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The Phil Jackson-Kurt Rambis co-head coach approach

June 24, 2009 | 12:46 pm

More on the concept of Phil Jackson ceding head coach duties to assistant coach Kurt Rambis during certain roadies.   PJ floated the idea on 710 ESPN's Mason & Ireland Show yesterday, which naturally created a buzz.  But as Clark Kent shared with the Times' Mike Bresnahan, the idea has already graced the Laker drawing board on several occasions. 

      "This is not new to me," Rambis, who was one of the final candidates for the Sacramento Kings head coaching job, said late Tuesday night. "This is one of the many ideas we kicked around a little.

      "The hardest part about the job is the travel. It's especially hard when you have physical issues. There's some travel that are particularly grueling. He can take tough road trips off. Phil is probably at a point where he is looking to wind his career down and I'm looking to wind my career up."

First things last: A clean bill of health is in order before PJ and Rambis order whiteboards made for two.  But assuming everything checks out, I could get behind this plan.  PJ is much too respected to lose the team's ear, particularly with the circumstances dictated by health, not disinterest.  Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol and (assuming he's back) Lamar Odom can be trusted to as veterans charged to ensure mice don't play with the cat away. 

Having said that, "Jackson-Rambis in 2010" isn't fool proof or without potential issues.  The two would need to be on the exact same page and able to pass control back and forth without egos or hurt pride getting in the way.  Mixed messages could turn very problematic.   But if fluid communication and teamwork is prioritized, I imagine this would work, particularly since I doubt we're talking a ton of road games to begin with.

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