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Andrew Bynum and Sun Yue: Exit interviews

June 23, 2009 |  5:30 pm

Not sure how it happened, but Andrew Bynum's exit interview got passed over.  May have been my fault.  May have been BK's fault.  I'm certainly blaming BK no matter who's at fault.  In any event, we didn't want to keep folks from watching, so check 'er out below the jump.  I didn't have time to chop it up like previous batches, but did touch on some highlights.

Also, neither of us were available to record Sun Yue's session, but courtesy of, here 'tis as well.   Poor lil' guy is trying to add weight.  He's already put on twenty pounds (I'd honestly couldn't tell), but the brass still wants more.  That means more weights and perhaps some fried food, the latter Sun doesn't seem to mind.  Dude loves him some chicken wings.  Also good to know that he wasn't chapped after receiving just 28 minutes of 2008-2009 run.  As Sun rightly notes, he ain't the first rook to get buried on a depth chart.  Instead, it just pushed him to work harder and he found this experience quite valuable.  "When you play with the best basketball team in the world and the best basketball player, you can definitely learn a lot."

Sun wasn't specific, but I'm fairly certain the top dog player in question was Kobe Bryant.

Among the nuggets you shall learn from Drew's talkie below...

  • Bynum won't participate this summer with the National Team workouts in Vegas.  Instead, he's taking the first step in regaining 100% of his knee's strength, which is allowing it to heal up.  As was quite obvious upon watching him, Drew returned before truly "ready," a decision he says wasn't due to any outside pressure.  He just really wanted to "experience" playoff roundball, which proved quite the eye opener for the kid.  "Five minutes in the playoffs if like 15-18 minutes in the regular season.  The intensity is just that high, so it was great for me to experience that." 

    In particular, he was thrown by this revelation in light of dominating Utah in the regular season's 82nd game.  Those same Jazz players immediately rendered him wholly ineffective once bonus basketball commenced.  "It's like playing chess in the playoffs," said Drew of the non-stop adjustments.  "It's way different than the regular season games."
  • The biggest memory he'll take from the playoffs?  Fish's three to push Game 4 into overtime was obviously huge, but so were the flurry of three's Trevor Ariza to spark a comeback.  From there, OT, and "Fish gave another one of his Presidential speeches."
  • Drew enjoyed his first season playing with Pau and pictures them transforming into a truly dominate force.  But there are adjustments to be made, mostly on his end.  "I gotta get a little better at the high post game, so when he beats me down the court, he doesn't have to worry about always having to stay high."  From there, it's just about getting more time together, since they still haven't worked much in tandem.
  • After a series against Dwight Howard, he admires Superman's strong base, ability to block shots from the weakside, and work on the glass.  "He's a rebounding animal."
  • I asked Drew if it's sunk in yet that he was the starting center on a championship team.  Not really, but he figured it would once they get the ring and "meet Barack, it'll really set in."  Drew is really psyched at the chance to meet the basketball-loving President.  No hard fouls, though, if the Prez drives the lane.  

By the way, I love Bynum referring to President Obama as just "Barack."  No last name.  No "Mister" or "President."  Somebody fancies themselves getting all chummy with the free world's most powerful man, huh, Drew?

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