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Pau Gasol: Exit Interview

Of all the players on LA's roster, the one with the fewest questions surrounding him might be Pau Gasol .  He made the All Star team, was great in the playoffs, answered questions about his makeup, and (as always) remains totally drama free.

As such, there's not much in his exit interview all that newsworthy.  Mellow guy, mellow press conference.    You can see, though, his satisfaction in having answered many of his critics and the pride in winning a title.  Both in English and in Spanish.

Gasol, on playing for Phil Jackson and the chance for more titles in LA:

An excerpt of Pau's comments to the Spanish media:

Previous Exit Interviews:


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Te amo, Pau.


Kobe Bryant Puppet Finds LeBron James Puppet Dead In Apartment Bathtub

LOS ANGELES—Upon returning to his apartment fresh off advancing to the NBA Finals, Kobe Bryant Puppet discovered his roommate and rival, Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James Puppet, lying dead in their bathtub. Los Angeles police officials stated there was no evidence of foul play, as the deep lacerations on James' felt wrists appeared to be self-inflicted. "I knew he was upset about losing to the [Orlando] Magic, but I never thought he would do something like this," the shocked and fabric-based representation of Bryant told reporters, his facial expression stoic and his eyes unblinking. "Maybe I should have seen it coming. One minute LeBron was happy and covering the apartment with talcum powder, and the next he was playing video games and not wanting to be disturbed. Maybe it's my fault for putting my championship rings on display in our apartment." The puppet LeBron is the fifth roommate of either the puppet or real-life Bryant to commit suicide.

OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the top 2 clips r not working

Invalid parameters-warning comes up

ok, how good of a job has Mitch done?

end of 2006 season:

Los Angeles Lakers

Depth Chart:
PG: Smush Parker/Sasha Vujacic/Aaron Mckie
SG: Kobe Bryant/Jim Jackson
SF: Lamar Odom/Devean George/Luke Walton
PF: Kwame Brown/Brian Cook/Ronnie Turiaf
C: Chris Mihm/Andrew Bynum
I see for this year's draft, if we stay at spot #29, the 2 guys being picked in mock drafts are Jonas Jerebko and Marcus Thornton unless by some miracle, Wayne Ellington falls to us...

I hope Mitch surprises us with somebody else... frankly, I wouldn't be surprised to see Farmar moved somewhere else for a higher pick. I like the guy but this isn't a good system for him, everybody knows it, and it's somewhat of a disservice to him to stay here when he could go to a fun and gun team like NY and put up good numbers.

This will be an interesting draft for Shannon Brown as well. He seems to be a great fit for our system. Can he go up another level? I dunno? If he is maxed out, we need to bring in someone to eventually take over for Fisher, if Brown can take it to another level, I don't see why he couldn't take over for Fisher. We don't need much scoring at that spot. Going to be interesting...

I heart Pau. He's such a class act. I'm soooo glad he's a Laker - he needs to be here for life.

wait a minute!!!

Draftexpress says that with the 29th pick in the second round, their guess is the Lakers pick...

Slava Kravtsov C
21 years old; 7'0"; 260 lbs.
BC Kyiv, International

another Slava!

What's a Laker championship team without a Slava?

Muchas muchas gracias Pau! Laker fans look forward to seeing you back in Purple & Gold next year, trying for your next Ring!!!!
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!!!

Muchas muchas gracias Pau! Laker fans look forward to seeing you back in Purple & Gold next year, trying for your next Ring!!!!
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!!!

I've always admired Pau not only for his basketball IQ, heart and his overall personality. He seem to carry himself quite well on interviews and interaction with fans. Certainly one of the Lakers "Assets" and hopefully Lakers for life.

People – this is not just about which Lakers will resign - it's also about the blog. Feel free to ask your own probing inquiries! WE DESERVE ANSWERS.

Mamba24 - will he take care of himself this summer so he’ll be able to fit into his purple & gold thong when we make our playoff push again next year?

Jon K – will he get out of the wastelands of Ohio WITH the lucky barstool? Will he be able to convince the Lebroniac owners of said barstool that it’s in their best interests to let him take it since it’s proven to be a Crabbalier curse? Then again – will he decide to leave it there to keep that particular curse alive?

Socalife – will he ever meet and/or get the right girl? How will that all go down? Will she want him just for his Lakers memorabilia? And will he ever get over his distaste for the Jack in the Box mini sirloin burger commercial?

Keifo – will he ever get over his aversion to rodents long enough to recognize that they were the good luck charm of this Laker Championship? Will he appreciate that the Larry O was actually transported back to LA by them?

Anna from Bondi – will she open that bar she’s always wanted – Boozy McBooze’s – and have the Laker Blog come Down Under for a post-Championship party?

Faith – will she ever stop offering her left boob to make sure that Sasha stays a Laker? Or will someone from the Front Office take her up on her offer?

Taliq & Otis – will the Sherrif put Otis in the slammer for too much post-parade partying? Or will he make sure Otis gets home in time for dinner? (Cuz you know Aunt Bee’s cooking up dinner will all the fixins and hates it when Otis is late.)

Blitz & Hobbit ALSO pfunk & chuck23 – will their back and forth postings reach epic proportions over the summer forcing the K-bros to shut the blog down because of sheer volume of traffic? Or will they make their peace with each other’s opinions and spend their days together basking in the glow of this championship – holding hands and singing Kumbayah?

LakerTom – will he continue to go on about the huge impact Bynum will be for this team next year, or will he realize that most everyone agrees with him? Or will he take a trip to the dark side, meet up with Mike T and start waxing poetic over Kwa-may’s calves?

Wes – will he continue to write epic posts, complete with video, and will the K-Bros continue to banish them from the blog? And how will he react to this obvious diss?

PsychedLakerGirl & EastCoastJessie – will these women be able to handle the shakes and tremors of Laker withdrawal? Or will they stay tied into the blog this summer to get their fix on?

K-Bros – will they end up hiring Ben as a full time employee? Or will he be forever an intern? Were they just using him during peak live chat times to clear comments so they could enjoy their beer & nachos undisturbed?

I had my doubts about Pau but I believe he got the Lakers to the finals last year (not on his won obviously. but he was another engine part and an important one) a year earlier than they actually should have.

He answered all my doubts. Each and every one. He's tough, he's versatile, he responds to challenges and doesnt back down from them..all with good grace and manners.

I think he just needed some time to integrate fully into the Lakers scheme.He's an awesome player now and if Bynum matures this offseason (and I believe that is a lock) forget about anyone else winning the championship. The only question people had about the Lakers was whether they were tough enough.

They are. The question is becoming..who is tough enough to beat the Lakers. not the other way around.

Pau has been criminally underappreciated by almost everyone. He should have been on the 2nd team ahead of Paul Pierce this year. Maybe after this ring, he'll start to get the praise and recognition he deserves.

For me the most deserving Lakers player to get this much coveted RING is none other than Pau Gasol. He is the most consistent player more consistent than Kobe the whole season. Truly an All Star player whom I hate to see retire without a ring like Barkley, Ewing, Malone, Stockton, Miller and the likes. So happy for him and of course for the entire Laker players and the fans.

I'll never forget that until he came to the Lake Show Pau hadn't won a single playoff game in the NBA ... he won't forget either. A caballero if ever there was one.
I say thanks to the basketball gods whenever I see this guy suiting up ... his demeanour and work ethic is such a perfect fit with Kobe, Fish, Lamar and Phil ... there's really no need to say more. If ever the phrase "his work speaks for itself" is apt for anyone, well that there is the definition of Pau on the Lakers. What's the team's record since he got here?
Gracias Pau, enjoy your time back home basking in the adulation you will so deservedly get.

The honeymoon aint over till the LakeShow gets its RINGS next year opening day....

Can you say...Championship?!!!


Big Ups to Pau. He made it pop this year and became a mentally tough player shedding the soft label which appealed more to his mentality than physicality!

Cactus Berry:

Thanks for the Onion links. Spot-on parody! And I'm still laughing about Jack Nicholson's new center-court seat.

Pau is awesome! Love his play and his personality. He is one of a kind..I heart you Pau! Go Lakers! Go my Champions!


Gasol is one of the great big men in this league. I can't think of any power forward/center I would rather have right now. I'd rather have him than Duncan now because of age and upside, same for Garnett. Who else? Dude outplayed the supposedly best center in the league in the finals. I'd take him over Yao because of mobility, stamina and health.Stoudamire? He's smarter, a much better defender and rebounder. Who else?

If you don't respect Pau's overall game, you don't know anything about basketball.

He has the whole package offensively. He can play with his back to the basket and score with either hand. He can shoot the mid range jumper. He can shoot free throws, (most of the time.) He runs the floor. He never gets tired. He moves great without the ball. He has great hands. He can finish at the rim. Jesus he's good.

Defensively, he's way underrated. He can guard PF's and Centers. He blocks shots, he contests jump shooters, he rebounds, he plays great help D. Dude does it all, and has a tremendous basketball IQ. What more could we ask for?

I have officially announced my man crush on Gasol. We can't win it all without him. VIVA GASOL.

Gasol just might be the best overall big man in the whole NBA!!!! I love the dude, he's the whole package.

There's a reason the Lakers haven't lost 3 in a row since he arrived last year. Pau brings it every night.


Nobody arrests Otis. Taliq just hangs the key up on the cell door - I take care of the rest. Aunt Bee brings breakfast in the morning and I'm off for Moonshine Hill.

Lakers could really stand pat - which they probably wont, but we still have not had a season of Bynum. If he stays healthy and all members return, that would be very much like a trade for a big man.

Point by committee will go down. We have men on the payroll - exploit them and improve them.

Phil is the BIG BIG Q - he's our most injured piece. Some say By Scott will replace and he is family but Phil is one of a kind. What to do? Phil wont last as long as Kobe - who continues at the helm? Don't tell me Kobe - he's more grasshopper than Caine.

Love to the rest of the NBA - find fun in the chase.

Viva Gasol.

Without you, I'd say we never get back to the Finals, let alone hoist that Larry O'.

Muchas gracias.

I can't wait for Sasha's exit interview. He needs to go on a quest for the missing mojo.

Should Pau hit the weights this summer and come back so much stronger he'd be in a position to be the best NBA center next year. With his speed and skill set he'd move ahead of Yao and be, at the least, level to Howard.

blitz (and never and yellofever),

>>> So my answer if they draft him they ain't going to use him much at all unless
>>> they trade away Jordan. Collison is more athletic but Jordan has the better
>>> skill set and has the better chance in the NBA than Collison does in my opinion.

While I agree with your above excellent summary, there are two ways of looking at this. You can either draft for a player or a skill. While Collison will probably never become a starter, that’s probably true of whomever you draft at the end of the first round. So rather than looking for a starter, who needs to have a very well-rounded skill set to play in the Triangle for the NBA Champion, you focus on drafting a guy who, although not starter material, possess a specific skill or skill set that you don’t have on your roster.

Using that criteria, Collison could be an astute pick. The skill he possesses that we lack is a player who can defensively keep small lightening quick point guards out of the lane. Now that we have Shannon Brown to play the bigger, more physical guards, it could be a smart move to draft a smaller, faster, quicker defensive guard who can stay with and hound Chris Paul and similar darting speedsters at the point and stop penetration. Go for a solid single rather than a long shot home run. I think Collison would fill a big need.

In many ways, the logic that says don’t draft Collison because we have Farmar is flawed because they are really completely different types of point guards. Farmar is more or a run-and-gun pass-AND-shoot offensively-oriented point guard while Collison is the more of pass-first move-the-ball-around defensively oriented point guard. I think Collison would give the Lakers another great defensive weapon to add to their repertoire. As we know, there is nothing more important defensively than stopping penetration.

Offensively, I think Collison is underrated because his first priority is running the team rather than scoring. He does lack the aggressiveness and desire to be the alpha male that drives Farmar but what he does have is a great stroke. One of the surest way to judge whether a player can really shoot the ball is his percentage from the stripe. Every great shooter in the history of basketball could make his free throws. That Darren shoots over 90% tells me that the guy has a great shooting touch, better than Jordan.

Great defense, excellent ball handler and passer, and dead-eye shooter will help make up for a lack of size and physical presence. Collison has one of those long and lanky bodies of a very young player, which means that he may be a late bloomer physically. He may not be starter material, but his defensive prowess alone is something that the Lakers should consider if he is available when their pick comes at the end of Round 1.



Freakin’ hilarious. LMFAO. One of the problems of blog-sync-think IS that you can end up talking to yourself. Pretty insightful, too. Good job. Thanks.


Collison was overmatched physically in college, how's he going to be in the pros? CP3, JKidd, DWill, Chauncey would manhandle him. What's he weigh, 170?
We need Ariza, LO and Brown back. All 3 of our draft picks could be packaged with Morrison and Sasha for some cap relief, if anyone wants them.

ex and kiwi,

While an offer“ could” be made that Lamar or Trevor would be stupid not to accept, I think the chances of that happening are slim to none. In the first place, the offer would have to come from a team that is NOT over the salary cap since the Lakers would match any offer up the full MLE. Second, the offer would likely have to come from a team that would could contend for the championship because I don’t think either Lamar or Trevor would be willing to go to a team with no chance to win.

Comparing Trevor’s situation with Turiaf’s doesn’t work because (1) the Lakers didn’t value Turiaf anywhere near as high as Trevor and (2) Ronny left as much to get more playing time than money. Nor is the situation that same as when Derek Fisher left after three rings for more money as the Lakers were obviously going into rebuilding stage.

Finally, I think you have to look at the opportunity Lamar and Trevor would be giving up. They are champions and key players on a team poised to start a dynastic streak. They play in LA and get all the attention and benefits of a star in almost every other NBA city. They play with the greatest player in the game, the greatest coach in NBA history, and for the greatest franchise in the NBA. What could be better?

While I think lot of players would leave this for the money, call me naïve if you will, I don’t believe Lamar or Trevor would. Nor do I think the Lakers would allow them to leave. Why give up a sure win-win situation you love when you know there is nothing better? Lamar and Trevor will be-resigned. That is a sure thing. JMO.



i wouldnt get my hopes up about collison... for someone who couldnt even dominate the pac10 i doubt he'll have any significant impact in the nba. he may have good pt guard skills and decent blow-by speed but if you aint got an OUTSIDE SHOT that doesnt do any good. we may be looking an improved version of jacque vaughn or earl watson

farmar was never effective until his 2nd year when his outside jumper significantly improved... i remember him then as doing nothing but dribbling the ball endlesslly burning up the shotclock and then dumping it in to kobe to bail him out...

having the skillset for a point guard is OVERRATED in this league .... to be an effective 30 min/game pointguard in this league you need at least ONE SKILL that you can do extremely well. i dont think farmar possesses any and thats probably why he'll never be a starter....

playing with kobe we dont need a guard with great point guard skillset... jordan never had that kind of guard... all we really need is a point guard with a OUTSIDE JUMPER (ie... dfish, bj armstrong, paxson) and if he can play defense thats a huge ADDED BONUS because this in this kobe era over jordan era guards are a lot stronger and bigger (deron, chauncey etc)


I understand the logic behind your argument but it is unrealistic and idiotic to ignore the real dollar impact of every contract decision. Marginal analysis clearly says that every dollar spent– since we now have passed the luxury tax threshold – now carries a 100% penalty. To ignore that would be totally negligent from a business standpoint. The luxury tax is what it is, a tax on every payroll dollar spent over the threshold. You cannot dilute it’s effect by misleadingly allocating the cost to prior contract decisions or salaries. Any general manager who followed your advice would be quickly fired.



>>> If you want to bag on Sasha for not living up to his contract,
>>> fine. Personally, I think he'll work hard and come back to his
>>> old level of play next season. He's a bit of a gym rat, so he'll
>>> work through his issues.

I agree with you 100%. Sasha and Jordan will both have strong come-back efforts next year. They and Luke are all valuable contributing members of this team that should be better appreciated and supported by the bloggers, who supposedly are much smarter and more informed than typical Lakers fan off the street. Wouldn’t you think?



good post but by drafting collison u do realize lakers would have 4 pt guards on the roster

only way i like collison is if we drop farmar and have hiim run the point for the second unit... but at this point i doubt hes ready for that esp without a developed outside shot. that job still belong to jordan and hes still a bargain at about 3 million.

if we had enough time to develop him i would prefer him over farmar... i agree he can run the floor way better, could be a much better shooter and is WAY better defensively.

he'd prob be perfect off the bench but do we have the minutes and the patience?

Senior Gasol made the Lakers, The Pau-er House of the NBA!

Jon K,

Yes I really think the Lakers could and should draft Collison depending on who stays. Farmar has proven inconsistency and if anything plays better when a legitimate future franchise point guard is threatening his position. We saw it with Javaris and who else better to light a fire under his ass than his old teammate from UCLA.

Collison is one of the best shooters ever to come out of UCLA, that right there is saying a lot.

Pau is definitely a class act and fits well with the organization. I congratulate him on winning his first championship. Hopefully one of many. He faced down his critics, and silenced them solidly. There is nothing soft about a real athlete who took as many hits as he did physically and mentally and could bounce back up and keep on moving. Nothing soft about that.

Gracias Pau para una gran temparada. Mantenga la fe senor. Mantente fuerte.


did you just dare compare morrison to kwame?? thats a low blow

did you just try to argue luke has a better outside shot than morrison?

OMG! i see ur love for luke is SERIOUSLY BECOMING FRIGHTENING.... bordering somewhere between disturbing and horrifying.

how am i supposed to argue with that? lets just respectfully agree to disagree and end it here.

already starting to hear some Morrison over Luke comments, because Morrison is such a great "shooter". Luke is a career
.443 shooter. Morrison is a .373 shooter. Luke is .333 from the three. Morrison is.336 from three. And of course Luke does everything else better then Morrison as well. As the 8th man on the squad, Luke does a good job.


JUSTA.. BABY...!!!

Puppet post friggin' fantastic!!!

I laughed my head off... brilliant!!!!

I bow down to the "RODENTS" and hope that the carry all trophys home to LA!!!!

What a great time this year, and I feel honored to be apart of this great Laker blog family!!





You are probably right that the Lakers won’t draft him for several different reasons:

(1) They are probably looking more to draft an overseas player whom they can avoid paying as they develop. That is why we keep hearing names of European forwards and centers, who they could leave overseas to develop and not have to pay now.

(2) Four point guards is probably too many resources to allocate to the position but the team does a have an option and might decide not to bring Sun Yue back. Collison would be a better shot to help the team sooner than Sun, who still never looked comfortable.

(3) The Lakers still prefer to try and hit a home run by drafting a player who could blossom into a star with their 1st round pick. Javaris Crittendon is a perfect example. Even in their 2nd round picks, they went for home runs with Marc Gasol and Sun Yue.

But if we would draft purely on need, I think Collison’s ability to stick to faster and quicker guards like a defensive back and prevent penetration would be a “priceless” weapon for the Laker to add to their existing defensive repertoire. If stopping penetration is still the biggest problem confronting this team and Collison is there when we pick, I think it would be a genius move and give Phil a great weapon that we definitely do not have.

Granted, neither Collison and Farmar are probably going to play against the bigger more physical guys but that is why have Fish and Shannon, who to me is really a backup 2. There are very few players who can run step-for-step full speed with fast and quick point guards and still pressure them without fouling. Remember Tyrone Lue guarding Iverson in the Finals? That is Collison guarding whomever all over the court. We need that.



"Pau has been criminally underappreciated by almost everyone. He should have been on the 2nd team ahead of Paul Pierce this year. Maybe after this ring, he'll start to get the praise and recognition he deserves."

as the river said to the riverbed, my sediements exactly...

you are indeed preaching to the ever loving choir Sir....

i still say there is NO other power forward whom i would want on this team more than Pau...

Febuary 1st 2008, the day we aquired Pau, was officially the day the Dynasty began...

I also heartuly concur with other posts about his demeanor, class act etc.

I was never one who thought of Pau as soft, I always thought Pau's desenters had a big dose of Premature Blogulation, as it were...

Pau= Laker for Life !!!




Mike Floss,

more words I couldn't have said ANY better indeed Sir---great post...


Hugo of Spain and Gana(something sorry, I forgot the whole name):

During the Western Playoffs, you commented how come Pau is under appreciated in America? Is it because he is white and a Euro? I said at that time, there is something lacking in his resume as an NBA player, which is "being a winner". During the parade and at the Coliseum, he came back as a Champ. The second biggest hero there was Pau Gasol. He was so happy when he reached in our block sitting at the rail of the double decker with two opened arms with victory signs like Nixon, as he heard the fans yelling Pau, Pau, Pau although it sounds pow, pow, pow Gaysol. He is now a Superstar in LA. Pau will no longer have any privacy in this city, he will be sought, followed and adored like a rock star. America always love a winner and reward them with faithful adulation and due recognition too especially the media hungry for ratings. Pau in Disneyland, Pau in Jimmy Kimmel, endless attention. Well, if you live in Los Angeles, it is a replica of the world where you find all the nationalities, living side by side as neighbors in any community.

I hope they will stay, but
"Finally, I think you have to look at the opportunity Lamar and Trevor would be giving up. They are champions and key players on a team poised to start a dynastic streak. "

look at Posey as a perfect example. No matter what we want to think, salary is an ego issue with most pro athletes. If it wasn't, and winning really was the most important thing, you would see players like Kobe (who made almost $50M last season from endorsements) and LeBron playing for the veteran's minimum. (and in the Lakers case, PJ coaching for the equivalent of that). I have no problem with players/coaches getting the most they can financially out of their careers. Lets just be realistic about their motivations. If Lamar really wanted to stay, ams money wasn't important, he would have already told the Lakers that he would sign for something in the 6-8M range. I think there are a few players who fall into the "all-time great" category, or are hoping for that, who try at the end of their career for a title, at the cost of personal fortune. (i.e. Barkley, Malone, Payton). Those who already have titles, or who are decent but not great players, almost never accept less to stay with a winning team.

"will he take care of himself this summer so he’ll be able to fit into his purple & gold thong when we make our playoff push again next year?"


That thong is totally stretched out right now. If he gets himself into shape, the thong will be extremely loose next season. Do you really want that?

@mike floss, great post, and you cracked me up.
Put me on the Gasol man-crush bandwagon.

I seriously would like to see the Lakers winning % since "the Trade".
One reason I knew Kobe woudn't win MVP this year b/c you can argue that he's not even the clear MVP of LA.
Gasol makes the game easier for players such as LO and Bynum and our shooters.
Any basketball fan could appreciate his skills. Want toughness? He played more minutes than any Laker, and he's a C/PF!
I'm very happy that he showed the world what we already knew.

Magic said Pau is the best PF behind TD and KG. I agree. I also agree with a poster who said he'd take Pau b/c of age and health. I also concur.

Wow, exhelodrvr actually made a good pt. I agree with his take on $. and you really can't blame them for taking the $. I'd do the same.

Viva Gasol y Los Lakers!

It would make me very happy is someday Pau's jersey hung from the rafters at Staples.

Increasingly a very real possibility.

Let's get this Dynasty going.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


FYI, I found some more accurate info, and Kobe made about 17M last year in endorsements, not the 50M I stated.



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