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New 710 ESPN PodKast, a little more video, and other items of varying import

May 28, 2009 |  6:25 pm

In this week's installment of our 710 Lakers PodKast, we spend plenty of time talking Lakers vs. Nuggets and the Western Conference Finals.  Unfortunately, no matter what happens the series will be over by Sunday night.  That leaves Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of next Thursday before we're back in the studio, and we don't want this thing going stale like a baguette left out on the counter overnight. 

So Andy and I boldly look forward to (what appears, if we're correct about things which despite all odds does occasionally happen) a potential NBA Finals between the Lakers and Orlando Magic.  This is not a jinx- we acknowledge there is still work to be done for all parties, particularly where the Lakers are concerned- but rather a reasonable response to an unavoidable logistical issue. 

All that, plus talk about how this Lakers team has been covered by the media and a debate about Tyrese and his performance of the national anthem before Game 5:  Was it worse for him to sub "Lakers" for "flag," or shill for his website when it was over?   We welcome ESPN's JA Adande for a long conversation about the Playoffs and why we can't get past the velvet rope at the JA Adande Lounge, and pass along our conversation with the great Elgin Baylor, which we had at 710's Lunch with a Legend event (that's around the 50 minute mark). 


If there's a play folks are still buzzing about from yesterday's big Game 5 win, it's this one of Lamar Odom dunking over Chris Andersen:

Notice the fairly aggro headbutt from Luke Walton, which the former Wildcat acknowledges in this postgame vid touting LO's effort and the importance of that dunk:

We talked last night about Kobe's performance in Game 5, how he distributed, kept teammates involved, and stayed dedicated to an offensive game plan that was extremely effective, despite not being dependent on 24 for points.  We didn't, though, talk about the rather sick play he made with 1:50 left in the first quarter, where he drove the lane, lost the ball, gathered and finished... all while being fouled.  About 1:38 into the clip:

That can't be easy.

Odds and ends: