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Jordan Farmar: Exit Interview

Jordan Farmar's 2008-2009 season was a struggle.  Injury, poor play, a near-total loss of playing time down the stretch, capped with a bit of redemption as the playoffs went along. 

None of that, though, really gets to the heart of what raised red flags about Farmar and his future in L.A. Specifically, attitude.  And not a particularly good one.  Farmar, who had never faced much competition for the backup point guard role in LA, even stepping into a starting gig ahead of Smush Parker for the playoffs a couple years ago, unexpectedly found himself competing for minutes with Shannon Brown and didn't react particularly well.  Strong sense of self (a nice way of putting it) has always been a component of Farmar's game and personality. Not necessarily a bad thing, either, especially for a point guard.

In this case, it worked against him.  Farmar's displeasure in losing minutes was palpable, and when he did play, the quality suffered. To his credit, as the playoffs went along you could sense a change in how he was handling things.  Talking to coaches during the Finals seemed to confirm he had turned a corner, or at least found the thing.  At his exit interview Tuesday afternoon, Farmar indicated it wasn't an accident: 

"I came into the office with all the coaching staff two games before the playoffs, and I just apologized for showing my frustrations and told them that I was with them no matter what.  If I was going to play five minutes, twenty minutes, zero minutes, whatever, that I was part of this team and I was going to help them try and win a championship.  And once I sat down with myself and made that decision to talk to them and make sure they knew where my head was at, it was easier for me just to enjoy life and enjoy basketball."

I was impressed with how candid Farmar was Tuesday afternoon, and how willing he was to take responsibility. There was a welcome humility to go along with the same strong self-confidence we've all seen through his career. He'll need to build on that to stay in LA. For much of the year, I thought Farmar would bitch his way out of town. I still think he is a strong candidate to be moved this offseason, but after listening to him the other day think the door to a longer career in LA may not be closing as fast as I thought.  .

In the clip above, Farmar is highly complimentary of Derek Fisher and the example he set for him, and Brown, too. In the second half of this clip, Farmar talks more about Fish's influence:

For a local kid like Farmar, to win a title with the Lakers is especially significant:

Farmar on the health of his knee, what he's looking forward to for next year:

More on the difficulty in adjusting to less playing time:

Previous Exit Interviews:


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I thought this was funny

"I came into the office with all the coaching staff two games before the playoffs, and I just apologized for showing my frustrations and told them that I was with them no matter what. If I was going to play five minutes, twenty minutes, zero minutes, whatever, that I was part of this team and I was going to help them try and win a championship. And once I sat down with myself and made that decision to talk to them and make sure they knew where my head was at, it was easier for me just to enjoy life and enjoy basketball."

Now THAT is a huge step of maturity, Jordan.

Huge step.

I'm very impressed and thankful.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Cool to hear Farmar maturing. Just saw Kobe on Conan!


Just came back from the parade in the coliseum....

some comments and observations:

amazing experience.. huge mad crowds this morning getting in the coliseum but managed to get in before the gates closed.

beginning was way better than the end... at first when people were getting seated people were just going bezerk.. the energy of 100K people was unbelievable. just euphoria.... thought they'd roll the player buses in through the tunnels which would've made a perfect climax but the wait was too long in between all the staff intros and laker girls dancing so by the time the players came out energy died down a lot.

couldnt get anything to eat or drink from start to finish... all lines were ridiculously long

highlight of the day was the pau gasol look alike near my section... this guy was dressed in his jersey and i swear looked exactly like him everything from the wet hair, light skin, and skinny built... he couldnt take 2 steps before people were swarming him for a picture... he even got some tv time on foxsports... hilarious!

This interview was defintiely awkward.

Well, let me start by saying that I'm a huge Jordan Farmar fan...perhaps I live vicariously through him since we're the same age. haha . and i've followed his career from being the small jewish McDonald's all american in ESPN magazine to the Lakers PG now.

Im really disappointed that his career hasnt made that steep climb yet, but I dont believe its for lack of talent. Interesting that you guys ask him about Fish and stuff, and who knew that Fish was coming back and that he would still be producing at his best.

Jordan said things happen for a reason...well I believe that too and perhaps that "reason" was that someone else's magical career was not yet over in Fisher. Maybe fish was just meant to be back in LA to hit those 3s to cement his legacy and bring pride to some kids in Little never know why things happen.

That being, said, I really hope that Farmar doesnt end up on the track out of Los Angeles. I think Farmar has 14ppg 9apg in his capablity and can be like a Tony Parker. He shoots better than TP did to stary, while TP has a better feel for the gamge. What JF needs is burn on the court. Because of his "confidence" he tends to believe he can pull off a whole game's worth of JF magic into those 15 minutes he gets and that gets him in the doghouse.

I think the Lakers would be unwise to send him out because with him, Ariza and Bynum, they definitely have equal or even better YOUNG talent then the Blazers. I firmily believe that Bynum+Farmar+Ariza > Oden+Rudy+Batum, which all of the media fawns over Portland.

The trick is if Farmar can be patient and wait a couple years till Fish retires and Kobe starts differing more, and Phil Jackson is more than likely not the coach. Honestly I think farmar is a terrible PG for the role that PJ likes to have his guards play. Throw Farmar on the Magic, Rockets, Sixers, Hawks and I bet you his has bigger numbers that would put him in the Devin Harris category.

To do this in terms of numbers and salary, I would try to lose Sasha and Morrison via trade . Theres SGs in the draft range that the Lakers can get in their 3 picks.

I was at the parade. I enjoyed the parade. I was located by a chevron gas station. Maybe some of you bloggers might remember me. I had a purple shirt long black sleeved undershirt and a black LA hat. I was in a crowd of people who decided to throw water bottles to the LAPD. I was ashamed to be part of those trashy people. I was surprised when I saw my cousin there at the parade!!! I saw my cousin who is a huge Laker's fan there (what are the odds?). I knew he was an LAPD officer. I didn't know I would see him there actually working the parade. Both of us don't even live in LA. I was ashamed to be part of a crowd that was trowing water bottles to the police. My cousin is my best friend and I'm his best month when he gets married next year. My cousin was just doing a job and I am ashamed to be associated with a group of people who decided to throw around 25 to 30 water bottles in all during a 40 minute procesion period. The joy of the parade was tainted by some trash today.

An Editorial Letter for Bill Simmons.

in regards to LUKE WALTON since he seems to get so much unconditional love in this blog esp from the all the regulars like kb blitz jon k and hobbit...

its all good BUT I JUST DONT GET IT

it really annoys me when anybody comes to the defense of luke...

yes hes has high bball iQ is a great passer but what about all the LIABILITIES he brings??

he is undersized, has no speed, gets physically dominated by other forwards, and can be a huge liability on the defensive end... the thing about luke is he can match up great with nonathletic forwards but match him up with any forward with a little size and speed (which constitutes most of the nba) and he can get completely abused defensively. he also has a very INCONSISTENT and UNRELIABLE outside shot which often leads to a lot of his defenders leaving him open and playing help defense thus also making him an offensive liability.

yes i'm glad he had some good playoff games and we all seem to remember him for that but what about the other 80 games he got thoroughly dominated?

phil loves him because he can be an asset to the triangle and sometimes the ball moves better offensively but i guarantee you FOR every point he contributes to the offense he ALWAYS finds a way to give up that up and more on the defensive end whether directly or indirectly.

i wouldnt mind having luke for maybe 3 MIL but no way he is worth his midlevel contract. without the triangle offense he probably wouldnt be worth much in this league.. therefore that makes him very overpaid cause there is probably no other GM in the league who would offer that much.

hes a great backup and a 10-15 minutes player in this league and thats all he'll be... now that we finally have an emerging ariza at the 3 makes and are running out of capspace that makes his contract all the less desirable.

ps... its also ridiculous for anyone to imply (kbblitz) that people hate him simply b/c hes very unathletic and white. if anything luke is probably the closest thing to the lakers as the great white hope cause i myself have never met anybody who is not white and is fond of luke. no racial connotations intended here and yes i see lots of irony in that....

luke continued....

btw, nobody ever said morrison is better than luke now but give him more time in the triangle he can be an ideal backup at the 3..

i like his him because of his outside shot is WAY better so therefore i think he has the potential to be a much bigger asset... kind of like vlade but with a brain.




it seems like this team is getting so many perks other champions dont get! YAYY

love the lakers!

I'm losing patients with Farmar. At the same time, I think he'll be a good player in this league. Will he ever be as good as, say, Bobby Jackson? Probably not, but B.J. bounced around a lot before he got real good real quick in Sacramento.

I keep hearing Jason Kidd rumors, but is he worth it, even at the Vet's minimum?

Maybe, but what does that do with Fish, Jordan, Shannon, and Sun? 5 point guards on the roster?

I want to know about Bynum and Morrison's off season workout plans. Bynum better have a plan. The first summer after signing a huge contract will say a lot about his character and potential. If he sits around home and gets fat playing video games, literally, someone (Kobe) needs to kick his @$$. That had better not happen, but with this kid no one knows what he's thinking.

Morrison needs to show us something. We probably wont trade him unless there’s some super stud out there with a long term deal who needs to be traded for Morrison’s expiring contract and maybe a shorter deal like Sasha’s.

We’ll see.


Nice enough guy and I appreciate his candour as well...but I'm not sure he is being all that objective about his season...he wasn't playing well before his injury at all and when he got hurt I felt that the team would be better off which proved to be the case as the team played a lot better...he clearly feels he should be playing more.

I'm just not sure this is the guy the lakers need right now.His attitude seems a bit backwards...he talks about wanting to grow (and by that he means more opportunities and a bigger role) but who could want for a better start to their career than playing behind a guy like Fisher for a champion team led by Kobe and Phil...he should be talking more about what a great opportunity that is and how it will set him up well for later in his career.ESPECIALLY since he isn't THAT good anyway his best route to a big contract and niche is to play the championship savvy reserve.

He really feels like he sacrificed himself for the title and it was a real big deal when I would just kind of assume that any player on that roster would be happy to do sacrifice in that got Pau defering to Kobe,Lamar coming off the bench in a contract year, guys like Walton accepting much smaller roles and their minutes being yanked around like nobodies business...Adam Morrison displaying a great attitude in his situation.

I wish him well but I can't shake the feeling he's just kind of barking up the wrong tree.I could see the lakers keeping him UNLESS they can upgrade the point guard position - they're not going to go to war with just Brown and Fisher and getting a new point guard in some respects is risky given the demands of the offense....any moves the lakers make are going to be designed around shedding salary not aquiring better players so I think Farmar will be there - and it wont hurt to see what he can do next guess is they will really try to keep Fishers minutes down so Farmar will get at chance until Brown outplays him.

my fave five malcontents (in order of DEPARTURE):

mo evans

and last but not least


bye, bye


good night and good luck !!!

Sign From The Crowd:

"No More Diesel. We Runnin’ On Gasol-ine"

4 more years, 4 more years

Good morning,

My thanks to Faith, Utzworld Banner Holder, CBuck, and the original Bob for great companionship at the Lakers' championship celebration at the Coliseum. It was a wacky day that started with a Red Line train at 6 am to Union Station, a cab ride-from-hell to USC, a "where the hell are we?" walk to the Coliseum, a rescue from Utzworld, and a snake-like journey to the front of the line to hook-up with Bob and CBuck. Some of you will appreciate our attempt to use the GPS on Faith's iPhone to find CBuck.

It was all worth it. We had great seats in the 4th row near the stage. We screamed our lungs out. Matt "Money" Smith was a great emcee to keep us engaged while waiting for the festivities to start. Vic the Brick, nattily attired in his one-of-a-kind Lakers garb made his way into our section in heroic fashion to pose for pictures. And CBuck talked her way onto the field.

Inside the stadium, we had a great feed onto large screens of the parade. We cheered as the Lakers' buses pulled up to the Coliseum, knowing they could hear us outside. The ceremony with the Lakers Girls and the players wasn't much but we didn't care. We were thrilled to share the moment with our champions.

One note of mystery. Lawrence Tanter kept calling on us to cheer Lakers' owner Jerry Buss in the same sequence recognizing the memory of Chick Hearn and the convalescence of Tex Winter from his stroke. As most of you know, Dr. Buss was conspicuous by his absence from the trophy ceremony in Orlando, and now by his absence from the victory celebration. As he is getting up in age, one has to wonder whether Dr. Buss, too, is in ill health. Nothing has been reported by the media, yet the question is obvious.

Walking away at the end of the celebration, I was touched by the affection this Lakers squad and coach Phil Jackson clearly all have for each other. You could see it building as the playoffs evolved and it appeared cemented in bronze on stage at the Coliseum. As a fan, I have a fervent wish for this group to be reunited next season for another run at the title. As a unit, there are imperfections we can see, yet they are indeed worthy Champions. They gave us an incredible season. I'm ready to come back for more. Go Lakers!

The attitude change was noticeable.

God bless this young Laker. He played well out of training camp. For much of the season, though, when he came in the lead was lost.

Perhaps everything does happen for a reason. That meant the team had to practice regaining the lead over and over. It made us tough.

Guys, I hate to speak ill of our champs. And were Farmar or Sasha to go elsewhere else,I would remember them very fondly. But, I don't think our team would be greatly diminished for the loss.

I'm very glad that he learned not to pout and I hope his knee gets better. If nothing happens I hope these would turn him into a better Laker next year.

Thanks for all Mr. Farmar !!!!



Thanks for these exit interviews. Great stuff so I don't have to go cold turkey while this championship sinks in.

Over the course of this championship run we saw a lot of negativity aimed at Phil. I was tempted to defend him almost daily on the blog, but in the end realized he did not need my defense.

I just hope that some of those folks who were hard on Phil can look back and see how good a leader he is. In the end championships are won on the floor, and too many coaches yell and jump and wave their arms and call timeouts and try to control a game from the sideline.

A coach's job is to get the players ready to do it themselves on the floor. Overcoached teams are not ready for the big moments they need to deal with in a title run. All those rough times that Phil lets a team play through, in the regular season and even in the playoffs, prepare his team for that.

The Lakers took two tough wins in overtime, and overcame an early Orlando lead in game 5, because they were better prepared for the moment.

Phil's style is easy to underestimate, he lets his players struggle and find their own way. He let Kobe measure the rhythm of games and decide when to step up and when to facilitate. But all that paid off as the playoffs progressed. The Lakers grew as a team through these playoffs.

Phil looked at the whole bench early in the playoffs to see who was ready and to rest his starters, and shortening the rotation as the playoffs progressed. He stuck with guys he trusted to win it for him (especially Fish, a vet he trusted to come through) but he also knew he needed to endure the limits of Bynum's injury and inexperience and keep him involved if teh team was going to get there.

Tactically the game plans were strong, and as each series progressed the Lakers adjusted, with strong closeout games. Phil made good strategic calls, like taking the ball in the backcourt in game 5.

This is journey, as Phil likes to say, and the Lakers have become champions. Hopefully Phil will stay a couple more years and continue this journey.

Big Ups to Farmar for showing some maturity.

That's the 1st step.

Now, I dont know how you work on your defense in the offseason, but if he can improve there and go on the Kobe shooting program he can be a keeper.

The decision making aspect is another thing that seems hard to work on in the offseason. Maybe that's why PGs take so long to develop.

Anyway, I hope he comes back stronger than ever next year. Derek Fisher can only play so long and UPS is breathing down his neck!

As usually the case with championship teams, lesser players get more attention (Turiaf). I would like to see some sacrifice to keep a strong team together. As long as Odom and Ariza are signed, the other compliments are replaceable. I wish they could move Sasha, but somehow keep Brown and Morrison.

Kobe to re-sign for 8 years? That would reduce his yearly salary by almost 6 million a season, depending on the contract. That would free up a boatload of cash to sign Trevor and Lamar, seeing as Kobe would make 23 mil next season. His salary would go down to less than 17 a season. Extra 6 million on the books.


>>> I want to know about Bynum and Morrison's off season workout plans.
>>> Bynum better have a plan. The first summer after signing a huge contract
>>> will say a lot about his character and potential. If he sits around home
>>> and gets fat playing video games, literally, someone (Kobe) needs to
>>> kick his @$$. That had better not happen, but with this kid no one
>>> knows what he's thinking.

I don’t know anything about Adam Morrison’s work ethic but I totally disagree with your comments about Andrew Bynum’s work ethic. The last two summers, Drew has worked harder with his personal trainer Sean Zarzana than probably any Laker player but Kobe. As a result, last fall and the fall before, Drew came into camp in great shape and amped to go. There is absolutely no reason to believe that next fall will be any different.

What this kid is thinking is that he is going to be the Next Great Lakers center. Did you hear the comments from the Lakers announcers talking about Drew and his upside? Had Drew staying in college, he would be the Clippers #1 pick in the entire draft next week. A big part of the reason for everybody’s optimism is the kid’s work ethic. Even Kobe has commented that he will often find Drew to be the only other Laker lifting with him.

It just amazes me how fans forget that Drew played on an injured right knee that needed to be rehabilitated to get back to full strength and that was limited in range of motion by a bulky knee brace to protect it. Despite that, Drew came out and set the tone for the Finals with his great play in Game 1 against Dwight Howard. Lakers fans need to relax and be thankful that we have what is going to be one of the top centers in the NBA and he is only 21-years old and already has a better offensive game than Dwight Howard.


Disregard that last post. I checked the CBA, and veteran players can only re-sign for a maximum of 6 years, including options.

Kobe is getting a raise, and the means Trevor or LO is gone. More than likely LO.

The Lake Show,

Like you, I too am a Jordan Farmar fan. I was very pleased with Jordan’s exit interview and believe he genuinely has matured a great deal as a result of his struggles this year. I thought he played very well when he replace Fish against the Rockets and also had some outstanding efforts in the Finals. You could see by his play that he was more composed and confident than he had been in the final month of the season. I also thought his compliments of Derek and Shannon were heartfelt and not just a public relations move.

There will always be fans like blitz who are so biased against Jordan that it is impossible for him to do anything right. And there will always be fans who fall in love with the newest player like Shannon, who was likely playing way above his head and long-term ability. The reality, however, is that Jordan Farmar has the best point guard skills on the team other than possibly Kobe Bryant. His ball handling and play making skills are dramatically superior to those of Shannon Brown or Sasha Vujacic. He is the only real candidate to take over from Derek Fisher at the point as neither Shannon nor Sasha are potential starters in the NBA.

I also think the Lakers have no intention at this point of trading or giving up on Jordan. He is a gym rat who will work hard all summer to improve his body and his game. Come push or shove, he will be the first guard off the bench next year because of his point guard skills, ahead of Shannon, who will be a spot defender at point, and Sasha, who we hope will regain his stroke and become Kobe’s primary backup at shooting guard. That’s my take on the Jordan Farmar situation. The job of following Fish is still his to lose.


Good morning CRUE!

Got my sofa on for a few hours last night with some great Mexican food to watch the parade on the Tivo. God bless Tivo. (And the carne asada burrito makers - yummmmm).

I think the goofy grin I was sporting is now permanently etched on my face. That was great - wish I could have gone but to say Laker Nation was out in force would be the understatement of the decade. WOW - I was blown away! The shots of the coliseum with the crowd AND THE COURT was unbelievable!!! What a fabulous thing - the Lakers got to walk onto their home court as champions WOOO HOOOO!!!

I'm still basking. No trade talks for me yet.

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!

Tom Daniels,

>>> A coach's job is to get the players ready to do it themselves on the floor.
>>> Overcoached teams are not ready for the big moments they need to deal
>>> with in a title run. All those rough times that Phil lets a team play through,
>>> in the regular season and even in the playoffs, prepare his team for that.

>>> The Lakers took two tough wins in overtime, and overcame an early Orlando
>>> lead in game 5, because they were better prepared for the moment.

Great post, Tom. DNMWTT! What really impressed me this season and last is how, with the exception of the Finals last year, this team consistently got better as each playoff series progressed, not only within the series itself but from one series to the next. That speaks highly about the coach’s ability to make the right adjustments and the players to execute.

I am hoping Phil coaches for at least the next two years. The way for him to go out is after winning his fourth three-peat and 12th ring (6 with MJ and 6 with KB) and leading the Lakers to tie the Celtics with 17 NBA championships.



Thanks for the link to Andrew Katz article on Kobe’s contract. $135M for 8 years would be a great move by the Lakers. And it would mean that Kobe was leaving a lot of money on the table. This is exactly what I have been hoping would happen. If this is true, it is great news for the Lakers and a genius move by both Mitch and Kobe. The Lakers lockup Kobe for the rest of his career at a salary cap friendly figure and Kobe gets the PR move of his career, proving that all he really cares about are winning and his teammates. The only caveat is that Mitch said during the rally that he had not yet sat down with Dr. Buss to talk about the situation so it is likely this is just another media generated rumor but I hope not.


Pig Thanks for the link.

Uncle Ronnie you too.

I'm glad Farmar did this. TEAM baby, TEAM.

I don't know, perhaps it was in the one video that did not load for me, but I am not seeing evidence of the maturity that many have spoken of.

What I heard from Jordan seemed more delusional than anything. I heard him repeatedly speak of the "sacrifice" he made this year. He did not sacrifice anything. The playing time he thinks he gave up was never his to begin with. He didn't earn it, and in fact he earned his spot on the bench (behind Shannon in many cases) because of his erratic play.

To me, Jordan regressed this year with his decision making. He seems to play hard, which is great, but he doesn't always play smart. As poorly as Fisher played up to the Finals, there were plenty of minutes available at the lead guard spot. Those minutes didn't go to Jordan because Jordan did not rise to the challenge.

I'm not trying to be hard on the kid, because he is very young and I think his attitude is pretty common among young players, but let's hope he doesn't view himself as being in the same category as Lamar--a guy whose minutes were curtailed as part of a sacrifice to the team to get Andrew into the starting lineup. LO made a sacrifice; Jordy did not....

Laker Tom - Pig,

I thought with the league's new rules you can only extend the contract's to 6 years. I.E. Luke's Contract. Please advise fellas.

Laker Tom - Pig,

I thought with the league's new rules you can only extend the contract's to 6 years. I.E. Luke's Contract. Please advise fellas.


It's common for kids his age with this generation to not understand the difference. Chris Rock mentioned on one of his standup acts about the Baby Daddy's of the World who brag about taking care of their kids. "You're suppossed to do that $%&*."

Charles, I agree, and for that reason I don't want to be too tough on the kid. That said, I also don't want to ignore the facts that lead to his reduced minutes. For reasons that only he (and maybe not even he) knows, he wasn't the same player this year. It was frustrating to watch, because I was expecting another leap forward as he did last year, but instead he seemed to regress--particularly with his decision making.

Re: PJ still to coach?

Somebody here suggested, (I forget who, sorry) that Phil stay home during the more difficult road trips, and pace himself for the playoffs.

I like that idea.

Not only can we keep him longer, but he could be tutoring his replacement in the 'ways of PJ'

As Fisher said as well, "We can help. Phil has me and Kobe to assist. We know what's going on." (something like that)

This Lakers team, knows what to do, they know their roles and how to size up games while playing.

Phil has made this team a part of his personality. For Phil, Its not 'plug n' play', but 'point n' play'. (see all closeout games this years playoffs)

Fatty - Who says next year, he won't be satisfied with just another silly NBA Title, but expects greatness from this Lakers Team. Can we say, 70 plus wins?**

** That's assuming we keep LO and Ariza.

Charles and Pig,

You are correct. Since we have Kobe’s bird rights, we can sign him for 6 years maximum, which used to be 7 years which is why Kobe’s current contract was that long. Any other team signing Kobe as a free agent would only be able to offer 5 years.

Since Kobe earned $21,262,500 this year, the maximum salary that Kobe could sign for would $22,325,625 (5% more than he earned this year) with 10.5% increases every year, giving us the following salaries if he opted and re-signed for the maximum:

2010 – $22,325,625 ($23,034,375 under current contract)
2011 – $24,669,815 ($24,806,250 under current contract)
2012 – $27,260,145
2013 – $30,122,460
2014 – $33,285,318
2015 – $36,780,276

Total –$174,443,639
Avg – $29,073,939

Thus, if Kobe were to sign a 6-year deal for starting at $20M per year with max increases each year, he would be leaving a potential $18M on the table for the Lakers to use to keep the team together, or around $3M per year or $6M considering luxury tax.

2010 – $20,000,000 ($23,034,375 under current contract)
2011 – $22,100,000 ($24,806,250 under current contract)
2012 – $24,420,500
2013 – $26,984,652
2014 – $29,818,040
2015 – $32,948,934

Total –$156,272,126
Avg – $26,045,354.33

Bottom line, the Lakers CANNOT afford to pay Kobe the max. And 6-years is about right in length because Kobe would likely still be in his prime at 36 considering his conditioning.


Realgm has a concise and confusing explanation as to the length of a possible Kobe contract extention.

See GM Sources; Larry Coon's CBA

49. What is the "Over-36" rule?

Apparently, Kobe's birthday has something to do whether he can sign for 5 or 6 years.

When does he turn 31?

Jordan Farmar, you finally grow up. That's good news for the Lakers. If you continue to play hard, to play well, and to contribute to this team on a consistent basis, you would defintely get your playing time, and you would be wanted by Lakers organization, and by the great city of Los Angeles. Kobe has gone through the tough journey before maturing from boy to man, and hopefully you can learn from Kobe's journey so that you would not go through as much pain and suffering Kobe did. Good luck and Go Lakers!

I truly believe you are not going to see much more improvement from Farmar. He is what he is. A selfish, shoot first, undersized and tempermental point guard who thinks he is way better than what he is. He is a poor defender and will not improve. I believe he will be a career backup and Shannon Brown will already be ahead of him on the depth chart next year or at least should be. He is someone to package with Morrison for cap releif and the organization needs to keep an eye out for another PG to develop along with Brown.

jordan is not the future PG of the lakers.he was pretty good last years,but these year he sucked bad dont waste time on him



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