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More pics from The Parade

If my pics didn't paint a complete picture of what went on at the Coliseum yesterday- can't see how that's possible- the LAT has a 44 picture long gallery of the parade.

The Ball Don't Lie folks have some good shots, too.


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Where can I find the "four rings" shirt that Kobe and D-Fish wore in the parade??

BLOG CRUE says KG is predicting championships in 2010 and 2011.

I don't think so.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

Nice to see something so positive and the Lakers so happy.

Remember all those people complaining about the cost of the parade before the parade?

Cynics who know the cost or everything and the value of nothing.

Money clearly well spent.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


REPOST ( i know its off the topic but since some recent luke posts have been eating me up...)

in regards to LUKE WALTON since he seems to get so much unconditional love in this blog esp from the all the regulars like kb blitz jon k and hobbit...

its all good BUT I JUST DONT GET IT

it really annoys me when anybody comes to the defense of luke...

yes hes has high bball iQ is a great passer but what about all the LIABILITIES he brings??

he is undersized, has no speed, gets physically dominated by other forwards, and can be a huge liability on the defensive end... the thing about luke is he can match up great with nonathletic forwards but match him up with any forward with a little size and speed (which constitutes most of the nba) and he can get completely abused defensively. he also has a very INCONSISTENT and UNRELIABLE outside shot which often leads to a lot of his defenders leaving him open and playing help defense thus also making him an offensive liability.

yes i'm glad he had some good playoff games and we all seem to remember him for that but what about the other 80 games he got thoroughly dominated?

phil loves him because he can be an asset to the triangle and sometimes the ball moves better offensively but i guarantee you FOR every point he contributes to the offense he ALWAYS finds a way to give up that up and more on the defensive end whether directly or indirectly.

i wouldnt mind having luke for maybe 3 MIL but no way he is worth his midlevel contract. without the triangle offense he probably wouldnt be worth much in this league.. therefore that makes him very overpaid cause there is probably no other GM in the league who would offer that much.

hes a great backup and a 10-15 minutes player in this league and thats all he'll be... now that we finally have an emerging ariza at the 3 makes and are running out of capspace that makes his contract all the less desirable.

ps... its also ridiculous for anyone to imply (kbblitz) that people hate him simply b/c hes very unathletic and white. if anything luke is probably the closest thing to the lakers as the great white hope cause i myself have never met anybody who is not white and is fond of luke. no racial connotations intended here and yes i see lots of irony in that....

one of the best pieces of literature on kobe by FORUM BLUE AND GOLD i have ever read... he backs it up with FACTS not just journalistic jibberish.

its so funny to me how people today almost ten years after jordan retired remember nothing but his great performances but completely forget and fail to acknowldge all his horrible shooting nights and character flaws he too had.

These days I wonder Yellofever, if the media would be so "adoring" and "fawning" of Jordan if His Airness was playing with the likes of Kobe, Lebron, Howard, and Wade in the age of the blogsphere and programs like TMZ etc? Wouldn't he be treated differently now than back then when he appeared peerless and seemingly without an equally talented competitor as a foil?
I have also wondered if Jordan would've won six if Magic hadn't been forced to retire so prematurely ...
And lastly I may be completely off-base but I think the player that elicit comparisons to Jordan in my mind for their style of play is Wade, not Kobe. In many ways Kobe's style is uniguely different from Jordan, if you'll excuse the apparent oxymoron.
You get the feeling that they're parallel yes, like railroad tracks that must go to the same destination but never meet. They are made of the same composites but after looking at them long enough, you no longer see the similarities and instead start to appreciate the differences.

Oh and btw/ps Kam Bros., if you cleaned up obvious typos it would be hugely appreciated in this corner ...

My favorite net vid of the Finals, for those who haven't seen it yet. All Access Game 5:

Kobe tricking Phil into getting a campaign shower is priceless.

'Champagne shower' I mean. Can we have an edit option?

Kobe was as good on the Tonight Show as he was on the court. Very glib, clever and had the audience loving every minute of it. Great chemestry for the entire visit.

Certainly speaks well for his broadcast career whenever he's ready. "The Koby Bryant Show".

Parody of the BS Report (bill simmons) featuring guests Stephen A. Smith and Adam Carolla.



u can buy the T-shirt @ for like 30.


Luke Walton played great team defense in the playoffs and nearly every time he entered the game the flow of the Lakers offense improved.

Luke has his limitations. He's not starter material, but he is a valuable member of this CHAMPIONSHIP team.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So when do the Lakers get to meet Barack Obama?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


buddy monk,

Thanks for that video link.

It really made me laugh and smile.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


a great comment from the screen and rool by Justin N

"Bill Simmons was right.
Kobe did not change much from 2008-2009.

In 2008 he was MVP.

In 2009 he was…well…lets just say the rest is history."

Does anyone know where you can get the official Laker's Championship DVD (or whatever it's called) that Sports Illustrated will give you for free ONLY IF you sign up for the magazine subscription?

I want the DVD but not the rag (ummm I mean mag)....jk!

even is about props and not the game, the Lakers beat the Seltics in the merchandise dept.

Lakers Set Champs Sale Record

even Malta and Virgin Gorda have Lakers fans

i'm sure Andorra has to have some Gasol fans (between Spain and France. or they r friends of Air France, aka Pietrus.

but i'm wondering where does Lichtenstein is placed on the Lakers Map? (between Swiss and Austria - one castle for the Prince and some land around. i took a bus once and in 10 minutes i crossed 2 borders. i stopped to buy Stamps and have lunch. they have some of the most beautiful and collectible stamps in the world. same with Malta and Andorra. and no, i'm not a stamp collector. the stamp was a hand embroidered piece of fabric. obviously while the Prince is hunting in Austria, the servants r working)

In case anyone missed this article, as a Laker fan, I find this article incredibly hilarious.

what ever the Simmering TS and BS think of Kobe, they can't change the opinion of the world:

"Yes, Kobe Bryant has completed a marketing comeback that no athlete in the history of sports marketing has pulled off."

Bryant Is NBA's Most Marketable Again

Le Who?

by the way, i knew anout the Forbes report. Tiger was on 5th and Kobe on the 10th with 47 mil. in endorsements in 2008.

funny that Le Who wants to become the first athlete to become a billionaire. if on 19th place, maybe he had around 40. it will take him 25 years at least to do that. i hope he plays till 50 and he will be on crotches like the old guy in the Barkeley/Dr. J "old school" T-Mobile commercial

"Barkley, hang up the phone, i'm taking you to the hoop"

A Letter to a Son: Bill Walton remembers

Thanks, Ouchhh.....I tried The Carpe Diem Cork shirt is there, but the Four Rings shirt is not. Maybe they've sold out. Dang!! I sure wanted that!!


maybe they made that one only for Kobe


From HoopsWorld article by Kareem.


Question #1: Given all the rule changes and the way the media tends to remember players, who are the top 5 Big Men of all time, and why?

1. George Mikan - The first really big man to dominate the game.

2. Bill Russell - He was the ultimate winner.

3. Wilt Chamberlain - He was the ultimate individual talent.

4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -I was a combination of Wilt's offense & Russell's defense.

5. Shaquille O'Neal - Dominated his era of basketball in the paint.

Question #2: Given your closeness to Andrew Bynum and Shaquille O'Neal, and just finishing a NBA Finals series with Dwight Howard - what do you think of this generations' crop of Big Men, and do you think any of them are truly hall of fame caliber guys.

I'm sure Shaquille will make the Hall of Fame and Dwight & Andrew have the potential. Dwight Howard & Andrew Bynum suffered from not going to college so their games are more raw and less polished then my game. I think in general you have a lot of big men who are learning the game later in their lives then the big men of my generation or earlier.



for those of you who want more KOBE beef or just KOBE and want to fill all the seconds of your reading time during the summer or OFF season, last year, the blog has a celebration on March 11, called


where the kobe lovers and haters on the internet, and i refer here to writers, dedicated one or many post related only to KOBE bryant. each link in the archive takes u to many links

no, it does not top the 34,700,000 entries that google finds in .17 seconds on a Kobe search (that includes obviously the beef) but comes close to 14,800,000 in .11 seconds for Kobe Bryant.


here u go:

ENJOY the Finals MVP


Thanks for the link to Bill Walton’s letter to his son. I had the pleasure of meeting Bill in person once and spent about 20 minutes talking to him about basketball. Bill was always the NBA’s version of Mickey Mantle to me, the guy who had it not been for injuries, could have been the greatest ever at his position. Along with Rick Barry, I have always been perplexed at why neither Bill or Rick got an opportunity to coach. They were both HOF talents with great basketball IQ. While I was pissed at Bill for many years for becoming a Celtic and sending his son to Arizona, he will always be, along with Kareem, the greatest centers to ever to don a Bruin blue.


Congrats LA Lakers for giving not only Los Angeles, but fans everywhere the pleasure of witnessing yet another Laker Championship celebration.

For me personally it was a bittersweet journey. Staying up late at night, when I should have been asleep, but basking in the sweet victories the next day. The losses were the bitter taste.

There were the times I had to take on savage haters, who spewed green ooze (better known as jealously) without restraint.

I'm ready to do it again next season, because it is worth it. By the way I'm a Lakerholic.

does sun yue get a ring too?
how much is the ring worth anyway?


Kareem saying that Andrew Bynum has the potential to be a Hall of Fame player is beyond fricken awesome.

It's super-amazing awesome extra plus!

Wow. I sure hope so. Andrew would make a fine Lakers Great.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I have long been a fan of the Andorans.

And I'm not talking Star Trek.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




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