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How did/will you celebrate? We want to see.

I ran into Lakers fans and blog readers in Orlando during Game 5, walking around Amway Arena with arms held high, snapping pics, high fiving other purple and gold loyalists.  In LA, I'm sure fans were gathered together with friends and family to see the Lakers close things out.  So I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work-- details forthcoming-- but if you have pictures of all the fun**, we want to share them on the blog.  Same for tomorrow's parade. 

So gather up Sunday's jpegs and make sure not to delete tomorrow's.  We'll let you know how this'll work ASAP. 


**Should "the fun" include shots of you burning storefronts or jumping on cars, you might want to keep those to yourself.

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All these trolls on the blog remind me of the red stapler guy from the movie Office Space. Blubbering on and on about their non-factor teams and even posing as Laker fans. NOBODY CARES!!! We are too busy celebrating and our hearts are too full of joy to listen or care about any venom that you spew!!!

I'm sorry but we're going to have to ask you to move into Storage room B, we need to make room for all of the celebrating Laker fans!!!


LAKERS 2008-2009 NBA CHAMPS!!!!!

Wow utz, awesome post.

Buttler is probably a 13 year boy who's daddy works for the duns.

He probably won't keep up his end of the deal.
Just like there is no honor among thieves, there is no honor among trolls.

LA Lakers, 2009 NBA Champions


Actually, much of the stuff that I have thrown out there is just the result of boredom. I do trust Phil and the Lakers to make the right decisions and will back them all the way. And if I really were really the Lakers GM, I would probably be much more conservative. But as a known over-the-top die-hard fan, I don’t have to worry about screwing up. LOL.

Pretty sly attempt to lure me into one of your never-ending post battles like you have with blitz. Since I respect your intellect and perseverance so much and since I have totally shot the work day already with Lakers time, I will give you my 1-shot answers but no rebuttals.

>>> After watching Ariza play *STELLAR*
>>> defense, hit open 3's &&& make steals, why do you want
>>> Lamar to be the starting SF?
>>> My response: After watching Ariza play *STELLAR*
>>> defense, hit open 3's &&& make steals, why do you want
>>> Lamar to be the starting SF?

The starting lineup of Drew, Pau, Lamar, Trevor, and Kobe is actually the result of two mutually independent issues in my mind – a better backcourt and better frontcourt. I do not want to move Ariza to the 2 to free up the 3 for Lamar. It is more to allow Kobe to move to the 1 to solve our problem there and to give us a better defensive backcourt.

So you are asking the wrong question. After seeing Ariza play stellar at small forward, I am convinced that he can do the same at shooting guard. In fact, I think physically he matches up better against smaller quicker shooting guards than he does against LeBron, Pierce, Melo, and the bigger more physical small forwards, whom I do think Lamar may be better able to guard, although that is not the issue. The issue in my mind is point guard.

As Fish gets older and Bynum starts to dominate in the low post like he did the last two Januarys, we are going to need a new point guard. Without giving up one of our 5 core players (Kobe, Pau, Drew, Lamar, and Trevor), we are not going to be able to trade for proven starting point guard or a lottery draft pick to get one. Would you agree with that?

That means that the replacement for Fish has to come from the current roster. Maybe Jordan Farmar will prove he can be that player. He will have to play better defense and become more consistent with his shot and decisions. At best, however, he will be a good but not great point guard. But we do have a player on the team who has ALL the skills we need to be a great point guard – Kobe Bryant. Would you agree with that?

The thing about the whole Kobe as point guard issue is that in many ways, because of the Triangle and Kobe’s need to have the ball in his hands to score or distribute, Kobe is now already playing the position. That is the point that everybody does not realize. The key is the Lakers are a far better and more difficult team to defend when the focus is on pounding the ball into the post and playing inside-out basketball rather than Kobe going off.

We saw that in the Finals as Kobe was able to average 8 assists per game while still leading the team in scoring. Designating Kobe as the point guard does not mean he will no longer be the team’s leading scorer or close out specialist. It doesn’t mean that he has to guard opposing point guards or that they have to guard him. And in the Triangle Offense and its interchangeable nature, it doesn’t mean that he will be playing that much differently.

Furthermore, the Lakers would have a far easier time trading for an elite shooting guard than an elite point guard. There are 10 good shooting guards for every 1 good point guard so even if you do not want to move Trevor to the 2, the Lakers should still consider moving Kobe to the point. It is the perfect position for him to move as the Lakers make a transition from a Kobe-focused perimeter-oriented offense to a Drew-focused post-oriented offense and as Fish nears the end of his career. Kobe becomes facilitator, defender, and closer.

As for Lamar starting at the 3, that is separate from the Mamba/Cobra backcourt and probably not as critical in my mind as I love the fact that we can use Drew, Pau, and Lamar to give us all-star level players at the 4 and 5 for 48 minutes per game. I am very hesitant to change that as I love Lamar coming off the bench and think he has a chance to win 6th man. Also, I do basically agree with most of your points about Lamar.

On the other hand, I have never given up on seeing the triple towers and seeing how well Lamar has been shooting from midrange and beyond the arc, cutting to the rim without the ball, and basically playing great defense, I think the reasons for not giving him a shot at small forward make less sense than before. At small forward, Lamar could be a killer posting up other shorter small forwards. And there are certain bigger, more physical small forwards that Lamar will be better able to defend.

Whether that is reason enough to make the change, I am not even sure myself but I would like to see it at least tried out by the Lakers rather than ignored. Again, it’s all about the matchups and there are some teams where the triple towers would be unstoppable. Anyway, that’s my take. You’re free to respond but that’s all from me, no disrespect intended.


Butler...In true Suns fashion is nowhere to be seen in June.....

The Los Angeles Lakers opened the decade the N.B.A. champion in 2000 and will close the decade the champion in 2010.

Hey generous

Thx for clearing that up. I'm still so excited about the lakers winning i may have overshot my load just a tad with my 1.1mil projection.... but there was still plenty of sarcasm in my previous post. Try to detect nxt time

what happened to my post?


Not sure why this post was not allowed earlier on the blog, so I will try to re-post, maybe it just got lost in the electronic void of the web.

Butler says on the AZ Rep blog that he can't say anything here because he was banned by the K's.

Is that true or is it just a case of 'Butler being Butler' and he's just delusional?

He also said the Suns still rule the NBA.


After witnessing first hand the LO at the three spot for a few years, I can safely say that he cannot play the 3 very well. He's very good at the 4 spot though - and can play the 3 depending on who else is on the floor with him.

I'd much rather see a line-up (if we're going to put Kobe at the PG) of KB, UPS, Ariza, Gasol, Bynum

That's one athletic group. The defense would be sick.

If we shifted LO to the 3 in this line-up, the D would be appreciably weaker at that 3 spot. LO is not quite quick enough there.

Oh I dislike the rumors of Ariza being wanted by Portland even though he is hated and have 2 other similar players. Outlaw and Batum.

We have to resign Ariza (Starting SF) and Odom (Bynum Insurance.)

Its all joy in Lakersville, but in Phoenix, its almost completely hopeless. The Lakers win on Sunday was similar to someone turning the knife in the wound of NO SUNS IN THE POST-SEASON.

Do I REALLY care?

For us Lakers Fans across the Colorado River its like going back for seconds on dessert when I see these sites popping up.

Do you really want to know how we feel, us Lakers Fans in Arizona? Picture Fish smiling after he nailed that 3 on Thursday.

After Fisher's term as our sentimental PG, who do we go for if the choice is narrowed between Farmar and Brown?

I would choose Shannon Brown w/o hating Farmar because of ff. reasons:

1. Better shooting percentage
2. Height 4 inches advantage
3. Speed which was proven in the Western playoffs
4. Defense
5. Easy learner of the triangle and responsible for delivering the Denver series
6 Good Attitude not pouting or blaming teammates
7 Good in Decision-making w/ less T/O's

SB is cheaper and a keeper in the long run.

Note: Should the Laker keep Sun Yue? By all means, he's a dollar earner even without playing. He is a "PR" player, his 1M contract is equivalent ot 10M in revenues.

How about getting all those damn gang bangers, idiots and knuckleneads to come and clean up their looting and graffiti thats still ALL around the South Park area! Did you not see what they did to the MTA bus? The Shell Station? These animals deserve a cage - not a parade!


That was awesome.

I think we should all agree that the little Butt-boy should remain forever unnamed. No more responses. No more using his handle on our blog.

I hereby pledge to NEVER use that lame-ass troll's name again.

Go Lake Show!

Old school Laker Fan, show your real face, bitter troll from a loser team. And to the other trolls around here: your mouths show us what is filling your heart. And your actions are sure not far away from that, just as king crab. Go back to your sewers, you are only embarrassing yourselves acting like that.

The Outlaw...

I second that motion...
I Thirty2 will never use that trolls name again......


>>> After witnessing first hand the LO at the three spot for a few years,
>>> I can safely say that he cannot play the 3 very well. He's very good
>>> at the 4 spot though - and can play the 3 depending on who else is
>>> on the floor with him.

I do agree that Lamar is better at the 4 but I also think he can be a better defender against the bigger more physical small forward who Trevor and Kobe have problems with, such as LeBron, Melo, and Paul Pierce. It becomes a matchup issue with Lamar.

>>> I'd much rather see a line-up (if we're going to put Kobe at the PG)
>>> of KB, UPS, Ariza, Gasol, Bynum

>>> That's one athletic group. The defense would be sick.

I do like Shannon but he is not the answer to either position in the Lakers backcourt. He does not have the ball handling and playmaking skills to play the point or the offensive shot or prowess to play shooting guard. That has been and will remain why, in my opinion, he is not starter material, but a very valuable defensive asset off the bench. Unfortunately, he is also nowhere near as good a defender as Trevor. While he and Kobe would form a good defensive back court it would pale in comparison to the Mamba and the Cobra.

>>> If we shifted LO to the 3 in this line-up, the D would be appreciably
>>> weaker at that 3 spot. LO is not quite quick enough there.

Depends on the matchups. There are some small forwards too quick for Lamar to guard but how are they going to guard Lamar when we post them up. Those small forwards will have a bigger problem than Lamar will have. It is like the Pau versus Rashard matchup.

The other side of the coin are the big physical small forwards like LeBron and Paul Pierce that Trevor has problems guarding. Lamar, whose defense is very underrated, could handle those players better than Trevor. Bottom line, I would probably opt to keep Lamar on the bench as I love having 2 of our 3 great bigs on the floor all the time. I guess we have room if LeBron wants to come and play small forward for the league minimum after all. It may be his best chance at getting a ring. LOL.


i totally agree with edwin gueco...

if its between FARMAR AND BROWN its BROWN in a landslide. i cant believe this is even a discussion.


browns been with the lakers for less than a year and look at the impact hes made.... his jumper is also underrated but SIMPLY PUT most of what he brings to the table is SUPERIOR DEFENSE AND ATHLETICISM. everyone could analyze all they want but this aint rocket science.

dave m,
It will be increasingly important to limit Kobe's minutes during the regular season. The best option for that is Sasha; I expect him to play a bigger role next season. Brown is a possibility for that role, but at this point I think Sasha is a better choice. So I doubt that they will look to move him. (I think his problem was caused by lack of a preseason and the recovery from his sprained ankle.)


I agree with your take on Sasha. And I am sure the Lakers do, too. The thing fans need to remember is that last year was a real anomaly in that every player had an UP year. This year Jordan and Sasha had down years while the rest of the team had up years. Players like Jordan and Sasha also just lost their confidence, which made them play worse than normal. I think they will both be fine next year. My opinion is that, provided they do the jobs they have shown they could do in the past, they will still be the first guards off the bench at their respective positions. If either fails, then that could open the door for Shannon, who I think will play some important minutes defensively.

I don’t know how you feel about Shannon but I think he will be a help in specific situations and match ups but he is not starter caliber. In some ways, his recent play suffered in comparison to his hot start. I remember calculating that he was going to have to miss a lot of treys just to become a 40% 3-point shooter. Once the excitement wears off, Shannon will stop being the savior at either guard spot that some fans think he is, although I would love it if he proved me wrong. He is not a good enough ball handler or play maker to play the point nor a good enough shooter or scorer to play 2. That has always been the rap on him and to a certain extent it is true. But he can play defense so that alone makes him a valuable guy who will get some playing time.

Assuming that Brown stays with the Lakers, I think that at this point the PG job is still Farmar's to lose, with Fisher gradually being phased out. I thought that Farmar improved over the course of the playoffs, and didn't try to "do too much" as often. I think Brown has a better future at SG than at PG, but he will certainly have opportunities to prove himself at both spots, with a lot depending on what he does over the summer.


Here's hoping they all play great. Still going to be an interesting summer and next year, WOW!


>>>Shannon is an 80% foul shooter and nearly 50% from 3
>>>point what are we comparing.

Sorry, stats police here.

Shannon shot 37% from 3 point range this season, and 32% for
his career.

His career free throw shooting is 72%, but I'll give you the 80%
since he shot 82% this season.

I'm not sayin' they shouldn't keep Shannon, just that you're
munging the stats to try to express your undying love for him.

I think the Shannon Brown question will be all about money.

If he agrees to sign for 2 million a year for a couple of years,
then he's a lock to stay (that's 4 million out of Buss' pocket).

But if some team offers him 4 million a year, I think he's gone.
Would you pay 8 million a year for Shannon Brown to be a
backup PG? Somewhere in between there is the breaking
point, but I don't know where.

victory celebration -- just thanked the lord for answering my prayers .... and all laker fans' prayers during these playoffs. it feels good to get number 15 and what a relief.

just want to point out that brian shaw deserves most of the credit for winning the series against orlando since it was his game plan they used. thanks to brian shaw and congratulations to the lakers and all their fans.

it's gonna be a great summer!!

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