...

" here's another place you can go, where everything flows..."

" I sang as they sawed the other one off "



There is no way Marcus Thornton falls to us at 29.. He is From LSU so there will be a lot of pressure on New Orleans to pick this guy at 21.. And Omri Cassipi is going to be drafted by the Nets.. I heard that he got a guarantee from them..Nick Calathes has already signed a contract in Greece.. so he wont make a difference now..Patty Mills is just a shorter version of Farmar.. The two guys who i am really interested and we have a legit chance of getting them is either Wayne Ellington or Darren Collison.. Ellington is the guy who i think can take Sasha's spot in the rotation if Sasha's struggles continue though to next season..And Collison knows how to run a team..and if we dont pick him ,i am pretty sure that the Cavs will pick him up at #30..


It would be nice if the Lakers were able to trade up and snag DeJuan Blair out of Pittsburgh. Although Blair is undersized at the PF position, he's a tenacious glass eater and a very physical player with a 7'2 wingspan. This guy also has a nasty edge to him and he would be a great backup to Pau and LO in the post. It would be very nice to see the Lakers pick up a physical player that can bang and muscle people in the paint.

I think Kobe will sign for less to bring back LO and TA and I hope the Lakers keep Brown as well. The Lakers may need to trade Morrison and or Sasha/Jordan so that we can fill our other needs which is another PG or SG to help Kobe. Go Lakers!!!

Rdlee / Bobie,

"He (Kobe) feels it is Buss' responsibility to bite the bullet and pay the players. He said "Buss has more money than me." I hope Buss comes through because we don't repeat w/o Lamar and Ariza.""

Some bloggers are focusing on Kobe's "high" salary, rather than the money Lakers ownership has. The Lakers are owned by the Busses, AEG (30% minority interest), and Magic Johnson (5%). Jerry Buss has more money than Kobe, AEG is the largest owner of sports in the world worth billions, and Magic's business ventures give him a net worth of almost a billion.

Kobe's salary might seem large, but his salary is actually a huge bargain for ownership. He generates more revenue for his team than any other NBA player. Ownership made $48 million on these playoffs alone. Imagine if Kobe was on a bottom dweller like the Thunder. The Thunder would be the most televised team in the NBA. Their TV and radio revenue, merchandising, corporate sponsorship, and ticket sales would go through the roof. Without Kobe, this Lakers squad, although talented, has the star power of the 2007 Memphis Grizzlies with Pau Gasol.

Perhaps we should be asking players that have NOT earned their salary to take a paycut (i.e. Luke and Sasha). But more realistically, the onus should be on ownership to pay Lamar and Ariza, not on Kobe.

by Larry Coon for

Everything you want to know about Kobe’s options in easy-to-understand prose.

Bottom line, the max the Lakers could offer Kobe if he opts out before July 1st would be $135M over 5 years, or any average of $27M per year. Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Gilbert Arenas, and Magic Johnson were all stars who took less so their teams would have more to pay other players. Coon feels Kobe won’t do that. I think Kobe will.

The reason I think so is that Kobe is a smart businessman who understands the value of his image, especially now that his services are back in demand as an Olympic and NBA champion. Last year, he earned $40M in endorsements alone, double the $20M in salary he received from the Lakers? Kobe is no fool. Taking $3M to $5M less each year to keep his team together would greatly enhance Kobe’s image and reap far more in return from endorsements and appreciation of his overall marketing worth.

Taking less is such an obvious WIN-WIN move that there is no way Kobe and his expert team of financial and public relations advisors are going to flub this one. Spend $3M to $5M and get back $30M to $50M in endorsements and commercials. Slam Dunk!

WATCH FOR IT: Kobe WILL take less to help the Lakers keep this team together.


Didn't Magic opt out and re-signed for less back in the 80's so the Lakers can sign Bob McAdoo?

Am I remembering correctly or is that some fantasy I've perpetuated in my head to further idolize Magic?

Anyone remember this?

Couldn't Kobe do this too? But like Lakers4Life said, it ain't my money.

they have to sign LO and Ariza. May consider unloading Sasha, Jordan or Luke, but who would take them? I think Sasha still has something to prove and Luke is at times really important. I question Jordan as I hope they sign Shannon. Is anyone optimistic in Morrison's comeback?

For all their accomplishments, this team still has room for growth.

Next year, potential 3 guys in the all star game (Kobe, Pau, Bynum). I see it.

Posted by: jq | June 19, 2009 at 11:52 PM

Magic did return money in renegotiation but to sign Jamal Wilkes aka Silk.

Yes I agree we need to sign our 3 FA's. LO, TA and SB.

Wow Trevor Ariza what a guy , just got his 1st ring , getting paid , life must be nice, to bad he doesn't know how to do percentage cause 10 dollars on 115 and some changes isn't 18%, what happen to giving back to the working class. Karma and Darma is the way of life. How can you take a picture with a little girl and turn around and not tip your server, we don't live on the hourly wage, that's why people tip- if you cant.... McDonald's is 24 hrs. Things like this leaves a bad taste in people mouths, never mind the stereo type that he is living up to that on a dally bases that i have to defend, cause it's not the color, it's the person. Damn, 18 dollars must really tax his salary PLUS his bonus . But hey he enjoyed his meal with no complaints, We pay hundreds of dollars to watch you play, but you cant tip your server.



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