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Richard Jefferson to the Spurs, plus a Lakers draft tidbit

Well, Luke Walton may have to battle his bestie while defending the Lakers' title.  The San Antonio Spurs and Milwaukee Bucks just completed a swap, one that places small forward Richard Jefferson and his 20 ppg under Greg Popovich's guidance in exchange for veteran expiring contracts Bruce Bowen, Fabricio Oberto and Kurt Thomas.  

For the Bucks, the deal is mostly about saving cash to hopefully lock up Charlie Villanueva and Ramon Sessions (and to just save cash, period).  But the Spurs desperately needed to get younger, athletic and dynamic, traits provided by the former Wildcat/current Walton brah.   He's also a much better defender than typically credited, which offsets the absence of Edward Scissorhands, who was on the decline anyway.  Hell, with Bowen and Oberto only partially guaranteed for next season, both could very well be back at the Riverwalk come fall. 

I've also heard San Antonio is quite interested in Marcin "Polish Hammer" Gortat, so perhaps he'll be lining up alongside Tim Duncan next season.   Or they've decided Ian Mahimi is ready to get medieval on the NBA.

Either way, it's a good move for the Spurs, who mostly risk bounced paychecks, since Jefferson is owed another 29 mil through 2011.  Manu Ginobli can remain a sixth man without leaving the starting five punchless, and Jefferson provides insurance should the Argentinian get injured, which unfortunately has been a given of late.  I don't think this leapfrogs Mr. Eva Longoria and co. ahead of the Lakers as Western Conference favorites, but they're definitely better.   Probably a lot better.

Also, a bit of Laker news.  Over at the Basketblog, Mike Trudell did a quickie poddy with Mitch Kupchak about the draft.  Most of the discussion isn't earth shattering, but he did reveal the team's intentions- save a last minute turn of events- to exercise options on DJ Mbenga and Josh Powell and that they expect to carry thirteen players next season.  Assuming that baker's dozen includes Trevor Ariza, Shannon Brown and Lamar Odom, that means one current Laker wouldn't be in the mix.  I'm guessing it's Sun Yue, since he's the easiest to remove and most expendable.  But we shall see.

And finally, another close buddy of Walton's is a smart... wait for it... CookieHere's a decision tough to see coming. 


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Damn! I thought the spurs were done. So now we gotta worry about houston (if they keep artest) Denver (even without birdman) and Spurs. Oh well, at least this should keep the team focused come playoff time.

Why Sun Yue? I rather loose morrison than him...

Go Lakers.

I thought that the Spurs might go after Ariza so in that light this is good news.

Gortat, Duncan, Hamilton, Mr. Longoria, Mason and Manu with Pop coaching? Hot diggie dog, the rivalry lives!

Damn! I thought the spurs were done. So now we gotta worry about houston (if they keep artest) Denver (even without birdman) and Spurs. Oh well, at least this should keep the team focused come playoff time.

Why Sun Yue? I rather loose morrison than him...

Go Lakers.

Posted by: TrueLakerFan | June 23, 2009 at 02:55 PM

I would like to see Bynum exit interview which KBros said they will do but I would also like to see what Sun Yue said and what was said to him in exit interview.


Look at the trade the Spurs just pulled, Mr. Jefferson for TRASH ( Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto) which the Bucks will probably release and they can go back to the Spurs.

and they complained about the Gasol trade??? LOL! Wow... we should have been talking to Milwaukee apparently... what would they give us for Adam Morrison?

Posted by: Dallas Raines' Hair | June 23, 2009 at 12:53 PM

Heck ask for better player still trade Morrison and Luke Walton for Luc MBah a Moute or C. Villanova.

This will no doubt make the Spurs much better and Jefferson is definitely an upgrade over Michael Finley at SF allowing Finely to remain at SG.

I'm glad the Spurs did the trade because they become good again but still ain't good enough to beat us. Under Phil Jackson we owned them 4-1 in playoff series. Point is that rather beat down on a familiar foe rather than the pretenders in Portland or in Denver. Plus this rivalry is more respectable seeing as the Lakers and the Spurs were the top 2 teams of this decade and not the phantom rivalry against Portland that those Jailblazers seemingly want to make.

Jon K.

You wrote: 1. Lamar, Trevor, Shannon and Kobe are all going to have to take less money than they'd like to.

My response: At the absurd level, yes. Kobe would
love 30 mil per year. At the realistic level, why does
Kobe have to take less money? He doesn't have to
opt out and per his own words, he's not planning
on opting out.


you keep saying: I am still hoping he sees the opportunity this presents for him to enhance his image and future endorsements.

my response: Are you really Dr. Buss in disguise?

Buss: "Kobe, I need you to win everything and take less
money for winning."

Kobe: Why?

Buss: I don't want to pay luxury tax.

Kobe: Let me get this straight. You're worth 380 mil. I'm worth 140 mil. You want me to lose 5 mil a year, so you
don't pay luxury tax?

Buss: Yes.

Kobe: Dr. Buss, Forbes magazine says your profit off the
Lakers is: 47.9 MILLION dollars.

Buss: Yes, and how are the Chicago Bulls more
profitable than us? Dang it Kobe! Go drop 50 on
LeBron right now!

Kobe: I just want to make sure I understand. You're
worth more than twice as much as me. Your team
clears more than I make before taxes. I've won 4 rings
for you. I've won two scoring titles, 1 mvp & 1 finals
mvp. All NBA for as long as I can remember on both ends
of the court. #1 in jersey sales
... And you want me to lose 5 mil per year?

Buss: Exactly!

Kobe: How is that fair?

Buss: Kobe! I'm giving you a chance to re-hab your
image! Baby! I got this. This is how it's going to work.
You leave 5 mil on the table as you walk out the door.
I'll dock Lamar 3 & give Trevor 3. We're stylin'!

Kobe: Hold on. If Lamar drops 3 and Trevor picks up 3...
That 5 mil I left on the table goes to who?

Buss: Come on' Kobe. Don't be difficult! Show the Dr.
some love! You get to re-hab your image. People will
LOVE you for showing that winning is more important
than money. You get to play with Ariza and the
Candyman. I get 5 million dollars more. ( Sorta like a
"Fistful of Dollars" only it's two fists. ) We win another
championship. What could be better? Another ring and
more $$ for me?

# In walks Jimmy Buss #

Dad, have you finished fleecing the prima .... Oh, Hi
Kobe. ummm .... Nice win in Orlando. Sorry I couldn't
make it. I was talking to Dad's ...ummm ... girlfriend.

I think Shannon Brown should pay for his own uniform. That would reduce costs... let's see... well, Phil is talking about not going on some road trips, there's a few bucks in airfare and hotel costs... maybe they could lower the lights a little so you can just barely see the rim, that would reduce the electric bill...


"My response: At the absurd level, yes. Kobe would
love 30 mil per year. At the realistic level, why does
Kobe have to take less money? He doesn't have to
opt out and per his own words, he's not planning
on opting out."

Kobe has to take less money because everyone will have to take less money than they'd like and Dr. Buss will have to pay more money than he'd like to keep this team together so we can win more Championships.

That's why.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


We've been in Austin 18+ years, and we always root for the San Antonio Spurs (since they're about an hour down IH-35), but when the Spurs play the Lakers, its a toss-up for us former Angelenos. Congrats on winning it all this year. Now then, about this trade: great deal for the Spurs, but the money that Richard Jefferson gets is a concern. Coach Pop, like Coach Phil, is a master of the game and will clearly turn RJ into a superstar, but always within a team: teamwork is Pop's mantra. The real problem with the Spurs is that they tend to play a pretty slow type of offense and very, very tight defense. I hope Pop turns the team into a running rampage, because to compete against the Lakers the Spurs are going to need more speed. As for the Lakers: you have to get the big guys to play more consistently and with more passion. Kobe, one of the greatest ever, is great because of his intelligence, not just his athletic ability. Alan in Austin (Majic Johnson Class of 1980's :-)

Did the Spurs bring in Jefferson because maybe Manu has come down with a case of Waltonitis.

A severe condition of the foot limiting foot speed and jumping ability to 8 inches.

Seriously, is Mano not recovering as well as hoped for, so the need for another scorer?

Alan R. Weiss

SAS and the Lakers? I guess you've had one heck of decade, winning all those Championships, and all.

For me living in Arizona for 20 years, I can safely say, the Phoenix Suns is not my team, unless they change their name to the Phoenix Lakers.

Growing up with Chick in LA has made me a Lakers for life and I can see you still have some of that love left in your heart.

Peace and thanks for coming by.

Spurs just got a lot better, offensively and defensively, this puts the onus on us even more to bring LO and Trevor back.

Dude, why sun yue? i'd remove Morrison instead.



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