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Game 3: Postgame Lakers Quotes and Video

As I mentioned in the video before AK's postgame breakdown, Tuesday's 108-104 loss for the Lakers, while disappointing, guaranteed only that the press corps covering the Finals won't have to change their flights to get out of Orlando Friday morning.  We're here through Sunday.

As for the team, the Lakers weren't panicking.  "Every game you lose is a missed opportunity," Lamar Odom said afterward.  At the same time, he and his teammates recognized a lot of numbers favored Orlando Tuesday night, and it was still a two point game with a minute to go.  The Lakers have scads of respect for the Magic, but not to the point they'll believe this isn't their series to win. 

Click below for all the video and some postgame quotes.


Should you be worried the Lakers wouldn't stick up for each other after a loss, check out Lamar Odom's comments about Kobe Bryant's performance tonight.  Because Kobe tailed off considerably after a scalding hot first quarter, Odom (and everyone else on the team) was was peppered with "What was wrong?" questions regarding Kobe's fourth quarter- remember, there are a lot of folks asking questions at the Finals- and each time, LO stuck up for 24.  A smattering of responses: "He's human, man.  And look at the first quarter, he was inhuman.  A superhero.  We win together, we lose together.  We win together, and we lose together.  (Kobe's) the ultimate competitor. He's tough on himself.  That's why he's so good... I've seen Kobe hit shots when he's winded, sick, with the flu.  It happens. It didn't come down to one play... There's one guy I want to be in the foxhole with every time, win lose or draw.  That's who I want to be with." 

More from Odom:

Odom again, talking about what needs to change in Game 4. Also, this afternoon at shootaround, Odom talked about sitting up Monday night, imagining a last second shot to win, or of making the big play. I asked him near the end of the clip if he thought that might happen, with the game so close down the stretch. Great answer, and one that not surprisingly contains a football reference.

One final note on Odom: The backpack he was sporting tonight was a slick black leather number... with gold speakers on the side. Seriously. Speakers. I didn't know they could do that. "You can hook your iPod up to it. It's crazy," he said.

Andrew Bynum on the loss. Call me crazy, but based on his responses, I think he believes Orlando won because they shot really well. But maybe I'm reading too much into it. Watch and judge for yourself.

Jordan Farmar, who I thought played a very solid game save one late turnover, on the loss and how the team performed:



    Q.  The first half Orlando shot 75 percent, but it was like a two  or three point game and you led most of the half.  Did you take that as good news or bad news?
    PHIL JACKSON:  Well, I thought we controlled the tempo of the game, the way we wanted to play the game.  They were able to come up with some plays at the end of the half to take that lead, but we told the guys at halftime we're playing the way we want to play.

    Q.  Even with them making all their shots?

    PHIL JACKSON:  Well, that tends to even out.  That tends to even out in a game.

    Q.  Can you talk about what your last minute instructions were for the final minutes, seconds, that Kobe took that shot?  What was the designed play for the final seconds?

    PHIL JACKSON:  Well, we consistently ran something similar down the stretch.  Fish got a three, Kobe got through, got the ball to Pau.  We had a number of plays that worked significantly, but they were able to strip the ball away and get the deciding stop, basically.  And Pau came up with the ball and gave it to Kobe and then lost it again, and fouled, created the gap that made this game impossible to reach.

    Q.  Looked like you really cut back the rotation, Sasha didn't play in the second half, Shannon Brown didn't play at all.  Can you talk about that decision?

    PHIL JACKSON:  I thought Jordan was playing well, so I stuck with him in the second half.  He came out and I thought played very well consistently, made shots, kept our offense flowing.  Trevor I thought was doing a good job.  Luke had shorter minutes.  I thought their bench is what was the difference really.  Pietrus getting those 18 points off the bench.

    Q.  After Kobe had that 17 point stretch the last five minutes or so in the first quarter, why do you think he wasn't able to get back to that rhythm that he found?

    PHIL JACKSON:  Their defense.  I thought they really started coming hard to him.  Howard was consistently coming at him on shots, making it difficult.  He never really got in rhythm again the same way he was at that time.

    Q.  Were you disappointed in your post players' rebounding?  Lamar had two rebounds, Pau only had three, Bynum had four.

    PHIL JACKSON:  What kind of rebounds are they going to get?... They have five offensive rebounds in the game.  That's a pretty good job out there from our team rebounding.  Obviously making the amount of shots they made, there's not a whole lot of rebounds to be had out there.  Lamar is playing Lewis at the three point line.  Pretty tough to get some boards out of that.  We understand the ramifications of where guys are on the floor, whether they get the ball or not.
    Big rebound was Pietrus getting that offensive goal    rebound, probably goaltending, but that rebound at the goal.

    Q.  Kobe has closed so many games for you guys and won them.  He had opportunities tonight.  Why wasn't he able to?

    PHIL JACKSON:  You know, we're all frail as humans.  Sometimes not as much as others.

    Q.  Kobe seemed tired at the end.  Is that why you sat him?

    PHIL JACKSON:  Yeah, I wanted to move it even farther.  Seven minute mark is what I wanted to move it to, but it looked like we were going to have to get back on the seven and a half minute mark.

    Q.  But he looked tired, though?
    PHIL JACKSON:  Yeah.  He'll say no.

    Q.  When Kobe is frustrated at certain times, he doesn't shy away from sometimes directing that at his teammates, sometimes it even looks like disgust.  Do you ever think that has a negative effect on how his teammates play after that?

    PHIL JACKSON:  If they can't stand up to that, they can't play on this team.  You have to be able to stand up to that and play through it.  That's part of the expectations that we have for players is that they have to fulfill their roles.  Kobe is demanding that way.  I think we are as a coaching staff, too.


Q. Usually you take what the defense gives you.  It seemed in that first quarter you were very aggressive and you just kind of went after it and got into a rhythm.  Can you talk about that?
    KOBE BRYANT:  Well, I had some good opportunities and some spots where I could be aggressive.  I got a pretty good rhythm going, knocked down a couple shots.

    Q.  You missed more free throws than you generally do.  Is there something going on or just kind of one of those nights?
    KOBE BRYANT:  My rhythm was off at the free throw line.  I just shot poorly from the free throw line.  It was a bad night.

    Q.  You've been called the best closer in the game.  Is it weird sometimes when you can't close it out, especially at the line or a couple big shots you took at the end?

    KOBE BRYANT:  It was disappointing.  I'm used to coming through in those situations, the team trusts me to come through in those situations, and it just didn't happen tonight.
    Just got to bounce back, be ready to go for Game 4.

    Q.  They shot 63 percent tonight.  It seems like they're figuring out where you guys are going to be and they're throwing the ball back the other way and that kind of stuff.  Do you feel like they're figuring out how to run an offense against you guys?
    KOBE BRYANT:  They're doing a great job making adjustments.  It's on us to make adjustments, as well.  Defensively some of the shots, close outs were there, they just knocked them down.  We ran them off the three point line, they converted inside the arc.  So we've got to do a better job on the close outs.

    Q.  Phil said you'll never admit it but he thought you were a little tired at the end.  That's why he kept you on the bench for the first half of the fourth quarter.  How are you feeling?

    KOBE BRYANT:  I felt okay (smiling). 

    Q.  What did you think of Lamar tonight?  He had a run of successful games but tonight only 11 points.  Was he off a little bit?
    KOBE BRYANT:  No, he played all right.  You want to talk about the offensive end, we can talk about that all night long.  You can always improve the offensive end.  Free throws is a gimme, obviously, you've got to knock down free throws.  But we lost this game on the defensive end.  We had been playing very good defense, and the team tonight shoots 62 percent from the field, 69 percent the first half.  We've got to do a better job defensively.  Lamar was fine.

    Q.  Talk about the next game.
    KOBE BRYANT:  You've just got to bounce back and be ready to go.  This one was a tough loss for us, and we feel like we can play much, much better.  So tomorrow just make the adjustments and get ready to go.

    Q.  The adjustments that Pietrus and Courtney Lee made on you tonight, they didn't have an answer for you in Games 1 and 2 but tonight it seemed like they were able to have a little success against you.
    KOBE BRYANT:  It's called four more guys.  They threw the whole kitchen sink, and they did a great job staying on my body.  They brought help from the weak side, simple as that.


Q. Can you give us your assessment of your team's offensive performance as well as your defensive performance tonight?
    PAU GASOL:  Overall it was a pretty solid performance from our end.  We played hard, we competed, we fought throughout the whole game.  We started out well and hold up until that first push that they were trying to, I guess, give us at the beginning of the game.  But overall I think we played well.
    Free throws, we could have done better, but every other aspect of the game, I don't think it's disappointing.  It's more they shot the ball extremely well.  They played a very good game.  But I'm happy about the effort that we put out there and that we competed.

    Q.  A lot of the guys in the locker room were saying that you guys lost an opportunity to steal this game.  Phil said he thought you controlled the tempo of the game.  Which side are you coming down on?

    PAU GASOL:  I think for the most part we controlled the tempo of the game pretty good.  They didn't get any fast breaks or too many easy looks.  They tried to push the tempo, obviously, a lot more.  But I think we did okay as far as controlling it.  Obviously it was a close game.  It's a game that we would have loved to win.  But it kind of went the other way.  I think we've just got to get ready tomorrow, make the adjustments that are necessary for Game 4, and definitely go after it in Game 4 and try to make it our game.

    Q.  What was different about Dwight Howard tonight in your opinion?

    PAU GASOL:  Well, obviously he played with a little more energy, and he's allowed to do physically a couple more things here at home.  Basically that's what it was.  He shot the ball pretty well from the field, the looks that he had.  He didn't have that many looks I don't think.  We were doing a good job controlling him pretty well.  But obviously he sets a lot of screens, rolls on the lane, goes to the boards really hard and does a good job of that, and we tried to keep up with that and do a good job, also.
    I think he had a good game.  That's about it, nothing exceptional.

    Q.  Do you think he was able to get more catches down under the basket tonight than he was in the past?  And how much tougher is he to defend when he does catch it that low?

    PAU GASOL:  Maybe he got a couple more touches in the paint than he did in the prior games, but it wasn't something too substantial I don't think.  He was a little more aggressive, and as I said, he rolled harder to the lane and he's tough to guard because he's get to get hard, it's hard to hold him up.  But even with all that, I think we did a pretty good job of holding our ground and trying to be there and make it tough for him.
    So we've got to continue to do that in Game 4 because it's going to continue to happen.

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Dunno what the refs were thinking on that Howard goaltend against LO midway through the 4th, that was the most blatant goaltend I've seen in a while, having just reviewed it again on the ESPN replay, and should have been a 3-point play as LO hit the first free throw.

I forgot how many points we lost in the last half of the 4th. Along with the Howard goaltend, Trev also missed a dunk that was challenged by Howard, and then Kobe missed a layup in transition, so that's tough along with the missed free throws.

We lost another three point play opportunity too with just over a minute left, when Pau drove in and hit a tough layup, definitely looking like he got hacked on the play, without a doubt there was a ton of body contact on the play, but no whistle.

We did get a free point on the non-foul called on Howard against Kobe with a minute left. Also, I gotta say, the Magic are an impressive team, SVG is a great coach, Pietrus was really a revelation, and I can't exaggerate how much respect I've gained for Rashard Lewis in these playoffs, that dude is crazy clutch.

All that said, we're going to win Thursday.

Some Thoughts.

Some may not agree with my thoughts but this team needs to get Andrew Bynum involved very early in the game..I think his bio-chrono mentioned something about emotion...If we are able to get even an extra 10 or 15 % out of him the complex of the game will turn on its head..

When someone mentions about a team getting hot its one thing but the Magic got white hot...Thats the point after red hot..It was like watching someone play a video game...In the end the Lakers still had a chance to get over the line ....That tells me that this team believes in one another...Thats a good thing..

Last but not least...Our bench is really out of or loose,after the season is over some really strong questions need to be asked about Sasha..Im sorry Sasha lovers but the guy has turned into the invisible man...Shannon Brown should play more and next season Adam Morrison deserves a chance to prove himself...Play inside boys and things will change..

It's pretty crazy how balanced Orlando's attack was tonight. Dwight, Shard, Hedo, and Alston combined for 80 points between them, all within 3 points of each other, and when you factor in Pietrus' 18 off the bench, the Magic got 98 points from 5 guys, all within 3 points of each other.

I can't recall EVER seeing this kind of balance before, literally 5 guys scoring around 20 and all but 10 points for the Magic. They played a near-perfect game, but we still almost beat them.

Also, having just watched the game again, LO was phenomenal in the 4th quarter, big play after big play, especially on the defensive end. We need to do that for 48 minutes on Thursday.

Q. Phil, Rafer looked like Isiah Thomas out there tonight. Is he really that good or is Fisher's defense really THAT bad?

I think it's OK. Magic played pretty well (that's why they are in the Finals) and againg Lakers had problems to defend a quick PG.
But Lakers had the change to win a game where the oponent shoot 63% and grabed more rebounds.
Lakers had to adjust the D to win next game, as they have done previously. The effort was not bad and that somehow give us the hope that the effort in game 4 will be also there.
And, whatever they say about Kobe; you only make mistakes when you hold the responsibility and make decisions, and I haven't seen many bad nights of Kobe. Orlando cannot count on a 50% FT from Kobe to win a game, it will not happen again in these series.
Kobe, Pau, LO and TA are playing very focused and this will ensure that Lakers will have certainly chances to win game 4, and Kobe will close it.

Bynum was obviously terrible in this game. Still, he's allowed, but he's going to have to do better over the next few years.

Kobe wasn't so wonderful either and I totally agree that he needs to get teammates going more early in the game. It just doesn't seem to work out super well when he's white hot in the first half for the team as a whole.

A few more breaks and a few tweaks and we still win. Not bad at all. The Magic can't really play much better than they did tonight.

All pretty obvious.

Should you be concerned? You almost blew your last game at home, and the Magic just took one from you at Disneyworld and are poised to do it again Friday.

Do they have your number? Throw the first game out the window. A clear abberation. It won't happen again. Well, actually it could, but the Magic won't be the victims, not at Disneyworld they won't.

'Kobe hits his free-throws (in the last game), and we win". Right. "They won't ever shoot like that again". uh huh. "We just had an off night". Yes. And the Magic had nothing to do with you being off, nor have they been doing all year precisely what they did last night. Indeed.

I don't know boys and girls. What happens when Superman or one of the other Magic starters goes off for 35 points or more, while the remainder (and perhaps a sixth man or two) to the man, continues to reel of nice 16 to 24 point double figure point totals? Somewhat daunting isn't it?

I tell you, I'm from the West. I expect the Western Conference Champion to win the NBA Championship. (The TRULY GREAT franchises like the San Francisco 49'ers never lose when they get to the big contest). So what's up? Are you going to go down yet again, for the third time in a row? Say it ain't so.

I will give credit where credit is due. Someone besides the Saint better step up to the plate.


So now that Howard has won a game in his first Finals, does that make him the true Superman? Shaq must be livid.

Always a silver lining in a dark cloud.

Sweet Victory for the Super team....i hope Orlando rolls on through and beat LA with another 3 straight games.....god i hate Kobe!

LakerTom....Let the haters hate man...Let them go...
We know our best is unbeatable...You know that and i know that...Let them post till there fingers bleed...

LakerTom....and another thing..If we shot that hot and crazy all night can you imagine what the score would have been?.

I really respect the Magic as a team and the players have class..They are not dirty and you can see they respect other teams..

Im telling you if the Lakers get hot (that means even Bynum,Sasha and Luke ) look out....Play inside boys..Play inside out..

I really hope that Lakers can win this Championship in 5 games because getting up at 3:00 am every gameday is destroying my health and is putting at risk my marriage.

It’s difficult to explain, but it seems that my wife does not enjoy basket as much as I do, she’s not that worried about what Lakers do and it looks to me that to certain extend she is not having fun when the alarm clock rings in the middle of the night.

Guys, I beg you, finish this once and for all!

I am not happy with the loss. I was expecting Lakers to drop a game or 2. PJ knows this too, he basically wave the white flag in the 4th for sitting Kobe. I am not upset about that, you have to think of the task ahead. Learn when to push or to pull. Refs will give Magic home cooking. I like how Lakers players' attitude on bad calls. Even if you are not a Laker fan, you can tell but they did alway calls to frustate them.

To expect a sweep is too much, Orlanda is not Cleveland Crabaliers but to expect Magic to make a repeat of what Miami did to Dallas, it is not going to happen. Orlanda does not have Dwayne Wade, they are a jump shooting team that's it. Lakers are not Dallas, seriously, do you think Lakers will not win the last 2 games at Staples if they lose all 3 games in Orlando?

This game is not even a moral victory for the Magic, they shot the lights out but it is still close up to the 25 seconds mark. This loss is on Kobe and I know he will bounce back otherwise he will not win Finals MVP even if they end up winning the Championship. At this point, I think Gasol is a worthy candidate for that unless Kobe will have 2 monstrous games that will seal it for him. If you analyze Kobe, he always give the media (voters) doubts if they go vote for him. I think Kobe like Dwight more than LBJ, he gave Dwight this favor, not being swept in his first Finals appearance (Shaq and LBJ, take that). Now Shaq is upset again with Kobe. Kobe does not fail to break Shaq's heart.

The 3 muskeeters of the LA Times are putting so much pressures on the Lakers for saying the Lakers will sweep. They make it looks like that if it is not sweep then the championship means nothing to the Lakers. What kind of mentality is that? I said it before but I will say it again, the LA media and some bloggers' arrogance is not doing Lakers any good. They make casual fans to think that if Lakers do not sweep the Magic they are a failure. Even the announcers knows that this Finals is for the Lakers. Magic knows that too, the fans at Amway knows it too. They are even too giddy to bring down the confetti when the game has not ended.

Lakers in 5 or 6. That's always been my prediction from the get go.

They WIN a game, and Stan and others say it was their defense.....We beat them, they LOSE the game....Double standard, eh??

Nonetheless, they played the best ball that Orlando could play and survived to the tune of 4 points..There was def opportunity to snatch that game up, give or take a turnover and an execution here or there but its all good.

This is the kind of stuff that champions are made of.

I, myself and amazed at the numerous amount of colleagues who come by my desk as soon as the Lakers lose to talk smack, all of them of course are now MAGIC fans and the Lakers don't deserve to win, this, that and a third, but when we win nobody says ISH...Either way, I am even keeled and never pop off about the team and am more prone to bring up my team if we LOSE b4 someone else does not the other way around..But its all good. I can take the the B.S. that comes with losing like a true professional and winning, equally the same...

As for Kobe, he's entitled to a bad game or two. I think he needs to step outta his hotel room, turn off the DVD game tapes, and get himself a nice cold brewski, on me of course!!! lol

GO LAKERs -- the sky has not fallen!

Relax, sit back and have some fun, The Magic shot lights-out & still barely won
2 point game with a minute to go, I feel real good about the Lake Show
If we’d won then, Thursday we’d be done, Instead we have 2 more games of Bball fun
But now I think it will go 6, So they can win it at the Staples & not in the sticks
Like a fighter they 1st feel the Magic out, Game 1 was like a 1st round almost knock-out
Like a dazed fighter, throwing everything, You just dance around and let the sucker swing
Even if you lose a round or two, eventually tthey will tire, then it’s over & it’s thru
They threw their Sunday punch, it didn’t even sting, Now we knock them out, & get that ring
Basing your hopes on a guy Named Rafer, is as dangerous as giving the ball to Von Wafer
As for their coach the team has revolted twice, the third times the charm, aint that nice
Rafer Alston, DHoward have both called him out , soon the whole team will pout
So we get to see at least 2 more games, It’s all good to me, I hope you feel the same
BD, 9Rings called that 1st time-out for you, So hanging in there is the least u & I can do
I wanna see The Beast destroy Superman, I’m really not ready yet for the season to end
So I’m content to let the Magic win a game or 2¸ I also want to post a while longer with u
The Titles ours, we can’t miss, What you say JAMambaFan? That’s right WE GOT THIS!

We've got them right where we want them. They got the monkey off their back so they're happy. We make a few adjustments, get some rest, practice some free throws and bring home the trophy. Lakers in 5!


We will regroup.
We will come back stronger
We will RISE!
Rest tomorrow, Laker Nation. For Thursday is another day!
AMEN! Posted by: utzworld - THE BANNER HOLDER | June 09, 2009 at 09:01 PM


whats the deal with beat la chants from the crowd? does every dumb backwater town in america have to adopt this idiotic chant? do they think its original, or do they have some grievance against la? you never hear beat denver, or whatever. Posted by: kraymen | June 09, 2009 at 09:06 PM
NO, NO, NO! They are not saying BEAT LA. They are
asking can they BE AT LA for the Victory Parade.

this ain't over. got to play at 110% from now on.
Posted by: L.M. | June 09, 2009 at 09:09 PM

NO, NO, NO! The Magic has to play at 110%. They've
played at 100% and barely won 1 of 3 games. we've played only 85% tops & that was in the 1st game.

Calling JustAnotherMambaFan, Jon K, LakerTom, Fatty,
EastCoastJessie, BronxLakerFan, #4, BD, Keifo,
Leonard Bast The Morning Crue! Lets go guys the TRolls
will be out in full force soon!

LO-visualize this? Posted by: ouchhhhhhhhh | June 09, 2009 at 09:11 PM
ROFLMAO!!!!! Hey he visualized, but then you were suppose to give him some candy as a reward.

Good morning Laker Nation,

All is still well in Laker land folks. No need to panic. If we were going to give the Magic a game, last night was it.

You've got to feel good when your opponent breaks a league record in shooting percentage and is only up 2 with a minute left. We lost this game on poor free throw shooting and several careless plays by Kobe in the end.

We'll take care of business tomorrow night. GO LAKERS!

It's called defense and we better find it. They have 5 scorers to defend and we have 3. I don't like those odds. Find another scorer or better defenders. Kobe's playing both ends of the court.

PJ better find a solution

I hate to say this but... the reason Kobei s pressing is obvious. The Press & Announcers choose the finals MVP if I’m correct. If this is so, Kobe realizes the press hates him so unless his numbers are hugely better than his teammates he probably fears that the Haters will give the MVP to some one Else. Just to stick it to him. Which is probably true. That being the case, Houston we may have a Problem here. What say you?
Orlando shot the lights out and beat us on Laker errors. Ok, and 10 missed Laker F/T's. I'm not worrying. I'm not smiling either, but I ain't worried. Posted by: Stockton Showtime | June 09, 2009 at 09:16 PM
I aint worrying & I am smiling…but I’m also an imbecile.
Does Magic Johnson laughing after a Lakers loss bother anyone else? I mean I get it, he's an analysist who has to be unbiased, but it just doesn't seem right. It's just not right. LG Posted by: LG | June 09, 2009 at 09:16 PM
Lets see first he picks Orlando to win that game, then he laughs after the game. I’d say since he’s A part Laker Owner he knows the series will be won a t the Staples and he is counting the profits. That or he’s been hanging around that bum Laker for Life Robert Horry.
. but PJ was asleep with fish and farmar. why was kobe on the bench for like 5 minutes in the 4th?
Posted by: ouchhhhhhhhh | June 09, 2009 at 09:21 PM
What's that you say PJ SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES.

christopher blake, THANK YOU FOR BEING A SOBER MINDED LAKER SUPPORTER PL Posted by: PL | June 09, 2009 at 10:14 PM
I’m a Laker Supporter too but I’m sorry after that game I had to go look for Otis a& have a drink. And do you know he insisted on being the designated driver.
I think what worries me most is the trend. Magic shoot horribly in 1, better in 2 and crazy good in 3. Kobe plays crazy good in 1, pretty good in 2 and crappy in 3. What's up for game 4? Posted by: SAZMD | June 09, 2009 at 10:18 PM
Magic shoot crazy bad in game 4 & Kobe shoots crappy good. I’ll take a Bad Crap over a good Crazy. Although a Crazy Good Crap is not so bad. But a crazy Bad Crap is not so Good But a Pretty Crazy Crap is best!!!..... PLEASE, PLEASE some one help me!!! What the F##$#$
Am I talking about!
I think Kobe forced some things late in the game. Posted by: mikefloss | June 09, 2009 at 10:27 PM
Of course he forced some things Mike, that is because he was taking a Pretty Crazy Crap.

Again, lets not panic. I tend to be one of the more pessimistic Lakers fans on this blog, and even I see a Laker Championship coming up. Consider these things...

* Every now and then, a basketball team just has an incredible offensive game. We saw that from the Lakers game One, and we saw that from the Magic Game 3. The difference is, we blew out the Magic game one, but the Magic barely won game 3. This is an extremely important factor to consider

* Those incredible offensive games just don't occur very often. I'll be damned if the Magic shoot that well in game 4. I willing to bet money they don't.

* Despite their reviewing of the game 2 tapes, the Lakers really didn't change their defensive flow enough. They are still late on rotations, still sagging in the lane too much, and still not staying with the shooters even if they chase them off the line. I think Phil's approach is "lets keep clogging the lane until they beat us". Well, they beat us, so I expect to see a different defensive scheme coming up.

* The Lakers had trouble with small guard penetration during the Houston series, and finally figured it out. This is an old problem. the Lakers know how to fix it. Besided, Alston is mentally weak. He's due for a bad game.

* Look, Kobe Bryant sucked tonight. Period. And I've said this all season long...Kobe giveth, Kobe taketh away. That's just the way it is. As fans, we put our collective hopes and dreams into Kobe's arms, and we can't do anything about it. Usually, Kobe comes through, but when he doesn't, we lose. This Lakers team cannot sustain a bad night from Kobe and still win. It will not happen. We have to hope Kobe comes back with a better game in game 4, and chances are he will.

* A visiting team has to get use to the setting. The Lakers had to get use to the weather, the environment, the hotel, the food, the routine, the feel of the court, the fans, all of it. Remember, the Lakers only played in Orlando one time the entire year. This is only their second time playing there. Once Phillip Jackson gets them use to BEING in Orlando and playing under the lighting scheme, the physical makeup of the arena...all the little nuisances, the Lakers should be okay.

* This Magic win was like being in a fight. The other guy has punched you in the nose, the chin, the mouth, and the ears. Bloods is flowing everywhere. He's nearly chocked you out, and he's kicked you square in the nutts. And yet, you still have the energy and opportunity to land a knockout punch. We've taken the VERY BEST from the Magic, and we were right there. I think this is very, very important.

* All the Magic did was win on their home court. They didn't do anything special.

* The Lakers are playing to well too lose 3 straight games to the Magic. Period. Of course, stranger things have happened, but the chances of that occurring are very low. We will come out of this series leading 3-2, and we will win our 15 championship in front of the home crowd, which is better anyway.

* only and idiot would think the Lakers could sweep the Magic. If you expected that, you aren't basketball knowledgeable. How many times have you seen a team get swept in the NBA FINALS??? C'mon, guys, these are the two best teams in the NBA, how can you think one will dominate the other.

We're fine, and I'd tell you if we weren't. Now, if we lose Thursday, expect a different tone from me. But for now, I still see this Laker team being the 2008-09 NBA Champions.

Kobe had a horrible game last night. He shot way too much after that torrid first quarter and horrible shots to boot. In addition that move where he tries to split the Defenders at the top of the key at the end of the game, we have seen that several times in the playoffs and it never turns out good he turns the ball over when he tries that. Can someone get him to be less predictable? Also while Kobe is shooting these horrible shots, why isnt Pau getting more shots, he went 9 for 11 last night. Kobe needs help!!!!!

rule11 section 1A (goaltending) player shall not touch the ball or rim. Clearly on last play of regulation (game2)Gasol's hand was touching the net & rim . WHY wasn't goaltending called ?

Let's not get down on the lakers again! If Orlando shoots 63 percent and still almost loses I would be worried for them. Lakers will bounce back it's a seven game series and Orlando will never shoot 63 percent again.

This was given that Orlando is supposed to win there on the 3rd game but it was close and almost lost it. I don't think there is anything to celebrate out there in the home team inspite of the record breaking FG%. Kobe had a good overall performance, in fact brought the team at par in the first half. If he did not make those fadeaway shots, Lakers would have lost huge by half time. However, in the end he missed a lot of important free throws due to fatigue. Lakers have no reliable help in the perimeter shooting that's part of the inside/out strategy in the triangle. Fish and Trevor are on and off shooters and Sasha has been on vacation for quite sometime.

On the defense side, the biggest thrust in Orlando's scoring is skip myLou Alston. Fish could not stop Alston in the high post and our big men were sealing the p & r so they couldn't time the skipping rhythm of Rafer. I really believe the youth and speed of Shannon is needed to counteract Alston dancing and feeding the perimeters so that defense against Rashard and Hedo will not sag to Alston. We lost steam when the 2nd unit came in that is when Kobe and Pau sat down.

Better defense always is needed, but aside from rotating on shooters more quickly, not sure what adjustments to make. Some penetration second half, but the Lakers weren't torched at the rim (their usual problem after a loss). Howard got one dunk. As PJ notes, they chased shooters off the 3 pt line. One of the replays showed a Magic shooting with Luke's hand in front of his face. If every Magic channels Kobe, what can you do?

Again priority is to prevent penetration, easy dunks, & uncontested 3 pointers; that shouldn't change. Offensively, more ball movement to have LO & Pau attack the basket. I noticed both could drive to the basket when given the chance. Complete opposite of last year. In that sense, Kobe deciding to "heat up" early wasn't a good thing as it took them out of this rhythm.

Magic won the game by outscoring the Lakers, not with lockdown D. A good sign.

We'll see Thurs.

I still believe that the Magic didn't "win" this game, because the Lakers lost it. I mean, the Magic were shooting like 75% in the first half and they were still down by a few? Horrible free throw shooting is once again the Lakers' downfall.

This is why I wasn't as mad as I normally am after a Laker loss. Orlando can't shoot that well every single game, but that's what they're obviously going to have to do to win this series.

P.S. What's Crawford's record against the Lakers now? 301-0?

KB Blitz,

Kobe was the culprit for the loss last nite. His turnover and missed free throws cost the Lakers a better chance to win. Kobe can't blame this on Farmar, Bynum, Ariza or the "young" players who need experience.

Kobe also almost lost game 2 in regulation by not passing on the last play and getting his shot blocked by Hedo, then compounding it by losing Courtney Lee on the back screen.

Kobe needs to improve his decision making.

Also, did you note that Jordan Farmar AGAIN outplayed DFISH? As stated, Lakers would be more effective if they played Farmar and Brown exclusively instead of DFish.

As you said, "Hope that DFish has 1 gallon left" for this series.

Critical Beatdown, is that really the most blatant goaltend you've seen in awhile? Because I saw a more blatant one in game two.


Is this the backpack?

Guys, don't put so much blame on Kobe and Phil this is just the 3rd game of the Finals on the road and the score is close. PJ has to sacrifice one game to see where the strength of Orlando. In the 2nd or 3rd, he will design a play that will make counters or adjustments, this concept is called "pay first to see." Like in Chess, got to sacrifice some pieces to get into position of a smooth attack. Secondly, Stern, Jerry Buss and Mr. De Vos are begging to get more mileage of the Finals to beef up their revenues and deficits on hungry players at the end of the season. The '09 Finals is viewed in more 140 countries which were shown during half time. No conspiracy theories but got to be practical. Thirdly, Andrew Bynum, Andrew Bynum, Andrew Bynum. He is the odd man in the triangulation of Orlando, so far he is out of focus and his shooting repertoire are telegraphic to Howard and even to Battie. Without that man advantage, Lakers are just at par on the scoring machine. Bynum on the first unit and Sasha on the second unit are not helping to secure the O'Brien trophy, yet they got fresh contracts with recessionary million bailout this season. If their abilities are not manifested in the next games or four games maximum, they could be in the trading block to free up non-working fixed assets.

Good morning,

Ok, I admit I blew it. I thought the lack of a strong Magic initial surge would hand Game 3 to the Lakers. Mamba24 even called me out on the live game thread. What was I thinking? Probably the same thing as Phil Jackson, who believes teams can't sustain early "lights out" play in the home stretch. I saw enough Eastern Conference playoff games to know better.

So, what to take away from this? The better team will take a best of seven series. The Lakers are the better team. It's ok for Lamar to still hear Freddy Mercury in his head.

In Game 3, the Magic played brilliantly. They were coached brilliantly. They are tenacious. They are confident. But the chances of Orlando playing at that level for a whole game more than once or twice are pretty slim.

My bet is, the Lakers learned a lot from that game, as they seem to from every loss. Game 4 will be different and the outcome will be different. Then the Lakers will be up three games to one. The road to the Championship isn't supposed to be easy. Game 3 was a good reminder. The Lakers will not be denied. They want it too much. The rest of the way will demand that the Lakers play harder and smarter. Oh, did I say, play some Defense? I know that after the game, PJ said they did. I just don't think he really believes it.

This series is quite a chess match. My money is on the Zen Master and his followers. Go Lakers!

Not worried.

This win goes to the referees. Lakers 2 - J. Crawford 1. Won´t happen again, just wanted a sunday game with a lot of share.

This game also was lost by Pau gasol. He failed two baskets and a free throw. Shame on him.

Let´s Go Lakers!

I actually don't feel that bad this morning.

They threw all they had at us and we almost pulled it out.

I mean a 4 point loss???

Again.... we hit our free throws and its a 3-0 lead!

We'll win game 4... bet on it!!


Now, Kobe have all the reasons in this world to be GRUMPY. He practically cost the Lakers to lose game 3. Missing half of his free throw and losing the ball in the dying seconds. You're overacting nowadays saying you just want it so bad (RING) and yet you're the reason that you might not get it at all without the BIG FELLA.

With regards to the Zebras' performance, it goes both ways depending on the home territory. Until the game officiating is elevated to digital wherein the 3rd referee will be the eye in the sky (within eye level) to correct some flaws with the help of digital replay, then we have to live with the biases of human eyes coverage. With all the body contacts, it is hard to gauge based on the cause and effect the initiator of the foul. It needs to be retrieve and re-analyze again and again to arrive at a decision. Of course, as Laker fans we have jaundice eyes for our team, same with Orlando fans. We need the wisdom of King Solomon to render a fair judgment, unfortunately the King is back to dust at this time. lol!

The NBA future could ask JPL-NASA to design a hubble scope that will analyze the forces of impacts that determines the origin of energy, using theories of quantum physics (like measuring the speed of a bullet) within nanosecond, only then NBA will attain precision that we have been looking for. LMAO!

"PJ better find a solution" - Posted by: hopalong | June 10, 2009 at 06:46 AM



I don't think the Lakers played badly last night. Not at all. The players played hard & defended the paint well enough while several Magic fortuitously found their strokes *within* the arc, leaving few and fewer boards for Laker bigs to snag.

Still, Orlando seemed to have an answer for everything in crunchtime, even when they don't/didn't convert (ibid. Lee's miss in Game 2).

Which makes me curious.

Has Phil *ever* won a title without Tex Winter at his side?

Thought it's totally laughable and sadly pathetic some "diehard" Laker fans are suddenly calling the greatest player in the game a bum just because he has an off "half" -- or have bashers overlooked the fact Kobe was almost unstoppable in the 1st? -- Jackson v. Van Gundy is hardly a joke when you consider PJ's erratic stewardship this postseason along with Tex's notable absence throughout.

I was all set to take the day off from the Blog due to incoming anti-Kobe rodent infestation.

But, after this morning's comments from anal-ysts like Dan Patrick on Fox Sports Radio and Collin Cowherd prophesying our doom because a 62.5% shooting team beat us BY FOUR FRIGGIN POINTS(!!!), foaming at the mouth about how this series is a missed goaltending call away from Orlando being up 2-1, and waxing poetic about how Kobe is gassed and so called LaVidaFaker fans talking about lack of killer instinct and ballhogging, it's best that I stick around.

Do you know the difference between the Orlando Magic and the Denver Nuggets? The Magic have a better center. The Denver Nuggets play better defense.

Other than that, it's all the same game: a bunch of dudes yoking up J's all night long against us. When a bunch of jumpshooters torch the net at a 62% clip, you'd better whoop my @$$ by 15 points at least. 10 is respectable.

They never led by more than 8 points the whole night. The 5 blown free-throws from Kobe is the game. Period.

Regarding Kobe: I prefer him in Facilitator mode early switching up to Mamba mode late. Dude has to allow his teammates to help carry the load. Yeah he's determined, but he can't do it all by himself. And he knows that.

And I still say - despite the haters and last night's outcome - Kobe will win Finals MVP. It's a done deal.

Meanwhile, let the Blog Patriarchs join along with me to uphold the peace and maintain order. We ain't starving no trolls. We ain't ignoring no rodents. If they wanna battle, let's take them on. Let them hit us - I'm ready to hit back with the truth.

62.5% shooting. Only won by 4 points.

It's over. And they know it.

Welcome back Lamar Odom!!! We have not seen you since Game 6 against Denver. Now you're back the Odom that we all know.....the ever inconsistent, irrelevant, non-factor Laker player.

"They have 5 scorers to defend and we have 3."

Well say hoppalong. Magic had 5 players with 18 or more points. Who do you leave open on double teams? Alston toasted us last night. That is why I feared playing these guys so much. All positions can be trusted to usually score.

Conversely, Lakers can't be trusted for balanced scoring. Kobe and Pau are our only night in, night out consistent scorers. The rest of the gang is erratic at best.

We are leading this series only because the Magic shot terrible in game 2. I fear that we are going to dump the next two in ORL, each in a more convincing fashion. The Magic have improved each game; they seem confident in what they are doing. Lakers seem to be going in the other direction.


My last post this morning is address to my good friend, LakerTom. Sorry pal you're wrong again on your forecast of 4 - 0 for two consecutive Finals. Then, the beast you have been promoting throughout the year is very tame, can be considered as a white elephant in the Finals. We can't correct the first one but on the second one, our hopes in the Laker Nation & dynastic baby steps are in the hands of Andrew, the Beast. You've got to do something about it. Go to Orlando and replace Kareem. LOL!


If there was such a thing as a good loss, thats what I would call last night. Why you may ask?? Here is why...

1) The Lakers acctually played OK defence, not the best they have ever played but not the worst.

2) If Orlando played in a "gord" last night they played out of it...AND yet the Lakers still had a chance to steal it at the shoot 63% for a game and stil almost lose a does that happen?? You should be very very afraid of the team you just beat.

3) FREE THROWS!!!...the only reason Orlando really one...Lakers missed free throws...that won't happen on Thursday

Game 4 however there will be a different outcome.
I predict another close game with the Lakers pulling away at the end.

Please excuse the typos and the mis-use of my last coffee in my system yet...

My take on the game is that the game turned when the refs called several fouls on Farmar with incidental touching or contact running up the court.

I don't blame Farmar as this is in Stearns ref rule calling guide line. When Farmar makes incidental contact call foul immediately. If done to him or anyone else don't call a foul.

Kobe was tired and how many now think that PJ putting Kobe back in game 1 with 25 point lead was smart. He should have not returned to the game unless Magic made run. He should have gotten rest.

Officiating was terrible. Many noted some very obvious bad calls and non calls. But the Odom block of Howard was clean and even before that Howard threw an elbow into Pau to create space in same seauence and no foul called.

I think Howard is a dirty player and is not reallythe best. I thought he was good but watching his play more I see elbows and shoves which are not due to skill. AB tries to be physical and he gets called for touch fouls.

This game was the big load shot Magic I predicted would have but Lakers having taken their best shot in close game will now up their game. But first rest KOBE. No practice just film and rest.

Good morning CRUE!

Well - tough loss but we hung right with them until the very end. A couple of free throws and that game was ours. (I won't go into the zebras cuz I don't want to puke up my breakfast).

Adjustments will be made - focus will be sharper - and we'll get it tomorrow. 'Nuf said.

Fakerholics / Trolls - PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP. Y'all make me want to puke as well. Bunch of bandwagon good for nothings. Why I aughtta......


The only way I'm fricken panicking is if it's Game Six at Staples, the series is 3-2 Orlando and we're down 30 points with six minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Otherwise, I'm not panicking.

Have faith.

Hold fast.

And make good use of those testicles God gave you.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Kobe was tired and fatigued. I was wondering why PJ held him out that long in the fourth. And I got my answer

But when you get a steal and miss a lay up, a few free throws, rush a 3 point shot and fumble your dribble between two players; that shows you are a tired greatest player of the universe.

Orlando shot lights out could have lost. Props to the "O." I initially I guessed 6 games, but let's see it the Lakers can prove me wrong and kill it in 5.


Hey Mamba24...I'm present and ready for the haters. It'll only last 48 hours. Does anyone really think Orlando will beat L.A. 3 out of the next 4 games???

Here's a stat for you...the Lakers have never lost 2 in a row in these playoffs and more importantly, the Lakers haven't lost 3 in a row since Pau Gasol came to town. Enough said. Enjoy your 2,880 minutes of fame Orlando cuz that's about all you're gonna get.

It's amazing how freakish a game this was. If you told me that Gasol, Bynum and Odom together would have a total of 9 rebounds for the game, I would guess that we would have lost by 30 points. We're not likely to see one like this again!

We also need to attack the rim more aggresively and quit shooting bunnies. Dunk the ball and get and 1's.

Play AB physical on DH and stay with perimeter shooters.

The time I miss Vlade is now. TA doing good job on Hedo but Vlade with height which matches Hedo is much better than Walton matching up with Hedo. Makes game harder for Hedo and takes away a bit more of their outside threat.

Kobe has got to move the ball and get other players involved. I hate when he goes into "mamba mode" because it almost always ruins team play on both ends.

My fear is that he is going to come out in "mamba mode" in Game 4 and we're going to get killed...

Again, remember Detroit 2004.


Don't sell yourself short. You are the OFFICIAL chaplain of Laker Nation.

I honestly think this place would slowly cruble into relative obscurity were it not for you and MAMBA24.

We all know that Andrew and Brian Kamenetsky are great, but you and Mamba24 are the glue that hold this community of bloggers together.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I'm here man - ready with my cans of Troll-B-Gone and the BBQ.

Bring 'em on - those little suckers taste real good with a side of coleslaw.



Kobe was tired and fatigued. I was wondering why PJ held him out that long in the fourth. And I got my answer

But when you get a steal and miss a lay up, a few free throws, rush a 3 point shot and fumble your dribble between two players; that shows you are a tired greatest player of the universe.

Orlando shot lights out could have lost. Props to the "O." I initially I guessed 6 games, but let's see it the Lakers can prove me wrong and kill it in 5.


Get Kobe some help by playing Shannon with him. Adds speed and defense to our package, and frees up Kobe.

Ever one else had tried with little success. 5 minute test in game 4. C'mon Phil.


I will not be able to utilize the lucky barstool until Game Six as I presently work at nights at another location.

I'm kind of freaking out about it, to be honest with you. It makes me feel a bit sick inside.

Dang fricken stupid recession and awful unholy backwards Ohio. Urgh.

Well, at least the lucky barstool will be available for Game Six, if need be.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I hate to complain about the refs, but really, I have to ask, how can farmar and walton get called for touch fouls at around midcourt, but Lee can wrestle Kobe the entire second half trying to deny him the ball?! Looking at some tape and watching what's going on, I simply don't understand this. It is blatant beyond belief. I really don't believe in conspiracies (he said looking over his shoulder), but the inconsistency has gotten insane.

I also wonder if Bynum's ability to avoid fouls early on somehow changed the flow of the first half for the Lakers? I think they had gotten used to Odom entering earlier in the quarter than he did last night. Not necessarily a bad thing, but Bynum has to get the ball more in the post if he's in there. I think he gets really frustrated when he works hard for position, then rarely sees the ball. I also think that has been a big part of the problem the past game and a half -- not enough commitment to the paint. Worked great in game 1.

Fakerholics / Trolls - PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP. Y'all make me want to puke as well. Bunch of bandwagon good for nothings. Why I aughtta......Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 10, 2009 at 08:59 AM

ROFLMFAO!!! wHEEEW, Don't mess with JAMFan!!!!

The Infamous El Guapo,

No apologies necessary. Your uncaffinated worst is better than the best of the countless haters who vomit out nonsense without proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

The English language is a beautiful thing. I annoys the heck out of me when people abuse the heck out of it from pure sloth.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


When they aint missing I don't think you are going to get
many rebounds.

utz - I"M WITH YOU!!!!!!!!

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon K -



Get your ass in gear man, and make sure you're there on Thursday.

We need every weapon in our arsenal.



"Regarding Kobe: I prefer him in Facilitator mode early switching up to Mamba mode late."

I concur.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hey East coast Jessie. I was one of those that thoought it would be a sweep now I think Laker in 6. We win Thursday lose Sunday and take it at home.

Jon K I would Have faith. Hold fast. Posted by: Jon K. | June 10, 2009 at 09:00 AM

I would have Faith, hold Faith & hold Faith Fast!!

The Lakers have come way too far and deep into this journey to gag it, as chief troll TJ suggests. Are the Lakers really the 2006 Mavericks revisited? No.
However, what we experienced last night was the black bomba striking once again. As great as Kobe is, no he does not need to win anything with or without O'Neal, his major flaw that will prevent him from elevating from mere human is uncontrolled stubbornness. We've seen both sides for 13 years, no news here, but if he has that drive to win he needs to learn to give the ball up and not feel that he needs to force the play every time the Lakers are down.
However, the major flaw last night, once again, was reverting to the classic helter skelter defensive scheme made famous by the 9-ring guru. We have seen this before where a second rate guard, like skip, burns the referred scheme to record levels.
Was this done by design? Like telling the team, hey let's give them one.
Let's hope not.

I think SHAQ cursed us by saying orland will be sweeped so that he can save his ugly face. Otherwise we should have win the game last night.

Anyway, for game 4 Lakers should explore their biggest strength, which is their post up play. Did u notice last night, everytime they post Lamar or Gasol they came up with points? They need to post up more with all their bigs and attack orlando's middle. They need to put either Lewis or Howard in foul trouble and that will disrupt their rhythm just like the first game. THATS THE ONLY WAY!! Trust me folks, this team can shoot 65% nights in and nights out if you let them shoot in rhythm. Thats why Lakers need to disrupt their rhythm just like they did in the first game. THe way to do it is more post up, more attacks by Bynum, Gasol and Lamar and get them into foul trouble. Keep doing it until you get them in foul trouble. Orlando may try denying to ball to get to the post up players, in that case run a few screen and rool and post up again!

That way, Kobe can get his rest also during the first half. Let the Lakers big to do what they are supposed to do! Andrew also plays good when he gets going offensively!

so, Lakers need to go to attack mode in game 4 and destroy the Magic!

So now we have a series - back to back games that could have gone either way, that were decided by a couple of plays.

When a Rafer Alston gets that hot, it's hard to win. Easy to blame on Fish, but then I guess Fish must get credit for shutting him down in the first two games, since he came into the Finals playing well .

Actually Fish's job was to sag off him and help a lot on Howard. You can't shut down 5 guys and the Lakers defensively were willing to live with Alston shooting over Howard, Turkoglu and Lewis. When that guy gets on fire it opens a lot of other stuff up. The Magic's shooting was as unsustainably good in game 3 as it was unusustainably bad in game 1.

This was never going to be a sweep. This is not a big loss - you almost never get this game 3 up 2-0. Obviously it stings to have a shot at it and let it slip, and putting the series away would have been very very good. I hope that sting lasts to game 4 and adds some fire.

The one concern I have, the thing that ran over from game 2 to game 3, was Kobe trying to do too much, especially at the end of the game. They are orienting their whole defense at him, including Howard. The Triangle is supposed to go away from the pressure and find opportunities. Too often Kobe is going into the teeth of the defense, especially at the end of games (blocked shot, turnover).

I love Kobe's game, and I love his aggression, but the predictability is a problem, and the Lakers need to open up the floor and look for better opportunities to close out games. In the fourth, when Lamar was active, when Fish got a wide open three, when Gasol got to the rim, they looked so much better. The flow and the low post need to stay in the game. Kobe calling for the ball every play and forcing his way into multiple defenders is bad basketball.

With all that, and Orlando's shooting, it was still a couple of missed layups and foul shots short of a win. Orlando played well at home, shot lights out, and played hard in a must win game 3, and still barely escaped. I take some confidence from that.


Seriously, you think the NBA is going to allow the Lakers to play physically without getting calls? How are all the haters going to continue to call them "soft" then?

They can't do that! You've got to feed the haters market! It's the biggest individual market in the NBA!

Got to stretch this series out and make the Eastern Conference (aka "population center of the United States") feel like "Hey, we're good at basketball TOO!"

So, Orlando gets to hack the heck out of the Lakers before they get called for a foul, but the Lakers (especially Andrew Bynum) can only scowl at an opposing player before they get a foul. That's fair, right?

I mean, we want to keep this series fair, right? How are we going to do that if we don't call every single little ticky-tack foul on the Lakers? We've gotten used to calling the Lakers "soft", what will the haters do if they're not allowed to do that anymore?


(David Stern needs to be fired.)


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


whys everyone so tightlipped about the officiating?

i know we dont wanna sound like sorelosers and orlando played great and kobe blew it at the end but COMMON THAT OFFICIATING WAS STILL HORRENDOUS.


Trolls and haters don't deserve the courtesy of the word "please".

They deserve to be kicked into a pit, King Leonidas-stylee. That's it.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Well, at least the lucky barstool will be available for Game Six, if need be. Posted by: Jon K. | June 10, 2009 at 09:12 AM

WAIT A MINUTE JON K. This sounds awfully suspicious
to me. You just happen to be able to once again have
access to The Lucky BarStool when The Lakers return
home.! LOL!

Bring 'em on - those little suckers taste real good with a side of coleslaw. Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 10, 2009 at 09:09 AM

ROFLMAOF!!!!! Thank you I needed a good laugh. Now
I feel much better.!!!!

Good Morning Sir Charles, Edwin G. Morning Crue.
Has the exterminator been called yet we have a lil infestation here.

Again, remember Detroit 2004. Posted by: lavidalaker | June 10, 2009 at 09:06 AM

Yeah I remember Detroitr 2004 and I remember the Mamba
still trying to will us to victory while Shaq was busy getting Piston autograph remeber that lavidalaker or whatever the frak your name is. But then I guess you
don't. They still had you under observation in the facility for the mentally deranged. By the way just when was it you escaped and don't you think they may track you down from your computer?

utz - I"M WITH YOU!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 10, 2009 at 09:18 AM
utz - I"M WITH YOU 2!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of Laker fan's are some of you guys? Turning on Kobe in a drop of the dime because he had 1 bad fourth quarter performance. Do you remember Kobe in Denver on the road saving the day with the 3 in JR's face to get us to this point. Do you understand that we would never even be in this position with out the CLOSER! Take the good out of the game the Magic shot an NBA record 63% from the field and Lakers still had a chance to win the game. I can guarantee you 1 thing the Magic will never shoot 63% again from the field. Truthfully I feel great going into game 4 knowing the Lakers are still getting whatever they want and have control of the game's tempo. Take a deep breath we are 2 wins away and have another shot at getting one on Thursday. I guarantee you as well Kobe will be back to his old self!

Critical Beatdown -

I completely concur. I don't think Orlando will shoot 75% for a half again. We took their best offensive punch and still lost by only 4 (and had a great opportunity to win). If we won last night, it would be over on Thursday. Aside from some inconsistent refereeing (from how fouls were called in the first half to how they were called in the second half), I don't have anything disparaging to say.

Orlando looked like the team I was initially fearful of seeing - strong rotations, crisp passes to open people, and driving to the tin when the 3pt shot wasn't available.

I think our next challenge is to see if we can coax them into shooting mostly mid-range jumpers. no 3's, no dunks, and no running floaters.

I haven't seen Rafer play like that EVER. Props to him and Mssr. Pietrus.

Overall, I think it was a pretty solid effort by our squad. I hope that they just play with a bit more defensive zeal on thursday - since Orlando will hit their shots, we should make a concerted effort to keep Orlando off the glass.

62.5% shooting and 108 points tells me that the Magic were able to do whatever they wanted to do out there.

I would like to see a much better defensive effort going forward. Our guys played hard last night, competed, and had a chance, but the focus wasn't there defensively through the whole game. Way too many open lanes and open shots.

This is the finals. There needs to be 48 minutes of focus, especially on the defensive end.

F the C's!
Go Lakers!

"The only way I'm fricken panicking is if it's Game Six at Staples, the series is 3-2 Orlando and we're down 30 points with six minutes left in the fourth quarter"

That sure does sound familiar!

Not worried at all. Hey, we had a chance to win on their homecourt, and we almost pulled it off. All the Lakers have to do is win one in Orlando, and I'll be plenty happy. I think it will happen tomorrow.

Until then, let the trolls and haters spout their nonsense. At 9:00 p.m. tomorrow, there will be nothing but silence from those fools.

By the by, I'll be heading to the Sequoia National Forest tomorrow to climb... the Magic Dragon. The Magic Dragon will be conquered, in more ways than one.

Go Lake Show!

A couple observations...

1. Andrew Bynum is getting really annoyed with SOME members of the media. When he talks to certain people, his eyes go cold.

2. Anyone remember when we played the Reggie Miller Indiana Pacers in the Finals? An incredible shooting team, probably better than the Magic? One game of that SIX GAME series, the Pacers just shot the fricken lights out in Indiana and beat the crap out of us by like 28 or something. I think they scored 130+ points or something. Anyhow, no one panicked. The Pacers could not sustain that level of performance and we won the series. Last night the Magic broke an NBA record for FG percentage and we lost by four (really TWO because those last two freethrows were bullcrap).

Keep things in perspective.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Side comment:

Too bad about USC basketball.

{Snicker. Snicker}

USC football is next.



"The only way I'm fricken panicking is if it's Game Six at Staples, the series is 3-2 Orlando and we're down 30 points with six minutes left in the fourth quarter" That sure does sound familiar! Posted by: 131-92 | June 10, 2009 at 09:44 AM

Good One, got to give you points for that. But why are you still here. Go away, go away now!! There's a whole big wide world out there waiting for someone as
witty as you. and much as we love your company we
refuse to keep you to ourselves. Dogone it, it just would not be fair. So go, go now, Scatt!


God is watching.

What makes you think he's going to reward the Celtics for your cynicism and negative behavior?


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I'm still fuming over all the tickytack fouls against lakers and esp that non goaltending call on pietrus

Blatant noncalls like that can shift the momentum and whole tide of the game. Lakers were going on a crazy 4th qtr run but no way stern was gonna let us sweep

Common everone can freely comment... U don't work for the nba or abc or espn so u won't get fined and ur job is safe

Mr. 131: How's the fish in Bawstan?

I haven't seen Rafer play like that EVER. Posted by: Caliphilosopher | June 10, 2009 at 09:43 AM

Then you know what? It was a good thing you were watching, cause you aint ever going to see the sucker
play like that again. not in this series. I promise you
that!! But I have seen Von Wafer play like that! LOL!

I guarantee you as well Kobe will be back to his old self!
Posted by: Lil Dezy | June 10, 2009 at 09:39 AM

No, No, No Lil Dezy! We don't want his old self, we want his young self. LOl!

Trolls and haters don't deserve the courtesy of the word "please". Posted by: Jon K. | June 10, 2009 at 09:32 AM
Now Jon K. let's remember our manners. It never hurts
to be curteous as you kick their Freakin behinds out
the door!

whys everyone so tightlipped about the officiating?
i Posted by: yellofever | June 10, 2009 at 09:29 AM

Shoot man have you taken a good look at Joey Crawford lately. That sucker scares the crap out of me!! Lol!

Yeah Jon K. My original prediction was Lakers in 6. After game 1, the thoughts of a sweep came to my mind. After game 2, I thought 5. Now after last night's game, I'm liking the thought of celebrating at Staples in game 6. Then again, I'd hate to give Orlando any chance to even think they can hang with us so a dagger win on their home floor on Sunday to close it out would be great too.

I guess it just depends on the Lakers now. I highly doubt they'd purposely take a game off to be at home in game 6. Kobe wants to kill and he wants to kill NOW.

Jon K.

The 131 dude is also playing captain obvious.



Am I the only one who misses those DWade commercials
I'd like to knock Joey Crawford down a couple times
I bet that sucker won't get back up!

GOOD NEWS. I have found my LEBronz Puppet.
He wasn't stolen at all, I caught the lil b@stard at
the pawnshop with Mamba's ring.

I'm still a little sick to my stomach over Kobe's performance at the line. If he does what he normally does, I would have been able to eat my Coco Puffs this morning while basking in the glow of a 3-0 lead.


Silly me for getting my hopes up for a Game 3 win that I thought before the game we'd probably lose. Good news is, I'm predicting a game 4 win.

My Coco Puffs await me.

What do we play for Rings! What do the Celtics play for
well that's kind of hard to say since they only get to play for anything every 20 years! HEY 131, WHAT DO THE CELTIC'S PLAY FOR EVERY 20 YEARS AND HOW DO THEY KNOW THAT WHAT THEY PLAY FOR IS STILL IN EXISTENCE AFTER BEING IN LIMBO ALL THAT TIME!!!!

What? Me Worry?
Get some sleep Lakers! You'lll be fine. We'll be waiting at Figueroa!

Go Lakers!

Jon K.

Sorry, lost my head there for a second. Too much screaming at the tv last night -- not good for clear thinking...

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