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Lakers Draft Preview 2009

El Segundo, June 25--

Fresh off defeating the Orlando Magic to become the 2009 NBA champions and hoping to restrain payroll in an effort to re-sign free agents Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza, the Los Angeles Lakers went Bavarian Boy overseas with the 29th pick in Thursday's NBA Draft, selecting selecting nine-year old Otto Schuster of Schmalkalden, Germany (at left, during a recent family vacation).

"Having just completed a championship season and with a roster with very few openings, we were looking for someone we could keep in Europe for a few seasons," said Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak.  "Otto fits that profile."

Pudgy and bookish, the 4'4" fourth grader has shown great aptitude for word puzzles but has never played organized sports, nor does basketball run in his family. 

"I once saw Detlef Schrempf play," said his father Ludwig, a manager at Schmalkalden's electric power facility.  "Perhaps we should buy Otto a ball?"

That the Lakers looked to Europe was not surprising, though the selection of Otto, who was not profiled by any of the pre-draft services and is consistently picked last for playground games at Hermann Hesse Elementary School, was unexpected.  More conventional international prospects, including 6'9" Swedish forward Jonas Jerebko and French point guard Rodrigue Beaubois, were still available when the Lakers made their selection and could have also been stashed in Europe for the near future.  That, Kupchak said, didn't fit into the organization's long term plans.

Mitch Kupchak German Flag

Kupchak noted how international players like Manu Ginobili, Luis Scola, and Marc Gasol frequently play so well teams are tempted, or perhaps even compelled, to add them to their roster.

"Our scouting department, led by Ronnie Lester, has been responsible for finding many solid players deep in the draft," Kupchak said.  "Luke Walton and Ronny Turiaf in the second round, Sasha Vujacic late in the first, for example.  Given the state of the economy and our projected payroll over the next few seasons, we couldn't risk drafting someone who might somehow, someday, end up on our team.  Ronnie Lester and his staff are to be complimented for finding a young man who will under no circumstances suit up for a game in a Lakers uniform."

Prohibited from simply trading the pick after sending first round choices in 2008 and 2010 to Memphis as part of the Pau Gasol trade, the Lakers were willing to draft a collegian at the behest of another team and trade him for a future selection, but Kupchak said he was unable to find a partner. "These days, nobody seems to want to pick up an extra player.  We were willing to take a first round pick as far out as 2094, and even make it protected through the first 29 picks.  Still, no takers.  It was a weak draft, for sure."

Reached for comment during an episode of Phineas und Ferb, Otto seemed confused and underwhelmed at the news, even after being told that frequent courtside guests at home games include Zac Efron and David Hasselhoff. Instead, he asked his mother for a warm slice of the apfelkuchen for which she is greatly admired among friends and family. 

The Lakers had two picks in the second round as well.  With the 42nd, they chose Carver High point guard Morris Thorpe, considered by many a strong defender.  With their 59th pick, the Lakers selected former NBA Deputy Commissioner Russ Granik in a move described by Kupchak as "an homage."


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i hope we can grab calathes, i think we can.


"I would like to see the Lakers win more titles. That is more important to me than Kobe getting $2M less per season than he could.

But nothing wrong with those of you who are Kobe fans before you are Lakers fans thinking differently"

And there's nothing wrong with wishing he takes 7million less as well ... dude is arguably the best player in basketball ... let Buss take the hit, that's why he is an nba owner ... like just cuz y'all broke people doesn't mean you should start demanding the best player in basketball take less ...

Call it wondering if you want ... call it being a laker fan before a kobe fan ... call it wanting to win next year ... but it's simply retarded to reward the hardest working player in basketball fresh off a championship season with a pay cut ...

Ask other players who aren't as hard working to take less, as your gm to be more aggressive with dumping underperforming contracts, ask your owner to be content with less revenue, ask your fans to pay a little more for the opportunity to host a dynasty but asking your star player, your numero uno, your ace in the whole to take less than market value is not valuing your people ...

nothing wrong with me saying all this either homey ....

24 + 16 + [1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

thumbs up, BK. this one made my day.

If he vacations in the Alps, he's going to have the stamina to play with some impact over the course of a 48 minute game.

But does he have a killer fade-away? Will he be a 3-point shooting specialist? With the most important question being, will he ever crack 6' 6"?

Nice scoutin' BK.

Aloha B.K

I laughed a lot.


I get the feeling Darren Collison is going to be in LA...either with the Lakers or Clippers.


You've been reading The Onion, haven't you?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


scratch that let's get javaris crittenton back. So we'll have two combo guards with Crittenton and Sun Yue. Hey let's even get Caron Butler back. I'm sure we can find a way to get him for peanuts.

Nice... very informative and humorous too!


Hello from Germany,
glad the organization knew about Oskar. He is quiet sensational. I'm really looking forward to 2020!!!!! A New Dynasty in the Making!

Feeling pretty good about this draft and its importance eh BK?

what is this, the onion?

"they chose Carver High point guard Morris Thorpe, considered by many a strong defender."

Is that a clue about who PJs successor will be?

So LakerTom nailed it. Phil talked about maybe doing fewer road games with Kurt filling in this year.

Kurt is obviously being groomed to replace Phil. Otherwise Kurt would have taken a head coaching job somewhere else by now. He is willing to wait for the Laker job.

Meanwhile he sits next to Phil, absorbing.

Kurt is a good choice. Tempermentally, he is looser, more CA beach guy than Phil, but is he has a lot in common with Phil, he too is a pretty even tempered guy, and a former PF who sacrificed his body and played defense, a role player. He knows the system and the players.

Phil can extend his career a couple of years with Kurt taking some road games. Then Phil can ease into an advisory, Tex Winter sort of role to feed his basketball Jones.

Like his mentor, I think Phil would love to keep a hand in even when the grind no longer appeals to him.

Kurt gets a great opportunity, one he has truly earned. Kurt was actually in line 10 years ago, but he got an unfair midseason trial, with Shaq and Kobe acting like babies and a completely insane Dennis Rodman thrown in just in case it was all too easy.

I hear Otto Schuster has the most upside among 4'4" German fourth graders who have shown a great aptitude for word puzzles but have never played organized sports.


yessir...I like how that sounds.

Anyway, real quick,
the idea of PJ missing road games sounds a little wild.

I mean, put a soft mattress on the private jet or something. But you cant be missing road games.

Trade Otto for Griffin.

Hey It's the Clippers so they might actually agree.

Get it done, Mitch.

Is Phil trying to kill his own team? Rambis sucks as a head coach. How can anyone forget 99 season. Rambis was terrible.


Dallas Raines' Hair,

I really love your suggestion of Derek Fisher as the Lakers next head coach. We know he understands the Triangle. And he is a proven leader as shown by his co-captaincy of the Lakers and his election as President of the NBA Players Association. Just a great suggestion! And you know that Kobe would approve. And talk about a character guy.

It’s sort of like Avery Johnson taking over for Don Nelson except that Fisher is better suited to be a head coach. You have just eliminated all of my doubts over who will be Phil’s successor. DFish is the perfect candidate. Smarts, charisma, respect, clutch.

Derek has 2 years left on his contract so Phil could coach this year and then come back next years to complete his last three-peat and hand the reigns over to Fish. I sure hope Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak have been dutifully reading so that they know what to do. LOL. Seriously, though, I cannot think of a better guy to take over for Phil.

AK or BK should ask Derek if he is interested in coaching. I can’t remember if he ever spoke about possibly coaching down the road. I don’t know about those player-coach situations. I would prefer having a coach who just coached. Same with players.

Derek Fisher, the Next Great Lakers Coach. Mamba, come back and start the first real bandwagon of the offseason. LOL. We need to make sure Jerry Buss and company consider Derek as a candidate to take over from Phil. Even if he had to start as an assistant, I think the Lakers should set a clear path for Fish to join the coaching staff.

Thanks again, DRH. Fabulous suggestion.



I'm impressed, you are exploring some new horizons, testing the limits of writing. lol

Concerned about our new part-time coach? I'm not, I think Phil will do just fine.

Draft picks? I've got my idea what to do and who not to pick, but you may may not like it.

We don't need the picks. I say we keep who we have and win another Title with the cards on the table.

My full and obnoxious take here.

hey mitch,
here's one for you...
trade lamar for c bosh of toronto, now that would be a fearsome front court.

Otto Schuster (aka Das Boot) should keep the Laker organization afloat for many many years.

Pudgy and bookish is good, we wont have to worry about him needing to gain 20 lbs on chicken wings.

Dr.Buss, please keep the team together. U must resign Trever and Lamar

Posted by: Charles Tubbs | June 24, 2009 at 09:24 AM

I concur. From the other Charles.

All I can say is "poor Blake Griffin". Not only will he get drafted by the Clippers but he'll have to live in the same bulding as the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers. That's a miserable thought.

Anyway, very funny post BK. Nice to have something during this very terrible NBA down time.

Hey Lakers Nation,

First of all, I gotta give my official blog CONGRATS to everything LAKERS!!!

I just wanted to say some thoughts:

Thank you AK and BK, for the smorgasbord of top-notch journalism. I've been trying to keep with all the fantastic stuff on the blog, but a busy schedule has kept my reading limited. (I was thinking about posting after I read it all, but I'm afraid it'll be a lot less relevant at that time. LOL. I just got through the SI article on Kobe. )

Thank you, all the bloggers on this Blog. You people are truly special. You guys all have some excellent comments and insights, and I am sorry that I probably wont be able to get through them all! It's great to see many friendships develop through this.

I have personally learned a lot from reading about Kobe , his struggles, his drive, and work. For me, Kobe isn't my ultimate source of guidance, but i have certainly learned a lot from his journey. I hope for the readers that are fighting bouts of laziness, to see the benefits of hard work.

Phil's quote to Obama, "sometimes when you're a lefty you've got to go right to shoot the ball," is awesome. And that goes for the righties too. That middle road is real nice people.

*raises the glass*
Here's to the 2009 Championship run, the first of which should be one of many to come.

Here's to the Lakers further cementing its legacy as the best Franchise in basketball and on the right path to becoming the greatest one of all American sports.

Here's to dedication and hard work to the Laker players, the right things said, and a team focused on working, toughness, and winning.

Here's to Kobe, who is on the path to becoming the greatest ever. Or at least in an indisputable
realm as Michael and Magic.

Here's to the game of basketball, which is so fun to watch and so freaking fun to play.

Here's to you who are reading this all over the world.

Lots of Love to you all.


Suggestion, with the Kings in disarray, Kelvin Martin would be a nice slashing foward we can use, Jordan Farmar, Brown and Morrison, two of those three for a small foward with some quickness.

Quick takes:

*Kobe should not be asked to take a pay cut. If Kobe offers to take a pay cut, cool. If not, cool. Personally, if I were Kobe, the answer would be no if asked.

*"Phil can extend his career a couple of years with Kurt taking some road games. Then Phil can ease into an advisory, Tex Winter sort of role to feed his basketball Jones."-Tom Daniels

If this is the case, it makes a lot of sense. I do think Big Kurt will be a good coach and a good replacement for Phil Jackson.

*I like the Jefferson trade for the Spurs. I still do not believe they have what it takes to beat the Lakers at this point though. If we have both Lamar and Ariza in the mix still, we still win the matchups.

I'm very interested to see Pau Gasol and Tim Duncan go at it. I think Gasol is better than Duncan right now. I would like to see Gasol prove it to the basketball world. Then, once Gasol takes out KG, there will be no doubt who the best PF in the game is. Pau Gasol.

Go Lakers!

sigh i'm so upset we still lost the series despite going up 3-1 on phoenix ... and wow boston really put d beatdown on us in the finals ... oh wait i'm just having flashbacks ... cuz we are d champions no time for losers ... cuz we are d champions of d world

what do we play for ... rings!!!

Hi there everybody!

here you can find a pair of interviews with Pau Gasol. The problem is that both are in spanish. Hope you enjoy them:

By the way, I know you don´t care about Football, but in an hour or so U.S.A and Spain will play for a spot in the Finals of the "Copa Confederaciones". No way you win of course, but I liked what I saw in your match against Egypt so I have to say you´re improving. Keep it up!

Is it October yet?

Let´s Go Lakers!

i am not even going to worry about free agency until july 1. i remember last summer i was so bummed b/c of the loss, so i vowed this year i will be ecstatic till july 1 comes. after that then i will worry about trevor and lamar. i know they will come back and i know we will be contenders for a long time.

i have a question i purchased the finals dvd, but i was wondering if there was anywhere to get the lakers 2008-09 season on dvd. certain highlights or even the entire playoffs. i just really need my laker fix and youtube isn't cutting it.

Just curious...

Why is it not okay for Lakers fans to want Kobe to take a slight pay cut if it will help win more championships... but okay for them to want Jerry Buss to take a bigger pay cut to help win more championships?

I'll frame it this way... Buss is more than willing to go well over the salary cap and pay a luxury tax to give this team a chance to win again, I think we all agree on that. So he's giving extra.. why not expect extra from Kobe, Lamar, Ariza, and Brown? Yes, this is about *all* of them possibly taking a little less so that the team has a better chance to win a championship. And in case you didn't notice.. that means *they* win a championship too.

If Buss was some penny-pinching owner who refused to go over the cap, I would understand some of the "kobe shouldn't even think of giving a penny back" talk. But he's not... the organization is first class and he deserves to make money for giving us fans such a top notch product consistently.

If he was someone like Paul Allen.. .with billions to spare? Yeah, I would be less inclined to expect Kobe to take a pay cut. But Buss isn't. He's very rich.. but not *that* rich.

Finally... if I'm the Lakers, I would never *ask* Kobe to take a pay cut. He's earned the max, if that's what he wants. It's up to Kobe to look at the landscape and decide what he wants to do. I won't root for him any less if he doesn't give some salary back.. but I'll hold him in even *higher* regard if he does. And I'm a big, big Kobe fan.

LakerTom & Tom Daniels,

The names Fisher, Rambis, Shaw as next Laker coach will not bring B2B O'Brien trophy. They need to prove their coaching ability first with small franchise maybe Clippers, Kings, Thunder or Griz' not the high profiled Lakers. Assistant Coaches, yes definitely they are qualified. Laker fans are fickle and impatient, eventhough they don't go to Staples, they know their basketball team's rhythm on what works and what does'nt. When you play or coach in this city or SoCal team, you have to be winner IMMEDIATELY or at least have the resume as a winner head coach. Rambis has been tried several times as mentioned by Paul in '99, in '04 and most recently in Portland game few months ago, he's no winner, Lakers have no luck with Kurt as their head coach, however I wish he will get a head coach job in another franchise team in need of direction of how to be a playoff contender.

I suggested before Coach K or Coach Howland if we need a new coaching philosophy. I still believe in Kareem as better coach than Rambis. Well, Bruins are better than Santa Clara Broncos, just kiddin'.

My bad, typo, it should read "in '04-05" after RT.

ok, guys, get a new thread ready, phred is posting,

I love the article. kind of onion like satire, except it actually makes a point, namely that the Lakers don't want to pay anybody first round pick money next year. But wasn't Augustus Gloop available? My second favorite German, after the guy who invented Oktoberfest.

some more points in almost bullet point style for readability.

- needy? yes, perhaps, but I wanted to see who the cultured people were on this blog (j/k) and give Gary Trudeau some props. The other source for my name, albeit a "fred," goes to writer Larry Hama, if anybody can place that one, i'll be even more impressed.

- As for resigning TA and LO, I admit the suspense is starting to kill me. I do feel pretty good about Mitch's judgement on this, though, and the fact that I really don't think that in this economy and luxury tax era too many other teams are going to bust the bank to sign either LO or TA. Too many guys showing up in 2010. Of course, if we sign or don't sign, we have I believe (in the sense that I might be completely wrong) a MLE to spend on one or even two vets who are coming in for the championship. Don't know who. Bruce Bowen? would be very interesting.

- The Richard Jefferson move was smart for both teams. He wasn't going to be the difference maker in Milwaukee, and the Spurs get better without giving up much. They still won't be a threat unless Manu and Timmy get back to 2005 or 2007 shape, though.

- Javaris Crittendon? If phil and mitch want him back, i guess. But I don't really see it happening, and he doesn't give us much. Someday, I would like to see Aaron Brooks in a Laker uni, though.

- I think the idea of Phil coaching from the couch with Rambis coaching on the road might work. Not too many teams could pull it off, but the Lakers probably can. They have assistants up the wazzoo, and I don't see any other coaching candidates who would be as good a fit. Coach K could probably win with this team, but then again, Whoopi Goldberg in 'Eddie" could probably win with this team. And if Coach K understands the triangle at all, I've missed it. We shall see.

- Fish would be an awesome coach, but not for a couple of years. And besides, he might rather be the governor of California. I don't know why, given the state of the state right now, but who knows.

-I hate reading two thirds of the way through a post and realizing it's by KB Blitz.



Derek Fisher, the Next Great Lakers Coach - BANDWAGON

Edwin- some interesting points, and thanks for giving me the chance to play devil's advocate on the Rambis coaching issue. Not to single you out, as others have made similar arguments. And I am slightly rehashing arguments that others have made in his favor.,

I think Rambo deserves a chance. Yes, he wasn't that successful coaching in 1999, but he was an interim coach, replacing a coach who was similarly unsuccessful, with some pain in the butt players. Shaq ego, young kobe, head case Rodman. He didn't help, but he definitely didn't make the team worse or blow anything. The Spurs were the better team, and they beat us. In my opinion, it would have been the same if Phil replaced Harris at the same point in the season.

In 2004, again, he was an interim coach of a team that basically sucked. Kobe wasn't happy playing with him, and the team was in some disarray. Now, Kobe is more likely to support whoever Phil chooses as his successor, even if he does like Coach K, he will know if Phil is still ostensibly the head coach that can't happen.

In Portland this year, Rambis lost. Of course, in Portland this year Phil lost, too. They owned us this year, but frankly neither game was important, and the Lakers played like they knew it.

And finally, as much as Phil coaches during the game, Phil's chair could probably replace him. Doesn't call timeouts, doesn't like to wear a mike and give in game interviews, and everybody on the teamm knows what they are supposed to be doing. If anybody needs motivated, phil can just as easily call them out in the media from his barcalounger. And if Rambis really can't cut it, this season they can figure it out without too much of a commitment. Phil can show up and coach the playoff games, and no hard no foul.

Seems like a pretty rational decision. Of course, let's hope that Phil's health problems aren't too serious, and he can do the whole job next year.

*hard = harm

That hour long Bill Simmons radio special on ESPN is great listening. I'll try to find a link. He's really, really scarred by this Laker championship and he literally goes thru all the Laker's personnel moves that led up to the Laker's championship 'disaster'. Like the Kennedy assassination, he can tell you when and where he was when the Gasol trade news came down.

Very funny stuff


funny stuff :) go Otto


I loved your draft article. Fricken awesome stuff.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Here is my suggestion to Mitch Kupchak when he starts negotiating with the agents of Lamar, Trevor and Shannon. The best way to make them stay here with the Lakers is to review the season, the goods and the bads of each player. Here is what the best life insurance salesman said when it comes to negotiations:

"Everyone has a problem (in relation to this, whether the players involved or the team of destination) Simply look for the problem. When you've found it, you should point out and recognize it. There is a price in doing something about it and there is a price in doing nothing about it. When you all know that, then communicate with your prospect. Look for the potential losses (maybe emphasize the Laker slot). When you start people thinking about the money (in form endorsements), the prestige(parades and night shows), you make them uncomfortable, you're lighting a fire under them." - The Ben Feldman Method

If things don't work out on those $ and length of contract, perhaps, show them the list of the alternatives who are unrestricted agents at this time.

And then, bring the other list on who are available in the Euroleague:

Undoubtedly, they will think twice of going elsewhere in evaluating the loss of placement w/ the Laker triangle or totempole and the passiones playing w/ Kobe & Pau & Drew as a repeat, the parade, the beaches, the mountains, the California girls, the blog & tweets and the Turiaf syndrome. With all these potential losses, you just lighted the initial fireworks for their 4th of July celebration.

It baffles me that anyone cares what the business arrangement ends up being between Kobe and Buss. Kobe's the best player in basketball, Buss the best owner in sports ... and seriously, they're both insanely wealthy and neither of them, and none of their children, and none of their GRANDCHILDREN, are ever going to want for everything.

I'm raising 5 children on a pretty good six-figure salary. The company I work for is profitable and I'm not getting laid off. Most of the country thinks I have it pretty good right now, and I'd agree ... and Buss and Kobe are doing so much better than I am that it's hard to compare without getting down into the fraction of a percent of my net worth versus theirs ...

In the universe of things I can't get worked up over, which potential billionaire has to give up some small portion of his millions to give the Lakers their best shot at another championship is possibly the least important thing on Earth.

I can't believe I just spent 3 minutes typing about it.

I think Kobe should just do himself a favor and not opt out. Then we can deal with Lamar and Ariza and not have to worry about Kobe too. If he does opt out, he probably should take a pay cut just because everyone else is probably taking a cut including Lamar and Ariza. Yes, even Dr. Buss is having his funds shaved a bit by the tax.

So, though Kobe earns his money more than everyone else, he probably should take a cut.

But I don't think Kobe opting out and taking less is IN ANY WAY necessary for us to re-sign Lamar and Ariza. They Know Kobe's the city's main man and he deserves what he gets. They know we're over the cap. They know we just won a ring. Unless Portland or Detroid comes up with a big offer for both,, they’ll be staying. This is why I’m hoping Detroit overpays for Ben Gordon. The more pieces Detroit and the Blazers add, the more likely we stay together. Where’s Alec Guinness when we need him? “These are not the players you’re looking for.” “Hey, these aren’t the player’s we’re looking for…”



"As for resigning TA and LO, I admit the suspense is starting to kill me. I do feel pretty good about Mitch's judgement on this, though, and the fact that I really don't think that in this economy and luxury tax era too many other teams are going to bust the bank to sign either LO or TA."

I share your anxiety.

One thing that freaks me out to no end is... Cleveland.

On Fox Sports Ohio they've mentioned multiple times that the Cavs are going to make a run for Trevor AND Lamar. The issue with the Cavs is that they will do ANYTHING to retain LeBron James. Anything. Even if it is irrational, reactionary and just plain bad business.


LeBron leaves and the Cavs return to being the Clippers of the East, but with less fans.

LeBron has the potential to ruin the Cavs franchise because he is not going to commit to staying with the Cavs. So... the Cavs feel they HAVE TO win it all this year or there is a good chance of LeBron leaving. Thus they are probably willing to go so deep into the luxury tax to pick up players that they will probably make inflated offers to players... and that could include Lamar and Trevor.

Cavs fans are particularly impressed by Lamar Odom, which further concerns me.

Anyhow, I sure hope that Trevor and Lamar stay in Los Angeles. We've got a good thing going here and we've got to keep it rolling.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Glad to see you’re still here. Don’t forget to add Dallas Raines' Hair to list as he was the blogger who first suggested Fish as the Lakers next coach. Thanks, Larry.


Freakin Mason and Ireland brought up the same idea I brought up a month or 2 ago.

Have Phil coach home games, have Rambis or whomever coach away games. Frak, great idea guys, glad you thought of it.

Posted by: #4 | June 23, 2009 at 11:43 PM

I will testify to that fact. You were the first on this blog to bring that up. I used it in two of my comments as well, following your lead.

Let's give credit, where credit is due. lol

Jon K

Thank you senor. I thought the best part was the picture caption. Did you see who the staff members were?

Boy, I wish the Times would gave us that type of word license here. lol


Derek Fisher, the Next Great Lakers Coach - BANDWAGON

Posted by: MAMBA24 | June 24, 2009 at 11:00 AM

"On Fox Sports Ohio they've mentioned multiple times that the Cavs are going to make a run for Trevor AND Lamar."

"Thus they are probably willing to go so deep into the luxury tax to pick up players that they will probably make inflated offers to players... and that could include Lamar and Trevor."

You won't have to worry Jon K. because the Cavs even if they lose Varejao to free agency and don't keep Joe Smith will still be over the cap. The Cavs payroll will still be roughly $70 million and thus over the cap so they cannot offer either Ariza or Odom more than the mid-level exception which the Lakers for sure will offer more than to both Trevor and Lamar. Only in KL's world would they be allowed to violate the salary cap and sign both.

Only possible threats to sign away Ariza and Odom are Memphis and Detroit.

Fatty, thanks for the props. At least its evidence that I make some sense some of the time.


Hey, Hugo, hope you like crow!

I think Fish would make a great coach, so add me to that list, please.

However, I have to be honest. I think Kobe, at this point, would make the best coach out of all the Lakers. For both players, I think the fact that Phil is willing to hand the team over to Kurt is a testament to the fact that they can run the system.

After all, that's what a coach should strive for - not necessarily independence from coaching, but a team that doesn't necessitate coaching intervention. Taking what the defense gives you does not need much coaching. While it may need an outside observer to call attention to weaknesses, the triangle does not need coaching.

As for other coach-related matters, the rotation during the season is pretty set so the players and coaches know what to expect. And on defense, regardless of who is head coach on road games, Kurt is the "defensive coordinator" anyways, so he'll be there to oversee that aspect of the road games.

i know that Otto can roll, but can he pick?!


after this game, can Kobe, as a Barcelona fan, tease Gasol?!

re: Fisher as coach

Fisher can't lead a FAST BREAK, how can he coach a team. maybe the specialty team (football)- see Scola

Sorry phred, apparently you're not a Coen brothers fan, so you didn't realize that my post was entirely meant as humor.

dude- sorry, I didn't mean to imply that i did understand your post- I was going to sort it out eventually, though. and I like the coen brothers, but i'm not crazy about the coen brothers.

ooouuuccchhhh... so, you're saying that phil is great on the break?

can the cavs sign odom? I didn't think so, but blitz thinks they can't, so I could have been wrong. Could there be some combination of trades and/or cuts they could use to pull it off? I don't know that LO and TA, even if they got both of them, would really be the piece to put them over the top in the east. and would it hurt the lakers enough to be worth it? maybe in we had beat them in the finals in seven games. but I don't think odom and ariza even guarantee them getting by boston, orlando, or some other potential east contenders. of course, they have to do something, cause right now lbj is looking pretty lonely.

Has there ever been a guy comming out of college more tailor made for the triangle system Phil likes to run than Terrence Williams out of Louisville. Plus he's a guy that can defend the perimeter.

All the mock draft I've seen has this guy going in the mid 20's. I say we package our 3 draft picks this year and move up a few spots & GET THIS GUY.

According to Bill Plascke Byron Scott has 1 year left with the Hornets and that's who the Lakers are looking to replace Phil Jackson with , not Rambis. You cannot hand a world class organization like the Lakers over to an unproven coach. Although Scott has not won a championship, his team has been in the finals and he has done wonders with the Hornets considering his best player is a point guard.

I am not too concerned about Odom or Ariza going to Cleveland. Would you want to spend the next 4 or 5 years in Cleveland and there is no guarantee that Lebron will be there after next season? Given the city of Cleveland's lack of winning any championship in any sport in over 40 years, that is not a situation as a player that I would want to be a part of.

Jerebko seems like a solid pick. A solid team player to complement Kobe. Plus he could bring some defence!

Hi there everybody!

here you can find a pair of interviews with Pau Gasol. The problem is that both are in spanish. Hope you enjoy them:

By the way, I know you don´t care about Football, but in an hour or so U.S.A and Spain will play for a spot in the Finals of the "Copa Confederaciones". No way you win of course, but I liked what I saw in your match against Egypt so I have to say you´re improving. Keep it up!

Is it October yet?

Let´s Go Lakers!

Posted by: HugoSpain | June 24, 2009 at 10:34 AM

Sorry HugoSpain,

No way became way!



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