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Lakers- Magic Game 3 Game Thread

UPDATE:  In one fell swoop, the Orlando Magic end two bagel runs.  First, their win total in the series gets bumped from 0 to 1 after coming out ahead 108-104.  Second, their drought as a franchise in the Finals, having yet to notch a victory in six previous attempts.  Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "lucky seven." 

For their part, the Lakers weren't their sharpest on either side of the ball, allowing the home team a 63% clip from the field and five double digit scorers (including 18 from Mickeal Pietrus off the pine).  Offensively, they worked frequently from a very stagnant offense, ball movement mostly non-existent for the contest's majority.   That lack of precision extended to the free throw line, where ten fell to the wayside.   Throw Kobe Bryant's red hot first quarter (8-15, 21 points) flattening out to 31 on 11-25, and there you have it.  But the Lakers are still up 2-1, so there's no reason to panic.  The driver's seat hasn't been vacated by any stretch.

More to come later. 


I'm curious to see how jacked up Trevor Ariza is to face his old squad.  I'm curious to see how well Andrew Bynum can stay on the floor against a Dwight Howard almost sure to play better at home.  I'm curious to see how the bench responds after a non-factor performance, Lamar Odom aside. 

Most of all, I'm curious to see the final score.

The jabber box is below.

Editor's note: You will be able to follow the Lakers and Magic throughout tonight's game (and afterwards). Lisa Dillman will be twittering from courtside. And Broderick Turner will be filing quarter by quarter updates. Also also will bring you postgame coverage from Bill Plaschke, T.J. Simers, Mike Bresnahan, the Orlando Sentinel and guest columnist Charles Barkley.


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Tough first half. Pretty even so far. Magic brought their game. Let's win 5 in a row.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

Down at the third, typical Lakers, can't step on their throats, let them live to play another day, be very, very careful guys! Bynum, slow, confused, how much did we sign him for? LO where are you too? Just hate to see us give them life!

Kobe: G.O.A.T.? Or tonight, just the goat?

Kobe lost this game, period. Dumb 3-pointer at 1:54, TO on a dumb attempt to split, dumb recognition on not calling a timeout when Gasol recovered the ball (same on Gasol), dumb FT shooting missing 5 FTs.

So much for recognizing defenses; doesn't matter if you make dumb decisions. Lakers lost because Kobe is reverted to his selfish self again and not trusting his mates. That selfishness caused the OT last game, he didn't learn. Pity.

Congratz to Orlando for their first Finals win...EVER.

Laker Faithful: THE SKY IS NOT FALLING. All is not lost. Let the trolls troll. Let the analysts analyze. Let Butler have his day of taunting.

We will regroup.
We will come back stronger
We will RISE!

Rest tomorrow, Laker Nation. For Thursday is another day!


Kobe will bounce back next game......Say what you want about him not being a champion .....blaaah blaah blahh.....He will be back .....WE WILL BE BACK.......Lakers in 5 or 6...



wow, some bad bball by kobe. I am glad that the lakers at least hung tough and didnt give up on D, and the magic had to shoot a record first half and incredibly good overall to win. kobe - this ones on you, gotta stop launching shots and make drives to the rim.

one side note - i generally have good will towards the magic, they are focused and tough and dont showboat (plus they beat the dumb cavs), but whats the deal with beat la chants from the crowd? does every dumb backwater town in america have to adopt this idiotic chant? do they think its original, or do they have some grievance against la? you never hear beat denver, or whatever.

I knew the moment I saw Joey Crawford would referee this game that the Lakers were going to lose. When the fix needs to be in, Stern turns to his right hand man. I would watch the game again and document all the BS calls, but I am too upset so here I am. Just to track a few:
- Dwight Howard - never called for 3 seconds
- Peitrus double dribble
- Pau fouled towards end of game on drive
- Bynum fouled twice on shots
- Kobe fouled on jump shots - but of course the announcers call it good D. I would too if my sister was playing...Are they biased??

That is all I want to say for now...That, and I would love to boycott the NBA...but I love my Lakers too much.

this ain't over. got to play at 110% from now on.

will Floyd remind us of FT?

LO-visualize this?

Not worried.

Orlando played out of their minds and it still took some sloppy
play by Kobe late for them to win.

Orlando won't shoot 60% again, and Kobe won't miss 5 free
throws and a layup again any time soon.

Game 4 will belong to the Lakers.

i'm not aware, if Kobe ever missed 5 FT in a game. especially when he has such a good FT season. he was a LeBron today. did Lil Dez tweet him at the half to bring some LeChoke energy?

Serious question: Is Michael Cooper sick? he looks like he's lost a lotttttt of weight. I hope he is alright

A Laker optimist is one who chooses not to recognize repeated deficiencies and buries their head in the sands of hope. If the LA Cavaliers continue to their current play, they will have the same fate. Lets hope Kobe L. James is not a poor sports.

Orlando shot the lights out and beat us on Laker errors. Ok, and 10 missed Laker F/T's. I'm not worrying. I'm not smiling either, but I ain't worried.


GO LAKERS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

It is so hard to watch the games on ABC. The announcers just sound like if they want the lakers to lose. I really miss stu and the other guy. We'll be okay. They really tried tonight especially the way the refs were calling the game. I counted like 15 calls that went the Magic way, and the lakers still almost pulled it off. We be back better on Thursday.

I will say this. The Lakers didn't LOSE the game, the Magic WON it.

Did the Lakers play tonight?

Or did a bunch of people who LOOKED like the Lakers allow the Magic to shoot 62% for the game, and about 75% in the first half?

Or did someone who claims to be so serious about winning a title so badly, shoot us out of the game from both the field and the line late in the game?

I had predicted before the series, Lakers in six, so obviously the Lakers would have to lose two games to play at home. But, like Chick used to always say, it's not so much that you lost, it's how you lost.

woops! That's not Michael Cooper thats Craig Hodges!

Does Magic Johnson laughing after a Lakers loss bother anyone else?

I mean I get it, he's an analysist who has to be unbiased, but it just doesn't seem right.

It's just not right.


ariza is

3-13 in game2
5-13 in game3

for the first 2 game, van fatty was messing with the PG rotations. he stopped and skipped got balanced. but PJ was asleep with fish and farmar. why was kobe on the bench for like 5 minutes in the 4th?

In a game where Dwight Howard had better free throw shooting than Kobe Bryant, what can you say?
Won''t happen again.

Not worried.

Orlando shoots 62%, mostly jumpers (many contested).

Lakers shoot WORSE FT % than Magic FG %.

Kobe choked at end.

All this & Magic only win by 4.

Will this happen 2 more times? No.

Kobe knows he blew this one. Expect the Mamba to come out mad & focused Thurs.

They shot a record-setting FG percentage. And won by 4. Enough said.

Lakers in 5.

Go Lake Show!

Okay, well there goes my prediction of a sweep, but I'm not discouraged at all. The Magic will not continue their hot shooting in the next game and hopefully the ref's won't continue their efforts to keep Orlando in the game.

I'm sure the Magic fans will say sour grapes, but please..... look at the calls realistically. this was a game where the Magic got all the calls when they didn't make a basket. Hard to fight that kind of bias. It's okay though, now the NBA will get that Sunday game and we'll close it out then.

Lakers win the next 2 in blowouts.

This team has ZERO killer instinct. Showtime or Shaq/Kobe Lakers win this game going away.


This is going seven.


There's good and bad news...

Good news; Magic can't play much better, and the Lakers still could have won

Bad news: Kobe has had two bad games in a row, and if the Magic win Thursday, this thing is tied.

I still say the Lakers win this series, but I'm getting just a little nervous...

there are NO worse announcers in the NBA than the guys on TNT and ABC. You couple that with David Stern, Sasha Vujacic, and Joey Crawford, and ANY LAKERS fan would be fuming mad.

Is it too late to let Sasha go to Europe?


If I remember correctly the Lakers won game 2....Chill....Kobe had a bad game......Man I would hate to live with some of you people and fail at something.....IT IS STILL 2-1 and the Lakers will win 1 or 2 games in Orlando.....Kobe will bounce back......Why kill the guy who has gotten us to this point......He admitted his missed FT cost them the game......I am convince that most of you people are fun weather Kobe/Laker fans.....The guys missed a great doubt...but come on dude would the Lakers have even been in the game if Kobe didn't play well in the first quarter.....He had a BAD GAME.....I am all for criticizing bad play but man you guys turn against your franchise player quick!! Orlando shot 62% and squeezed out a win......10 missed FT's in a 4 pt loss hurts I know but man ....this is the only place Laker fans can come to get sober minded feed back.....Please don't turn this into a "KOBE IS THE ANTICHRIST" blog.......The guy failed....but He will bounce back ....and WE WILL BOUNCE BACK!! Lakers in 5 or 6

Lakers 2009 NBA CHAMPS


Kobe is trying too hard. Just play your game the way you know how and the Lakers will win. And maybe in the meantime Odom and Gasol could get some rebounds...

They shot out of their minds. They set a freaking NBA record, and yet they still only won by 4.

There's no such thing as a good loss especially in the Finals, but there is really nothing to be worried about.

No killer instinct? Come on, they got out-played in one game.

Angry, upset, frustrated? Yeah, but we're still 2 wins away from the Championship and this lose did not reveal any glaring flaws.

Meh. Can't wait till Thursday.


The Lake Show will regroup.....they will play a cleaner game 4 and win!! I don't care about the talking heads using this BAD GAME to kill Kobe. The Lakers will win the Chip and all will be well in Laker land ......This is simply a bump in the road.....they won't dwell on it.....they will come ready to play in game 4 and all the talking heads will be silenced.....

Lakers 2009 NBA CHAMPS


It's 108-104, not 106-104.

Record Finals FG% by Magic. Will they repeat in Game 5? Highly unlikely.
The Magic to their credit have adjusted to the Lakers defense. Its now up to the Lakers to make the counter adjustment.
Pietrus was the X-factor. Will he have another offensive game like tonight? Highly unlikely.
Odom and Kobe had sub-par games. About the only Lakers with good games were Gasol and Farmar. Lamar and Kobe s/d bounce back.
Odds are Lakers take Game 5.
Game 6 is a toss-up. The Magic are a good team.
Depends on whether you want the Lakers to clinch in Florida or in LA. Clinching in Staples means more money for the NBA and Buss, and better for the fans.

Give Orlando some credit. They played a great game to win game 3. However, there's no doubt Kobe Bryant did make some crucial mistakes in the second half in game 3: 5 for 10 at the line, crucial turnovers down the stretch, and a few missed assignments on defense. He is a great player, but he makes dangerous moves. In this case it cost the Lakers the game. He needs to take what the defense gives to him and trusts his teammates. That is the one thing driving Phil Jackson crazy from day 1 when Kobe is with Shaq. Kobe, this is the NBA finals. Every move matters. You need to stop doing crazy stuff as this is definitely NOT the time to do it.

Everyone is entitled to a bad game, even Kobe. But making dumb decisions repeatedly during crunch time in consecutive games shows his true nature when the going is tight. He simply won't trust his mates and tries to be the hero. Well, he got lucky the last OT game. This time he was no hero, but a ZERO. Black Mamba my ass.

The best closer in the game did not look like the best closer in the game tonight. Very disappointed in Kobe's performance down the stretch.

The only bright side of tonight's loss is that it makes a championship celebration on our home floor more likely.

Kobe choked in this game and he choked in Game 2...we won Game 2 in spite of him.

The last two games, Kobe has looked like the horrible, egocentric, a-hole many of his detractors accuse him of being.

IF we win this series -- and I have a bad feeling because I think Kobe is pressing now and feels like his "has to" win it for us -- Gasol or Odom should be the MVP.

But we won't win this series if Kobe keeps playing this me first, I gotta win it for us, basketball.



Don't give up so easily.....THIS WILL NOT GO SEVEN GAMES.....IMO there is a better chance for the Lakers to Close out the series in Orlando......Keep your head up....If you were really being truthful you would admit that even that Shaq/Kobe team blew some games.....They didn't win all their games running away....this is a Championship in the making.....So they let this one slip away......despite all the shoulda woulda coulda nonsense the Lakers are ahead 2-1.....Orlando isn't going to just lay down
and the Lake show isn't going to just stay down....they will come back hungrier in game 4 and take full control of the series.......I know last years Finals was disappointing but this Laker ball club is ready and they will raise a 15th banner in LA LA land.....



We never gave up...fought to the end...I'm proud of the team...


This Orlando's team is very strangest teams i ever seen.. PJ better notice that... I have a real bad feeling. Watch out for Game 7


some of your math is BAD

this was only game 3: L-O 2-1

there are 2 (TWO) more games in Orlando

it can be 4-1 lakers, 3-2lakers, or 3-2 orlando by SUNDAY.

let's go from there. i expected if orlando wins to be blown out. it did not happen yet


I disagree. When the game is gets tight, Kobe becomes Lebron. You don't think he wants to hit a last second game winner like Lebron and be the hero? That's his mentality and it won't change. He ain't trusting his teammates in crunchtime. It's not the bad games, it's the bad decisions at crucial times that become magnified. So far, there have been more selfish Lebron decisions than teamwork decisions in crunchtime. That is not a good thing if games are going to be close. Better the Lakers in a blowout so there won't be these bad decisions.

Oh just because Kobe failed tonight doesn't mean you won't see the MAMBA in game 4....Kobe made several bad plays but.....He is also the same guy who has led this team back to the finals......Its amazing how ESPN brain washes some of you folks.....NEWS FLASH....THEY WANT KOBE TO LOSE - LBJ is their king........Your beginning to sound like media disciples again.....wasn't it Kobe who fed Pau for the crucial 3pt play to win game that not make up for his mistake in regulation??? ESPN, FOX, ABC, TNT has many of you guys programmed to nit pick every flaw the guy has......HE IS NOT GOD....he's a human who failed in game 3.....NOW ITS OVER and he will be back to lead the Lakers to victory in game 4......That's why I find more enjoyment watching game on mute b/c the announcers brainwash the viewers with their idiotic commentary.......THEY ALL WANT US TO LOSE....THEY WANT KOBE TO FAIL....IT IS US AGAINST THEM........Criticize bad play but then support your ball club even in defeat......THE LAKERS WILL WIN THIS SERIES IN 5 or 6 ....STAY ON THE BANDWAGON......YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID.......

Lakers 2009 NBA CHAMPS


christopher blake,








Interesting - the Magic ought to be the ones who are up 2-1 right now. If not for the regular phantom fouls committed against koby, this series would be quite different.

Still, koby has these nights where can't shoot a basket as easily as he shoots his team in the foot. You have to hand it to Van Gundy for telling Lee and Pietrus to manhandle koby, which makes him more likely to jack up errant shots.

I think everyone expected the Magic to win. Now the Magic must decide if they really want this series or not. With koby in charge, it's always possible there will be an implosion.

I suppose we can say now that the 1995 Rockets were better than these lakers? That SHACK-led Magic team was probably better than the current version.

Kobe played poorly this game, but some here are getting carried away and throwing Kobe under the bus. Despite his bad shot in Game 2, he gave us the lead in OT and had the key assist to Gasol to seal the win. In Game 3 he missed key FTs, but Gasol and Odom did not do their job on the boards. I watched the replay on Kobe's last drive to split the defenders, it wasn't that bad of a play off the PNR, and Gasol recovered it and then turned it over.

I think what worries me most is the trend. Magic shoot horribly in 1, better in 2 and crazy good in 3. Kobe plays crazy good in 1, pretty good in 2 and crappy in 3. What's up for game 4?


DO or die for the Magic and they showed some sack.

When a team shoots the ball as well as they did, you would expect to lose handedly. We hung tough, weathered everything they threw at us, just couldn't make the plays late.

I think Kobe forced some things late in the game. He started off so smokin hot that I don't think he realized that he was cooling off. He could have made some better decisions in crunch time, but I'm not worred.

I give the Magic credit for winning the game, we definitely didn't give it to them. I expect us to take care of biz on Thursday.

A little more ball movement, a little less one on one by Mamba and we'll be fine. I still like the energy and the body language of our team.

We got this on Thursday.

I agree with LobotomizedLaker and I'll make a prediction: Kobe is going to come out in Game 4 and take like 35 shots, at least. IF he shoots a hight percentage, we might win the game; however, more than likely, we will get clobbered and then we have a scary, scary series.

Quick Flashback: Detroit 2004. Remember that lovely little performance by Mamba?

I've seen it all before with Kobe. After these last two games, he is going to press so hard he is going to forget the rest of the team.

Just watch...Detroit 2004 all over again.

Our only hope is that either he plays out of his mind and makes all of the gazillion shots he's going to take OR the Magic aren't up to beating us. However, this is going to be the

I had a feeling we were going to lose tonight, but never would have admitted it before the game. All along, I've though Game 5 or 6 is the one we steal in Orlando, and from what I saw tonight, it's going to be Game 5. Orlando played inspired, and we were shaky, but we still almost got this win, the ball didn't really bounce our way at the end.

Also, we gotta go more to LO in the post, dude was amazing in the 4th quarter. Magic can't cover him, we need to feature Lamar on the offensive end. I missed the first half so missed the Kobe show in the 1st half, everything I've heard is that it was dazzling, so what we need in Game 5 is inspired ball from Kobe, LO and Pau, all three guys, along with Drew, Trev, Fish and the supporting cast, and we gotta play inside-out, and we definitely need to communicate more and better on the defensive end.


I am not going to go back and forth about Kobe's failures OK.....YOU WIN HE FAILED TONIGHT.....The Lakers are 2-1 in the series.....If you want to panic and jump out of a window you can.....I see this series a little differently.....I am not so wrapped up in Kobe's: smile, frown, scowl, personality, etc. ...The guy brings it every single night....sometimes he fails... a lot of times he saves his ball club from defeat....If you think that the Lakers are going to go into Orlando and blow them out every game you obviously haven't watched their ball club this playoffs.....they are a battle tested team....AND SO ARE YOUR LAKERS.......Kobe contributions in wins far out way his failures in losses.....You can say what you want.... I am not ready to give up on these guys over one loss......If you want to indulge yourself on all the ESPN garbage about Kobe go ahead......There will be a parade in LA NEXT WEEK....HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!



WOW.. i'm sick to my stomach. orlando played great and i always hate to harp about the officiating but that was ABSOLUTE HORSECRAP. JUST DESPICABLE TO WATCH... every single questionable call seem to go the magics way. THE FIX WAS ON FOLKS. YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT... no way stern was gonna let this go 3-0... refs cant necessarily determine the outcome of all games but in any close game like this THERES NO DOUBT THEY PLAYED A BIG PART.

other comments:

- little frustrating to watch when the league, refs, ABC and the announcers are all against you.

- makes me wanna puke when ABC goes out of their way to show replay of every correct call made for the magic but NEVER seem to replay a single bad call made against the lakers.

- van gundy and jackson are the two biggest bozos on TV. they obviously seem to know whats going on but have to play along or they lose their jobs... they go out of their way to comment on every single call for orlando as the correct call but on bad calls that went against the lakers NO COMMENT.

- that one offensive foul on kobe for elbowing courtney lee in the 3rd WAS A JOKE... did you see kobes face watching to the bench? complete dismay and disbelief. i think that sapped his mojo

- oh and that one follow up dunk by pietrus after lakers tied it with about 2 minutes was OFFENSIVE GOATENDING but NO CALL.

- whatevers... still up 2-1 so lakers gotta suck it up. nobody said it was gonna be easy on the road so the only way it seems we can win next game is if we completely ANNIHILATE THEM.

Games 4 and 5 is what I was talking about, not Games 5 and 6. Game 4 is the one we should get, put the heat back on the Magic.


Don’t waste your time on the Fakerholics. They are so far below your level. They’re not going to understand your well-supported points or well-crafted logical arguments Just look at their blog names and you can see they’re just juveniles no matter what age.

Simply stated, Orlando played and shot out of their minds and still only won the game only because we blew too many free throws. Lakers in 5 is probably right. 6 at most. I’m going to bed rather than read any more drivel from the Fakerholics and trolls.


what's all the fuss? tough game, but there's another one in a couple of days. we get another chance to win then.

Yes, Kobe blew it but he is human. I'm sure the lbj fans and media love that kobe couldn't close it out - but hey - these guys aren't robots - that's what makes it interesting.

I hope that the facilitator Kobe will be there for game 4, and that all the other Lakers show up too so that he can pass to them and they have to convert it to points. LO - in the past I would have thrown you under the bus but now i understand that you are who you are and you're not going to show up every game. Please show up big time in game 4 and we win.

I was really proud of this team for sticking it out. I think this could have turned into a game 6 of last year's finals but they stuck it out and almost won. That is huge in development. Didn't get the w, but didn't get blown out either.

Give credit to the magic - they played a great game. They're going to even come out harder in game 4 as that is a must win again...we better be ready.

Go Lakers!!!!


This is a new era, new team, new Mamba. You can hate all you want, just don't wash his balls when he leads us to the championship.

Kobe haters really bore me. They love to show up when he doesn't deliver. However they remain silent the majority of the time when he's sticking daggers into every Laker opponent.

Still waiting to see if you wanna put your money where your mouth is on this series going 7.

Talk is cheap.

Man I'm sick of Jon Barry saying Kobe didn't give Gasol the ball when the lakers lose a game! He so predictable! Michael Wiburn( Shaq disciple) is always willing to take a shot at Kobe when he has a chance at it. Kobe mistakes at the end cause lakers to lose the game. Not giving Gasol the ball!

Game was SOLD to Orlando, its all business, Kobe is a bad liar, everything was staged, game reminded me of wrestling.

I've been saying all year long that this Lakers team is like the Dallas team that lost to the Heat after being up 2-0. High scoring, but spotty defense. I'm not predicting that the Lakers are going to lose this series, but it's definitely possible.

You can say that Orlando won't shoot over 60% again, but many of the shots were on lay-ups and open jumpers, many uncontested. They actually didn't shoot that well from the 3, less than 40%. So they absolutely could shoot that well again. They may not shoot 75% for the half, but 60% for a game against a Rambis led defense is not impossible. The main problems are 2. Lack of pick and roll defense allowing Howard to get easy baskets or get fouled, and inability to guard a quick guard. The lack of pick and roll defense is has been there for a decade. Inability to guard quick guards comes with the decline of Fisher. The problem is that Farmar, other than better shooting, is playing terribly. As I've said all year, Farmar is one of the the worst passing guards in the league, and his key turnover in the 4th(other than the obvious ones of Kobe missing free throws and not calling a time out when Gasol was on the ground-didn't he learn something from then end of game 2 of the Denver series???)

I predict that Orland will blow out the Lakers in game 4 after the Lakers shoot under 40% for the game leading to a must win game 5-but unfortunately for the Lakers it's going to be on the road.

Defense and rebounding win championships. I'm afraid that Kobe has the Shaq jinx and will never win one without him. Gasol also may never win one either. It's good that we're still up 2-1, but that could quickly change.

As for the horrible calls, the NBA is definitely trying to keep this series close. If they're going to call a foul on Walton for clearing out with his left arm on that drive, shouldn't they call a foul everytime Howard lowers his shoulder and knock Gasol out of position or on a drive or when he uses his elbows to clear space? At least they finally called an illegal screen when he does that on every play. And they let him camp under the basket for 4-5 seconds about 6-7 times without a call.

If Rafer Alston plays like this for the entire series, it'll be like when DWade did the same for the Heat against Dallas. Or if Jameer Nelson get's hot? This could get scary soon.

Odom, Gasol, and Bynum combined for a total of 9 rebounds. Good job guys. Good job. Farmar got more rebounds than Gasol. There was one play when Orlando almost turned the ball over and Bynum just ran past the ball because he was so concerned with losing Howard. You still need to keep an eye on the ball!!! Totally pathetic.

Very disappointing loss.

And to all of fans guaranteeing a sweep, talking of parades, the series is FAR from over. Stop jinxing the Lakers buy guaranteeing anything.

Dear Butler & the Chicken Little Posse,

The Orlando Magic shot a scorching 75% in the first half and finshed shooting a stunning 62% for the entire game.

And they only won by 4.

Tonight's win was for their dignity. Thursday and Sunday, we take their soul!

Get your knee pads out, Butler. Jon K will bring the Kleenex. Faith may offer you her shoulder to cry on. If you behave yourself.


The Unofficial Chaplain of LA Times Lakers Blog

Just curious why do the Lakers continue to insist on doubling and even triple teaming Howard? They did much less of that in Game 1 and Gasol and Bynum have done a decent enough job covering him one on one.

Worse comes to worse they can send him to the line at the end of the game instead of letting the Magic continue to hit uncontested shots and up their confidence.

Citicisms like mine and lavidalaker highlight the continued shortcomings of the Lakers, especially Kobe's because he is supposed to be the leader, and leaders lead by example. Kobe said so himself. So is it a good example to be selfish and make bad decision? We all know this is not the first time we've seen Kobe do his Lebron routine. We've all seen it from the time he shot that air ball against the Jazz during the playoffs in his rookie season. Make no mistake, we all support the Lakers and want a championship, but at this point in his career, he should be making much better decisions. Even PJ knows that. The LA Cavaliers need to involve everyone, not just Lebron Bryant.

Oh come on LA fans, this is a sport of make and miss! We lost and like everyone of you I felt the sting of a game we could have won but because of crucial mistakes at the end of it, we didn't. But no way I am going to put this full blame on Kobe, the man is human and liable to make mistakes. Shoots if it wasn't for Kobe's first half domination, we would have been out of that game a long time. And yes Kobe missed shots down the stretch but it wasn't only him, this was a team friggin lost not a Kobe lost. So you fair weather fans get over it man, stop changing like the weather. I mean Orlando played an almost perfect game, like someone said we played 5 on 8 tonite. And even with the turn over off the pick and roll, gasol had the damn ball and instead of holding it to call a time out he didn't, and i mean we got to throw up the three about 3 or 4 times and none would fall, I'm convinced it just wasn't our night to win. And everyone talking bout Kobe! Man the dude is practically one of the best free throw shooters on the team, hell if i would want anyone to take a free throw with the game on the line, it would be Kobe, they just didn't fall for him tonite unfortunately but i wouldn't change a thing. And then some of you'll bout he needs to trust his teammates more etc. Puuulleease!! If the dude had kicked it out to someone else and they missed then it would be Kobe should have taken the shot, i'll live and die with Kobe. I mean instead of pau damn posting up those dudes and dunking on heads, dude does be friggin dishing out to smaller guards and ting like Luke dem to drive in the post. I just don't understand that crap! We lost this game in more ways than Kobe, so get off it man! Look at our starting five fg% numbers compared to Orlando and we still managed to just lose by 4 so we have a lot to be happy about. We taking game 4. just relax dudes! If this rattled your feathers and you're ready to trade Kobe in, or stop being a laker fan, then you never really were a die hard fan. Live and die lakers man, in the good and bad! Lakers 4 life! 2009 Champs!

"why yellofever?"
yo lakertom i dont know but funny you ask. i think i came up with it on the fly posting for the first time. probably because every time i wanna post its after a laker loss when i tend to suffer from nausea vomiting and constipation.

"Welcome to the blog. With a few notable exceptions, the talk here is positive and insightfu"
thx jesterguru i think i'm catchin the drift and know who those notable exceptions are but i aint one to point fingers

"Dennis Johnson-> Best defender on the Celtics MUCH better than Posey could ever bring. Gary Payton->Only 6'4 and defensive player of the year!"
wow kbblitz. again you have me stumped. but dennis johnson? can help but LOL.. but how convenient of you to cite the glove and posey as your examples

"Kareem/David/Hakeem/Ewing/Shaq/Bill Walton>Howard/Bynum/Oden/Yao. Only Yao is taller yet isn't as dominant as ANY of them were"
wow kbblitz. again you have me stumped.. but our original argument was mj vs kobe competition. so again you convenienly pick like almost the top 5 GOAT centers as mj's generation and then pick bynum and oden as kobes... how is anyone supposed to argue with that? LOL.. but i dont think kareem and bill walton played much against mj dude and shaq would probably be more of kobes era. but whatever i got no axe to grind with you. peace out.

Haven't really been able to watch all the games but even as a Laker fan, I do like the magic as a team. They don't seem to be idiots like the cavs with all their premature theatrics...and real bozos like the thuggets. Hey, when you make a dunk or a tough shot - act like you've made it're in the damn NBA. Credit to the magic for playing a great game 3 - Lakers will win in game 4.

Lakers in 6.



I THINK You all need to relax, as he said, he gets more mad at himself than anyone else. The magic shoot out of their minds and we had a chance to win it. Does that even make sense?!

It's really annoying when the Lakers lose because all these fans who have never even commented randomly start commenting. I guarantee a Laker win on Thursday. Honestly, are you going to tell me it's over when we are up 2-1 and could've won tonight? Oh please, grow up.

Speaking from a Troll's point of view, just look at that stat sheet. Have you awakened a sleeping giant? Teamwork par excellence! Now that's Magic basketball, and they are STILL at Disneyworld! Then, grrr, back to La La Land (albuterol inhalers in hand) where the Lakeshow almost choked it away their last outing.

Hmm. I don't know. It's a daunting situation. You've already lost (rather been thrashed, but please don't be too embarrassed) two in a row, but can you imagine losing three championship series in a row? Ouch!

Someone besides Kobe had better start doing something or the rest of us (the overwhelming majority) will rename you the Los Angeles Bills. You see, when all the marbles are in the pot, TRULY great franchises like the San Francisco Forty Niners never give it up.

After the Magic take care of business Friday night (or is it Saturday, and does it really matter) you can bet your last Topanga taco that the Magic will be ready for you back at Staples. The question is, is Mr. Bryant, uh hmm, the Laker "team" ready for some real Magic? We'll see, but like I always say,''...don't count your Kobes before they are hatched". Superman doesn't like people who take themselves too seriously. Good luck.



In all seriousness, you are awesome.

The world needs more people like you.

Reasoned, courageous faith is a beautiful thing.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever!


1. Kobe's human.

2. He's a better competitor than YOU (especially if you are a complainer).

3. It hurts to lose. People who love winning particularly know that, but true WINNERS aren't slowed by the pain, they're inspired by it. They don't freak out from that pain. They use it as inspiration.

4. I respect the Magic. I hate a lot of teams in the NBA and their fans. I don't hate the Magic... yet. This is a good team. People have to give them credit.

5. I wasn't at the lucky barstool tonight and I feel very bad about that. It feels significant to me.

6. I love this team and I know that they won't let me down.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Ballhog Bryant was back in Game3. Reminds me of 2004. Gasol should be the finals MVP should lakers win.


Get a life.

How dare you use "Laker" in your moniker! You don't deserve to wash their (or my) socks.

Why do you need to be against things to feel significant in your own life? Have you ever had to struggle and overcome it? If you had, you would understand that life isn't easy and that Champions RISE not because they've been granted success, but because they've been denied it.

Go gargle sewage and then afterwards book a flight to my hometown, knock on my door and prepare for me to kick you in the shins with steel-toed boots.



What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Have you guys forgottem yhe Lakers beat these guys by 25 points? Orlamdo is not a push over team. as a matter of fact they are a really good team. Frankly I cant see why anyone would think this would have been a sweep.Iam almost sure the lLakers will win the championship, because they are a better team.If you are a real fan please dont bash them for losing the game.GO LAKERS#################$

Gah!!! We almost had it!

Oh well, I predicted Lakers in 6 so I knew we had to lose some. I didn't think we were going to sweep, Orlando is a good team. However, I am proud of this team they really fought tooth and nail to get it. After seeing this performance I am ready to predict Lakers in 5.
Yeah yeah Kobe had a bad game blah blah blah. The Black Mamba WILL regroup and lead us to victory. Don't jump off the bandwagon folks....believe.
Figueroa here we come!


When the lakers win thier 15th championship, they will have earned it because they are not getting any love from these refs. It is so blatantly ovious that the refs are bias toward the lakers.tThese guys ride Kobe and grab his arms and no foul is called. Dwight Howard is elbowing Gasol everytime he drives to the basket, once in three games a foul has been called. I am more afraid of the refs than I am the magic. I have seen them take games from the Lakers.

Real talk, this BLOG gets whack as hell when we lose a game and everyone and their mom's says the harshest things about Kobe is disgusting...I usually dont like blogging when we lose cuz the hate spews like venom from that of a poisonous snake....

I understand everyone is disappointed we lost but the Magic played their hearts out, and we didn't capitalize on the opportunity they gave us to STEAL that dayum game. We cannot say that has happened alot..But it did, so we move on and don't dwell cuz there is MORE games to play people..Dayum ALREADY!


About the officiating. I agree its been spotty but we know that game by now..Its time to play through the BULLCRAP and get the job done. Dwight moves and extends his leg and hip and knee out on her pick and occasionally the will make the call..Pietrus walked on that breakaway -- no travel call. Turkey-dog-a-loo, walks and extends and pushes off all the time fake MJ of Turkey behind, and they don't call that infraction -- its part of the game and its the FINALS and we have to learn to play through it, especially in the Disneyworld and nobody wants the Lakers to reclaim their claim to FAME so we have madd stuff to overcome and I believe the Lakers have the team and the kahunas to overcome it...

We have to keep the faith....Again anything worth having doesn't comes easy....

LakesHOW in 6!

EXCUSE my typos....


>>>Serious question: Is Michael Cooper sick? he looks like
>>>he's lost a lotttttt of weight. I hope he is alright

That's not Michael Cooper. That's Craig Hodges, the Lakers'
shooting coach.

PersonWhoNeedsALobotomy wrote:

>>>Citicisms like mine and lavidalaker highlight the
>>>continued shortcomings of the Lakers,

Shortcomings of the Lakers. Are we talking about the same
Lakers who had the second best record in the league this season,
and are currently leading 2-0 in the finals? If that's shortcomings,
I'll take a triplepeat of shortcomings please.

>>>especially Kobe's because he is supposed to be the
>>>leader, and leaders lead by example.

You mean like his 8 assists in EACH game of the finals
so far?

Or you mean his 47% shooting for the series? (every Orlando
guard except Pietrus is shooting less than 40%).

Or maybe you mean his 89% free throw shooting in the first
two games.

Look. The guy had one bad game. It's ludicrous to call game
two a bad game when he had 29 points on 45% shooting,
made 8 of 10 of his free throws and got 8 assists, 4 rebounds,
and 2 steals.

Kobe is playing aggressively on both ends of the floor, and
he is coaching the players both on the floor and on the bench.
He's leading by example AND by word. He just had a bad
second half last night.

Oh, by the way. KL and Gunner, you might as well use
your old blogger-names, because it's obvious who's trying
to get in a last round of Kobe bashing before he leads the
team to a title and proves you both to be complete idiots.

I still say Lakers in 6 (which means that before the end of
this we'll have to put up with wading through one more pool
of KL and Gunner's blog-vommit (blommit?).

All the kobe haters saying Kobe choked and lost the game for the Lakers, shouldn't be allowed to celebrate with the real Laker fans when Kobe gets his 4th ring very soon. Kobe had a bad game get over it. Maybe he wanna celebrate champsionship @ home, with his crowd.sheeeeseee... relax people we got this.

Seriously people, why so much negativity. It was not a blow out. It was close up to last seconds. Kobe made crucial mistakes down the stretch, so what. If it is game 7 and he did that then you can crucify him, whatever. Just what they always, if you take the good you must be willing to take the bad as well, trust me in these post season Kobe did not give us a lot of the bad.

If there is any Laker you want to bash, it should be Vujacic, what the hell with this dude. He is missing the entire season,is he still in Boston's visiting team locker room crying?. Could not even buy a basket and after a miss shot, he make stupid foul at the defensive end. He is a big liability out there. So frustrating to watch Kobe's BFF. Almost every Laker contributed in some way but the same cannot be said of him. He should just forget about what happened last year, KG is no longer around to bark on you dude. Get over it. Redeem yourself before this series is over otherwise your ring will have an astersik on it. ***LOL . You don't like that do you?

The Lakers didn't play the triangle well last night. End of story. They execute, they win.If the do not? And Kobe and Pau have to do it all by themselves? They usually lose against good opposition. They don't have the depth of talent to win any other way. They need that patient, ball moving, find the open man approach they had in the latter stages of the Denver series. It was absent last night.

I subscribe to the theory that the Magic had an unreal night shooting the ball and they won't duplicate it again this series. But you have to be concerned at how open some of those 3 pt. shots are! Its been a problem for Phil coached teams for years. Some of those guys could have smoked a cig, dropped it..crushed it out with their sneaker and STILL have no defender approach them.

Lakers need to win Game 4 to ensure no life is imparted to the Magic. I see it happening.



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