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Shannon Brown: Exit Interview

June 20, 2009 | 11:05 pm

It is impossible to watch the footage below and not be a fan of Shannon Brown.  You probably were before, but this stuff will make you want to pass the hat on Brown's behalf at Sunday services if it means keeping him around. 

Writers and fans alike often make jokes at the expense of the guys at the end of the bench (myself included), but it's always important to appreciate and respect the work that guys like Brown- and as you'll see in their exit interviews, true grinders like Josh Powell or DJ Mbenga- put into finding a space at the table. To put things in perspective, when Brown was asked if he thought he'd finish the season in a parade, obviously he said no.  He did, after all, arrive in LA from the Bobcats. Except Brown wasn't just talking about that.  He wasn't sure he'd be in the NBA this year.

With that in mind, it's easy to see why Brown was so appreciative of the ovation he received at the Coliseum earlier in the week, and how he understands not only how his good play helped contribute to a title, but probably earned him a little stability as well.  

This clip is interesting, because during the interview, Brown actually referred to himself as a "throw in" for the trades in which he's been involved, and as Andy noted in his question, that's not something you hear every day. It's worth noting that Brown says he didn't feel like an afterthought when he arrived in Los Angeles.

Here, Brown talks about the possibility of participating in next year's dunk contest, which might mean a rematch against LeBron James (the two were pitted against each other in a high school version of the event). Also, Brown addresses the process of getting PT with the Lakers.

Finally, Brown talks about similarities he has with Derek Fisher, and how he plans on spending the summer.

NBA players come in all shapes and sizes.  Not all are first round picks, and even those that are (like Brown) aren't guaranteed a yellow brick road once they arrive in the Association.  Brown arrived in LA with no expectation of playing time, but not only didn't complain, but took every opportunity to learn, worked his tail off, and eventually made his way into the rotation.  I can't say if he'll be in a Lakers uni next year, but I'm hopeful Brown will have earned himself a contract that will keep him in the league for a few more seasons.  He's earned it, and as a very solid dude, deserves it. 

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