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Kobe Bryant at the Coliseum

June 17, 2009 |  5:43 pm

The cinematography won't win me any awards (the legacy of Conrad Hall is safe for one more day, though we do have some spectacularly artsy plans for Jordan Farmar's exit interview footage), but if you didn't get a chance to hear/see Kobe Bryant on the stage today during the Lakers' championship celebration at the Coliseum, here you go.

The best part?  Pinned down- sort of- by Stu Lantz about his summer free agency plans (remember, Kobe is expected to opt out of his current contract), Kobe pleased all but the English teachers in the crowd.  "Where I'm a'go?  This is my home.  Where I'm a'go?"  Somewhere, representatives from the Karl Malone School of Public Speaking are smiling.

UPDATE: I dropped some pics from this afternoon below the jump, just to give you an idea of what things looked like from my end. 


This one is actually my favorite of the day.  Before people got there, the crews were putting the final touches on the setup, including giving the Staples floor- imported to the Coliseum- one final sweep.  Very cool to see that floor in this building.

Getting floor ready at Coliseum

I didn't spend much time up there, but here are a couple views from the press box. Had those sections you see unfilled not been closed off, the entire place would have been packed. 

Press Box View at Coliseum

Press Box View at Coliseum II

Pete Carroll! 

Pete Carroll at Parade

I heard some stories of problems outside the stadium, but inside things seemed pretty mellow.  There was certainly tons of security roaming around.  Anyone, for example, who tried to make off with these port-o-johns wouldn't have gone far. 

(I kid, but to say the police on duty had a massive job today would be an understatement, and our hats are off to the work they did.)

Security at port-a-potties

Finally, the great Lawrence Tanter, prepping for the festivities.

Lawrence Tanter at the Parade