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Kobe Bryant at the Coliseum

The cinematography won't win me any awards (the legacy of Conrad Hall is safe for one more day, though we do have some spectacularly artsy plans for Jordan Farmar's exit interview footage), but if you didn't get a chance to hear/see Kobe Bryant on the stage today during the Lakers' championship celebration at the Coliseum, here you go.

The best part?  Pinned down- sort of- by Stu Lantz about his summer free agency plans (remember, Kobe is expected to opt out of his current contract), Kobe pleased all but the English teachers in the crowd.  "Where I'm a'go?  This is my home.  Where I'm a'go?"  Somewhere, representatives from the Karl Malone School of Public Speaking are smiling.

UPDATE: I dropped some pics from this afternoon below the jump, just to give you an idea of what things looked like from my end. 


This one is actually my favorite of the day.  Before people got there, the crews were putting the final touches on the setup, including giving the Staples floor- imported to the Coliseum- one final sweep.  Very cool to see that floor in this building.

Getting floor ready at Coliseum

I didn't spend much time up there, but here are a couple views from the press box. Had those sections you see unfilled not been closed off, the entire place would have been packed. 

Press Box View at Coliseum

Press Box View at Coliseum II

Pete Carroll! 

Pete Carroll at Parade

I heard some stories of problems outside the stadium, but inside things seemed pretty mellow.  There was certainly tons of security roaming around.  Anyone, for example, who tried to make off with these port-o-johns wouldn't have gone far. 

(I kid, but to say the police on duty had a massive job today would be an understatement, and our hats are off to the work they did.)

Security at port-a-potties

Finally, the great Lawrence Tanter, prepping for the festivities.

Lawrence Tanter at the Parade

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I'd like to thank Kevin McHale, who has just been fired by the Wolves, for convincing his boss that the LO/Bynum for Garnett was not in the best interest of Minny.

This ring's for you, Kevin.

"I'd like to thank Kevin McHale, who has just been fired by the Wolves, for convincing his boss that the LO/Bynum for Garnett was not in the best interest of Minny.

This ring's for you, Kevin."

Seriously? this year would have been a repeat if we'd had kevin garnett the past two years.

The victory parade/rally was awesome!

Here's a little something to spread around for the next year...


Well, LakeFam, this has been one fine season. I got to watch Game 5 on the Venice boardwalk and my throat's still bleeding. But I care not. It'll be fine by October. We rose, we played for a ring and we're all laughing now. To the Brothers Kamenetzky, thank you over and over for a great place to hang. Over and out.

GO LAKERS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


While I loved your analyses of the contributions by the different individual players, one thing that jumped out at me was how these pieces fit together and work together so well, for which you have to thank Mitch Kupchak and Phil Jackson. This is a hell of a team. Synergistically, it is a team that’s dramatically greater than the sum of its parts.

When you look at the balance and versatility of the players that Mitch has put together and the way Phil has molded them into an efficient and integral unit, you have to marvel at the outstanding vision, intelligence, and execution by the entire Lakers organization. This team has it all, front court and backcourt, youth and experience, stars and role players. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind coming back with the same 14 guys next year.

As far as I am concerned, you can have your fantasy teams like the Boston Celtics with their annual revolving door for free agents and constantly changing roster. If Beantown had not been so desperate to win their one title, they might have looked back at their history and realized that the way you create a dynasty is to build a team around young superstars and not aging veterans. That is what Red Auerbach did to a tee. And that is what Mitch Kupchak has done with our LA Lakers, build a team to win now and later.

It was easy to see during all the celebrating on the Lakers home floor in the Coliseum just how much these players really love each other. I saw a lot of genuine love between players, including Jordan and Sasha embracing and hugging each other. I also felt great vibrations of love from Lamar and Trevor. No way either guy is going to leave us. As for Kobe opting out to go to another team, he essentially said that the Lakers were home.

One thing that also tugged my heartstrings was Jeanie Buss proudly wearing one the gold “X” hats that Phil’s kids made up to commemorate his 10th NBA championship. It was great to hear Jeanie basically say that Phil will be back. What will happen down the road once Phil retires from coaching. Is there a spot for him in the Lakers front office, even as a consultant? It is obvious that Phil and Mitch work very well together.


when you are thinking about draft picks, keep in mind how late the Lakers are picking. It is highly unlikely that anyone they pick will be able to help next season. Since they will be realistically aiming for the trophy, they will not be able to give much time to someone who is brand new. So shoring up the weak points will most likely have to come from within, with a slight possibility of signing a low-priced free agent.


Looks like a good time to draft some overseas prospects that we can leave over there to be groomed, like Sun Yue and Marc Gasol. We might not have gotten Pau unless we had drafted Marc. Anyway, we seem to have some good scouting resources in Europe and Pau should also have some good connections on possible prospects. And we still have 3 of our last 4 first round draft picks on the roster so maybe we can strike gold.

The other possibility that you did not address with respect to adding players is the Karl Malone and Gary Payton type of free-agent free-loader looking to snag a ring at the end of their career. I hope the Lakers don’t get tempted to do that. I didn’t like the Mailman and Glove coming on and in the end, it didn’t work. One of the things I love about this team is that these are our guys for the most part. Yeah, some were acquired but as long-term investments as opposed to rentals. Just say no to Jason Kidd and rentals.


Arghh! i survived the Lakers parade. I was ambitious to go to the Coliseum. Yes i was at the vicinity of the Coliseum but couldn't find a parking place, all the entrance enumerated by Rick F have been blocked. At 10AM, the Coliseum was already packed with 95,000 strong and more passionate fans than me. You can't even walked near it, people have been re-routed to streets east of 110. Finally, I found a place to stand in a 20 deep crowd surrounded by young, energetic and rowdy crowd who brought their babies on a stroller, not a good idea at all!. There was this small honda car parked at the Chevron station near Radisson & about 50 people are standing on the top, poor owner. The cops came over to ask them to get down, they did. As soon as the cops left, 60 came back that is when the three double deckers passed by. Pau Gasol was so happy on the first bus and Kobe on the last one perhaps everyone was shouting, throwing confetti, throwing new tshirts, empty plastic bottle toward the cops guarding the rail and the mob maybe 10k just within this block crazy about the Lakers shaking (w/o earthquake) anything that they could hold on, stomping their feet MVP, MVP (I guess they were referring to us as most valuable people) I can't move, can't even use my binocular, dizzy and about to pee. It was energetic, an experience that I never felt before. This is my 4th parade attendance since Magic dancing at LA City Hall in the 80's, 00 and 02, I think this one was really packed and the loudest. That's the passion of an elder fan - get a little peep of the players we have been talking all year round then gone. I wonder what happened to Rick F and Faith

the 1, 2, 3 RING was the greatest and final touch of the parade and of the season; indeed a GRAND FINALE.

1, 2, 3, RE-PEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2009/2010

Congrats Lakers!
More than I wish I could've been at the Parade, it's too bad that Chickie Baby wasn't here to see this.
Miss ya, Chickie.


>>> "I'd like to thank Kevin McHale, who has just been fired by the Wolves,
>>> for convincing his boss that the LO/Bynum for Garnett was not in the
>>> best interest of Minny. – p ang.

>>> Seriously? this year would have been a repeat if we'd had kevin garnett
>>> the past two years. – wtfkc.

No disrespect but that is the type of myopic thinking I would expect from a fan of another team, not from a Lakers fan. You see, Jon K has it only partially correct when he says that we play for rings. The truth is we play for dynasties. Boston used to know this, too, but failure led them to sell their soul for the quick fix of a rent-a-player fantasy league team instead of building for the long run. That is why they’re one and done.

Dynasties are defined by superstars. Mikan to West and Chamberlain to Magic and Kareem to Shaq and Kobe. And yes, Kobe and Drew. Garnett wins 1 or 2 rings at best. Drew will win 5 or 6 more. Short term versus long term. Acting versus reacting. Leading versus following. The Lakers will dominate the next ten years. That’s the big difference between the Lakers and all of the other NBA franchises. We play for dynasties.


I am out of town this week so was not able to watch the parade. My biggest question is - did any Laker do the Mark Madsen dance???

Enjoying the win, time later to discuss moves!

Again Congrats Lakers team, organization, fans and bloggers.

Laker Nation Triumphs!!!

@ wtfkc "Seriously? this year would have been a repeat if we'd had kevin garnett the past two years."

By your logic, Boston won this year cause they have Garnett.

Edwin: Rick, Faith, CBuck, an old school blogger named BOB, and myself sat together - 4th row stage left (right side of the Coliseum). Killer seats, Faith got a classic pic w/Vic The Brick, and a wonderful time!


What LakerTom said.

I was evaluating the suggestion of my liberal friend in Bay Area to retain everyone and JB will open his pocket book. In my rough estimate, that is 110M including the new draft picks. Wow 110 -75 luxury taxes max = 35M, therefore he'll maintain a budget of 145 M for players alone compared to 75M that won the Championship. Is that figure very realistic to bear in a bad economy? Why not just retain the core players Kobe, Pau, LO, TA, Bynum, Fisher, Shannon (kneel down and ask for a bargain) and the rest trade them for young, inexpensive draft picks. i believe there are plenty of Farmars, Sasha, Waltons and Morrison out there.

Good for you Utz and the rest of the crew, same w/ Troy. Next year, I'll take the Metro or MTA bus and live really early.

"I wouldn’t mind coming back with the same 14 guys next year."

Sorry, but I doubt the Lakers are interested - they already have one short, slow, veteran PG with an inconsistent outside shot.

no parade story, up here in what feels like the end of the earth in blazer country. sigh. got a chance to read me some more baskteball stuff, though.

this is from marc stein

"One trusted scout told me this week that he is convinced free agent-to-be Rasheed Wallace would be a better counter to Dwight for the Cavs than Shaq -- given his history of one-on-one defensive success against Howard and the fact that Sheed's perimeter-based offensive game would help keep the lane open for LeBron -- but it wouldn't surprise me if Ferry tries to get both.

Trade for Shaq and then sign Sheed? With so much at stake, Ferry might have to be that bold. "

Pleeeeze. Puhleeeeze. Puuuuhhhhleeeeze, Mr Ferry, make that happen. I will send you a check. I will sell one of my kidneys and send you a check. You want some firstborn children? A human soul?

Can we somehow manage to convince him that the cavs need starbury and zach randolph, too? Or it might just be faster to drop a few thousand gallons of napalm on quicken loans arena and lebron's house? that might get him to NY by november.

utz, faith, cbuck and BOB in one place? what a meeting of the minds.

Hey Transplant;

Double that Chickie Hearnski - miss him big-time.

I was at the highest peak in the stands right of the stage (court). Showing my love for my beloved lakers,I got there at 5 in the morning and parked in the residential area. What spooked me was when they was interviewing pj and they asked about him coming back and he walked away. Already knew kobe was coming back so that wasn't a shocker.

I was around fans who was in love with boo's. They boo'd the mayor,the police cheif,stu lantz,sasha,adam,sun and a couple of assistants. Real disrespectful towards sasha,I know he didn't perform well like he did last year but andrew hasn't lived up to his potential either but I still show love. But all in all it was beautiful. Had no issues,although I seen a celtic fan with a jersey strolling through the parking lot......the audacity!



Parade was great but I couldn't get into the Trojan Stadium (why couldn't it be at Staples than that accursed place). Still great times.


When doing draft things, don't just mention their strengths, the weaknesses must be taken into account as well. That would be like only mentioning Vlad Rad's shooting w/o his lack of defense/desire/IQ

Fun season Laker fans. Time for the draft and afterwards kinda gets less exciting though.

Still a win is a win and again.

2009 NBA Champions LA Lakers.

Otis & Transplant,

The absence of Chickie Baby....

You are absolutely correct. That's what is missing in this Championship. I wonder why can't they find a clone or at least a young Chickie baby, who is funny, creative, humble and a pro? Where are the broadcasting or TV majors from Bruins, Trojans, Calstate? I am sure there is young man out there who can match the wit and wisdom of the late Chick? What we have in the pipeline are recycled broadcasters, boring as they can be and loved to raise their own stock. One example is this Petros, the greek of PMS who thinks he is cute by yelling at callers perhaps that is what he was known for when he was a trojan quarterback (never heard) huh! Then, the contemporaries of KBros on 710, they can bore you death with repetition of stories, get interactive just to drag time and rating baits gimmicks. As the new flag station of the Lakers next season, they should cultivate new breed of broadcasters who can better the stock of the late Chick. Isn't it that the new generation is always the better version than the old one?

This afternoon, when Magic Johnson was interviewed, he was apologetic of his role as an impartial analyst of ABC. Impartial in choosing Orlando Magic in Games 3 & 5 I'm sure he felt the heat from Laker fans one way or another. With his wealth and varied interest with the Lakers & City of LA he should not compromise that image and put himself on the level of wilbon and barry. He is identified as a Laker for Life. As an ABC analyst, He pleased the many, but displeased the wise.

This parade has been a long time coming. I had my doubts about whether they could fill the Colisseum, but those doubts were quickly put to rest by the incredible turnout.

The only regretful incident at the rally was fans booing Sasha. That was totally uncalled for at a rally intended to celebrate the team and a championship. Granted, he had a rough year, but to boo him at a championship rally is shameful.

sasha booooyachic jk jk -- yea that was silly of the immature fans.... Kobe is absolutely loving this, as he should!!!!

Let's get Reez and LO back next year, please O please!!!!!!!!!

The people who booed Sasha should reflect a bit. Without his
20 points in game 3 vs Boston last year, the Lakers likely would
have been SWEPT in the finals.

How much worse would idiots like 191 and Red's Bastard Child
be laying it on if the evil Celtics had swept us.

Cheer for the machine. Show him respect. Encourage him
to get back his shooting form next season and help the Lakers
to another ring.

Edwin Gueco:
Thanks for your difficult trip to the Coliseum. That was for us living far from California. You did your best we appreciate it a lot

About the salary cap, it'll be a real concern keeping our same roster. That's the beauty (or nightmare) of this system!
First, let's celebrate. Then, we would find a solution.

Champions again! Thank you guys. We're proud of you!

Edwin Gueco,

>>>...Shannon (kneel down and ask for a bargain) and the
>>> rest trade them for young, inexpensive draft picks. i
>>> believe there are plenty of Farmars, Sasha, Waltons
>>>and Morrison out there.

And that is why I'm glad you don't manage the team.

Much as it pains you, Farmar, Sasha, and Walton have all
contributed to this team and to the championship. If you
bring in different people, even if they get better statistics,
they could make the team much worse.

Were you the one who was claiming it's impossible to win
a championship with 3 or more white guys on your team, or
was that someone else? Just curious, as it seems you want
to trade every white guy but Pau off the team.

I wish you guys could see the smile on my face.

I wish I could have been there and I'm glad you were.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Kudos to anyone who braved 100k plus to be part of the parade. I've never been to a Laker parade, though I've watched the last nine starting with Magic in 80. (was there a parade in 80?) Anyway, a great day for LA and a great day for the organization.

Reading lots of analysis on the pending dynasty and what has to be done as far as the roster. My main concern, which seems to be everyone's is signing up Ariza and Lamar. After that, were good. Don't really need to do much. Would love to keep Shanon, but will be tough to match a big offer by another club. Everyone else is signed up, so not a lot to worry about. I really think we'll sign Ariza and Lamar without to much anxiety. Both players love LA, why would they move unless some crazy offer comes in. Don't really see that happening.

As for building a dynasty with a dynamic duo, we have the duo and It's not Kobe and Andrew, (sorry Tom) it's Kobe and Pau. In my opinion they were co MVP's of the championship series, but more importantly, they are coming into their own as a duo that will be tough to stop in the coming years. Add AB, LAMAR, ARIZA and FISHER'S length, skill, speed, tenacity and experience and you have an almost impossible team to contain. To many ways to beat you, to much length and skill to deal with. To much talent and experience....PERIOD.

Get LO and TREVOR signed! Happy Days will never end.


By the way, your numbers are way off.

The Lakers currently have about 77 million in salary for next year
for 11 players and the amount the 1st round draft pick will make
(the 11 players are Kobe, Pau, Bynum, Fish, Sasha, Walton, Morrison,
Farmar, MBenga, Powell, and Sun). Including the draft pick
(if they don't take a euro player and leave them there for a year),
that's 12 roster spots.

The 3 open roster spots are there for Lamar, Trevor and Shannon.

So your 110 million assumption says that they'd be paying 33
million per to those 3 players. Huh? Are you assuming a max
contract for one of those guys or something.

The likely range they'll get are: Trevor 6-8, Lamar 8-10, and
Shannon 2-4. So lets say a bunch of other teams go hog wild
and start offering all three big bucks, so the Lakers spend the
higher of those amounts. That would be a total of 22 million
for all 3, leading to 99 million total salary for the team, not 110.

Much more likely is that they'll all be toward the bottom of those
ranges - Trevor at 6, Lamar at 8, Shannon at 2. That would be
a combined 16 million or total Laker salaries of 93 million (and
another 19 million in luxury tax).

When you consider that the Cavs paid out 91 million in salary
(and a heap of luxury tax) to be the 3rd best team in the league
this season, that doesn't seem too heinous, though I'm not sure
Buss is willing to go even that high.

There are a couple of ways they could shed some salary:

1. They could waive their optional years for MBenga and Powell.
That would save them 2 million in salary & 2 million in luxury
tax. Of course if someone got injured mid season, there'd be
nobody to fill in and they'd have to hire a player.

2. They could sell off their draft pick. Portland's always looking
to buy picks. It'd save a million and a half in salary & tax, and
they'd get some cash for the pick.

3. They could trade Morrison and their 1st round pick for a non-guaranteed
contract (e.g. Jerry Stackhouse). Then the non-guaranteed
part of their contract would be saved (and double saved in tax).

4. They could trade Morrison and the first round pick (or cash)
to a team that has cap space & could absorb his contract.
For example: Morrison + 3 million to Memphis for nothing. Of
course, Memphis would have to believe Morrison was worth
paying the additional 2 million he would cost for a year, but
ya never know. This would save the Lakers 7 million for the
first year (10 million in salary & tax minus 3 million paid to Memphis).
If they got a trade exception back, they could even keep the
virtual Morrison as a trade chip open, though it couldn't be combined
with other players salaries to make a bigger deal.

Luke is staying. He helps the team. Deal with it.

Farmar is staying. He helps the team. Deal with it.

If Mitch can work out a deal to trade off Sasha, it may happen,
but bear in mind that Sasha seems to be very chummy with
Kobe. Watch them on the floor and the bench. It might be worth
the 5 million a year they pay Sasha just to keep Kobe happy.
If he gets his shot back, he'll be a bargain. Deal with it.

To all Lakers Fans

congrats to a great year and we will repeat next year. "Just keep the faith baby "


>>> [On Magic Johnson:] As an ABC analyst, He pleased the many, but displeased the wise.

Eloquently expressed. Wish you had been able to hook up with us at the Coliseum. (Next year! Same time, same place.)


>>> "I wouldn’t mind coming back with the same 14 guys next year." – LakerTom.

>>> Sorry, but I doubt the Lakers are interested - they already have one short,
>>> slow, veteran PG with an inconsistent outside shot.

LMAO. Actually, who wouldn’t mind coming back the same 14 guys next year. LOL. And I may be short, slow, and old but my shot has always been consistent. 95% free thrower way back then and still family world champion due to retiring on top and refusing to give my son a re-match. And like you, king of my own driveway.


Hopefully next year Magic will pass on the commentary for ABC. He & West are LAKER ICONS and some of their recent comments are totally non representive of the Legends they are for the organization. They above everyone else should always convey total support for their team, Wilbon Barry & that other jerk jump on whatever the popular bandwagon is at that time. Magic is above all of that. Even Michael Cooper when on the Sports Zone was pissed at some of Magics comments. Stick with the team Magic forget ABC.

WHY is this picture on NBA dot com in the LAKERS CHAMPIONSHIP PARADE gallery???!!!???!!!

BTW, what shirt was Pau wearing???

I agree with you ltlf,I think kobe took sasha under his wing. Even with his shooting slump kobe showed tremendous love to him. They are always chatting on the bench,kobe loves him. So I don't see him leaving at all. It wouldn't shock me if sasha avg 56 from the field and become a special and perhaps a needed player next year.

Kobe was glib and very articulate on the Tonight show. Had the audience melting with every comment. Has a great stage presence.

Get ready for the Kobe Bryant show when he retires.


It wasn't dull, I can tell you that much haha.

We had a great time. Great talks, etc.



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