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More postgame video from LAL-HOU Game one

Thought folks might want a little more perspective from their Laker fam on what went wrong last night.

First, Phil Jackson, touching on a wide array of topics, including...

Rockets point guard Aaron Brooks (who clearly needs to be prevented from reaching the cup with such ease), Andrew Bynum's PT (only fifteen minutes to kick off the series), Pau Gasol's struggles on O (which PJ didn't think were the result of playing D on Yao) and poor execution to start the game, which may have set an unfortunate tone.

I asked Jackson about Bynum, as BK and I were curious about Drew's lack of run, considering how this clearly wasn't Gasol's night.  El Spaniard may have notched 14/13, but it was among the more labored double-doubles in recent NBA history. I know two quick fouls limited Bynum's initial run, but the second half was more promising, highlighted by some nice work offensively.  PJ agreed, but wasn't confident with Drew's screen roll defense. I can see both sides of the issue- the Lakers needed to lock down and catch up against Houston- but as I mentioned during the live blog, I wouldn't have minded seeing Andrew stay out there a little longer.  Particularly during the third quarter, when he began to gain steam.

By the way, check out how I edited together three different sections of Phil speak.  Who needs Janusz KamiƄski when you have Andrew Kamenetzky?  Film geek humor!!!

And speaking Socks, here he is talking about his role and the adjustments needed to be on the floor at the end of games.

More from Bynum, this time discussing his D on Yao Ming and ball movement (a question naturally posed by a K Brother, haha). When it comes to checking Yao, Bynum felt he did a reasonably good job. As he notes, any dude that's 7'6" an capable of hitting shots just inside the "far line" can be a tough cover.

Kobe Bryant, on the open shots missed ("They just didn't go down."), Houston playing no better than during the regular season (The Lakers just got stops during those games) and how Houston plays him.

Kobe again, talking about his sore throat (not a biggie) and the Lakers inability to create big runs.
In the case of the latter, it was a matter of key defensive assignments missed down the stretch, as opposed to anything "unexpected" from Houston's game plan.

And finally, if you're willing (or simply able) to laugh a little in the face of a loss, this Yao Ming clip is pretty funny.


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We win the next 4 in a row.

I thought everybody played descently well except Pau Gasol. Is Pau a true soft big that can not handle the toughness of the playoffs? How many times have we seen this before? When Scola hit Pau in the face upper right eye, that was it for Pau he was nervous the whole time. His rythm, his shooting, his motor were all off. Pau Gasol needs to play with a lot of heart to overcome his softness. He needs to watch Joakim Noah playing with pure heart and no talent.

Lakers should start Bynum and Odom tomorrow and and let Gasol watch from the bench maybe it will make him less nervous and more ready to play when he comes in.

Pau Gasol is a playoff nightmare to watch as good as he is in the regular seasonn an all-star.

Lakers once again exposed as frauds for the NBA title by a more physical, defensive minded team. Unless they get tough and stop being so non-chalant, this series will be lost. Quit believing the hype about how good and talented you are Lakers. Just play some defense.

All that glitters is not gold--especially in fake Hollywood. All you arrogant coneheads just assumed the Glitzoids would coast into the finals for the inevitable encounter with the Cavs. But ooops!!! A funny thing happened on the way to the Cavs: ---the Lakers encountered TOUGHness!!
Rockets in six.



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