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I don't know what a Tweet off is, or how to keep score

But if there's going to be one, readers of this site should win!  Because that's what we do.

Click here to get the lowdown, since lord knows I can't explain it.  And if you're going to join up/follow, use our handle (latimeslakers), because as a reminder, we're out to catch Plaschke


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4 CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Either Kobe or Tyronn Lue will have 4 rings after the Finals.

My prediction: Kobe

Colorado loves the Lakers!

The Key to this series is the first 2 games.
Orlando beat both Cleveland and Boston the first game of their respected series.

For those expecting great things from Andrew Bynum, remember Howard dominated him this year and that was a healthy Bynum. AB's lateral movement has been very poor this post season and DW's lateral quickness is exceptional. The key is for AB to make Dwight work a little further from the basket and not let him set up right under the basket.


Don't accept the deal made by the "Juvenielle Delinquent" that uses a justification of back to back MVP's as a reason to be in the top 10 of all time in the NBA when that cancer point guard has zero rings and two measly pacific division titles to show for his "greatness".

When the Lakers win we have all the levearge and can continue making fun of that punk. Don't need his deals to show greatness in the Lakers and how the PHX Suns suck nowadays.

Similar to Kobe, if BK and I don't win this contest, everyone will say we "can't do it without Shaq." So please, lend a helping hand.


So I guess LeBron doesn't make his teammates better.

I love how BOTH tags in this tweet-off are LA-centric. Everyone in the universe knows WE ARE AT THE CENTER. #GoLakers.

This is a silly contest. Why should we let an Orlando newspaper dictate the game and the rules. Let them win the tweet-off. It will be their consolation prize when they don't win the championship. I say, boycott the tweet-off. Go Lakers! (Is it Thursday, yet?)

People actually read Plaschke?
They'll learn

There's a reason they call it TWITter.

It's for TWITS.

As in, "Who's that mouthbreathing twit eating his own vomit?"


Can we get any stupider as a society? I mean, come on.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hahah this will be amazing! I'm going to use #GoLakers SO MUCH. I have a few hundred followers and most are Lakers fans so I'll definitely spread the word.

From these 30 trips to the Finals... who would have ever thought the MAGIC would be the enemy. Haha.

I'm @alenakristina on Twitter if anyone wants to follow



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