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Shaq to Cleveland: Looks like a go's Chris Broussard reports that, pending owner approval, Shaquille O'Neal will be sent from Phoenix to Cleveland for flotsam (Ben Wallace), jetsam (Sasha Pavlovic), and a second round pick in Thursday's draft.  The move gives the Cavs the legitimate interior presence clearly missing against Dwight Howard and the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals, and sends a strong pre-Summer of '10 message to LeBron James.  Early thoughts: If he's on, Shaq is an upgrade at center, gives the offense a little more inside/outside balance, and while he's not a dominant force defensively anymore, it's not like Zydrunas Ilgauskas is Bill Russell, either.  Really, it depends on what kind of shape O'Neal is in come late April, May, and June. He was effective this season, and will be playing for a contract extension.  Cleveland gets better, I'm just not sure how much.

For the Suns?  Well, it's officially fair to say that whole Shaq trade, something both AK and I thought was a bad idea from the start, was a bad idea.  From the start.  They're a mess, and if Steve Kerr and Co. are smart will get to truly blowing up that team sooner rather than later.   

The big question: Who does Shaq throw under the bus on his way out of Phoenix?  I'm going with... Louis Amundson.  It's the ponytail.


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I really like this trade...First he destroyed the Suns and now its onto the Cavs..Brilliant..Love it..

As for our team that sort of leaves ArIza and Odom out of harms way for them...

Now in that article with Mitch,it mentions that the Lakers tried to dump Farmar on the Rockets with that pick...Now why would they want to get rid of the greatest back-up of all time..Gee...Lets see..He wouldnt have an attitude problem now would he...I cant wait for the defenders to start with there man crush..Cant wait...

Jefferson to the Spurs, now Shaq to the Cavs. KG coming back to the Celts, and The Superman show and the Nuggets a year more experienced..

Man we had BETTER hold on to both Lamar and Trevor if we want to stay on top. And we WANT to stay on top, don't we Dr Buss????

I love Shaq for his helping the Lakes get 3 rings a couple of years ago,but...

Assuming that Shaq finally joins Cleveland, I'm wondering how his interaction with Lebron will play out considering that:

1. Lebron spent a significant amount of time with Kobe in the Redeem team;
2. Lebron presumably picked up on Kobe's strong work ethic;
3. Shaq isn't exactly someone you'd describe as a hard worker (let alone gym rat);
4. Shaq will almost certainly impose his own attitudinal stamp in the Cav's locker room.

What also intrigues me is that when Shaq was in LA and Miami, Kobe and Wade weren't exactly established alpha dogs. Now, he's coming in to Cleveland with the acknowledged top honcho in place. Well, we all know that wittingly or unwittingly, Shaq just has to be the Big Something wherever he is, so...

Hmmm... Just thinking out loud... *grin*

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

I'm still basking in the Lakers Championship run as I'm sure all of you are up to this point. "Lakers withdrawal" still in effect! Bleeding purple and gold never felt so good.

As a loyal fan for many years, I've grown to appreciate what the Lakers have done championship wise over the years as well as this past season.

Especially in the era of salary cap restraints and free-agency in sports, winning championships are not a bed of roses. They are too "precious" to take for granted.

Hmmm...Speaking of championships, I just found out in ESPN that Shaq is headed to Cleveland to help their cause. Does this surprise me? Not at all.

In my opinion, this is a "short term" fix to keep LeBron "happy" and "interested" in staying. Like they say, "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

With the 2010 free-agent bonanza coming up, Cleveland can ill afford to lose LeBron to the big bright lights of New York or anywhere else for that matter.

On top of the Shaq situation, the Richard Jefferson acquisition by the Spurs was definitely an eye opener. It definitely reminded me of how the Lakers acquired Gasol...swift and clever.

With this in mind, the Lakers need to secure LO and Ariza at all costs to keep the championship ball rolling along with SB.

Well, this is what "championship" teams do. They improve! They don't "sit" around and wait for the sky to fall when it comes to upgrading roster spots. They go for the gusto when the opportunity arises.

I must admit, that was one heck of an acquisition by our 21st century WC rival. My hat goes off to Pop and the Spurs organization. I guess one "highway robbery" deserves another. So far, I liked how ours turned out!

The 2009-2010 season will certainly be great for all basketball fans alike. The competition has certainly heightened without question.

I can't wait for the Lakers to defend their title and bring yet another one to the City of Angels.

I love this game!

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Result? 2008-2009 NBA CHAMPIONS!


"Shaq CAN'T hit the 20 foot shot. So he'll be in the lane clogging things up and keeping another defender in there. If LeBron drives to the hole, things won't be as easy for him."

I'm not so sure about that. That was the same criticism we heard when Shaq went to Miami to play with D-Wade. Well, it worked out well enough for D-Wade to team up with Shaq for a championship.

Shaq certainly can't do jump shots, but he does require the man guarding him to stay on him at all times in the paint. That will prevent Shaq's man to help out on LBJ when he drives to the lane. You leave Shaq, and he'll either have a lob or an easy putback.

All in all, I think this trade makes Cleveland better and makes them the favorites in the East.

What does this mean for the Lakers? Ummm.... it determines who we'll be watching on Christmas Day.

I guess Cavs-Lakers games are going to be that much more fun... the media is going to eat this up.

I don't see it working out that well for the Cavs. They just got older and slower. And they were already pretty old and slow. Maybe it'll work out but I just dont see that happening.

I think the Spurs did get much better because of the RJ trade but nothing to make me nervous about a Lakers fan.


Assuming Manu returns to his old form, I think the Richard Jefferson trade puts the Spurs solidly in 2nd place in the West. A starting lineup featuring Parker, Manu, Jefferson, and Tim Duncan is gonna be one of the best in the league.

The only concern for the Spurs is their frontcourt depth. That's where we should be able to beat them. But their perimeter stars are gonna be a handful for us.

Lebron is about to get out of the baby crib on the way to NY, NY

Here comes Big Granpa about to enter a Ohio home care

The baby and the old man, that's a good combination in teaching each other how to shoot free throws

Can you dig it?


"I'm not so sure about that. That was the same criticism we heard when Shaq went to Miami to play with D-Wade. Well, it worked out well enough for D-Wade to team up with Shaq for a championship."

The difference is that Udonis Haslem has a very good mid-range, which helped open the lane. Cleveland has no bigs like that except Z, who would be awful with Shaq defensively and can't cover PF's.


Dear Shaq

You can try the best you can. The best you can isn't good enough



Shaq - go to Cleveland... so
and we need to make a go for Patty Mills, just ask Kobe
Next year maybe our boy Bynum won't have softie bones and finally get healthy. I knew all year if Odom can play hard we culd win and Odom was good in the playoffs but I do wish someway somehow we could get a real tough Boozer in here- if he isn't hurt too!
Staying the same may work but then again everyone is going to be gunning for the Champs. Too many role players didn't step up in the late playoffs. We have to see a more solid performance or get a few smart vets that will want to win one now.
Which brings us back to Shaq...I wish he had another year in him and if he does watch out. The best thing I could imagine would be him getting beat while on the bench by the Lakers. LeBron might be the Best -MVP and all but any player knows the rings are what counts.

The only way Shaq helps a team at this point is if he were to play for the Spurs...and only if Manu Ginobili is healthy. Otherwise Dwight Howard and company will bulldoze over them yet again.

If you think about it, we are getting a new player in a hopefully healthy Andrew Bynum. Also, Sasha and Farmar get a fresh start. If they play horribly, at least we have more reason to trade them. I just hope Kobe's finger holds through the season.

“I really like this trade...First he destroyed the Suns and now its onto the Cavs ..Brilliant ..Love it”-thirty2

Hey Shaq, if you're wondering, what you did to Phx. does taste pretty sweet. Hope you do the same to Cleveland.

Nothing says "Most Dominant Ever" like being traded to your 5th team hey big guy? What a head case!

Mr Buss, Please resign Ariza & LO (& Brown).
Go Lakers!!!

Good news for Lakers fans. This trade is a desparation move by the Cavs AND Shaq, and I predict that it will KILL the Cleveland franchise. Shaq will clog LBJ's lanes, miss 25-35 games, average around 12 and 7. I think the Cavs will lose early in the playoffs, but if they do somehow make the Finals, Kobe will likely have the satisfaction of making his old rival taste @$$. Good times. Even if he wins, LeBron would have to deal with the"can't win without Shaq" thing that Kobe put up with for so long. LOL. Seriously funny. LeBron, tell me how Kobe buttocks taste...

>I'm not so sure about that. That was the same criticism we heard when Shaq went to Miami to play with D-Wade. Well, it worked out well enough for D-Wade to team up with Shaq for a championship.<

Miami's best lineup had Mourning in the post.

It is widely understood that Shaq would like another go round with the Lakers, or at least wouldn't mind it. He's been passed around like the bad contract hot potato he is, in sorta the same vein as Zach Randolph, and he sees that the grass ain't greener on the other side. If Cleveland has a worse record next year, expect him to get the drop when his contract runs out and have another former team to talk smack about. This is far from a sure thing for Cleveland; Shaq ain't getting any younger, and expect him to start his 'Give me the ball' shtick about two months into the season.

Thoughts about the Shaq trade...

1. Awesome! This is going to create so much drama! We love drama! Right? Right? RIGHT?

2. The Shaq versus Kobe story just won't end! It's like all those Bristish Hammer Films Christopher Lee Dracula films. The vampire just keeps coming back! Put a stake in his heart? It don't matter! Throw him in the sunlight? It don't matter! Freeze him in an iceberg? It don't matter! HE'S COMING BACK AND THIS TIME IT'S MORE STUPENDOUS!

3. In all seriousness, this pretty much guarantees that we'll see the Cavs versus the Lakers in the Finals, as long as both teams don't blow it (that includes not resigning Trevor and Lamar).

4. Ummm... all that talk Laker Tom has been ranting about Andrew Bynum for a few years now. Time for that talk to be more than hope, but intelligent discernment.

5. Andrew, brother, you just gained a purpose this summer. You've gained that challenge that Great players need.

6. So, anyone think Kobe wants Shaq to retire with more rings than him? I don't.

7. Shaq will HATE Cleveland. HATE IT. Deep in the well of my soul I am hysterically laughing right now. Guys, you have no idea. We all know Shaq. We've watched Shaq for years. Shaq will have a honeymoon romance with Cleveland (as a community) which will last three weeks and then the guy will go stir-crazy. He is TOO BIG (metaphorically) for this city. It will manifest in team drama. Oh... OHHHHHH... I cannot wait.

8. I imagine Shaq with seasonal affective disorder in February beating Boobie Gibson to death in a fit of rage. The fans of Cleveland will explain it away with the phrase, "Boobie had it coming! Oh please God, give us a Championship! Let's get drunk and hate people!"

9. This is so much better than good. You have no idea. This is super-awesome-utterly-rad-plus-seven-and-another number much greater than seven by a really, really, really large amount.

10. If the Lakers retain Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza AND (this is the VERY BIG "AND") Andrew Bynum improves to in the very least "as good" as he was before his injury, the Cavs will not be able to beat them in a seven game series even with Shaq. It's not happening. Trust me. If the Cavs have home court advantage, they could make it a challenge, but I know their game, their mentality. They will not be able to beat the Lakers under those circumstances.

11. You know what #10 means? A definitive raised middle finger from Kobe Bryant in the face fo Shaquille O'Neal and a FINAL (YES! FINAL! FINAL!) CONCLUSION TO THIS PAINFULLY TEDIOUS AND UNNECESSARY PERSONAL BATTLE BETWEEN THESE TWO COMPETITIVE LUNATICS!!!! Checkmate. Kobe Bryant.

12. Kobe. You're a competitive lunatic, but you're OUR competitive lunatic. Thanks for that. Better to have you with us than against us.

13. I hope I get out of Cleveland, like TOMORROW (yesterday would be good too), but if I am forced to suffer through my Sysiphusian torment, I will be able to watch the LeBroniacs with the deepest shadenfreude that has ever been experienced in the history of the NBA. Man, this city has bad karma!

14. Butler, you also have bad karma! BAD KARMA, BROTHER!!!! BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD FRICKEN KARMA!!!! This is what you get! The Sacramento Kings are going to kick the crap out of the Suns next year! Rebuilding time is NOW!!!!

15. Did I not say that Shaq was still playing for the Lakers as "The Big Mistake"? I did. I did. Repeatedly. And my rants have not only been vindicated, they have been proven TRUTH!!!!

16. David Stern somewhere sits now... in the dark... rocking back and forth... repeating to himself the word "excellent". {Said, of course, in a Mr. Burns tonality.}

17. Shaq is a Laker and always will be a Laker and will retire a Laker and will have his jersey someday hanging from Staples Center... and this... in some bizarre way... is part of that. He killed the Suns. Now he is going to kill the Cavs. He always wanted to be a cop and a secret agent. Again, he gets to be our double-agent. Thanks, Shaq.

18. This is going to be great.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


can we officially declare that the Pau trade can no longer be thought of as a hijacking but common practice? KG for telfair and jefferson; Shaq for wallace and pavlovic; Jefferson for expiring oldies; Gasol for Gasol and crittendon and 2 1st rounders.

i never want to hear another sportswriter refer to the gasol trade as a heist. first off celtics got kg for telfair and jefferson; gasol went for gasol#2 who might also become an all star, crittendon and also two first rounders. those trades seem pretty darn equal to me, not between the dealing partners but juxtaposed. now shaq for buy out contracts after he went 19-9-60%, basically the same exact numbers as gasol last year. and the spurs get a 20ppg guy for expiring over the hill bench players who will be bought out and go back to the spurs- they literally got him for nothing, like there was no trade. i don't mind these trades as they make the game and gossip much more entertaining but this merely demonstrates that the gasol deal was not an exception but common practice.

It can work out but if they face the lakers in the finals and if we are healthy and have the same team like this year with phil i dont think they can beat us. They can beat the magic now cause shaq can play dwight and there will only be rashad not turk and they can beat the celtics cause they allways play good vs them but if they face us or denver they cant beat them. Lakers if they stay the same and healthy they will be to deep and the denver will play cat and mouse games with shaq and z. They want beat portland too. They want beat teams with very good guards that live in the paint because shaq will just get in foul trouble. But the cavs will get better but i dont know if they will be as determind like this year and happy maybe they will. Another will be to see how lebron plays with shaq. Maybe he will start shooting jumpers from the block and fadeaways more. It will be fun tho to see them play 2008-2009 lakers.

Can T.J. Simers write an article that is in some way not significantly about "him"?

In my experience, the answer clearly is "No".

T.J. Simers has some serious fricken mental problems, but more importantly, beyond that, the guy is a bad journalist. I don't care whether or not he's a decent writer. He's a bad journalist and a special responsibility comes with that.

Kevin Ding kicks the living crap out of T. J. Simers and it is a travesty that one of the most important newspapers in the United States continue to pay this person when they clearly COULD hire people who are better, more intelligent, gifted, and ethically dedicated JOURNALISTS than T.J. Simers.

T.J. Simers has a personal responsibility as a journalist (which is different from being a "writer"), he does not abide by that, thus he should be fired.

The fact that there are better writers out there who will provide better content for the less money is just stupid management.

Hire Kevin Ding.

I'm so tired of avoiding Simers' articles. It literally morally sickens me. I mean, what the heck? Do I really have to AVOID a fricken sports writer after reading the L.A. Times every day for 30 YEARS?



This guy can't write! He sucks!

He's a self-absorbed narcissist. EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!!! Why does the LOS ANGELES TIMES THINK THAT'S OKAY?????


This is nonsense and bullcrap.

If you ask 90% of readers, "Is T.J. SImers a BENEFIT to the L.A. TIMES?" they will POWERFULLY say "NO!"

Why is this idiot retained?


Especially when there are better writers out there?

It makes no sense and it explains why people stop reading newspapers.



What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Okay, let's have the L.A. Times do a survey on the frton page of the L.A. website, "Should we retire/retain T. J. Simers?"

My guestimation that the answer would be 80% "NO!" (even with non-sports fans).

Is the management of the L.A. Times THAT stupid?

An essentially element of management is hiring and firing the right people! Are THEY that stupid and incompetent?

Get rid of this GUY!!!!!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


What happened to all of this board's PEEHONIX fans? Man, does that team look awful. Replacing SHACK with WALLISS and PAVLOVICH? Forty wins could take the division for the Lakers.

Eh, we'll win at least sixty just to make sure.

Miami's best lineup had Mourning in the post.

Posted by: fatsam | June 25, 2009 at 12:32 AM

THANK YOU! I'm glad someone remembers that. Miami beating Dallas was mostly due to the refs, but they were at their best when SHACK was on the bench.

That will be a news spectacle no doubt. I'm confident the lakers' bigs can handle Shaq - who is past his best.

In any case, I'm waiting for the real news - the one that should headline "Lakers re-sign Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza!"

I´ll be eating crap a whole week! Yesterday David beat Goliath (just an example, you know I don´t believe in God)

Kudos to Team U.S.A. They played great, with heart and confidence. A much better version than the one that beat Egypt. You´re improving for sure. I´ll be rooting for you in the Final. I bet you´ll be facing Brazil, but after yesterday who can be sure, maybe it´s RSA. Anyway, you deserved the win. Team Spain was slow, lost, and well it wasn´t team Spain at all. we wake up a little in the second half but you defended like lions. The only thing positive here is that this is a minor competition. Was it a World Cup this would have been an ENORMOUS DISASTER.

Damm I even lost 25 euros (30 bucks aprox) to a friend that told me: tonight our record of winning games is over, we will lose it to U.S.A. Because we think they are no match for us. Hell he was so right!

Enjoy the Final and good luck. See you in the World Cup.

Hey! I´m no Butler at all. I want an apology for that! XD I know when to say I was Wrong, but I´m not by my PC all time, and remember that there is 6-9 hours between my country and yours, so I always respond with delay.


I don´t understand the "I hope you like crow" but I think I can make up. well played.


No. But he can tease him for Team Spain losing. And he will. I will the other way XD

Edwin Gueco,

Thanks sir, but this is a sport and you can never be unguarded (I think I make up this one, does it really fit?). Your team deserved it. No excuses.


Yes, you beat us. And with a great game. Kudos. And not to generate an argument, but i can´t think of a sport as bored as Baseball.

Jon K.,

Agree, Go Team U.S.A.!


Ole! to your team. They played awesome.
"There is no shame in losing to a lousy USA Team". Oh man, you can´t imagine. At least the same that would have been to you if we won gold against Redeem Team in Olympics, it´s hard but it´s true. (althoug its always easier to eat when the other team played great as you did). Don´t say I´m going Butler way! Thats hurtfull. You know me for better, don´t you?

Well I think thats all, right? Enjoy. We´ll come back with great vengeance!!! And next time won´t be a minor tournament. We´ll be focused from minute one.

Let´s Go Lakers!!

Remember when a young Shaq was dunking on David Robinson who was already over-the-hill in the mid-late90's?? Now it is the turn of a young Howard to dunk on an over-the-hill Shaq. The circle of life is a b*tch, eh Shaq?

AK ...The big question: Who does Shaq throw under the bus on his way out of Phoenix?

I'm going with Steve

What was Broussard saying?
'the cavs still want an athletic defender on the perimeter'

please please please dont go offering Ariza silly money please.That would make us all sick to see him there

No doubt this is a good move for Cleveland..anytime you get an all star (and shaq is an all star) for guys who hardly contribute its a good thing.

Its not a good thing cos its shaq but its a good thing becasue you have a very good team that jsut added something while sacrifcing very little...

this isnt about shaq tho but he helps them - no question

I see what that article is saying but I think it misses the fact that if lebron wins a ring he is going will be impossible to and the cavs will have money to spend to retool...sure its not a dynasty but its also not a bad situation.You can't win a championship and not defend it - you cant go through all those warm fuzzies,group bonding etc and then leave.Look how tough it it would be for Ariza or Lamar let alone Kobe - hell Phil's half dead and he wants to stay..

wouldnt happen...the cavs arent thinking dynasty they are thinking 'we gotta win this season'

of course they wont. But thats besides the point

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If LeBron goes to NY, Shaq will be in a sad place and sad shape. As his team will be low on the rankings ladder, he'll look at a lot of butts to consider tasting. Seriously, a loser alone in Cleveland. That is too ignoble for a former Lakers champ.

If Lebron stays, just hustle up the court until the big dog falls.


I think this is good for the Cavs.

I think it is too late. Dwight Howard
is going to be a monster next year.
Why? He got out-played by the Spaniard.

After all the things that Shaq has said
about the Magic, I expect the Magic to
smoke the Cavs next year.

It would be a *REALLY* good thing if
Bynum puts in the effort this summer.

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You want Hall of Fame Coaches, Check it, we’ve got two.
We got the current and Finals MVP in Kobe Bryant
The list of Laker greats starts with George Mikan
We Claim Shaq, Magic, Wilt, Elgin & Kareem
Worthty & Goodrich, we take only the cream
We Claim a Glove, A Mailman, A Logo, and a Beast
We’re coached by a 10 time Title Winner who learned Zen in the East
Chick Hearn the Legend, Broadcasted our Lakers Games
Now he’s Broadcasting from Heaven & is in the Hall of Fame
We got Sports Winningest and Best Owner in Dr. Jerry Buss
And The only one that can beat the Freakin La Lakers is us
That’s just a summary of our Resume, we don’t talk we Do.
We’re The Freaking LA LAKERS Who the Hell are You!!

I guess the Lakers should have kept Shaq like everybody said and let Kobe go...I want see now what those same idiots would say today now that Shaq has been tradded for the 3rd time in 5 years (and before anybody says he won a tite thank the refs and D-wade for that)...Maybe people will realize that the "Big Salary Dump" didn't start winning title until Kobe became a lethal mid-range shooter, I hope he never wins another thing again!!!

Maybe Phil Jackson needs to complain to the NBA and try to get the Richard Jefferson "trade" rescinded :)

Shaq played pretty well last year, and he is an upgrade from Z. He also really wants to beat Kobe in an NBA Finals, so he is motivated. There is a chance this is a 1 to 2 year win. However:

1) Shaq is 37, and not a young athletic 37. His minutes will have to be monitored. He always took a few months off (paid) during the regular season in his prime, he most likely cannot play all out for 82 games plus a deep playoff run.

2) He is a good player who is paid like he is the MDE. The salary he eats up will keep Cleveland from being able to be as balanced and deep as they want to be.

3) If opposing big men, like Drew and Pau, run up the floor, they will have a ton of easy offensive opportunites before Shaq gets his "how does it taste" up the floor.

4) Shaq Daddy is a real threat to get frustrated with his role and the press's take on it (LeBron is God and he is Joe Biden) and mess up the whole team.

5) Shaq Daddy is a real injury threat at this point.

All in all a fairly desperate move. Cleveland needed more balance, LeBron trusting his teammates more. This turns them into sort of a two man team. If Shaq gets his touches and LeBron continues to dominate the ball, three other guys are going to feel pretty left out.

Hi all:

Looks like Christmas Day came early for David Stern. Lakers/Cavs game on Dec. 25 will be a ratings bonanza!


I guess Shaq is trying to prove that he can't win a ring without having one of the three best players of this era.

And poor, poor Buttler. The Duns gave away Shaq for nothing. The Clippers will probably end up with more wins than the Duns.

LA Lakers, 2009 NBA Champions

Why am I the only one that notice Fisher can't guard any of the point guards. How many more years are we going to ignore that spot.

i agree that the Shaq trade seems like a desperate move by the Cavs. i think this was to soley match-up with the size of the Magic and the Celtics. the question is, can Shaq still bang with the likes of Dwight Howard, Perkins & Garnett? i don't really think so. furthermore, twice a year, he'll have to meet a healthy Andrew Bynum, which will be interesting, if not tantalizing.

too bad the trade didn't go down last year. Kobe would've had the All-Star MVP to himself.

i like the shaq trade... can you imagine kobe/pau/drew vs shaq/lebron in the finals..... wow!!!.... clash of the titans... i think it works out for cleveland for the upcoming season... after that, who knows.... lakers vs cavs in the 2010 finals would be one for the ages.... bring it on....lakers in 6....

D'Antoni needs to call his former team and extend a huge thank you to them ... in taking shaq the cavs have pretty much given lebron the smoking gun he needs to shoot his way out of town

with the future coaching situation, i'd like to see Phil finish next season, and then sign on for one more season, so he can go for a 3-peat (hopefully). then, he retires (maybe takes on a "Special Advisor" role if he wants to, a la Tex).

then, you "interview candidates" for the head coaching job, but infer that the Lakers want to keep running the triangle, as that best suits the personnel. then they hire either Jim Cleamons, Rambis, Shaw or Hamblen. and then hire D-Fish as an Assistant.

let's not knock the ability of an Assistant to jump into the head coaching chair and have success. look at Phil Jackson and Pat Riley. both were assistants before being elevated to coach, and had some pretty decent success. and also Jeff Van Gundy wasn't so shabby either (for the Knicks).

not to mention, by then the Lakers would be so proficient at running the triangle and defensive schemes, they will be virtually coaching themselves. i think Rambis and Kobe would get along fine... as long as Rambis allowed Kobe to do his thing and call plays. (and Fish will still be there to keep Kobe in check)

as for PG, i still like my idea of Ariza playing the point in the future. heck, with LO on the floor, Ariza won't even have to bring the ball up. (i guess this would mean LO would start again at SF, which is not necessarily a bad idea) but with that said, i still believe in Farmar. and Brown and Sasha, too. i won't discount the idea of one of those 3 taking over for Fish, some day.

I say we hold out on bringing back mbenga ... if the suns buy out wallace maybe we can get him to signup with us for the veteran's minimum ...

a longshot but hey, we are the champions, let our shine rub off u wallace ... come roll with the top dawgs

if phoenix buys shaq out and he signs with the spurs ... then shaq just screwed us ... syke nah ... ain't scared of nobody yo ... cuz we are the champions

feels good to say that ... again ... we are the champions

If James is looking for an excuse to leave Cleveland, what better way to do it guilt free than to give them a trophy with Shaq, and then announce that he wants a new challenge (in say New York).

A big if, to be sure, but don't tell me King James hasn't thought it...

Shaq isn't inflicting any fear in anyone's heart and or game anymore -- so bring him and LeBron on...Plus, he is not gonna like all the attention LeBron gets, he will play nice for the cameras for a hot minute, pretend LeBron is his new golden boy and profess that he is the best player of all time, this and that but trust and believe he will murder their locker room and all that camera posing and ISH will cease and end in a nasty locker room divide....

Careful what you wish for BronBron, might not like it!

As for Cleveland trying to match up with DHoward and the Magic, it was not sooooo much Dwight that caused them to get crush but their defense which was supposedly their staple all year, failed them miserably and they got exposed for the frauds that they truly were in the first place. I don't see Shaq making the Magic squirm about their positioning in the least!!

Does this mean we get to see a shaq puppet next season?

Posted by: Jon K. | June 25, 2009 at 01:32 AM

ROFLMFAO!!!! Stop this Jon K. Stop it now! Oh the Humanity!!!!!

17. Shaq is a Laker and always will be a Laker and will retire a Laker and will have his jersey someday hanging from Staples CenterPosted by: Jon K. | June 25, 2009 at 12:49 AM

I'd like to hang something of Shaq's from the Rafters and it's not his Jersey. But first everybody repeat after me: HEY SHAQ HOW DOES KOBE'S AZZ TASTE?

Good morning Mamba24 & the fabulous Laker morning CRUE!!!

Holla Mamba24 - you KNOW you couldn't stay away for long LOL! It's ok brother - you SHOULD be basking in the Championship Glow along with the rest of us!

My first reaction to the Shaq trade is "how sad". This guy should have stayed here and gone on to win a few more rings with Kobe. At this point he's become a joke - and that's just not right for a past Laker great.

That said - oh happy day! Laker Secret Agent Jon K being joined by Laker Secret Agent Shaq - project "BLOW UP LEBRON" is underway. HAHAHAHA! It's just too delicious. Does anyone REALLY think that our big guys can't handle Shaq?? REALLY?? Come on people - NO WAY Socks, the Spaniard and the Candyman don't take care of business against an old, slow, fat Shaq. NO WAY!! As has been said, the easiest thing to do would be to run his ass up & down the court until he cries UNCLE - HAHAHAHAHA!!

This is going to be great! Bring your cameras, kids!



T.J. Simers has the "the writer you hate" gig wrapped up. Every time somebody complains bitterly about Simers (and I have plenty), his worth goes up. He's that guy. Ding is a real sports writer - I'm a fan of Ding's writing, too. Ding covers the real dynamic of games, includes aspects that tell the real story and include (gulp) nuance. He doesn't just issue star-reports and glom on the drama-of-the-day. And for those reasons the Times would never hire him. Certainly not to replace Simers. Simers job is to annoy, to irritate, to get people to write, "Fire Simers!" It's the cheesiest writing job: the contrarian, the irritant. And that's his bit. He's got it all wrapped up.

I hope this puts more convincing pressure on Dr. Buss to resign both Trevor and Lamar.

Story Lines

The Association thrives on this stuff.

The regular season means less and less every year. Shaq will coast, Fish and Kobe will take it easier. Phil will phone it in. Christmas day will be X'd on the calendar, but come April, the Celtics and Cavs will battle for the opportunity to lose in the Lake Show which is the NBA.

Can't wait.

I don't think Cleveland with Shaq beats the Celtics. As much as I hate the C's, they are still a better team provided KG is healthy. So I say let those two battle it out and wear each other out. I also think the C's will be hungry to get back to the finals. I want them there, too, so we can beat their butts fair and square.

Even with the RJ trade to the Spurs (anyone hear how Spurs fans feel about Bowen being gone?) they won't be enough to take down this Lakers team, provided we resign TA and LO. Let's hope that happens soon. Also would love to see Brown back, and I know they want it to. Hopefully Buss takes care of it.

I miss basketball but truthfully, I'm enjoying the break too. There's no gnawing frustration like after last years finals, just peace, contentment, and joy. I like it!


This trade will matter as much as his trade to Phoenix mattered.

Shaq has to have the ball to be effective, his having the ball means LeBrawn does not have the ball, and cannot be as effective. Shaq is gigantic magnetic force in the game of basketball, but he is not in his prime and is not going to put up the type of numbers that will make a difference for the Cavs in winning a title.

This is a last gasp move by Danny Ferry and the Cavs to try to win a ring and keep LeBrawn in town. It still doesn't make them better than Orlando, or maybe even Boston.

McGrady, Brooks, Landry for STAT, Barbosa?

Hops World Dot Com

Great roll call Mamba. I'm present and accounted for. Ready for the draft.

Hope we either trade the pick for cash or get Otto and have him play in Germany for awhile.

....and by play, I literally mean play. He's a fourth grader afterall.

slightly amused @ possible controversy over "who's the real superman?"

You can absolutely add me to the D-Fish band wagon.

It is written...

1) Shaq's chucking Amare under the bus on the way out of PHZ. T minus three days on that one.

2) Shaq's goofiness will only exacerbate LeBron's. Goodbye to James' Kobe-derived work ethic of 08-09.

3) Shaq will be awe-inspiringly fat in October. Clevelanders will spend hours discussing the size of his pants. For Shaq, this will result in an even more substantial than normal injury/ hibernation for the winter, and a complete lack of on-court timing come playoff time.

4) Steve Kerr chortles, "what do you mean, there are no 'do-overs' in life?"

5) Few are shocked when CLE is bounced in the first round despite freakish numbers from LeBron.



Jon K's post(s) said it all, but I have to add;
The best part? Cleveland had to do this. No way could they have stayed pat after losing the ECF this year. And there was no way they could sign anybody as a FA. The move stinks of desperation, much like the suns trading for shaq.

The east is going to be brutal next year. But I do hope this keeps the heat under Buss' butt and reminds him we can't just maintain. People will be gunning for us.


My big question that nobody has answered yet is exactly why did the Phoenix Suns trade Shaq, who has one year left on his contract, for Wallace and Pavlovic, two stiffs from Cleveland who also have just one year left on their expiring contracts?

On the surface, the deal does save the Suns around $1M in salary next year or $2M if you count the luxury tax. On the court, however, there is no way that Wallace and Pavlovic will make the Suns a better team than with Shaq. For $2M, the Suns got way worse.

Was Shaq’s influence in the locker room that bad? Or has Kerr decided to totally blow up the team and rebuild, which means tanking the season to get a lottery pick. That would appear to be the only answer that makes any sense. What a travesty.

The league also needs to do something about San Antonio’s constant trading of players who get cut and then re-sign one month later with the Spurs. For a guy who complained about the Pau trade, Pops has no conscience in pulling off the same trick over and over. The NBA needs to create a commission to approve trades. LOL.

As for Cleveland’s prospects, I still don’t think they will have enough to get past the Celtics or the Magic. LeBron will leave Cleveland in a hussy for New York next summer, where he can pad his HOF stats a little more with Dantoni’s system, probably around the same time the Jon K also splits Ohio.


Hugo of Spain,

You deserved a lot of kudos for your splendid sportsmanship displayed in accepting defeat. USA team got all the breaks in offense but made sure that they win with fantastic defense. Now that they are in the Finals, the USA soccer fans maybe expecting too much in beating the finalist. Well, why not? dream more it is what America needs to stir interest here on the World Soccer stage.


I was thinking on your trade package. How about offering this package #29 pick, Farmar, Sasha, AMmo, and Luke for Ricky Rubio and future draft picks in 2010, 2011 and 2012. If those dreams come true and invest on our F/A, here will be our lineup:


JB will be giddy to save 16M and beyond for Luke and Farmar contracts. He will have more money to spend on our F/A. People will rejoice in this blog except for LTLF, Ex and KBblitz. I will assure you, this is really the lineup that will bring dynasty that you have been talking all these months.

The big problem, will there be a team out there to accept it? Ah, it's nice to dream just like that feeling of what to do with the winnings on ur Lotto tickets before the real winners are announced.

leonardbast- all star mvp? if lebron and the cavs had to put up with shaq all year, kobe would have won the regular season mvp, too.

man, I can't get over how great this is. And for all the talk about the economy and the infamous 2010 free agent hullabaloo, this is starting to be a very interesting summer.

I agree with some of the other posters... THANK GOD for Shaq! I figured Cleveland would be one of the hot bidders for Lamar, now they've got Shaq so it's doubtful they'd spend even more money going after Lamar. San Antonio added Mr. Jefferson so they won't be players in the Lamar sweepstakes either so... there should only be a few teams in the running and it's questionable who really has cap space anymore so hopefully Lamar will indeed come back.

It could be an epic finals if Stern can make it happen. The Spurs are going to be tough to get past in our conference and Cleveland will have to get past the Celtics if they keep the big 3 together and they all play one last time. Kobe vs. Lebron and Shaq in the finals? The guys at Nike just fell to the floor, weeping with joy...

I don't get this Nick Calathes. He has a THREE YEAR??? contract in Europe already? Yet he's still in the draft and if we draft him, do we also pay him with a 1st round guaranteed contract while he's getting paid to play in Europe for a couple of years? Sweet deal if you can get it, geez...

Charles - so we're talking Phoenix Rockets and Houston Suns?

Shaq has entered the orbit of BJ = Big Journeyman. As soon as his 20M expires at the end of this season, he will follow the footsteps of Horry, Sam I am, jason Kidd. Cleveland will be the last hurrah of BR = Big Rapper or Big Robber. Lmao!


What's a vacation without checking on the blog, Larry.? LOL


Does this mean we get to see a shaq puppet next season? Posted by: Magia32 | June 25, 2009 at 08:30 AM

Will the Shaq Puppet tell the Kobe Puppet how his AZZ taste?

You will see the effect of the Recession how teams will handle their draft picks an free agency. The Oscars here in Hollywood just increased ten movies to vie for next year Best Picture. It will not be far fetched for David Stearn to beat that number by making the Finals next year to best of 11 games and the Conference Finals to best of 9 games. Teams will have 15 players as reserve for injuries of expanded playoffs. The Champ is crowned in August. That is how corporate America react in exploiting the demand curve in a world economy under duress.

This is going to be hilarious!
Imagine next year, when the Lakers beat the Cavaliers (or when the Magic beat the Cavaliers and we beat the Magic). Kobe had to live with "can't win without Shaq" for about 7 years. Can you imagine LeBron having to go through "can't win even with Shaq"? That is going to be golden.

I don't think they would work to well together. Kobe and Shaq had their media-blown-way-out-of-proportion problems, and Kobe is not a selfish player. But LeBron - that's a different story.

On the other hand, I bet Dwight Howard feels really special. are not the only one who says that Fisher needs to be replaced at point guard this coming year. He is too slow, cannot shot, and his passig is awful. Tje lakers need to start giving Shannon some more time and a chance to develop into the point guard spot. Thanks Fisher you did us good but your time is up. Time to move on with a younger player.

I literally mean play. He's a fourth grader afterall. Posted by: #4 | June 25, 2009 at 09:14 AM

But a hell of a 4th grade. Wait a minute #4 did you write
that column? Lol!

via truehoop;

Brian Windhorst of The Plain Dealer: "The Cavs are not done. They still are going to be looking for a wing defender (or two) and I think also a stretch power forward, aka a player who can go out to the 3-point line. This is why I believe they will still consider signing Rasheed Wallace with their mid-level exception. You need to surround Shaq with shooters and stretch the floor, just like you do with LeBron.

maybe there is a god. This needs to happen.



Pig - Excellent Post.

Justanothamambafromanothamotha - Witty Post. Either way, it all Faux Heat-Fuel. You can say that about Shaq too.
I meant Hoops World Dot Com

Jon K. I agree regarding retiring his Jersey.

Talig -"slightly amused @ possible controversy over "who's the real superman?"

Where did you read that sir?

People will be gunning for us. Posted by: phred | June 25, 2009 at 09:27 AM

Just remember we have The Cobra & The Mamba, the fastest guns in the west.

Shaq will be a great back-up center for Cleveland.

Now all they have to do is find a starting center.

Bynum would have been perfect for the Cavs, but all they have to trade for him is LJ, and I don't think that would help them much. But really, all of the teams and the East right now don't look better than the top four in the West, so they have a lot more work to do than just add Shaq.

This just makes me so happy thinking how set the Lakers are. The only thing Mitch has to do (other than retaining the current squad) is find an heir for Fish. I think its pretty apparent that Phil doesn't think Farmar matches up against bigger point guards and even if Farmar emerges as the starter, he'll need a solid backup who can start against bigger point guards (that being said Farmar is still very young and has a lot of maturing to do and will get better). Brown is a great guy to have on the bench. Also ideally, we would want a point guard who can be a bit of an offensive threat in the next few years as Kobe gets a little older and slower.

As for Phil, I think he should be the Head Coach, Team Manager (AKA Boss of the coaches) and anoint one of the assistants as floor coach. Tactics and inspiration have never been Phil's strong suit any way. This way he would not have to be on the floor for the whole game, not have to pay attention to the whole game, etc. and be a nice transition to keep the same winning formula and transfer to a new coach. This way it would be very clear who the boss was and Phil would make all of the decisions in between games, but the floor coach would make them during games. Phil would be perfect for letting this coach make his own decisions and "coaching" him on any mistakes or changes he would like to see after the game.

Shaq= The Big aKoЯn

Colorado loves the Lakers!

Let's be serious guys.

This trade will most likely favor the top teams Eastern Conference. Cleveland is a very dangerous team when they're able to run up and down the court. This is the same for their defense, they're fast rotating to the shooter...etc. Bringing slow as molasses Shaq to this team in my opinion will do the same thing to Cleveland as it did to Phoenix.

Phoenix was a very quick team, and once Shaq came into town, they went from a title contender to a team that didn't even make the playoffs!!!

To top it off, if you think Shaq can compete with D Howard you're absolutely crazy!! Shaq was a great player and I'm grateful for him helping us bring 3 titles to L.A., but honestly, he's way past his prime.

What Cleveland needs to do is get bigger and better guards and forwards, remember, D Howard went off in the last game, but it wasn't him that killed the Cavs, it was Hedo and Lewis.

Lakers champs in 2010!!!!

We need a new nickname for Shaq, he's not the big cactus anymore, I vote for the big GEEZEL, That would be a combo of Diesel and Geezer, he's 37 going on 45, the Cav's will be lucky to get 50 games out of him, he can't run the floor anymore, he sucks on the pick and roll defense, and tends to gain weight as the season progresses, I think the Cav's took one giant step BACKWARD.

Repeat in 09/10

Mamba, What's a vacation without checking on the blog, Larry.? LOL Posted by: LakerTom | June 25, 2009 at 09:42 AM

You got me there Tom! Lol!

Shaq will be a great back-up center for Cleveland.
Posted by: Laker Justice | June 25, 2009 at 09:56 AM

Yeah I guess it would be easier that way for LEBum to
tell Shaq how his Azz taste.


LOL I love how the Laker blog faithful came out of our hiatus for this one.

Just for the record, this Shaq to Cleveland trade is just funny to me. To think that the Cavs troubles will be solved by an aging Shaq is just ridiculous. Let's see how that works out with a player like Lebron who must have the ball to play his game and Shaq who demands the ball to play his.

Yes, he gives them some interior defensive presence that they needed in the playoffs but they were outmatched in so many other areas that this is like putting a band aid on a gun shot wound. It just won't work.

Will they make a good run and end up with a nice record at the end of the year...probably. Will they make for an exciting team to watch if for nothing more than to see a good 1-2 punch...probably. Will this trade have fixed all of the gaps in their rotation to compete with a fully healthy Boston team and a hungry Orlando team...probably not.

This is nothing more than a one year gamble on Cleveland's part. If it works and they win, they keep Lebron happy and makes it less likely he'll leave next year. If it doesn't work, Shaq's $20mil plus salary comes off the books next year and they can still sign a good player or two along Lebron if he decides to stay. It's a win-win for Cleveland but I doubt it will turn into the real WIN.

Nice roll call MAMBA24...I've been missing that.

Jon K, do you know why LAT loves T J Simers? Because he is a negative guy and negativity sells during recession. All they talk would be negative things that is fitted with the times, rile all readers that brings more ticks to the blog, more tweets, more emails to the sports editor and he becomes a unique columnist on liberal paper, LAT. Somehow they create a market for it, it also help deflect the Chapter 11 issue, the reign of terror of Sam Zell and the milking of the Chandler Family on the Pulitzer paper in the West Coast. That's the role of T. J. Simers, he is the shock absorber of the negative eras. He is now the court jester that entertain the King (editors), somebody to laugh at!

i say great trade for the cavs to get the tandem of shaq/lebron... i'm more concerned about the RJ trade to the spurs.... that makes the spurs a definitive #2 in the's also rumored that the bucks will cut bowen and he'll be back in a spurs uni by the time camp comes around... in a series lakers vs spurs, lakers in 7 in a tiiight battle... lakers vs cavs in the 2010 final... would be a GREAT matchup.... lakers in 6....

fyi.... celts are done.... kg's knee injury is speculated as career-ending.... plus the celts are imploding... ainge is ripping his boy rondo on boston radio....

Tried to take a vacation but it just wouldn’t do, I had to be here with the morning Crue
Who needs to go out sight seeing, As Jon K sez, it’s about the Ring.
I didn’t need a plane to make me fly, Winning the Title still has me high
So what’s the first thing I hear when I get back, more crap about that %%$##@ Shaq
Shaq have you no dignity or pride, From Kobe to LeBum just hitching a title ride
When will you win a title of your own, Stop acting like a kid, don’t you know you grown?
I hate to say this & please don’t frown, you’ve become as useless as Kwame Brown
One thing about Kwame we all must face, he never asked how his Cake taste
That kwame was a cake throwing fool, but Shaq, yes Shaq has become an old ghoul
For all that you did, forgive you, never, but you’ll always be a Laker Forever

My take on Shaq’s trade:

1. From the Cleveland perspective, it’ll cost them next to nothing, Wallace was non factor, so is Pavloic… From the money commitment, they are basically renting Shaq for one year, will it work or not, it’s whole another story. If not, by the end of the next season they will have 20M coming out from the books, and they can sign supposedly a big name free agent. One caveat, LeBron also can become a free agent.

2. Counteracting Magic’s DH with Shaq it’s like dream about sending Shaq back in time. Dwight is what, 12 years younger? He’ll be much faster not only running the floor, but also moving under the basket, so he’ll be able to manufacture FTs even with higher rate than before. Shaq will be constantly in foul troubles unless he plays like 15-20. Will it be enough to push Cavs over the hump? I don’t think so. Another problem with Shaq, he was always very reluctant to shows up when defending pick and roles even during the 3-peat era. Now? I think a lot of teams will run this play all day long against Cavs, esp with Shaq on the floor.

3. Unfortunately with BUTLER joining fishing crew from SUNs, we can not confirm the obvious, SUNS officially in the rebuilding mode. They will probably try to negotiate buyout with Wallace, or Pavloic or even both. The next thing, they will try to trade Amare, but with his salary and a lot of teams being over the cap, it remains to be seen how many takers they’ll find.

Sources: Knicks acquire Lakers 29th pick

Espn dot com

Mitch K just made $3mill for the pick sold to the Knicks


We both know, no one will touch Luke's contract, one of the last blunders by Mitch, in 1000 years

>>>Now why would they want to get rid of the greatest back-up of all time..Gee...Lets
>>>see..He wouldnt have an attitude problem now would he...I cant wait for the
>>>defenders to start with there man crush..Cant wait...


Did anyone on this blog (including myself) EVER say anything about Farmar being the
greatest ever. My defense is merely that he's not as bad as you and a couple of others
want to make him out to be.

And of course, it couldn't POSSIBLY be that Farmar's contract comes up for renewal
season after next, could it? They get Farmar for 2 million this season, but next summer
he's a restricted FA, and I guarantee he'll get offers higher than 2 million, and the Lakers
would have to decide whether to match or not. And at that time, they'll still be WELL
over the luxury tax.

You'll also notice that although they aren't totally sold on Farmar, Kupchak did say
"We have Jordan [Farmar], who's had moments when he looks like the guy who could assume that position and Shannon Brown did a great job as well, but I think that position in the future is still undetermined"

So in other words, at times Farmar has looked capable of the job at times, but he's not
totally sold on either Farmar or Brown to replace Fish yet.

I view Farmar as a replaceable piece at this point, but I feel he did contribute to the
championship, and could still improve more and be a solid backup PG. As for whether
he could be a quality starter or not, I'm not sure. He did well in the one chance he was
given vs Houston - he shot well and held Aaron Brooks to his worst game of the season,
but if Farmar started against Deron Williams, he'd get buried.

Hey East Coast, you know everybody had to come back to show Shaq some love. ROFLMFAO!!

I don't think we are looking at this Shaq to cleveland thing clearly enough. Is it perhaps possible that Cleveland accepts the fact lebron is leaving no matter what? If that is the case they now have.
(1) An excuse if lebron leaves by saying we tried to keep him we even got Shaq but he still left.
(2) And the biggest thing, they now will have not only Shaq's salary but also lebron's salary off the books. I'm not really knowlegeable about how the Cap works but with that kind of money off the books shoot, they could afford to get Kobe, L.O. and trevor and have a pretty good team.
What say You?

new nickname? how about The Big Washed Up Fatass?


>>>please please please dont go offering Ariza silly money please.

There's absolutely no chance of it. Cleveland is not only over the salary cap, but well
into the luxury tax. The absolute most they could offer would be an MLE, and I think
the Lakers will be offering Trevor that much, if not slightly more.

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