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New 710 ESPN PodKast, a little more video, and other items of varying import

In this week's installment of our 710 Lakers PodKast, we spend plenty of time talking Lakers vs. Nuggets and the Western Conference Finals.  Unfortunately, no matter what happens the series will be over by Sunday night.  That leaves Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of next Thursday before we're back in the studio, and we don't want this thing going stale like a baguette left out on the counter overnight. 

So Andy and I boldly look forward to (what appears, if we're correct about things which despite all odds does occasionally happen) a potential NBA Finals between the Lakers and Orlando Magic.  This is not a jinx- we acknowledge there is still work to be done for all parties, particularly where the Lakers are concerned- but rather a reasonable response to an unavoidable logistical issue. 

All that, plus talk about how this Lakers team has been covered by the media and a debate about Tyrese and his performance of the national anthem before Game 5:  Was it worse for him to sub "Lakers" for "flag," or shill for his website when it was over?   We welcome ESPN's JA Adande for a long conversation about the Playoffs and why we can't get past the velvet rope at the JA Adande Lounge, and pass along our conversation with the great Elgin Baylor, which we had at 710's Lunch with a Legend event (that's around the 50 minute mark). 


If there's a play folks are still buzzing about from yesterday's big Game 5 win, it's this one of Lamar Odom dunking over Chris Andersen:

Notice the fairly aggro headbutt from Luke Walton, which the former Wildcat acknowledges in this postgame vid touting LO's effort and the importance of that dunk:

We talked last night about Kobe's performance in Game 5, how he distributed, kept teammates involved, and stayed dedicated to an offensive game plan that was extremely effective, despite not being dependent on 24 for points.  We didn't, though, talk about the rather sick play he made with 1:50 left in the first quarter, where he drove the lane, lost the ball, gathered and finished... all while being fouled.  About 1:38 into the clip:

That can't be easy.

Odds and ends:


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"IF" the lucky barstool is going out, it is going out full force!

All jedi barstool powers will be invoked on this evening.

Let's win this game.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Score more than the Nuggets.
And, if the Lakers keep the Nuggets in double digits, and score in triple digits, it will be easier for the Nuggets' fans to figure out which number is bigger, and thus they will be less likely to cry "Conspiracy!!" If both teams score less than 100, or both score 100 or more, some of the Nuggets fans will have problems with the arithmetic.
Posted by: exhelodrvr | May 29, 2009 at 10:17 AM

EX you have exceeded yourself! I'm going to keep this one!!

Have fun, and be sure to wipe the virtual blood off your virtual nose after getting smacked up by the regulars here.Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | May 29, 2009 at 11:19 AM


NBA All-Defensive awards are like All-Pro awards in the NFL. You get the first one and it is hard not to get the subsequent ones. Kobe did not deserve most of those, because his defense is not at that level most of the time. It can be, when he wants it to be. Usually he doesn't care enough to put in the focus and effort on that part of his game.

IF" the lucky barstool is going out, it is going out full force!
All jedi barstool powers will be invoked on this evening.
Posted by: Jon K. | May 29, 2009 at 11:29 AM

FULL FORCE!!! I don't know if the Meta Universe can contain such powers young Jedhi. If I were a Nugget...

>>>So wait a minute, both AK and BK alledgedly like LBJ more
>>>than KB24 as a person?

You know, it's ludicrous for either of them or any other blogger to talk about
how they like one or another of these guys more "as a person."

Kobe might actually be a Satanist.

LeBron might be running a ring that kidnaps women and sells them
to middle-eastern shieks as slaves.

Kobe may be the head of an international drug cartel.

LeBron might kick his dog every time he sees it.

Of course I'm exaggerating, but you get the point. In reality, you
don't know anything about either one of them except what the
media feeds you.

You don't KNOW either one of these guys. You get a carefully manicured
media image of them. LeBron does seem to have better comic timing,
from his commercials. Kobe does seem to be more driven to achieve.

You have one example of marital infidelity by Kobe (and depending
on who you believe in a pure he said she said situation - maybe worse).
And you have wild speculation by people like KL that Kobe drove Shaq
out of town, which everyone from Jerry Buss to Shaq himself refute.

LeBron is very protective of his image. A couple of years ago, he
did a dog and pony show at a local playground. Some guy was
shooting video with a handheld camera, and LeBron sent his
bodyguard over to threaten the guy to get him to stop shooting video.
LeBron ostensibly wants to be a billionaire. Will he be ruthless enough
to get there? If so, I'm sure his image will get tarnished a bit in the
process. You get that rich by stepping on a LOT of toes.

If Kobe requests that his not-ready-for-prime-time center be traded
for an all-star point guard, he's throwing his teammates under the
bus. If LeBron complains about not getting enough support from
his teammates, then he's just stating fact.


What I think the other blogger was stating about Lebron in copying Kobe was that in the pregame, the announcers made a point of mentioning that LeBron said he was gonna take "Kobe's approach in the last game against Denver," and the announcer further went on to say LeBron said to his teammates, I am scoing 40 or whatever many points and we are not winning so i am gonna lay back, get you guys off and then do me when I have to." Basically, I can get mines kind of approach and that he has been watching how Kobe's been playing and the Lakers team against Denver and how he was trying to have the same mindset by emulating what he does on the court to do whatever to win ballgames..

I do notice that LeBron does some things that Kobe does on the court regardless of his statistics or whatever, you can tell he watches him and or that Kobe has had an influence in how he plays/approaches the game.

Its annoying to me because of how the announcers and pundits make it seem like Kobe is jocking LeBron and trying to measure up to LeBron but its clearly the other way around...

But all great players watch the best so they can learn and be as good or better. Nothing wrong with that cuz Kobe did it as did the great players before him just dont come off llike you was that MOFO all along...........feel me??

With LeBron, the media makes it seem like everything he does is GOD..........

Translation : SWAGGERJACK my man Kobe! LOL

It's unbelievable that Denver is complaining about the officiating in this series. How many dirty plays has Dahntay Jones gotten away with? How many phantom fouls has Billups drawn by jumping into our defenders? How much pushing and shoving has Denver's frontcourt done w/o getting a foul?

We will thankfully put them out of their misery tomorrow night.

Posted by: EJK | May 28, 2009 at 10:28 PM

I agree and look at the video posted by the K Bros again and see pushes in the back etc not called.

>>You get a carefully manicured
media image of them.

LongTimeLakerFan .. outstanding!

I stopped requesting to be added to bandwagons since I rarely got added, but I will try again;

(01) LAKER TOM – OWNER - Drew is slowly starting to show that the
Beast may be back sooner than expected. If so, watch out NBA.
(2) DRIVER - Good sign from Bynum - players who are going to be
great will occasionally have monster games in their early years, while they
are still figuring things out. .I really hope people give him a break.
He's going to be worth $15 mil whatever happens.
(02) MAMBA24 – Driver – In the Beast of the West Game “There Can Be
But One”. Move aside Howard. Bynum the real Beast has now arrived.
(03) KEIFO - Riding ShotGun - I told you so Haters!
(04) ISANG – Bynum, Bynum, BYNUM!
(05) Leonard Bast - what is the meaning to the ultimate question,
the meaning of life, the universe, and everything? "42," answers the
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. and what exactly is the Ultimate
Question? Simple. what is Andrew Bynum's new career high? )
(06) JAMES KATT – Great job Andrew!
(09) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - Socks - aka The Beast - reared his head
last night.
(10) TOM DANIELS - So now we have the answer to the burning question,
what would Bynum look like if he was playing in the D league?
(11) EDWIN GUECO - 42 was great for the Clippers, can the chihuahua-beast
now aim break the Cap's record of consecutive games double digit scores?
That's a tall order but it is the road to greatness.
(12) DAVE M. - that was playing with authority!
(14) LAKER FAN24 – The Beast is BACK!!!!!
(15) TIM-4-SHOW – Socks is a legit weapon
(16) JON K. - The Beast is back! This is just the beginning.
(17) MRBARNEYDANGLES - If Bynum can continue to play at a high
level both offensively and defensively then we are practically unbeatable.
(18) FLOYD - Bynum detractors will be saying it is only one game, call fluke, and
doubt his ability to continue to play consistently like he did last night....Bynum / Beast
advocates will herald the second coming of the unstoppable Beast....oh the humanity...
19) SIXONEZERO - good job, Socks...but it isn't ridiculous to expect 15 boards and 3
blocks from you every game. i'd rather see that than the 42 pts, atleast for
the next year or two.
(20) XODUS - It's fun seeing Drew get back to being the monster he looked like he was
turning into prior to his injury. He seems to have found that gear--whether it be mental or
physical--that he found last year when he really came on. And seeing attack and play the
way he can is a treat. It's easy to forget that he can be one of the most exciting players to
watch in the league when he attacks
(21) JAMIE SWEET - Keep it coming Andrew, keep it coming.
(21) LAKERS_STH - But the bottom line right now is that he's feeling really good about
his game and having an impact on both ends.
(22) JOHNNYBOY - On Bynum- smashin on the clippers and wizards is good but not great
. He's got to do more against good teams but I guess it's a step in the right direction. Hopefully his confidence will grow from this.
(23) LueyVatonDon - Glad to see Bynum attaining his confidence
(24) JON K. - Bynum continues to "turn the corner" as a player.
(25) LAKER-GURU-FROM-INDIA - it is a crime if anyone is a laker fan and not on
this bandwagon by now!! No more BYNUMB.. it is BYE BYE for the rest of the league!!
(26) KIWI – If he releases his inner Beast I’m with that.
(27) LAKER NORTH – THE BIG BASOON PLAYER - Maybe Kareem should start
giving the perimeter guys a clinic on how to feed the post. If Drew wants the ball now
he has to come out to the free throw line so some one can feed him. You can't feed the
post from the top of the key!!!
(28) DAN THE MAN - START ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: MAMBA24 | May 29, 2009 at 07:11 AM

Andrew in the 4th with Pau & LO

This die-hard Fan only has 1 request tonight from Phil: Shannon and sit Fish.

Please don't make him sit till the end of the 3rd to give him a shot at Chauncy or were down by 20 and then you decide to play him.....please!!

With Fish starting tonight I expect to be down at the beginning. I want to see how long it takes him to go to Shannon. This will go a long way in determining if Phil naps during the game.


Posted by: BD | May 29, 2009 at 09:50 AM

I can stand DFish on a short leash then put SB in. The thing I want to see is more attack the rim. Get 3's the old fashion way...dunk and one.

No attack the rim, no rings.

Frontline AB, Pau and LO, Kobe and TA as guards.

"Jonathan .. I like Lebron better than Kobe as a person and he may be a better team player also. But that does nothing on the court when you need a basket. Bottom line is: Kobe has 3 Rings Lebron 0"

As I've said before, that's a stupid argument. Would you say, "bottom line is, Pippen has 6 rings Kobe 3" or "bottom line is, Rodman has 5 rings Malone 0"?

"Your arguement may be that Kobe had Shaq. Okay then Kobe lost to Celtics 4-2. Lebron got Swept (4-0)."

Huh? Cavs lost 4-3 to the Celtics, not 4-0. Lakers got killed by the Celtics in game 6. Cavs took the Celtics to game 7, and they barely lost both game 5 and game 7. The Cavs played the Celtics MUCH better than the Lakers did.

"And Kobe has been to the finals 4 times .. Lebron 1. One game away from 5."

In the five seasons since Lebron entered the league (and the five years that the Lakers haven't had shaq), Lebron has had far more wins, far more playoff wins, and far more playoff series wins than Kobe. And that's even though Kobe has had a much better supporting cast than Lebron. Seriously, would you give away Gasol and take Mo Williams? Would you give away Odom and take Z? Would you give away Bynum and take Varejao? Would you give away Ariza and take Delonte West? The Lakers are better than the Cavs #2 through #12....Lebron is the only equalizer that brings them up to the Laker's level.

Lakers fans can't have it both ways. Since this year started I've heard that the Lakers had the best bench in the NBA, that Odom was the real MVP, that Gasol was a clear all-star, that Bynum was becoming one of the dominating centers in the NBA, and that Ariza was one of the rising young stars and is going to pick up a fat contract in the off-season. And I've also heard that all of the Cavs suck...seriously, who do they have that LA would want right now? You can't compare the success of two teams that are so different from each other and somehow claim that it is a clear reflection of the respective quality of their two stars.

Well.. my friend Kobe is in his 5 th Finals. Thats 4 more than Lebron. Lebron looked helpless in his final game. Delonte West was doing more damage than the KING!

I think Kobe should take the Orlando Magic down. I want to see who can stop him in these finals. Rashard Lewis? Hedo? Lee? Lets see.

I can't wait till Kobe rips the Magic into pieces. Don't be surprised if Magic are swept. Stage frieght.. add that with Laker Offense.. + KOBE.

No chance.

Now we will hear how Lebron has to work with so much less for the whole summer.

My advice to Lebron is to go to NY KNICKS. At least 7 seconds or less will be more entertaining than One Brick and four poles offense.

Well .. Jonathon.. Lebron has another 12-15 years to beat Kobe. Always next year.

If I were Lebron I would work on a jump shot, free throws, and a post up move. Apparently he was physically or mentally exhausted to pop those ill advized 3 pts shots. Other move was to drive to basket with no real move but to power his way through in the hope of a foul. Apparently Magic were not that dumb, not that slow, not that unatheletic, and not that small to plough throw like he did to Pistons. Lebron was not creative at all.

Maybe take a page out of Paul Pierces book. As much as I hate his lunging shot (which draws fouls after fouls) he gets a bucket whenever he wants to. Lebron is not mentally tough either and maybe he should watch some of Pierce's leadership.

Though I hate Pierce in Boston he is still from Inglewood.

Last game from Lebron did not look good. He played as bad as anyone could.

If Kobe sticks to Magic I would definitely not be putting Lebron ahead of Kobe in any debate at this moment. I don't think there is any debate for right now.

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