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Help a Laker win a trophy

Back in the day, the common knock against class president elections was they were just a big popularity contest.  Well, the process that allowed that smarmy punk to buy himself an office with some puffy stickers and a few Hershey's Kisses has much in common with ESPN's ESPY Awards.  Except unlike elementary school, this popularity contest is hosted by Samuel L. Jackson and shuts down traffic on Hollywood Boulevard between Highland and, if I remember correctly, Orange. 

The list of nominees is plum littered with Lakers Kobe's up for a few awards, including Best Male Athlete.  Pau Gasol gets a nod for Best International Male Athlete, while Phil Jackson gets two (one of which, and this makes total sense when you think about it, is for Best Coach/Manager).  And as a group the Lakers are up for Best Team.

Voting seems to require registration, so if your distaste for becoming part of Disney's corporate machine outweighs your desire to help Lakers win stuff, you may be out of luck.  If not, vote early and as often as allowed. 


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Hey! As part of Disney's marketing machine, I resemble that
remark. :-)

er, I meant Disney's Corporate Machine.

Long Time Cog

So what do you guys think of Sheed to the Celtics?

Sounds like it's a done deal.

Don't know if you're aware of it, but that midnight starting time
is midnight Eastern time.

Or in other words, 9 pm Pacific time.

Here's hoping that as of 11:00 our time, Lamar Odom, Trevor
Ariza, and Shannon Brown are all signed, sealed, and confirmed
as Lakers for years (and championships) to come.

So supposedly Oklahoma City is going to make a big offer to
Brandon Bass, who's a restricted free agent of Utah. They want
a young power forward to complement their strengths at small
forward (Durant & Green), point guard (Westbrook), and center
(Nenad Krstic), all of whom are 25 or younger.

I think Utah will probably match (unless Boozer doesn't opt

Who would be the next young PF that they might look at?

Maybe Fat Baby Davis?

Would the Celtics match?

Jackson 5 > Jackson 10


Jackson 10 > Jackson 5

I chose PHIL.

Who are they trading?


Depends on the Sheed that Boston is getting. Are they getting the guy who is willing to go down on the blocks and be the dominating force he can be? Or are they going to get the guy who drifts around and waits to shoot 6 3pters a game at a 30% clip?

I'm guessing they're getting something in between which will be good for them. He's also an underrated defender. But I also think it's another sign that they're getting somewhat desperate (why, I don't know). Signing Marbury? Trying to trade Rondo? Signing Sheed? Maybe they just felt they needed a shake up, but this shake might be stronger than they anticipated. Should be interesting should it come to fruition.


I'm planning on shelling out about 100-200 bucks on my '09 gear tonight ... dvd, book, shirts etc ...

Got a question regarding the book ... I want to get only one and can't make up my mind between the SI version ( ) and the OC Register one ( )

SI Book ...
Pros: Hard cover
Cons: Has stuff on lebron, melo and other non-laker in it

OC Register
Pros: More pages ... all LA baby
Cons: Don't think it's hard cover

Has anyone got either of the books and can you tell me which would be better to go for if I'm getting only one ...

Next month ... gotta set aside another 150 or so for the kobe shoes ya dig ... so gotta try and have a budget or imma go bankrupt on laker love

24 + 16 + [1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

(01) BK – OWNER - Personally, I'd keep last year's team intact
(02) TONY RALI – CO/OWNER - We Don't need no mercenary signings
(04) #4 -TA and LO are the priority it is of utmost importance to resign LO and Ariza
(05) MAMBA24 - RIDING SHOTGN - Resign Our Own.
(06) KBBLITZ - Fisher-Bryant-Ariza-Odom-Gasol. Bynum will start no doubt but Odom will get tons minutes.
(07) LEONARD BAST - it's essential that we retain Trevor and Lamar
(08) RICHTOWN - No one on the list is worth losing Ariza and/or LO.
(09) FATSAM - LO and TA. When they were mentally right they destroyed the rest of the league last year, and they'll be mentally stronger next year after having seen what it takes to get it done.
(10) LAZNirv - don't want those other stinkin' free agents just give me my Trevor & Lamar & Shannon too. (11) TEAMN - would not replace either for anyone on the list.
(12) JON K-If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
(13) PEANUT BUTTER SPREAD - You'd think by now, after this Finals run and after the Rockets series, how valuable LO is to this Lakers team and how wrong it'd be to put Ron Artest on this Lakers team.
(14) Love The LAKE SHOW - My vote is to keep the same group of guys together, barring something crazy being offered like a Chris Bosh
(15) TALIQ - "It is a must that we had odom's love, ariza's hustle and shannon's humility next season, farmar's arrogance we can do without"
(16) MOLAKER - I'm all for bringing back LO and Trevor.
(17) LAKOFAN - can I have that Kobe Bryant guy, it seems he has a player option..
(18) LG - Lamar Odom, Trevor Ariza and Shannon Brown. Those are the guys I want.
(19) utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER - Keep em both... ...but should we have to choose: Trevor. He's the future. We COULD bring Bill Bill in here, but that would be
(20) TIFFANY - We *won* a championship with LO and TA
(21) CALIPHILOSOPHER – I would prefer we retain those two.
(22) JAY JAY - I know nobody is saying anything in public cause they can't, but there MUST be some kind of negotiation going on with Trevor and Lamar (and hopefully Shannon).
(23) JUSTANOTHERMABAFAN - I understand why people are posting about how if only Kobe would sacrifice some pay to keep LO and TA. They just want the team kept together in order to defend.
(24) CHICnSTU - LO, Tevor and Shanon have finally found a home.
(25) BENJAMIN HARREL - The Lakers will have the same team next year. Odom and Bynum will get better. LA is making the right decisions.
(26) LAL _FAN - So my take, in order for Lakers to improve, assuming they able to sign Trevor, LO & SB, bench needs to become again visible & efective, & Drew should return to his "circa Dec/January" condition.
(27) WARREN R ACKER - sure am in hopes that the Lakers are a able to find a way to sign all ofthe free agents and to keep the team together. With the age of the current roster and the togetherness of the team they should continue to improve to the point of winning 2 or 3 more championships
(28) LAKERTOM - When you consider chemistry & potential, Lamar & Trevor are the answer. We don’t need ring-grubbing over-the-hill players from other teams looking for a free ride on our championship bandwagon.
(29) NICK - Resign LO and TA
(30) EASTCOASTJESSIE – I wouldn't take any scrubs for LO & TA. We've got our team, let the others scramble.
(31) DAVE M. - L.O. & T.A. all the way.
(32) Jamie Sweet - The only thing I'd replace TA & LO with is an incredible basketball cyborg & a jedi knight
(33) RICK FRIEDMAN - Our team, as is, has great chemistry. There's no price tag on that. There's a Mastercard commercial in this thought --- Priceless!
(34) HAWAII D - keep Brown, LO &TA. Miller, Kobe, TA, Bynum & Pau...that is an impressive starting 5. Bring Fish, Brown, LO, & Luke off the bench and you have a great 9 man rotation with lots of combos.
(35) BILLY IN SLO - Keep TA at all costs and if needed replace LO.
(36) WESJOENIXON - have an idea. Lets pay Phil Jackson like a normal NBA head coach, say 7 million a year instead of the utterly ridiculous and unheard of 12 million a year. We do that and we have enough money right there to sign Ariza and Brown.
(37) GENERIC ONE - WE DON'T NEED NO.. .STINKING FREE AGENTS (baum ba baum da da da da da bau ba baum) WE DON'T NEED NO... JASON KIDD (baum ba baum da da da da da bau ba baum)
(38) bd - Ariza has to be signed. If LO isn't signed they must upgrade the PG
(39) NICK - Resign LO and TA. If possible, without using the exception
(40) JUSTALAKERFAN - Sign me up too! Add Brown in too!
(41) BENJAMIN - This team is a championship team & will be for years. We need to keep it together.
(42) BD - Ariza has to be signed. If LO isn't signed they must upgrade the PG position

Sheriff you call yourself a Laker fan and are trying to decide between the 2 books. Come on skip that Latte for a week and get them both. I promise you, you'll be glad you did. Not to mention the fact that your yearly physical for the Sheriffs job is comming up and I hate to say it but you could stand losing a pound or 2. LOL!

Good morning Laker morning CRUE!!!

I'm seriously getting antsy - I want LO, TA and SB signed, sealed and delivering another ring ASAP. GET IT DONE NOW - for the love of god - before I have a mental breakdown. And that, my friends, is a short walk off a long pier as they say.

Sherrif - I don't know about the book, sorry - BUT - where do you get the DVD? I haven't been able to find it without also having to sign up for a SI subscription...
Thanks in advance.

By all accounts, I'm going through serious withdrawal and it's only the freaking end of June!!!!! What am I going to do for another 4 months????? This is so not cool. Jitters, anxiety, shakes, tremors - I dont' know how much of this I can take. I think I'll go home tonight and cue up the Tivo, watch Game 4 and 5 again and wear as much Laker gear as I can put on. That should help... Yah - that should help a lot.

My name is justanothermambafan and I'm a Lakerholic.

Mamba24 - addendum to my comment that was posted on the WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING FREE AGENTS

I DO understand about the whole Kobe pay cut thing, but DO NOT necessarily think it will happen, and DO NOT necessarily think it should happen.

I think I'm going to stand pat with "Sign LO, TA and SB because they are better than the scrubs out there and they deserve the opportunity to defend."

Something like that....!

Sorry I seem to be much more prone to rambling on lately. The Laker Season Withdrawal has hit me full force and I'm barely coherent.


You can get the dvd on store ...


I'm still waiting on my bailout check yo ... I think I'll just go with oc register ... just cuz they rarely (if ever) hate on the lakers ... just wish they had a hardcover version ... but oh well, i'll just have to pop a cap in anyone that touches it with a sticky finger

Kobe's going to get our love (as well as some love from non-Orlando/Cleveland/Boston/Denver/Houston cities without short term memory loss) for the ESPY Best Male Athlete, but putting anyone against Michael Phelps is tough. Akin to BK's student council analogy; Kobe is currently the most popular guy in our class. Phelps is soooo last year!

My question is: which high schooler from the Buss family will show up to accept the award on Phil's behalf? (Will it be the same one that had to cut class to accept the O'Brien trophy?)


No book knowledge.

Mamba 24 put me on the KEEP LO AND TA bandwagon as NO WAY!!! KEEP 'EM!!!!! please

Sheed to the Celtics? That would be perfect, especially if they pair him and Garnett in the front court because there's no way KG is backing up Sheed. Perkins moves to back up and pouts even more about his lack of respect, Big Baby will get a Big Pay Day from someone other than the Celtics, or Sheed comes off the bench.

I don't think Rasheed Wallace would accept a back-up role. I think he'd retire. This would be so perfect for so many reasons, the best being a total team chemistry melt down.

Sign LO, TA and SB (in that order make them signed, sealed and delivered to all the Laker fans for next year.


JustAnotherMambaFan here you go for the DVD

Slightly off-topic... Michael Curry is fired as Head Coach of Pistons, poor guy was pwned due to Iverson is what I would say!!

but oh well, i'll just have to pop a cap in anyone that touches it with a sticky finger Posted by: Taliq | June 30, 2009 at 10:52 AM

Stop that! Stop that right now! Lol!

don't forget vote for the lakers, kobe, pau and phil

Sorry I seem to be much more prone to rambling on lately. The Laker Season Withdrawal has hit me full force and I'm barely coherent. Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 30, 2009 at 10:48 AM

Then why haven't you ordered your championship DVD and books like the Sheriff? Huh? Huh? I'm just playing with you.

My name is justanothermambafan and I'm a Lakerholic
Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 30, 2009 at 10:45 AM

OK then you have to do the 12 step program. Step 1 the
DVD's Step 2. The Hat Step 3. The Jacket... and so on and so on......

Revenge is very Swet.

I went to my Dr's office last yr and a male nurse is a very huge septic err celtic lover and Laker hater.

He rubbed in their wing and I retorted it was becauseof the bets and 8 vs 5 did the job.

When I went to Dr office wearing my 2009 Laker Championship all he could do is hang his head mumbling get otta here.

Just loved it!

Still enjoying the bas-relief from Championship tho' fascinated on arguments at the Championship hangovers. I just want to add my own take on ridiculous debates about wild speculations like:

1. Kobe opts out for more or less
2. Jerry Buss should pick up the tab being the owner or no luxury taxes to stay afloat
3. Lamar, Trevor and Shannon should be paid at market
4. Retain all Lakers subs and absorb luxury taxes
5. Fight/more arguments on who to trade/retain or who to take/avoid ad infinitum....fitted on my dream team
6. The best post ever that I really like was P. Ang/Faith discussing the dead zombie horse. I hope everyone who are in their right mind gets the cue from there.

My friends and critics, you're wasting so much of your time discussing on the lives of these millionaire players, as such their heads swell, as well as their abnormal values because of too much attention on their intrinsic value to the team. In times like this, we should think of ourselves as a fan and our families. I would happier to enrich my take home pay for the year than discuss the fortune of Kobe or Jerry Buss. I guess the only thing related to the lakers is how much budget can I afford to fork out from this entertainment? There is a price from all these contracts passed on to the end consumers - the fans in form of: ticket prices at Staples (AEG, part owner of Lakers just lost a billion investment on MJ rock star demise) and prices of Laker commodities. Many avid fans at the parade could not even watch live basketball due to economics. Why do we venerate these players as though they are saints or sports' Gods? We should learn something from the life and death of celebrities. After all the fame and material wealth, they are not really happier compared to simple living.

Let it be, whatever happens tonight or next few weeks happen and pick it up from there. If Lamar or Trevor will not become a laker next season, so be it go for the contingencies and move on. Greed is part of capitalism, everyone will try to maximize their market values whether players or owners. Attention creates demand, demand increases market values or price of contracts, luxury taxes are passed on to end users to simpleton fans like us. For those well-to-do bloggers like: LakerTom, KB Blitz and LTLF who have all the time and resources with plethora of statistics, facts and fantasies behind them, I think they flourish in this kind of forum. They could insult those who know less and/or make fun and ridicule people who offer opinions contrary to theirs. Thank God they were not born to become leaders of nations or else the governed will be at their mercy. I just wish others who are unemployed or underemployed concentrate on real problems not on fantasy blogging.

Go Lakers, just my take. Back to summer break.

Your response to the candy man was right on target.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.
Posted by: Jon K. | June 27, 2009 at 11:39 AM
Jon K,

Sorry for the late response but perusing old threads for things I missed.

Thx for the kind words.

I'm revising it right this minute Jamie Sweet.

Edwin I'm shocked do you hear me? Shocked! No price is two high to keep our championship squad together I would gladly give half of your paycheck to accomplish this. LOL!

Repost in light of thread topic plus;

I will start my more on Lakers now starting with the Kobe situation.
I agree Kobe deserves every bit and more of what he earns salary wise. However in the best interest for him and the team he should opt out and take less money salary wise to get better players to surround him as he ages. Better chance to continue championship rings to collection and make up salary in endorsements and also cement his legacy as best player now and possibly ever.
People tend to villainies J Buss because he is richer than Kobe etc. But look at rich people like Ed McMahan (sp?), Ed Asner, Michael Jackson etc as people aged and poor at time of death or in later years. Stuff happens.
Remember bringing up the distasteful Colorado incident and pointing out that J. Buss can kind of request some payback on his generosity and help at this hard time.
Let me refresh some memories. Kobe had his affair and got sued. Don't matter if suit was right or wrong (MHO is wrong) but it happened. Kobe did not have much money so Buss signed him to a generous contract and gave Kobe an advance on the money so Kobe could get a legal team.
Buss took the risk not knowing if he would lose his money if Kobe went to jail. Never can predict what will happen in court. Buss also provided private jet so Kobe could play and go to court on time too.
Yes Kobe got his and to those that may say that it was a gamble Buss took but he did keep Kobe in the end and Kobe earned his money. Yes Kobe earned his money but he should have earned the money regardless of Colorado incident.
Posted by: JustaLakerFan | June 26, 2009 at 12:18 PM

[ add that Kobe said it is not his responibility to pay for FA' by signing for less and that is J. Buss responibility.

RIGHT and WRONG.It is not his responibility nor is the respnsibility of J. Buss. IT is the out right PERROGATIVE of both to do what is best for each of them. J. uss can try to fill voids with lesser talents and then Kobe as he said "Where imma go.?" if then he decides to leave to best win championship elsewher he would have to take big cut and less chance of winning ship. What that say about his legacy and loyalty?

Kobe can come across as arrogant towards the owner who has helped and backed him at every turn. Is it too much to ask for a little less salary and more money on endorsements and chance at part team owner? Owner can field best competitive team working under cap rules. Kobe can have opt out after new cba is reached too see if salary cn be raised or spread out. Win win situation.

Ex said it best to get all parties together and figure how to work this out.

Git er done]

I hate this period of uncertainty.

And I am beginning to hate Trevor Ariza's agent for making it more uncertain. Trevor, do you really want to play in some God-forsaken hell-hole like Milwaukee or Cleveland? I mean, come on!

Kobe, Shannon, Lamar, Trevor, Mitch, and Dr. Buss need to work this out... and then we can start worrying about improving our team with our point guard situation.

Get it done, Mitch!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hope springs eternal...

I'm hopeful that Blaine Griffin, Eric Gordon, Baron Davis, and a good trade for Chris Kaman (Tayshaun Prince?) will turn the Clippers around.

I'm not saying playoffs, but MAYBE playoffs.


Go Clippers!!!



"If he's resolved to take that tack, then have fun losing most of your games somewhere like Memphis, Trevor."

I agree. Trevor is a great player but if his agent wants superstar money then he can forget it. Trevor is a great complementary player and vital to the 08-09 title run but if he's asking for $10 million + or something then heck let Trevor go.

Shawn Marion found out how life is without being 1)In a system where he really flourished and 2)Being with the perfect player for him in Steve Nash. Trevor's agent is David Lee the same agent that Bynum is represented by. Mitch better not blink this time because there is NO under the cap team that could use Trevor Ariza since they mostly have quality SF and no way Portland signs Ariza.

There is no competition for Ariza. The ones who could really use him are teams that are over the cap and the Lakers for sure will offer more. Mitch better not be suckered this time like he was for Bynum and not make David Lee the next Scott Boras.

Mitch would be an idiot if he thinks about giving Ariza $10 million plus with many years on it.

Just wanted to drop by and throw out a yo! Go Lakers

Hope all are enjoying ur summer and if not, you should review: we've got the best organization, best team, best potential and future for more of same.

The dream team in charge will rock as always... but yes, they should sign everyone or incur blog wrath.

btw: anyone concerned about a possible Laker ESPY snub should remember John Wayne won a best actor OSCAR... or so my mother tells me.

Ain't no cure fo' the summertime blues....

I'm desperately hopeful that Kobe, Lamar, Trevor, Shannon, and Dr. Buss will ALL be willing to make some degree of compromise.

It would show that these individuals truly do value winning over money... which is a statement the world needs right now.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I went thinking and i found what happened with Sasha:
Last season Mr. Buss thought that was a good idea to upgrade Machine's operating system to Vista, because its newness and cool looking aspect.
He didn't notice that Sasha's shooting and decision making program weren't at all compatible. His processor didn't met the minimum requirements... and well, we all know why Vista will be replaced next year...

Downgrade the Machine to XP!!


Edwin I'm shocked do you hear me? Shocked! No price is two high to keep our championship squad together I would gladly give half of your paycheck to accomplish this. LOL!

Posted by: Mamba24 | June 30, 2009 at 11:19 AM
To borrow your words Mamba24

Stop that, stop that right now. LOL

"Among the teams Lee expects to pursue Ariza: Detroit, Portland and Toronto"


"With that, president Joe Dumars has said they hope to get at least two top-tier players — one is expected to be a scoring guard, the other a starting power forward."

Ariza fits neither.

Portland? After what in Portland? The Blazers wouldn't accept Ariza. Besides they already have two young athletic wings in Batum and Outlaw. They don't need $9 million to spend on Ariza.

Toronto? They are more likely sign Shawn Marion.

Mitch better not get suckered by David Lee the agent. He got suckered once on Bynum's deal. He should not do so again.

i almost forgot HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVOR!!! hopefully you will be celebrating many more birthdays as a laker.

Seriously, Buss should have announced that the Lakers
will be selling a special Lakers Championship 2009 package,
with a ball autographed by the whole team and a T-shirt, and
a ticket to a special fan event attended by players.

And the price will be...

Determined after we sign Lamar & Trevor (wink wink)


Rasheed is a scary addition to the Celtics. Their frontcourt of Perkins, a healthy KG and a motivated Rasheed will be better than the Lakers frontcourt of Gasol, Lamar and Bynum, unless Bynum returns to form. Just like the Lakers, Boston will have a 3 headed beast that can contribute 48 solid minutes at the PF and C positions. Just like the Lakers, Boston now has insurance for KG's injured knee. I don't buy into Rasheed being a cancer in the locker room.. By all accounts, his teammates love the guy. He gave up last season only after management gave up on the season, by trading Chauncey. When he is motivated, he is still an elite PF. I am very concerned about Boston, especially if Rondo improves his shooting this summer.

Regarding Sasha, people's recollection that Sasha had a bad finals against the Celts is a result of Sasha's inability to come through in crunch time. Although he had good stats, people remember the big moments in crunch time, where he continually faltered, missing big shots, and standing like a statue when Ray Allen drove by him. Sasha was basically the anti-Fish. The average fan is not going to remember that Fish missed all of this threes leading up to the final minute of game 4, but they sure as heck are going to remember his big threes during crunch time.

Right on, Edwin and Mamba24. You both hit the nail on the head.

>>>Downgrade the Machine to XP!!

Or upgrade the machine to linux.

Walllace is on the downside of his career. He may make the Celtics marginally better, but not much more than that.



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