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Kobe's puppet gets his celebration on

A few of these have been hit and miss of late, but this one is rock solid:

Thanks to Ball Don't Lie for the tip.


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after its all said and done you will be considered the GOAT! YES I SAID IT AND U HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

after 2-3 more rings the world will be apologizing and suckin your toes for forgiveness.


HA HA!!!

I love how Kobe still has the tag on his hat! LOL!

These Kobe V Lebron commercials are lame. LeBrick's going to come back with a vengence next season.

I probably one of the few people who liked the commercials........and this one is GREAT!!





my 2 cents!!

How many Muppets commercials have they made?
And is this the last one?

Kobe to visit the 'Tonight Show' on Wednesday.

Does that mean the K's are not too far behind?

Oh the humanity!

No doubt about it - Lebron is indeed the MVP (Most Valuable Puppet))...

If LeBron had any input into this, I will forget the storming off the court accident. Haha

Early this evening, the Lakers sent out an email updating information on Wednesday's celebration. Here it is:

All Lakers fans are invited to stand along Figueroa Street from STAPLES Center to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to cheer the Los Angeles Lakers players having just won the fifteenth NBA Championship in the franchise’s history. Following the parade, a special rally featuring the players, team officials, Coach Phil Jackson and other special several players will take place in the Coliseum. The Coliseum gates will open beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 17th for fans wishing to attend the rally. As space is limited to the first 95,000 fans, guests are encouraged to arrive early. Early arriving fans will be able to watch the parade on giant video screens in addition to being entertained by the Laker Girls and other special guests.

Please note that STAPLES Center and L.A. LIVE property is closed to all general public foot and vehicle traffic. Fans can start lining up on the east side of Figueroa Street at 11th Street.


EVENT TIMELINE: (note these times are subject to change)

11:15 a.m. All vehicles pass by STAPLES Center and L.A. LIVE
11:20 a.m. Official Parade Starts on Figueroa Street
12:00 p.m. Parade arrives at Memorial Coliseum & Rally Begins
1:00 p.m. Rally concludes


Fans are encouraged to line-up along both sides of Figueroa Street between 11th Street and 39th Street.


Coliseum lots open at 6:00 a.m. Specific traffic patterns into the complex may vary as the day progresses, but they will start as follows:

* Enter from the West at Vermont and 39th Street
* Enter from the North at Exposition and Menlo
* Enter from the South at either Hoover and Martin Luther King Jr. or Menlo Blvd. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.


Enter via Gates 1, 4, 11, 16, 19, 23 and 28.

In other words, all of the Coliseum gates will be open, 360 degrees around the complex.

There will be no overnight camping in the park.

The following items may NOT be brought into the Coliseum:

Bottles, cans, coolers, backpacks, large bags, strollers, large cameras, video cameras, signs, horns, inflatable’s, strollers, fireworks, balls, foam fingers, Frisbees, umbrellas, chairs, musical instruments, audio equipment, audio recording devices, food of any kind, flags, banners, laser pointers, umbrellas and weapons of any kind are not allowed inside.

“Large cameras” is meant to denote cameras bearing large, or telephoto lenses, which would give the assumption that the owner is likely taking pictures as a commercial venture.

Diaper bags will be allowed in provided the person in possession of them has an infant present.

LeBron should be eating Wheaties.

That's all.

Oh yeah, AK and BK. You should take 48 Minutes of Hell's lead and do this as well:

*2009 NBA CHAMPIONS...Smile!*

KL Beast,

I've got much love for you brother, I always knew you were a true Laker fan. Thanks for showing that your heart bleeds purple and gold and giving Kobe and these Lakers their props. No matter who wears purple and gold, I will always support them and cheer for them.

More good times to come for sure. Go Lakers!!!

Nuff said, Hulk smash!!! Peace to KL Beast!!!

Much love to the rest of my Laker family!!!

Rick, I wear a diaper, I have to bring one. haha!

"I would choose Shannon Brown w/o hating Farmar because of ff. reasons:

1. Better shooting percentage
2. Height 4 inches advantage
3. Speed which was proven in the Western playoffs
4. Defense
5. Easy learner of the triangle and responsible for delivering the Denver series
6 Good Attitude not pouting or blaming teammates"

Except for number 7 since we haven't totally seen how his playmaking skills are those are ALL good points about WHY Shannon Brown is poised to succeed Derek Fisher in the future as Kobe's back court mate.

"Totally agree on Hobbitmage's post with regards to Kobe as a PG. He is 31 years old next season, why would you punish the duck that lay the golden eggs to do the yeomans job of bringing the ball from back court to the front court, do the the shooting, do the rebounding and assign the tough defensive assignments too. This is total ballhog argument in putting all eggs under one player."

EXACTLY what I said to Laker Tom Edwin. Why on EARTH would you want Kobe to do so much work. Wait I remember: Bynum. Yeah the guy who couldn't even hit 50% of his shots as a CENTER (an post center not a Mehmut Okur center), BRAGGED about playing tough defense against Yao/Nene/Dwight when it was PAU GASOL who did the job against all THREE defensively, and simply couldn't back up his mouth while Pau Gasol did ALL the dirty work and still manage to hit an outstanding 60% against DWIGHT HOWARD the Defensive Player of the Year!

Hence why the person who didn't run his mouth and bragged and instead DID the job earned dimes from Kobe while the one who ran his mouth sat on the pine more.

Fisher-Bryant-Ariza-Odom-Gasol will not be the starting lineup next year but the one that will be used a ton in close games again. This lineup won the title.

Once Fish is done:

Brown-Bryant-Ariza-Odom-Gasol will be the closing line up again.

(This is assuming all 3 are re-signed and Jackson is still the coach).

Why Shannon? Well aside from the fact that yellofever is eating crow because DEREK FISHER proved him wrong in the Finals he does bring up an excellent point:

"if its between FARMAR AND BROWN its BROWN in a landslide. i cant believe this is even a discussion.


browns been with the lakers for less than a year and look at the impact hes made.... his jumper is also underrated but SIMPLY PUT most of what he brings to the table is SUPERIOR DEFENSE AND ATHLETICISM. everyone could analyze all they want but this aint rocket science."

Argument over. I don't think Farmar has reached his ceiling but I do think that his gifts may not be suited for a half court offense.

"6. Just like it is boring to hear repeatedly from LakerTom and his infatuation with Andre Bynum aka Beast. For a while I thought LakerTom was Drew’s agent."

Naw Laker Tom is a very good guy and one of the best bloggers here.

And btw for those on BUTLER watch, I went deep into enemy territory (in the AZ Central blogs) and according to him he got thrown out of here hehe.

Good riddance!

I don't hate LeBron & it should be said this entire advertising campaign revolved around the joke of Kobe having won 3-now-4 Rings & LeBron hasn't won any. LeBron could have stopped these commercials & Nike would have complied, so give LeBron some credit of letting Nike have fun at his expense.


I agree with you. I actually think the commercials are great for LeBron because his puppet is cute and likeable, definitely more so than the Crab King himself in person, who never has elicited the sympathy and good-hearted laughter that his puppet evokes.

It’s a good marketing move because it takes the nastiness out of the competition by portraying Kobe and LeBron as house buddies in the puppet universe. Now I’m waiting for them to be attacked by the Puppet Masters and signing as free agents with…

Oh, but that is only in the Puppetverse. LOL.



We’ll just have to wait and see who ends up playing more behind Fisher next year. It will definitely be Farmar in my book and Brown in your book. Hope they both do great.


All the talk of this or that for next year and who starts is beyond me...

Yall do that! I will celebrate!

My only thoughts for next year is can we get to 70 wins? I want to see an all-time greatest team!


No doubt this championship provided redemption for Kobe, Phil, Pau, Lamar, Trevor, and Fish but it was nothing compared to winning 1985 championship against the Boston Celtics in the Garden and getting payback for all those losses and blown opportunities.

Next year’s NBA Finals will fittingly be the matchup of the decade and another battle of redemption as it will pit the LA Lakers versus the Boston Celtics, winners of the last two NBA championships, going head to head to see which team will dominate the 2010’s.

Only after defeating Boston in 2010 will the Lakers finally complete their journey of redemption that started with last year’s Finals loss. And young Andrew Bynum will also get his opportunity of redemption, a chance to make up missing last year’s Finals.

Then, like a heavyweight fighter who just won the rubber match against his main rival, Kobe and the Lakers will give LeBron and whatever team he plays for then his long-lost chance to fight for the title. After that trouncing, Nike will retire LeBron’s puppet.


BUTLER GOT FRIGGIN BANNED?? Y'all a doggone lie!

The Lakers are usually positioned late in the draft but they've managed to make it work, half the team is homegrown. The mushrooming payroll makes it more important than ever to find some hidden gems. We have 3 picks between the two rounds. If we're looking to develop and grow players for the future, what will they look like now? Personally, I'm looking for the following (whether in separate players or some combination): a high energy big man, somebody with leadership qualities, a versatile shooting guard.

p ang/LakerTom/Lakeshow Fans ,

Without question, his smile was worth a thousand "championship" words.

Speaking of the "smile" he gave after making that clutch three point shot in Game 4, what about the finger "shush" he gave after making a crucial three point shot in Game 5 of the 2000-2001 NBA Finals against the Philadelphia 76ers?

That image of Fish is still quite fresh in my mind. Talk about being an assassin in his own right. The man is a "winner!"

Since we are on the topic of Fisher, the clutch "player," let's look at Fisher, the caring "person" for a moment.

The one thing that makes Fisher a great person outside the court is his acknowledgment of people in general.

I appreciated the fact that he took the time in a post interview to honor and remember Larry Miller, the late owner of the Utah Jazz.

If I recall, Mr. Miller was the sole reason why we got Derek back in the fold in LA. Giving up Fish was a tough thing for him to do from the team and management standpoint. Fisher was a key to their success a few years back as his leadership and work ethic were priceless.

Because of Fisher's situation with his daughter, Mr. Miller did not fret one bit and gave him the blessing to leave by terminating his contract with them without any remorse. Mr. Miller's primary concern was Fisher's family needs first and foremost.

In my opinion, Larry Miller embodied what is good about the NBA and the human spirit.

God bless him (may he forever rest in peace) and his family.

I'm so glad that Fisher took the opportunity to reflect on Mr. Miller as an owner and person. That's class!

In my opinion, Fisher's leadership and his connection with KB24 has proved invaluable for the Lakers organization the last couple of years. Look what they have achieved since then...Two Finals appearances and a championship to boot.

In addition, I liked what he said about Phil Jackson as a whole when he addressed the media. He portrayed Phil as a person first, then coach second (interesting approach I must say). This man is quite the "gentleman." He leaves no stone unturned. He is the "real deal" when it comes to leadership (as Kobe notes) and teamwork.

Reflecting on both his game and character should bring a "smile" to anyone's face.

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Result? 2008-2009 NBA Champions!

Shannon Brown is a keeper, especially for a cash strapped, new budding NBA Dynasty to afford.

He fits the bill nicely with his on the ball defense. I was very surprised at how well he played Billups. He has promise as one of the many specialists we will need in the next few years.

A starter, closer, no. But a guy off the bench, who can cause problms for the other side, yes.

Just think, it was only a short time ago, our best pt guard was a guy named Smush.

Time to say good night.

Sweet Lakers dreams, you all.

One thing that Kobe left out when asked about what makes Jackson such a great coach, which I haven't heard anyone mention since Sunday's win (but which was brought up a number of times earlier in the season) - he spends all season preparing for the playoffs, and is a master at getting the team to peak at the right time.

Well aside from the fact that yellofever is eating crow because DEREK FISHER proved him wrong in the Finals he does bring up an excellent point:

Posted by: KB Blitz | June 16, 2009 at 07:20 PM

wow kb blitz i'm very ashamed to say but i cant believe we finally agreed on something... shannon brown is the future.

as for the eating crow, no thanks... fish was what 0-5 before those MIRACLE SHOTS and that may have very well saved phils legacy and all dfish lovers from persecution. but i always backed shannon over dfish and theres no way we'll ever know what impact he wouldve had on the game had he gotten key minutes. dfish did have costly turnovers before those MIRACLE SHOTS so maybe with shannon lakers put them away early and its never close. regardless, dfish was still the man. he went from goat to hero.


"Only after defeating Boston in 2010 . ."

You do realize that Boston will never ever get back to the Finals anymore in the Garnett era? Celtics big three are old, PG is hated by teammates, and who is that SG? Dang, can't even remember him. And then there's Wade. DHoward and LBJ in their way. Celtics are one and done.



1. ariza- FA nxt year - MUST RESIGN. absolute keeper. Will only continue to improve. SORELY NEED HIS ATHLETICISM AT THE 3 esp with luke as backup. Will be ideal to resign for 6 MIL

2 shannon- FA nxt year- MUST RESIGN. Desperately need his defense for pt guard. Kobe desperately will need his perimeter defensive help at guard position. Ideal to resign at 3 MIL

3. Kobe- FA in 2011-12.... WILL RETIRE A LAKER.

4. Bynum- FA in 2013-14... Lot of his critics say bad contract but in his defense had he not gotten injured he wouldve been unrestricted free agent after this year... Lakers prob risk losing him or maybe have to pay more. At least we lock in the future

5. Farmar- FA in 2011-12.... Bargain at less than 3mil... I say keep him with 3 pt guard rotation and limit dfish minutes

6. Lamar-FA nxt year- biggest mystery this summer but my guess is buss never breaks up winning formula so will most likely offer 8-10 max. (8 would be ideal any more let him walk and go to plan B)

7 gasol- FA in 2011-12.... 2 more rings and retire 12

8. Dfish- FA in 2010-11.... Hella money when it counts but for future nothing but diminishing returns. Hopefully will accept declining minutes and retire a hero

9. Luke- FA in 2013-14.... Biggest waste of salary cap and longest contract in our books. Extremely expandable esp with arizas emergence. Absolutely untradeable and probably worthless anywhere without a triangle. So not going anywhere. Where's the tums?

10. Sasha- FA in 2011-12.... market value dropped in playoffs like a nanostock. Not worth anything now so wait till gets nxt year and I say trade as soon as stock goes back up

11. Morrison- FA in 2011-12.... Still intriguing option and I like to replace luke as backup. Has smarts and outside shot we need. I say has lots of upside since playing with kobe

12 sun yue... FA ?? - who cares. This guy was probably signed for marketing and I'm sure lakers made more money selling jerseys in china than what his contract is worth.

Yo K bros... Anyway u could post everyones contracts and what they're worth? Rotoworld has a page for that but not updated.

The story over at Hoopsworld seems to imply that Ariza wants to return as does Jackson...It also says that Kobe,Lamar and others will be meeting with Mitch next week.....get it done Mitch...


Lakers Blog currently undergoing collective adrenaline withdrawl...

I read T.J. Simer's latest article. WTF! I find it ironic that Simers makes his living as a sportswriter writing about the L.A. sports team and yet comes across as holier than thou by claiming that fans' priorities are misplaced by valuing sports teams rather than honoring the police or firemen. How dare you. Why don't you stop whoring yourself as a two-bit sportswriter? Are you not being a hypocrite? Before you cast the stone, look at yourself in the mirror first. By the way, you will never attain the respect and admiration that Jim Murray (a true sportswriter) garnered.

I have my priorities straight. I will no longer bother to read your negative and loathesome articles. Please quit, move to Boston and root for the Celtics. Hopefully, we L.A. fans will not hear from you until 19 years from now when the Celtics become relevant again.

No doubt about it - Lebron is indeed the MVP (Most Valuable Puppet))... Posted by: The Snake | June 16, 2009 at 06:21 PM

Rick, I wear a diaper, I have to bring one. haha! Posted by: Edwin Gueco | June 16, 2009 at 07:20 PM

Hey you think you're the only one? LOL!

I like the puppets commercials. I may not like LBJ but his puppet is funny and very likeable. I give props to LBJ for allowing this puppet commercials to continue. The one where he wish Kobe "goodluck buddy" is very touching. I guess LBJ and KOBE are friends in real life. I may dislike LBJ but I do not hate him. I dislike him only because the media is forcing me to like him and on the contrary forcing me to hate KOBE. Media thinks that they can fool everyone but I am sorry I am not one of them.

In the meantime, let's have more of these puppets.

Pau should have gotten the MBP (Most Bearded Player) of the year.

Damn, I wish I could go to the parade.

I would take Farmar over Shannon Brown because Farmar brings the speed, quickness, penetration, and ball handling that Shannon cannot compete with.

Shannon Brown's skill set is like Derek Fisher. He's strong, can shoot, and defend the stronger guards.

I like both Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown. But with this team, I think Farmar is a better fit because he brings to the team something that nobody else on the team can bring.

Except Kobe of course.

Go Lakers!
F the C's!

Rockey: have Farmer and Shannon go one on one. My money's on Shannon. Hope they both stay, I still think Shannon is faster.

Get Eli Broad, who helped finance the parade, pay part of Shannon's contract. Eli is Michigan State's proudest graduate. A year or two behind me and much more affluent.....where do you put the comma?

I don't hate LeBron & it should be said this entire advertising campaign revolved around the joke of Kobe having won 3-now-4 Rings & LeBron hasn't won any. LeBron could have stopped these commercials & Nike would have complied, so give LeBron some credit of letting Nike have fun at his expense. Posted by: Scott | June 16, 2009 at 07:29 PM Come on that is the dumbest thing i ever heard, you should know he is under contract and as such, his likeness(picture) voice, Name can be used by Nike any way they want, or LEbrick can give back all that money.

Damn, I wish I could go to the parade.

I would take Farmar over Shannon Brown because Farmar brings the speed, quickness, penetration, and ball handling that Shannon cannot compete with.

Shannon Brown's skill set is like Derek Fisher. He's strong, can shoot, and defend the stronger guards.

I like both Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown. But with this team, I think Farmar is a better fit because he brings to the team something that nobody else on the team can bring.

Except Kobe of course.

Go Lakers!
F the C's!

Posted by: Rocky | June 17, 2009 at 08:09 AM


What games you been watching? Speed you say remember SB running down court to block shot? Speed and hops. Even though SB was called for foul replay in different angles shows it was a clean block and pick. Ever see JF do that?

Also not only was SB driving into the lane he was actually making his layups far more than JF was.

This was bl (before Lakers ) but I saw many drives and dunks , bank shots and teardrops by SB driving the paint.

I was sort of going nuts with those commercials earlier in the playoffs, and not because of any Kobe hating ('cos after what he did to the Magic...) mainly for yet-to-win-a-ring-Lebron... but this one, this one I enjoy.

See you next June, LA!


Shannon Brown is a good player. He's athletic. He was able to come in and immediately play in the triangle, and he made good plays on offense and defense. He gave Fisher some good rest heading into the Finals. I hope the Lakers are able to resign him.

If forced to make a choice between Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown in a 1 on 1 match-up, I'd take Brown. If forced to make a choice between Farmar and Brown for this Lakers team, I'd choose Farmar. I would choose Farmar because he brings the point guard skill set. He's the only Laker who is a true point guard.

We'll see what happens. I think Shannon Brown made himself a couple million with his performance these playoffs. Will the Lakers pay that?

I don't know what Mitch Kupchak is going to do with this situation, but I think next year we are going to see a refocused Jordan Farmar who understands what his role on this Laker team is. If he is on the team.

Go Lakers!
F the C's!



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