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Lakers select Patrick Beverley with 42nd pick in NBA Draft... THEN TRADE HIS RIGHTS TO THE MIAMI HEAT

UPDATE to the UPDATE (8:57 PT): The Lakers have traded the rights to Beverley to the Miami Heat for cash (they really dig that guy) and another future second round pick.  Again, the Lakers are raising money to help bring back the guys they want, sacrificing rights to players they don't need.  Solid move.  BK

UPDATE:  More on Patrick Beverley... He's a 6'1" PG who played his high school ball in Chicago, then two Patrick Beverley years at Arkansas before leaving because of academic problems, earning Second Team All-SEC honers as a freshman, along with being named Freshman of the year.  As AK notes below, he was in the Ukraine last season, and regarding the possibility of staying overseas again next season, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak said "It's something that remains possible," but will need to be discussed with Beverley's agent. 

Regarding the sale of LA's first round pick to the Knicks, which also comes with a second rounder in 2011, Kupchak said the money doesn't guarantee LA will be able to re-sign FA's like Trevor Ariza, Lamar Odom, and Shannon Brown, but that the money obviously doesn't hurt.  "We think we did the right thing, based on our take of the draft... This year's draft we felt was not a strong draft down in the 29 range... We felt rather than take a player and commit to a player for two years when based on last year's roster that he wouldn't make the team, we thought the best thing to do was to get the best deal, and the best deal ended up being the combination of (the money and the pick)...

...I don't know what the market's going to be... I don't know what the free agent market's going to hold for us.  Even though you want a player, if a competing team comes out and makes an offer that we don't think is a good basketball business decision, than it doesn't matter how much money you have, we won't match that or try to match that offer.  We've done that in the past.  The fact that you sell a pick... doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to translate into a particular player on July 1st.  It certainly won't hurt, but the players that we end up signing we feel they have to fall into a category that makes sense."

ESPN went to commercial during the Lakers' second round pick selection, so you missed the analysis of Patrick Beverley

Frankly, I don't have much to add, since my cable package, while solid, includes very little coverage of roundball in the Ukraine, where Beverly has apparently been playing.   But we all know my fondness for a certain dude from that neck of the woods who donned the purple and gold.

BK will have more thoughts from El Segundo, but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop.


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what's Houston up to? they're collecting guards and didn't we offer them Jordan Farmar?

Sergio Llull and a 2nd rounder in the future for Jordan Farmar maybe? Something is odd, Patrick Beverley??? seriously??? clearly they don't want him to make the team. LOL!

I wanted Patrick Mills.. he could have made the team..


What are the odds of Beverly making the Lakers team?
Answer: 0.000000000000%

Mitch must have had a need for him on the Summer League team.

At least Beverly can tell his Grandkids, "I was drafted by the NBA Champion Lakers." As they will roll their eyes in disbelief and say to Grandma, "Grandpa is telling another wopper"

REPOST From Previous thread

Partial write up on Beverly;
Beverley burst onto the scene at Arkansas, becoming the only player in school history to earn Southeastern Conference Freshman of the Year honors. He was also the first player in Razorbacks annals to be named Associated Press SEC Newcomer of the Year.
His sophomore was a bit of a different story. While he became the shortest player in school history to lead the team in rebounds during the season (231 for a 6.6 per-game average in 2007-08), but the season was marred by inconsistent play. Beverley experienced a turbulent year off the court, which led to him eventually leaving the university. Arkansas head coach John Pelphrey disciplined Beverley multiple times during his sophomore season. He was suspended for an exhibition game in Cancun, Mexico, for missing the team bus, and he missed the Red-White Game for academic reasons.
The Morning News ran a story claiming that Beverley also dealt with a paternity suit in January 2008, in which the mother of his child accused him of not paying child support and of receiving money from an agent. At the time, Beverley was deemed eligible by Arkansas.
Posted by: JustaLakerFan | June 25, 2009 at 08:14 PM

Scouting Report on Beverly
Positives: Greatly undersized for the two-guard position, where he is most comfortable playing, Beverley's trek to the Ukraine not only helped him mature off the court, but he received valuable playing time at point guard … He brings impressive intangibles to his game to earn time at both backcourt positions, if a team is patient enough to let him continue to work on his overall game … From first eye contact, he looks frail, but has an impressive wingspan (6 feet, 6 1/2 inches), standing reach (8-2) and leaping ability (37-inch vertical jump), along with freakish court quickness and very good aggressiveness for a player his size … He is a beast under the boards for a little man, becoming the shortest player in Arkansas history to ever lead the team in rebounds … He has an explosive first step to slash on most point guards and while he still looks to create his own shot, he has great determination and good success driving to the basket and making things happen with either hand in the paint … He has developed a very effective jump shot from mid-range and a 38.2 percent success rate from 3-point range indicates he can be dangerous on the perimeter … He has the balance and footwork to make most shots coming off the dribble and simply embarrasses frontcourt defenders with his ability to score under the rim … Draws lots of contact working inside but hasn't become an excellent foul shooter … Sets his feet well and has good step-back ability to get space needed for an uncontested jump shot … Can stop on a dime, showing good form when he pulls up for his mid-range jumper … Has a lot of moxie and will openly challenge big men in the paint, showing nice spin moves and elevation to deliver in traffic … Has improved his court vision -- even with his shoot-first mentality he is a competent passer who has a tight handle … His low center of gravity and lateral quickness are evident when he cuts without the ball and on crossovers … Has excellent range from 3-point territory and a quick, smooth release … Explosive leaper with great timing, converting 64.4 percent of his offensive rebounds into points … Excites the crowd with his passing ability, as he became more alert to his teammates open in the paint, on-target lob passes … Very focused when playing defense, using his long reach to be a nuisance in the passing lanes (99 steals in 46 games last season) … Uses his wingspan and lateral agility to stay in front of shooters, preventing them from getting separation needed to penetrate … While he might get bounced around by bigger opponents fighting through screens, he has that high elevation ability when his feet leave the floor to excel at contesting shots.
Negatives: More aggressive than most guards, but he still lacks the size to play his natural position at the two-guard spot and is still getting his feet wet and learning the responsibilities of being a facilitator at point guard … Likes to drive to the basket, but even though he does a good job of drawing contact, he seems to have lost his stroke at the foul line after a solid freshman season there (shot 81.2 percent that year, but just 64.4 percent and 70 percent the next two seasons) … Streaky shooter who gets too aggressive with the ball in his hands and must learn to keep teammates involved rather than trying to create for himself when nothing is there (has to realize he needs to break down the defense first and foremost in order to find an open target) … His strength is just marginal compared to NBA types, but he might not be able to carry much more bulk without it affecting his quickness (showed up nine pounds heavier at the Reebok Eurocamp and while he moved well on the half-court, his sprint clocking of 3.63 was one of the worst of all guards in attendance).
Compares To: DANIEL GIBSON, Cleveland -- Beverley is a bit of an enigma, and a shooting guard trapped in a point guard's body, albeit one who plays at times like he's a power forward -- flying through the lane with the ball and crashing the boards. He needs time to adjust to the NBA game and can be a very streaky shooter, but when he is hot on the court, he can simply take over games.
Posted by: JustaLakerFan | June 25, 2009 at 08:15 PM

I wanted Patrick Mills.. he could have made the team..


Posted by: Laker Guru From India | June 25, 2009 at 08:31 PM

We still might get him late or undrafted. Hoping so.

Whether or not he plays, can you imagine the pride Mr. Beverly will feel as he puts on the Lakers shirt?

WOW!!! Enjoy, Mr. B, enjoy !


hey what's up Lakers Fam?!

I'm so glad Mitch picked Patrick Beverley!!

Man, oh man!I watched him play with the Razorbacks.

He's a real good player and very quick and log.
Sometimes inconsistent, but i believe that he matured during his stint in Ukraine.

Im so psyched!

What now, haters?Lakers 2009 Champions.!


Patrick Beverly!! Yeah!! I was hoping we'd draft him. Brilliant.

Awesome pick! A gritty, crazy athletic beast of a player CHI-Town who seems to have matured greatly playing oversees. He was very well spoken in his draftexpress interview. I think this is an insurance policy if brown can't be resigned. Beverly shares many of the same attributes as brown does.

Anyone know how much CASH we got from Miami for Beverley? Looks like we're stockpiling money to pay the tax.

Is Odom supposed to train this guy out of A&M? 6'10 lefty? wow

So we trade him to the Heat for a second round pick..Then we pick a 6-10 power forward from TEXAS ...

Why didn't we draft Calathesss?!!?! :(

OMG, I just said Beverley was a keeper then they just traded his rights for cash. Lakers became a beggar in this draft season, willing to sell all draft picks for their F/A and protecting the poker chips of JB. Whoaa, we do not have a draft pick except C. Elonu who might be cut after the preseason. Can we also sell the El Segundo practice facilities?

Excellent job Mitch. Now use the gained money to sign TA, LO, and UPS. Now the real work begins. (also it would be nice to get rid of JF and get us a different PG, would love to see a way of getting Raymond Felton, come on Phil, call up MJ and get it done!)

Money, money, money... what else we can sell to keep our FAs?

Those dogs at Portland, they took Patty Mills just to keep him from us.

D*** you, Portland, D*** you!

well, once my last post shows up on the last thread, I will repost. In the meantime, the lakers draft anthem;

sorry, it's not tiny url, but it is rather short.


we're not beggars, we're retailers :D

Hey everyonee

I am actually really happy witht he tradee for the 59th pick that we got!

read that article! Just a type of player we need, one that is strong and won't give up.

Mbenga, and Powell are both like that too, so I think he will fit in just fine.

I hope we draft him! we need some grit and bodies to throw around especially next year!

well, my final thoughts, sort of. I am wandering through espin.coms analysis and I was reminded that chad ford was the guy who (*&(* on Lute Olsen for leaving arizona about five minutes before they announced that Lute Olsen had had a stroke and was a bit, um, under the weather. Well, i guess it doesn't matter much, but I wanted to remind everybody who might look to for analysis, chad ford is a D bag. and S container. And A....well, something nasty and derogative. ah, whatever. It is all about the love. I guess.

ok guys looking at this draft there is only ONE thing certain:

This us selling away our draft picks and getting money/future draft picks in return is getting enough money to retain LO, Trevor, AND Shannon.

Remember we are STILL a young team. Kobe, LO, Fisher are the only ones that are 30 and above.

Mitch is selling away our draft picks that we really don't need especially in a WEAK draft. That money will no doubt help retain ALL THREE if we can.

Mitch has done solid moves to help retain our key players. It may not mean automatically all those 3 will re-sign but its a start.

I find a bit disconcerting what Mitch said.

We may not be able or want to match an offer for our guys if it is more than the market should bare.

So is #59 an emergency back up if we are forced not to take the option on Powell and MBenga.

As you know every dollar counts.

If you want to keep all our guys please send what you can to the Lakers in care of my offshore account.

National Bank of Trinnidad and Tobago

I will be sure and pass on to Dr. Buss the proceeds, of course after any necessary charges.

Prove your love for the Lakers and be as generous as you can.

Thank you

How much money did they get out of Beverley? I don't think it could pay the chocolate candies consumed by Lamar. I hope the Lakers do not think we are that we are a great team with our line-up. Somehow, we need new faces or upgrade on our weak 2nd unit. Well SA improved, similar with Orlando and Cavaliers, don't rest hopes on Fisher rescue. I hope this is not the end of the Laker saga of sitting on their laurels and playing too cheap!

The Lakers still lacked interior defense and rebounding, although Gasol played much tougher this year. We need a true point guard desperately.

I say trade Bynum, Farmar, and Sasha(or whoever to make the salaries work) for Tyson Chandler and Chris Paul. If the Hornets are considering trading Chandler for Ben Wallace(basically nothing since Wallace may probably get a buy out and retire), it's really a trade of Bynum for Chris Paul. A bit of a stretch, but I get the sense that the Hornets are ready to build for the future in this down economy after just one bad season and huge financial losses.

The Hornets may want us to take some bad contracts from them like Peja's but that would make the trade even more difficult since the Lakers would have to scrounge another $12 million to make the salaries work.



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