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The Lakers hate their moms, Laker fans' moms and everyone else's moms!

I'm not often one who jumps to conclusions, but how else can you explain the Lake Show's performance this afternoon, aBench watch Mother's Day crapfest that ended in a 99-87 Game 4 loss to the Houston Rockets?  I'm sorry, but nobody prioritizing homage to the lovely women raising children worldwide would have come out as flat and disorganized as the Lakers did, much less stayed that way. 

From the opening tip, the purple and gold were not only off their game, they flailed in every single aspect of it.  Take the disastrous first quarter, one that ultimately laid the foundation for an unsuccessful effort.

  • Three and a half minutes passed before getting on the board with a Kobe Bryant 18-footer, which put L.A. seven points behind Houston's pace.  Nearly another three and a half minutes in the books, and we're sitting on seven total points, all courtesy of The Mamba.  Moreover, the Lakers worked in a style most folks wouldn't label "advantageous."  Way too little ball movement or attacks of a middle left vulnerable in Yao Ming's absence.  Way too many arc-bound dribbles, quick J's, sloppy passes (when the ball did actually change hands) and generally flawed execution.   
  • In the meantime, the oft-offensively challenged Rockets notched 22 points during this same time period.  The issue wasn't just Houston hitting shots (although that obviously created a problem).  It was the Lakers apparently feeling indebted for Houston providing place to play, because they looked dead set on doing the hosts as many favors as possible.  Thus, those same seven minutes produced seven Rockets points off turnovers.  Over the entire quarter, the Rockets also scored seven points on possessions converted immediately upon a Laker miss.  And considering how few shots the Lakers launched from within ten feet (a mere quartet), that only accentuated how the reluctance to play towards strengths bit the Lakers in the hindquarters.
  • It wouldn't be fair to harp on the players without mentioning Phil Jackson's role in thisSasha Phil mess.  I've often said the "PJ refuses to call timeouts in lieu of letting players figure it out while he kicks back and does nothing" criticisms can be ridiculous.  You can't call time out EVERY time an opponent goes on a run- as fans would seemingly expect- and more often than not, we've seen these Lakers overcome stumbles.  And such achievements contain value. 

    But with Phil's technique comes judgment.  This quarter was ridiculously botched on both sides of the ball, and the Lakers were getting lapped unusually fast.  With struggles as extreme as I've seen all season, even I was jawdropped at Phil waiting until the 2:30 mark to call a time out.  In my mind, big mistake, and one that certainly figured into a win falling out of reach.

Jordan Farmar hangs his head From there, a lot more of the same. 

To put it mildly, the Lakers spent this contest way the hell outta sync.  With 5:40 left in the game, I happened to take a gander at the box score and noticed the Lakers was working on an assist-to-turnover ratio of 1:1.  Ten assists.  Ten turnovers.  That's straight up horrendous, a far cry from what we've come to expect from a Laker team that's made such profitable hay moving the ball around. 

Failing to execute not only stymied the offense, but the D as well.  Those bad, often impatient shots put the Lakers on their heels in transition, where the lockdown effort is typically weakest.  Even when points weren't surrendered on those possessions, various Lakers picked up fouls as a result.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  This team's defense is largely dictated by their offense, and when shortcuts are taken with the latter, the former typically goes to pot with the bathwater.  (Although make no mistake, when the Lakers defended from a set formation, they weren't always so hot, either.)

If there is a positive to be taken away from this loss, it's that pinning blame on any one player would be disingenuous.  Save perhaps Shannon Brown, you're looking at a cavalcade of Lakers dropping the ball.  Or at the very least, not until the fourth quarter mini-push, when Pau Gasol notched eighteen of this thirty points.  Granted, some fault for just a dozen coming previous is due to teammates not eying him enough, but Gasol also missed five free throws and that same lack of focus at the stripe may have contributed to an undersized Houston winning the rebound battle 43-37 and snatching eleven offensive boards.  It's obviously not all Pau's fault, but undoubtedly, when your seven foot center plays thirty-eight minutes, some of that onus must fall on his shoulders. 

On down the line, it's a laundry list of Lakers failing to answer the bell.  Trevor Ariza turned the ball over Kobe and Shane Battier battle three times in one quarter.  Luke Walton tied Ariza's mark during the second quarter, then added another for good measure.  Sasha Vujacic's shot remains unreliable.  Jordan Farmar came back down to earth after Game 3's playoff resuscitation.  Ditto Andrew Bynum, who also showed signs of life during that contest.  Time off serving a suspension resulted in zero step pep for Derek Fisher, outscored 34-2 by Aaron Brooks and notching a team-worst +/- of negative twenty-six in under twenty minutes of run.  It would be a vast understatement to say Fish brought little to the table. 

And Kobe may have gotten off to a hot start with nine first quarter points, but that also represented his day's high point, as he finished the day with fifteen.  Shane Battier did a considerably better job guarding Bryant than the other way around and 24's "center field" style continually left the Dukie wide open behind the arc. 

As for Lamar Odom, his sub-par performance turned quite literally painful after he landed hard on his back while driving the lane and colliding with Shane Battier.  That he drew an offensive foul on the sequence added insult to an injury that prevented more run.  It's unknown as of yet whether he'll be available for Tuesday's Game 5.

Cock of the walk So that's what went wrong, which begs the natural follow up... Why?

Was this a matter of underestimating an already less talented opponent down their best player?  Overconfidence?  Underestimating the fight Houston had left in them? 

The K Brothers won't travel with the team until the Finals- knock on wood- so I can't talk intelligently about how cocky the vibe was or wasn't before tip off.  I'd like to think the patient didn't die from an overdose of "We got this."  After all, this Rockets squad has made it perfectly clear that backing down or packing it in ain't part of the agenda.   Undermanned or over-matched, everything will be left on the floor, which renders cakewalk expectations pretty much ridiculous.  If this lackluster production came courtesy of phoning it in, then the entire roster deserves a slap in the face beyond simply the metaphorical one provided by this loss.  Honestly, that's just inexcusable.

In any event, if there's anything the trio of postseason losses have made crystal clear, it's the following. When the Lakers play their brand of basketball, one that features a flurry of passes, movement off ball and smart shot selection to complement energetic team/help-oriented defense, they're pretty much unbeatable.  When they stray from the program, however, chinks in the armor grow glaringly exposed.  I don't doubt this team's talent and ability are up to snuff for a title chase.  But I do sometimes question their ability to display common sense over 48 minutes.  They often make life much harder than need be, and like this afternoon, they sometimes pay a price.


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Two biggest reasons why we lost today.

1) We lost because we lost our poise and composure. Everyone knew the rockets were coming out on fire, but as a team he had to take that initial first hit and counter attack. When we had a chance to counter attack we turned the ball over, missed layups, missed wide open three point shots and we did not move the ball.

This game reminded me of the final series last year when Paula faked an injury. In that same game we lost our poise and composure. We pressed too hard in that game trying to throw the knockout punch since one of the opposing team marquee player was out, rather than taking the game one possession at a time.

2) Coaching...Phil should have called a timeout when the rockets came out blazing. He needed to settle his team down, and remind them one possession at a time and to stop pressing so much.

And for the love of God, Phil needs to start Brown. Brown is our best point guard at this very moment. He pushes the ball better, and his shooting is more accurate than Fisher. Plus, he is full of energy. While Brown was on the bench he was on his feet bouncing up and down waiting for his team to play like he knows they can play.

If Phil doesn't have the will to tell Fisher to come of the bench especially in this series, Fisher should tell Phil to bring him of the bench for the sake of his team, the Lakers organization, and Lakers fan. If Luke can tell Phil to start Ariza over him, Fisher should do the same too. Fisher has the makeup to be a good bench player and instant offense from the bench, which we are currently missing right now.

We will win the next two games convincingly because we won't press so hard like we did tonight. We will limit our turnover and go back to the basics

so glad i took my mom out to balboa park and didn't get to watch the first half of this atrocious game.

Look at above picture of Battier pulling Kobe's jersey and no foul called.

I've seen more guts from a fish than from these cowards. Come on Lakers! What's wrong with you?

I can give you one reason why we lost today...HEART. The Lakers have been lacking in that department all year. They play like they are so afraid to put their foot on a team's throat and finish them. I'm not sure if they are capable. I also have to say, I sure didn't miss Fish. He's too slow to guard Brooks. Kind of odd that Brooks has a bad game when Fish is out...has a career game when Fish is back.

Boy o Boy, the Lakers fans just keep trying to write off Houston, but I've got a newsflash for everyone in Hollywood out there. This isn't a fantasy, your team is not going to be handed a free trip to the finals. If the Lakers want it, they're going to have to earn it. Its that simple, otherwise they can cruise Rodeo drive and watch the finals from home.

Truth be told, I think the Lakers are tired, worn out, and beat down. They don't have much left in the tank, and yeah I'll say it, they are soft. Lakers fans, are you scared?? You should be...This Rockets aren't going away, the Lakers are going to have to play basketball, no two ways about it...see you guys back in the hills.

I don't think the Lakers deserve to win this game.
Furthermore, I think they don't have the business of being in the playoffs either if this is the sort game they will show their fans. Pathetic, disgusting, simply no heart and no brains is what we saw of our Lakers. Hard to say it, but i'll be surprise if they can pass this Rockets or moreso the Nuggets or the Cavs. Its ok to lose a game as long as the Lakers show fighting spirit and heart, which unfortunately is very much lacking of this team.

"The Lakers hate their moms, Laker fans' moms and everyone else's moms!" (headline from this blog)

Well I must say that the Lakers don't hate moms in Houston, Texas. We had a GREAT Mother's Day down here today, moms certainly included. Our family, including two moms, sat down for today's game after brunch and enjoyed every minute of it. We are still savoring the victory and looking forward to more.

Give the Rockets a hand - they did play with emotion and passion today. However, the Lakers need to bring:

Ball Movement

Our post defense is no longer a sieve - its a bursted dam. It's been said many times but Lakers are going to make the Lakers lose.

I am exicted for game 5 - the boys will be back home and we should get this. Hope the fans at Staples give us the home court advantage we need.


The refs let the Rockets hack away for the entire first half. I didn't bother seeing the 2nd half, but for Kobe to get zero free throws is ridiculous.

The refs in this game were a joke. I can't believe how lousy the refs have gotten over the years. Look at that Mavs game! If the refs called the game just the same at the end of the game as the beginning, they should have called the foul. What's the point of saying they were wrong? Are they going to replay that? Of course not! The NBA is a joke. Worse than steroids in baseball. At least in baseball it's the players ruining the game and not the league itself.

PJ needs to start Farmar and with rotate Brown. Fish may get a DNP-CD or a garbage time run.

I will have to see the replay tonight, missed the game. It sounds like a fun one.

HOU missin its 2 best playas, and the Rockets produce a red glare on the lakers' hind ends? Ohh, my laker friends, this is what no one mentioned: HOU actually played very well vs LA with this current line up, even when YAO played in games 1-3..,and if PJ wants FIshcer out there then HOU will welcome it. Relish it.

So, Pig Miller, answer me this: If this laker team is "one of the all-time greats" as you put it, how could it possibly lose to HOU when neither Dikembe, YAO, nor Tracy are playing? You sounded so...confident...earlier today after hearing that YAO was out. Come back to discuss.

Not to beat a dead horse, but Lakers fans, just look at the numbers. The Rockets play the Lakers better without Yao. I repeat, the Rockets play the Lakers better without Yao.

I hate to say it, and you can rub it in all you want if I'm wrong, but I think the Lakers lose this series BECAUSE Yao is hurt.

This game shows that Phil isn't smart enough to make any adjustments. No way that I would have started Fisher or even let him play. I would have gone big with both Bynum and Gasol and forced the Lakers to clog the lane and force them to rebound and defend the paint. I would have had Ariza stick on Brooks and had Odom guard Artest. I would have told Kobe not to leave Battier no matter what. And on offense, I would have gone into Gasol 100 times. If he misses, Bynum would be there for the offensive rebound. But did Phil do any of this?

This team is a lot like the 2006 Dallas Mavericks.

As a basketball fan, seriously, I can take losing.

What I cant take is not trying...The Lakers simply got beat by a team who played harder...IN THE PLAYOFFS?!...

I mean did the whole team get Andrew Bynum fever?

This loss really hurt me as a Laker fan. Again the Rockets suck. Even with Yao. The Lakers are so much better than ALL these teams that I cant understand how you cant come excited and ready to play every nite. This is for the freaking championship.

Soft isnt the word anymore. It's indifferent. And sad. And embarassing. And predictable given the amount of 20 point leads throughout the season blown and despicable losses to sorry teams.
My player-by-player SOFTIE JOURNAL

Ariza played horrible and set the tone the 1st play of the game...

Pau Gasol lets guys 5 inches shorter than him guard him rather than start the game asserting himself. He constantly fades away from the basket THUS gets no foul calls. If a guy is shorter than you, shouldnt you just catch it, turn face up, and shoot it? It's really that simple.

Odom didnt play well either...

Fisher for goodness sakes needs to just chill out. How many open shots can you miss? How many times can we watch Aaron Brooks use him like toilet paper in a bathroom. His play has been REALLY bad for about 2 months now.

Kobe gave it his all like usual. But what's with leaving Battier with airspace for all those 3s? After about 2, maybe guard him?

Vujacic make a DANG shot and can you stop fouling? There is a way to play tough defense without fouling.

Shannon Brown, good JOB man. I love your game.

Farmar, you played well IN SPOTS. But I dont understand why you cant commit to SOLID ball. That means limit the chances you take barreling into the lane with NO IDEA what you are going to do.

Bynum , when are you going to decide to say "eff it, i'm going out here playing hard and dont care if they call foul." When you do that, you'll be fine.

Unfortunately, I'm ready to admit LBJ is better than Kobe. I don't think LBJ would have allowed something like this and it might not be Kobe's fault. He just didn't have the ability to spark his team. The way LBJ does.


I'm real glad Tom made up this term. Only because it's a good talking point for irrational fans.

And I'm not talking about the negative ones.

I'm talking about the fans who get pissed any time another fan criticizes the squad. The fans who think wen the Lakers are down 20 in the 2nd qtr today, that "everyone should stay positive, we need the energy!". Its one thing to blindly hate another thing to CARE about your team and criticize good/bad plays as you see them.

I just want to remind you GHF guys that you sound utterly ridiculous.

If I go to a baseball game, and the outfielder drops a pop-up, I'm yelling you suck man, get it together.

To not show emotion, is to not care. TRUE Laker fans get really really really mad when the team is just not giving effort. That's understandable. And I can dig that passion.

But to knock those fans, because you GHFers wanna read:
"we can do it lakers"
"nobody sucks we're gonna be champions"
etc. etc.

is unreasonable and illogical.

Freedom of Speech and for this BLOG freedom of emotion to your favorite team.

FAKERHOLIC my arse if anyone wants to call me that.

Good Evening Charles....Good Evening Everyone....

well that was a classic trap game indeed--

either that or my friend Steve is right about the NBA (as well as other sports, according to him---but not pro wrestling) being totally fixed...

reasons we lost:

number one---Fisher and that frickin' headband---what in the bloody hell was he thinking--and why didn't it see it's way into a trash can at half time?

number two--Yao got hurt and can't play anymore

number three--the NBA where amazing happens (amazing fixes as my friend Steve is always saying)

number four---the Rockets didn't foul us at all

number five---ah who cares---let's move on and refocus and play some frickin' Laker basketball and end this in 6 (just like the script says, according to Steve)



This is the character of this Lakers roster; both as individual players and as a group. Very up and down. Kobe plays defense about 20% of the time, and probably 40% of the time does not stay within the offense. Gasol is a mediocre defensive player. Odom fades in and out. Fisher has a great attitude, but can't guard anyone, tries to do too much individually on offense, and has shown that last years career high shooting was not the norm. Vujacic, Farmar, Walton, Ariza - inconsistent. Bynum - getting thrown into the deep end in the playoffs when he is still learning how to swim.

Don't know why any of us are surprised that as a group a graph of their performance relative to their potential looks like a sine wave.

One more embarrassment in a post-season with too many of them. I am a die-hard Laker fan for many years, but I have to paraphrase Rudy T.: "Never overestimate how much heart it takes to be a champion."

In my mind, a real champion might lose a game, but they NEVER fail to compete. Today, the Lakers never showed up. Worse than game 1. Worse than the Utah loss. This was on a level of the blow-out in game 6 of last year's finals.

What that tells me is that this team learned nothing from that experience. This team has yet to demonstrate in this post season that they deserve to be in the finals much less crowned champions.

Yeah, I'm more than a little p.o.'ed right now.

That's right.


They survive and win on talent.

But this is not enough..

Come on, guys.

Show us the money.

Show us some guts.

Show us some hustle.

Show us you have the HEART of a champion.

I don't see it.

Show it to me.

Lakers are SOFT. That's what you get for having a EURO player, the MOST OVERRATED PLAYER in the L (Bynum), and MOST INCONSISTENT (ODUMB).

People are so delusional in LAKERLAND. Talkin' about championships. Lakers are going to be passed by the Rockets, Blazers, and Nugz next year. Lakers be lucky if they get higher than 6th seed next year. Bunch of LOSERS...

Go Rockets! Beat the FAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

I was yelling for a timeout 3 mins. into the game. Phil could have stopped the bleeding early in so many ways. Calling the timeout, maybe putting Farmar in early to match up with Brooks.

Kobe is not interested in guarding Battier. Put him on Artest.

Tough loss, but we will still win this series.

You know it was a great game for the other side when the LAKERS fans are saying the refs were bad for them. Get real. Lakers lost this game because they lacked the passion that the Rockets have.

"Kobe gave it his all like usual."
I think it's time we stop saying that about Kobe - it doesn't really matter how tired he is at the end of the when he doesn't play smart defense.

No one is more pissed about this game than me!!

Huston completely kicked our asses up and down the court today, but...




No...the Lakers love Houston's moms (fan OR player's). And any other Laker-hater mom.


Battier is grabbing Kobe's jersey, but Kobe is also pushing off in that pic.

I expect the Lakers to run a lot more of the triangle offense in game 5. The P&R with Kobe is more to exploit Yao's weakness, and with him not playing, there's no reason to run it so much. The triangle should allow us to establish an inside-outside game, which we're very much in need of right now.

I would also expect an adjustment on the defensive end that puts less emphasis on packing the lane. Again, when Yao is playing, it's fine to pack the lane and deny him the ball, but with him out Houston has no inside game and will rely on the outside shot. Stay with the shooters, and rely on your defensive help behind you.

Look, the Lakers' whole scheme this series was how to contain Yao while limiting everyone else. I'm sure they pretty much put all of their planning into that scheme. They had one day to prepare for this Houston lineup and it proved not enough. Now they have game film to dissect and breakdown and they should then have a better understanding of how to play this style of Rockets play.

You also have to keep in mind that these Rockets players now have a different mindset. With Yao, they knew they had to get it down low and work off of him. With no Yao or McGrady, they pretty much all have a green light. It's now a matter of everyone is accounted for their own man, and everyone needs to D up.

Looking forward to Tuesday.

told you...jackson must go..hire a new defensive coach for the lakers....undermanned rockets and still they lose...what a way to coach...jackson must go...


I like what you write Lakers hate their moms, why ?because they have no heart.

Yesterday, some Lakers fan believe Fisher should start in this game instead of Farmar, who is the joker on this blog ? some Lakers always believe that everything are ok, they are jokers.


Big baby Davis took the last shot to beat Orlando. Now you believe what i wrote on this blog last night ? Big baby Davis can play good in Boston, how come Bynum can't play in Phil's offense, and don't give me Bynum with 2 bad knees, if Bynum is healthy, he still struggles in Phil's offense. Another question, if Gasol out, can Lakers win a game in Orlando like Boston ?


At least a sine wave is consistent.

Uh oh, K-bros talking about the Lakers' moms?? You'd better hope that headline doesn't get back to them....

Just, don't go by practice tomorrow. It'll blow over.

I dont think its a big deal, next game it will be lights out for the houston MUPPETS....but i do think we need a bigger and better center than some spanish guy....cmon, we are the lakers and we need to rely on an european guy to power us? i think some changes need to be made...


You said: "Look, the Lakers' whole scheme this series was how to contain Yao while limiting everyone else"

You nailed it. They had no answers for speed. Their game plan was for Yao. ill-prepared.

They'll be ready in game 5.


I would call this a Lakers Mother's Day Massacre but that would infer the Lakers showed up to get massacred. What a sorry disappointment. I hate seeing my team lose a close game but at least I can hold my head up, we tried and got beat. Today wasn't even a beating. This was a side of a sports team fans never want to acknowledge exists. I know PJ's got all them rings but he did not coach like a champion today. He's the goat today as far as I'm concerned. I need a drink. I've been at work all day or that wouldn't be an issue right now!

GO Lak....never mind

after game one i found this comment regarding brooks play on the espn blog. also valid after this game.

Help! Help! Let's stop him!

Do they ever watch themselves on tape?!

PHX SUNS exposed this characteristic ineptitude of koby-led laker teams in the playoffs. Although talented, the lakers are shackled by koby's inability to earn his team's true respect and it means breakdowns.

Rockets have earned my respect.

The wrong thinking of Phil and Kurt Rambis is that jump shooting team can't win in 4th quarter because they will get tired. Phil don't understand NBA players today, they are big, strong, fast. They are not Honaceck of Utah, Dan Marley of Phoenix,...Phil still thinking the old days with Chicago Bulls, with MJ in the 4th quarter to beat weak opponents.

Game 1 in LA, less than 2 min, Houston lead 10 points, Phil called timeout too late, because he thought Lakers would come back, wrong. Game 4 in Houston, you can tell the trouble right away, but no adjustment with Fisher. still playing. No problem, Phil thought Houston would loose in 4th quarter, and Lakers would come back to win game by 2,3 point, wrong again. This happened over and over again, because he doesn't know NBA players today, and with his laid-back attitude, Lakers became a soft team, a joke in the NBA.

In front of national tv today, a chance for Lakers to show that they are a team with mission, a team who learned from game 6 in Boston last year, they failed again. Lakers fan has learned many lessons from Phil with the cost of 12 million dollars a year.

Time for a Star Trek reference:
Remember the Borg? Whatever new tactic you threw against them, they would analyze it, then counter it instantly?

Now picture the exact opposite of that. That's your 2009 Lakers.

Adelman's Kings relied on a fast-paced offense with little inside presence but great spacing and passing, leading to wide open jump shots. That often beat the Lakers in regular games and pushed them to the brink in 2002. Seeing the Rockets today reminded me of that team. Great spacing, passing,and shooting along with general hustle.

One moment captured the essence of the game: Phil calls a timeout. Then the next play, ball gets passed to Kobe who immediately jacks up a shot from way out with 2 defenders in his face and of course misses. I'm like, that's the play you draw up out of a timeout? Complete opposite of what the Rockets were doing.

DT--don't know if the Rockets are better without Yao, but they are different. And when it comes to coping with "different", these Lakers ain't no Borg.

What can you say?
Today, they wanted it more and they took it.

Try again on Tuesday.

Nothing wrong with failing, as long as you TRY...

Disappointed CHEESE

Just a suggestion to the NBA to remove any biases by Referees...

(1) There should be a lottery during every game on who will be the assigned referee.

(2) The Lottery should be visible to the fans watching on-site and on TV

The referees are part of the game of "ERROR" thus having the Lottery visible remove any doubt that the game was fixed.

Love the way the refs were supporting the houston muppets today....thats the only way they win...with the refs on their side...


I'd rather see my team's flaws exposed, than be like the New England Patriots and coast all the way to a Super Bowl and get beat.

Let the Cavs and Pistons sweep their way through the playoffs.

It's better for my team to adjust to adversity and challenges. The road to a championship is sometimes paved with potholes, twists and turns.

But the strong and resilient will prevail.


Lakers don't hate their mothers but mothers might dislike Phil Jackson a TINY bite with all the talents on the Lakers and they still play like crap. Basketball is a team sport and I see no teamplay out there which is a problem COACHING!!!!!!

A few points:
iA) Today actually made me embarrassed to be a lakers fan - terrible to admit but it's true. I am appalled clear lack of concern effort.
B) Kobe Bryant needs to stop being so arrogant and play defense! ESPN was right when they said "he only guards those he respects" Well wake up! It's the playoffs and you can't win championships leaving people wide open - i don't care if they are the most insignificant player in the entire league! You are expected to play offense and defense in the NBA. I think right now this is the difference between LBJ and Kobe. Kobe plays defense when he feels like it.
C) I really really hate to admit but I have a lot of respect for the players and fans of teams like utah, houston, cavs, and even celtics (though they are my enemy #1) because they give 100% all the time and fight to the death even if they don't have the best players.
lD) lastly i am even more digusted that phil jackson said he was "not embarrassed" in the postgame - that makes me sick! it's wake up time or go home

Oops. Did I say Pistons? I meant to say Nuggets.

Yeah, Celtics sure were lucky that Andrew Bynum was unavailable in last years` finals.

He`s proving to be a great post-season player!!!

Meanwhile, anyone still doubting that Big Baby Davis was the "steal" of the 2007 draft? He was a "throw-in" in the Ray Allen trade.

Agree with all the "no heart" comments.. Lakers have more talent than the Rockets; this is outright embarrassment. Where's the pride? You put on that uniform, you carry the legacy of the Lakers with you.. Magic said it right. And don't blame the refs on this one - Kobe got away with a fragrant foul too in Game 2 (I mean, they called it retroactively, but the game was over at that point).

Lakers lost the game because they don't have HEART. Talent is good but you have to have heart to use it properly specially in playoff time. Kobe is the reason that I've started watching NBA. But I have to say, Kobe is declining rapidly. In such an important game, team is out of sync and he scored only 15 points.... this is not MVP Kobe. Where is the leadership on the court? Lastly, Phil is a great coach but he can't motivate this talented team enough. He has to go if we don't win the championship and I don't think we will.

Actually its better to have a tough run up than get a shocker in the final game....let the cavs and others breeze thro easy (for now) - when we arrive there we are going to be battle tested and hardened....Have some faith, PJ and the Lakers know what they are doing! GO LAKERS!

ARE PHIL JACKSON DOING IT IN PURPOSE? HE KNEW THIS IS COMING. YOU CAN TELL FROM IS COMMENTS YESTERDAY AFTER PRACTICE(Houston is a great team they all ways come back from adversity and win you have to admire them for that) AND TODAY AFTER THE GAME.(i am not surprised ....give them credit...) WHAT IS UP WITH THAT, ANOTHER ZEN TACTICS.

jackson's coaching is the problem...this lakers team is the envy of coaches in the NBA..kobe, trevor, lamar, bynum, gasol..and yet they cant win a championship..why..poor coaching...triangle is obsolete..adding phil is not at defensive coach either....last two trip to the 4 vs. houston without tracy and yao...pathetic

Whoa, people. Breathe. It's cool, yadda, yadda--

...Wait, did I just read that correctly?

"Big Baby Davis was the 'steal' of the 2007 draft?"




*emerges, red-faced with laughter*

Thanks, man. I needed that.

I'll have some comments of my own on Game 4, but to me the biggest thing isn't that the Lakers are physically soft--- it's that (as we've said a few times during the year, and has been repeated by a few others) they aren't necessarily that bright. The Lakers, against an undersized opponent, seemed content to take jumpers and lacked the discipline to either drive or get the ball low early. Pau missed a few in the first few minutes, and after that, it's like they decided just to give up on the whole inside game, or any attempt at penetration. There was no dedication to ball movement or off ball play. When there was a pick, nobody moved to give a secondary outlet or soften the lane.

(a timeout in the first 2:30 or so to remind them of this would have been nice)

Defensively, in Games 2 and 3 the Lakers controlled Brooks with solid team play and good rotations. Today, it was like they had never been introduced to each other. Fisher wasn't good, no question, but the problem was deeper than that. Without Yao, the Rockets spread the floor wide and moved the ball, along with endless P and R movement. To defend that requires discipline adn communication, and dedication to doing your job, and not freelancing.

In this particular case, I'm talking about Kobe. Just in surfing the web or watching Sportscenter, I've seen a few different highlight packages. All include Shane Battier shooting shots while Kobe ignores him, or is slow to close, or is playing centerfield. When one guy doesn't play within the system, nobody else knows what to do.

By no means can LA's defense be pinned on Kobe alone- they sucked. But it's an example of how they've lacked the mental discipline to stick with that which works. The Rockets are actually pretty good at that, and tend to bog down when they get out of the system (usually it's Artest, on both ends).

The Lakers don't need to get physically tougher. They're plenty tough. They need to get smarter.


A troll trying to pose as me. Great. Don't mind him/her LA fans. It's not the same person.

I'll give my take on today's game sometime tomorrow if time permits. Gettin' late here in the Central time zone. Definitely excited for my team today, but I'm not popping the cork just yet.


"Meanwhile, anyone still doubting that Big Baby Davis was the "steal" of the 2007 draft? He was a "throw-in" in the Ray Allen trade."

I suppose this is as good a time as any to bring up that I was hell bent on forcing the SUNS to draft Davis in 2007. SUNS had just given up Kurt Thomas to Seattle (and two draft picks!) to save money...and here was a younger version who was bigger and had more athleticism. Led the NCAA in rebounding, which the SUNS could sure use.

Damn fine shot Davis made. Bet they wish PJ Brown was still playing.


Are you still proud of this present Lakers? For me this is the most UN-PROFESSIONAL LAKER PLAYERS ever assembled in the team history. There is absolutely no reason to lose to this Houston squad. And the way they lost is an added insult to the injury. I've been a Laker fan forever but this is the first time that I am so embarrassed to be be called one.To borrow the wordings of T.J. Simmers.. Once again we are reminded about the Lakers most glaring deficiency - a lack of killer instinct, which not only makes them vulnerable, but frankly does'nt make them CHAMPIONSHIP WORTHY right now. The team of Magic, Worthy and Co. Shaq, Kobe and Co. or even the Celtics and Cavaliers of today will not lose to this Houston team. This present line-up has no PRIDE at all, they are an EMBARRASSMENT to mankind. Even if they go on and win this series and go on and win the championship (which I doubt) I will never be proud of this PRESENT LAKERS.

Of course Battier is too classy for this, but he should have turned to the courtside announcers after his 5th trey and spouted of about how Kobe can't guard him.

Ill be at staples come we gotta make sure we be the extra man for the guys.....

If Game 4, the Lakers vs the Rockets were a motion picture, there were no award-winning scenes either left on the cutting room floor or on the wide screen at your neighborhood multiplex. But this movie will play over and over in our heads until Tuesday.

Rewind to the end of Game 3. The Lakers thrashed the Rockets decisively on their home court, with Houston's biggest warrior limping into the locker-room, his season done. So far, so good.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. The Lakers were then - and still are - the most talented team in the NBA. Their co-captain, banished from Game 3, would be back in the lineup for Game 4. Another win in Houston and the Rockets were roadkill. All the Lakers had to do was put the wounded out of their misery. But everyone knew - and everyone articulated - that the Rockets would be galvanized to step up in Yao's absence. The Lakers' mission: Just come out swinging and get the job done.

Fast forward again to the opening bell. BOOM! A Rockets left hook here. BAM! A right hook there. POW! A hard jab to the stomach. The Lakers are bleeding profusely. Instead of acting as the cut man Phil leaves them dazed and delirious in the ring, losing more blood with every Houston basket. The bell to stop the round never comes.

Would our heroes rally? Would the self-proclaimed Champions of the World guzzle a 5-Hour Energy shot and like Popeye after a can of spinach come out and defend truth, justice and the American Way? Nope.

Starters Ariza, Odom and Fisher combined for less than 10 points. Reserves Walton, Bynum and Powell combined for fewer than 10 points. All of the starters had a negative +/-. While Shane Battier boasts that he will have this box score framed, the Lakers would like to burn it.

So, why no storybook ending? Why was the prequel such a success and the sequel such a disaster? Same cast. Same director. Same location. I guess cast and crew thought they could coast and ride the coat tails of the original. Now, their reputations tarnished, they have to prove they can do big Box Office in Game 5, or their asking price for future films will be driven down. There's this kid named Lebron ready to take center stage in Cleveland. Fans are raving about him. Maybe the Lakers should take notice.

I wonder what Mamba24, Laker Tom and the rest of the fanatics with this lost. For sure they will say Lakers will come back pretty strong on Tuesday Game 5 and will crush Houston. But are you proud of this PRESENT LAKERS SQUAD? You should be ashamed to be called a FAN of this present line-up. They are called professional basketball player but the way they played today they should not be called one, nor even deserved to earned those millions of dollars. I was so glad that I spent my whole day with the Mother of my kids on this Mother's Day, or else I would have just wasted it watching this Lakers with no pride at all lost to Houston. Whatever happen to this series the Rockets earned my respect and I will be so proud of them eventhough I'm a Laker fan.

A disappointing loss indeed, but not too surprising given the track record of teams who have lost key players to suspension or injury in these playoffs. It's only natural to let your guards down when the opponent loses its key players.

No need to worry much though. A little adversity now will serve the team well later in the playoffs.

Congrats to the Rockets for extending the series. It looks like we'll have to take this series in 6.

Jim...."are we proud" "are we proud" seem to be the cry ...well Pride is overrated and pride goes before the i dont have to be PROUD of the lakers....i just want them to win....who cares about pride man, pride is for fools....just take care of business in game 5....thats all i ask

I'm with you all the way. I am one of those kind of Laker fan that if they deserve to be criticized I do it, thereby being branded as a "fair-weather" fan. To those fanatics like Mamba24, Laker Tom, Taliq and co. who never wants any negative remarks on our favorite team or else being called stupid and dumb, are you still so mighty proud of this present Lakers the way they lost to day? They are such an embarrassment to LAKERS TRADITION and should be disbanded next year.

Fish is 34 years old. That's the number of points Aaron Brooks, who he is supposed to contain, scored. 34

Phil is old. He doesn't get it that we need new legs and new energy like Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown. His insistence on playing Fish seemed like an old man saying, "No, this is what I'm doing and I will not change!"

Jordan plays tentative off the bench because he's afraid that when he makes a mistake he'll get yanked. So for God's Sake, Start Jordan!

What kind of ego does Fish have that he can't see that at 34 he can't keep up? His ineffectiveness has been going on for months, the end of the regular season through the playoffs.


DT, this is the best quote on this whole page, "This team is a lot like the 2006 Dallas Mavericks."

I am almost worried right about now. Somebody tell me why these players can't play defense? Sasha, Fish, Bynum, Farmar, Odom, Gasol, ... is that almost everybody?

I think that's worst to best, in order. And believe me they are all pretty poor. I couldn't watch it. Horrible!

Laker fan ... the more things change ... the more they stay the same.


Can somebody please start talking about how kobe is being held and fouled on every f-ing play. I see these replays and jerseys are being stretched, forearms are being slapped. kb is being fouled three times while going to the hole and where are the whistles? Nowhere! How are the rockets getting away with the bs????? And nobody is complaining!!! Like it wouldn't be diplomatic or macho if the pj or kb bitch about to chippy play. I am so frustrated.

It's always coaching. Always. Phil is the problem here.

Starting Fish even though he's 34 years old. Aaron Brooks scored his age!!!

STart Jordan or Shannon. Phil is showing his age if he can't see that we need excitement, young legs and enthusiasm.

I love Fish, but for God's Sakes, start Jordan. He plays tentative if he thinks he'll be yanked if he doesn't perform. It's between his ears.

There is no excuse for tonight's game. The Lakers players, and most of all Phil, should be ashamed of themselves. They came out cold and unprepared. Meanwhile LeBron is motivated. He looks like KG last year---will not be denied.

All Lakers fans here who think this doesn't matter are delusional. This mattered. It showed lack of skill, heart, and desire to win. They had no fire in the gut.


I blame it on Phil. Kobe hasn't won without Shaq. He hasn't won a ring in 5 years now. He's not going to win with performances and leadership like this.

This not a surprise, we who have been in this blog for quite, we were exposed to this Laker HEART. I would like to add another word: IRRESPONSIBLE. They always takes things for granted, they have Kobe, they have Phil etc. What they don't realize is that they carve a reputation of being an unreliable team and unbecoming of a Championship contender. It is like talking to your juvenile who would take for granted on his homeworks or goes to party during Finals, just to cram the hours before. It is a bad habit that turned into a disease. Champion or no Champion, the Laker elders should attend to this dilemma or else there could be anarchy among Laker fans themselves. This is what I refer that Lakers self destruction, Lakers beat up their own team.

Only 48 hours ago, we saw the resurgence of Farmar's heroics, today we saw another face of Farmar, an indecisive dude who would not know what to do with the ball. He and Fisher are really belonging to the past even on the 2nd round of the competition, their talents are sporadic and consistency is a big question. We need stability in the PG situation. Kobe's leadership is also under question. If Phil would not call T/O's, he should unite the team when they were behind 10 pts and made sure all holes are sealed. No, he was reluctant to be a leader but mere a showcase superstar with "I-don't-care-attitude." Kobe, you failed your die-hard fans.

Like Korey and others, I'm disappointed to be a Laker fan today, this team has KILLED our enthusiasm. To entertain the opinions of the trolls or leprechauns who only appears here when Lakers lost would be jumping into smoldering fire at the behest of the devil himself.

The Sky Is Not Falling........redux

It's a loss people. It's a bad loss yes, but it was a semi-trap game.

Houston has nothing to lose, playing possibly their last home game of the season, they came out on fire and inspired and we clearly did not match. I agree with BK that our court intelligence, or lack there of, is alarming.

Bynum's lack of fluidity and aggression is equally alarming. Based on what I saw today, I'm concerned that he's going to be a no factor. This will make getting back to the finals a tough road. I think we can and we will, but we don't seem to have the cohesive dominance you'd like to see at this point. Let's hope Lamar is just bruised, because if he's hurt, we're in real trouble.

I expect a dominant win on Tuesday, followed by a close out on Thursday. Kobe needs to keep his troops engaged and prepared to play 48 minutes of team ball from this point out. I feel Kobe's early game roaming, letting Battier spot up uncontested, really hurt us today. Not sure what he was thinking, but he's gotta stay home on a shooter. Kobe must set the tone both defensively and offensively, like he did Friday night.

It's time to lead this team Mamba. I put it on you.

I had really hoped they'd learned their lesson in game 1, but apparently the Rockets losing Yao made the team disregard that lesson. I don't know. To be honest, I practically never turn off a game just because we're losing ... but I stopped watching this one halfway through the second, and then failed to turn it back on when I saw a 27-point third quarter deficit. There's nothing worse than watching a team just not care ... and after three quarters of that level of play I'm never willing to root for a game-winning rally because I'd rather they lose and deal with the resulting feelings of

At least this should hopefully light a fire for game 5. And to be fair, even with dropping Game 1 it was still most important to pick up one out of two in Houston -- but to pass up a chance to be able to close the series out without needing to return to Houston is pretty ridiculous.

Are they really trying to keep shooting themselves in the collective foot?

The talking heads are dooming and downgrading the Lakers to "third-best" team, and falling like a Bynum.
Magic, I couldn't tell who the "we" was, called the team embarrassing.
Spiro was at a loss of adjectives to describe the team.
Mychal Thompson told us that he couldn't say it on the air.
Someone will say tomorrow that the Lakers need another wake up call, with the way the playoffs are going, they're going to need a full on rooster farm roosting at Staples.
Another loose marble will ask for the real Lakers to please stand up.
In fact, which is the real Laker team? the one that played in game 2 and looked unstoppable or the one that played games one and four and look miserable and laughable.
Today, this team looked just like the one that lost to Charlotte, twice.
Forget about beating the Cavs and winning the ring, who knows they might like being punked, as Spiro said in the broadcast, how else can you explain this mess.
As I said, better to lose now and not have to face false expectations and further ridicule later.

There is no way Cleveland, or Boston lose this game.

We have proven that we don't deserve to be champs.

And Denver has us in their cross hairs.



Funny - even after this sucky game - one of the most pathetic showings I've ever watched...if we say anything negative about this girs' team the "fans" call us fair weathered fans. Ha ha ha !! Have you ever heard of a fair weathered TEAM? If you look up fair weathered in the dictionary you will see it is defned as "the Lakers - 2009". Us fans want to root for a team that shows up with pride every game!!! Not this BS performance this game - and then play hard the next one. It's a joke - because even if they for some reason actually win the ring, they will still not get any respect. I think there are a lot of people here that feel the same way. Just because you some how squeak out 16 wins does not make you a champion. I was actually prouder of that girl's high school team that lost 100-0 - even though I didn't watch the game, it was reported that they never gave up - kept trying and kept their heads up. These primadonnas think they are going to stroll into the finals and only play after the "wake up call". This is the playoffs you jerk offs!!!

Rudy T Corollary:

Never overestimate the heart of a pretender.

I kinda remember the Rockets winning 20 IN A ROW - without the big fella - THIS SEASON. And now today! Are they better without him ???

I'll tell you this, if the Lakers lose Tuesday, then we have to go back to Houston and win, otherwise it's all over. Houston has nothing to lose, so guess who's feeling all the pressure...

Game 5 is an absolute must for the Lakers, and I really don't know if they can. We lose this series, look for this team to be broken up this summer.

Hate to say this, but Today, I came to the realization that this team does not have what it takes to win a ring.
They just are not as hungry. They just don't want it as bad as the Cavs, Nuggets and even Boston.
Unless they change their tune, we are just going to be disappointed sooner than later.

Embarrassing and disappointing.

The worst game of the year and it wasn't even close. Hopefully this game will be a message to the Lake Show to take their collective heads out of their asses.

At least I know longer work with my Kobe hating co-worker that would love to harrass me about this last game.

And give Shannon Brown the minutes already. It doesn't make a difference who starts, but he deserves the minutes.

Give credit where it's due, the Rockets came to play with serious arousal today. Yao was out, they were hanging by a thread, and decided not to dial it in but draw in closer together and defend their home court. They did that.

We sucked. Our energy was crap. Honestly, I didn't even recognize our team out there for most of the game, but I also had Mother's Day stuff going on so didn't focus on the game either myself as much as normal.

Not only did I have trouble recognizing our team, I had trouble recognizing the Rockets, they're a completely different team with a different style without Yao and T-Mac (at the same time). We're going to have to do our homework because all our scouting and preparation for the series is pretty much garbage now except for individual matchups and evaluation. All the team stuff needs to be reschemed.

I still haven't seen anything that tells me we won't win this series, unless LO isn't ready to go. We've had embarrassing losses like this before during the season, usually we come back with a vengeance, Kobe comes back with a vengeance, the team refocuses on our core mission and style (ball movement and defensive rotation/communication), and a beatdown on whoever's next results. In this case, that's Houston again.

It's not a cakewalk though, no easy path, because these guys are going to play hard, and they're going to play tough defense. Offensively, they're actually pretty limited, especially with Hayes in there, unless they have a few career games like today with Brooks and Battier.

Each possession is the series from here on out, hell, each possession is the championship from here on out. I don't want to see one more wasted possession, one more lazy pass, one more wandering eye, I just want to see focus on our strengths as a ball club, unwavering intensity and attention that never wavers even between dribble bounces, because we've talked about greatness too much to be having this many games even in the playoffs where we look far from great, with today the worst and pretty much getting punked like last season against the Celtics.

So, get it done.

In Game 5, we will all see why Carl Landry is the next David West.

Just give it time...

Phil- sets low expectations for his team. Doesn't care about guarding the 3 point line. Is arrogant and stuborn, to the detriment of the team.

Kobe- negatively intimidates his team mates. Works hard, shoots well, but fails to inspire his team to play up to par.

Pau- can't handle pressure; wilts away when we need him. Talented but mentally weak, he is worthless in must-win playoff games.

Fish- only on team to keep Kobe in check. Never has played solid defense. Streaky, inconsistent shooter.

Ariza- sometimes appears bored and uninspired. Never know what to expect from him.

Lamar- hardworking rebounder, but as dumb as a rock. Consistently misses layups and at least one free-throw. Lake Pau, is mentally weak and can't handle pressure.

Bynum- passive aggresive, lazy, and resents Phil. Angry about rehabbing only to be riding the bench. Won't focus on game unless he starts.

Sasha- worthless if he can't make his shots. Can't defend without fouling. Hustles and is aggressive.

Shannon- the most consistent Laker player

Luke- does some things well, other things horribly. Only good if he's out there with good players (to pass to). High basketball IQ is just a myth.

Farmar- quality player that isn't consistent

Josh Powell- very under-used

Lakers- reflects the non-nonchalant attitude of their coach. 50/50% chance they win the series, but believe it or not, if they can get passed Houston, they'll win the title. The Lakers do better as underdogs, and they'll be just that against the Cavs.

Again, we get passed the Rockets, we win it all.

One other thing, I don't ever want to see us doubling down on Scola with Pau guarding him ever again.

Everyone on the Lakers deserves a slap on the face - several of them.

What the hell of a game is that!!!???

Get some toughness and hustle and heart, guys.

What a loser game.


What's more embarassing than the team's effort today is the TEAMS FANS who are ready to put the cork in

If the players and coaches are not worried, why the hell are you?

there's a reason we are all sitting at home today and not coaching or playing the game, probably because we suck and don't have the patience.

If for every game you threw the towel in and said "OMG WE SUCK WE CANT WIN" you'd be the laughing stock of America.

And there is a difference between saying the lakers had a bad game and saying that now they can't win a title. Don't think you guys are all cute with your comments and then feel ridiculed when someone calls you a bandwagon fan, cause sadly, most of you guys are. You guys only come out here for losses, and it's pretty pathetic. A fan points out mistakes but always believes in his/her team, something most of you guys DONT know how to do.

trust me kids, I'm as disgusted a you all are.

Starting with Phil and going on down the list i can come up with a huge list of qualities that a Championship team almost will always have on display that the Lakers have failed to exhibit for certain exasperating stretches.

Nevertheless, just keep in perspective that the Celtics were taken to numerous Game 7s last year by CLEARLY INFERIOR opponents. That's not how you want to win a Championship, but losing a few HAPPENS to even very good teams.

I know the response to this point is: We all understand that the path to a championship will (and should be) pathed with difficulty and loss, but the Lakers show no urgency, no desire in their losing efforts. It is no thte fact of losing, but the lifeless, careless manner in which they lose which is so concerning (and it differentiates us from other Championship teams who suffered hard fought losses).

And my response is: it's true and it sucks. BUT the Lakers tend to treat these lifeless efforts as wakeup call. And guess what? In every series, the Lakers can have THREE wake-up calls and still win the series. Only problem is, a team like the Cavs, might come and take a game from the Lakers even when the Lakes are "awake." And then we've lost our room for error.

It was an embarrassing win, yes. I almost pulled all my hair out watching them make sloppy plays and all. But geez guys, you're giving up on them already? Did you really expect the Rockets to just give it to them because Yao is out? Come on. I admit, that was a really bad basketball game from the Lakers, but you gotta give the Rockets credit. They played their hearts out out there. We did not respond to the challenge and that's just sad.

You win some, you lose some. Hopefully, this will send a message to the guys (I hate that phrase, send a message, getting overrated) that this is not going to be easy. If they want the ring, they got to play like every game is a do or die game.

I just don't understand why you guys need to give up on them and then suddenly hating on all of them. The problem is you make this expectations like the Lakers is gonna blow out this Rockets team in Game 4 and all that. And when that does not happen, you get angry. That's your problem for setting expectations. This loss is tough, but I'm pretty sure no one will take this loss harder than the LA LAKERS.

We need to cool down. Show some love y'all. Maybe sometimes they don't deserve it, but what can we do, aren't we here to support them?

We'll get to face the Nuggets, just one game at a time.

Then again, what do I know? Really. :|

Hello, I watched the game on the internet last night (no live nba in serbia :( ).

And there is one POSITIVE thing about yesterdays game.

Though I've been big laker fan for 20 years now I won't be upset when (hopefully it's still "if") lakers don't win the chamionship.

Because we don't deserve it.

On the other hand Cavaliers does deserve to win it all.
Yes, they have weaker oponents but they dispose of them in manner fit to championship teams.

Lakers talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. The players keep harking back to the wipeout last season in Boston as motivation and a learning experience, but they have learned nothing and have shown little motivation, especially against lesser talented teams. And perhaps that is the problems with the Lakers. They have individual talent and that mindset seems to make them believe that talent alone wins games, but as we have all seen numerous time, they lose to less talented teams like Memphis and Washington. They have learned nothing from those losses this season, never mind the Boston blowout last year.

Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. That's bad news for the Lakers and all the faithful fans. I knew they were going to lose 2 minutes into this game because I could see the same pattern developing. Pathetic and embarrassing.

Magic was only partially correct when he said this performance was embarrasing. He forgot to mention gutless, heartless, and a total disgrace. This teams lack of effort, brains, and discipline is an insult to every one of us that spends our time and money supporting them.Talent without effort and heart wins nothing and even worse, loses all of our respect. Man up or clear out your lockers and go home with your tails between your legs. Truly a pitiful, digraceful performance. You are wrong PJ, you and everyone on this team should be embarrased. We as fans are embarrased for you.

Magic said it best, the Lakers should be embrassed. They were just happy with a spilit. They're still not ready to be champions. Lebron & his Cleveland teammates show up ready to play (hard) every game.

To my fellow true Lakers fans who are not afraid of calling out our players.


I was belittled during the live blog today by some of the Fakersholics for calling the team out for LACK OF HEART! Like Korey said, it's a freedom of speech. We've the right to express our negative opinion on our team not because we're trolls like some of the blogger called us today but because we do care for this team and grossly embarrass at their display of unprofessional plays to day (Except Pau and Brown).

I'm afraid that the core problem of this Lakers team is that they don't have the right chemistry to win the championship. Other than Kobe and Brown, the team makeup are made mostly of finese and dumb players who are easily intimidated by physical plays. These players along with the coaching staff have no idea how to react to the physical plays of the opponents. Pau couldn't shake off Hayes who is 6 inches shorter than him, that' s pathetic! Odom can't finish layups, Kobe won't guard Battier and Fish, oh my gosh! He can't play anymore. Fish doesn't deserve to start the game. His lack of speed is detrimental to the overall defense of the team. Brooks broke free from Fish time and time again in the first quarter.

AB/BK: Excellent post! It's one of the best comments I read this year. Precise and to the point. I think starting Fish today is a big mistake. Our team couldn't match the speed of the Rockets. As you mentioned it in your article, Phil's strange habit of not calling time-outs in the first 5 minutes when the team was punked by the Rockets came back and bite us in the arse! Either Farmar or Brown should have been inserted for Fish to stem the offensive flow of the Rockets initiated by the speedy Brooks!

Sasha is killing the team right now for his inaccuracy and tendency to commit silly fouls. AB's bad wheels is tough to witnessed. He played like he has a 20 lbs weight strap on his foot.


I think orlando and lakers are almost the same. But lakers are much more worse.

u never know what you will get

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