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Kobe Bryant on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

Kobe Bryant capped off what I can only imagine was a Dear Diary day Tuesday with an appearance on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.  There are definitely some funny moments.  I'm a much bigger fan of O'Brien, too, than I ever was of Leno.  Just sayin'.

Part II below the jump.


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Nice to see Kobe so happy.

I also like Conan O'Brien's humor more than Jay Leno's, but I had the opportunity to meet Jay Leno once briefly and he was a complete gentleman. A very nice guy.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


i want to know what PJ said during the meditation session....probably something like, youre a frog on a lilypad, and the fly is the championship ring or something like that

Sorry BK, in my humble opinion, Leno's humor >>>>>>>>>>> Conan's humor!

Conan is almost as tall as Kobe.

kobe is so happy

Caught Kobe on last night... He's the man!!!

I agree... Leno not nearly as funny as Conan!!

Can't wait till next year...


Am i the only one having Laker withdrawal? I wish there was a game tonight or something=(

keifo - the only way I see us repeating is if we sign the rodents. GET IT DONE BUSS!!!

I too watched Kobe on Conan last night- he really seemed like the weight of the world has been lifted from his shoulders!!

Where has the serious, closed up, suspicious Kobe gone?


Jon k,

Yes luke was a member of our championship team and kudos to all his contributions but I wouldn't emphasize valuable member

Nxt year I got hope that morrison can be that luke but with a deadly 3 point shot. Kinda like a crossover of luke and vlade. Its gonna take a lot work to come out of phils doghouse but I'm very curious to see what kind of player kobe can make him.

What u see is what u get from luke. I hate to hate him but come next year like every other year we will all be reaching for our tums again watching him.

Opposing coaches will keep exploiting him on defense and will keep leaving him wide open almost begging him to shoot and then whoever he is guarding will have another breakout season high or even career high game


I was browsing and noticed that they have Darren Collison as a potential first round pick by the Lakers. I think we both loved Collison’s defense, which I agree is much better than Jordan’s, but wonder about the rest of his game. What’s your take on him as a prospective pick by the Lakers? Thanks.


Hey are you guys going to post any more of the exit interviews?? The ones for Dfish and Farmar I thought were extremely informative!! Many thanks for those, as I struggle with Laker jones.

Keep up the good work!


Conan is awesome. Kobe seemed more relaxed and normal than he sometimes is in these type of environments, and he seemed to get more natural the deeper they went into the interview. Kobe in interviews always makes me a little nervous, but Conan always does a good job of making his guests seem funny and comfortable. That's the sign of a good host.

Best moment: Frogs on a lilypad. Classic.


Trust me, you are not the only one in that regard.

However, I found a great remedy for Laker withdrawal...

By way of DVD or tape, watch Game 4 and 5 of the Finals against Orlando again as well as Game 6 of the 2000 Finals with Indiana, Game 5 of the Finals with Philadelphia, and Game 4 of the 2002 Finals with New Jersey.

Hopefully, you can get your hands on all or some of these games. If not, the internet is another alternative.

This "winning" combination should help you greatly as I'm sure it will for most of us.

God bless.

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Result? 2008-2009 NBA Champions!


You are a Los Angeles sports writer and reporter and you don't care if one of the L.A. teams wins a title? Would you mind stating your purpose? I always assumed that you poked holes to produce excellence - I am mistaken?


My bad! Game 5 of the "2001" Finals with Philadelphia that is.

If you especially love killer Derek Fisher three point shots, this game is definitely for you (the finger "shush" he showed was quite memorable). You won't be disappointed.

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Result? 2008-2009 NBA Champions!

kobe was funny in the interview. he also really enjoys himself when he is on jimmy kimmel. i love the audience's reaction whenever he comes on stage. they chant mvp and the audience goes more crazy for kobe then any actor or actress. it took a long time for them to settle down, even last yr on jimmy kimmel the audience kept chanting mvp.

btw, tomorrow night phil is going on conan. wow, who knows maybe conan will become a laker fan even though he is from boston. just saying.

Can someone tell who TJ Simmers is and what does have to do with basketball!!!



I love Conan, but Jay's better, Conan's more cerebral, Jay's funnier.


I am so pissed. Kobe gave a near stranger from Boston his game shoes? WTF??


PS I agree about Lakers withdrawal. Now I have to get a real life !!! Wake me for the pre-season.

Stuff I don't want to hear about from the media any more:

1) Simers. Lakers won so you're irrelevant. Next.

2) Simmons. Ditto. Next.

3) Kobe & Shaq. No Shaq this time so issue resolved. Next.

4) Lakers "redemption". They are redeemed. Next.

Stuff I want to hear:

1) Lakers' off-season activities like above. Will Pau party hearty in Barcelona? Will Kobe finally get his hand fixed? Will Kareem work Bynum's you-know-what off the entire summer?

2) What other teams are interested in LO, Ariza & Brown? The only way they don't come back is if someone else offers stupid money for them (read: Mark Cuban).

Otis/John T/Leonard Bast,

I'm about 99.9999999999999999% sure that poster WAS NOT T.J. In other words, positive. Someone under a fake name. Shouldn't have gone through. It's since been deleted.


Hey TJ, if you don't know how to spell intellectual I suggest you use an easier word with fewer syllables.

Just a suggestion.

Of course, the REAL T.J. Simers wouldn't reveal himself in a post or over-inflate the actual number of chinese people on plaent Earth.

Unless...unless he's in contact with SPACE Chinese people, maybe Cinese people from the future! I mean, if he writes for page 2, he MUST have access to all SORTS of great things like a time capsule and a rocket ship. just like the one Flash Gordon flwe in, the one that had a sparkler for jet space.

Nah, he's only a newspaper man and probably doesn't know how to fly a space ship or operate the flux capaciter in the time capsule.

Oh well, if he had a time machine he could go back and maybe re-write his last seven or eight crummy articles. They should put him in the opinion section anyhow as that's all he ever spouts out. Personal opinion does not a journalist make.

Unless you're watching Fox News, in which point you better not use any facts or I'll sock you in the mouth!

no prob AK, i didn't think it was the real TJ to begin with. i just assumed it was a troll.

Of course, I could spell 'flew' correctly.

It's always REALLY cool when you mis-spell a word whilst criticizing someone else's grammar.

Oh well. I suppose I'll never write for Page 2.

anyway, i just watched the whole Tonight Show episode. it was fun to watch Kobe in a nonbasketball related event. the whole bit with the huge statue was funny. then that part with William Shatner and his many exploits was funny, too! he couldn't even do the Vulcan "Live Long and Prosper" sign! (i wonder if he faked that....)

check this article out from a Laker Hater!


Lakers 2009 Champs!
15 and Counting!


"I think we both loved Collison’s defense, which I agree is much better than Jordan’s, but wonder about the rest of his game."

Collison is every way better than Jordan Farmar except that he isn't the floor general that Jordan (when he is playing like a PG) is.

Skill set Jordan is better. Better playmaker than Collison and has more the "will" to win than Collison. Collison however is a better defender, is more athletic, and is a willing learner than Jordan who is set more in his ways. Plus Collison isn't as flashy so he is less turnover prone than Jordan and I think is more willing to involve his big men more than Jordan since he has played with Kevin Love who was a great post dude at UCLA while Jordan led a more perimeter attack in his time there.

However Collison has more gaping weaknesses in that he isn't as fast (in foot speed not overall quickness because Collison HELLA Quick) as Jordan and while his shot improved he is at most equal to Jordan and that is at most meaning he could be worst as a shooter.

Plus if people thinks that Jordan's skinny frame was bad then Collison would be worst and Collison is really 6'0 to the 6'2 Jordan so big guards will also bully him probably even worst than they do against Jordan.

I wouldn't think the Lakers draft him since they already have Farmar (if they trade Jordan then possibly Collison could be drafted) since they already have Jordan and Shannon. Collison was awesome in College but I think in the NBA the most success is probably Aaron Afflalo who hasn't seen that much time even though he was an All-American in College.

So my answer if they draft him they ain't going to use him much at all unless they trade away Jordan. Collison is more athletic but Jordan has the better skill set and has the better chance in the NBA than Collison does in my opinion.

"Opposing coaches will keep exploiting him on defense and will keep leaving him wide open almost begging him to shoot and then whoever he is guarding will have another breakout season high or even career high game"

Really?? Marvin Williams didn't eat him up, Paul Pierce didn't eat him up, Rudy Gay didn't have a career high game and heck even Hedo didn't get his career high against Walton either!

If you think Walton is BAD on defense then Morrison is even WORST. He hasn't been the shooter that he was in Gonzaga. Heck he's another Michael Jordan BUST who wasn't able to live up to expectations. And that is ALL Morrison can do if can't be the center of the team! In fact he is a worst bust than JJ Reddick.

Only good thing about Morrison is that he is an expiring contract (last year is a team option) who could be used to help pay for Ariza and Odom. Other than that Morrison isn't the playmaker/passer/posting up guy that Luke is and so far doesn't look to be the dude that he was once in Gonzaga (the shooter).

Put Morrison in the court and there will be an even BIGGER career night from SF's than if Luke was guarding them! that is how BAD Morrison is so far in the NBA.

just saw the new MVPuppets commercial where Kobe celebrates while LeBron eats his breakfast. priceless! too bad the kid from downstairs didn't come over, too.

Kobe, Pau, D-Fish, Ariza, Farmar, Shannon Brown, Josh Powell, Adam Morrison and DJ Mbenga will be on Kimmel this Friday - June 19th!!!!!!!!!

more fun in the city of angels!!

AK, Bk, Ben,

Does that mean Kobe is never getting his finger fixed? It seems more susceptible to dislocation every game now. I think he should try to get surgery to stabilize it if it is possible.


I've been saying all year long that we should draft Collison. He's a very excellent shooter and definitely way better at the free throw line than Farmar. Collison shot over 90% from the FT, nearly 50% in FG and 3-PT FG.

I always thought he was better than Farmar when they were both at UCLA.


Does anyone know when the Free agent signing period begins? I know unsigned players can become free agents on July 1 but in the past the teams had to wait a week or so to sign them. Same this year?

I thought i read last week that the Lakers are trying to get out of the first round to save cash....If the Lakers pick Joe Ingles..(they wont) then they have a chance to send a player like him overseas of send him back over here to play in our local league...Ingle's is around 6,8 and plays SF..He reminds me of Sun Yue with way better range and attacks the rim a little harder...I would like to see us pick up a PF/C...Then stash him overseas..

To the Kobe/Phil haters (if the Ks will allow) -

He may be a bastard but he's our bastard.

AHHHHH the players are still partying and celebrating!

Dam I wish i was with them!

Laker parties still going on strong...I heard ronny turiaf is at the one tonight!

Man, Kobe really seems happier now. Not that I'm into feeling sorry for the second richest athlete in the world at hundreds of millions of dollars...but I am happy for Kobe actually being happy, because money cant buy happiness. He started off a a fresh young face of the mid 90s culture and then went through the personality tussles with the old vets on the team and then through the last seven years he seemed older and bitter, so hopefully winning this he'll be a lot happier.

Honestly, I think this may improve his overall health. Stress is a bad thing, and so is stressful exercise. Doctors will tell you that physical strain under stress takes years off your life. Sure Kobe is a physical specimen when it comes to conditioning but all that adrenaline is really not good. Im sure Kobe has always had fun on his own time but now he can leave his house and go to work happy. I think he might even become a better player honestly. Maybe he wont force as many shots, wont play too many minutes and more efficient, as Jordan did as he got older.

By the way, I'm rare Im young and like Jay Leno over Conan, although I dont dislike Conan after watching him for awhile. If i want a good punch line and monologue an feel good about life, I like Jay. If I got the energy I want Conan

purple& gold summer

I heard that too!

Do you know why so manyy of them are going on?

I don't know if anyone posted this link but Simmons gets stepped on.

As a die hard Laker fan, I'm propably just as elated as Kobe. I know the black Mamba doesn't want to give guarantees but I'm smelling a repeat! I think Dr. Jerry Buss is willing to pay luxury tax just to keep the core team intact. I mean, he's done it before.


is there any HOF player won championship wearing 2 numbers other than Kobe (8 and 24)? Just wondering..


Jamie Sweet,

I love it when a blogger (like yourself) has the creativity to make me laugh aloud as I read a post. Love it.

T.J. Simers is a nimrod (and I don't mean 'mighty hunter').

He feels he's been ripped off by life when in truth he's been given too much.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


p ang,

Dang straight!

Losers hate winners because they won't take responsibility for themselves.

Revere excellence. Admire honesty. Pure and simple.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Do you think we could actually draft Collison? Really? I'm not doubting you. I'm just excited about the idea.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


When does Summer League start?


What at do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I've been a loooooong-time Conan fan and while I was a little nervous about how Kobe would do, I was still fairly certain Conan would be able to make him comfortable and bring out the best, which he did. It's funny, so many people talk about Kobe being unlikable and while I understand it, I sort of find his awkwardness endearing. It keeps him human. Yeah, he's intense as hell and sometimes he comes off as a total bastard, but somehow, seeing him so happy makes me happy.

I CANNOT believe Phil's gonna be on Conan. HOW did they get him to agree? Oh god, I hope his willingness to go along with crap doesn't mean he's not coming back next year. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

is anyone else getting tired of hearing that the Blazers or Pistons want Trevor. Seriously, I highly doubt Blazers want him. First off, that whole fight between trevor and b. roy over rudy getting hurt. i heard some analysts are saying the only reason blazers are interested in ariza is just so lakers will pay more to keep ariza. i also don't believe the pistons would want trevor when they have prince. don't get me wrong i love trevor, but tayshaun is a way better defender than trevor. the only reason why he had trouble this season was b/c he was in a lot of pain with his back.

i seriously think lakers will do everything in their power to keep lamar and trevor. all the players have said they need to keep the team together in order to win.

No, that's where your wrong
We all have to watch this crap unravel
He's the NBA and the Fans Basterds to witness
Stop the madness
Trade Bryant
and lets start putting together a quality team

What does an NBA player with one Championship ring want most? His 2nd NBA ring. No matter what the money, Trevor and LO aren't going to accept any other offer unless they believe that team is a better bet for the next ring than the Lakers. If PJ comes back, as Jeanie predicts he will, Lamar and Trevor will bet on a repeat and a three-peat.

BTW, I've been given an answer to my question yesterday about why Dr. Buss wasn't at the trophy ceremony in Orlando or the rally at the Coliseum. Seems he's busy playing in a poker tournament. I guess that's one way of picking up the money to pay next season's luxury tax! (Thanks for the tip, Cuz.)

Go Lakers!

Good morning CRUE!!!

Kobe on Conan was great! Frog on a lily pad - who knew? You really can't script stuff like that - I was ROTFLMAO!!! I guess all the PJ haters now have more ammunition for next time the opposition goes on a 10-0 run and Phil looks like he's just chillaxing and contemplating the meaning of life (he probably is)!

I've got the Tivo working hard - Games 5 & 6, the parade, the Conan show last night and tonight, Kimmel tonight... I'm stocking now up to prevent the Laker Jones that's a-comin'.

Meanwhile - I'm still basking in the glow.....! I'm going to try & milk this for as long as I can!

Maybe we can try for a Blog Get-Together?? Like the BBQ Jon K suggested?? Or how about at a preseason game?? What say you??

LAKERS - YOUR 2009 CHAMPIONS!!! Gotta love it!!!

RIck Friedman,
"No matter what the money, Trevor and LO aren't going to accept any other offer unless they believe that team is a better bet for the next ring than the Lakers."

That is virtually never the case with pro athletes, especially after getting a ring. And if someone offers them significantly more (say 50%) than the Lakers, I predict they go to that team.

C'mon Buttler/NBA Fan/True/ whatever,

You can stop posting under different names. We all know you won't live up to the deal you made. It's not in your nature to keep your word or be a man. It's not like we'll think any less of you. The funniest thing is you'll keep spouting away, saying gnash is the best, blah, blah.

We have better things to do, like watching the 2009 NBA Champion LA Lakers defend their title.


I spent about 2 hours last night making a post with video of all the players the lakers might draft, including obscure skinny Europeans. Anyone know where it went?

So much work on my part to have it just vanish.


I'm really, really sad that I've lost that long, long post. I haven't felt this bad sine Brenda Bremudez started dating Julio.

I'll make another, because I think Laker fans deserve to see video of all these Lanky Euro swing men and big men and point guards the Lakers are targeting. They all look like different versions of Gasol or Fisher.

Oh well.

I'm paraphrasing here, but I read this clip this morning:

"LeBron visits White House, Lakers under consideration."

What? Lol. Are you kidding me? I thought the Champions were supposed to visit the Pres, not the LeBrons. Very funny.


Rick I agree with Ex - Buss will have to pony up and pay competitively to keep both Trevor and Lamar, which by the way EVERYONE in the whole freakin' city wants him to do!

God I wish we could dump Sasha and Morrison. One shooter who can't shoot anymore and one who can't even make the 12 man active roster. With the luxury tax it costs around 20 mil to honor their contracts. That's money soooo much better spent on Trevor and Lamar. Can we just give those 2 guys away to someone who'll absorb their contracts?

Oh and by the way, while we're all fawning over Mitch for doing so well building a championship team, let's not close our eyes to the fact that his signing of Sasha and Rad (who turned into Morrison)to long term contracts at salaries well above their value is what got us into this can't-afford-both-Trevor-and-Lamar mess in the first place.


can you please ask kobe the question we are all dying to know- when are you having surgery? seriously, i think everyone has forgotten that kobe has been playing injuried for two straight years. i know he thinks he is immortal, but come on kobe, get the surgery. we need you.

also, i am so excited kobe and the gang will be on jimmy kimmel. jimmy and kobe have good chemistry together and i can't wait to see how the other lakers do in the spotlight.

i wish lamar would be on jimmy kimmel. i think he would be so much fun to watch.

laker tom

i wouldnt get my hopes up about collison... for someone who couldnt even dominate the pac10 i doubt he'll have any significant impact in the nba. he may have good pt guard skills and have blow-by speed but if you aint got an OUTSIDE SHOT that doesnt do any good. we may be looking an improved version of jacque vaughn or earl watson

farmar was never effective until his 2nd year when his outside jumper significantly improved... i remember him then as doing nothing but dribbling the ball endlesslly burning up the shotclock and then dumping it in to kobe to bail him out...

having the skillset for a point guard is OVERRATED in this league .... to be an effective 30 min/game pointguard in this league you need at least ONE SKILL that you can do extremely well. i dont think farmar possesses any and thats probably why he'll never be a starter....

playing with kobe we dont need a guard with great point guard skillset... jordan never had that kind of guard... all we really need is a point guard with a OUTSIDE JUMPER (ie... dfish, bj armstrong, paxson) and if he can play defense thats a huge ADDED BONUS because this in this kobe era over jordan era guards are a lot stronger and bigger (deron, chauncey etc)

Ex call me cynical but it might take less than 50 %

With Ariza I wonder if it comes down to minutes and role too...if he's thinking the next step to stardom is to go to a team with more opportunity and more money I can kind of see it being a sensible decision for him at this point at least in his mind - think Turiaf.

The ring and his play puts him into that position every player wants to be in...a championship experience is great but does he have more to lose than to gain by coming back for another round.

Odom is a proven player whose skills would help anyone.I can see someone offering him considerably more than the lakers and him taking it - all this stuff about his family - guys open to offers definitely.It just depends on what they are.I guess the team can throw the extra money at the other...

we'll see...but nothing would surprise me.


I also question the "family is most important" line from people who have made enough money to retire ten times over, and yet continue to play, which means traveling away from the family for three months plus each year.

The salary is an "ego thing", too. If not, Kobe, LeBron, Wade, et al would be making $5M per year, so that their team could have more flexibility.

>>>Does anyone know when the Free agent signing period begins?

July 1... You can bet Trevor Ariza's phone will be ringing off
the hook at midnight of July 1 (technically 9 PM on June 30
Pacific time)

>>>With the luxury tax it costs around 20 mil to honor their

Okay, this sort of argument is a big inaccurate pile of turd.

Luxury tax doesn't double the salary of every player on the
team. If that was the case, then Buss would already be on
the books for 150 million for next season.

It's disingenuous to double the salary of a player who's already
under contract in an argument. If you want to be realistic,
consider that they're paying a % of the luxury tax relative to
what each player makes.

That's the realistic way to view it, since the huge contracts
are what make them go over the luxury tax, NOT contracts
that are less than the MLE, as both Sasha and Morrison are.

So using next year's numbers, here's the approximate extra
amount they're paying in luxury tax, EQUITABLY distributed
over all players:

Kobe - 2.2 million
Pau - 1.7 million
Bynum - 1.3 million
Morrison - 512K
Fisher - 492K
Sasha - 487K
Luke - 472K
Farmar - 190K
MBenga & Powell - 94K each
Sun - 72K
#29 draft pick - 81K

Jay Jay,

>>> let's not close our eyes to the fact that his signing of
>>>Sasha and Rad (who turned into Morrison)to long term
>>>contracts at salaries well above their value

I won't argue Rad, but Sasha's contract was for 3 years. Not
particularly long term. And he was giving that contract to a
player who had shot 43 % on 3 pointers the previous season
(top 10 in the league shooter), including scoring 20 points in
an NBA finals game.

Do you know how many people have scored 20 in an NBA
finals game? Not many. And if he hadn't done that, the Lakers

Pause for a minute and reflect on that.

If not for Sasha, your beloved Lakers go 0-4 in the finals in 2008.
Absorb that for a minute. Come back to earth and appreciate
the machine a bit more.

Get this through your head (not just you Jay Jay, but the
other people bagging on Sasha and saying his contract is
too big). 5 million a year is cheap for a 40% 3 point shooter
who plays hard on defense. That's what Mitch was
paying for.

If you want to bag on Sasha for not living up to his contract,
fine. Personally, I think he'll work hard and come back to his
old level of play next season. He's a bit of a gym rat, so he'll
work through his issues.

But you can't judge the value of a contract on what a player
does AFTER the contract is offered. This isn't like Jerome
James, who had a good playoffs and got a full MLE deal
and then absolutely STUNK. Sasha played well for a whole
season, and was a major contributing role player all the way to
the finals. Mitch negotiated a very reasonable contract with

Oh and by the way, while we're all fawning over Mitch for doing so well building a championship team, let's not close our eyes to the fact that his signing of Sasha and Rad (who turned into Morrison)to long term contracts at salaries well above their value is what got us into this can't-afford-both-Trevor-and-Lamar mess in the first place.

Posted by: Jay Jay | June 19, 2009 at 09:49 AM

Jay Jay,
You are dumping on Mitch when it was PJ and Kobe calling Vlade to get him to sign with Lakers. That reason is why Mitch pursued Vlade as other teams would have offered similar contracts.

Sasha a Kobe favorite and for what he did in prior contact earned his and would have gotten similar offers like he got.

Mitch did a graet job in what he was given since the Shaq fiasco. (Not Mitches fault either).

i just love watching kobe he is so.. cool

they got to keep the same players they all work well together dont change please!!!!!



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