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Shannon Brown: Exit Interview

It is impossible to watch the footage below and not be a fan of Shannon Brown.  You probably were before, but this stuff will make you want to pass the hat on Brown's behalf at Sunday services if it means keeping him around. 

Writers and fans alike often make jokes at the expense of the guys at the end of the bench (myself included), but it's always important to appreciate and respect the work that guys like Brown- and as you'll see in their exit interviews, true grinders like Josh Powell or DJ Mbenga- put into finding a space at the table. To put things in perspective, when Brown was asked if he thought he'd finish the season in a parade, obviously he said no.  He did, after all, arrive in LA from the Bobcats. Except Brown wasn't just talking about that.  He wasn't sure he'd be in the NBA this year.

With that in mind, it's easy to see why Brown was so appreciative of the ovation he received at the Coliseum earlier in the week, and how he understands not only how his good play helped contribute to a title, but probably earned him a little stability as well.  

This clip is interesting, because during the interview, Brown actually referred to himself as a "throw in" for the trades in which he's been involved, and as Andy noted in his question, that's not something you hear every day. It's worth noting that Brown says he didn't feel like an afterthought when he arrived in Los Angeles.

Here, Brown talks about the possibility of participating in next year's dunk contest, which might mean a rematch against LeBron James (the two were pitted against each other in a high school version of the event). Also, Brown addresses the process of getting PT with the Lakers.

Finally, Brown talks about similarities he has with Derek Fisher, and how he plans on spending the summer.

NBA players come in all shapes and sizes.  Not all are first round picks, and even those that are (like Brown) aren't guaranteed a yellow brick road once they arrive in the Association.  Brown arrived in LA with no expectation of playing time, but not only didn't complain, but took every opportunity to learn, worked his tail off, and eventually made his way into the rotation.  I can't say if he'll be in a Lakers uni next year, but I'm hopeful Brown will have earned himself a contract that will keep him in the league for a few more seasons.  He's earned it, and as a very solid dude, deserves it. 

Previous Exit Interviews:


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I missed the Parade. Did Shannon get a standing ovation?
WoW, and can anyone post a clip of that on here?

This guys a keeper!

Shannon Brown may not be eloquent, but the guy clearly has good spirit.

Having a competitive spirit often lurks a human into narcissism. It's a wonderful thing when you see someone who embraces that competitive spirit but still has the ability to be humble.

I sure hope we keep this team going and that, of course, includes Shannon Brown.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"He's earned it, and as a very solid dude, deserves it."

I agree, but to be honest with you, bro, I think every player on this team deserves it. Not a bad one in the bunch.

This year was special.

And I feel the future will be special too.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"As I said, it is a big win-win situation for Kobe. He would be stupid to NOT take less."

So if he doesn't opt out or opts out and goes for the max would that mean Kobe is stupid?

Personally I don't think he'll opt out and I will not think he is stupid if he does that.

"Laker Guru,

"why cant Drew take a pay cut?? why cant Luke and Sasha re structure their deals for "the good" of the team.. why are you only expecting Kobe to do this?? If no one else is willing to take less, why the hell should Kobe take les??"

That's against the salary cap rules. You can't restructure NBA deals once you're in place. It's not like the NFL. What you're suggesting can't be done."

Good Job AK. There are QUITE a bunch of people who either don't know or choose not to know (Lebron James can violate the salary cap and gets Joe Smith to join the Cavs). There is a BIG difference between the NFL and the NBA.

I still laugh at all the Bynum homers who were crying for Mitch to give him $18 million when he shot 36% in the Finals. Bynum is the most overpaid Laker and after comes Sasha with his lack of a consistent shot and then comes Luke who has good skills but isn't worth 5 million per year. Bynum wasn't even part of the lineup that won those games (Fisher-Bryant-Ariza-Odom-Gasol) and those guys cried for Mitch to give him $18 million? XD.

"Pfunk...I thank the lord you have nothing to do with the running of the LA LAKERS..."

And EVERYONE save for the PFRAUD36ITES are glad he isn't. Only a fool would even think about digesting the BS that PFRAUD36 spews.


I suggest you put your money where your mouth is, call your boss and tell him you want to take a paycut for the good of the company. Let me know how that goes."

Damn man. That was harsh. No need to go against Laker Tom like that. He may overract at times but that was just plain rude. Good idea but went too far.

Shannon is the perfect successor to Fish. Not as clutch yet as Fish and maybe not as good as Fish was in his prime in terms of shooting but he has potential. Jordan Farmar has more skills than either one but that is just skill-set. Shannon is a bigger, more athletic version of Derek Fisher and I hope we re-sign him and Odom and Ariza to keep this possible dynasty going.

man, TJ Simers really dissed you guys (K Bros) in his latest column. is there a LA Times war going on that i don't know about? well, Brian and Andrew, i got your backs if it comes down to a street fight (like that scene in Anchorman: Ron Burgundy).

ShanWow should be brought back next year. Farmar is really starting to let us down. hopefully some competition lights a fire under his rear.

I would displace my left knee cap to see this guy come back next year. Luxury tax be damned, this guy is a worker and you can see how much he appreciates being here,

This guy is another step towards making our team a defensive juggernaut that can score in droves,

Jon K.,

Great bunch, some are currently overpaid. Some are higher priorities.

The Corleone family would tell you, it's only business.

Brown made less than 900K, I'd think he deserves to at least double that, if not triple that. He is a solid defender against big guard like D. Williams of the Jazz, and very good shooter as well, three-point included. Now, I think the Lakers should try hard to trade Sasha, he is making 5 mils, and he is not worth it. His shooting percentage not great, and he commits too many fouls on defense, overall he is a liability. My 2-cents.


Yeah. Big ovation for Shannon.


I don't know.

Shannon might not be the world's best orator, but he sure seems a heck of a lot smarter than Farmar. This guy is a keeper 100%. He knows the game, he knows his role, he's optimistic and athletic and his enthusiasm is contagious. He's long term.

My new nick name for Shannon= Long Term.

Maybe not, but you get the idea.

I mean, really, he's the perfect bench player for now and he may even develop someday into Fisher little or Fisher lite.

Because of Brown, we have room to do player-moving this offseason; we have a chance to really improve our team without damaging our long term prospects.

We've got a good prospect in Farmar and a 5 million dollar expiring contract in Morrison. If Buss wants to pay, and if Mitch feels like getting creative, there is ample space for this team to improve.


How much would he want?..

I think he played well..when a new player enters this system we always here that it takes players a while to get around all the sets..He meshed well and had a level head through out the playoffs..The thing that stood out from the start was his shot.He shot the 3 well and his decision making was mature...Keep him i say...

Could pick 29 be given away with contract to get out of the first round?.

When I see guys like Shannon Brown, I'm reminded of just how competitive and elite a league the NBA is. Here's a guy with obvious talent, work ethic and a winning attitude who has had to struggle to find his niche. I hope that the Lakers bring him back. I think this young man has just barely scratched the surface of his potential as a basketball player.

As long as the "Selfish Egomaniac" that is Kobe Bryant, plays as a ME-FIRST player, he will be a dispised figure of this league.
And Phil Jackson also, for supporting this type of game.


Bring back THE TEAM

Shannon made a positive difference. You gotta like his appreciation of home, grandma, the kids in his camp and wanting his friends to know it hasn't changed him.

He's a keeper. His athleticism, and work ethic are worth the price tag.

GO Mr Buss!


You post from the previous thread,
regarding Kobe taking less $$, has
numbers that are wrong.

You have Kobe making 45 mil total,
and it he made 39 mil last year. His
endorsements are less than his
earnings from the Lakers.

When everything is done, you have him
leaving 10 million/year on the table.
Do you believe that Kobe could re-coup
the 10 million/year in advertisement?

*I* think that Kobe should not opt out
this year. He should put the onus
squarely on the shoulders of the parties
involved. Odom has *said* he'd stay/
play for less. Let him prove it. Buss
has said, he'd pay luxury tax. Let him
prove it. If everyone else in the
organization is willing to take less $$
for a championship, then so should
Kobe. If they're not then neither should


Here is Kevin Ding's article:

interesting snippets:

Aside from the fact no one does more for Buss' revenue streams than Bryant, let's be clear: Buss can pay Ariza and Odom as much as he wants to bring them back. Whatever it takes, Buss is allowed to do.

There are really no limitations on the dollars. Buss could even sign an altogether new, excellent player if he were willing to spend the mid-level salary-cap exemption this summer.

When asked about Bryant being in position to negotiate his salary down, Jackson brought up Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O'Neal and Tim Duncan as stars who have done that....The specifics of those Garnett, O'Neal and Duncan scenarios are not comparable to Bryant's.

Garnett and O'Neal were grandfathered in before the last collective-bargaining agreement, making them exempt to maximum-salary limitations, so it was inevitable they would have to reduce their salaries.

Whatever he[kobe] gave up for next season, he would keep losing every year because NBA contracts are limited to maximum annual raises.

Just an FYI


what up with simers calling you out in his article? is that an inside joke?

or is he just bitter about the forum you created and the respect you both have (mainly for your basketball takes and objectivity) with laker nation?

lakers, 2009 nba champions.

i just can't get tired of writing that.

It's impossible not like Shannon Brown. I like what he says in talking about getting a "blueprint" from Mitch of they need to him to do and watching Fisher to understand that role. This is a guy who came in and tried to learn his role, not to impose "his game" on this team. That, along with his hops and his hard work, is what got him minutes so quickly. He applied his skills to the system.

I have been reluctant to annoint Shannon as a succesor to Fish. We saw him in limited minutes, and it is easy to fall in love with a guy you don't see too much. And other teams have not yet learned how to take away his strengths and play up his weaknesses - but they will eventually. His playmaking skills are not there yet. He is an OK shooter.

But a guy with his physical skills, attitude and work ethic has a good chance of getting there. It's exactly what Fisher did. Phil was not too interested in Derek at first, he liked bigger guards, but Derek pushed his way into the rotation and Phil grew to love him.

If Brown had a contract and Farmar was a free agent, this would be pretty easy. It is dangerous to make such statements from the distance of being just a fan, but has always seemed to me, even back at UCLA, that Farmar lacks that "just tell me what to do and I'll do it" attitude required of a role player on a team like this. He may make it yet, he is skilled and confident, but he may also be the kind of guy who is happier with a bigger role on a losing team.

I hope there is a spot for Shannon next year. I'd like to see him earn the backup slot, and work his way into starting.

TJ likes to drop references to other LAT writers in his columns. It's not personal (so far as I know), but part of his schtick. Frankly, I've never had any indication that he reads our stuff.

I'm certainly not bothered by it. But thanks for having our back. (I can see you swinging a chain and looking dangerous... haha).


Do we know which health issues specifically concern Phil Jackson about coming back? I know he still moves pretty gingerly, but is it that or something more serious?

I for one think the return of Phil is crucial to a repeat. I've been through a lot of Laker coaching eras. I can tell you for sure I dont think going out and playing "coach roulette" and hiring a new head coach has a high probablity of success.

In LA we've seen a lot of coaches. We've seen some solid NBA coaches , but guys who could not get a team over the top (Schaus, West, Dunleavy). We've seen some failures who could not get through to their key playes (Van Breda Koff, Harris). A kid in over his head (Pfund). The aborted Rudy T. era (what the hell was that?).

We've seen a couple of top tier coaches. Bill Sharman, had he not lost his voice, may have been a great one. The way he worked with Wilt compared to how Van Breda Koff did was night and day. Instituted shootarounds and ran a form of the triangle offense and won 33 in a row.

Of course Riley was great too. But he took over a team that had won a title. And he wore out his welcome with the players over time with his style.

Then there is Phil, the best of them all. He understands the game, and he works with players well. Rather than wearing out his welcome he was the only coach MJ wanted to play for. Got MJ to buy into the triangle. Made Rodman productive. Got Shaq and Kobe to work together enough to win 3 times. And got us back to the mountain top this year, building a new realtionship with Kobe. Phil always has buy in from his #1 player - MJ, Shaq, Kobe.

A coach needs technical basketball knowledge but he also needs to be able to work with the guys who actually play in the league. As great a knowledge of the game as Tex Winter has, he was never all that successful as a coach. It took someone like Phil to apply his ideas and to manage the players and the egos and the head cases to make it all work.

That is why Phil is great. and the last thing we need is to break in a new guy while we have a team that could repeat.


i was at the parade and shannon did get a much bigger ovation than everybody else except the starters. great to see hes appreciated and fans want him back

this guy is gonna be our defensive specialist extraordinaire.. kobe is gonna needs him BAD.

watching his exit i noticed the size of his hands.. is it me or damn are they humongous??


I echo your sentiments for good things to happen to Shannon. I don’t know how you could be a Lakers fan and not love this guy. He filled a big niche in our defensive armor and deserves a chance to become a permanent part of our roster. It would also be a treat to see a Laker competing in the slam dunk contest, even if it isn’t Kobe.

While I love having Shannon on the team, blitz and his gang have gone way overboard projecting him as Derek Fisher’s replacement, even as early as next year. Talk about trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Shannon has neither the ball handling skills or playmaking ability to be the starting point guard on a championship team, even one that runs the Triangle Offense. That doesn’t mean he cannot be a valuable player who plays significant minutes but one whose play will depend on the matchups. He is not going to replace Derek Fisher or even Jordan Farmar as our starting point guard.

I am sure I will be attacked by blitz and his posse as a Shannon-hater but there was a reason why Jordan Farmar started the playoff game where Fish was suspended and there is a reason why Shannon did not see much action in the Finals. His skill set is not that of a starter at this point in time. That does not mean he cannot improve but he is not going to turn into a starter overnight. He is a specialized tool that will be invaluable against certain teams and matchups, much like the other key players on the bench.


Good Morning Charles...Good Morning Everyone....

I am really hoping to see Shannon wearing a Laker uni next year and for a long time afterward....hopefully we can keep this guy...a definite piece of the Dynasty...



First of all, Happy Fathers Day to everyone out there, even to those who think they're still single but has a growing son or daughter waiting for Dad's love and support. huh!

Finally, I saw the Jimmy Kimmel Show where Shannon said that he is cheap and loved to eat. He got the loud applause at Coliseum and also the most talked about in the streets. Even in the block where I stood he was the 3rd most talked about player with lots of potenials. Young Girls were looking for Shannon when they saw Fisher, Gasol on the first bus but couldn't find Shannon. As I walked along with a middled aged guy from Watts on my way back to my car in the parade, the topic of our conversation was more on the new acquisitions like AM and SB. He said that if SB will work on his game with Kobe + Bynum as well as LO, Lakers will really repeat, he thinks SB has the potentials of becoming Tony Parker or Mano Ginobli, once he gets familiarized with the Laker system and the players. I hope that is true and Mitch will keep him in LA. These are the type of players that Lakers need whether guard or forward - with speed, can shoot the three, good in the post and can defend. I think Sun Yue should use Shannon Brown as his model as an American hoopster. Going back to the JK show, I noticed Jordan Farmar was very serious and Adam was extremely silent maybe just shy while Mbenga is a comic relief and typical Los Angelenos, i.e. citizens who have weird and funny accents. haha!

I really hope to see Shannon in a Laker uni for many years. From that first dunk he made on the floor, I felt like he really became more than a 1-play-a-game-highlight reel to a guard the team could trust to defend players like Williams and make relatively good decisions running the triangle. I agree with LakerTom that he won't be a starter overnight, but I really like his work ethic and obvious basketball IQ to have picked up the system so quickly. Also, I think it would be excellent if he were in the dunk contest this year, I think it's time for Superman to move over for some new talent.

Shannon is a keeper beyond question.

A -knock on him by some say he has liitle ballhandling skills. He did just fine and will get better. Remember the knock on TA is he had no outside shot but he did better. It takes a winning attitude and willingness to put the work in to achieve success.

Shannon has this. A lttle preview on what I will say on player movement Iwil sestate later but will say this now.

Shannon will be needed as JF will be a FA at end of this season. Again we will be discussing how much do we pay to keep him and salary cap issues.

If we draft a good point guard we can develop we will get a good player that will come cheaper and usable later when we need him. Patrick Mills comes to mind but I am sure others can be groomed.

More on pg position later. But for now Kobe, LO, Sasha, etc can advance the ball.

Agree with all, we need to bring SB back.
He is the prototypical Phil Jackson PG. Big, athletic and doesn't try to do too much/stays under control and can shoot.
I think he fits into the system better than Farmar.

He is bigger, stronger, more athletic and a better D than Fish or Farmar.
We will need his D against Deron williams, billups and other PG's.
He's also one of the most aggressive lakers in attacking the hoop.
He shot the ball well this year and seems confident.

Aside from his physical attributes and skills, I love his attitude. He seems like a hardworker and genuine kid.

Sure he has many areas for improvement but I think he will work hard on them. SB has very good potential and I hope he stays.

I suggest we make Kobe Bryant our playing coach. He is perfect for the job. He knows the in and outs of the triangle offence. This is a challenge Kobe would like to take on. the previous challenge for him was if he could win a championship without Shaq. Now the new challenge is if he can win a championship as a playing-coach.
# 1 lakers fan since 1970




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