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The Onion skewers Luke Walton

June 19, 2009 |  6:50 pm

The piece in the link forthcoming was written by the folks over at The Onion, but could just as easily have been put together by a band of like-thinking Lakers Blog readers.  Still, while the article- it's a parody, just to clarify- isn't all that nice, it's pretty damn funny even to a guy who spent this year defending the guy.  And with that, I give you: "Kobe Bryant Proves He Can Win Championship With Luke Walton On Team."

A sample:

"Now I just want to kick back and savor the moment," Bryant added. "I feel like a huge 6-foot-8, 235-pound burden has been lifted from my back."

Bryant, who averaged 32.4 points a game and was named MVP of the NBA Finals, played with a fiery determination and lifted his Walton-compensation skills to an almost superhuman level, ultimately erasing any doubt that he was capable of greatness while playing alongside Walton.

Ouch.  Funny... but ouch.