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Phil Jackson fined $25,000 for criticism of officials

May 26, 2009 |  5:09 pm

Granted, he makes, what, a billion dollars a year?  No need to pass the plate on his behalf at church this Sunday.  But the league has, as expected, fined Phil Jackson $25,000 for his criticisms of the officiating following last night's Game 4 loss in Denver.

The Lakers pick up a 25K fine as well, ostensibly for not keeping a muzzle on the coach.

PJ had any number of complaints, from inconsistencies in how the whistles were blown to the non-call on the Dahntay Jones trip of Kobe Bryant.  Click below for a transcript of his ref-related postgame comments.  Fortunately, the league can't fine individual Lakers fans for their thoughts and comments, or the local economy would be suffereing even more today.


COACH JACKSON: "...Basketball is a game that's the aggressor gets the advantage.  And tonight we didn't know what a foul was and what wasn't a foul out there tonight."


            Q.  More the referees or ‑‑

            COACH JACKSON:  Start of the ball game we got guys knocked around going to the basket, they said we're going to let these things go.  By the end of the ball game little fouls were being called all over the place.  49 foul shots in a sequence of a game like that.  That's not how we wanted to play; that's not what we wanted to do in the game.

            So as the momentum changes in a ball game like that and the refereeing then becomes where you're always on your heels, guys are in foul trouble, then you are not the aggressor anymore.  Then you're the guy that's defensively playing the game.  And that's what I don't like.


            Q.  How big of a source of frustration is it that officiating is so inconsistent, it seems like, at the most pivotal time at least in your team's situation?

            COACH JACKSON:  The situation that got the game kind of out of hand, Luke came across the lane, got hit in the throat by Nene with an elbow, complained to the referee about getting hit in the throat with an elbow on his cut.  And it was an off‑ball cut.  And the referee gave him a technical then subsequently gave him three consecutive fouls out on the floor.

            That kind of disparity we don't like in ball games.  That's not equal refereeing, and those are the things that changes the course of games.  We don't like that we want the game to be fair and evenly played.

            There's another situation out there tonight that was unacceptable by Dahntay Jones.  Just unacceptable defense, tripping guys and playing unsportsmanlike basketball.


            Q.  You think he went out of his way to trip



            COACH JACKSON:  Yes.  It's not the first time it's happened in this series.


            Q.  What other game?

            COACH JACKSON:  Two other games.