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This week's 710 Lakers PodKast

It's your weekend ear candy!

The Draft has come and gone, the NBA's vanquished (everyone else) have started making moves to try and corrall the victors (your purple and gold), and it's almost time to kick off what guarantees to be a busy free agent season in El Segundo. Who better to kick around these topics and more, including life behind the purple and gold velvet rope, than with's Mike Trudell?  Nobody, that's who. All that, and a little Kobe talk to dovetail with yesterday's post.  Synergy.  (If you'd just as soon avoid that, skip the last 10-15 minutes or so.) 



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from Mark H's colunm:

"The Lakers will be back, having won a title without coming close to maxing out their potential."

without coming close indeed---that's what all of us should be ecsatic about to say the least, seemingly...

is it October yet? (and yeah I do know that the regular season starts in Novemeber, but even exibition games sooths the Laker jones)


Leonard and Justa - thanks for the kind words (even though I'm not worthy!).

Tom - thanks for posting the Rosen link. Truly interesting stuff... on many levels.

I cant stop wondering if You Ever Notice is gonna ride this beaten down Zombie Horse into the sunset? Or will he be here for all the Championships Rings in the near future?

Jon K,

"Remember those bad old days . . . "

Its like a bad dream, one you want to forget but ever so often news of Smush, Kwame and Cook would surface and the nightmare comes back. Makes this ring so much more sweet.

And to Mike T, fool's gold my donkey.

Hobbitmage how dare you!

"4 championships, 2 scoring titles, &
1 MVP"

That is FIVE MVP's (Regular season, Finals, All-Star)


"Everybody gets better by playing together. Familiarity
with each others' tendencies makes it easier and more fluid to play together. When you add a new player, there's usually an adjustment period, and there's a chance they won't mesh at all."

"Bynum could stay healthy the whole season and play in
May and June like he was playing before both injuries.
That would be a HUGE bonus for the Lakers"

It would be a HUGE bonus and good for the Lakers and his own personal development. That though has to translate into the playoffs when no doubt Kobe will start firing more shots and so will Gasol and Odom.

"Farmar and Vujacic could get some of their mojo back and play more like they played in the 2008 finals. Better shooting, less fouling, more composure."

Doubt that. Even if Farmar returns to 2007-2008 form it won't be the same. If Shannon is re-signed that changes the dynamics of the PG position. Fish no doubt will receive time of around 25 minutes but if Shannon and Jordan are on the team it will affect the way he plays than he did back in 07-08. On the other hand it is a contract year for him so he COULD step up like Sasha did in his contract year to get him a brand new contract.

On Sasha I too doubt. Again part of Sasha's breakout year was due to 1) Poor play at SF forced Kobe to play more at that position opening up the 6th man role to Sasha and 2) It was a contract year. With Ariza's development that allows Kobe to stay at SG and makes Sasha's minutes go down and with it his confidence and his shot.

"4. Shannon Brown could pull a Trevor Ariza and come into his own as a top tier role player. He played well early in the playoffs but poorly in the finals. If he made as big a leap this season as Ariza did last season, he takes over as starting PG (unless of course Farmar improves as well)."

I think he already showed why he should be the starter for the Lakers soon.

"Adam Morrison could come back to life!!!!! He was one of the most prolific scorers in the history of NCAA. There's at least some tiny sense of possibility that he could get his mojo back and be a good bench scorer."

Doubt that too. He could produce but will be at most like what happened to JJ Reddick and a role player. That would be great actually but Morrison is still a BUST considering how highly rated he was coming from college and how high he was drafted.

And I agree with you LTLF on the trades save for one: Jefferson to the Spurs. Sure Jefferson is no Bowen but he and Manu will make Kobe work defensively and that will sap a bit of Kobe's energy a bit more than he would against Bowen which all he had to do was to make sure Bowen wouldn't shoot from the corner.

This just in from the news desk: We actually picked someone in the draft a few nights ago. Chinemelu Elonu. Nobody expects him to play for us... probably because our own GM doesn't seem to have any interest. It just struck me though... as I perused the latest thread, sorting through endless debates about who's right and who's wrong. This guy probably realized a lifelong dream. The lone pick this year of the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers. And nobody's talking about it. Not on the networks, not on the hoops sites, not on this blog. It's like he never existed.

So, Chinemelu, wherever you are, I salute you. Texas A&M, center/PF. Nigerian son. Works hard and crashes the boards. A lefty. I'm hoping you make it. Hope you come to the summer league with some serious kick ass. Chinemelu!!!


I don't think they're marginal, I just don't think you can make comparisons between what regular people do in their daily work lives and the finances of professional basketball. The decision Kobe and other guys who sign FA contracts are so vastly different in context than what happens in the day to day that it's apples and oranges.

But I totally agree that the economy matters a great deal in the discussion. I was just pointing out that while the situations aren't the same (or even close) in context, in the real world people are in fact making the exact sorts of concessions Taliq was talking about.


KB Blitz

Sure, the improvement scenarios may not pan out (although, if Bynum gets healthy and stays healthy it's hard to see how he won't be significantly better than he was in the playoffs.. yet I digress..), but all of the other teams' "improvements" may not either.

Orlando getting VC could blow up on them. How will VC react to being the 3rd, even 4th option on the team? (don't laugh.. jameer, Dwight, and Rashard could all argue that it's more important for them to get touches/shots).

Shaq in Cleveland could blow up in many, many ways. One of the biggest problems will be on offense where you don't have to guard him if he's more than 10 feet from the hoop. Between him and Varajao teams will pack the paint. Also, if Orlando pushes the pace, Howard will kill Shaq getting up and down the court. Kill him. And let's not forget that rebounding isn't Shaq's strength.

Spurs.. Jefferson helps, but will Manu ever be the same? And how do they compete with the Lakers size and length. A returning Lakers team has way too much for Spurs to deal with. Way too much.

I guess I'm saying it's just as reasonable to expect the Lakers to improve as it is to expect that other teams moves will lead to improvements on the court.

but the second-half collapse was not good

DaveM.....I second that....Congrats Chinemelu....

Kick some summer league butt....

This off season is really hurting me already...I cant take it.

Dave M.

No need to be humble or not worthy. Excellant post and giving credit where credit is due.

I know I post many times late in threads and maybe you missed my post but I did talk about Elonu. I said he could be a great pick up if Josh or Mbenga don't come back. It would be less money for Elonu not expected to play much but neither is Josh or DJ making more money.

If we keep Josh or Mbenga or both Elonu maybe convinced to play overseas a yr to develop and that is when Josh and DJ contracts expire.

Sorry you missed it but I agree with you more thoughts should be shared in the blog.

Wow, Kobe goes Shaw Brothers on Mo Williams:


The ChinMeister!

Dave, I'm with you. I'm ready to cheer for the Lakers’ lone pick. I don't know how to pronounce his name, though.

He's supposedly long, athletic and plays tenacious D (like me: Muahahhaha).


Lets get our guys signed and see what free agency throws our way.



Justa & Thirty2 - we're gonna be rockin' a Chinemelu bandwagon!

some guy in san diego 32 (you guys stay classy),

Yeah in most part I agree with your statements about the other teams not improving necessarily. In fact unless Orlando re-signs Hedo then they will really be the team to beat in the East without a doubt, neither Shaq nor VC are a big improvement against a healthy Laker squad.

The Spurs though are the only team I could see improving significantly. Pop has been willing to switch his lineup and putting Jefferson at the three will make Ariza guard him and Finley still shouldn't be left alone (or Mason) because both can shoot very well. Then of course you have Manu who I think will rebound very well since when he's 100% healthy one of the top 5 SG in the league. Of course like you said the Spurs don't have a good match up with the Lakers front court (PF and C) since Duncan can only guard 1 big and he will have a tough time against either Bynum (who has shown to slow down Duncan) or Gasol. The Spurs will have improved but like you said I don't think they still have enough to dethrone the Lakers.

And there is always question on our front: How good of a rest will Kobe get from this summer? Will LO's inconsistency really be solved when he switched to salad during the Finals? Will Gasol play for Spain or will he opt to rest? How can Derek Fisher maintain his play at the age of 35 enough to hit big shots again in the Playoffs? Will Bynum become more mature and bring more energy on the court to avoid silly fouls rather than use his mouth? Will Trevor's jump shot still be good or like Sasha slump? Who will win the battle of PG's between Jordan and Shannon (if it does come down to that)? Will Sasha playing for Slovenia help him realize to calm down and play better defense and shoot with confidence and concentration? Are Powell and Mbenga again ready to step up when the call of duty arrives? And what about Morrison? Will he really shake off that bust label and become the Adam Morrison of Gonzaga that could not only be better than Luke but also even overtake Trevor? (If Morrison lived up to his #3 label he really is better than Ariza overall but that is a big IF). Will Luke remain more healthy enough to continue being productive in a back up role or starting when his number is called up? And can Sun prove that he really belongs to the Lakers?

These questions will be answered by October.

The other guy the Lakers signed for the summer Tony Gaffney...Anybody know about this guy besides the fact he is a Celtics fan...

Bring on the summer league..And when does it start?...And will Sun Yue be playing in it?...


" I was just pointing out that while the situations aren't the same (or even close) in context, in the real world people are in fact making the exact sorts of concessions Taliq was talking about."

But are people getting criticized for not taking such a cut ... again noone is saying it is not commendable to make a sacrifice .... but i just think it's so wrong to come out and say so and so person should be criticized

You say you and i aren't making nba money but there are millions of people not making BK/AK money ... should we criticize you for not taking a paycut then? ... will you comeout and say you'll take a pay cut or should be open to criticizm for not taking one? ... yeah you're not making millions but tonnes of people making minimum wage see your salary as such so pls dont say a 10% cut to you wouldn't count

And whats with you'll criticize lebron if it limits signing others ... of course taking max limits it ... taking less than max means there's more for potential free agent ... so dont explain your tacky argument away by going oh yeah lebron's max is different cuz it doesn't hinder the cavs

Jeez are you people listening to yourself ... in a capitalist society claiming people should be criticized for taking market value? ... You say Buss deserves a healthy profit...lets see what happens if he loses kobe?

He needs to not only pay kobe but he needs to pay kobe's boys too. ... if he aint willing too he'll lose kobe via his opt out clause and he'll lose his boys odom/ariza via free agency ... i hear nyc has no problem paying all 3 of them ... i hear they've got a management team that figures they'll have a great product to market if mamba comes on board ... and i hear they're willing to pay luxury tax to keep mamba happy via a competitive pay scale

keep feeding these dummies your communist arguments BK ... but at least scratch the hypocritical angle saying real world is different? ... go to the projects, and go ask the mom that's a janitor at latimes (earning minimum wage) whether a 10% paycut of your check doesn't seem like tonnes of money to her ... then go to your boss and go i want a paycut otherwise i deserve to be criticized

And yeah keep that apology ...i didn't expect you to be man enough to correct yourself ... if there's one thing about y'all media ... once it is in print, it takes a miracle to get a retraction

correction ... meant nyc would be willing to keep mamba happy by paying luxury tax to field a competitive squad

LA management is going to do the same ... kobe gets his dollars no paycut and odom/ariza get paid too ... BK next time you feel the need to hate on an nba contract, pick one that deserves it like say Bynum's contract or rashard lewis contract in orlando ... but dont mouth of about the finals mvp deserving criticism ... if anything that boy deserves a raise

AGAIN not saying you shouldn't go it would be a nice gesture ... but to sum it all up as he DESERVES to be criticized as opposed to he should be commended if he does go that rout ... is TACKY

Services will be on Wed, at 12:00 PM.

Anyone who would like to speak on behalf on the Horse me do so at the end on this thread.



Like I said,real world comparisons don't apply. Most people don't have the ability to voluntarily take cuts in pay without substantial pain. It's apples and oranges. The fundamental question is this:

Earning the kind of money he does, does Kobe Bryant (or LeBron James, when the time comes) have the flexibility financially to say "You know what, some things are more important to me than getting "true market value." I'm going to make a ton of money either way. What's the best way for me to ensure I always have a good team around me, so I can try to win more championships?"

In a nutshell, he has the money to help facilitate the construction of a great roster, while still making a huge (and deserved) salary. He is rich enough, by a lot, to essentially pay a price to help get other things that are important to him.

Clearly you don't agree. And if you consider this idea "communist" you also clearly have no reasonable grasp on what the word means.


>>>The average fan has no recollection of
>>>Magic or Duncan or KG taking less $$

I remember all those.

I also remember Shaq running down the floor in a preseason
MONEY" or something very like that at Jerry Buss.

LeBron has been quoted as saying that he wants to be a
billionaire. If I asked LeBron whether he would prefer to
only ever get to 100 million, but win 6 rings or to make it to
billionaire but never win a ring, which do you think he would

What would you take?

Would you prefer more money or more rings?

Hey, one positive note.

Since the blog has been pummeling this deceased equestrian
quadruped to a fine paste, it must be at least 2 or 3 days since
anyone's posted anything negative about Luke Walton. That must
be a record or something.


The other guy the Lakers signed for the summer Tony Gaffney...Anybody know about this guy besides the fact he is a Celtics fan...

Bring on the summer league..And when does it start?...And will Sun Yue be playing in it?...

Posted by: Thirty2 | June 28, 2009 at 08:44 PM

That's one big strike against him to start!!!!!

Rememmber all to kill a zombie ...kill the brain. Stike at the zombie horses head!!

ChicNstu...I would love to say a few words on behalf of the young horse that was beaten senseless for just over a week....

I cant wait for this junk to be over.
1.Summer League to start.
2.Training camp to begin.
3.NBA 2k10 to be released..on xbox 360.
4NBA live 10 as well..
5.The for the season to begin.
6.and for Pete's sake stop beating the already beaten horse.

Thirty2 - Gaffney used to play for University of Mass... which is prob why he's a Celtics fan. Don't know much about him except he's mainly known for defense which isn't a bad thing. A skinny PF, has a lot of energy.

I still think Morrison works his ass off this summer, hits the weights hard, and becomes a better overall 3 than Luke, making LW trade bait mid-season for a team that needs a solid, 3 with play-off experience.

Long Time Laker Fan,

I'd take more rings.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


DaveM...I hope we find out the roster soon...My local team are looking for an import are headed to Vegas for a point/guard combo....

I went and saw the oracle this morning. The kind from 300 with the virgin floating around in the silken robes and long red hair. The kind you have to climb up the rock to get to with the pouch full of gold. Very nice. The oracle says 1) honor the Carnea 2) Teams aren't really making a push for Ariza and Odom--yet, 3) the Wolves are sitting pretty with this Rubio pick, the latest offer thrown at them being Shane Battier and Aaron Brooks for Rubio, and 4) a 12-13 million dollar per year offer for Paul Millsap will be an evil portend for teams trying to sign free agents on the cheap and may set the market on it's ear. Keep all eyes and ears peeled.

I don't know what it all means, but in honor of Michael Jackson, probably the greatest pop artist of all time, check out this performance from Mr. Sammy Davis Jr:

And the there’s Jim Carey doing Sammy:



"Like I said,real world comparisons don't apply. Most people don't have the ability to voluntarily take cuts in pay without substantial pain"

Again it is all relative ... say kobe's making 20 mil a year ... and you're making 100k a year ... and my aunt makes 15k a year ... a 10% paycut to you makes it harder to pay rent but if you downgraded to her $200 a month apt you'd be good ... but wait wait you don't wanna live in the ghetto hunhh ... well same for kobe, for all you know he's got a 2million a year rent on a penthouse in nyc and another in milan etc etc ... so what you call "substantial pain" is all relative ... just like u're looking at kobe as a baller, my aunt would look at u the same way

"What's the best way for me to ensure I always have a good team around me, so I can try to win more championships?"

By keeping your opt out clause that way you have leverage over Buss and co... the same set of people that sorrounded you with kwame and smush and left you no choice but to demand a trade ... common sense dictates that if Buss isn't willing to giveup enough of his "healthy profit" to resign odom/ariza you can walk away next year and move on to another team where they're willing to pay not just you the max but field a competitive team even if they've got to pay through the nose ... you're kobe bryant, the league and not just the lakers make dough off you ... and oh btw BK, we both know senior buss ain't a hater, he'll pay kobe and odom and ariza and u can file this whole thread under your hateration archives

"He is rich enough, by a lot, to essentially pay a price to help get other things that are important to him. "

Silliest part of the argument ... winning is important to everyone in the league so it's a non-factor in contract negotiations ... again why kobe? why is he the one being singled out to be open to critcism if he doesn't take a pay cut ... i ain't hear anyone say odom should be criticized if he takes max elsewhere or ariza should be criticized if he goes for big money elsewhere ... the onus is on BUSS not Kobe ... and no player should be criticized for the money the earn if they're producing on the court but hey i guess that's crazy talk

Try writing on article about how maybe the luxury tax should be abolished ... or how maybe nba contracts should be incentive ladden that way you can go hey bynum your 2knees dnt seem healthy ... instead of giving you 16mil a year (and we're talking about kobe's contract, really BK? really?) we'll give you 8mil but if the team wins a championship u get an 8mil bonus ... or perharps contracts based on team revenues ... i.e. if buss makes a profit odom gets a bonus ... if buss doesn't make a profit kobe takes a pay cut ... lmao

"Clearly you don't agree. And if you consider this idea "communist" you also clearly have no reasonable grasp on what the word means."

Blah blah blah ... like we all don't get the analogy ... ain't spread the wealth what you're arguing with kobe's contract? ... what about gasol? oh wait no opt out clause ... lucky spaniard ... dude u run the blog but u ain't got all d answers .. in your own words it's just your opinion ... and in my own words, it's a very tacky opinion ... but "clearly you don't agree"

Lastly ... please don't mind how i pursue ... don't take it personally that's just how the sherriff does ... I smack all haters verbally even if itz d mayor(mamba24) or d K brothers ... actually especially if it's the K brothers since there's a danger some morons on here take BK's opinion as gospel cuz they figure he's d media, he must know ...

24 + 16 + [1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age


How about new thread to discuss off season moves.

Draft picks, trades, FA's starting 7/1/09, Summer league play, and later possible pick up from team cuts as teams try to trim rosters.


KB Blitz,

my bad on missing the all-star mvp's.



Hey, one positive note.

Since the blog has been pummeling this deceased equestrian
quadruped to a fine paste, it must be at least 2 or 3 days since
anyone's posted anything negative about Luke Walton. That must
be a record or something.


Posted by: Long Time Laker Fan | June 28, 2009 at 10:11 PM

Dead horses = Glue

Luke Walton = Glue guy

Ironic, no?

Laker lone pick Chinemelu, wherever you are,
WeI salute you - BANDWAGON
(01) DAVE M. - OWNER

people keep saying trade sasha...but i say lets not give up on him after one bad season..he is still really our only dead eye three point shooter aside from fisher and ariza

i can dig the Chinemelu bandwagon...

i gotta agree with Taliq on this one. he's the only one pointing out an arguement that's real and not an opinion or conjecture. it is Buss's job to pay his employees fair wages(EACH employee). if Buss can't or doesn't want to, then it's Kobe's choice to stay for less or go somewhere else, where they want to win and pay people market value. paying market value is a fundemental principle of good business in a "free market". don't believe what greedy people say.

now, if Mr. Bus really doesn't have enough money and he says to Kobe "hey look, i just don't have enough cash, but i really want to keep the team together. can you help me?" and Kobe says "yes", well that's real nice and great, but that's not our business. many forget that Magic had a number of promises made to him as repayment for his losses when he lowered his asking price for the team. Jerry Buss didn't expect Magic to lose money on the deal, because he's actually a businessman who respects his employees, and Magic, who had a very good relationship with Buss, gave up NOTHING, because he now has a part of the team, and "other considerations".

the whole "should Kobe give up part of his paycheck to keep the team together" talk is madness! YES, it would be cool if Kobe did that IF the Lakers need him to. NO, it's not his job to keep the team together. that's the OWNER's job.

i think many people don't know what it even means to OWN something anymore. Mr. Buss is HAPPY to have the burden upon himself, because the team is HIS, to the point that it ISN"T Los Angeles'(actually it's a franchise. the NBA is the true owner of the Lakers' money business). don't believe it? if he wants to move(like to Minneapolis?) the whole show moves with him. he DOES however, have a responsibility to the city that HOSTS the parasite(if the relationship isn't symbiotic it can't work. btw- yes, i'm smiling). if Buss screws thing up, like what that slumlord over in Clipperville does, then the town is much less enthusiastic(there are always suckers, however). Mr. Buss LOVES being top dog in that command chain. Jerry Buss does a great job with this Lakers Franchise, no doubt!

if JB has a problem, i'm sure he'll discuss it with Kobe, since Kobe is the cash cow, for sure. HE'S the winner that the team needs if JB wants to compete for championships. Taliq is correct. his opt out is his insurance that JB will do the right thing. the "within reason" bit goes without saying. Buss won't do anything to harm the franchise, especially spending way too much money, but he'll pay reasonable salaries to all his employees, as long as he has the money to spend and it is bringing the desired result without bankrupting the team, a championship caliber team, consistently. Jerry's record speaks for it's self.

if the Lakers need Kobe's help with salary, they will ask him to help, just like any other business might. at that point KB will need to weigh his options, just like any other employee. it won't involve us or our opinions, however.

this IS a tacky discussion, but it's a tacky, twittering world of gossipy old ladies, so what's to be expected. c'mon people. we just witnessed a championship! the future is not promised, so let's enjoy what we have. i'm sure this will all work out fine. it'd be better to spend your energy praying for team health, or the failure of the world's "overlords"...and besides, "we're better than that".

good job AK/BK. ya stirred it up good. it's pretty tacky though, and while i agree that it MAY be in Kobe's interest to offer to take less money, i also disagree that Kobe SHOULD do that. i also disagree with not being able to take in new info and admit the error.

we are not servants. we were not born to "serve". we don't have to make other people money, but it's often in our best interest to do so. we all need each other and cooperation is built into our nature. we forget what it means to be "free people", however. "free people" are not more responsible for their employer's business than the employer. sevants ARE, that's why their employer feels free to whip them when needed...

the "Kobe should take less" discussion is tacky, because it's gossipy and meddlesome and involves other people's money, and because no one knows the true situation between those other people.


I'm sorry, Sheriff, but I've got to agree with BK on this one.

I think your logic on the Kobe argument is kind of crazy. I think you are HIGHLY over-valuing the "stress" and "suffering" Kobe would have to "endure" by opting for less money.

More money does not equal more happiness and less stress.

I've known multiple people who have had collective worths over $100 million dollars. You know what was their number one stress in life? Not a lack of money, but an over-fixation on money.

If Kobe is TRULY about winning, the security that the Lakers will be in contention for a Championship for the next six will be far more stress relieving than the knowledge that he COULD rent that sixth penthouse in Dubai.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!! (Not a sixth penthouse in Dubai.)

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker lone pick Chinemelu, wherever you are,
WeI salute you - BANDWAGON
(01) DAVE M. - OWNER

Posted by: MAMBA24 | June 29, 2009 at 09:12 AM

I'm down for bandwagon, sign me up Mamba24.

What the blank is going on? Y'all arguing like it's Summer 2007 again! Did y'all forget we WON THE DAGGONE CHAMPIONSHIP?!?!

What the blank is going on? Y'all arguing like it's Summer 2007 again! Did y'all forget we WON THE DAGGONE CHAMPIONSHIP?!?!

Posted by: utzworld - THE BANNER HOLDER | June 29, 2009 at 11:05 AM

Nope, we just want to hold on to championship a few more years at least.

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