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The Onion skewers Luke Walton

The piece in the link forthcoming was written by the folks over at The Onion, but could just as easily have been put together by a band of like-thinking Lakers Blog readers.  Still, while the article- it's a parody, just to clarify- isn't all that nice, it's pretty damn funny even to a guy who spent this year defending the guy.  And with that, I give you: "Kobe Bryant Proves He Can Win Championship With Luke Walton On Team."

A sample:

"Now I just want to kick back and savor the moment," Bryant added. "I feel like a huge 6-foot-8, 235-pound burden has been lifted from my back."

Bryant, who averaged 32.4 points a game and was named MVP of the NBA Finals, played with a fiery determination and lifted his Walton-compensation skills to an almost superhuman level, ultimately erasing any doubt that he was capable of greatness while playing alongside Walton.

Ouch.  Funny... but ouch.


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Very funny! I wonder if it was written by a Celtics fan disgruntled at Luke's comments about the "better franchise" at the parade.

is the onion a free publication cause I"M SOLD!! i'll pay ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY to subscribe.

whos the writer of the article? i'm sending him a gift basket of the most vintage and finest wine.

Did Kobe really say all those things mentioned in the article?
"You have to show that you can prevail alongside one of the worst small forwards in the game."

I'm hoping someone made it up. People are hating on Luke but what about the other bench players.

i just soiled my armour---the Onion has insights into all walks of life ...



The Onion is a satirical, parody publication. Strictly meant as humor. Kobe never said any of this.


More Luke haters that should be put to rest. Even after winning a Championship the hate continues, will it ever end? Luke isn't the most athletic dude in the NBA, but he contributed to this championship and that should be enough to quiet the morons for a while.

That was hilarious. And by hilarious I mean not really that funny.

I think Walton had a great finals. His move to give up the starting spot not only improved the team by giving us Trevor's defense and 3 point shooting, but Walton’s own game seemed to fall right into place. And what happened to that lack of athleticism that had the likes of the Trailblazers drooling every time we met?

He's a great bench piece. In fact, he cemented his place on this team with his play this off season (unlike Sasha). This championship makes so much of what we struggled with the last few years worthwile.

Yes, Walton's skill set made up for a lack of athleticism. Yes Bynum contributed when it counted in the finals, even having missed the postseason run last year. Yes you can have a spare part you picked up for Brian Cook and Mo Evans start on a championship team.

BTW, I just found this. Who knew?:

"Magic get bigger with Cook, dealing little-used Ariza”

The Los Angeles Lakers made a trade, but it wasn't the one everyone was waiting for. Kobe Bryant is still in purple and gold. General manager Mitch Kupchak announced on Tuesday that the team had acquired forward Trevor Ariza from the Orlando Magic for forward Brian Cook and guard Maurice Evans.

A four-year veteran who began his career with the New York Knicks, Ariza averaged 8.9 points and 4.4 rebounds in 22.4 minutes per game last season with the Magic but his numbers had fallen off this year.

The deal saves the Lakers some money in the end. While he's averaging only 3.3 points and 2.2 rebounds this season, Ariza is in the final year of his contract. Cook, averaging 2.3 points and 1.7 rebounds, is in the first year of a three-year, $10.5 million deal.

The Orlando Sentinel reported on Tuesday that the Magic used their $2.6 million exemption -- from the Tony Battie injury -- to make the deal work. The Magic also released veteran big man Bo Outlaw.

"It was hard to trade Trevor on two fronts," Magic general manager Otis Smith said, according to the Sentinel. "Trevor's one of 'my kids.' I'd like to have kept him, but we made a huge investment in the 4-spot [power forward Rashard Lewis] and we have two guys [Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu] playing extremely well.

"It's bittersweet for Trevor. He found a home in Orlando. Nine of the 10 things were good, but the one thing --- not playing --- was not good. Him not playing, that's tough on a young guy."

Ariza makes a homecoming. He grew up in Los Angeles and attended Westchester High School.

"He's a 6-8 athletic, active guy," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said before their game against the Indiana Pacers. "His specialty is probably defense. He's an all-around player, but defensively, with the athleticism -- he's tough."

Cook, a 6-9, 250-pounder, was a first-round pick by the Lakers in the 2003 draft after playing at Illinois. He turns 27 on Dec. 4 but has played sparingly this season.

Cook's best season was in 2005-06, when he averaged 7.9 points, 3.4 rebounds and 19 minutes, all career highs.

Cook, along with Bryant, Derek Fisher and Luke Walton, were the only players on the current roster who played with the Lakers in 2003-04, the last time they advanced beyond the first round of the playoffs.

Evans averaged 4.4 points in seven games for the Lakers this season. The 29-year-old was in the final year of his contract.

The 6-5, 220-pounder averaged a career-high 8.4 points in 76 games last season, his first with the Lakers. Evans was acquired from Detroit in a draft day trade in 2006. He's also played for Minnesota and Sacramento.

"We gave up two players that were veterans, experienced players who fit into our system relatively well," Jackson said.

Ariza hadn't yet joined the Lakers, and Cook and Evans weren't with the team, leaving Los Angeles shorthanded for Tuesday's game."


Am I losing my mind?

I must be. Again, I wrote a long post about the draft and it's nowhere to be found, though the ones I wrote afterward are already up.

Andrew, Brian, is there a reason my draft posts aren't being put up?


"did you just dare compare morrison to kwame?? thats a low blow"

Yes both are so far lottery busts, both were drafted by Michael Jordan, both were so highly rated before coming to the NBA and both FALTERED.

That ain't low, that is FACT.

"did you just try to argue luke has a better outside shot than morrison?"

Ball don't lie 38% from 3 point land for Luke Walton 2006-2007 season. Not a great shooter but can hit outside shots as well. Morrison's? 33.7% in both seasons.

A shooter who can't shoot!

"OMG! i see ur love for luke is SERIOUSLY BECOMING FRIGHTENING.... bordering somewhere between disturbing and horrifying."

What I found MORE horrifying and disturbing is YOUR love for Morrison by saying he's a combination of Luke when he's isn't the playmaker as Luke and Vlad Rad when his shot is NOWHERE as good as Vlad Rad's was.

"how am i supposed to argue with that? lets just respectfully agree to disagree and end it here."

Same here. I dunno how to argue that Adam Morrison is a cross between Luke and Vlad.

I think though Michael H. has the best explanation:

"already starting to hear some Morrison over Luke comments, because Morrison is such a great "shooter". Luke is a career .443 shooter (overall). Morrison is a .373 shooter (overall). Luke is .333 from the three. Morrison is.336 from three. And of course Luke does everything else better then Morrison as well. As the 8th man on the squad, Luke does a good job."

Argument Over!

I'll repost at the risk of being repetitive. In pieces this time.

I’ll try this again even though my last epic post of this nature vanished without a trace. Here is a bit of info on players slotted for the Lakers’ positions in the upcoming draft. My favorite players are the skinny Europeans who usually only have one or two video clips on them, but are interesting physical specimens. I’ll include what I can find.

We seem to be interested (according to these prognosticators) in a stout PG type or a lanky wing/big man in the Pau Gasol mold.

From Draftexpress:

29. Slava Kravtsov C
21 years old; 7'0"; 260 lbs.
BC Kyiv, International

Definitely a sleeper as far as the NBA draft is concerned, Kravtsov is a player who only a handful of NBA teams seem to have a good handle on at the moment. He’s what you would call a late bloomer, having grown a few inches over the past two and half a years, and added over 25 pounds of muscle just during the last year. You don’t have to look any further than here to notice the emphasis Tomo Mahoric, his assistant Bostian Jaske and B.C. Kyiv put on physical conditioning, weight lifting and such than this “kid.” Kravtsov has a great frame and especially good upper body strength, fitting the bill and then some for a player his size.

Kravtsov’s main appeal lies in his good frame, above average athleticism and strong 7-2 ½ wingspan and 9-3 standing reach. In some of the games here he was able to make his presence felt in a major way, while in others it seemed like he was sleep-walking, which has been a major issue for him throughout his career. When on, Kravtsov was a force on the offensive glass, coming up with a number of emphatic put-back dunks. He was also an active presence rotating from the weakside, blocking shots and altering others, even trailing his man and coming up with a terrific rejection in transition at one point.

Offensively he looked very limited, not always looking ready or interested in catching passes, and showing very little in the ways of footwork or perimeter shooting ability. It’s unlikely that any team would be all that interested in him for what he offers on this end of the floor. Regardless, Kravtsov is a good candidate for a team picking in the second round to draft and stash overseas for a few years to see how he continues to develop. Despite already being 22 years old, he still has plenty of upside left to grow into, and if he can find a way to improve his feel for the game and consistently be more aggressive in his approach on the floor, he could develop into an interesting player.

29. Los Angeles Lakers – Omri Casspri
Gives them another outside threat and they can afford to let him develop.

Casspi has made strides with his perimeter jump-shot this season, converting on 17/44 attempts (39%) of his 3-pointers in the Euroleague and Israeli league combined, up from 30% last season. While his mechanics remain unorthodox (with a low release point and his elbow flailing out), he is shooting the ball confidently this season, getting his jumper off quickly and with a consistent release point, as long as his feet are set. Off the dribble, Casspi’s poor mechanics hinder him from being much of a threat, which limits his offensive potential to a certain degree. An average ball-handler at best, (particularly trying to change directions) Casspi is pretty limited as a pure shot-creator, although his athleticism and aggressiveness allow him to make plays at the rim regardless. He shows excellent scoring instincts, but still has a ways to go in terms of improving his all-around offensive polish. He can beat his man off the dribble with his quick first step, and loves to finish above the rim if given the opportunity to do so. Casspi plays with a great deal of energy, flying up the floor at the first sign of a fast break opportunity, often beating his man down the court and coming away with an easy basket as a result



29. Lakers: Jack McClinton, PG, Miami

From ATS Consultants:
29) L.A. Lakers PG Patrick Mills, St. Mary’s (CA), 5' 11", 175 lbs. Comment: Mills missed most of last season with a broken hand, but was considered a lottery player before the injury. He’s a bit undersized but very quick. Considering the Lakers’ issues at point guard, Mills would be a steal at 29.

42) LA Lakers SF Derrick Brown, Xavier, 6' 8", 225 lbs.
Comment: Very athletic small forward who needs to work the range on his jumper. Is most likely a tweener who will play both positions in the NBA.

59) L.A. Lakers SF Emir Preldzic, Fenerbahce Ulker 6' 9", 220 lbs.



29. Nick Calathes
Ht/Wt: 6-5 / 185 lbs
Position: PG/SG
Team: Florida
Class: Sophomore

What makes Calathes so effective is in his ability to control the pace of a game. He can play an up-tempo style or run an offense in the half-court and in either fashion he seems to make good decisions. He makes great passes at the right times and to go along with his 6.5 assists a game he makes countless passes that lead to assists - contributing to the team's ball movement.Calathes' passing ability is far and beyond his greatest skill. He sees the court unlike any other player in the country relative to his size and repeatedly makes difficult passes with either hand, creating easy shots for his teammates.

At 6-5, he has great size and therefore can see over the defense - making passes that most point guards in college cannot. His great strength is also a weakness however, as he can get into trouble, attempting unreasonably difficult passes at times, which is why he's averaging 3.3 turnovers a game, which is 20th worst in the country. It will be interesting to see how decision makers evaluate Calathes as a pro prospect, as he is clearly a very unique player who does not fit a prototype. His ideal position is likely at the point guard spot, but he may struggle to create shots as effectively for himself as others as he does in college, and also will have a very hard time defending opposing point guards on the other end of the floor.

42* Danny Green
Ht/Wt: 6-6 / 210 lbs
Position: SG/SF
Team: UNC
Class: Senior

The immense amount of work Danny Green put into his jumper has shown this season, but some of his weaknesses continue to stand out.

Green spent last summer completely overhauling his shooting form, and he ranks as the fifth best catch and shoot player when left open in our sample at 1.34 PPP. Though his consistency dips to a questionable .85 PPP when he has a hand in his face, Green’s .91 PPP on pull-up jumpers help compensate for that. Playing for the best open-court team in college basketball obviously has its perks, his 105 transition opportunities (nearly 20 attempts than the next higher player) definitely jump off the page, although his average athleticism and ball-handling skills only allowed him to convert on 50% of his field goal attempts in these situations—which ranks amongst the worst in this small forward class.

He struggles in isolation situations and running the pick and roll for these same reasons, and only converted on 71 of his 135 shots around the rim, for a dismal 53%. While his shortcomings are pretty obvious, he still brings quite a bit to the table in terms of his role-player potential, being able to make open shots and play lock-down defense, which is what he’s most known for.

59 Leo Lyons
Ht/Wt: 6-9 / 240 lbs
Position: PF
Team: Missouri
Class: Senior
In the lane, Lyons is capable of finishing with either hand and has the fluidity to adjust in mid-air, using reverses, pump fakes, and finishing through contact with regularity. Interestingly enough, Lyons actually ranks third in our entire database (behind Blake Griffin) in free throws attempted per 40 minutes pace adjusted, telling you just how tenacious he is attacking the rim. Lyons does a good job of cutting to the basket without the ball and leaking out in transition, while he also has a lot of ability as an offensive rebounder, though he doesn’t always make use of his abilities consistently there.Lyons’ jump shot has been up and down over his four years at Missouri, as despite showing great form and shooting touch at times, he’s prone to bad misses due to a lack of discipline in shot selection along with some sloppy tendencies.



29. LA Lakers Marcus Thornton
6-4 194 SG LSU Sr.

42* LA Lakers Jeff Adrien
6-6 235 PF UConn Sr.

Adrien’s motor and tough play are going to be the two things that give him a chance of finding a place in the league. He is a ferocious rebounder, who is incredibly active on both ends of the floor. While it’s going to take some strong play in the tournament and workouts for Adrien to assure himself of being drafted, he should have an opportunity to make someone’s roster as a hustle player by the time training camp rolls around.

59. LA Lakers Chris Johnson
6-11 205 PF/C LSU Sr.

As you can read by following the link to his profile, we wrote extensively about LSU’s 6’11, 190 pound power forward Chris Johnson at the end of last season. He is an interesting prospect in the deep and talented SEC because of his size, athleticism, and versatility, but he is still very much a developing player who has yet to reach his full potential.

From RU’s NBA draft:
29. Lakers - Terrence Williams SF (Louisville)
Williams is a slasher and extremely athletic. His problem is he can't shoot which will make him fall in the draft. He will be a good backup for the Lakers and play solid defense off the bench. NBA: To Be Determined

29. Los Angeles Lakers - Chase Budinger (F - Arizona)
The Lakers don't have any major needs and can afford to grab the best player available. Budinger has highlight-reel athleticism and can hit the three, and could provide some depth if L.A. loses Trevor Ariza to free agency.

That’s enough for now. Lets see if it makes it up.



Great post.......I'm shocked you actually posted it! What makes this satire so funny (as with any good satire) is it is based on 99% truth.

Take Luke's name out and plug another Laker in and it just isn't as funny (well, maybe Adam Morrison).

Luke Walton is the pink elephant standing in the room.....and everyone pretends it's not there. This guy has 4 MORE YEARS ON HIS CONTRACT!! That is unbelievable!

What would be just as entertaining a story to Kobe winning a championship with Luke Walton is.....Can the Lakers improve WITH Luke Walton?

If I'm Trevor Ariza I am starting my negotiation with a question: "If Luke Walton signed a contract for 6 years and 30mil.....AFTER.....coming off a season that the Lakers were bounced in the 1st round........What am I worth"?

Is there any way to buy-out Walton's contract at a discount to make room for Ariza and Odom?

I don't get it. Except for the quotes, how is this article a parody?


Kobe might not have said it, but he most likely thought it.


"I'm hoping someone made it up. People are hating on Luke but what about the other bench players".

What makes this story so hilarious unlike other bench players is the extent Luke Walton has entrenched himself to this ballclub. With an unbelieveable 4 years left on his contract his untradeableness is sealed. If we wanted to package Luke Walton and trade him in hopes of getting another point guard or a defensive stopper off the bench at the 2 or 3 we couldn't do it because No other team can absorb 4 years of Luke at that price.........NOBODY!!

Can you say that for any other bench player?

The Onion is a satirical, parody publication. Strictly meant as humor. Kobe never said any of this.


Yeah, but I bet at some point he THOUGHT it!.....LOL

Put Luke on the Houston Rockets squad and who knows what would have happened in game 7.

"Can you say that for any other bench player?"

Sasha Vujacic
Adam Morrison
Brian Cardinal
Marko Jaric
Eddie Curry
Sasha Pavlovic
Vlad Rad (better believe that Dumb Nut is by no means a "great" player)
Darko Milicic

"No other team can absorb 4 years of Luke at that price.........NOBODY!!"

Bobcats absorbed Vlad Rad's overpaid butt.

And Phil Jackson WILL be coming back so go cry yourself a river: PFRAUD36 aka A-FRAUD Rodriguez.

I don't see how laker fans can critisize a good ball player just because he doesn't fit the all star standards or even the second string. When he played,he scored,passed (although not so effecient) and played ok defense against starters. Maybe 6 years*30 mil was excessive but think about it as 5 mil a year. I'm trying

Onion article authored by an anonymous Bill Walton, in retaliation for Luke's celebratory dis of daddy's beloved Celtics.


I was at U of Arizona for Chase Budinger's 3 years there. Plays zero defense. Lateral movement is non-existent. He'd burned by NBA SF's and bludgeoned by NBA PF's. His straight up hops must be less than reported 42" vertical leap as he is no David Thompson. Size is an issue, so easily pushed around.

Lakeshow might want to consider another draft choice or another strategy, like coughing up for Ariza who is an infinitely better defender.


It's pointless to argue with KBLITZ regarding his love for Luke. He stated that Luke was better than Ariza and that Luke should be a starter.

Yeah, Luke sucks, haha.
What i don't like about Luke is his irregular play. Maybe his performance is affected by the other team's match ups or anything beyond his control. At least if he can't be regular, at least he can show some passion, or energy, like he did in the championship game (with the game almost in the bag), maybe he was relaxed, i don't know. Going aggressively for a rebound -he did that-, or dive for a loose ball, that's what i would like to see in him more often.
I can forgive Sasha because he is desperate to do something wright, he runs up and down like a maniac... he shows he wants to do something, but Luke... it's because of his so called "bb IQ"? is so cerebral he can't show his emotions or be dominated by the passion?
I'm not saying i want another frenetic guy in the team, but he can balance his play in his "off IQ" days with energy and/or passion.
I'm not a Luke hater, because i can't hate any Laker player. I can be confounded with one, but i'm not. I don't think winning cures all, because we have space to grow as a team, and Luke can play better -in my opinion- if he shows more energy when his others abilities isn't working.

Why i care about Luke so much? Simply because when he plays good, the team plays good basketball. The team is better. He can make his teammates better. But he is too much irregular in his playing for my taste.

Ariza plays 50%/50% (good games/off games) in regular season, Luke plays 66%/33%. -That is my perception, not statistics-. If he can use energy and/or passion in that 66%, i will be happy.

Why will he bother to please me? i don't care, i'm a fan, i just wanted to share my feelings and thoughts about him, nothing else.

1,2,3, ANOTHER RING!!!

"Yeah, Luke sucks, haha."
I was being satirical -just in case-.


As the prodigal son returned to seize the throne once held by his father, Luke Walton is loved and admired by everyone for his fabulous physical skills and world saving exploits. Oh, wait, that was Luke Skywalker. Luke Walton is the often disrespected but basketball savvy veteran small forward who is the Lakers’ lightening rod for criticism and ridicule.

Sadly, it seems like there is a certain element among Lakers fans and bloggers who are never satisfied unless they have a whipping boy to punish, even after winning their 15th NBA championship where their alleged whipping boy was an outstanding contributor. For a fan base that has seen their superstar leader Kobe Bryant unfairly slammed by the sports media over the last decade, you’d think they wouldn’t go native and cannibalize one of their own. After all, we’re no longer talking about Smush, Kwame, or Cookie.

Frankly, I think most of the Luke haters have never played on a basketball team because they definitely don’t understand the dynamics and role that chemistry and camaraderie play in a team’s success. Whether you’re playing in the NBA or the local playground, the teams that win and dominate always have a couple of players who aren’t the stars but who provide the glue and teamwork that creates the winning environment.

For the Lakers, Luke Walton is one of the key bench players who contributes greatly to the chemistry and spirit of the team. He may not have the physical skills that a million college players who never made it to the NBA have and he is not a very clutch player but he is very smart player whose basketball IQ and floor vision are outstanding. And he is a great teammate, whose presence always seems to make the team play better.

Synergism is like a virus or highly contagious disease that spreads like wildfire. One great play ignites another. One dive for the ball makes everybody dive for the ball. One blocked shot makes everybody jump higher. Synergism is the collective output of the team, not the sum of the output of all of the players. Fans need to be careful when they start tinkering with vital parts of the team without understanding their value.

Bottom line, Luke may be a little overpaid but most likely by the time his contract is up, he will have been a pretty damn good investment who earned his keep as certified by the multiple NBA rings that he will have and the knowledge that he played an important role in helping the Lakers win all of those rings. This team needs Luke Walton.


I don't get it. Except for the quotes, how is this article a parody?

Posted by: LAKER TRUTH


but exactly my point i see nothing funny about the article

okay heres the lowdowwn... i agree luke deserves some credit for the ring and it aint the most appropriate time to criticize any laker but lets call a spade a spade. i wont throw him under a bus but enough of this ridiculous and excessive luke adulation.

I find it rather confusing about something I kept hearing after the Lakers capped off the season with the title. Many people were saying that LeBron may have won the MVP award for the season but Kobe has the Finals MVP and that really shows who the real MVP for the season was. So with that way of thinking, Paul Pierce was the real MVP for last year right?......I mean after all, Kobe won the season award but Pierce won the Finals MVP. So going with Lakers fans way of thinking Pierce was the real MVP not Kobe.


Very funny stuff...but on a more serious note, I really, REALLY, reallllyyyy hope Kobe opts out and signs for a lesser deal so that we can sign Trevor and LO. Please Kob, prove how unselfish you can be. You have all the money in the world, what is $10 million less gonna do to you, especially since the team will have a VERY good chance of winning the chip for each of the next five years with everyone intact. Signing for less would do PR wonders for him beyond anything such as "trusting his teammates" could do for him. Does anyone have any idea as to why he would not do such a thing?

That was soooo f'n' funny! But they misspelled Farmar's name. It starts with an F, not an L.


Freddy, keep trying. $5 million a year for a guy who is a bad defender, bad ball handler and bad shooter is inexcusable, especially when it is a contract like this one that makes signing LO and Trevor so difficult. As pleased as I am with Kupchak's recent moves, back when this team was saddled with contracts like Luke's, Radmanovic's and Brian Cook's (nary a starter between them) I was ready for his head. Would love to see Luke go the way of the others before his contract keeps the Lakers from signing a real talent like their current free agents....

for all you Puke fans... Puke & Sasha's contract are the reason the Lakers can only bring back LO or Ariza...


for the love of christ can you relax a little bit and keep your panties on!!

geez louise... ATTENTION EVERYONE I HAVE FOUND kbblitz achilles heel and it is LUKE WALTON. dont anyone dare say anything close to negative about luke or he will flip out and go ballistic..LOL.

for the record nobody ever said they love morrison. all i was trying to argue is he has the potential to be better than luke PLAYING WITH KOBE... and if you're gonna compare their stats please give morrison at least one season with kobe. dare i say what luke's fg would be in charlotte the last 2 years??


"He stated that Luke was better than Ariza and that Luke should be a starter."

Nope I NEVER stated that Luke was better overall than Ariza just that he is better suited for the system of passing. Just like Derek Fisher is best suited for the system though Jordan Farmar is better skill-wise.

Sure Luke can start. Mo Evans did and so did even Josh Powell and everyone was boozing when he had that one good game against Houston. NO ONE save for a few delusional ones would say he is starter quality. Yet he did a good job. When Luke did a good job did you give credit? I think not.

Here is your delusional TRUTH that Pfraud36 shares: Kobe Bryant is the best player of all time already and that he is already better Laker than Magic Johnson and that Jackson is only successful because of Kobe.

Thanks for offering your truth that makes you unbelievable most times.

"i wont throw him under a bus but enough of this ridiculous and excessive luke adulation."

How is ANYTHING me, Jon K., or Hobbitmage considered excessive? All we said was that Luke had a good role on this team. Yet you call Morrison a "mix of Luke and Vlad" when Morrison is NOT the playmaker that Luke is, suckier at shooting than even Sasha Vujacic much less Vlad Rad and you say that every time Luke guards someone the opposing SF is going to have a career night when Morrison has MORE horrific defense than Luke or Vlad Rad. The dude melted under Larry Brown as a freaking back up!

Heck even the best falters like Kobe when Gilbert Arenas put 17 points on him in overtime (Smush was guarding Arenas in regulation) so don't cry about PG's getting career nights against us or SF's or whoever. Your argument is MOOT for that "every PG who plays against Fish will have a career night" or "every SF who plays against Fish will have a career night". Heck me and even Hobbit are still waiting to eat your crow for GIVING UP on Derek Fisher. And don't try the "He was 0-5 before those two shots" crap because while Derek did miss 5 shots Kobe missed 20 shots! That is like what 4 times more than Derek yet you don't cry about Kobe firing bricks while you complain about Fish missing 0-5?

I'm glad Long Time Laker Fan called out those people.

Morrison is a freaking crybaby who CHOKED against Farmar's Bruins after holding a double digit lead at halftime. He can't shoot, can't defend, doesn't show the heart, passion, IQ, and WILL to win, isn't the playmaker he once was in college, and lacks a post up game and yet you complain we show excessive love to Luke yet you give love to the Crybaby Kwamay Brown level Bust, Adam Morrison?

Like Larry Legend says: "And you're up here trying to tell us something?"

Given a choice between Von Wafer (insane physical ability) and Luke Walton (high basketball IQ and intangibles), I'll choose Luke Walton.

Luke Walton is a player who makes other players better at the expense of his own personal game.

His own personal game may not be great, but on a team of great players, someone who makes other players better is a special thing.

Here's the thing, Luke Walton's personal game COULD be pretty darned good--not great, GOOD--instead he focuses on making this team better. How is that selflessness not admired? I don't get it. I admire it.

I'm glad Luke Walton is a Laker. He should be.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Luke Walon is actually is mark landsberger and jack haley's love child

I don't like that "parody" about Luke Walton one bit! Luke has proven his value to this team in many ways. He finds ways to contribute. Every player can't be a superstar! Luke is an NBA Championship player. That's more than a lot of "athletic" small forwards around the league can say. Articles like that plant seeds of dissension and disunity. I'm not feeling that piece at all!


So let's see; in the two years so far on Luke's contract, the team has managed to acquire Fisher, Gasol, Ariza, and Shannon Brown. Oh, yeah, and the Lakers have been to the Finals both years, and won one title.

Seems like his contract hasn't limited the options for getting quality players, and hasn't kept the team from being successful.

So maybe you ought to look at the results before yapping.

I don't know if this was mentioned before but are the Lakers the championship team whose starters have the fewest years of college ball experience? Three of their starters didn't play college ball while FIsher and Ariza have a combined 5 years between them.

I"ll repost to get a confirmation.

ex, are you really defending Luke's contract? Question for you: do you think ANY team in the league offered him that kind of deal besides the Lakers? Nobody wanted him at that price when he was a free agent, and nobody wants to trade for him now. He makes nearly double what Ariza was paid, and probably only a million less than what Ariza will be paid. You really think Luke is essentially as valuable as Ariza? Please, it isn't even close.

He is the worst player on the floor any time he is on the floor (on either team) and he is never the lowest paid guy out there. Signing him to a contract that long and at that salary was a horrible decision, and unlike the equally bad decisions to sign Brian Cook and Vlad, this is one deal they have not been able to get out from under. If you don't see Luke's contract as an impediment to re-signing LO and Ariza (not to mention Brown), then I'm not sure what you are looking at.

Time for a reality check,

At 5.2 million next year, I have a better chance of hitting the lottery than Morrison has of being on the roster.

He IS the main trade bait. An expiring contract that many teams will want just before the big 2010 season.

The question is how to use him? Just a salary dump or do we try to improve the team during this time of opportunity? I hope that the Buss family realize that on the cusp of a dynasty is not the time to go cheap.

The best option I feel is to package Morrison with Farmer, Mbenga, Yue and our first round pick (which we can't afford) and trade with Chicago for Kirk Hinrich.

Chicago needs to trade Hinrich because they already have Rose as starting point. Hinrich is a GREAT on ball defender who would dramatically improve our defense. Our bigs would not get into early foul trouble if we could just slow down penetration from the point guards.

If we resign Odom for 8 or 9 million, double Ariza's salary, and add Hinrich we would increase the payroll slightly. We would save the salary of the three players that leave and the draft choice. Also, we could probably operate on a 13 man roster given the versatility of our players.

Just a thought, what say you?

THE TRUTH ABOUT LUKE by Laker Tom is well written. Thank you Laker Tom for this very intelligent piece. When fans question the importance of Luke Walton to the Laker team, they question the decisions of one of the greatest coahes in the NBA Phil Jackson. Luke brings a lot of intangibles to the team. A ton of talent doesn't necessarily make a championship team, that's why players like Stephan Marbury/Tracy McGrady/Steve Francis who are possesed with innate physical talent can never turn a team into championship caliber because of obvious character or personality deficiencies that always tear down a team's chemistry. Championship teams develop when talent meets team chemistry and players accept their roles and sublimate ego for the good of the team.

By the way, I recommend Laker Tom to take TJ Simers' spot as a sports writer (after TJ's backside of the mule is fired).


"Sadly, it seems like there is a certain element among Lakers fans and bloggers who are never satisfied unless they have a whipping boy to punish, even after winning their 15th NBA championship where their alleged whipping boy was an outstanding contributor."

This is true.

There are two basic components of Laker "fans":

1. People like us who are grateful for the Lakers success while still holding them to a standard of excellence.

2. Those who feel as if they are only supporting their team if they have something to complain about. These are the kind of people who if blogging was around when we finally beat the Celtics in 1985 would be screaming "CHUCK NEVITT SUCKS! TRADE HIM!" Instead of celebrating what's good about out team.

It's annoying, but it's just something we have to deal with. Some people feel complaining makes life better. I personally don't get it, but it's the way life is.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I am saying stop complaining until you can show that his contract is keeping the Lakers from succeeding, especially considering his attitude, work ethic, and the way he fits in and contributes. And his contract is not that much overpriced, maybe 1M per year too much.

"He is the worst player on the floor any time he is on the floor (on either team) and he is never the lowest paid guy out there."

That's a ridiculous statement, and completely inaccurate.

Guess we see things a bit differently, ex. I see a guy with virtually no NBA talent whose best asset is the ability to score in the low post against defenders 4 inches shorter. Aside from that, I see a guy that defenses don't bother to guard because he can't shoot or dribble. When watching a Laker game in public I hear more groans and criticisms of Luke than any other player, likely because even a casual observer can see that he is the least talented guy on the floor.

As for his work ethic, after 6 years in the league I would think a guy with no athletic ability would at least have developed a dependable outside shot--the one thing that can be improved with lots of work. Funny, but that doesn't seem to have occurred. That Onion article didn't feature Luke by chance....



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