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LeBron James isn't fined for skipping media session after loss to the Orlando Magic

As league spokesperson Tim Frank explained, James has no history of such behavior- LBJ, ironically, is among the only superstars who regularly takes Q's before a game- so a fine wasn't deemed necessary.

No word yet if the Magic were fined for beating the Cavaliers.

As I said yesterday, exiting stage left without even a few perfunctory handshakes was pretty bush on LeBron's part, as was his "I'm a competitor" excuse.  Blowing off the media bothers me less than the lack of sportsmanship, but it's nonetheless quite unprofessional.  I'm actually pretty surprised he didn't get hit with a bill.  The last 24 hours definitely haven't seen James at his best.  If he wants to be the league "face," that means taking the bad with the glory. Hopefully, a lesson learned.


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This is once again an example of favoritism...Anyway, this guy is the face of the NBA even though he obviously isn't ready for it...He is a sore loser and poor sport and like most media outlets are saying this is "One" mistake he has made out of so many great things he has said and done...but if you go back to game 7 last year against Boston and was beat, what did he DO? He walked off the court and didn't acknowlege the C's. This is the 2nd year in a row he has done this...This guy should not get the love from the NBA, Media, or the Fans because he is a PUNK...Great player but not a Professional. People should look at Kobe, Melo, Dwight, Wade for the face of the NBA they can lead there team graciously and triumph and defeat. LeCrab you don't deserve the deserve the Tiara. All hail Queen James. And even worse he addressed the media the next day and could of tried to patch up his mistake and what did he DO? Defended that he was in the right...Seriously, you are immature and you have been in the business for 6 years are old enough to know not to make this mistake. LeCrab knowingly did this and should receive more negative publicity than he is receiving.

They should have had the puppet answer questions. PERIOD.

"No word yet if the Magic were fined for beating the Cavaliers."

I laughed. Loudly.


"No word yet if the Magic were fined for beating the Cavaliers."

I literally burst into laughter for about 10 seconds. Nice one.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


AK, copied this from my comment on the earlier article??

LOL, just kidding.... It was nice that you put a separate article on this, so that more people would get to know of this, than just from my comment :-)

The NBA telling "This is the 1st time he has done this".... I have seen more than one instance where he walks off... did he not do that last year East Semifinals against Celts??

The self-proclaimed "leader of US National team" does not know how to behave?? SHAME, or should I say, SHAMELESS??

Did Bron threaten to go play in Europe or something if they fined him? I thought the rule was pretty straight-forward, and so should be easily straight-forwardly applied, unless there is a medical exception or prior approval. It seems the league is almost intimidated to fine him, because why else would you create this special exception?

And yes, dont we all know how good and self-defiant is Lebron James in defending his mistakes??

Another example of such behavior:

When the ENTIRE world told and knew he walked(traveled) during that possession, he was so adamant and defied logic by telling it was a valid move and is a "Crab Dribble", and would continue to do it.

So the way he defends his behavior saying "I am a competitor" is nothing new. He is a punk,....

I used to think Chris Paul is the biggest punk of all, but I think even he would have been gracious in such an event....


YEAH I can see why AK/BK brothers are making such a fuss over LBJ's quick exit. I know why because you two brothers are part of media comrades bandwagon?

So I say give it a rest, and agree LBJ is a sore loser. I don't think next year his team will make it to the finals if KG returns to Boston in good health. So in LBJ's defense he has lot to worry about then some media yahoo's all upset..

Some times truth hurts

Is there room for this spirit of interpretation? Maybe Bron threatened or the NBA felt threatened that he would curb his pre-game press behavior if they fine him for this post-game press violation?

It's weird, but ultimately explainable if Bron really does give unprecedented access, but not explainable from a rules standpoint, only explainable from a bending the rules standpoint, which is never a good thing when done publicly.

These guys put alot into playoffs. He gave everything he was absolutely brilliant ...its been atleast 15 years since we've seen someone play basketball like King James ....give over the guy is a class act he's allowed to be upset. Everyone is just making a big deal out of it for nothing.

Some times truth hurts,

Dude, joke's on you, lame-o.

There's nothing wrong with this thread nor has it been too effectively rubbed in by the Kamenetsky Brothers in an inappropriate way.

Go pound salt.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



My bad. I honestly didn't see your comment in the earlier thread. I'd been working on the practice report and it had been mostly BK clearing comments. But kudos to your sense of humor. haha


I think the best thing to do is for someone else to do the same thing, and "dare" the league to fine them. The league fines them, and blatantly shows the hypocrisy, or admits the mistake.

Same thing when Garnett did his asinine barking act. An opponent should have done the same thing - force the league's hand.

I can not put into words my disappointment in lebron james (I did not capitalize it on purpose, he does not deserve to have his name capitalized). I have a 10 year old son who thinks lebron is the greatest player ever and it broke his heart to see him show such little class in walking off the court like that. My son is one of the most competitive 4th graders you will ever meet but even at his age he understands that win or lose you still line up and slap hands with the other team whether you really want to or not. I am embarrased to say that I actually paid money to take my son on a trip from Dallas to Cleveland to watch this guy play ball only for later in the year for him to show no class and blame it on being competivitve. How about blaming it on being inmature, a sore loser or just being a spoiled brat!

mace windu - you really don't think it's a big deal?

Why...because he's the best player in the game he's not expected to be a good sport...or gracious...or mature...or conciliatory...or friendly...or respectful...or accountable?

What he showed is that he is a poor sport...
without grace...
and arrogant.

No explanation he can give is acceptable except "I was wrong."

Awesome comment, Cactus Berry.

I swore I would never get sucked into the "Kobe vs LeBron" thing, but something in the NY Times article on the Cavs caught my eye: LeBron wants to be big in China & he wants to be a billionare, according to the article.

We learned from the Olympics that Kobe is the most popular in China currently, but the funny thing is I'm sure Kobe doesn't care. Kobe cares about one thing: Winning a championship. That's not always a good thing--it can be detrimental to teammates & it was why he was this close to ditching the Lakers, but still...

No LeBron hate from me, but the goal of being a "basketball star" versus the single-minded goal of simply WINNING is a revealing one...

I have never liked the NBA for fining players for missing out on contractually mandated media interviews.

Sometimes these guys are so worked up, it would be hard for them to stay cool and not say something they would regret in the morning. So give them some space to cool down once and while.

So for James lack of maturity in walking out, I would like to cut him some slack, but in the past, the NBA has passed out some hefty fines for this offense.

Sometimes, the biggest names have been hit with the fine. But this time, on the National stage, everyone wanted to here Lebron's reasoning on the loss.

He is one of the NBA's biggest stars. They are always promoting him, but on this occassion, he didn't see the need to support them back.

Should the NBA now apologize and return money to all the former players that were fined? I'm sure if you asked those former sinners, they would be miffed as to why James is getting such a special protected treament.

Good one AK. But I hope LeBoor learns NOTHING from his behavior.

Because it's pretty obvious LeBoor can't be taught anything. The Chosen One already knows all, sees all.

Meanwhile, the peasants know better. In his pathetic attempt to define what he is, James risibly and actually DEFINED the "poor sport," "poor loser," POOR CLUELESS SLOB he really is.

Friendly, slick, media-airbrushed LeBron? FAKE.

Surly, stuporous, self-absorbed LeBoor? REAL.

Which is why, at this rate, LeBoor may not end up winning more than another individual MVP and a future of early summers "witnessing" true TEAM greatness by others.

Viva Kobe, Pau, Drew, LO, Fish, TA, Jordan, Sasha, Luke, Josh, DJ etc.

Laker fan,

Leave Lebron alone. I remember Magic and Jablunt running off the court after game 7 of the '84 Finals without shaking hands with the Celtics!





Media creates hype on their hero.

Media still sells hype in killing their hero.

There is nothing wrong with the media, they exist in creating hype through breaking news or creating news.

NYT should carry this headline on their sports page:

Lebron is great & Cavaliers are not so great therefore, _________________ (fill the blanks). Just like their avid fans daydreaming of Kobe opting out to join D'Antoni.

Another selfish team on the look out for selfish players, No. 1 media market that invested $94M this season could not make the playoffs in the East. Orlando Magic spent only $ 68M and they are now in the Finals. Shame, they must be doing something that Knicks often missed year after year just like their target now - the Cleveland Cavaliers. Their fans could not cheer their team so they are on the loose try to convince Kobe to opt out, casting doubts on Cavaliers to snatch Lebron or anybody that could justify their existence in NBA since the time of Phil Jackson as a player, Earl, the Pearl and Walt Frazier - 1970 the Golden Age of the NuYok Knickerbockers.

That is where all these crazy news and intrigues emanates.

>I remember Magic and Jablunt running off the court
>after game 7 of the '84 Finals without shaking hands
>with the Celtics!

They were running for their lives after the game because the primitive Celtics "FANS" were storming down to the court!

It is simply a distortion of the fact but I expect nothing less from you, PARASITE.

no fines? ok.
what if every player, team, coaches who lose walk off and skip press conference?

"2" is not a winner and "3" nobody remembers......

Funny enough his NBA commercial about the NBA Cares (where all the players say a part about what basketball teaches) and Lebron's part was "sportsmanship". Man how ironic.....

Lebron's a hell of an athlete.

However, he still has a bit to learn. Take more advice when it's consistently the same from others and stop trying to do things your own way when it's not working.

He'll learn that eventually just like most of the rest of us have.

Running off the court may have cost him millions of dollars. Was it worth it?

LeGone didn't talk after the game because he had cramps in his mouth from sucking so much

I guess they are afraid he will leve cleveland if they piss him off. He's a big crybaby weho rode around in a HUMMER in high school! He's been coddled from day 1 and will whine like a baby until he get's what he wants at all times.!

"No word yet if the Magic were fined for beating the Cavaliers."

I laughed. Loudly.

Posted by: Anna in Bondi | June 01, 2009 at 07:08 PM

Word has just gotten in that the Orlando Magic "INDEED" are getting punished for beating the Cavaliers.

It's a trip to the NBA finals against the LOS ANGELES LAKERS!

Queen James is an immature PUNK..plain and simple.

"No word yet if the Magic were fined for beating the Cavaliers."


That sounds like a great headline for The Onion.

From the NBA Website

Teaching the Basics OF SPORTSMANSHIP
The real job of teaching good sportsmanship starts with Mom and Dad. It's up to you as the parents to lay the foundation, not the coach.

Be prepared to sit down at appropriate times and have a "teachable moment" with your child. Winning and losing are fundamental elements of any sport, and basketball is no exception. Explain that in basketball there is a right way and a wrong way to behave prior to, during, and after the game, regardless of the outcome. These principles apply on and off the court, and during practices, as well. Usually, the older the child, the more difficulty the player has in dealing with losing. Make it clear to your child that if he or she wants to be a member of the team, they must abide by the rules of good sportsmanship.

Make it clear that every game has a winner and a loser (and sometimes, events transpire that may see unfair) but that defeat --no matter how emotional --is not an excuse for acting out. Explain that blaming an official for a bad call (or the coach or a teammate for a bad decision or play) is unacceptable. Even in victory, good sportsmanship is important -- bragging or making fun of an opponent after a win cannot be tolerated.

The real test of character is always more apparent in times of difficulty. Help your child through your own responsible leadership. They will benefit over the long-term the lessons they learn, both in basketball and in life.

Young players should treat teammates, coaches, opponents and officials
the same way that they would like to be treated -- fairly and with respect.

Actually, Lebron checked into the Cleveland Clinic for surgery. Its true.
Seriously, though all self righteous media would grovel if he granted a one on one interview. True and honest emotions are refreshing. Take a lesson.

When Kobe stopped blaming the lazy teammates, the deceptive women, the transitional front office, the unethical referees and whoever else was out to get him, and took responsibility and focus for what was in him to do, he found his power and this new success.

Before he was too busy being "all that", and now he is busy being all that he can be, even to the point of exhaustion and needing an i.v.. I used to see Kobe strutting around Staples on his days that he wasn't playing. His walk was cocky, body guard, entourage, and an ego-saurus sitting on his shoulders. It was so silly that it would have been comical if it wasn't so demeaning to the man that he could have been. Whoever told him to shut up and dance deserves an MVP from Kobe.

He learned that discipline and integrity applies not only to the gym and the court, but to work, life and family. He learned the power of being in the moment. He learned that his biggest adversary and his greatest ally were both himself. He went from the number 8 to the number 24. The significance of this is underscored by the numerology aspect of 8, 2 and 4 (check out
Kobe speaks respectfully of those who play in the league and even more so of those who play him tough. He is learning the class of Magic Johnson, the finesse of Michael Jordan, and the excellence of... well, we have to just give that one to Kobe himself because there isn't a better reference.

Jerry West's comment about Lebron surpassing Kobe was premature and obviously erroneous, but he should be allowed to make a mistake. Jerry saw a few highlights of Lebron playing teams that might have not even made it into the playoffs (Derek Fisher could have had a highlight reel against those teams), had they been in the western conference, and he reacted like a schoolgirl at a Jonas Brothers concert. He's allowed that.

The man's birthday (May 28) is a day before my own, that makes him cool. He would have been really cool had he waited one more day to poke his head out into the world but he is still cool, so he is allowed that. He is 71 years old, the last time he touched a basketball in a NBA game Cher was still married to Sonny, Punk music hadn't been invinted yet, and gasoline had spiked to 55 cents per gallon. He's allowed that. That's alright Jerry, we love you... ole timer!

Lebron unsportsmanlike? Nawww. He has a right to be mad. He was lied to. They promised he would be wearing that ring. They assured him that this was the time of his taking the throne. They don't just make muppets for anyone, you gotta be someone to have a muppet. Even Jerry West said that he had surpassed Kobe... yep, senile, 71-year-old, "depends" wearing, Jerry West (we love you ole timer!) Lebron has a right to be mad and should take it to the league office cause with the way things have been going the whole series, upon further review, may be overturned.

Lebron, here is some advice, to take off some of the pressure you're feeling... just fart. It will make you feel better. When you're watching Kobe drive on Dwight Howard and reverse dunk, fart. When you see the commercials with Kobe and the new Phil Jackson and Trevor Ariza muppets, fart. When you're watching the confetti pour down and people dancing in the streets at the Laker victory parade, fart. Fart and fart again, it helps to relieve the pressure and there is no shame in that. I'm sure Jerry West will join you.

Oh, and Lebron, should you want to review the tapes of Kobe to see how he does it, it would be best to look past the game footage to the life footage. You'll find a boy that became a man, and learned the secret of how humility, responsibility and sensibility play into the making of a champion.

~Robert Max, Los Angeles

LeBron Shames

A winner? What did he won? No NBA championship (Ok, he's still very young), and when he was the head of Team USA at olimpics and world championship, Argentina and Spain won. It was Kobe the one who got to step on and give a true leadership. That's why Kobe is big not only in China, but in the whole world. So be more humble, LeBronze. A winner wins things.

Hi LA guys!!

I'm spaniard as Pau and my alltime plaeyer of course is Magic Jhonson, so i'm still lakers fan...also Kobe is great...

Well Pau is superb and also Kobe, but Dwight is just great because o his nice education.

Dwight you are an example for my soons and Lebron is just a.... i prefer to shut up.

Thanks Howard.



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