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Lakers vs. Magic: A pre-Finals Questionnaire


It's a little dramatic, sure, but hey, we're talking about the NBA Finals here, not some three-on-three jaunt down at the rec.  Big event = big red font.  I apologize for nothing.

Anyway, with the games set to begin on Thursday evening, it's time for some early Lakers Blog Poll Questions.  Click below to exercise your democratic rights.  The Founding Fathers would be proud. 


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Nice Hoosiers reference, BK.

Now, throw in a line from Diehard, and you'll have covered the "How many times are you going to watch that?!" complaints I hear around the house.

hey all! i'm back. was on the road for the last 6 weeks. sucked i couldnt see many games, but now I can watch the Finals!!!

True story:

I was at the Epcot Center 2 or 3 years ago with the family, and I spotted Ron Jeremy there with a date. Obviously I kept my mouth shut, but still. Talk about coincidence.

Now he coaches the Orlando Magic...

Just like last year, almost all the sportswriter is picking the Lakers to win the championship. I hope and pray this time they willl be right. I want the Lakers to win for Kobe because he works so hard for this. For Pau, bacause he is the most deserving player (next to Kobe) to have a ring finally. For Phil to finally break Auerbach record, and to all the Laker players who deserve to be champion again after 7 long years.

I say Lakers in 5 but want to win it all at home

Start sweeping Figueroa

Rick Fox said it best, "you don't win championships, you take them!!!"
If the Lakers play world championship defense, they will be World Champions for a 15th time. This "D -fense" was lacking last year against the Celtics. The Lakers will remember and will play that DEFENSE!!!!

If the Lakers will play their NBA finals game like game 5 & 6 of the Denver series then i do believe Lakers will win the 2009 NBA Finals . Lakers in 6 , lets go lakers lets go.
Kobe " black mamba" Braynt the MVP of the 2009 NBA Finals , he'll be the krytopnite for Dwight "superman" Howard....

CAVS overrated....
LJ 23 sore loser , grow up. Look at Melo lost against the Lakers on his b-day still able to congratulate the Lakers then talk to media after the game , such a class act......

Finally, BSPN's Hollinger agrees on something about Lakers:

Reg Queen James walkout after the game:

And as some have already pointed out, Kobe would be getting crucified in the press for doing the same thing. In fact, he came out and talked after the Lakers' humbling defeat in Game 6 of the Finals last season.

Tell the Queen(now Princess) to learn how to behave!!

some sports news from the Onion....

"Nation Refuses To Get To Know Hedo Turkoglu"

"Stan Van Gundy Draws Up Play In Barbecue Sauce"

interesting article on rise in hip injuries in athletes:

The apparent rash of hip injuries extends beyond baseball, doctors and trainers said. Athletes of all ages and skill levels and in varying sports are having hip problems at higher rates and being found to have labral tears, they said. Soccer and hockey players in particular have followed the conventional training wisdom in recent years and bolstered their knees. Now some of them, including Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro and midfielder Freddie Ljungberg of Major League Soccer’s Seattle Sounders, who have both had labrum surgery, are having hip trouble.

“They started worrying much more about knees; they now do special training to protect the knee. And one belief is that this is why we have more of these injuries because the strength is putting more pressure on the hips.”

anybody know the team hotel in Orlando? my wife and I are flying down from ATL for Game 5.

heres some other random poll questions...

Who will shaq be rooting for?
a. lakers
b. magic

who does stan van gundy most resemble?
a. mario
b. luigi
c. ron jeremy

who is the biggest kobe hater?
a. everyone in the population whos been brainwashed by the media.
b. everyone with a 80 IQ and lower
c. barkley
d. jon barry
f. all of the above

who is the biggest lebron lover?
a. everyone on espn
b. every nba ref
c. stern
d. barkley
e. lebron

did jerry west mean what he said about kobe?
a. yes but regretfully so
b. no and he was just playing jedi mind tricks

will phil jackson get outcoached?
a. yes but whats new
b. no
c. who frickin cares we got kobe

why does phil love luke so much?
a. he promised bill long time ago during a grateful dead concert
b. they're both the same color
c. he had one too many joints.

will lakers be parading in figueroa?
a. yes
b. hell yes
c. F**K YES

ESPN just talked about how doctors believe Lamar Odom's erratic play is rooted in his sugar addiction.

Probably true actually.

Personally, I suspect that Lamar Odom has an addictive personality (remember the marijuana use violating the league's drug abuse policy earlier on in his career?) and he needs SOME vice to deal with stress, etc., but he is committed to not falling into old bad habits (or new bad habits--alcohol), so he's turned to sugar as a "healthy" alternative.

Unfortunately, MAJOR sugar spikes in the blood are REALLY bad for you and will inevitably lead to irratic metabolic responses.

So... I feel for Lamar. I think he wants to do the right thing.

But, maybe the guy could try to go without this massive sugar intake for the Finals. Just for the Finals. Something wonderful could happen.

Lamar Odom = Finals MVP.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


has this been posted? Depending on where the tickets are, might not be a bad deal:

anybody know the team hotel in Orlando? my wife and I are flying down from ATL for Game 5.

Posted by: Bob Anderson | June 01, 2009 at 03:23 PM

Riiiiigggghhhht. Delivering burgers to Kobe or something?

All about Bynum. If he can stay out of foul trouble, Orlando will not be able to stop the Lakers' offense. If he is in foul trouble, Orlando matches up well on O and D and this could get interesting.

No early jumpshots. Pound the ball inside (especially to Pau against Lewis) and take Lewis' legs away for the 4th quarter. If Fish shoots a single jumper in the first 2 minutes of any game he should be benched. Much is made about Orlando's inside game, but not defensively. Lewis cannot guard Pau, and he will force Howard to come over to help--freeing up Andrew. However, with LO in the game, Lewis will be able to hold his own and will allow Howard to dominate Pau.

Andrew MUST stay on the floor, and that requires something different out of Andrew and out of Phil....

Adidas versus Nike!!!

Go Nike! Go Lakers!

Bob Anderson,

Sorry, Bob. Can't help you on that one.

You could email, but I suspect that the Lakers want as much privacy for the team as possible.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Fricken hilarious.

I must agree. Who wants to get to know Hedo Turkoglu? The guy is a former King after all.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Good point.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


From comparing last year's LA games vs. Boston to this year's LA games vs. Orlando, it seems that the Celtics had a great number of advantages away and above those now possessed by the Magic. I found it much harder to believe sports writers' prognostications then than now.

An observation about Stan Van Gundy:

The guy's a pretty good coach. He came up with good game plans against Boston and Cleveland. However, he doesn't adapt himself well. He just sticks to the game plan and tells his team, "GO ON THERE AND DO IT!" Screaming with a mouth filled with baby back ribs.

If Phil is able to adapt his offensive strategy in an intelligent way from game to game, I think it will give Stan Van Gundy fits.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Dallas Raines' Hair,

Might be worth it? Might be worth it?



What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Fan of the Mamba -

OUCHHHHHH is right! Wow. Adrian calling it like he sees it. I have to say I'm with him on that 100%.

My favorite line comes at the end:
"James had been an MVP until the very final moments of the basketball season, and then, he embarrassed himself and acted like a petulant kid. In a world where everyone in his life is too fearful or too dependent, LeBron James goes into the summer believing his own nonsense that he walked out of this season a winner.

As usual, there’s no one to tell him.

Except maybe now, Kobe’s puppet."

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Maybe LeLoser will read comments like that and wonder... and take them to heart.... and repent... Then again we're talking about Princess Jimmy here.


BTW - is it Thursday yet?

Going down the poll line, and I could change my mind on some of these:

I am slightly disappointed not to see Bron and the Cavs in the Finals, but on the flip side and happier to have HCA, though don't feel when you consider HCA that the Cavs were a better matchup than the Magic, instead I'd call it more even, because in each case, it's Bron and D-Howard as our primary matchup problem, and Bron is more dynamic and unstoppable than D-12, especially for us.

On our side, each series starts from scratch, in terms of momentum, especially after a week off, so we need to renew our focus and unleash the energy, playing inside-out ball attacking D-12 both with post play and penetration, put him in jeopardy at all times, our best guy to do this outside Kobe is Pau Gasol, and our X-Man is going to be Andrew Bynum, with Kobe and Lamar being able to get where they want on the court, although Pietrus/Lee is only behind Houston in terms of defensive length/talent to throw at Kobe (while noone on the Magic can cover Lamar).

Defensively, we really need to crack down, and I'm looking at Kobe, LO and Ariza to lead the way, with Drew and Pau doing their part but focusing perhaps a little more on using energy to attack D-12. To put it simply, at least to start out, I'd really like to see Kobe, LO and Ariza to focus more on D than O, still be 2-way, but really get after it defensively along with Fish, Farmar, Brown and Sasha, and basically shut down the supporting cast to Howard, especially since we know Jameer Nelson likely won't be a factor even if he does come back.

Let's get this championship, last season was ancient history, we aren't the same team as then, we aren't facing the same opponent, each season is born a new team and a new season, which only lives for that season, this is the last we're ever going to see of this team, so let's make it magical and worthy of legend.

if odom plays hard and smart game i think we'll be fine

#4....Ron Jeremy AKA THE HEDGE HOG is like a diesel engine..1million miles and still going strong...And a coach to boot...

geez, that Derek Fisher thing on Ebay has doubled in like, an hour or so...

Well, good to see the common fan get priced out... AGAIN!

Sheesh. I didn't get one poll question "right". At least I'm consistent.

sugar addiction? that's a new one.

I don't know why I had a chance I thought I might be able to snag 2 tickets in the presales today tried the Amex presale at 2 then the one at 4 and didn't have a chance. I had a clock counting down and hit the button as soon as it changed to the top of the hour to get into ticketmaster and as fast as I could get some tickets. But nope, course now on that ticketexchange or whatever its called you can buy a just bought ticket for double or triple. A regular fan doesnt have a chance to get in and root for his team!

without reading every single post in the last week, can i be one of the voices crying in the wilderness that doesn't think orlando is that tough? turkoglu might be a bit better than carmelo, but we shut him down thoroughly. we can get dwight howard in foul trouble pretty easy, if we play post basketball the same way we played in denver- and what will orlando do for post defense?

i also have very little respect for the power of the 3 in championship basketball. of course, i could be wrong, but i just wanted to get out in front and jinx everybody with my recklous everconfidence, which has been reallly working for me this year.




No fine to LeCrab on his childish behavior:

"We are not going to fine LeBron for that," NBA spokesman Tim Frank told 1050 ESPN New York's Andrew Marchand. "We haven't had any issues with him before at all."

One more proof that the NBA personnel and David Stern love to smooch LeCrab's behind!!

If it had been PJ/KB24, they'd be looking at a $50-100k deficit in their balances by now!!

Laker vs. Magic. The ripple effect was that it is a wet blanket affair. It would have been tremendously great viewing if it were Cavs vs. Lakers. Kobe vs. LeBron. But let's look at it this way: The reason why Orlando is in the Finals is because it proved itself to be a better and greater basketball team. They are worthy of the Lakers attaention as an adversary. They have great players and are far more dangerous with their half-court offense and defense. Sure, I still believe that the Lakers will beat the Magic in 6 and that is a fair indication that they will be scratching and biting all the way to their 2009 NBA championship. LeBron is just too much hyped. I consider his a king without a court. And, the way he left without at least the graciousness to accept the fact that he just had his crown trampled upon by the Magic is very unsportsmanlike and juvenile. There was no professionalism in that gesture. Like a kid playing and losing in a parking lot. So long James. You can never outlive this one!

One thing keeps coming to my mind, and that's keeping D-12 off the offensive glass. This is preeminent IMO. If he scores 40, so be it, make him work for it, and when other guys on the Magic get into the lane, we have to be disciplined and not leave Dwight wide open for a follow-up slam after we help. In this series, blocked shots won't be a premium, making shots difficult like LO likes to do with arms up should be the premium, so we can still challenge back for the rebound (and obviously we should keep other guys out of the lane as much as possible).

Second, we have to rebound. Fish mentioned it, and the above point is related to it, in terms of getting a body on Dwight at all times, and it's not just the big guys, with Orlando's penchant to shoot treys, there's going to be lots of long rebounds, and we've been weak at long rebounds so far in these playoffs, and that's primarily on our guards and wing players, not the post guys.

Third, we should give Drew a longer leash at hitting the midrange J, at least give it a shot early, because if he can hit that, then we can draw Dwight further out of the lane so Pau can go to work with a little more space. Drew shouldn't shoot too many J's, especially since I'd have him mostly posting up primarily against D-12 to make him work, but I would reserve that option for Drew so we can switch it up as far as who's posting up when both Pau and Drew are in the game (and this also applies to when Drew is in with LO/Kobe, either of those guys can post up as well, but not with Dwight cheating over).

Oh, and we don't really have to foul Dwight, and he isn't the type of offensive wizard who's going to force you to foul him either. The objective should be to make him work, really work for his baskets, but not to attempt to shut him down, not to pick up cheap fouls battling for position, or trying to keep him from the baseline. We don't want that, we just want an honest effort to make him constantly work with a little space.

Another reason I say this is that one of SVG's strategies could be simply to run like the wind when Pau and Drew are in the game. Dwight can out-run Drew at the moment, and Lewis can out-run Pau, and if necessary Hedo can run too so Pau can't have a pre-ordained switch with Ariza, which means that one of their options could be to try to wear down our Bigs.

But, if we give Dwight a little space and don't body up on him too much, yet still make him work for every finish, he's not going to be able to run up and down every possession too, so our transition D is going to be crucial to slow them down a bit (especially when LO is not in the game), and we need to constantly have Dwight expending energy, whether trying to create shots in the paint offensively, or being put in jeopardy defensively by Drew posting him up, Pau posting him up, and Kobe/LO/Ariza/etc. attacking the basket off penetration and cuts.

Even further, in a situation with Drew or Pau on the bench, Drew or Pau could be posting up Dwight, with the intention of creating a shot if it's there, and Kobe is the weakside guy in the post, ready and willing to post up after reversal, with LO, Ariza and Fisher/Sasha/Jordan/Shannon out on the wing, leaving Dwight on a relative island to defend because Orlando's PF is out guarding LO on the perimeter, so the only help inside is going to be from Kobe's man (if it's Pietrus, good weakside help defender with great length, but still only 6'6 and that leaves Kobe only guarded by a rotating small guard or slower big man).

We really should be able to exploit them, especially if our post guys can create some shots against Dwight when ISO'd, which is a big IF, but Dwight still isn't the greatest man post defender quite yet, so it's doable, and our guys can create those shots, unless Gortat is also in the game, the weakside shot challenges won't be great even with Lewis coming over, but we can scheme it so that the weakside shot challenges must be made by even smaller players, while also leaving Kobe and other finishers open near the basket (since I didn't even mention the option of Odom or Ariza cutting straight down, or Shannon sneaking around baseline like he seems so effective at).


"Dodgeball" the film is one of the most awesome things ever.

However, I have forever in my mind replaced fat Ben Stiller's closing scene with the image of Shaq lying back on his couch watching the Finals his mouth stuffed with fried chicken and screaming...



What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Dfish actually had good numbers in those two losses to ORL in the regular season: 18.0 ppg, 4.0 apg, 44% shooting, 1.5 spg and the most important stat: only 1 TO in a total of 82 minutes of play.

It seems to me that Orlando is sort of thin. They play with seven regular players, and one of those (A. Johnson) is unlikely to score. So, six options, then. They must average 17 points each to break 100...and the Lakers match up favorably (+/-) with 5 of the 6.

Lee and Pietrus are both good players - but they're both standing between KB24 and a career-validating title. I see foul trouble on the horizon for both of them...

Critical Beatdown,

"The objective should be to make him work, really work for his baskets, but not to attempt to shut him down, not to pick up cheap fouls battling for position, or trying to keep him from the baseline. We don't want that, we just want an honest effort to make him constantly work with a little space."


I just ran Dwight Howard's Bio-Chrono reading and it also confirms that this is the way you'd want to play him, at least physically.

The key is not letting him get comfortable nor give him space to work.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


yellowfever - great questions! The answer to every question is the last answer - truth.

Meanwhile - I saw on Yahoo sports that they're calling the power forward match up between Lewis and Pau/Lamar as even and saying Turkoglu has a clear advantage over Ariza.

Does that get the rest of you as mad as it does me?

And will it get Pau/Lamar/Trevor incensed enough to dominate as they should?

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Reports indicate that Magic PG Jameer Nelson plans on returning to the lineup for the Finals. Hmmm...Interesting timing given what's at stake.

In my opinion, let him play. It's all part of the gamesmanship being displayed by a confident Magic team, who actually have every right to feel that way given their path through Philly, Boston, and heavily favored Cleveland. Should the Lakers worry?

First of all, they have already been through two all-star point guards in Utah and Denver and an up-and-coming one in speedy Brooks. What have they not seen that they have seen already? They are full aware of what Nelson can do based on the two games this year. However, that was then, this is now.

I really believe that the 3 rough series the Lakers went through has made them more cognizant on the defensive end (especially dribble penetration and pick-and-rolls). It was actually a blessing as they were tested. Team defense is the area the Lakers have grown as a unit. It's still a work in progress though, but much improved. Actually, in the playoffs, they are better defensively compared to the regular season.

Furthermore, the Lakers will no doubt keep all Magic players in mind in the scouting process. It's amazing how people still doubt Phil's ability to gameplan.

He is still the most effective and patient coach there is out there with 9 rings to prove it. Don't mistake his calm demeanor with his passion to win.

He believes players' execution is the determining factor in winning. In other words, the players ultimately decide the fate of the team's success. After all, they are the ones playing the game.

Speaking of players, with the improved defensive and offensive play of Ariza and late season addition of defensive minded guard S. Brown from the bench, the matchups overall will no doubt be a bit more challenging for the Magic (as well as the Lakers). If Odom continues his resurgence along with Bynum, the Lakers will win it all. We already know what Bryant, Gasol and Fish bring to the table every game.

The recipe for victory: commitment to team defense, rebounding and interior play by everyone on the roster including KB24 himself. He'll know when to pick his spots. 4th quarter play will be important in this series in my estimation.

Again, I expect the Lakers to win it all! Any addition made by or storylines from the Magic should not derail their mission. Last year's Game #6 defeat should be the catalyst that trumps anything out there.

Laker pride through all and any adversity!

Internet was disconnected prior to game 5 and 6 so i couldnt blog during those games, i have got to say i was never prouder of the guys in game 6, it showed they had slowly got a handle on this Killer Instinct, I expect nothing less in the Finals. We might not sweep them but this will be a statement finals if there ever was one. We will win and we will be convincing.

Posted by: Bob Anderson | June 01, 2009 at 03:23 PM

Hey Andrew, Brian, or Ben. Do you guys think this is an appropriate question to have posted here?
I'm not sure that the answer to this question should be public knowledge (although I'm sure you can get it somewhere).

All joking aside, the comment and question strikes me as odd.

What is the main difference between LAX and Orlando Int'l Airport?

Well, when you get out of LAX, you get stalled along 405. In Orlando, you immediately pay toll just get to their freeway.

What are differences between the two cities?

In LA or Southern California, it is where the theme parks originated, in Orlando it is where all Los Angeles landmarks are duplicated from Hollywood sign, Chinese Mann, Hollywood Towers, Capitol Records tower, MGM, Universal etc. That was 12 years ago, I have not visited lately, I don't know if they have duplicated Kodak theater and Nokia Live. Thanks God there is Dwight Howard & the Magic or else nothing to see in Orlando except theme parks. When proud Easterners could not afford to fly to the West Coast, they'd prefer to drive South, feel the sun and get an entertainment from an LA clone theme parks. They don't care that they may encounter lightning and thunder storms along I-95, which is a daily event before you reach Orlando. Once you get to the hotel you're dead tired but you will be inundated with theme park discount on TV. Lat in the afternoon, you stroll around your hotel try to avoid those swampy places b/c big crocs and baby crocs may be waiting for your sweet legs.

Another difference of Orlando, it is a place where they put mosquito net over a pool. why? During humid months, it becomes the breeding place of all kinds insects.

Well, Mr. Richard De Vos, owner of Orlando Magic could not forget the Laker-Magic race that turned into a feud in the summer of 1996. He offered Shaq a contract of $115M for 7 years, Orlando Sentinel questioned the figure and conducted a survey among fans, not knowing Jerry West was on the outside trading players in order to clear cap space. The next day was a bombshell, Shaq was acquired by the Lakers for $ 120M 7 years, together with the 17 year old phenom, Kobe in exchange of our beloved Vlade Divac Shaq got so excited in coming to LA, he loved the wide roads, endless freeways, movies, records and Fabulous Forum. At one stop, he was giving $ 200 tip to a waiter at Jerry's Deli for ssusage sandwiches, bought all 200 seats movie tickets in one theater for seven bucks each and a true story on the one below (Courtesy of Mr. Rick Reilly of CNNSI at that time)


Soon, though, the Hollywood honeymoon will be over, and nobody will remember that it took Chamberlain four years to bring a championship to L.A. and Abdul-Jabbar five. The fans will want an NBA title now.

But nobody will root harder for Shaq than Rudy Garciduenas, the Lakers' equipment man the past 11 years. When Shaq arrived, he couldn't believe Rudy was using his girlfriend's beat-up Hyundai to get all the team's equipment from the Forum out to Loyola Marymount.

"Man, you need a new ride," Shaq kept teasing Rudy. Yeah, yeah, big joke. Rudy had heard it for years. But one day Shaq went up to Rudy and said, "No, seriously, you need a new ride"--and bought him a new Ford Ranger.

The day it arrived Rudy had a misty look in his eyes. He walked toward the big man with open arms, and....

"No, no, no," said Shaq. "No hugs, bro"


Go Lakers get them i don't care if it is 5,6, or 7 games do the job, we want a parade in June not the usual Rose Parade. LOL!

Should the selected media members be in charge of choosing the MVP? I wonder if those who are criticizing Lebron's pouting act are the same ones who voted for him in this season's MVP race. If so, how would this influence their votes the next time around? That is, if they will still remember this by next year's voting. Another triple double from Lebron will probably get them back to worshipping Lebron's behind..... as usual.


This waiting is killing me.

The real question for me is what are the odds that we will win the next 4 home games. I'd put them at 50/50. And so I put our odds of winning it all at 50/50.

Those aren't great odds from where I'm sitting.

Yeah, Rick Fox is right. We better effen take this championship or we're going to lose it.




No, it's not Thursday yet? But we are three days away from witnessing a start of a great series. I still say, Lakers in 6.

But I do have a question. If the Lakers win the series in Los Angeles, how soon will the Parade take place. Same question if the Lakers win it in Orlando.

Has anybody seen the Larry O'Brien Trophie as of late. If you do, look at it very closely and read the print on the golden plate. It says....

2008-09 World Champion Los Angeles Lakers

If only Nike made a new commerical with Kobe and Dwight Howard in it.

Kobe -- Dwight! Have you seen my Championship Ring display case. It has four rings in it!

D. Howard -- But Kobe, you haven't won your fourth ring yet, so what are you talking about?

Kobe: I'm eating my fourth chocolate chip cookie. You know what that means Dwight?

D. Howard -- What!

Kobe -- It means I'm hungry. And when the Black Mamba is hungry, I wins championship rings!

Go Lakers!

Critical Beatdown,

Good stuff! Excellent point about having Andrew shoot that midrange. Same has to go for Pau when he is playing center. It should leave Pau or Lamar with a great mismatch to attack the boards. Drew is a pretty good passer, too, so there may be some opportunities to just drop the ball down to the power forward who seals his smaller defender under the basket. Let’s hope Jeanie is reading and will pass the tactic on to Phil. LOL. Actually, I have no doubt that the Lakers coaching staff will have considered that option, too. That’s why Phil has 9 rings and why he is going to win his 10th this month.

I just hope Phil doesn’t regress and think he has to match up with Orlando, meaning playing small rather than forcing them to play big. He has had similar brain farts in the past. I think his obvious pleasure and satisfaction at the defensive presence that Drew was in the close out game against the Nuggets (as noted by Kevin Ding) and how well the team played pounding the ball into the paint have decided the issue for Phil. When we pound the ball inside and take advantage of the height and length of our triple towers and play inside-out basketball, this team is essentially unbeatable.


It's either zanax or a 20-point blowout in game one - and I don't like zanax. Please guys - give us a party game.

Now is your chance, Kobe. Beat the heck out of this replacement Superman. Just think of him as the original.

Kobefan in Cupertino

No fine for LBJ?

Are they now going to apologize and return all the fines of previous players who didn't make themselves available to the media?

I wouldn't have cared at all except others have been fined and they made an exception for James.

Can we say special treatment?

Should the selected media members be in charge of choosing the MVP? I wonder if those who are criticizing Lebron's pouting act are the same ones who voted for him in this season's MVP race. If so, how would this influence their votes the next time around? That is, if they will still remember this by next year's voting. Another triple double from Lebron will probably get them back to worshipping Lebron's behind..... as usual.

Posted by: Lakergurl | June 01, 2009 at 05:31 PM

This gives good reason why the MVP Award shouldn't be voted on until the Finals. I know the award is supposively based on season achievements but isn't the idea of being the most valuable player is by leading your team to the highest stage; The NBA Finals!


I just spent 4 hours in the car driving back and forth to Phoenix.

I analyzed all the match ups, rotations, and percentages and came to the conclusion the Magic are only capable of beating the Lakers in 2 of the games.

So no worries, eh!

Fatty - Where his prediction of Lakers in 6 is confirmed by M.I.T.'s Super Computer

Probabilities to make Tim-4-Show say, "What?!"

Lakers in 3 - 0%
Lakers in 4 - 10%
Lakers in 5 - 20%
Lakers in 6 - 72%
Lakers in 7 - 8%
Lakers in 8 - 0%

"Does that get the rest of you as mad as it does me?"

Not necessarily. I mean overall Hedo is better than Trevor Ariza as he can not only score but also be a playmaker and isn't a terrible defender either so in that regard yeah OVERALL Hedo does have an advantage over Trevor.

Having said that......

Carmelo Anthony had a BIG CLEAR advantage over Trevor Ariza as he not only was heavier than Ariza by 20 lbs. but was also probably stronger too and was bigger than his 6'8 height suggested. Trevor also had a bigger size disadvantage against Ron Artest by about 36 lbs. Melo's ability to penetrate also got Trevor into foul trouble sometimes and made life miserable for both Kobe and Trevor.

And yet after two games of shooting red hot both cooled down and actually held under 40%:

Anthony: 39.2%
Artest: 38.1%

As Trevor mainly (as Walton and Kobe had their turns against these two) their defender they struggled after hot starts. Hedo may have 2 inches over Trevor but only a 10 lbs. increase against him compared to 20 lbs. Melo had. Plus Hedo isn't a polished scorer as Anthony or Artest is and isn't a threat to go to the line as Anthony is (who averaged 12.5 FTA per game against the Lakers) so this is actually a better match up for Trevor than Anthony or possibly James would have been if Kobe wasn't the one guarding him.

So overall yeah Hedo has an advantage against Trevor since he's a better scorer/playmaker. However Trevor already has given fits defensively against two better SF's who were stronger than him in Artest and Anthony who had bigger weight advantages against Trevor than Hedo has. So how much of advantage Hedo has over Trevor may not be as big as it seems on paper.

Plus Trevor has been ailed by a hip pointer in the Denver series and this break allowed him to heal. So could that mean for a better rested/healed Trevor Ariza?

Who knows?


>>> The real question for me is what are the odds that we will win the next 4
>>> home games. I'd put them at 50/50. And so I put our odds of winning it all at 50/50.

You have to also include the odds of winning the road games to properly calculate the Lakers chances. All the Lakers have to do is win the first 2 home games and 1 of the next 3 road games to return home with a 3-2 lead and Games 6 & 7 at Staples. That’s why the Lakers are almost universally favored to win the series in 6 games. For the Magic, it’s the curse of the 2-3-2 format. If you cannot steal a game on the road or lose one at home, your chances of winning plummet dramatically since the last 2 games are on the road.

Interestingly, the 2-3-2 format would have probably favored the Lakers as the road team had Cleveland made it to the Finals. Then the Lakers could have stole 1 of the first 2 games in Cleveland and then been able to close the Cavs out with 3 wins in LA, never having to return to Cleveland. Bottom line, there are too many major factors in the Lakers favor, including Home Court, Kobe Bryant’s Finals MVP, the Lakers 3 bigs versus Dwight, and finally the Lakers experience with Kobe, Phil, and last year’s loss to Boston. The Lakers would have to be Buffalo in order not to win the NBA Championship this year.

And Buffalo they are not. Everybody is just scared because of last year but truthfully, Orlando would not have beaten the Celtics with KG, meaning they are not as good as the Celtics were last year. The Lakers, on the other hand, are dramatically better than last year with addition of Drew, Trevor, and Shannon and subtraction of Vlade. So relax, wes. You’re just suffering a delayed fear reaction due to last year. This year the Lakers win.



Did you factor in the high tides caused by all the tears in Cleveland, ESPN and NBA offices in your equations?

No practice rundown?


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hey, K Brothers,

Why didn't my response to Yellofever's survey go through?


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I deleted one post from you (I believe) b/c it contained a magic word with a couple ** subbed in for letters, but the rest legible. That's a longstanding no-no, and when we catch them, we delete them.

Andy is doing a report.


I'm getting so antsy that I just checked out the draft boards. Pretty sad, considering that we're days away from the finals and only have the 30th pick.

Brian Kamenetzky,

Ummm... Brian, I just re-posted Yellofever's survey and made choices. I didn't add any content except for Luke Walton's choice in which I added a d) choice of "Because Luke has high basketball IQ."

It seems a little odd that my post should be banned for that.

Are your old "Hey! Let's censor Jon K. for no darned good reason!" sensibilities returning to the surface again?


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Keep in mind too that Trevor has practiced against Hedo countless times as his former teammate in Orlando, so he knows Hedo's game inside and out.

On the flip side, we can't say the same about Hedo, because Trev has expanded his offensive game since coming here.

The magic seem pretty cocky and confident they can win the Championship. Their not satisfied with the Silver trophy. Give me a fricken break. No one on this team has been on this stage before. The Lakers were here last year. No Way are they going to loose to a 1 timer. Another thing that bothers me with tis team is they may pull a Paul Pierce or Yao Ming and use Jameer as a energy bolt. His points per game against the Lakers is dominant. I hope he is a shell of who he was and that if he does come back that he ruins the Chemistry.

Any thoughts,



Then it wasn't yours, and I don't know what post you're talking about. I've deleted one today. that was it. In terms of you being censored... really? On a day you've posted how many times?

Maybe it didn't save, maybe it didn't post. But there's nothing in the queue with your name on it that didn't go through.

Sorry if it didn't go through, but the notion that you're being censored is a little silly.


I know this may be the wrong timebut I would kiie to hear everones opinions. Ron Artest going to the Lakers games after we defeated him in the playoffs. If I just lost to the Lakers in a brutal series, that would be the last place I would want to be. Is there something going on behiond the scenes? If we had Artest and another Shooter no one would beat us. We would definatley be dominant for years to come.



You can be an odd cat, dude. {Refrains from intense psychological evaluations.}

It was a bit of joke. Sorry you didn't get the joke. You might want to attend a comedy club sometime in the near future.


What do w play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So the Lakers have 110% chance of winning?

Or are they just going to "give 110%"?


LMAO. Been there, done that. LOL!


yo BK... now i'm just dying to see jon k's response to the poll questions censored or uncensored... c'mon dude i aint feelin the love here..

yo crazyfan... i completely agree about ARTEST. this may not be the most popular time for that with odom playing out of his mind but we all know its too good to be true. he's exactly the kind of toughness we need. his mere presence alone would scare the bejesus out of our opponents. no more punking the lakers. he would be the anti- pierce/melo/lebron.

Laker Tom: "Orlando would not have beaten the Celtics with KG, meaning they are not as good as the Celtics were last year. The Lakers, on the other hand, are dramatically better than last year with addition of Drew, Trevor, and Shannon and subtraction of Vlade. "

I wouldn't disrespect Orlando. While the C's would be better with KG, there is no doubt that Rondo, Perkins and especially Big Baby played way better this year than last. With Garnett back in the line up, and the loss of Posey and PJ Brown, the Celtics starting six would be much better than last year's team, but with a weaker bench.

However, the crazy matchups would still be the same: How well could KG guard Lewis on the perimeter? Would he really be able to recover and be a defensive presence in the paint?

I think one could argue that the Magic grew up in the Celtics series. They went from almost blowing a 28 point lead in game one, and blowing a 10 point lead with 5 minutes to go in game 5, to winning two elimination games, including a game 7 in Boston in brilliant fashion.

Their ability to overcome 16, 23, and 22 point deficits and take the lead all three times in Cleveland shows extraordinary toughness, talent and defense. Were it not for LeBron's miracle 3-pointer in game 2, the team with the best record in the regular season gets swept.

Looking at the Magic entering the Finals, I don't think they are any less of a challenge than last year's Celtics. The biggest difference is we have a healthy Ariza and Bynum, a good energy boost from Brown and the home court advantage.

The media and all the Laker haters have created a myth about the invincibility of the Celtic's last year. We were one over hyped Willis Reed impersonation and a game for the ages by Posey from winning in 5 games. There is no doubt in my mind, if L.A. had home court advantage last year, the Lakers would be playing for #16 starting this Thursday.

This is going to be an incredibly tough series. I don't think either team is consistent enough to dominate the other. To have control of our destiny, we absolutely have to win the first two at Staples. If not, all we can do is pray Orlando has a bad shooting night during one of the three road games so we can finish the series at home.

Go Lakers!

Random thoughts:

1. Orlando has the most impressive playoff resume of any team this year. Closing out Philly on the road without Howard. Winning a seventh game in the defending champs' house strewn with banners and confidence. Dominating the team with the best record and most celebrated player in the league. All while taking two roundhouse punches in the form of 2 game-winning shots, and erasing significant leads in any number of games (won or lost). This team is at this point arguably more worthy of respect than LA. And I don't say that lightly or happily.

2. For those of you who think Jameer Nelson would not make a big difference in this series, remember that this is the LA Lakers we're talking about. Average players often play like good players, good players like great players, great players like all-world players when they see purple and gold. It happens in the regular season, it especially happens in the playoffs and Finals. Ask Cedric Maxwell, Kevin Johnson, Mike Bibby, Jeff Hornacek, Cliff Levingston, Aaron Brooks, Scola, Birdman, and the list goes on and on. If Nelson takes the floor, he should be taken seriously.

3. ALL OF THAT BEING SAID, I'm sensing something brewing with this team. I think they just may have gotten it. With a few days to rest, and the right attitude, hey, this thing may not even be close. Let's all hope the Lakers get redemption in 2009.

And revenge in 2010.


Given how often you get ticked when something you write doesn't show up for whatever reason, it's hard for me to know the difference between a joke and you getting upset, unless you make it pretty clear.

I'll hit a comedy club, but you might want to learn to write funnier jokes.

(See, that was a joke... haha)



I kinda missed the joke in that too however, Jon... I understand your view. Sometimes it's kinda difficult to express a joke in writing.


What is thing about Ron Artest being at Laker games. Ask me, I say who cares. This isn't highschool guys. It's the NBA, and the NBA has a family of it's own. Whether someone loses to a team in the playoffs doesn't make it odd that they attend games. For all we know, Ron Artest may love the game and wants to be a spectator. and MAYBE....just maybe Ron Artest is doing some scouting on his own since he's a free agent.

And what's wrong with the Magic feeling confident about coming into the finals. At this level, that's how they should feel regardless how many times they have been to the finals. It doesn't mean they will win the finals, but there's nothing wrong with a team feeling pride about their accomplishments. On the same note, I'm sure the Lakers are feeling pretty confidient about their chances too. Should be a fun series to watch.

Lakers in 6.

Peace, Totally agree with you! great post.

Orlando doesn't have as much to lose as the Lakers. Nobody expected them at the finals and I'm sure they are pretty excited to hear that the Lakers are the favourites. They continue to work in silence and shaking off all the pressure. The true fact is that right now they have a better center than the Lakers and better shooters (Turkoglu and Rashard, even Jameer Nelson is a huge threat if he plays) still the Lakers are a better team and they have home court advantage but if we don't play at 100% (which unfortunately can happen sometimes) we will have a tough series.


A break from the current discussions:

I am checking the internet and saw a picture of Pau Gasol and Elsa Pataky (a really hot Spanish actress). The spanish media say the are having an affair. I would suggest to the NBA to post a picture of them with the title "NBA were amazing happens"

I am sure we could include more couples weird couples...

As much hype as Danny Ferry gets for bringing in good players
to surround LeBronze, he didn't have the stones to make the one
trade that would have pushed them over the top this year.

Cleveland was offering Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic to Phoenix
for Shaquille. But that would have sucked for Phoenix, as it
wouldn't have saved them much money next year and it would
have been one role player and one guy who's out to pasture.

Phoenix counter-offered Shaq for Szczerbiak and Pavlovic.
That would have been much more reasonable for the Suns,
as Szczerbiak's contract would have been off the books this
summer. But Cleveland didn't wan't the big salary on their
books for one more year.

So because they were too cheap to pay the tab next year,
Cleveland had Wally & Pavlovic on their finals roster, instead
of Shaq who could actually have helped.

Put Jerry Buss & Mitch Kupchack in that situation. I guarantee
you they would have green lit that deal in a hot minute.

And that's one of the reasons why LeBron won't win a championship
playing for the Cadavaliers.

>>>Lakers in 3 - 0%
>>>Lakers in 4 - 10%
>>>Lakers in 5 - 20%
>>>Lakers in 6 - 72%
>>>Lakers in 7 - 8%
>>>Lakers in 8 - 0%

Nothing personal, but I find your math a little questionable. Not
because you don't give the Magic any percent chance of winning,
but because you have the Lakers winning 110% of the time.

Well, you know, now that LeBron's season is over, maybe he could
get some side work...

as a mime.

He has a lot of experience performing mime in front of huge crowds
with that mimed photo session he and his teammates do.

LeBron Marceau

magic win the first 2 games and shock the world!!!! Magic in 5 games!!



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