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Ce-le-brate good times (in photos) -- come on!

Your team did it, and they've got the trophy (and the big parade) to show for it.  What are you doing to show your team spirit?  Show us by following the link below.

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What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Why are they not letting anyone speak? Does this come after the ten min introduction for each player I'm seeing now?



Man, I just listened to the exit interview for Trevor Ariza. Kobe is my favorite player, but Ariza is making a serious play to become that guy.

If we don't resign him it will be tragic.


I have to admit that I have never EVER seen anything like today's parade. Spent the entire day watching online and I've got to say there's no place like L.A.

The whole this was just on another level. No other victory parade can come close to what the city of L.A. did for the Lakers today. It was absolutely AMAZING! I will definitely make sure I make it to L.A. when we repeat next year.

I had all of my Boston co-workers watching online and asked them to "take notes" and drool at the level of Laker fans alla round the world. Needless to say, they'r enot very happy people and I love it.

A huge thank you to all of the Lakers for making this NBA season one of the best ever. Let's do it again next year.

Came back from the parade and DAMN that was a sweet parade. Even though I was in enemy territory (argghh Trojans) the atmosphere was phenomenal and was just freaking great to be there.

Now that being said:

"1. Bill Russell
2. Wilt Chamberlain
3. Oscar Robertson
4. Jerry West
5. Larry Bird
6. John Havlicek
7. Julius Erving
8. Michael Jordan
9. Tim Duncan
10. Walt Frazier
11. Akeem Alajuwan
12. Bob Cousy"

West over Larry Bird? XD. Only a dumb Celtic troll would even put West over Larry Legend. Havlicek and Dr. J over MJ? XD.

I keep laughing because only dumb trolls would have those rankings and KB while can be argued not having the top 10 (Number 11 in my ranking) the trolls get dumber and dumber.

Everyone and especially true Laker fans know how dumb that list is when it doesn't include Magic, Kareem and putting guys like Cousy in the top 12 ahead of Karl Malone and SHAQ!

Thanks Hobbitmage for defending Luke. I'm not the biggest fan of Luke but he does good. Morrison may still rebound his career and do great but it gets TIRESOME to see Luke gets trashed because he is WHITE and UNATHLETIC.

If people still don't get it: Walton>Morrison.

I decided to go home to watch. Can't miss this special day for the Lakers. Shannon Brown must feel really good, he got a rousing applause from the crowd and he looked really humbled. I was just disappointed that they did not let Lamar and Ariza to address the crowd. Are they not gonna be Lakers or the team too afraid that they might spill in the euphoria. I hope Shannon, Lamar and Trevor will all be Lakers on the opening night during the ring ceremony. Please, please let this happen. Utz please include this in your prayers.

Benjamin - where did you hear that? I haven't seen the post.

Blitz - agree 100% - Luke is soooo much better for this team than Morrison. Right now. Hopefully - if we end up keeping 'Stache - he'll bust out! Still, Luke is a vital contributor to this team and I for one want to keep him.

>>>Hollinger reported in his last
>>>column that the Lakers earned $4M extra income for
>>>each of the 12 home playoff games played at Staples for
>>>a total of $48M.

Almost. He said 4 million GROSS per game. But let's say even
if the NET profit is half of that, that's still an extra 24 million.

That's why I proposed playoff-incentive based contracts to Lamar
and Trevor. How bout start their base contract offers off at about
7 for Lamar and 6 for Trevor, but give them an incentive bonus
for each round the team wins.

Win first round = 500K bonus

Win second round = 500K bonus

Win WCF = 1 million bonus

Win Championship = 1 million bonus.

That would tie the bonuses Lamar and Trevor get to how far
the team progresses, which is also tied to extra revenue made
by the team. If the team wins a championship each of the next
three years, great. Trevor makes 9 million (and up), Lamar
makes 10 million (and up), and the extra 12 million in salary
and taxes comes out of the extra 20-30 million in revenues
the team makes for the extra playoff games. Everybody wins!

Where is my Old School, Real School, Quality School, LOL, clown?

Write something that makes us laugh at you! Ahahaha!!!


Good genes to go with good looks, youth, high IQ, fits real well in the triangle offense, is unselfish and unfortunately gets negative crap from short sighted, narrow minded so called pseudo experts. As Kblitz pin pointed so well all for being white.

Based on constant negative comments it’s a miracle that Luke is still in NBA, or is it? Obviously, laker organization, coach PJ recognize Luke’s value and therefore he is still with the lakers.

Bravo Luuuuuuuuuke!!

The NBA: Where Greatness Happens!

I'm not sure but I don't think the NBA allows performance bonuses.


>>> That's why I proposed playoff-incentive based contracts to Lamar and Trevor.

LOL. Still have the itch to be a general manager, LT. JK! You know I respect you as much as any poster on this blog. I think we both trust that Mitch knows how to do his job. The Lakers know how Invaluable Lamar and Trevor are and they both WANT to stay in LA. I see Lamar and Trevor signing 3-year deals, Lamar 8/9/10 and Trevor 5/6/7.

I do think there is a chance that both teams get offers for the same or more from competitors who are willing to overpay because they are weakening the Lakers as well as helping their own teams. Fortunately, both of these players will require more than the MLE which will really thin out the competition. Let’s just hope that none of the few teams with cap space will try to use it on our guys.

What is interesting is that if Lamar or Trevor get a bigger offer from one of those clubs, maybe – just maybe – Kobe will step in and opt out of his contract and offer to take less so that Lakers could match the offer. I still say it would be a great PR AND financial move by Kobe as he would garner love across the board and endorsements to more than make up the $3M to $5M he would leave on the table with a 5-year $90M to $100M deal with a opt out after 3 years. Come on, Kobe! Think outside the box. This would make you a god.


I'd kinda break down the contributions of the Lakers this way:

1. Stars of the team: Kobe and Gasol.

If they keep these two, they could conceivably rebuild, even
if they dumped every other player and replaced them. These
two guys would be nearly impossible to replace in the short term.


2. Key contributers: Bynum, Odom, Ariza, Fisher, Walton.

These are the top role players on the team. Bynum may move
up to the level of star some day, but right now, he's just a
good role player like the other four. The skills that these
five provide to the team would be difficult to replace if they
lost them (either to another team or retirement). Not impossible,
but difficult.

I know some people will grumble about the inclusion
of Luke in there, but name me one other player who can
give what he gives the Lakers - steady defense, great passing,
total team player, a little ability to post up, a little ability to hit 3's,
and always tries hard. Oh, and they have to work for 5 million
per and defer to Kobe.


3. Useful role players: Jordan, Sasha, Shannon

Though all three have had high and low moments for the
Lakers, all three of these players have contributed to the
team. And all three are young and will probably improve
and contribute more to the team. I could see any or all of
them getting up to the level that Fish or Luke contributes.
I could also see any of the three of them slipping backwards
and not being with the team much longer. And to be honest,
none of them is irreplaceable. You could get this level of point
guard or shooting guard without too much effort. Especially
with the lure of playing for titles being part of the bait.

I'm sure a lot of you would like to leave Sasha off this
list, but consider this: in game 3 of last year's finals vs Boston
the Lakers won it by 6 points, largely thanks to the 20 points
scored by Sasha. If they hadn't had Sasha, the Lakers may
well have been SWEPT last year by the Celtics. He's been
in a funk lately, but next year will be the return of the Machine.
Write it down. In ink.


4. What the heck, they're cheap: Powell, MBenga.

Both of these guys showed that they aren't really up to the
standards of the others when they got some PT in the playoffs,
but they are good guys to have around for the regular season.
During the regular season, Powell filled in admirably for a
few games in a backup role. And MBenga gave a few minutes
of energetic play to spell Pau here and there as well. If they
were free agents hoping to get big deals, I'd say let `em walk.
But at less than a million each, as insurance guys to fill in if
someone sprains an ankle, sure.


5. Mystery Men / Trade Bait: Sun, Morrison

In the scant minutes we've seen these two guys play, I don't
know if we have a clear idea what they could actually contribute
to the team. If the Lakers manage to re-sign Ariza, Odom, and
Brown, then neither of these guys is likely to get any minutes
the next couple of seasons. But both are good to have around
(as well as Mbenga and Powell) at trade deadline time in February.
If the Lakers have some injury problem and need to get a player
to fill in for someone in one of the first 3 categories, then Morrison's
big expiring contract is excellent trade bait right before the summer
of LeBron, and the other 3 small contracts should make it easy
to match any salary from 4.1 million all the way up to 9.8 million.
That's a tremendous amount of flexibility to have.

Just got back from the Collosium. Great energy from the crowd. The place was packed. Big cheers for Ariza, Fisher, Pau and Kobe. Heard some jeers when the introduced Sasha and Mayor Villarigosa. Anyway, it was good to see so many fans of all races get together and have fun. I didn't witness any issues. Crowd control getting in was non-existent, but it all went well. Damn there was alot of people there.

untile phil can win 8 in a row or 9 out of 10 or put a team together then maybe he can be the best. 30 finals to get 15 wins great percentage

And with that, it's almost draft day. We're probably getting some kind of shooter, one thinks, or maybe a guy overseas or someone with a singular skill that we can develop over time ala Paul Millsap with his rebounding or a Paxton/Kerr shooting-first, unathletic white guy.

Here's what I could find from around the web:

(CNNSI) 29) SF Jonas Jerebko Angelico Biella (Italy) -- 6-9 220 The champs face the luxury tax while trying to re-sign key free agents. They'll draft an international player and keep him off the payroll for now.

"I think Jonas Jerebko will be a solid rotation player in the league. He's the got size, athleticism and hustle just needs more skills. I think he could slip into the first round and get drafted by a team like Memphis, Dallas or even Utah because he has potential and could be kept overseas until there is a little more money to spend for whatever team acquires him."

(foxsports) 29. Lakers Marcus Thornton SG 6-4 194 LSU Senior Coming off of their championship, the Lakers will look to repeat and improve by adding someone with immediate returns. Thornton may lack the upside of some other prospects but he's a great outside shooter and with four years of college under his belt and the experience to help out instantly. He has also looked good in the purple and gold at LSU.
NBA Comparison: DeShawn Stevenson

Strengths: A strong bodied guard who has become a dangerous scoring threat thanks to his shooting touch … Has the ability to make tough shots (under duress, contested, off the dribble) … Proven he has the range to step beyond the NBA 3 … His stroke is smooth and his release is extremely quick, allowing him to get his shot off with minimal space … Understands how to read the action and use screens to get open … Has gotten better at being aggressive and attacking the basket, rather than settling for the outside shot … His shot helps him as an attacker out of the triple threat, because people have to play him close … Has a knack for playing the passing lanes and he also likes to get out in transition where he can attack before the defense gets set … For a guard, he is a very good rebounder, he puts in a solid effort to get to the O glass on a regular basis …He has improved as a playmaker, looking not just for his own shot, but also to create for his teammates … Played well his entire senior season, but came on especially strong down the stretch where he had 2 big games in the NCAA tournament …

Weaknesses: At 6-4 he is an undersized SG and does not have a great wingspan to make up for it … Athletically, he is decent, but will be facing more athletic players on a regular basis at the next level … Might have to become strictly a shooting specialist … Lacks the polish and natural game on the perimeter (he is not the most skilled player off the dribble) … Unless it’s off of a catch, he has a hard time creating separation using the dribble … Struggles finishing in the lane because he lacks the athleticism and body control to finish over the top of help defenses … His FT shooting has dipped to a subpar 74.5%, it may be a question of concentration, because he is far too good of a shooter to not shot over 80% … Because of his size, he may be a liability defensively, people will be able to shoot over top of him with ease (although his strength will definitely help) … Has moments where he looks strictly for his own shot, becoming predictable and hurting his team’s offense …

(FOXSPORTS) 29. Los Angeles Lakers — Patrick Mills, 5-11, 175, PG, Soph., St. Mary's — Derek Fisher isn't getting any younger.

"Australian Patrick Mills (video: was absolutely the star of the evening’s all-star game, posting an impressive 30 point performance on 8/18 shooting from the field and 12/13 from the line. Mills handled the ball on a string all game long, showing terrific quickness keeping his man off balance, and making an absolute living in the mid-range area with his deadly pull-up jumper. His ability to utilize strong hesitation moves makes him extremely difficult to stay in front of, and he did a good job not settling for tough shots from beyond the arc today, getting to the line repeatedly. He clearly thrives in up-tempo settings such as the one seen in today’s all-star game, which came in stark contrast to his morning performance, where he seemed to over-dribble somewhat while trying to create in the half-court.

NBA teams we spoke to still expressed some doubt regarding his point guard skills, which is something he could still stand to work on. He posted 3 assists compared with 4 turnovers in the evening game, seeming to be hunting shots quite a bit, and didn’t look all that comfortable getting others involved. Scouts generally were impressed by the quickness and shot-creating ability he showed, and he also did a better job defensively today as well."

- Go-to scoring mentality
- Transition play
- Ability to create own shot
- Ball-handling skills
- Ability to get in passing lanes
- Aggressiveness
- Strong Intangibles
- Ability to finish around basket
- Above average athleticism
- Speed
- 3-point range
- Relies too heavily on outside shot
- Shooting mechanics
- Solid free throw shooter
- Ability to get to free throw line
- Ability to play at different speeds
- Decision making
- Not a true point guard
- Settles for bad shots
- Shot-selection
- Ability to contest shots
- Defensive fundamentals
- Level of competition
- Assist to turnover ratio
- Ability to finish through contact
- Frail frame
- Undersized
- Low shooting percentages"

29. Lakers Toney Douglas PG 6-2 183 FSU Senior
The Lakers could use some help in the backcourt, particularly someone who could come in and be a strong defender like Douglas. Douglas had the fastest 3/4-court sprint in the combine at 3.03 seconds, showing his great speed. He also shows solid shooting and scoring ability. Does he really have the ability to run a team? That's the question.
- Ability to get to free throw line
- Ball-handling skills
- Lateral quickness
- Man to man defense
- Outstanding defender
- Pressure defense
- Aggressiveness
- Leadership skills
- Work ethic
- Athleticism
- Strength
- Wingspan
- 3-point range
- Ability to catch and shoot
- Ability to come off screens
- Pull-up jumper

29. LA Lakers - DaJuan Summers (6’8’’, SF, Georgetown, Jr.) "DaJuan Summers has some very obvious physical tools and upside, but he will need to make some serious adjustments to his game to improve his efficiency.

His overall PPP of .96 is just below average, and much of his inconsistency can be attributed to how many catch and shoot jumpers he forced with a hand in his face. Summers took 54 guarded looks, hitting only 14 of them, but hit 45% of his 60 open looks. Considering those guarded attempts account for almost 20% of his shots and he finishes at a below average rate around the rim (1.16 PPP), Summers needs to improve his shot selection and learn how to use his terrific body around the rim in order to improve his efficiency. The fact that he doesn’t do much off the dribble either, being a very poor ball-handler, makes his jumper (clearly his biggest strength) that much more important to his offensive game. He isn’t overly efficient or weak in many other areas, and does draw fouls at a slightly above average rate (13.1%), but needs to show more versatility to complement the virtues and compensate for the weaknesses he displays from the perimeter.
- Mismatch Potential
- Potential
- NBA body
- Quick off feet
- Wingspan
- 3-point range
- Jump-shot
- Pick and pop potential
- Quick release

Second round:

59. LA Lakers – Nando De Colo, France, PG, 21 Years Old, 6’5’’, 190 June 7, 2009
De Colo on the other hand was absolutely sensational, showing incredible creativity and court vision with a series of highlight reel caliber passes. In one very telling sequence, he came up with a deflection and then in one single motion jumped in the air and flicked the ball backwards 40 feet down the court to a wide open teammate running in stride for an easy layup. What’s scary is that that might not even have been his most impressive assist. He also made a number of pull-up jumpers from all over the floor, while showing his ability to change speeds and utilize terrific hesitation moves creating his own shot and getting to the rim. What this game didn’t tell us was how well he would fare against the bigger and longer athletes the NBA is known for, or whether he’s capable of defending his position at the next level. Still, it was hard not to come away impressed by just how skilled and talented he is, and there is no question that he helped his draft stock today. "

That's enough for now.


If we can't get a shooter in hte draft, lets get two Euros and let them ferment overseas for a few years.


We are sitting here, all my family together, drinking Champagne, enjoying on the DVR the Pre-parade, Parade, and Rally.

I hope you are all having as much fun as us.

What a day!

Yeah baby!


Great, great day in Lakerland. But, this parade had a lot of things I didn't like.

Did anyone hear Lamar,, Bynum or Ariza speak? I didn't. Why? Did I miss it?

That's half of our best six. Fisher, Kobe, Ariza, Odom, Gasol, Bynum.

Where was the music during player introductions or when the guys speak? There was no music, so no dancing.

But I loved the event.


Don't forget, Kobe on the Tonight Show, this evening.

Luke is the Man.Loved his comment.Lakers better than the celtics.


There are links to it on


I'm just so excited for next season to begin and I'm still on this championship high. But my question is, do you guys have any idea or a feel for who the Lakers will draft next week? Do you think that they'll go after a speedy, defensive oriented PG? I think the Lakers can get a steal at 29 and with 3 overall picks, can pick up some solid players. What do you think about Patrick Mills, the PG from St. Mary's? Maybe we can pick up another athletic wing as well. I'm interested to find out if you've heard anything out of Laker camp as to who they have the eyes on.

I'd appreciate any of our Laker blog family posting who they think the Lakers should draft next week and if we should draft for need or take the best player available. Thanks everyone for your input. Go Lakers!!!


I'm just so excited for next season to begin and I'm still on this championship high. But my question is, do you guys have any idea or a feel for who the Lakers will draft next week? Do you think that they'll go after a speedy, defensive oriented PG? I think the Lakers can get a steal at 29 and with 3 overall picks, can pick up some solid players. What do you think about Patrick Mills, the PG from St. Mary's? Maybe we can pick up another athletic wing as well. I'm interested to find out if you've heard anything out of Laker camp as to who they have the eyes on.

I'd appreciate any of our Laker blog family posting who they think the Lakers should draft next week and if we should draft for need or take the best player available. Thanks everyone for your input. Go Lakers!!!


SOMEBODY please tell me where I can buy this and get it sent to Michigan..pllleeeeeease!

AK/ a brotha out?!

So, when is the team going to rebuild the businesses that got ransacked?

The guys that I'm not sold on right now are Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar and Adam Morrison(jury is still out on him). I'm hoping that the Lakers can draft a quick PG that can play defense or a SG that will give us outside shooting consistently and give Kobe some help as a backup because Sasha not scoring a single point in the finals and struggling mightily throughout the playoffs is unacceptable.

I definitely think that the Lakers should keep TA/LO and Shannon Brown and try to trade Sasha and Morrison. This should be a very exciting draft and off season for our Lakers. I know Mitch and Lakers management will do an awesome job of keeping the team together and adding a few more important pieces to keep a title run intact. Go Lakers!!!

Guys... are there any video I can see about the parade... ???

Thinking back on this fantastic basketball year I have to say that my most memoriable plays of the season almost all came at the hands of one player.

No, not kobe, not pau, not odom, not bynum.

Trevor Ariza! Now I know that they won the championship as a team and there were a ton of reasons why they won. But darn it if Ariza didn't make some of the biggest plays of any of the Lakers this entire year and playoffs.

The steal vs. Boston, chasing the ball out of bounds keeping his feet in and passing it was huge, the steals in the Denver and Magic series. I really hope we can keep him.

Go Lakers!


That was as good an assessment of the relative value of the players on the Lakers roster as I have read. Damn, you are good. I am amazed at how you are able to focus on the important issues and ignore the distractions that usually undermine so many other player evaluations. I am wondering whether we should tear up your current contract as the blog’s lead debater and guardian of truth and put you on some kind of incentive contract. If we do, AK and BK better start watching out for their jobs. LOL.

Seriously, an outstanding job as usual. MVB quality. Thanks, LTLF.


whoever said Phil went to 30 finals is hilarious.

Seriously, if you are going to diss someone, make sure your facts are right.

Phil has been to 13 finals and won 10, How is that for percentages?

Korey, niketown.

What a great day! I followed the parade via KCAL/cbs web site.

Btw, for some awesome photos from the parade check out these user postings:

to RICK:

phil won 9 straight of his appearances and 9 in 12 years. 10 out of 12 appearances in 19 years.

boston [auerbach] on the other hand won most of their titles in a league with half as many teams and with no free agency and hardly any trades or player rights. in fact when the lakers where in minnesota the league had more teams than when boston won.

whoever said Phil went to 30 finals is hilarious.

Seriously, if you are going to diss someone, make sure your facts are right.

Phil has been to 13 finals and won 10, How is that for percentages?

Posted by: jacqueline | June 17, 2009 at 06:46 PM

PJ has only been to 12 Finals Series btw. Which would make his percentage even better. And if you are gonna correct someone make sure YOUR facts are right. I'm just sayin'.



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