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This week's 710 Lakers PodKast

This week, we put a neat and pretty bow on the Finals, take a look back at the season as a whole, and talk about Kobe Bryant's "likeability," which is quickly overtaking "KobeFace!" as one of the more overwrought stories of our time. 

All of that, plus interesting facts about killer whales.  Click and enjoy!


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If you think Walton is BAD on defense then Morrison is even WORST. He hasn't been the shooter that he was in Gonzaga. Heck he's another Michael Jordan BUST who wasn't able to live up to expectations. And that is ALL Morrison can do if can't be the center of the team! In fact he is a worst bust than JJ Reddick.

Posted by: KB Blitz | June 18, 2009 at 08:33 PM

yes hes a huge bust...theres a lot of pressure being drafted 3rd overall esp by jordan so it comes with the territory... i think being in a new place will make a HUGE difference and what better place for him than here in LA with kobe. his defense may not be great but it cant get worst than lukes. what will make him stand out over luke is his OUTSIDE SHOT. if he can regain his confidence i think he can be effective... heck if vlade can get minutes than i dont see why he cant.

Hi all:

Definitely a bittersweet week for me.

My Dad passed away on Wednesday morning. At least I was able to tell him the Lakers won the Championship on Sunday - his last day of being able to communicate with us. It put a smile on his face.

So, unfortunately I missed this whole week's celebration with each of you. I am still catching up on all the posts but appreciate Rick's insight as to the parade and coliseum event - glad some of the regular's were able to be together. I would have been there as well.

I'll be back posting in no time when I am able to view all the exit interviews and read some more.

Until then - thanks everyone for the prayers, wishes, etc. Keep blogging about what you did - your enthusiasm and stories has definitely lifted my spirits. This is a great hard fought Laker championship - it's awesome! And I am glad to be part of this crew.

Thanks all!!! PLG.

Before the real blog starts...I want to throw this in....this was a post which I read and kept a copy of. Yes the Lakers did it, all the 10 day fans jumped on the bandwagon and are looking for the next party. If things don't go as well next year, true Laker fans, I know why they are, will be sitting there "70/7" trying to think like our GM Mitch, who was almost thrown under the BUSS (pun intendeded) by the best of us...It all worked out in the end....they did not win 69, as I predicted, during the season, but I would say AB's injury could possibly have prevented that...

The thing about being a junkie is that you’re always thinking about your next fix, making sure your supply is uninterrupted. For basketball junkies, the playoffs are a mixed bag. On the one hand, it’s great that the second season has started and that the games count. On the other hand, your junkie instincts quickly recognize that the season is soon going to come to an end and you will have to go cold turkey until next October with no basketball. So while every game and series grows in importance so does your junkie anxiety about the coming off-season but don’t let that anxiety suck the joy out of these last dozen Laker wins. Relish and savor every one, Lakers fans, because soon it will be all over. And we will have the only thing that makes it easy to go cold turkey – another NBA championship.
We all have our addictions for better or worse but think about how lucky we are to be Lakerholics rather than addicts of another team. I mean if you have to have a jones, why not have a first class one with some hopes of redelivering that initial shot of ecstasy that was what hooked you in the first place? Why not keep shooting up hoping to recreate the great thrill of the Wilt and Jerry championship or the Magic and Kareem Showtime Lakers? Any fool knows your chances of repeating nirvana are a better than those of a Clipperholic, so why not take the plunge. Let the confidence of our storied history and the tantalizing prospect of our current team ignite your endorphins and free your mind of blown leads and lost opportunities. As Mamba reminds us, we are the Freaking LA Lakers.
Lakerholics are like alcoholics drinking Dom Pérignon, potheads smoking homegrown, or cokeheads snorting pharmaceutical while the rest of basketball’s addicts basically sniff paint thinner, suck up cough syrup, and down cheap beer. I mean, the thing about an addiction is how it drives to keep coming back trying to recreate whatever hooked you. So how do you become addicted to the Clippers or the Cavaliers or the Suns, teams that have never won anything, never tasted the sweet pleasure of winning it all. The answer is the same as to why people would ever seriously sniff paint thinner, suck in cough syrup, or drink cheap beer. Basically, they don’t know any better. They’re lost in their ignorance, blissfully unaware that their addiction has doomed them to a life of mediocrity.
You may not be what you drive, what you eat, or what you wear but the team that you choose as your jones still says a lot about you, especially if the choice is not demographic or inherited. We all know a lot of Yankee and Cowboy fans who are bandwagon winners. And Raiders and Celtics fans who think they are outlaws and tough guys against the world. And I suppose even a few Clippers fans like Billy Crystal who take pleasure and relish in rooting for the underdog, although the term Yankees-Clippers fan is surely an oxymoron. But Lakers fans are special. We want basketball that is played and choreographed like a ballet and not played like a football game or rugby scrum. We want teams that win by playing the game the way it should be and by sharing the ball and playing as one team. That’s why God is a Lakers fan and why being a Lakerholic is the best addiction of all.
Posted by: LakerTom | May 03, 2009 at 05:09 PM"

(posted without checking with him, sorry...)


AK / BK - do you think you'll be having live chats for us over the summer? You know - keep the jonesing at bay somewhat....

This week in "the paul pierce properganda"

Paul: this year's final was Lakers "the german shephards" against orlando magic "the poodles". Next year they will have to play against boston "the rotweilers".......

Not exactly the same format but the examples are accurate. I don't and can't believe how this dude is so arrogant and dumbfounded to call the team that eliminated his team "poodles" c'mon paula.


My condolences.

Further reason to dislike the national sports media. This from foxsports:

"And while short-sighted Lakers and Celtics fans don't want to hear it, San Antonio is the NBA's team of the decade."

This post is a joke, right. Not the argument that the Spurs are the team of the decade, but including the Celtics with the Lakers and Spurs.



Give me the rest of the peach schnapps and step away from the keyboard and the baby.



Is there a limit to post size? I'm about to spend another hour making a list of possible laker draft choices with video links and I don't want to do the work if it's not going to be posted. The last one was really big and vanished like that ham and munster sandwhich I sat by the pool last night.



Jay Jay,

Just exactly what I mentioned in one of my posts torn into pieces by LTLF (long timed luke fanatic haha!) that other than the core players, everyone is negotiable in the Championship team. I'm already on vacation as a junkie but forced to come back to answer LTLF's post. Well, this is based on their production during the playoffs viz-a-viz their salaries. No hating here just purely business. My core players are: Kobe, Pau, Lamar, Trevor, Ariza, Brown and Bynum. Now the rest, we hate to offer them for trade with draft picks but Laker owners have to bite the bullets or even hug the missile, in order to survive in a bad economy. Folks, don't forget that we are still in recession, yes we are the champions - Champions During Recession. In abnormal times, you can't have what you want, you are forced to cut back things ain't necessary or in other words, players who are deemed excess and duplicating.

For the sake of LTLF, how did I arrive at 110K in answer to LT' s post of retain all. here it goes:

2009-10 Estimated total salaries

9 players including Sun Yue $ 74.1M
Odom 11.0M - market
Ariza 10.0M - market
Brown 3.0M - below market
Powell 1.0M -
Mbenga 1.0M

Draft Picks (2) 1.0M

Total $ 101.1M

Assumptions: Ok 101 not 110M assuming Kobe will opt out and will not be greedy retain his market value salary of 23M projected for '09. Luxury taxes will be 26.1M. These figures are based on market value potential of players sought. Again, there is market forces out there ruled by supply and demand, if Kobe is willing to go down to 20M that's great or Odom at 8M or Ariza at 7M and Brown at 2M. these are the best scenarios. LTLF, I was responding to LT post of retain all and was not thinking of you, what would LTLF say on this post, would he like it? In reality I AM CHEAP, I don't want market values but buying on a bargain, we can't repeal the law of supply and demand. Philosophically speaking, I don't even want even adore these millionaire entertainers that may be the reason why i don't join the Lakerholic, my heart bleeds for those who are unemployed, homes foreclosed Laker fans but happy for Lakers Championship, all they can afford buy jerseys and watch a parade. We are all in the business of being entertained by financing all these millionaires. LOL

Therefore, which part of the cake you want to reduce the bread or the decorative icing. I chose the latter and I didn't based my choice on nationalities or color of the skin as LTLF unfairly accused me of doing, it is purely based on business and survival. Here are the following players again in exchange with new blood namely: Farmar, Vujacic, Walton, Mbenga, Powell, Morrison. Second Choice, if I could not find any draftee that will be more than Mbenga and Powell, I prefer to retain the two because they are economical below 1M. How much savings derived from exporting the players in the 2nd unit - Walton 4.8M, Morrison 5.2M, Sasha 5.0M, Farmar 1.9M = $ 16.9M

Yes, Lakers sacrificed the 2nd unit but that will start new blood, new energy, athleticism and maintained salary below 90M. If Kobe, Lamar and Ariza are willing to help these players, then they should shed 3-5M each from their present market values just for '09 salaries.

For the sake of revenue enhancement, Lakers should retain 15th man Sun Yue. His presence in the line up could help in paying miscellaneous expenses even if he is in the D'League.

Mitch Kupchak did a good job in upgrading the team after Kobe's rant and shelve the theory that Lakers needed only 1 or 2 players missing during the Kwame & Smush era. (Do you remember that phrase?) He deserved lots of praises in bringing back Fisher, getting Ariza and trading for Gasol with weasels and finally shedding salaries of Vlady w/o the knowledge of unearthing a diamond in the rough of shinning Brown. However, we have to note some of his mistakes too which is normal in decision making. Luke's 6 year rosy contract and Bynum's premature contract offer of 56 M for three years. Today, Lakers salaries have skyrocketed.

Four quick thoughts:

1. Killer whales have an undeserved bad rep. Let's call 'em orcas.

2. Any post that equates Clippers fans to paint sniffers deserves a nod of approval.

3. PLG: I'm very sorry for your loss -- but what a wonderful thing to have shared that smile! Hang onto that.

4. Looking forward to a good signing season...and a repeat! (Please stay, Trev and Lamar.)


How can ANYONE argue that ANY team other than the Lakers or the Spurs are the franchise of the decade?

The Celtics?

The Celtics?

Give me a break.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Plg....I offer my dearest condolences. That's very fulfilling to hear of a laker championship anytime so I assume this one was extra sweet.

Thank god for our lakers.

Can we please have another exit interview?

I'm having withdrawls.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Maybe you guys should take a quick poll about Kobe's likeability (is that a word?) and also take into account who is casting their vote (laker fan, not a laker fan, latimes reporter, etc). Also, who on the lakers would you like to hang out with?

I like Fisher's perspective about being the best at something, how would we react?


I'm very sorry to hear that. My father and I are very close and I can feel the time slipping away a little more every day. It seems like you and your dad had a great relationship and if so, that's something a lot of people never even get a glimpse of. My 3 closest cousins all were raised fatherless.

My father is different from me. He grew up a baby boomer without ever knowing his own father who died from alcoholism after WW2. This really framed his relationship with my brother and sister and I, in that he made sure he was always there for us. It wasn't easy for him, not having a blueprint and all, but he was always there.

Psyched, when I think of my Dad, I always think of this Everclear song, "Father of Mine." Not because this was the childhood that I experienced, but because it was my father’s childhood, and though it defined his life, he made damn sure his children didn’t have a similar experience. Quiet heroism.

Lots of love,


Unfortunately I think Morrison will be a victim of numbers...if we can retain LO and Ariza and Brown, we have enough outside shooters (remember we still have KB24, Sasha, Fish and Farmar who are all good outside shooters, yes, I know a few slumped this year, but look..."what's that on my 4th finger?" says the Kobe puppet....I'd kill to get one of those dark t shirts he was wearing.....wasn't it great that he was the only Laker, I believe who was wearing dark colors, all I saw was the Coliseum event on replay....

As for the gutters...Paul Pierce and his spelling handicap...I'll let him off the hook because he was probably texting on a small device and he was probably agitated, jealous, being his aame ol' delusional Paul...I would probably spell Rottweiler wrong.....hey, spell check says i passed....I always was last kid standing in spelling bees.....anyway intstead of calling the Lakers "German Shepherds"....they are more like Belgian Tervurens, which often are mistaken as GS' but they are subtly yet diistinctly different. I believe they are smarter. They are commonly used by law enforcement agencies for bomb sniffing.....they look just like GS's except their back legs, hips and their walk are more catlike.....I had one once, it went with the wife...look them up on Wikipedia, or something....and look up Paul Pierce, he's the guy standing in line outside nightclubs..."Stay in line, sir, or I'll have to ask you to leave".....

I think another amazing thing about Kobe's 4 rings is that is was against 4 different opponents, the 6 trips to the finals against 6 different opponents....not like Celtics vs Lakers in the 60's and 80's....where they met a couple of times at least....

OK, blog, proceed, I did not kill this one, I hope....

Darren Collison?

Sounds pretty darned good for me.

Sorry, Sun Yue, we've got to make way for another UCLA Bruin who's been coached well and plays good defense.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


My heartfelt condolensces to you and your family PsychedLakerGirl. I can't imagine what you've endured this past week. My prayers are with you and your family.

Nice to see a few loyals still hanging around here. I'm seriously experiencing some Laker withdrawal already. Here's a good interview of Kobe at Disneyland yesterday that was posted on


"I'm about to spend another hour making a list of possible laker draft choices with video links"

That sounds pretty awesome. I hope the K Brothers post it.

It sounds like something that might halt the trembling withdrawl symptoms I'm experiencing.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



What happened?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I'm sorry about your father. This can't be easy.

I'll keep you in my prayers through this difficult period.

Great podcast.


I know I've said stuff like this before, but for me, K-Bros., you guys are the face of the Lakers. I find you consistently the best informed, most interesting, and most accurate reporting. You aren't Chick Hearn -- no one ever will be -- but in helping me feel, exiled here in Utah, that I'm still in on the fun and have a front-row seat to the proceedings, you're the next best thing.

Thanks for making this championship season a little more special.

"yes hes a huge bust...theres a lot of pressure being drafted 3rd overall esp by jordan so it comes with the territory"

Really? I don't see DJ Augustin being a huge bust so far.

"i think being in a new place will make a HUGE difference and what better place for him than here in LA with kobe."

The same thing was said about Kwamay Brown and look how he turned out.

"his defense may not be great but it cant get worst than lukes. what will make him stand out over luke is his OUTSIDE SHOT. "

You haven't read my post and clearly enough because I already said:


And what outside shot? The outside shot he showed in Gonzaga? That's in COLLEGE. And he was the GO TO GUY then. When you don't play as the GO TO GUY when you were and now you're not it is hard for that outside shot. Heck even Luke had a 38% from the 3 point land in 06-07. Call him a outside shooter then!

JJ Reddick was a fantastic shooter in college but he barely breaks into the rotation. If JJ couldn't so far why the heck can Morrison be effective with less openings?

Besides he is no DAMN WAY a combination of Luke and Vlad. Only similarities he does share with Luke is that he is white and the only thing he shares with Vlad is that he sucks as a shooter when he doesn't get openings as a member of the starting line up.


Three of a kind!

Ahem. You all need to read the recent articles on The Onion.

For those thinking Collison should be drafted:

Collison=Less athletic version of Nate Robinson.

If you think Jordan Farmar is a SG in a PG's body, Collison wins the prize. Better defender than Farmar not as arrogant as Farmar but more intent to be scoring than Farmar was in college. Collison aka NEEDS THE BALL MORE TO BE EFFECTIVE (and when will that happen when you have Kobe/Pau?)

In other words:

Not going to happen unless the Lakers 1) Let Shannon Brown go or 2) Trade Farmar and keep Shannon Brown.

No way Buss allows the salary to go past $100 million or even $95 million. Even with the playoffs losing to much money. Odom not worth $10 million (that means only 1 million shed off his salary which is $11 mill but counts $14 due to contract kicker in the Miami Heat deal). Ariza definitely not worth $10 million at most $7-8 million like Odom.

Overpaid dudes (from top to bottom):
Andrew Bynum-$14 million even when healthy was unjustified. Pau Gasol type money without Pau Gasol type results. Even more than Kobe's money when KB was second fiddle with Shaq. Mr. Big Mouth in the playoffs always said knee was fine and ready to be a defensive stopper but spent more time on the bench and afterwards admitted he wasn't 100%.
Luke Walton-Even though Luke is a solid player in the rotation contract still way too much especially for a role player.
Sasha Vujacic: Sir Choke-a-cic enough said.

Psyched Laker Girl...sorry to hear that..Take care.

Psyched Laker Girl...

Our prayers are with you

Our prayers are with you and your family.

This Crüe will be here for you upon your return.


Dear Lord, please wrap Your loving arms around PLG. Grant her the freedom to grieve the loss of her father - let her not be ashamed of every tear that falls, for You will catch them all in Your loving Hands. And while she cries - and after - COMFORT HER, Lord. Grant her the spirit of peace. May she cherish every moment of her time with her father. May she delight in that final memory of sharing the news of THE FIFTEENTH BANNER with him.

Secure her in Your precious love. Comfort her whole family and keep them all united in Your love and care...


K-Bros: Are y'all losing posts somehow? I know I made one around 10:30 AM or so today and it's nowhere to be found.

I'm excited for the draft, even though the Lakers aren't really too involved. Three kids I hope the Lakers get a look at: Nick Calathes, Darren Collison and Danny Green. Each could be a valuable bench player this year and I think each has the possibility to be a starter in this league, especially Calathes. Taking a look at John Bryant out of Santa Clara might be useful with the 40th pick as well.

PsychedLakerGirl -

I am truly sorry for your loss.

We are all here for you.

So sorry PsychedLakerGirl..So close to father's day too. Stay strong..

Why would the Lakers draft another short point guard? Especially when we have Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown? Doesn't make any sense to me..Can't they grab someone 6'4" or taller?

Hey PLG,

Condolences. I'll keep you in my prayers.


Do you really think Trevor is an 8 digit a year player? I think his market value will probably be closer to the midlevel. He'll probably double his salary to around 6 mil. Lamar will likely get paid around 9 - 10.

Psyched Laker Girl,

My dad died after the last championship in '02. Last year and again this year I've had those flashes of, "I should call Dad, he'd appreciate this" ... but of course you can't. We keep my dad alive by talking about him: "Papa would have liked that!" or "Papa used to say that only the last two minutes of a basketball game mattered -- so you see even Papa could be wrong about stuff" --

My youngest is 7 now, and doesn't really remember my Dad. But he knows that the day he was born, Papa drove across the length of Los Angeles County during rush hour traffic to come and see him, because he'd been born prematurely and we were all worried. He knows that Papa loved me the way I love him and his brothers and sisters, and that's forever.

As I write this I'm tearing up a little, but that's OK. You lose things as you get older, that's just part of it -- but the people who are gone, who loved you, want you to be happy, and you will be again.




What a painful loss on Father's Day? Come to think of it, all of us will have our own date with death. He just went ahead of us, someday you will be reunited with him again in the presence of Our Lord. Keep your head and spirits high, the flesh may be gone but the memories of a wonderful DaD linger on.


Well, if you evaluate TA raise from 3.0M, perhaps 6.0M is 100% increase. However based on what he has shown during playoffs, he really beat a lot of players earning 8M. Let's compare the upside of TA on players he surpassed in the playoffs: Kirilenco 15M, Boozer 11M of Utah; Artest 8M, Battier 6.8M of Rockets; K-Mart 14M, JR Smith 6.0M of Nuggets; R. Lewis 17M, Hedo 7M, Battie 6.2M. Other teams within Ariza's range: Stackhouse 7M, Howard 9M of Dallas; Jason Richardson 12M, Barbosa 6M of Phoenix; Quentin Richardson 8M, Larry Hughes 12M of Knicks; Diaw 9M, Vlady 6.0m

Therefore, if you are the agent of Ariza, how much will be your preliminary asking price? Trevor can shoot the 3, can slash to the post, great in defense tho' below 6'10" player. Based on my haunch, agent will ask for 10M, Ariza will lower it 8M as a concession to the Lakers but there will be teams out there that stilll offer him more than 8M, if lakers low ball him at 6M, we could lose him. It is not scientific, let's see.

"wasn't it great that he was the only Laker, I believe who was wearing dark colors, all I saw was the Coliseum event on replay...."

Actually, D-Fish had on the same puppet-hand shirt as Kobe (since they both have 4 rings) during the bus ride down Figueroa. After they got to the Coliseum, everyone put on the caricature shirt except Phil and Kobe.


May god bless you and your family during the most trying of times.

Here's a special prayer dedicated to him:

"May the perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen."

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Psyched Laker Girl,

My prayers go out to you and your family.


Write it in Word and then paste it.



You dad would want you to enjoy tomorrow thinking about all the good times you shared. Tear of joy not sorrow. Take it from a dad.


I love the faith and spiritual words from this blog


Is there a limit to post size? I'm about to spend another hour making a list of possible laker draft choices with video links and I don't want to do the work if it's not going to be posted. The last one was really big and vanished like that ham and munster sandwhich I sat by the pool last night.



Posted by: wesjoenixon | June 19, 2009 at 11:39 AM


I recommend you put all your work on microsoft word and copy and paste to blog. If it disappears you have all the work on word and can copy and paste to your hearts content.


My deepest condolences for you. Been there and not best moment in one's life. I emphasize with you.

Kee the faith.



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