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Lakers 99, Magic 91: Don't plan on forgetting where you were when it happened

I mean, I remember where I was when Slava Medvedenko once got so goofy dribbling the ball during a meaningless regular season game that Stu Lantz actually paused for a good 1-2 seconds before finally asking, "What is he doing?"

Sitting on the floor in the living room of the apartment shared by the K Brothers from 1998-2004.

If that memory still remains clear, I'll go out on a limb and predict the one captured below will retain such specificity of locale.

Yeah, that was kinda cool...

As BK noted during the Live Blog, it's hard to figure out exactly how the Lakers won this game  Fair statement on his part.  To say the least, this was a goony bird, haywire barn burner that borderline defies description.   Down by a dozen at the half, the Lakers appeared anything but a team on the verge of pulling out one stunning comeback for the ages.  33% shooting from the field.  Foul trouble plaguing the frontcourt (most notably, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom).  Dwight Howard dominating to the tune of five blocks and fourteen boards, the latter figure matching the Lakers' entire tally.  In a nutshell, not a damn thing gone right.  Packing it in would have been easy.   Playing hard-but-unfocused would have been somewhat more commendable, if not necessarily more productive.   Instead, the Lakers weathered one ugly storm and came out smiling for their troubles.  To attempt an explanation, I think one word might sum the outcome up:


On various levels.  Team-wide, and in particular, from a few players.  Here's my best attempt at explaining how I think this special night in franchise history was made possible.

  • Making the best of bad first half circumstances:  Frustration over whistles was evident, most notably when Trevor Ariza, on his butt and steaming mad over a loose ball foul called against Lamar Odom upset Odom, bounced the ball and got hit with a technical foul Stevie Wonder saw coming a mile away.  For many squads, such boiling emotions would have marked the beginning of a sloppy meltdown in the making, especially in a hostile environment.  Not the case with the Lakers.

    If you're looking for a reason why the first half remained "trying" instead of "disastrous," it was the Lakers' ability to avoid making a crappy hand even worse.  Floor combinations like Kobe, Ariza, Jordan Farmar, Luke Walton, and DJ Mbenga haven't been employed much this season, and the ensuing struggle to unite ball and net demonstrated exactly why.  But despite that lack of familiarity, the Lakers only turned the ball over three times during the first half, minimizing the damage inflicted by a gummy O.  They also went 8-11 at the stripe for an acceptable 73%.  With plenty working against them, the Lakers executed as well as humanly possible, which prevented the proverbial "little things" from turning into mountains. 

    By contrast, the Magic, sitting pretty in front of a home crowd, eventually frittered away their driver's seat status in large part nineteen turnovers (resulting in a sweet 16 Laker points) and an absolutely atrocious 60% at the stripe.  And like the Denver Nuggets, inbound plays are the equivalent of Sisyphus and that rock.  With fewer screws to them, Orlando often behaved like the team inside a pressure cooker.

    I also wonder if the halftime break may have played savior to the Laker psyche.  A period of solitude to vent, stew, scream, slump into a chair, punch a locker, or simply breathe.  Whatever is necessary to flush 24 minutes of horror down the porcelain and regroup.  Maybe this is me playing armchair shrink, but the calm exuded post-orange slices was quite striking.  I Ariza, Pau couldn't help but suspect that downtime was exactly what the doctor ordered.
  • Trevor Ariza: If you asked me during that same halftime who would end up scoring 13 third quarter points and l spearhead the rally cry, I certainly wouldn't have picked Westchester's Finest.  I'm a big TA fan, but having just watched him go 0-6 from the field, Thursday didn't appear to be his night.  Well, shows what I know.  Beyond simply the pair of downtown makes and five baskets in all, Ariza arguably made his biggest contribution in a way which won't show up in the box score.  With 7:11 left in the frame, Ariza snagged the rock after a Kobe miss at the rim, drawing Hedo Turkoglu's fourth foul in the process.  Turkoglu was the NBA Most Improved Player in 2008, and if anyone needed further evidence of how much he improves Orlando in '09, check out the nine minutes and change he spent pinned to the bench.  The Lakers' opponent absolutely fell to pieces without Turk's services.  They only scored fourteen points during the third quarter.  Credit a swarming, relentless Laker D, but also acknowledge the "headless chicken" transformation sparked by Turkoglu's absence.

  • Derek Fisher: Another unlikely candidate for hero worship.  Particularly via the three point line,  where Fisher spent most of the game bageled on five attempts.  But as has been his lot in (purple and gold) life, the man has something of a flair for the dramatic.  Down by the three out of a time out, Phil Jackson opted for Trevor Ariza to inbound from the back court.  Ball goes to Kobe Bryant, who quickly beats a double team by shuttling it to Fish.  The vet takes a few bouncy dribbles, pulls up at the arc with considerably too much space offered by Jameer Nelson (particularly with a trey the only shot that crushes Orlando).  Nothing but net.   Like, literally nothing.  Barely even a reaction.  That shot sent the proceedings into OT, and with 31.3 bonus basketball tics remaining, Derek Fisher arms raised Kobe posted up Mickael Pietrus, then upon meeting a double from Nelson, swung towards Fish (clipping Jameer with an inadvertent elbow to the chops, but in a game with an embarrassment of botched calls, Orlando panties can only get so punched) and made the pass.  Another triple.  The Lakers never trailed again. 

    The dagger didn't come off busted chaos, nor did it beat a buzzer.   But this shot nonetheless instantly reminded me of Robert Horry's iconic game-winner against the Sacramento Kings in 2002.  Maybe because of Fisher's sly grin.  Maybe because of the casual backpedaling stride, one fist raised slightly in the air.   Or maybe because, like with Big Shot Rob, the spoils went to a victor exceptionally easy to root and feel happy for.  Asked after the game about this display of clutch, Fisher first expressed guilt over his failure to cash in on a few wide open looks kicked out by Pau Gasol.  After being set up for redemption by Kobe, Fisher thanked Pau for "warming up (his) elbow."  Fish then grew more serious while explaining the determination to right his previous misses. 

    "I have a responsibility to my team that if I'm going to be on the floor, I have to make a difference."

    While his play has picked up as each rounds continued and particularly during the Finals, Fisher's playoffs have been anything but a masterwork as a whole.  In particular, the notoriously streaky shooter hasn't been on the opposite of a tear, and many- myself included- have questioned at times the length of Phil Jackson's leash extended to Fish during the playoffs.  Tonight demonstrated exactly why PJ's faith in his longtime lead guard hasn't wavered.  Asked why Fisher is capable of coming through so huge after 40+ minutes of misses, Jackson's answer spoke volumes.

    "Well, it's character.  We've always said the character has got to be in players if they're going to be great players.  You can't just draft it.  It's not just about talent, it's about character, and he's a person of high character, brings that to play, not only in just his gamesmanship but also his intestinal fortitude."
  • Kobe Bryant: During our typical "Three Good/Three Bad" breakdowns, BK and I occasionally tossKobe Bryant blocks out a wild card category for a specific individual.  During halftime, I decided that if the formula was intact, I'd place Kobe under his own heading: "The Valiant."

    Kobe didn't own the Magic, and props are in order to both Pietrus individually and the Magic as a collective for making him bust his ass for every point earned. 32 points on 31 shots (and more than a few badly forced), with only eleven falling.  Yes, he notched eight assists and seven rebounds, but in terms of pure brilliance, ain't a prayer this night will be considered among Bryant's better playoff games when he finally decides to hang up the sneaks. 

    But measured by grit and grit alone, we could be talking top-5 with a bullet.

    During a first half where bigs were foul magnets and the entire roster 1-12 was employed in a way conducive to anything but scaring Orlando, Bryant- the only Laker without a personal- was forced to truly carry his team.  Without his 16 points and 5-5 work at the line, I don't think the Lakers would have remained afloat enough to eventually roll.  Kobe hardly put on a clinic, but sometimes what's needed from a star isn't flash or a masterpiece, but rather guts.  Dude provided plenty, and seemed to gather more strength as his shooting percentage diluted.  Fouling a dunk attempt by Howard- whom you may have noticed is somewhat built- Bryant didn't just offer a hard foul.  He dragged Superman to the ground.   When asked the game's "turning point" came after erasing a twelve point deficit, The Zen Master singled out a third quarter moment I bet wouldn't have immediately occurred to most folks.

    "That was part of it, but I thought the real turning point in the game was Kobe took that rebound away from Howard (late in the third quarter) and was fouled on it.  That just kind of showed the grit that this team has tried to develop over the last year, to come back from circumstances that are dire or being down. "

    Leading by example, as the saying goes.


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Not as memorable as 'The Lob' via Kobe-Shaqj, but it's definitely up there. For Fish, this has got to be THE shot of his career.

Well done Lakers, well done.

that was straight up AMAZING.

couldn't have happened for a better guy.

BlessUP Fish!!

The Palm Trees Series is exciting after all... GO LAKERS!!!


Actually, it was supposed to be five blocks, but either way, thanks for the heads up


ahhh, how many playoffs and finals games have been like this, tight to the end and then a great play!?

how many times have i stood and hoped and prayed for a miracle?

there's no championships without some of this it seems. i remember the first time around with Fish, back in the Shaq days, people used to say the same things about Derek. they said he couldn't handle the quick pgs, that he couldn't shoot, and yet Kobe's always found him for crucial big shots. Fish has always been involved in big plays and more importantly, winning the big games. he's always been a favorite player of mine for that.

i won't mention much the refs, their inconsistancy in allowing so much physical play(pushing off and grabbing) for one team and calling it tight for another. to know which was which, look at 4th quarter foul shooting. i won't mention(much) the way Disney owns the town of Orlando and ABC/ESPN, even if the connection does encourage suspicions. no, i'm happy that the Lakers were able to overcome adversity.

May this win forever silence the critics of the heart of this team.

Consider the two games in Orlando.

The first game went down to the last possession despite a record shooting night from the Magic.

In tonight's game, they won despite the worst case of home officiating (particularly the 4th) I have seen in my nearly 40 years of watching the NBA.

These Lakers are as worthy as any champion in recent memory.

All hail the heart of a champion!

In Sydney. Cheers Bar on George and Liverpool in the Central Business District.

Walked in in the middle of the third, and found some other expat Americans.

All Laker fans.

Ranks with when my dad told me 0.4 seconds was enough to get a shot off, and when I sat behind the basket, wondering how ugly Kobe's shot was right before Shaq slammed the pass home.




Derek Fisher: 2nd ONLY to Robert Horry in the playoffs of being a Big Shot (as role players).

Kobe Bryant: Finals MVP. Missed quite a few shots and took some shots that were a bit questionable (and shots that should have been called for fouls but weren't) but hey he barely manage to not go over his FGA so it is all good as long as he got the win.

Trevor Ariza: After having a terrible 1st Half where he could not hit the basket (like in Game 3) and letting Hedo walk over hit woke up in the 3rd quarter and set the tone and hit a clutch 3 in the 4th.

Pau Gasol: For those naysayers who again called him soft get over it. Pau Gasol has played terrific defense against the best center in the NBA in Dwight Howard. In Game 3 Dwight and the rest of the team simply played better because 1) They were at home and almost every team should play better at home and 2) The crowd gave them tons of energy to play better after losing twice on the road similar to how Staples Center faithful did the same thing in last year's Finals. Get over it Bynum fans/HOMERS, your boy ain't doing the job and PEEHH-LEASSSE that Knee excuse has gotten STALE.

(No diss intended to Bynum just stating the FACTS for those homers of Bynum who don't even give credit to Pau Gasol):

Fisher in post game interview:

"Kobe, Pau, Odom, Ariza, myself the core of our team"

Andrew Bynum - melted mentally in the playoffs and only 1 okay game in the Finals. B4 anyone use excuse that "Bynum's first true playoff run" well Ariza's first full playoff run and has stepped up. Gasol holding Dwight Howard to 48% shooting. Knee excuse too pathetic to even use. Brags all playoff about being defensive stopper against Yao/Nene/Dwight only to see more time on the bench and having a "soft" guy like Pau Gasol do the job defensively without fouling. Brags about being Kendrick Perkins against Dwight yet Gasol more Perkins defensively than Bynum is.

(Yes there will be quite a few angry Bynum fans who will respond but early message to them: Ball don't lie!)

In any case: Game 4 was supposed to go to the Magic because of the unequal foul ratio compared to the Lakers. Major choke job by the Magic similar to Game 4 last year.

3-1 lead. Don't even mind the Bandwagoners should Game 5 go the Orlando. LA Lakers not only have the commanding lead but also the home court. Rather win it in Orlando so there would be less likely chance of rioting hehe.

Love's Phil's rotations and putting Fisher despite his 0-5 shooting before those 2 major shots. I would rather have Fisher in than either Choking Jordan Farmar or Sir Choke-a-lot Sasha Choke-a-cic when they did the same thing in Game 4 last year. Those clutch shots showed the difference between a Derek Fisher and Choke-a-cic.

2 days before Game 5 hopefully close it out in Orlando.

man i hope we take game 5 just for abc/espn david stern the refs, and all the laker hates god there is so much of them in seattle i hate them so much. good luck to us.

1. stay healthy
2. win the championship
3. win game 5

I AM HAPPY TODAY.. as happy as i could be....


2008 - 2009 NBA CHAMPION

note : they have to bring trevor and lamar back next year...

KB bliitz, Pau is Both: Perckins and Garnett. Remember, Pau Gasol is PF and C, can play both posititons. Congratulations from Barcelona

Yo Kobeblitz! I totally agree with you! Knee brace or without Kneebrace, Bynum has underperformed in these playoffs! If he wants to be effective, he needs to be more smart and just move his feet to play defense! Watch out for LakerTom to make a comeback against your post. I support all Laker players, i want Bynum to play well but it's obvious he's not. Gosh i hate all these Fakers who were talking smack against Fisher. My bulldog came through as always. He is one of my favorite Lakers ever since he got here. Him and Pau always get brutalized by these Faker fans, they deserve more respect than that! Go Lakers! ONe more game baby!

Wow and holy crap, this is why we watch and care. An incredible win pulled out twice by Fisher but prefaced by a lot of gutting it out especially by Ariza and Gasol all game long. Turk tongue bitten off, SVG and brother sighing all summer about missed opportunity, Howard will get his but still needs to learn some of those lessons Magic Johnson and Isaih Thomas talked about, the will and the wisdom earned through experience and getting smacked down a couple of times.

KB Blitz

Good point on Pau Gasol, totally agree.

Pau is giving everyone out there a BIG LESSON on how to defend Dwight Howard without fouling. Of course, you gotta be "soft" to be able to do it.

And the guy keeps silently getting his double double figures one game after the other.

So far, key man for LA in these Finals.

Now, let,s close it all next sunday at the mouse quarters.

Go Lakers.

I almost turned the game off.

I really did. With the Magic up five and only a little bit of time left, with the officiating the way it was in the 4th (Magic, 17 FTA's, Lakers 0 FTA's? You've got to be kidding me) I was pretty much thinking the refs had given the game away.

And then, a thing of beauty. The Lakers got the ball into Pau and scored. Dwight misses his FT's (again) and TA gets the rebound. I thought "There is a chance we pull this out" and sure enough, my man Fish did.

Just a reminder to all the naysayers on Fish: I totally stood up for him every single time you all bashed him. He never deserved it like you dished it, and if you've not understood that 'til now, well now you've got a clue.

Up 3-1 ladies and gentleman. 3-1. I have mixed feelings about them winning in Orlando BUT it would be better for their bodies and to just get it over with. Kinda sad it would end our season and put us into severe drought in terms of basketball, but at least they'd get some rest.

It's our year. We're gonna win. No doubts.

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an emotional win. I almost quit watching because I cannot stand the officiating that even the haters would recognize are too one sided to the Magics. I hope the NBA will improve with the officiating or they will lose a lot of fans. It is pathetic to watch. I told myself that if Lakers will win this game it is because the good prevails against the evil, just like in Hollywood movies.

This win made me cry and make me believe that if you really work hard and not quit you will be rewarded. To all the haters, national media, especially ESPN this win is for you. Now you throw all your hate to the Lakers, you have 2 more days to believe in your own hype. I bet the foreign media have more love to the Lakers. Everyone on the media are crying right now.

I used to like DH but this game he acted like a punk. He got all the love from the refs and media. It is a lovefest for him after he beat LBJ. Thank you KOBE for manning up against DH. That's the play for me.

DVR's dont lie, watch the replay and see all the blown calls. A couple went for the Lakers but it is too one sided. And I am so happy that Lakers win inspite of this. I suggest that the whole Lakernation will have a tarpaulin on the parade to all the Lakers haters "YOU CAN'T STOP US".

KB Blitz:

One of the finest post you have on this blog. I share my utmost disappointment of so-called "The Beast" who has yet to demonstrate that he's capable of playing high level of basketball since he was drafted. Injury prone, weak mental preparation, slow foot work, easily intimidated, sucker for easy foul, miss defensive assignment...Etc. Did I cover all AB's deficiencies? I hope he work hard during the summer and prove us wrong.

Pau's defensive plays against Dwight is the best I've seen him plays, period. The referee allowed DH to push & elbow his way in getting his favorite positions most of the game last night. Pau stood tall and kept getting the so-called Superman out of his comfort zone before help arrived (LO, TA and Kobe) to make it difficult for him to operate his offense.

LO's defense on Lewis last night is also need to be mentioned. LO practically shut Lewis down denying him of his spots on the perimeter. That was the key to our victory last night since the Magics were forced to initiate the game through DH and Hedo. Thanks to TA, who took the beating out of the Magics by forcing the 4th foul on Hedo preventing the Magic from launching a comeback after Lakers forced a tie in the third quarter.

I'm done talking about Sasha. I hope Lakers can move him next year.

And Phil, thanks for trusting DFish. You can not measure the "HEART OF THE CHAMPION." And indeed, DFish has proven that last night.

Shall we plan a BBQ for the bloggers? Justanothermambafan wants me to bring some Thai BBQ and/or Pad Thai. I need to get ready!!!

We're close. Let's finish this run on Sunday and starts the new Dynasty for this gritty Lakers!!!

BTW, it's good to see Mamba24 on the live blog last night. He's our lucky charm. Hey Mamba, make sure that you check in on Sunday during the game!!

What a great post by AK. I laid in bed last night, about 1am here on the East Coast, thinking how great it was to sit up with my 14 year old son watching these games. Even though he has tough tests at school all this week, I just could not keep him from this incredible run! We sat there and screamed our heads off -- at the end of the half, I told him if it was still a double digit deficit at the end of the third quarter we would have to go to bed. He told me no worries, we would still be up! When Howard was fouled with 12 seconds left, my son told me he would miss both! Just so great to watch this team that we both love show such an incredible will to win. Last night was a championship game and the Lakers overcame all odds -- repeat all odds -- and WON the game. Just incredible.


I got really mad at Kobe for forcing some shots in the 4th and overtime, but then I remembered how he kept them in it with scoring early on, and had some gutty plays (the rebound, fouling Howard), and thought, heck yes. And in the 3rd, when he wasn't hitting, he moved the ball.

Most important play of this game? Ariza getting that 4th foul on Turk with pure hustle early in the 3rd. With Turk out, Orlando had nothing on O, and Ariza had some room to breathe and came up huge on the offensive end.

Lakers' hustle in this game was just outstanding. The officiating was just astoundingly bad, but we definitely benefited from the lack of call on Kobe's elbow to Nelson's face.

Credit to Phil for calling the full-court inbounds - Orlando clearly was scrambled. Credit to Kobe for a ridiculously perfect and difficult pass out of the double to Ariza, and to Ariza for getting the ball to Fish, who was cold up until then but also is a very high-percentage FT shooter in case of a foul. And damn, Fish, ice in the veins. Amazing clutch shots.

And meanwhile, down the stretch, Pau keeps D12 just far enough away to miss those hooks. And running down that ball for the clinching dunk... again, hustle supreme.

The team wants it. It's beautiful to see.

Wow who would have thought that Ariza, not Bynum, was the missing piece last year. If he was healthy I think this would have been back to back championships. The refs basically handed Orlando the game and Orlando choked at the free throw line. This will be over Sunday probably a blowout. Orlando looked deflated. Fish is clutch everybody knows you never leave Kobe or Fish at the end of any game. Too bad I cant make it to the parade

In the Western Conference playoffs, Fisher was an old goat ready to travel in the pasture land, in the Finals he is the celebrated HERO, the goat who reached the top of Mt. Everest. His heroics will be discussed in innumerable posts and his frailties and the aging body is temporarily shelved out or perhaps forgotten. Everyone wants to claim the credit that they know Fish, everybody knows that Fish would make those two shots, indeed life is fickle on a ferris wheel sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. Thank you Fish for bringing back hope. Thank you Trevor for your continuous contribution in this playoff run.

It is not over yet with 3 - 1,let us take care of business first, before pleasure. My proudest moment in the blog is to read Laker fans who are humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

Go Lakers, let's take care of business on Sunday and thanks in a million for winning one for the Lakers Blog.

Man the way the refs were calling the game, i was sure LA was going to lose. I mean they practically gift wrapped the game and handed it to the magics, and they just simply wouldn't open it. Maybe it was a foul on kobe offensively, but nelson practically saw kobe elbow and told it, I'm looking for a kiss. Dude practically ran into it. I mean a few calls may have gone LA way but compared to what the Magics got, puullease! They owed us not calling that foul on kobe! GO LA, you made me so proud! Lets close this sucker out for all the haters, naysayers, doubters, magic fans and bandwagon hoppers, espn/abc crew, fake, unbelieving so called LA FANS. If i missed anyone else out you know who you are. How does our azzz taste nah! SUCKERSS!!!!

NO, I totally disagree with the Bynum critics.

Bynum was active in the 4th, his feet were shuffling together with his eyes on Dwight. He is not there yet as acclaimed beast but he made valuable contribution in that 4th quarter run. If you don't believe me, go back to your DVR and Tivo and watched the Orlando T/O's caused by Bynum. Bynum's presence saved LO from fouling out thereby extending his playing time to the end of OT. Bynum & Gasol were a force in the middle, however our concentration are mesmerized on the shooters, on the ball handlers, the litttle things from minor players are ignored and not seen.

Foul plagued games favor the home team and yet this team gutted it out.

Kobe's play on the Howard rebound set the tone for the end game.

Howard IS a beast. Pau played him to a stand still.

A word about Andrew: it's tough to play the finals with the player you're guarding getting the benefit of every doubt. The best, most energetic sequence he played in the 3rd, he got whistled incorrectly for. Personally, I'm happy to have him but he has to play up to the major portion of the salary cap he's taking up. He's not.

I've learned not to lurk on the live chat to find solace when the Lakers are down - be it by 1 point or 20. The negativity is so palpable that someone without a tv or radio would think that the Lakers are down by 5000 points from the comments being made.

So, last night, being down by 5 in less than a minute, I put the TV on mute, sat on the lucky step in the stairs leading to the dining room, called my dog to sit by me, let out the heaviest sigh and muttered - "Please, please, Lakers. We can do this!"

And they did. I am soooooooooo happy I might actually do do some work today.

Unlike most wins this postseason, we didn't win this one on our considerable talent advantage. We won it on pure guts.

Just plain awesome.

Turkoglu is gonna get PAID this summer. 10 mil + per? More?

He's too ugly to be a Laker but the man's got game. He needs the ball in his hands and we've got a guy like that. Still, Orlando's gonna have bigger cap issues come summer.

*Derek Fisher has huge balls. An all time clutch Laker. 3rd all time in finals 3 pointers, behind Big Shot Rob and Jordan.

*Trevor Ariza came through BIG TIME. It was Trevortime in the 2nd half last night, and we needed all of his heroics.

*Andrew Bynum played very well I thought when he was in the game. He had his gangly self moving all over the place trying to play good defense and make some plays. This year has been a great experience for him. I'm expecting some great improvements out of him next year.

*Jon Barry was visibly distraught because the Lakers won. He didn't give the Lakers one ounce of credit. He's an a-hole who has no business in that booth with the greatest Laker of all time.

What a great game. Let's finish this thing off and go party on Sunday.

F the C's!
Go Lakers!

Good Morning, Laker Nation!

It's time for...

Jon K.'s Early Thoughts That He Has Not Put Too Much Thought Into Yet:

1. Wow. I woke up this morning and things just felt a lot more right in the world.

2. Derek Fisher for:

a) President
b) Retired Jersey Lakers Great
c) Mayor of Los Angeles
d) Godfather of my unborn children
e) Best guy ever

The answer is, of course, all of the above. Thanks, Derek.

3. I'm giving the lucky barstool a 491/2-6 victory ratio because I literally sat on the lucky barstool for an hour drinking water before I went to the the game in hopes that it would somehow have a beneficial effect upon the game. Yes, according to DSM IV (the psychologists' Bible) I am clearly insane, but it's a good insane an a fundamental weakness of DSM IV is that no one is truly sane, which really sucks and is, itself, totally irrational.

4. I screamed with joy seeing DJ Mbenga play in the first half. Everyone looked at me as if I was insane. You know what, they can screw themselves. People don't have enough fun in this life.

5. 19-0 freethrows in the fourth quarter? Really? Really? After allowing all our bigs to be hacked to death for four games without a foul being called? Really? I hope journalists do some research. Has there EVER been a 19-0 (double digits to ZERO) quarter in the playoffs? My gut tells me, "ABSOLUTELY NEVER!!!!" Screw you, haters. We won.

6. I'm not one for crazy conspiracy theories and guys wearing aluminum foil hats screaming that the media is out to get them and all, but, seriously... THE HATERS ARE OUT TO GET US!!!! Wow. I'm watching the news and everything and I feel like I'm in Iran or North Korea or some place like. How hard can you work to put a negative spin on things? I mean, seriously? Has the sports media totally given up on all journalistic ethics? I mean, come on! T.J. Simers today is questioning Phil Jackson's ability to coach AGAIN {I'm literally laughing as I type thi}!!!!! Have these people lost their minds? I may sit on a lucky barstool for hours hoping that it effects time and space, but I am WAY more sane than these people.

7. Gosh, I love this team.

8. We're going to be better next year. Yes, we will. {Jon K. laughs maniacally}

9. Haters are so annoying. I think they should be banned and Ohio turned into a giant "prison state" where they can all be sent, smoke cigarettes together, and root for the Cavs.

10. utzworld, Mamba24, Charles, justanothermambafan, Fatty, LakerTom, AK, PsychedLakersGirl, Floyd, Edwin Guerco, longtimelakerlover, longtimelakersfan, Faith, KobeBlitz, et al... the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. Thanks, guys.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Watching on ESPN their Finals coverage one cannot understand why anything happening in the game is all about the Magic. Why they fail, why they shoot good or bad, wether it,s DH or the Turk or the French who produce all the action and watch carefully all the SVG strategics or whatever it is. It,s all onesided.

Absolute opposite if you watch european networks such as Canal Plus France or Digital plus TV Spain, where they,re just reflecting exactly what,s going on in these series. An experienced and balanced LA team prevailing so far over a high quality but a little erratic Magic. And all commentators underlining how good and improved LA,s defense has become along this series.

Go Lakers.

I have never added a comment to this blog, thinking I have little to add to the passion. But here I am, the morning after, feeling stunned and surreal. There is simply no way to tell you how the Lakers affect me emotionally. They take me to dark places, only to lift me up to the mountain top. Last night, like some of you, I nearly walked out of the house. In fact, I spent most of the third quarter in another room reading the new Deaver novel. Through the door I heard a muted "Woo Hoo!" from my wife who is still weak from major back surgery 4 months ago. It moved me to come out of hiding and watch the rest of the game with her. God bless her heart. Her faith renewed my spirit and faith and my courage. I love the Los Angeles Lakers, having been a fan since Jerry West, who is from my neck of the woods, joined the old Minneapolis Lakers in 1960, the year I graduated from high school. That was a long time ago, but it seems like a moment in time. It just feels good to be part of all this. Go Lakers! May the spirit of Laker Nation live forever!

I completely agree with Edwin Gueco. Anyone who doesn't appreciate the activity and energy that Bynum brought to his 4th quarter defense against Howard just couldn't have been watching that closely.

I was watching. I saw it.

When that guy gets more consistency with what is already developing into a pretty sweet touch from 6-8 feet from the rim he is going to be a handful and a half. Give it time.

Beautiful 2nd half from all the fellas. And I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty confident that if the stripes had called fouls on just HALF of the contact Kobe endured after halftime then he'd have another 40+ pt. game on the books and even Jon Barry would have to admit that the Series MVP was all but decided.

It's right there, Lakers. Now go get it!

Just being nitpicky...

I think you meant to say borderline DEFIES description?

Other than that, great game to watch, alternately giving heart attacks but then resuscitating with shocks to the system.


Too bad I cant make it to the parade

Posted by: Rich | June 12, 2009 at 07:31 AM

Change your plans to attend!
Only acceptable excuse is to call in dead. All else is unacceptable.

Go Lakers!


Watched Game 4 with a couple hundred Magic fans, wearing my Black Kobe #8 jersey, in Manchester Tennesee at an outdoor music festival called Bonnaroo. The event was headlined by Phish, a fitting touch. We will always remember the weekend as D Phisharoo!

Lakers! Kobe! Phil!

More next year!



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